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Some Things We Learned During Bondy's Livestream

1. He’s broken his nose 4 times

2. He broke his nose most recently when he was drunk and jumped into a shallow pool

3. He learned to play the guitar when he was 9 or 10

4. He and Van are both leos ♌️

5. He “kicked the shit” out of his boss once

6. He loves country music

7. He said something along the lines of: “The new album’s written and it sounds fucking fantastic.” But he seemed incredibly intoxicated/sleepy so who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️

8. His dad had orange hair, wore a green jumpsuit (or some sort of one-piece clothing), had a safety pin stuck through his cheek, and was “a fucking arshole”

This is all I can remember at the moment. Add on if you watched it too and remember more!

another au from me that no one asked for

MostSaturdays found Eggsy at the pub with some mates, hitting the nightlife downtown, or even spending a quiet evening at home with his baby sister. Ever since his stepdad died from liver failure, life had been pretty good. Not great, Eggsy still had run-ins with the law, run-ins with Dean’s old goons, and was bitterly alone (sexually and romantically speaking), but pretty good all things considered.

Or it had been.

“She’s doing it on purpose,” He moaned, collapsing against his new friend’s shoulder. Well, new friend was subjective. One could easily say she was a stranger on the tube who didn’t shove Eggsy to the floor the moment he started drunkenly bitching about his ex. “It’s a fucking conspiracy it is. I ‘aven’t heard from her in what, four years? Why she gonna invite me to her wedding?”

“I thought you said the two of you broke up mutually.” Said the girl with the lovely ponytail that smelled of the flowery shit Eggsy enjoyed.

Had he said they broke up mutually? It was mutual, sorta. It was she got into a good uni and he was gonna join the marines. They’d decided they would pick up where they started after all was said and done. Then he dropped out of basic training and started using, whereas she made the Dean’s List and found a posh arshole who could give her a real future.

“That’s ‘sides the point, Penny,” he huffed.


“No,” Eggsy frowned, falling back against the seat as she shrugged him off. He pointed to his face, “Eggsy.”

“Anyway,” Roxy rolled her eyes at his antics. “I still don’t see why you’re so upset. A girl you used to date is getting married, and she thought enough of you to send you an invitation. You don’t even have to go if you don’t want to.”

“Oh she’d like that.” Eggsy said darkly. Or maybe she wouldn’t. Ruth had sent along a note, wishing him well and hoping he’d be there. On the other hand, she had also mentioned that there would only be a two drink maximum. And damn if that wasn’t cold. “She wants to rub her happiness in my face.”

Roxy wrinkled her nose. She had a nice little nose, and even nicer chin. Her whole face was nice. “Rox, let me borrow your face. Then I can go and she can’t rub my face in her happiness.”

It was brilliant, Eggsy was so fucking brilliant. Good job Eggsy. Cheers other Eggsy.

“Are you…asking me to pose as your date?” Roxy raised an eyebrow at him. Had he said that last bit out loud?

“No, but that’s a better idea.” Roxy looked faintly alarmed, but Eggsy was too busy with his genius plan to pay any attention to that. “I show up with someone, no, a fiancé of my own! Ha! What do you think, Roxy, the 25th yeah?”

“The 25th as in tomorrow?”

Eggsy nodded.

Roxy gestured to the luggage at her feet, which, oh yeah Eggsy sort of remembered tripping over that. “Eggsy, I’m on my way to the airport.”

“But Roxy,” Eggsy wailed. “I’ll look like an idiot!”

“And what do you think you look like now?” Roxy glared at him stoically, even when Eggsy hiccupped. “Don’t you have other friends you could ask?”

“Nunna them is posh and pretty.” Eggsy crossed his arms, pouting. “They’re like me.”

And Eggsy certainly wasn’t posh or pretty. He was fit enough, but he was low class bone deep, with a foul mouth, and a fouler expression. And the only people he knew were just like him.

