this armor is never coming off of her

Playing the Game of Face - Make a lie sound like the Truth. - The second, that Arya would ever wonder what it was like to wear all of Sansa’s pretty dresses was hint 1). that she was lying. Of all people, Sansa knows Arya doesn’t want to be a “proper lady”, never has. Arya could have a pretty dress made for her like she had her fine light armor made, if she really wanted. But Sansa still went snooping for some stupid scroll instead of coming to her directly. She doesn’t trust her sister enough to respect her by a direct confrontation. And she really buys that Arya would kill her like LF implied!

That last bit irritates the fuck out of Arya – she’d rather have lost the game this time – but again, Arya doesn’t realize Sansa’s brain shut off and she’s mentally back a few seasons. So she tells Sansa “You lost the game” by handing her the dagger instead of stabbing her. She waits for Sansa to take it, and gives her a moment to hold it. She’s giving her the only final clue she can: A non-verbal one. We came here looking for our enemy. I’m not your enemy. Here’s how you find the real enemy – you brought him into Winterfell, and he brought this with him. And remember how you can get proof.“ Of course the plot could have just stopped and started with that reunion, but it would be far worse of a dodge than at least trying to let the audience wonder how things will go down.

And she leaves Sansa with the (all male) faces, as if to say "Here, if you still don’t trust me, here’s some real blackmail material (my precious faces). Freely given. I know you’re smarter than this. I only told you about what I found (the letter) and told no one else, as you must know. I trust you to keep my secret. And it’s one I really will die for telling if you blab.”

- ChicTucker

At the end it was all a lie. The dagger was turned around, the blade pointed at Arya’s stomach. The pause with Sansa holding it there. This is Arya confiding it was all a lie: Arya would never kill her just like Sansa would never kill Arya. But Arya was also sending two messages: 1). LF is our true enemy and this is his weapon. 2). I told you my secrets, leaving you to hold my dagger, and all my precious faces that includes fucking Walder Frey. I am trusting you not to condemn me and giving you all the evidence to do so. I’m trusting you not to use it. At this point in E07, all the Starks will begin to work together.

This leads to Sansa putting Arya on “trial” after Bran exposes LF’s past lies and plots. Sansa gives Arya back her dagger and she kills LF.

K A I R O S | 01 |


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU. 

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Word count: 3 352

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“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated. 

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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Red Carpet Stunts

(A/N): As you can tell, I am an awkward introvert who doesn’t know how to flirt. 

Pairings: Gal GadotXReader

Request: Would you do a gal gadot x reader where you’re on the red carpet with her and you flirt with her to get her attention? The ending can her her asking you out? Thanks so much :)

Warnings: None?

Tags: @sxph-t@iamwarrenspeace

Originally posted by arianagrandes

You and Gal had met when she was filming Wonder Woman. You were her trainer and stunt helper on set and you were always helping her out on what to do. You spent about two months training her for her role and you enjoyed it a little more than you should have. Her willingness to learn, bright smile and hardworking mentality is what made this your favorite job yet. You two had become close over the entire film process and on more than one occasion Patty had to get the two of you to stop flirting with one another while filming, even though she had a smile on her face the entire time.

Gal was a busy woman, going back and forth to Israel, doing interviews and looking towards her next movie and you figured after the finishing of the movie you would be forgotten so, it was a complete surprise when she invited you to be her plus one of the red-carpet premiere. You questioned her choice, asking her why she’d choose you out of everyone she knew, saying you were just her trainer and all she did was give you the sweetest smile while responding with ‘You’re more than a trainer to me so, why not?’. It made your knees weak and heart flutter at her reasoning and you couldn’t help but accept her invitation.

Since you had arrived at the red-carpet premiere, all you and Gal had encountered were photographers, interviewers and screaming fans. It was a bit of a shock for you, this was your first time in an actual big-time premiere and you didn’t know what to do. All you could do was stick close to her as she maneuvered through the multiple people around you. As exciting as everything was around you, you couldn’t help but stare at her the entire time. Her floor length, red dress hugged her body just right, her hair was done in a tight bun which shaped her face perfectly and her vibrant smile was brighter than any camera flash there was around you. She was exquisite.

You watch and smile as she talks passionately about her role, takes photos with little girls dressed as Wonder Woman and signs autographs. You were pulled out of your stare when her brown eyes meet yours and you can feel your smile growing as a light blush paints your cheeks at being caught. She walks up to you, smiling ear to ear and stands closer than you expected. “I can feel you staring.” Gal smiles out and you give a chuckle as you look down at the ground.

“It’s because you look beautiful.” You state as you avert your eyes back up to hers and you can see a blush take over at your compliment.

