this armor is never coming off of her

A Knight to Remember || Closed

Marinette wrapped her hair in a tight bun before Alya began to help her out on the armor. “You have to promise to be careful out there.” Her friend said as she pulled the chain mail over the girl’s head.

“I always am.” She said, examining her sword. “I just have to make sure that my helmet never comes off or I’ll probably get kicked out.” The chest plate was attached and Marinette turned to Alya. “I’ll see you at the champions ceremony.” She smiled and walked out toward the exit. All the other knights were heading toward the fighting arena.



There would always be something in their way. Always, and really, Pepper had come to regard it as a simple fact of life. Timing, destiny, fate, and all of that other chick-flick crap had never exactly been on their side - a relationship born of a near death experience doesn’t exactly scream good timing, but he’d quite literally swept her off of her feet, and she’d sort of fallen for this new re-branded Tony Stark that didn’t bring home a new girl every night. 

The Tony Stark that kissed her, in full armor, on a rooftop with explosions going off left and right and confessions of love poured out of his mouth with every breath. 

The Tony Stark that saw right through Aldrich Killian even when she’d been blinded by his charm. Maybe, she saw a little of Tony in him, and maybe, it’d been attractive, even though the man himself was waiting for her with gigantic bear (with enormous breasts but enough about that) at home. The Tony Stark that she had screamed for when Extremis burned every cell in her body. 

But, now. 

Now, he’s just Tony. 

The man who arranged a trip to Paris, made dinner reservations a month in advance at a restaurant she’s always wanted to try, and booked a room in a cozy bed and breakfast because it’s more her taste than his. A room with a decent view, where they spent early morning hours buried underneath pillows and blankets, watching the sunrise filter through the soft curtains. 

He’s just Tony, who brought her to the Eiffel tower just as the sun was setting, in time to watch the lights come on. Who huddles against her back, arms wrapped around her, warding off the chill of the cool Paris night, tangling their hands just under her breasts. 

“I love you, y’know?” he sways them gently to the violinist moving amongst the crowd, a tender melody pouring off of the strings of her obviously beloved instrument. “I know we’ve been through hell. I know we have our problems but I love you.” 

“I know.” Pepper turns her head, resting her temple against his cheek. “I love you, too.” 

“So, what do you think,” he tucks his head into the curve of her neck, pressing kisses into her soft skin. “Do you think you’d want to be my wife?” 

“Is this a serious question, you’re asking?” Pepper feels just a little skeptical - he’d tried this once, after Killian, but once again, the timing had been just so off, it had ended up feeling awkward. They both agreed the answer was no. 

Tony presses one last, lingering kiss into her neck before pulling away completely, so she could turn around. The ring is tucked inside his shirt, hanging from a silver chain, that she’d noticed but never questioned - jewelry wasn’t exactly an odd thing to see on Tony Stark. It’s simple. A silver band inlaid with diamonds. It looks more like a wedding band than an engagement ring. 

“I, um, I didn’t want to get a traditional engagement ring. We aren’t traditional. Why start now, y’know?” Tony laughs, pulling the chain over his head and undoing the clasp to slip the ring off. He pockets the chain and holds up the ring. “When I saw this, I could picture you wearing it. There are two matching bands, without the diamonds in Malibu, waiting for our wedding day. If you say yes.”  


He grins, she cries, and together they get the ring on her finger. And there, in the cool Parisian night, under the golden glow of the Eiffel tower, with the scent of cherry blossoms lingering, and the joy of a new engagement, they kiss and dance and laugh because the timing was finally right. 

Sorry for the following rant but I had to get this off my chest. 

I really don’t understand how swifties talk about Harry like he is  an evil demon because he never said anything when she was getting heaps of hate from the crazy directioners even though he was literally only 18 and most likely didn’t know the words to defend himself from hate let alone his girlfriend .

But when a scenario that is a thousand times worse happens and her 32-year old boyfriend who has been labelled the “night in shining armor”  doesn’t say anything then y’all are so quick to come up with excuses for him like “He doesn’t have to say anything to be a good boyfriend. Relationships are for two people only not the whole world, saying something would only make the matter worse. God, Taylor is not some helpless damsel in distress. She can fight her own battles.” 

Seriously???????  Why didn’t you use that excuse for Harry? And can I just point out that Calcium has never failed to let the media know when something is angering him. Examples have been proven time and time again with the ‘defamation of character’ tweet and the way he blocks people for saying things that he does not agree with. So it’s clear that this issue does not bother him in the slightest. 

Anyway I think deep down inside we all know the real reason he hasn’t called out Kanye is because there is no way he do it without sounding like the biggest hypocrite considering he too has got songs and music videos that sexually objectify women.