Roxy eyed him closely. Eggsy stared at her chin. “If you… Oh bugger, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Roxy grabbed Eggsy’s face and made him look her in the eye. “Listen, I sort of know what you’re going through. Do you promise that you’ll be respectful and presentable tomorrow, because I swear to God if you embarrass me—”

Eggsy perked up immediately. “Swear down, Rox, I’ll be good. Won’t bring a flask or nothin’.”

She pressed her lips together, seeming to struggle with herself, before she finally pushed him back. “Fine.”

“You’ll do it?”

“I told you, I’m leaving. But I do have a friend, erm, although he is a…man.”

It took Eggsy a full three seconds to understand what she was suggesting. Take a bloke to Ruth’s wedding? How would that look, would that look good? It might, after all, what better way to show he was over her than bein’ a poof. Eggsy had taken the occasional passing glance. Though with a loving fatherly presence like Dean he’d always known better than to act on it; birds became a habit.

“He a pretty, young thing like you?” Eggsy asked the important questions. If he was going to be an impressive poof, he’d still need a sexy date.

“He’s handsome,” Roxy sounded just a little too nervous. Eggsy shifted closer, maybe if he looked in her mouth he could see why. Roxy flinched back, continuing. “Although he isn’t my age. I know him because he owns a tailor shop on Savile Row that my uncles frequent.”

“A tailor shop?” Eggsy flinched back too, doing his best impression of Roxy. “He must be fucking ancient!”

“He’s only just turned fifty!” Roxy protested. “Oh forget it, this was stupid. Why would I offer this? He’s a perfectly lovely man; he had better things to do than go on a date with a little boy who spells of piss ale.”

“Oi, this is Guiness.” Eggsy sniffed weakly. “And it’s just a wedding. He’ll know it’s just a wedding right? Ain’t gonna touch his dick or nothing.”

Roxy kept shaking her head. “No, I take it back.”

“You can’t take it back,” Eggsy tugged on her sleeve. The train began to slow and it threw him off balance. He scrabbled against her and stealing her phone out of her pocket, then he bolted upright in his seat. “Call him, tell him I’ll go. Or he can go.”

Roxy snatched her phone back with a snarl. “Eggsy!”

Somehow Eggsy sensed that he wasn’t approaching this the right way. He held his hands up in surrender, “’M sorry, sorry. Please?” The train lurched to a stop and Eggsy fell back against the rail. Oh fuck he was going to feel all this in the morning. But then, Roxy sighed.

“Alright, I’ll tell you what. I’ll tell him exactly what happened tonight, and if he is interested in doing you this favor, I’ll tell him to meet you somewhere.” She stood up, phone still in hand. “Where?”

“I, uh,” he literally couldn’t remember where he lived. “The Black Prince? In Chelsea?”

“Fine, the Black Prince at ten in the morning. Don’t make me regret this, strange, drunk boy on the tube.”

Eggsy grinned, “Of course not, love.”


Eggsy’s mouth tasted like ass. He rolled over only to knock his knees on his bedframe. Apparently at some point he’d managed to get home but at collapsed…half underneath his bed. He groaned, half crawling, have dragging his body out to the middle of his room.

Ooh he felt like shite. He could hold his drinks up and down, but somewhere between the fifth pint and the gin he’d nicked from the Tesco down the road, something must have gone horribly wrong with his liver. Eggsy brought his hand up to block the sun shining through his window. Fucking thing, it were a person he’d fight it.

He blinked, there was writing on his hand. The Black Prince 10. Oh. Oh! Right, he could vaguely remember; bird on the tube offering to send him a granddad to take him to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

Eggsy sat up. Then fell back down. His head swam for a moment, before his stomach lurched enough to get him to his feet, running for the toilet.

Shit, Ruth was getting married in a few hours. Eggsy decided to shower and brush his teeth before he thought about anything else. Something smelled rank.

He brushed his teeth in the shower and used a bar of soap on his body and hair. It was quick, but effective, because he’d forgotten to check the time before he was soaking wet. Oh fuck, how late had he slept in? Had his mum even tried to wake him?

Eggsy stumbled out of the shower, haphazardly drying his body as he ran back to his room. Something nice, something nice, the fuck was he supposed to wear to a wedding? He never exactly had much of an occasion to dress up.

