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For What It’s Worth

Relationship: Dean x Reader
Rating: Smut. (smut is not my forte. I have no forte.) A bit of fluff.
Warnings: None. 
A/N: This is for @wheresthekillswitch and @emilywritesaboutdean ‘s Do It Like Team Free Will Challenge, wherein you receive a gif and you porn it up as best you can. Thank you, ladies, for putting this together :D
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~1.6k words

Summary: You borrow something of Dean’s and he is not pleased. You are not pleased that he is not pleased. That’s not to say that pleasure isn’t derived from the overall situation.

“Aw hell no, sweetheart. That’s my best FBI shirt.”

You frown at Dean’s exclamation as you cap the milk jug again. This is how he greets you in the morning? “It’s just a shirt, Dean.”

“My best shirt.”

“Whatever. You iron it with beer.”

“That’s not true I only do that with Sam and yo- with Sam’s clothes.”

You roll your eyes and cock a hip against the countertop, leaning into it as you start eating the cereal you just poured yourself.

“Can you change out of it now?”

Your spoon holding hand pauses and your jaw drops in incredulity. “You’re not serious? You’re supposed to find it adorable and, or, sexy that I’m wearing your shirt, you Ass. This response is not acceptable.”

“You’re just not the most graceful so I don’t see you not getting it stained and were leaving for that case later and I want to have it handy. Go put on one of my t-shirts or something if you want,” Dean offers.

You put the bowl back down and throw your hands up, “Unbelievable. And I’m plenty graceful.” You twist to face him, narrowly avoiding toppling over the milk jug. He raises a brow at you. “You’re supposed to want to ravage me. That’s the cliche. I know dating is neither of our fortes but I’m thinking that you should know that at least.”

“Ask nicely.” Dean walks further into the kitchen, finally leaving the doorway.


“If you want to be ravaged all you have to do is ask. Nicely.”

“Bite me, Winchester.”

“I can do that too,” he winks.

“Nuh-huh. Too late. The biting opportunity has come and gone. I’m going to go get out of this,” you say, pinching the collar of the shirt.

Dean stops you midway to the exit. His eyes twinkle with mischief like they do every time before he- “Let me help.”

You walk backwards as Dean stalks towards you until you bump into the stainless steel counter. You’re lifted onto it, then, and dropped unceremoniously. Your hands move up reflexively to clutch at Dean’s arms. The metal is cool against your skin but that’s not why you shudder.

“Look at how quiet you’ve gotten,” Dean says, all predator.

You open your mouth to object but the thing is, you have.

“You’ve got such a smart mouth, babe, but you’re all talk, huh? ‘Cause when I’ve got you like this,” Dean drags you close to the edge of the counter with one sharp tug and your grip on his biceps tightens. “You don’t seem to have any objections.”

The smirk he gives you is gorgeous, of course, but really it pisses you off and you conjure up your best glare. “I-”

Dean kisses you. It’s dirty with lots of tongue and when you moan into it, he smirks against your lips. You’re not even angry about it. You can’t be, not with his hands sliding from your hips to your knees and then back up the inside of your thighs. When they meet fabric, they start undoing the buttons of the dress shirt, working their way further up.

Dean stops after a couple buttons and glides a thumb over your slit, feeling the shape through the now damp fabric of your underwear. He ends the kiss that leaves you breathless and, panting a little himself, raises a brow at you.

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Girl Time

Brief Summary: Reader is having a down time and her best friends Fred and George make it all better.

Words: 962

Warnings: None really just some friend stuff.

Pairing: Fred/George/Reader Platonic Friendship.

Originally posted by angelina-g-l

You sighed at you sat in the common room. Most other Gryffindors were outside playing or doing something productive. But not you, sadly. Most of your house members were nice and invited you along sometimes but you never felt like you fit in. So you curled up on the couch by the fireplace sketch book in lap, sketching out a photo of a rather cute boy in your house. He was a year older than you but that didn’t stop your crush.

But as your two friends rather stormed into the common room you slammed your book shut looking up at them. Feed and George were smiling until they looked at you. “What’s wrong Y/n?” Fred asked as he sat beside you.

George sat in the chair to your left and touched your shoulder. “Why are you inside on a day like this?”

You let sigh, surely they knew. “You guys are like my only friends. Besides like Harry and Ron but they are a grade younger and I don’t see them a lot. And it’s not like I have any female friends to do anything with, ever.” You huffed more mad about not being able to keep a female friend than anything else. Hermione was nice but it was clear she didn’t prefer having you around when she was alone. You just bothered her.