“Thank you, I feel awkward.” She comments as you both begin to be ushered towards some photographers and she grabs your hand, making sure to keep you close. You stop in front of people with cameras and flashing lights take over your vision as you smile for the photos. After several seconds, you turn to focus on her, met with a beautiful side view of her face and you give a smirk.

“As awkward as that time in the dressing room?” You comment quietly for only her to hear and you hear a muffled laugh as she looks down, giving you a playful nudge, recalling the time you walked in on her almost naked.

“That was an accident.” She chuckles out, looking back up at the photographers who are still snapping photos of your interaction and you do the same, giving a wide cheesy smile.

“You thought it was an accident?” You tease and out of the corner of your eye you can see her giving you a shocked expression, mouth open slightly but before she can say anything, she gets pulled over by another interviewer. You laugh as she gives you a playful glare before giving a polite smile at the person talking to her.

“You look great, Gal! Your dress is absolutely stunning. Who’s your plus one over here?” The man questions enthusiastically and she turns to you, gently grabbing your arm so you’re standing next to her.

“This is (Y/N), they were my trainer for the movie and one of my stunt helpers. We’re very close.” Gal beams proudly as she introduces you, pulling you closer and the interviewer smiles, turning to you.

“Well, you both look amazing tonight. So, (Y/N), what was it like training and preparing Gal for her role as Wonder Woman?” He questions and instantly memories of training with the beautiful woman beside you, pop into your head. You give a chuckle before looking into Gal’s brown orbs.

“She always looks stunning. Well, it took some time but she got the hang of it. Everything was new but after a few weight training and sword fighting sessions, she was ready to go. I also got to see her film with her armor on so, that was kind of hot.” You respond confidently, giving a cheeky smirk and you can see pink overtaking her cheeks at your compliment. The man asks a few more questions before thanking you for talking with him and you give him a small wave as he leaves.

“You think I look hot in the armor?” She questions, thick accent present with a curious smile in place as you both walk down the red-carpet, getting closer to the building you were supposed to be headed to. An amused, suggestive smirk grows on your face as you turn towards her perfect form.

“You would look hotter with it off.” You purr out and you swear to god, you’ve never seen someone turn so red in their life. The surprised look on her face makes your smirk widen as she stumbles with her words, unable to come up with a coherent response. She finally looks up with a nervous grin as she grabs your hand, giving it a squeeze and you can’t help the tingling sensation that runs throughout your fingertips.

“Would you like to go to dinner? After…” She comments, gesturing to the chaos around you. “All this is done?” Your heart leaps out of your chest and an exuberant sensation fills your whole body at her question. You can’t manage to say anything but two words as you look at her with loving eyes and a Cheshire smile.

“Of course.” And at those words, a certain glow seems to shimmer around her as she takes your hand in hers while walking down the red carpet.

A little pre-canon Jonsa fic!

This does a jump; the second half is post-canon or AU, and of course the beginning is pre-canon AU.

I also am not totally sure how old I picture the kiddos, but Jon and Robb are still young enough to play silly make-believe games with their little sister, so take of that what you will.


He tries not to get jealous—though at first Jon isn’t quite sure just what the knot in his stomach is when he watches Sansa bestow a gentle kiss to Robb’s cheek for saving her from the “ferocious dragon,” as portrayed by an energetic Bran. Sansa coos over Robb affectionately, keeping up her role as fair maiden, and Robb kneels before her like her noble knight. It’s a game the siblings had all played many times before—sans Arya, who refuses to be Robb’s “noble steed” as Sansa demands—and Jon has always found himself an onlooker to the merry play-acting that occurs in the godswood.

Sansa’s clear blue eyes flit away from Robb momentarily and land on him, sulking off to the side, near the weirwood tree. He can almost hear her sweet voice reprimanding him for pouting so much; Sansa never liked his tendency to brood.

“Jon?” she calls over to him. “Won’t you come join us? We’re playing the most wonderful game!”

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How Hard Could It Be (or, When Mom Isn’t Home…) 
Zaggar, G

so @eatyourgrapes and i were talking about what might happen if archnemeses Kova and Zarkon were left alone for like, a weekend, while Honerva goes and gives a lecture because she’s a badass alchemist doing bleeding-edge research.  Apparently the answer is “trouble”.  Enjoy!

Zarkon had faced many challenges over his hundreds of deca-phoebs of life; marauders, hostile fleets, and vengeful brothers had all taken their swing at him, but he would not have gained and maintained his hold on the throne if he had not bested all of them.  He would not have caught the eye of his wife, the most talented alchemist to come out of the system in (as far as Zarkon was concerned) the entire collected history of Altea and Daibazaal combined if he did not have a cunning mind and the ability to think quickly, adapt to situations on the fly.