He didn’t even want to go in the cold light of day. If that girl, Roxy, hadn’t spent at least four stops listening to Eggsy’s woes, he would have just kipped out on the carpet, avoided the whole thing. But Eggsy isn’t the sort of person to ignore the kindness of a stranger, especially considering his state when receiving said kindness.

After tearing his room apart he finally settled on a light blue button up from an Easter three years ago, and his darkest pair of jeans. Hopefully the wedding wouldn’t be too formal. But then again, it was Ruth. Sure she’d had simple taste, but he knew she always yearned for the elegant.

Eggsy stood in front of his full length mirror, double checking to make sure he looked mostly presentable. He wasn’t the sort of person who could be elegant, he’d be lucky if he could make it to passable. People like him couldn’t do elegant. He looked away to tug on his shoes and check his phone. 10:01AM, fuck.

He dashed out of the apartment, almost tripping on his way down the stairs. It was a ten minute walk to the pub, shorter if he sprinted but then he’d show up sweaty. Eggsy jogged, cursing over and over again. Late to meet a posh old man in a shitty pub to go to a wedding he really wanted to pretend wasn’t happening. The universe was taking some cheap shots these days.

Eggsy was only sweating a little when he turned the corner and saw The Black Prince. There was a cab sitting outside, but the tables outside were empty. Thank God for small miracles, he wouldn’t have to be avoiding Poodle and his muppets.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and slouched through the door. Oh. There were the muppets. Eggsy froze, holding the door open. They were all sitting at the middle table, each with a pint in front of them. It took him a second to notice the blood and bruises, they looked banged the fuck up.

Great, that would give him a running start.

“Oi, Muggsy,” Doberman stood up, cringing noticeably. Eggsy took a step back, but Doberman held out a hand. “Wait, wait, bloke outside was lookin’ for ya.”

“Was he?” Eggsy glared mistrustfully. Someone had fucked them up good and he wasn’t in the mood for their misplaced revenge.  

“Yeah.” Doberman shuffled his feet. “T-tell him we told you, yeah?”

Who the fuck was looking for him, that Poodle’s boys were cowering around a table? Eggsy looked around for an old guy, but it was only them. He looked back at Doberman, “Yeah.”

He backed out of the pub, letting the door swing shut. He still didn’t completely trust them.

Well fuck, his date wasn’t there. Not that he wasn’t surprised, he was late. But at the same time, he wasn’t that late. Eggsy groaned and raked his hands through his hair. Maybe he would skip the wedding after all.

“Excuse me.” There was a man in the cab, he’d opened the door and was regarding Eggsy with a raised eyebrow. “But would you happen to be Eggsy?”

“Who are you?” Eggsy scowled, hunching his shoulders even more.

The man raised his eyebrows, looking briefly annoyed, but then his expression smoothed. “My name is Harry Hart; I was given to understand we were supposed to attend a wedding.”

Prank? Part 1 - Requested (Calum)

Hello, this was requested by Anon a long time ago (Can you write a Calum imagine where he’s this really popular jock at school and you’re really shy and don’t have any friends and nobody at school really knows you and when Calum tries to ask you out bc he’s been admiring you and stuff you think it’s a prank and deny him? I love all of you girls’s writing) ENJOY!!!!

‘Erm excuse me’ you watch the guy in front of you, but he doesn’t turn around, not even spearing you a glance. 'Hey, erm excuse me could I get to my locker?’ You ask again, forcing your voice a little louder this time. He turns to look at you and rolls his eyes at the girl he was flirting with 'I’m a little busy here’ he glares at you before turning his back to you. 'But I just need to get into my locker’ you try again, 'Shut the fuck up’ the girl looks over the guys shoulder, spitting the words at you.

'HEY! Peters come check this out’ you hear a voice from behind you yell, the guy in front turn too and nods winking at the girl before jogging over to Calum, you only glance for a second but it long enough for Calum to catch your eye and nod to you. He’s been doing it for weeks helping you out without actually talking to you, he always seems to be there, when you dropped your books on Monday he helped pick them up, when you lost your gym shorts he threw you his spare pair, when you forgot your assignment he told the teacher he didn’t have his either although you had seen him reading it over only moments before. But never have you sent a word each other’s way.