“Hey, you have us. Do we not count?” Fred smiled poking your side to try and make you laugh.

“I know our red gorgeous locks are scary. Buy I think I can do some fine makeup.” George teased before you looked between the boys.

“Are you offering what I think you are offering?” You looked between them with a raised eyebrow.

“Of course Y/n! We don’t wanna see you down. Cmon! I’m sure we can find some cute boys to talk about too!” Fred chuckled as he stood holding out his hand for you.

“And don’t forget how Rachels muggle clothing choices are horrid. Like girl. Green and pink do not go together unless you’re a watermelon.” George smiled as he stood as well.

You laughed softly before grabbing friends hand and standing up as you headed up to your room to get your things. The three of you then sat on your bed as you dumped your makeup all over your blankets.

“Well have at it boys.” You teased before George grabbed your hand and put a makeup brush in it.

“You first Y/N make me pretty.” He smiled at you before you just laughed softly. Soon enough the three of you were doing each other’s makeup and laughing about it the whole time.

“Did you see Matthew today. He was looking so cute in those black jeans.” Fred giggled before applying lipstick to you.

“And the way those tan pants hugged Anthony’s ass? Like oh god.” George chuckled before applying his own eye shadow.

“And don’t get me started about how dreamy Sam is.” You smiled before blushing hotly as the boys looked at you.

“You like Sam?” The boys both said before giggling.

“Shush! You can’t tell anyone!” You nearly whined before the boys locked their lips and threw away the key.

“Your secret is safe with us. But he does have nice eyes.” Fred hummed while perfecting your eyeliner.

“And a toned bod.” George checked himself in a mirror before blowing a kiss.

“And the most beautiful voice ever.” You chime all dreamy like. The three of you keep talking about your crush and makeup and girl things that you didn’t know you needed until then. Fred and George surely were the best friends you could ask for. That was until you remembered you left your sketchbook in the common room!

Quickly you jolted off the bed and ran downstairs to see Harry and Ron flipping through it. You quickly grabbed it as Sam walked over asking who’s it was. “Mine it’s mine!” You squeak before Fred and George come running down the stairs.

“Y/n you alright?” Fred started but the whole room breaks out in laughter. Looking between you, Fred and George. Surely the makeup wasn’t the best but it wasn’t that bad, was it? You wanted to cry and run and hide before Fred and George stepped in front of you.

“Don’t laugh cause you aren’t good enough friends to be there for your best friend and do whatever she needs.” Fred cut sharply through the air, everyone stopped laughing and stared.

“It takes a real man to be able to cut contour like this and I know none of you can.” George scolded before they hugged you and you three, headed upstairs.

But someone grabbed your arm stopping you on the stairs. “Y/n hey. I uh. You’re really good at drawing. I liked your work.” Sam whispered nervously.

You smile lightly before glancing towards the boys then back at your crush. “Th-thanks that means a lot.”

“I uh. I really liked the one of me. Harry tells me you only draw people who really inspire you and I uh. I’d like to get to know you better if you know what I mean. Maybe we could hang out sometime?” Sam smiled shyly before letting go of your arm.

“Yes! I mean yeah. That be cool.”

“Cool. I’m glad.” He smiled before you ran up the stairs nearly screaming at your boys as you all started to remove the makeup and gossip even more about what you were even going to wear on a date with Sam.

You and the boys now constantly had a girls night. Especially after a date with Sam. They wanted all the juicy details and you figured actually female friends weren’t needed when you had two best friends like these. And they were all you needed.
Irresistible - HollyShadow88 - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
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Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Fluff and Smut, Inspired by Fanart, Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, Body Worship, Domestic Fluff, Established Relationship, John is a tease, But honestly so is Sherlock

Sometimes all it takes is a dressing gown and a pair of pants. Inspired by Patreon porn art by Kelley aka anotherwellkeptsecret.

Here you go @anotherwellkeptsecret!  Have some porn for your porn.


Rick sauntered into the bedroom Michonne was systematically clearing.  He watched as she threw random bits of clothing and hygiene products into a half full storage bin.  The room was feminine with a distinctive bohemian feel.  A sad looking four poster bed sat in the middle of the room.  Whoever had lived there had tied panels of white gauzy fabric to each post with long brightly colored ribbons.

Rick’s boots nudged a bunch of random pillows that were scattered around the foot of the bed.  He blinked as a lace bra flew past him, narrowly missing his face, to fall on top of his boot.

“Sorry.”  Michonne said, “Aim’s off.”  She grunted as she pulled a metal trunk out of the closet.  Flexing her shoulders to ease the tension, she opened the trunk, and stared inside.

