this arc was incredible for usopp

can i just mention how incredibly selfless Usopp is during the Kuro arc? firstly, he ran across town screaming “PIRATES ARE COMING!!” every single day, which started as a way to cheer up his dying mom, which then evolved into a way to make the town a little more entertaining

he visited Kaya and told her stories every single day for a whole year just to make her feel better after she fell into depression after her parents died. no matter how many times she tried to drive him away early on, he stayed and continued to cheer her up. he didn’t have to do that, he just did

and, after he tried to warn Kaya and the town that pirates really ARE coming, and after they shoot him in the arm and chase him out with brooms, he STILL wants to save them all, despite knowing that he’ll be alone and will certainly die without help. he even sends away the Usopp Pirates and lies to them to protect them. he was willing to face a whole crew of pirates to protect his town. 

even as he’s beaten down and bleeding and he can’t even get up, he orders the Usopp Pirates to run away and protect Kaya. Hell, he doesn’t even take credit for any of it after the pirates are defeated. he just lets Syrup Village continue to think that it was just a normal day, just like every other day. he doesn’t want the town to be scared of what could’ve happened

he could’ve told them what happened, he had every right to, honestly. that he really was telling the truth, that he, the Straw Hats, the Usopp Pirates, and Kaya all helped to defend the town, that Kuro was evil, but he stays quite to protect their sense of security. and then he leaves town quietly, without telling anyone, but Kaya and Merry 

seriously, Usopp was so amazing during the Kuro arc. it’s a really underrated arc because the villains were kinda boring. Usopp showed just how loyal and caring and sefless he was through the whole arc and it’s just.. it makes me teary ok

i really love Usopp ok

Sanji is far from useless!

I saw a post where some people were talking about who they think is the least important in the crew and who is the most useless strawhat. I was surprised at the amount of people who seemed convinced that the answer is Sanji. I don’t understand why people keep saying that Sanji is the most useless strawhat (especially after the time skip). Not saying everyone thinks like this, but I still felt like I wanted to talk about this. I mean, I get it that people dislike him for different reasons, but to actually look at the crew objectively and come to the conclusion that Sanji is the most useless is just ignorant. I also understand that he’s not gotten much time to shine since the timeskip, but honestly I feel like I need to remind people of how much of a difference Sanji makes within the crew.

First off, Sanji’s job as a cook is incredibly important. And now after learning the 99 recipes not only does he keep the crew healthy, but he can even in a way boost them and make them stronger. Right before the Baratie arc it is even highlighted how important it is to have a good chef on the sea. His role as a chef in itself makes him less useless than say Brook or Usopp. I’d say that just for the survival of the crew the most important jobs are doctor, navigator and chef (while shipwright is also highly important it is easier to manage without one while on board).

Secondly, Sanji is a strong fighter. Luffy and Zoro are more or less the fighting type only, and while several of the crew have jobs as well as being good fighters I’d say that Sanji is the only one of the crew with a job who is equally as important as his role as a fighter. I’m not sure I’m explaining it well, but basically Sanji is one of the main fighters and even though all of the crew can fight he is just as important in battle as he is in the kitchen. Meanwhile I’d say that Nami is more important as a navigator than a fighter for example. You can’t deny that Sanji is strong and that he definitely is one of their most important fighters.

Thirdly Sanji’s intellect and instinct has saved the crew plenty of times. Mr.Prince is a great example where without him we don’t know if the crew would have been able to escape the cage in time. He also sacrificed himself instead of Nami and Usopp in Skypie (way before Zoro’s sacrifice). And in Enies Lobby not only did he find Robin and followed her on the train, but that lead to him freeing Usopp and Franky (though Franky gets captured again), which in turn affect the whole outcome of later events. If Sanji had not jumped on that train they would have had to save three people in Enies Lobby instead, and there would have been more enemies left because he more or less takes out the whole train. He’s also the reason the all get away from the marines. Basically Sanji has singlehandedly done several things that has saved his crewmates.

He knows what he can do and what others can do and is very tactical. In the Arlong arc he went against Kuroobi under water because he recognized that Zoro would not be able to free Luffy in his condition had he done it instead. In Enies Lobby he tells Usopp that “Everyone has things they can’t do.” And “I’ll do what you can’t do. You do what I can’t do.” Because he knows Usopp is better suited for the job. (He also shows his supportive side here and Sanji is in his core a very caring person). He always seems to be in the right place at the right time and there is a reason for Sanji holding the record amongst the strawhats for epic entrances.

Speaking of things Sanji can do that others can’t… Sky walk and Blue walk, which makes him a great asset. In Punk Hazard Sanji dives into the same lake that Zoro, Luffy and CO had to cross earlier (and handles the cold much better even though he’s in Nami’s body) and he even says he’s the best swimmer. He always was and he always will be. On top of this he can now also fly. Just imagine if Zoro and Sanji had switched places against Doflamingo? There’s no point in saying Zoro would have fought better, because he wouldn’t even have been able to get there to begin with. Same with Luffy to be honest. Because Sanji can use Sky walk he was able to get between Doflamingo and the crew on Sunny, which in the end saved them (even if Law also helps later). Not even Law could do a thing and if that doesn’t show people that strength is relative, and that there are plenty of things that make Sanji even more valuable I don’t know what else to say.

In the end I am just tired of people underestimating Sanji and saying that it doesn’t matter if he’s there or not. I hope you enjoyed this rant. <3 If anyone want my opinion on anything Sanji-related (or One Piece in general) just ask and I’ll do my best to answer! :D