But here he was, watching Honerva pack for a few quintants away at a lecture with a growing sense of unease that was entirely connected to the cat she had to keep gently removing from her case.

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Aqua Mutante- FINALE

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

Summary: Ever since you were younger you could manipulate water. Your life changes when your secret gets out.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 994

Warnings: None

A/N: Hey guys, it’s been a while! I’ve had this last part written for a long time and never posted it for some reason. I hope you enjoy! As a disclaimer, this doesn’t mean that I’m coming back to write. My mental health is still really shitty and I have to concentrate on school and everything.

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for those of you who asked

here’s the Tommy and Rita backstory from you gotta fix yourself up (before taking off) because you guys deserve it and lots of people asked. I briefly considered writing the prequel that included all of this, but i just don’t think it’s worth it because it’s Depressing and so pre-Trimberly (AND they have to go through all the angst in the story anyway) 

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Eclipse of the Heart

Sneak peek of a two part one shot that I was originally supposed to post for nalu week but just didn’t.

A small basin of water laid before her, the clear blue water shined brightly in the night. Checking her surroundings to see if anyone was watching, she quickly shed her armour along with her other clothing. Placing the items at the base of a great oak tree, hidden out of sight, she quickly turned back towards the water.

Clothed in nothing but her bare skin. She stepped into the cool water and walked further in until she could no longer feel the bottom. Taking a deep breathe she dived under the water. Opening her eyes she see clearly around her. Pushing her arms in front of her, she quickly made it to the bottom.

As soon as her feet touched the sandy bottom, a sudden flash of light came from the moon, making the lake turn a sliver color. The goddess smiled as she pushed off from the bottom, and began her swim back towards the surface. As she broke the surface, she took a gulp of fresh air, as her red hair flew backwards behind her as it weighed down in the water.

“You do realize you don’t need to strip every time you come here, Erza?”

Erza looked behind her to the person who spoke to her, a soft smirk played on her lips as she swam towards them.

“Oh Jellal you know, I could never bare to ruin the very first armor I was gifted by my mother. Even if she is a damned soul in purgatory now, it is the only possession I have left of her.

She said as she wrung out her waist long hair, before letting it hit her back with a wet slap. Jellal rolled his eyes, as he handed her a towel to dry herself off with. She stared at him as she used the towel to dry her inner thigh, watching as his gaze lingered between her legs before quickly looking away. She smirked at him, as a blush spread across his face.

Wrapping the towel around her waist, she leaned up and kisses his lips before pulling away and walking out of the woods. Jellal followed close behind her, as they made their way through the dense forest.

“So how is he?” Erza asked as she pushed aside a giant leaf, Jellal sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“As you would expect he’s shut himself away in his chambers and refuses to come out.”

anonymous asked:

"Don't tempt me." Solavellan plz and thx!

Sorry anon, for this taking so long. But here you go, some hurt/comfort for @dadrunkwriting

Solas x Iwyn Lavellan | Inquistion time-frame | romance
action, ensemble, hurt / comfort


The battlefield was mess, blood and guts everywhere. There had been more Venatori than expected, but they had prevailed. Iwyn scanned the battle field for her companions. Cassandra, of course, was fine, her shield still held high. Vivienne was wiping blood off her brow, the knight enchanter not afraid of getting personal. Solas… she couldn’t see Solas.

 He was just to her left a moment ago, she had felt his barrier snap in place around her. Where was he?

 She rushes to where she had seen him last, eyes scanning the ground. Was he searching for messages on the dead bodies? There was his staff, thrown aside… oh no. She feels a panic in in gut, she wants to be sick, her hands shaking.

 She sees his hand, his long elegant fingers. They are red with blood. The world narrows to Solas, what she can see of him, underneath the body of the behemoth. She shoves the monstrous carcass away from him, searching for a movement, a pulse. There is so much blood, it looks like he took a hit to his chest. He is so still, breath shallow.

 “Cassandra!” Iwyn yells, the words echoing.

 The warrior hurries over, as does Vivienne.

 “Relax, my dear, my reserves are not yet exhausted. I can manage a bit of healing.” Vivienne kneels next to Solas, ignoring the blood seeping into her white robe. Iwyn sees the green glow of magic, and then Solas is breathing easier, color returning to his cheeks. He is still now moving.

 “Thank you, Vivienne. How bad is it?” Iwyn kneels next to the enchanter, and gently brushes her hands along Solas’ cheeks, down his throat, rests at his chest. Her shoulders sag a little when she feels the steady breath.

 “He is fine for now, but he should get some rest. Magic is no substitute for time when it comes to healing.”

 “I’ll help” Cassandra bends to pick Solas up, she has already made sure all the enemies are truly dead.

Cassandra picks him up, and Iwyn is relieved to hear him groan in pain. Silence is never a good thing is these situations. Solas is not a small person, but Cassandra carries him all the way to Griffon Wing Keep.