“Huh.” she muttered, looking at the contents.

‘What is it?“  Rick asked, catching her reaction as he bent over to grab the stray bra, but she only shrugged her shoulder in response.  

“Nothing we can use.”  She closed the lid quickly, and wiping her hands against her pants leg, moved to his side.  She reached for the lace, but Rick used it to pull her into a quick kiss.

Humming in appreciation, Michonne wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and almost sank into the kiss, before pulling back reluctantly.  "We should go,“ she looked out the window, “try to find another house before dark.”

Rick’s hands rested on the sides of her hips, anchoring her.  "Not yet.“  He leaned in to nibble along her neck before murmuring, “We should take a break.” Boosting her higher, he angled his body so her bottom hit the edge of the mattress.  "A quick break,“ he said with a touch of humor in his eyes.

Looking at the bed, then back at him, she giggled, "A quickie?” weaving her hand through his curls she laughingly teased, “Rick Grimes, what do you know about a quickie?”  

“Let me show you,” he grinned before setting her down on the bed.  Stepping back he pulled his shirt over his head.  Michonne, toeing off her boots, tugged her own shirt up and over her head.  Before she could get it all the way off, Rick was unzipping her pants, lifting her hips just enough to slide off her pants and panties.

Rick dropped to his knees, and pressed soft butterfly kisses to Michonne’s inner thighs before his tongue flicked over her most sensitive spot.  He began applying steady pressure over her clit, a steady suction that sent shudders up her body. 

With one hand she grabbed his head and arched her back, her legs draped over his shoulders, and her heels digging into his back.  Amused by her impatience Rick slowly pushed his fingers inside her.  Michonne bucked against him, twisting and turning, sending the storage bin crashing to the floor.  He showed her no mercy, bringing her to the edge over and over, licking and sucking her clit and expertly massaging her g-spot.   

She almost snarled when he stood and with a hard feral smile, slowly unzipped his jeans.  Reaching down between them, he rubbed the head of his cock along her opening, teasing her. Centering himself, slid his cock home.  She was perfect, hot and tight, and her inner muscles were milking him, sucking him deeper into her depths.  He moved slowly, giving her time to adjust to his size, but when she started to whimper and convulse around him he lost the last threads of his control.

Grabbing her hips, he drove deep, digging his fingers into her ass.  His thrusts were powerful and moved them steadily up the bed until she was bracing herself against the headboard.  Attempting to regain control of her position, he palmed her ass, lifting her into his downward stroke. 

He knew she was close, as her back arched even more and she strained toward him.  Sweat pooled between them, and the sounds of their slapping bodies filled the room.  Using his upper body, he pushed her firmly into the mattress and bracing his feet, he started moving into her with short unrelenting strokes.

“Look at me.” he growled.  Eyes locked, Rick slammed into her harder, relishing the soft mewling noises she made. 

“Please,” Michonne could barely speak, “Rick!”

The desperation in her voice pushed him over the edge, and they came together, Michonne purring as her muscles milked him and Rick growling low as he pressed almost painfully against her.

Spent, he collapsed by her side, both of them breathing heavily. "That was … ” Michonne stretched, her body still tingling. “Yeah.” Eyes closed he blindly reached for her hand and pulled her into his arms. Michonne’s head nestled on his chest and she listened to his heartbeat. “You know there’s no time for cuddling in quickies right?” She couldn’t help but tease him.

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Imagine Harry after a gig fucking you in his dressing room and it's super hot and rough bc he's still got the adrenaline from the show... wow

And as soon as the door is shut behind you in his dressing room, he has you pinned to the door, hands already working on his leather belt. Normally, he’d take the time to work you up but now is not the time. He wants you here and now, in whichever way. Once it falls to the ground, it’s like you’re a magnet and he immediately latches himself tight against you. The adrenaline is still running through his body as he ducks his head down and suckles on your neck, palming your breasts roughly.

“Fuck, baby. Been thinkin’ about yeh all night on stage. Wanna see you, fuck, wanna see all of yeh—”

He places a knee between your legs, applying pressure in your most hottest area, causing you to cry out and grip onto his shoulders.

“Wanna fuck yeh so bad baby,” he’s panting against your skin, messing with his buttons of his expensive shirt. You want to rip it off and you probably will be able to with the amount of frustration you’ve compressed while watching him prance on stage and belt out lyrics.

“Yes, yes, yes,” you’re chanting as his shirt is finally discarded and pants down to his ankles.