You hurry to history class, sitting in your usual seat at the back, and you play on your phone under your desk as Mr Simmons goes on and on Bout the new project. 'So go ahead, pick your partners, and remember it’s gonna take up a couple of weeks so pick someone you don’t mind spending time with’ he finishes, finally catching your attention when someone drops an assignment brief in your desk. You start to read it knowing you will pair up with Kila she’s your best friend but is ill today.

'Do you have a partner?’ You spin your head to see Calum sitting next to you, you haven’t even noticed him. 'Yeah, yeah I do’ you mumble looking back down to the assignment. 'You pairing with Kila?’ He asks and you nod now looking up. 'I’m sure Mr S won’t mind us being a three’ he continues, you look up now, your eyes meeting his brown ones for a moment. 'Why?’ You ask, only coursing him to laughs a little as he looks at the brief in front of you and pulls it over the table a little so he can see it. 'Why not?’ You don’t have an answer and it is left there. Spending the rest of the lesson going over the assignment.

'So are you free to come mine tonight?’ He asks as you shove your things into your bag. 'No’ toy answer is quick and blunt. 'I mean I am but why don’t you come mine?’ You ask and he smirks. 'I wasn’t planning on drugging you’ he jokes 'you never know’ you’re looking down at you bag as you say it stone faced, when you look up he licks his lips as though to try and not smile. 'Okay, I will be at you’re at 6’ he tells you throwing his bag in his back.

'Don’t you need my address?’ You call as he walks towards the door, he turns walking backwards 'Black door, black gates, big drive, number 12’ he laughs a little as you assume you look quit shocked 'I live down the street (Y/N) I’m not completely oblivious of my surroundings’ and then he is gone.


‘So I bought pizza, my mum told me your parents are out of town soo..’ Calum grins when you open the door sending you a wink. ‘Well how can I reject pizza?’ you joke stepping aside so he can come in. ‘That was the plan. But my question is what was your plan’ he asks raising an eyebrow as your eyes narrow confused. ‘Well you don’t want to come to my house but you got me into your empty house, now who seems like they are gonna drug who?’ he asks and you start to laugh. ‘Damn I’m caught I was gonna slip it in your drink’ you tease, you see a smirk grown on his lips as your eyes lock for a second before you walk past him into the living room, plopping down next to the coffee table you look up to Calum nodding for him to sit too. You both get straight to work, after you run upstairs to get your brother laptop for Calum to use seems as he forgot his own. The doorbell rings through the house forty minutes after he arrives and you stop laughing to answer, grabbing your purse from the arm of the sofa you pay for the pizza and go back in to Calum. ‘Pizza?’ he raises an eyebrow and you laugh ‘Yep. I ordered it before you got here’ you tell him, ‘Well great minds think alike’ he nods approving and you laugh as you throw it in the middle of the table ‘Double pizza means double the work’ you wink grabbing a slice, holding it between your teeth as you click onto a new information page on your laptop. You can feel Calum looking at you and slowly look over your laptop screen and he is smirking a little.

‘What? Do I have something on my face?’ you sass making him laugh a little ‘I was just trying to figure you out’ he tells you, making you frown a little ‘I’m simple Calum, not much to figure out’ you laugh but he shakes his head. ‘No, no, because your quite at school, like the shy girl that sits at the back doing her work, people assume you’re a nerd, a book worm but I notice you, silently getting pissed off with people, playing on your phone at the back of the class, handing work in late, you’re not what people think and then I get to your house and we talk like we have known each other our whole lives, you’re so easy, and I am wondering why you’re not like this at school?’ he finishes, you can feel your heart pounding, had he really been watching you so closely.