 Iwyn watches him as he sleeps. She thinks she might have fallen asleep in the chair at some point, but she refuses to leave his room. She is still wearing her armor. She just wants him to wake up.

 Something is touching her cheek. A brief, fleeting caress, but it startles her, brings her back to the present. Solas is sitting halfway up, his face drawn in pain from the effort.

 “Solas. You’re awake.” Her heart is beating faster, relief settles in her bones.

 “I am. I believe we are back at the keep?”

 “We are. Solas…” His fingers have stilled on her cheek, and she covers his hand with her own. “You should lay back down. You need to rest.”

 “I am fine. I have survived worse, I … “

 She interrupts him. “You are not fine. You were barely breathing! You need to stay resting.” She feels adrenaline rush back. She thinks of him still, unmoving, in pool of blood, and she cannot breathe, her heart filling all her chest.

 “Do you plan to tie me to the bed to make sure?” Solas eyes sparkle with humor, but Iwyn is not amused.

 “Don’t tempt me.” It comes out low and forceful. She has never seen him this hurt before, and it unbalances her.

 Solas’ eyes widen briefly, and he gives off a little laugh. It turns to a cough, wet and weak. He lays back again, eyes closed.

 “Let me get you some water. Stay!”

 She fetches a tall glass. Bugs Vivenne to cool it, under the desert sun. It won’t last long, dear, she tells, but she does it anyway. Solas drinks deeply, and sets the glass aside.

 “Thank you, vhenan. You need to rest too. You are still in your armor.”

 “I…” She doesn’t know what to say. She is afraid he will disappear, blood turn to rust carried away like dust in the wind, if she does not keep him in sight. She grabs his hand, and holds on tight.

 Solas smiles, and the look in his eyes is oddly melancholic for just a moment. “I will not injure myself further, by the time you get undressed. And the bed is big enough for two.”

 “Oh. Yes.” She scrambles then, and she is tired, weary, stretched out. Divested of her armor, she feels limp, like a bowstring untied. She crawls into the bed, stretches out beside him. Their fingers touch, and soon both are asleep.

Remember Me (KlanceWeek Day 3: Scars)

When Lance Mcclain had been five years old, he’d befriended a boy without a family. He was Lance’s best friend at the time.They’d been inseparable. But that was ages ago. That boy had disappeared, just like he’d said he would. Lance still thought of him, sometimes, when he was fighting alongside Team Voltron, or just drifting off to sleep alone in his room. Was he okay? Had he found a family? Lance only wished he could remember the boy’s name. Or his face. But he remembered none of it. Only that he should have a scar on the back of his head, just behind his left ear. Why was that all he remembered? For some reason, his childhood self had thought it was the only thing important enough to hold onto.

But what did it matter? He probably would never see him again.

…but what if he did?


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How about Elia and Arthur running off to Essos together? Like, he sells his armor, she sells most of her jewelry and they just life a very sweet life together

She wishes there weren’t a mirror in her chambers. It would mean she could avoid catching glimpses of herself, glimpses of the future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Mother to kings and princesses. Rhaegar’s wife. Her mother is overjoyed, she knows, but all Elia feels is panic. She’d never wanted this. She’d never wanted out of Dorne, never wanted a throne, never wanted the crown prince. She’s only been in King’s Landing for a month, yet already she knows there would be no passion in her marriage, no love. She’d grown up idolizing her parents’ marriage, one of surprise kisses and laughter, not…Rhaegar.

This is her last night as merely a princess of Dorne; come morning, she would be bound forever to House Targaryen. She turns away from the mirror and sits on her bed, overcome with nausea, her breath coming in short bursts.

When her door slowly creaks open, she expects it to be Ashara or one of her other ladies, perhaps even the queen–she certainly doesn’t expect it to be Arthur.

Looking at him is just as painful as looking in the mirror. Once, she’d thought she would marry him, had envisioned their future together. Now, she will be forced to be around him every hour of every day, wed not to him but to his friend, never to touch.

“What are you doing here?” she asks, defeated.

He snaps shut the door and hurries into her room, more animated than she’s seen him in a long time. “You’re not going to marry Rhaegar.”

Her breath stops completely. “What?”

“You don’t want it, and nor could I endure it.” He sinks to his knees in front of her and grasps her hands. “Come away with me.”

“Come away–? Arthur, what are you talking about?”

“Rhaegar isn’t the only one with friends. There’s a ship that can take us anywhere we want to go. You just have to say yes.”

Elia can do nothing but stare at him. “That would be…that would be treason, or close enough. You’re a Kingsguard, I’m betrothed, we would be breaking every vow–”

“I swore to love you long before I swore anything to Aerys,” he interrupts. “That should come before aught else, shouldn’t it?”

