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7, 13, and 18 for ritsu?

  • 7: What’s the most hilarious moment to you?


1 - example of a nice smile


and this one made me laugh out LOUD:

3 - frozen mob

AND MANY MORE, I wish I could draw them all! mob psycho has so many funny scenes

  • 13: Are there any specific MP 100 artists/writers you admire?

OHH yes absolutely, the mp fandom has incredibly good artists in it!!! I am amazed by great fanart and fics I’ve been seeing, here are just some of them that come to mind right now:

Fanart -> @savethebees2k16 @maria-ruta @nwarrior777 @ritshou (I love this specific artist’s style GO FOLLOW THEM) @florbe-triz (the cutest terumob in the store trust me) @freshritzcrackers (their ritsu interpretations have cured me of several diseases)

Fanfics -> so you know I’ve just started to read mp100 fics and boy I wasn’t disappointed with @uncannycookie ‘s of cold hands reaching . I’ve always felt that the end of Mogami arc was a bit too sharp and sudden? so many things happened, how would mob feel about it? how would he give them closure? this fic starts in that point. And it’s amazing! very psychologycally interesting. (☆▽☆) I’ve been wanting to draw scenes from it for a long time ldfgjfd

  • 18: What headcanons do you have for (character)?

I’m not good with headcanons, I don’t have that type of imagination? however I can imagine Ritz as the kind of person to have a secret twitter acc in where he can let go his true self

Thank you for asking!!!

mob psycho ask meme

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What do you think will happen between Clarke and Bellamy until the end of the season? How do you think the season will end? What do you think about the theme of season 5?

I’ll answer your Bellarke question first.

I’ve been shifting back and forth a bit in terms of Bellarke this season. I started off pretty confident in a kiss and then a few episodes ago I started thinking that the writers were going to drag it out through Season 5 but, oddly enough, the past two episodes that featured no Bellarke scenes at all have actually made me think that a kiss this season is very likely after all.

I think where Bellamy’s character arc is headed, with him starting to let go of some of his guilt a bit as well as give in to things that he actually wants (which he’s never really done before) opens up a lot of romantic possibilities for Bellarke from his end. He has also expressed many times how much he feels the weight of the ticking clock on their time on Earth, and I think that building pressure is going to lead to something big happening. 

Clarke feels it, too, and I felt like we got some evidence in 4x07 that she is longing for something deeper before she dies. We saw her looking at Emori and Murphy sort of longingly and then people have pointed out in that bed scene with Clarke in the same episode, there was similar (or the same) music playing as was playing in the 4x03 Bellarke list scene which is … super suggestive of where their dynamic is headed. (Plus, the focus on the empty spot next to her on the bed …) 

They’ve spent time showing us Clarke moving on from L.exa, with the Niylah scene, and her giving Roan the chip, and her lack of reaction to mentions of L.exa where it used to be focussed on heavily. I think that this particularly segment of her character arc this season is going to come to a head when Clarke will have an opportunity to take the chip with her newfound Nightblood and keep L.exa with her forever, but she will ultimately choose to give it up. 

So basically, I think that because of the nature of both Bellamy and Clarke’s character arc’s this season as well as the fact that Earth is a ticking time bomb (the world is ending in six days!) it is incredibly likely that we’re going to get canon Bellarke this season. My guess will be somewhere between 4x10 and 4x12. (I don’t think it will be 4x13 for reasons I can’t get into.)

If there’s no kiss in those episodes, we’ll probably need to wait until Season 5.

Other than that, in terms of Bellarke, I think we could very well get anything. It’s so difficult to predict and, to be perfectly honest, I’d rather not. I find it a lot better to just wait and see what the writers give us instead of getting my hopes up about things that ultimately don’t end up happening, or ruining the surprise. 

For your second question, about how I think the season will end, well …

I can’t actually answer that question because I know the answer (not the full answer, but I can fill in the blanks pretty accurately and there’s no way to give my thoughts without revealing the finale spoilers). 

For themes in Season 5, I think it’s kind of far away to give a really accurate guess, but from what I DO know, I think a really, really big theme of next season is going to be the idea of home. What or WHO is home? What does the idea of home mean to our characters?

The home theme has always existed on this show but I have a feeling its going to be extra, extra important next season. That’s all I’m willing to say on that without getting too spoilery. ;)

so I need to tell y’all that I’m only 1 arc away from catching up on TAZ - I’m halfway through ep 50 rn - and oH MY GOD this story has grabbed a hold of me and won’t let go. it’s so good. All I know about the Suffering Game arc is that its pr hardcore and everything ratchets up like 1000%. I am so ready. Give me that hilarious and probably surprisingly emotional Tres Horny Boys content, the next 10 episodes are probably going to wreck me but I am Ready ™. 

The Consequences of Midnight Makeouts

Part 3: The Finale

I am so, so excited to finally have this finished for you guys. Finals have really been hell but you’ve been so patient. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this both on Tumblr and AO3, your comments and support have literally made my month. 


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YouLove #2

Summary= How many chances there were that your famous crush would like you back? The chance of a click -and a video, it seemed. [YouTubers AU].

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= Multichaptered.

Word Count= 1590.

Hi guys :3 I know this is earlier than I said I’d update, but since it got so many notes and lovely comments, I thought that I’d post chapter 2 now! Thank you so much for all the pretty things you said! It really motivated me and made me so happy! >.< So here you go!

I don’t own Hunter x Hunter nor Noragami Aragoto. They belong to their respective authors.

Chapter two: but baby, I’m still waiting for you

“Okay, so,” Lucy started, smiling at the recording camera placed in front of her. “YukiStellar on Tumblr requested my opinion on the anime Hunter x Hunter, thanks!”

Lucy cleared her throat, pushing down her anxiety, as she always did whenever she recorded a new video. She thanked that so far, the thumbs down were almost inexistent in her account. She hoped it stayed that way.

500.000 subscribers were a really big number. For her, at least.

“I really loved the anime!” Lucy grinned, sighing contently as she remembered. “Its plot is quite interesting, and don’t even let me start about character development. Truly amazing and well done. I could give you a list of my favorite moments, but I don’t want to spoil anything to you guys,”

“So, this anime gives you so many feels! I laughed, and cried, and got to be an emotional wreck. Specially on the final arc. I totally suggest you watch it! My favorite character? Killua, of course! Adorable, dork, smart, fast, strong, dark, and too well-looking for a 12 to 14 years old.”

Lucy wiggled her eyebrows at the camera, chuckling to herself.

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