‘I like to keep myself to myself, but when people make time for me, I make time for them.’ You explain ‘So if someone doesn’t speak to you first you won’t give them the time of day, doesn’t seem very fair’ he judges and you hear it in his voice, coursing offend, you like how you are, no one ever makes you feel bad about yourself but Calum in only an hour had made you care about what he thinks. ‘I never said that, don’t fucking judge me Calum, you don’t know anything about me. You know I have tried with people in school, in our first year I was never like that. You people pushed me out and so I made myself happy..’ he stops you shaking his head. ‘Wait, us people, us people who?’ he seems angry now.

‘You, you and the rest of the judging arshole at that school, you all walk around thinking you’re so much better than everyone else, half of you don’t actually like the people you call friends.’ You are almost shouting as he shakes his head you let out a sigh. ‘I think you should go’ you whisper ‘Yeah, I’m going’ he stands leaving quickly and you flip the box of pizza in anger.


‘(Y/N), (Y/N) wait up, hey’ you can hear Calum calling you but you carry on walking, turning the music in your ears louder so you can’t hear him, until one is tugged from you, you sling your head in his direction. ‘What do you want?’ you ask your voice harsh and he shakes his head. ‘I’m sorry about last night, I didn’t mean to upset you..’ his voice is kinda soft and you can hear that he means what he is saying but you cut him off anyway ‘Whatever Calum, its fine, I’m gonna finish the project with someone else’ you tell him trying to walk a little quicker. But he grabbed your hand pulling you back a little, ‘Wait, come on we work well, plus I wanted to ask you something’ he tells you, making you stop to turn to him. ‘What Calum?’ you sigh.

‘Come on a date with me, just one and if you hate it then that’s it’ his words shock you and you find yourself scoffing, ‘I knew it, I fucking knew there was a reason you were being nice to me, is this a prank, am I some kind of joke between you and the footballers?’ she sneer, but his eyebrows knit together and he shakes his head, but you turn again walking off pissed.

‘I don’t understand why you assume I’m a dick, you don’t actually know me, you don’t know my friends, you said we judge but that’s ridicules because look at you, you can’t even see when someone actually likes you because your judgement is clouding what’s right in front of you. This isn’t a prank, I like you, your pretty, you’re really fucking hot in this like hidden way and your interesting, different.’

You take a moment to look at him, his eyes soft as they lock with yours, a small smirk tugging his lips as he realises the longer you take to answer the more likely you are today yes. You roll your eyes and nod a little ‘Fine, fine okay yeah, just one though’ you remind him as you rush ahead leaving him behind. 

Part 2

Part 3

From Cheslea


Can I have a #1, #3, and a #13 with Draco? Thank you :)

“I can’t do this.”

“You broke me.”

“Every time I see you, I die. You are killing me and you don’t even know it.”