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The Merciful King (Kings of Lucis Headcanons)

So let’s talk about my favorite lady: the Merciful King, the wielder of the Shield of the Just

  • Let’s be real. This lady is a BEEFCAKE. Like, if you thought that the guy with the Axe of the Conquerer or the king who had the Mace of the Fierce was intense, hell no. This woman’s a monster who cannot be taken down in battle.
  • Legit, the Chaos King (axe man) and the Demon/Fierce King (mace dude) had limitations to vitality and ballistics. But this woman? Her only weakness is that she lacks in strength and the ability to cast super strong magic.
  • You really think she needs that in order to slam her shield into your face and tank every single one of your blows for days upon days. From anything.
  • But not only can she take a hit, but she also has the ability to self-heal behind her shield. Take cover, and literally she has Medi-guard for days. Added with her super beefy +1000 HP, she’s able to limit break her goddamn health.
  • She could literally walk through the fire and the goddamn flames. And carry on.
  • She probably a pretty hefty too. Like, Zarya-sized.

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In Which York Assists Tex When She is Feeling Poorly

@secretlystephaniebrown said: Fluff Week: Tex gets a cold, refuses to tell anyone, York figures it out and tries to help her. 

Characters: Agent York, Agent Texas, Delta

Warnings: None

Words: 1700

On AO3

At first Tex thinks she can ignore it, the slight fuzziness on her senses, the uncomfortable warmth between her shoulders. It happens occasionally, days where she just feels vaguely off, but she always powers through. That’s probably what this is, she thinks, aggressively tightening a lug nut on her bike. Nothing to worry about.

“… until tomorrow. What do you think?”

She glances up at York, leaning against his bike with his helmet off, bottle of water in his hand. It’s just the three of them by the side of this desert highway, not another living thing stirring under the noonday sun. After a second, she realizes that he’s looking down at her, waiting for an answer. “What?”

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clack-clack and clack-clack. mulan sits at the loom

but she is deaf to the sound of the shuttle, hearing only her own heavy breath

who are you thinking of? what’s on your mind?

she is thinking of no-one, remembering nothing.

last night the military notices were posted; the khan is gathering soldiers.

draft notices scroll after scroll, and the name of her father on every one.

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Erza’s Powers: What works, What Doesn’t, and What Could Be

Hey there, this is a post I’ doing on one of the most controversial things in FT, Erza Scarlet. Now this is not a character discussion, that is something I will do when the series is over, so expect to see that sometime in the future. No this discussion is on Erza’s powers, which are in and of itself a controversy.

Erza’s powers are very controversial, from people saying “Hiro made Erza to powerful from the start” and “She just pulls this armor out of her ass when situation calls on it”. Well I’ll tackle those in this discussion.

Now for those who don’t remember or may just be confused, Erza’s magic is Re-quip magic, an ability that allows her to call upon and exchange weapons in battle. Now, I say weapons but that’s not the only thing, re-quip applies to anything that can be stored into a pocket dimension, be it clothes, weapons, tools etc. Now the thing about Erza that we must remember, as happy said, what made her special was she could re-quip whole armor. Now, I assume magical Armor must be tougher to equip than clothes, as we’ve seen on tenrou island when Makarov fought Hades he re-quipped his wizard saint robes.

The specific classification for this re-quipping of armor is called “The Knight”. Now since it is unique to Erza and it seems that only the re-quipping of armor is counted as “the knight”, whereas the re-quipping we see her use for solely for single weapons like swords and spears are not counted as “The Knight” but re-quips of their own.

It’s in FT chapter 104 “Best Friend” that we have the reporter Jason ask how many re-quips she has and Erza responds with over 100. Now, I’ve seen people criticize saying, “that destroys and tension, she’s got hundreds of different armors that she can use”. Well I think a lot of people forget what happened after that when Erza said what her favorite Re-quip was, a bunny suit.

Now, we may forget but re-quipping can be used to change clothes and as we’ve seen Erza before use re-quip to change into things from bunny outfits, to swimsuits, to pajamas, to ball gowns. And as we also she Erza is not limited to her white blouse and blue skirt look, she has many casual clothes that she owns that seem to all be re-quipibble.

It’s not just the clothing but as I said previously, weapons count as well as seen in her fight with Ajeel in chapter 458 where where the Re-quipping of the sea empress sword counted as it’s own separate re-quip.Hell, as seen above, during the fantasia arc we see Erza re-quipping over a hundred weapons to take down over a hundred.

