this art is really cute

Art trade for @lotorsfabuloushair!  I hope you like it >.< I ended up flubbing a lot of it but it was really fun to draw! Thank you!

Also I can totally see prince lotor following the paladins just to sketch them in this modern au lelelel watch him pull off some elaborate scheme just to get them to model for him

Klance Kuuga AU - Part 3 Page 5

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gee, lance, it’s almost like you’re trying to convince yourself or something

this is the last comic i have queued! from now on they’re gonna come out a lot less often since i have to actually draw them

anonymous asked:

let me tell you, i was having a really REALLY bad day like a month ago and i was scrolling through tumblr and someone had reblogged one of your Keith fanarts and it made me feel all giddy and wonderful bc it was so adorable ? and now every time i have a bad day i just scroll through your art tag and just stare for hours at like all of your Keith and Klance posts, so i just want to thank you for making me feel better and for being a wonderful artist and person ♥ hope you have a wonderful day!

oh my gosh that’s such a nice thing to say?? i’m gonna cry???

by all means, have more cute keiths as thanks for seriously making my whole week, anon

hope you enjoy!