Hands. Those big, rough hands. Every time they touched her, she felt a shock of electricity. It was like streams of lightning soared through her each time he muttered her name. She ran her long fingers through his hair, gripping with fervor. ‘H-’ ‘Say it, baby.’ ‘Harry!’ Draco fell onto the floor, clutching himself tightly. He had scheduled to meet his girlfriend for a trip to the Black Lake, yet when he couldn’t find her for an hour, her dormitory seemed a suitable place. He was ready to walk in, pick her up, and sling her into the water, like their first date, until he heard the springs rocking. At first, it seemed like another girl in the room getting it on with another snake. He was even applauding the couple for getting action. That was until he heard her. He could never forget that voice. It was her tone. Her pitch. Her moan. His throat felt like it was tightening and expanding all at once. He was ready to charge in and hex whoever thought he could sleep with his girl, until that name escaped her lips. Harry. It was like a nightmare. A cruel, undeserving nightmare. If she had been wanking off Zabini, he could at least admit she had taste. But, for his name to escape her lips with such love could not be forgotten. He got up from the floor, running to his dorm. The second he charged in, he fell onto his bed, screaming into the pillow. For nine hours, he sobbed in his bed, forgetting dinner, and homework, and every other necessity. He ignored the murmurs filling the room, and didn’t notice Blaise sitting on his bed. ‘What’s wrong with you now?’ He looked up, eyes bloodshot, with his weak frame shaking. ‘Y-Y/n-Y/n h-h-has b-been ch-che-cheating with P-p-potter.’ Extra tears fell down his cheeks, his eyebrows trembling. Blaise sighed, patting his shoulder. ‘I’m sorry, man. You really loved her, didn’t you?’ Draco nodded, reaching to his nightstand for a tissue. Blaise smiled, a rarity, and went to his bed. He lifted the cover, reaching underneath for a bag from Honeydukes. ‘Cauldron cake?’ Draco chuckled, catching the treat. ‘You always know what to do.’ Blaise grinned, grimly, turning his attention to the door. ‘You gonna talk to her about it?’ ‘I don’t think I can stomach it.’ Blaise frowned, looking once more to Draco. ‘If you care about her at all, you’ll let her know this wasn’t okay.’ The two boys continued small talk through the night, dreading the following morning. 
He was sitting on the couch, waiting for her to come downstairs for breakfast. He stared at the dancing fire, thinking of every scenario that could happen. He kept on focusing on the worst, praying it could never come true. ‘Draco?’ He snapped out of his thoughts, looking in awe at his girlfriend. Her hair was perfect, as were her eyes and outfit…and everything. He wish he could live in the dark more and pretend she got dolled up for him. ‘Y/n, I’m going to ask you something, and when I ask, don’t laugh.’ She smirked, taking a seat next to him. ‘After being with you for three years, I don’t think surprises are unexpected.’ ‘Y/n…do you love me?’ ‘Of cour-’ ‘And I mean really love me?’ She shifted her body to face him, placing a hand on his shoulder. ‘Draco, I adore you.’ He closed his eyes, heart racing. ‘Then why are you shagging Potter?’ The hand left. ‘I…I…’ He lifted his gaze, looking into her watering eyes. ‘Draco…I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, love, I didn’t mean it. I-’ ‘Y/n, I went to your dorm yesterday after you bailed on our date. I heard you. Can you believe I had to sit through that? Can you believe I had to LISTEN to him drilling you into a mattress?’ She held back a sob, holding her head in her hands. ‘Y/n, I loved you. I shared with you every bit of my life with nothing held back. I cared for you. I protected you. And this is how I’m repaid.’ She shook her head, holding his hands. ‘It was a mistake. I was lonely! That’s all! I don’t love Harry-’ ‘You say his name like you used to say mine.’ ‘No!’ ‘You love him like you used to love me.’ ‘NO, DRACO! I DON’T!’ He began to stand up, ‘Did I do something wrong? Did I love you too much? Did I want to spend too much time with you? Was I not him?!’ She fell her her knees, gripping the bottom of his robes. ‘NO! BABY, I LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU!’ He shook his head, beginning to tear up. ‘And the worst part, you had to spite me with him. Him! The Golden child! THE ONE WHO GETS EVERYTHING! AND I, FOR ONCE, THAT I COULD HAVE SOMETHING HE DIDN’T!She fisted her fingers into the fabric, wailing. ‘No….baby….please…’ ‘I can’t do this, Y/n. I can’t be with you anymore.’ She looked up, her entire face paling instantly. ‘Draco, you don’t want to do this.’ ‘I can’t look into your eyes, see myself, and not think about how different you’d want the reflection to be.’ He began to back away slowly, leaving her on the floor. ‘Draco, don’t leave me…please.’ He bit his lip, looking once more to the fire. ‘I’ll never stop loving you.’ 