Now, you may be reading this saying “I know all this already” well here’s the thing when ever Erza’s re-qupping is brought up it seems to all be grouped together that her changing armor counts as a re-quip while the clothes and other stuff don’t. I’ trying to say that her changing armor is what is classified as “The Knight” but the knight is still counted as re-quipping, so it isn’t farfetched that all these clothes, weapons, and armor can add up to Erza having over a hundred re-quips.

Now, the biggest issue with Erza’s powers that a lot of people have is the fact that through “The Knight” Erza has such a large range of magic. From Speed increase, to fire, to lightning, to flight, “The Knight” gives Erza all these abilities. Now this may seem like a pain as it basically is saying Erza pretty much has no limit to the possibility her power could be as long as it comes in the shape of armor than it’s justification enough for her to use that power. Well I have thought about this and yes, Erza’s powers encompass a large range of magic but let’s think about this literally, Erza’s magic is only to re-quip (and sometimes manipulate basic weaponry). Without the armor, she has no real magic outside changing her clothes. Further more, armor is a static power, It’s not like celestial spirit magic that grows through training, this is a power that is dependent on on it’s user being athletically strong enough to use the armor as well as smart enough to change out when situation calls for it. That’s why there has to be this wide range of power, because only Erza herself can grow but the armor can’t. Heaven’s Wheel is just as strong in the Alverez arc as it was in the Lullaby arc. 

Now the situational nature of Erza’s power ties into people who claim it too convenient. Well if we think about it logically, why shouldn’t Erza choose flame empress armor against Natsu, it reduces his flame power. Or how about the wind god armor against Ajeel, using it specifically because it gives her an advantage over his sand. I really doubt say using Giants armor which only increases strength would be useful when a sandstorm is laying waste to you.

At first Erza actually can be seen in the early chapters of the manga using this formula to her fighting, opponent shows of power then Erza pulls out an armor that can counter the opponent perfectly. Now that was int he earliest chapters of the manga and I can’t hold it against them because the story just introduced this character and they need to define their power somehow. It would make no sense for in universe and out for this new character to show off a montage of all their moves. So I can’t hold it against them for early being convenient because they have yet to define the powers the character has and the narration needs to provide one via a show don’t tell. But that is mainly acceptable only during the early chapters, where we need to define the power but, over the course of say 50 chapters you should’ve established enough armor that you can reuse it for this occasion instead of pulling a new one out.

Some ways of introducing new armor like with Erza vs Ikaruga in the chapter “ikaruga” was pretty cleaver, Ikaruga destroys Erza’s armor and in this fight we see purgatory armor for the first time and it didn’t win the fight and even was destroyed before the battle was over so now we had a little bit of insight to this armor we hadn’t seen before. Another is in the tenrou island arc where Erza re-quips into the sea empress armor for the first time and it made sense as Erza has never come across a problem that involved needing water based powers so it’s not farfetched for her to use it now.

I also mentioned in my review of chapter 515 how thanks to the one year timeskip of not seeing Erza we could infer that he picked up some new armor. And once again, it’s not like suddenly after the timeskip Erza is going to just gather everyone and do like a page of showing off all her new armor and explaining what they do.

But here’s the thing about Hiro and execution, he seems to have forgotten what armor she even posses. I would say this started becoming apparent after the first timeskip but no, it actually is apparent when Erza first revealed the flight armor

Flight armor was an armor that increases Erza’s speed immensely. Okay, that sounds like it be helpful in both combat and non combat missions. Well to bad we already had that.

Yep Black wing armor. An armor that can increase speed immensely, funny how Hiro thought about making an armor that had the exact same purpose. I’m serious that the flight armor is exactly the same as black wing with the only difference being black wing can fly whereas flight, ironically enough, can’t. And with this is cements in me the biggest issue Hiro has, he wasn’t up to the task of keeping track of the armor he created for moments outside of their original introduction. Which is sad because in Rave master, the ten commandments sword was all about multiple powers for multiple situations.

Now Hiro didn’t forget about all these armors entirely he still uses heaven’s wheel a lot but that may be do to it being the first re-quip via “the knight” and to my surprise in the fight against Ajeel Black wing armor so he does at least remember that some exist.

But many say Erza’s fights are won by one kind of armor, Plot armor. It had eventually became that Erza was winning not by using her own skill and knowledge of her arsenal but rather the plot demanded it.

There’s a reason these hakama pants are loathed, because it means the end of a fight that might have seemed like a struggle, nope all you need is a sword and fire pants. Look when introduced these pants made sense because it’s purpose is to lose all defense and go strictly offense which would allow her to possibly get a instant kill shot. But if Erza (and Hiro) were actually adept with their knowledge of this ability that kind of armor should only be brought out near the end of a fight after you’ve whittled an opponent down enough to come in for the kill, not use the whole way through fueled only by the power of friendship.

