this arc gives me too many feels

Loved last episode, thought it was very well done and necessary for where the characters were at but the one thing that I desperately want to know and the only thing I feel like was left unresolved was Pike’s reaction. I need to know if she would’ve said anything, and what it would have been. Would she have talked about their promise to get to know each other better? Would she have said something about the letter? Would she have talked about Kaylie? Or her own family? Would she have tried to convince him that she does care about him? Would she simply not say anything? I don’t know and it’s driving me mad because it’s the only part that I haven’t come to terms with.

I need for Ashley to come visit and have a quick astral projection chat with Scanlan and Kaylie because I have a personal desire to have these questions answered and I can’t squash it down I’m sorry