Nine Years Later…

If you buy my father that sweater, you can kiss your job goodbye.’ Blaise laughed, holding the hot pink fabric to his chest. ‘Don’t you think he’d love it? I certainly do.’ Draco chuckled, taking it back to the hanger. ‘Come on, Zabini, I still have to find something to get my mother.’ The two men strolled through the valley of perfumes and colognes, looking for the perfect scent. Blaise scoffed, looking at the pink, frilly bottles. ‘If I’m here for more than seven minutes, I’m going to crucio someone.’ Draco smirked, ‘Not me, if you will. How about a guest for the Christmas party? Lord knows they’re all arsholes.’ ‘Why don’t you like anyone your parents likes. I mean, they’ve been throwing at you the most beautiful women in all of Britain, and they just aren’t enough for his royal highness!’ The blonde stopped in his tracks, frowning. ‘I just don’t like any of them.’ ‘What, they aren’t h/c, e/c and don’t cheat on you enough?’ ‘HEY! DON’T YOU EVER SAY THAT TO ME AGAIN!’ Blaise walked over to his friend, gripping his shoulders. ‘You have to get over her. Its been nine damned years, Draco. If you aren’t married off soon, your parents are going to start becoming more hostile, and I don’t think I could bare it.’ They chuckled, continuing down the rows of scents.
Placing the last ornament on the tree, the Malfoy Annual Christmas Party began. Silver horses danced through the air, stars cascading down from the ballroom ceiling. Gowns and tuxedos flew throughout the ball, heavenly music comforting the crowd. Draco stood in the corner of the room, casually greeting guests, while working on one glass of champaign. His mother approached him from the buffet table, whispering in his ear. ‘There’s someone waiting for you in the study.’ He groaned, rolling his eyes. ‘Mother, I don’t care if its the Minsiter’s daughter. I told you, I’m not ready to marry.’ She smirked, pointing towards the tall, oak doors. ‘I think you’ll be pleased with our latest suitor. Your father and I think she’s a perfect fit.’ He crossed the hall, glaring at Blaise who was holding his stomach from laughter. With a deep breath, he gripped his glass, opening the door. A tall and slender figure stood, watching night. He shut the door behind, startling the woman. ‘Sorry, you seem like a lovely girl, but-’ When the figure turned around, he dropped his drink, shattering it across the floor. ‘Hi, Draco.’ He scoffed, turning to open the door, finding it charmed shut. ‘Give me five minutes.’ ‘NO! I won’t listen to you!’ She began walking to him, slowly, swallowing as much confidence as she could muster. ‘Draco, the past few years have miserable without you. I’ve been lonely, and depressed, and-’ ‘You think I haven’t been lonely, Y/n? You think I haven’t been depressed? You think I didn’t have self esteem as low as Weasel’s grades? Do you think a day didn’t go by without me remembering you and him?’ She looked him in the eye, sighing. ‘Draco, it was an utter accident. You must believe me. I love you.’ He wasn’t sure if it was the crack in her voice, or the tears ruining her make up. He broke a cry, smiling gently. ‘You look beautiful.’ She grinned, probably the biggest he’d ever seen. ‘I’ve missed you so much.’ He nodded, ‘You broke me, you know that, don’t you?’ She frowned, taking the last few steps to him. ‘ The day I broke your heart was the day I lost my heart. I’ve learned the minute you lose your heart, you lose your mind.’ He nibbled his lip, staring into her eyes. A breathy chuckle left him as he hugged her to his chest. ‘You know, every time I see you, I die. You are killing me and you don’t even know it.’ She beamed, cupping his cheeks. ‘That’s a risk I’m willing to take.’ Harry Potter could have defeated the Dark Lord, or been the best quidditch player in the school. But Draco was more than proud to say he’d ended up winning the girl.

anonymous asked:

Your 'new' shoes are sl conversions. I know this because I saw them there and your textures are exactly the same. Bad bad stuff girl, why don't you even try to hide it... Tzzzz

Because I have nothing to hide, You wanker.

I spent 2 days on meshing them and next 2 days on making textures to them. I know, You haters, are all jealous because You can’t mesh Your own shit in program, so instead You’re hating on people, who actually can do pretty awesome stuff. Well, Your hate only prooves my success.

I found these shoes in this shop: click me

Soooo… To make it clear for You, narrow-minded anon, I used pictures from this site and imported them to program and then I meshed them shoes point by point. 

And You’re being just ridiculous, cause If I’m gonna mesh litas or hellbounds or some platform sandals, You will tell me that they are conversions, cause they are in SL? Did You fucking lost Your mind?

So please, drink some vodka shots, be calm, and go fuck Your esteemed arshole with a cactus, because Your arguments are just like Paris Hilton - stupid, empty and dead inside.