I said Erza without the armor has only to rely on her athletics and natural strength, that since the armor is static that only she the wielder can become stronger. This samurai pants brings that to the spotlight and Erza has not justified being that strong that she doesn’t need the armor to fight and she’s certainly not justified that she can carry out a whole fight on her own without the armor.

The only time I’ve seen bullshit victory thanks to armor was the Nakagami armor in the GMG. It literally came out of nowhere but unlike other armor before that you may argue that came out of nowhere like Sea empress and dawn star armor, this one came with rules about how it’s re-quipped but never foreshadowed and is literally a deus ex machina (which by the way we ignore the rules that were established). DO you know why this is the only BS victory thanks to armor, because when Erza actually used armor her wins were justified. And also didn’t involve too long of a friendship speech.

Erza is strong, hell, I still say she’s the strongest woman in fairy tail but that strength comes from what she is skilled at, being a situational and resourceful fighter. In a fight Erza should see what’s thrown at her then respond not power her way through everything, she’s not a tank like Natsu, who is a damage sponge and heavy hitter.

There’s a reason why Erza Scarlet vs Erza Knightwalker is the best Erza fight because it was what an Erza fight should be. Erza using multiple established (and a few unseen) armors. Using variety to match them blow for blow but while there’s a corny friendship speech it still is Erza’s skill with the high base power of the armor that finishes an opponent off. You may not believe but that’s the same reason why the Erza vs Azuma fight was so good started off, Azuma had all this power which manifested as a single type of magic but Erza needed to use  several different armors do do him damage. Hell the ending could’ve worked for the Erza and Azuma fight if when Azuma activated terra clamare Erza Re-quipped out of samurai pants into the adamantine armor which would take the brunt of the attack and then Azuma exhausted by using all that power at once, Erza Re-quip back to the samurai pants along with the sword she had using the full offense to strike down Azuma showing that in that one moment of weakness Erza could surpass him. But no instead we got Erza in the samurai pants take terra clamare head on (no armor at all) then get up thanks to the most blatant use of the power of friendship since the Natsu vs Zero fight.

Erza using variety should’ve been the status quo but then when the story went on and maybe got tiring what could we do to keep Erza’s power exciting other than new armor. Well Hiro gave us a possible idea.

Yep, an armor that is also taking advantage of a weapon that doesn’t come equipped with it. This is a genius idea. Look back to the example I give that it makes sense for Erza to use flame empress against Natsu because it helps cut his fire based magic by half, but let’s also think a little bit more logically as flame empress only comes with a sword that produces fire itself something that natsu could take advantage of. Well what if Erza used the Sea empress sword? She could reduce the strength of Natsu’s flames by half thanks to the Flame empress armor but also give her an upper hand in attacks by using an element that has more an effect on Natsu.

Imagine the other combinations she could make. With the mace of the purgatory armor plus the strength granted by the giant armor, slam that on the ground she could make a mini earthquake. How about heaven’s wheel using weapon’s from various other sets of armors for combined elemental attacks, Black wing plus spear from the lightning empress armor could allow her to mimic actual lightning speed. I highly doubt we’ll see things like these with FT and just more samurai pants.

Erza’s magic is complicated in portrayal. It isn’t impossible to make having a character with a wide range of powers still have good fights that show struggle. But with Hiro someone who seems to have lost interest isn’t the one to handle it anymore. I think there was something there that Hiro was using and maybe if he gave a damn all the way through maybe it could be better but this certainly wasn’t it.

30 Days of Fire Emblem Day 4: Favorite Sword-User

Meg from Radiant Dawn

(Note that for Sword users I’m not counting just anyone who can use a sword, Im choosing between units who start in a sword only class i.e. myrms, mercs, etc)

Man, I really love joke characters in FE.  Shanam in Thracia 776 is a very good one and Wrys is a hoot and a half, but I think Meg is easily the best of the bunch (and conveniently is of the Sword Armor class).  Everything about Meg is charming and hilarious and delightful, partly because theres so many paradoxes about her.  She’s this tiny little big girl who is wandering around a war torn foreign country looking for a single man who she has no specific location for.  Its completely insane.  Its like if a French farmer in 2016 sent his teenage daughter alone to Syria saying “find your husband, hes in Syria right now probably, I’m not sure though since I havent seen or heard from him in 3 years.  Just poke around till you see him.”  Whats even more crazy is that she seemingly tracked him down most of the way on her own.  That or she just got super lucky.  As a unit shes got a terrible strength stat and growth yet shes allegedly able to lift cows by herself.  She joins as an armor when you are desperate for some defense for the squishy Dawn Brigade and Surprise!  She has terrible base defense and defense growth.   Shes practically a myrm or a peg knight with her stats and growths.  One of the things I really appreciate about her is that even though she is heavy set in terms of design, and its possible her weight is supposed to be another funny thing about her, it never comes up anywhere in the script, to my knowledge, and her weight isnt played for laughs.  The same is true for her dad and I appreciate that a lot.  If anything is funny about her appearance wise its that shes so small, its especially funny if you get her to Marshall.  Shes just this tiny knight with majestic armor and a silly little Meg head with no helmet to top it off. 

Things I dont like about Meg:

  • Nothing.  Shes perfect.  All of her flaws as a unit just make her even funnier and more endearing so shes actually just a perfect little peach.

Seriously, look at her Cipher art:

Fantastic.  Shes completely charming and precious. 

Kiss My Bright Red Ass, Sir

The story behind this fic is long and complicated. But really it boiled down to my realization that a) Carolina deserves a good dad, and b) Sarge and Carolina’s relationship always needs more love. 

So here we go! Sarge adopts Carolina: a fic. Contains baby Carolina and a lot of gratuitous Sarge backstory. 

Thanks to everyone who egged me on for this beautiful disaster; I love you all!

Warnings for: Neglectful parenting, mourning, death of OCs, mentions of canon character death, manipulation. 

Also on Ao3

After everything—after she’d placed Wash’s pistol on the table, after she’d turned her back and walked away, when everyone was asleep and Epsilon was pulled out of her head—something they’d both agreed was a good idea, after everything that happened, the Red soldier came to talk to her.

He sat down next to her loudly, every step broadcasted clearly. She could have told him off, told him to go away, but she didn’t. The words were on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t say them. She didn’t know how. She didn’t want to.

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anonymous asked:

Surprising Dylan by coming into his room wearing /just/ his trench coat 😏😏

You get to Dylan’s house, knocking on the door. You look up with a small smile as Mrs. Klebold opens it, laughing softly when she sees you in Dylan’s coat, “Hi, y/n.” You giggle as well- the trench coat drags lightly along the ground and sleeves go well past your arms. “Dylan left this at my house yesterday… can I go give it back to him?” She nods, “Of course, sweetheart, he’s in his room.” You nod and thank her, heading up to Dylan’s room. You knock on the door and he calls, “Come in!”

You open the door and Dylan grins when he sees you, laughing softly. “Hey, baby… oh, wow, you brought my coat…” he murmurs, getting off his bed. You lean up on your toes when he reaches you and kiss him gently. Dylan used to wear his coat all the time when you first met. It was basically his armor and you almost never saw him without it. As he grew more attached to you, it started to seem just like a piece of clothing he enjoyed. You knew how much it had meant when you found the coat lying on your bed after he had left. “Huh, I can’t believe I forgot it,” he murmurs, smiling at you, “Thanks for bringing it back.” “Of course,” you smile back, resting your hands on his chest.

“You look good in it,” Dylan says, moving his arms around you, “Really?” you ask. He nods and you press against him, “You want me to take it off?” He grins faintly, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” You lick your lips as you pull the coat down just slightly, revealing the curve of your breast, “I think you might want me to.” Dylan raises his eyebrows and swallows, looking in your eyes. “Are you wearing… anything?” he asks quietly. You slowly shake your head and you can feel him tense up, looking down at you with want. You move up to kiss him lightly and whisper, “Sit down,” over his lips.

Dylan immediately sits on his bed and you stand in front of him, toying with the ties of the trench coat. He glances between your hands and your face, chewing on his lip. You keep the coat closed, letting the material slip off of your shoulders. Dylan swallows again, blushing as he starts to get hard. You step closer to him and straddle his lap. He knows you’re sitting on him naked, but you’re careful to still keep everything covered. “Baby,” he mumbles, letting out a soft groan as you grind into him once. You take Dylan’s hand and slowly slip it into the trench coat, letting him squeeze your chest. He hums, leaning in to kiss your jaw. “Please, y/n,” he begs softly. You smile, tilting your head back, “If you want it so bad, why don’t you just take it?” you whisper.

Dylan’s eyes darken and he moans as he kisses you hard, practically ripping the coat open. He pulls back and runs his hands down your body, quickly undoing his jeans. You grin as you watch him, loving how worked up he gets when he wants you. Before you know it you’re bouncing on Dylan, still wearing the coat on your shoulders as you bury your face into his neck to muffle your moans. He’s pulling your hips down hard and fast, muttering obscenities in your ear. You both come and he sighs, kissing you deeply. You pull back and get up after a moment, slipping the coat off. “You’ll need something to wear home,” Dylan murmurs. You smile at him, “Can I borrow some actual clothes?” “Yeah,” he laughs quietly, getting some out for you. You start to pull on the clothes and Dylan grins, “That was.. I mean, that was really…” he just shakes his head. You giggle and walk over, kissing him. You love it when you make him speechless.