He’s quick to remove you dress that falls around your own feet, forgotten. You’re lifted into his arms and he hastily instructs you to wrap your legs around him and hold tight as he uses one hand to work on your entrance.

“Bleedin’ hell pet. So fuckin’ wet!” he exclaims. “Could take me now, couldn’t yeh? Slide right in.”

Instead, he presses two fingers to your core and slowly slides them in, mouthing at your breasts, groaning loudly when your fingers harshly tug on his hair to maneuver him closer. In response, he takes one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking softly. The simulation of his fingers and his mouth is enough to drive you insane. His pumping is relentless, something he knows makes you cum quicker than anything.

“Fuck!” you cry out, throwing your head back against the door that makes a loud banging noise but it’s no match to your moans.

“Louder,” he almost pleads, smacking the back of your thigh with his massive hand causing you to jolt against the door. “Didn’ come off the stage jus’ t’ hear y'like this.”

“Harry!” you moan, roughly tugging on his hair again, and he presses a hot kiss to your mouth.

“There yeh go. Keep it up. Be a good girl fo’ me,” he pants, removing his fingers from your warmth, and then taking his hard cock, pressing it against you.

He grazes the tip just barely against your clit which makes you squirm against him.

“I wan’ yeh to be loud pet,” he reminds you, smacking the back of your thigh against more firmly. “Let everyone know who makes yeh feel this good.”

Your body arches against the door, as your hands slip down to his chest, balling up into fists against his sparrows. “Please,” you plead. “Lou will hear us—”

“I don’ care,” he mutters, slowly sinking into you, watching in awe as your back lifts off the door again, face contorted with nothing but immense pleasure.

This is what you missed. Adrenaline induced quickies after shows where anyone could hear. His schedule was so busy, sometimes you simply needed a reminder that he was still there, he could still bring you such pleasure.

He fucks into you roughly, shoving his face between your neck and shoulder, releasing a hefty groan against your sweating skin. Your arms are around his shoulders again, face planted in his wet hair, running your fingers through his short locks, grabbing whatever you can.

A particularly harsh thrust causes you to moan his name loudly against his ear, eyes screwed shut as he relentlessly pounds into you, pleasure coursing though her veins.

“Ungh, so f-fucking good Harry! There, there please don’t stop, there!” you babbled, shaking your head against him. His moans were also in your ear, low but clearly evident.

You can barely feel his lips pressing wet kisses against your slick body, trailing up to your ear, nibbling softly on your earlobe.

“Always so tight fo’ me,” he mumbles, licking just below your ear. “Taste so sweet, always. So wet, can feel you everywhere on me.”

There’s nothing you can focus on besides the hot flashes of ecstasy he’s giving you, something no drug could ever do for you. He was your personal drug, in fact, always there.

“Harry,” you whimper audibly. “Gonna cum.”

Harry peers up at you through his wet ringlets and then reaches a down between your connecting bodies.

“No no, it’s too much. I can't—!” you yelp as his fingers find your clit, rubbing a steady pattern.

“Yeh can, m'love. I know yeh can,” he pants, feeling her walls tighten around him. “C'mon, tha’s it. C'mon please give it to me. Give it, want it so bad.”

A high pitched scream falls from your lips as your body trembles with warm pleasure, pressing your open mouth against his shoulder. Once you’re finished riding your high, you fall limply on him, shuddering from the overstimulation as Harry continued, desperately chasing his own orgasm.

When he does cum, his veins in his neck bulged deliciously, a cry tumbling out of his throat. A long forbidden orgasm rips through him, his body quivering against yours, torso pressed against your breasts. He doesn’t unwind his arms but instead slides out of you, and sighed heavily. His forehead rests on yours, gingerly removing the hair that had stuck to your face, and kisses your cheeks softly.

“Too good fo’ me, y'know tha’? Way too good.”

You give him a sleepy smile and let your head fall back onto his shoulder when he lets your feet touch the floor. Your panties are the first that are shifted up your legs. Other than that, the remainder of his and your clothes stay on the floor, as you two hold each other.

“Now let’s get yeh home so I can take care of yeh.”

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What women's rights apply to trans women? They're not treated differently from birth. They're not oppressed for their reproductive system.

Pee your pants. They may not be “oppressed” for their reproductive systems, but they sure as hell have dysphoria for them. Terfs only like genitals, not women. I find it really really amusing how like, radfems reduce all of feminism down to “Oh, I have a pussy and you don’t, so i’m better than you. Also I’m the only one who gets women rights uwu” It’s stupid? Like,, how can you go so against your own cause like that. I thought the idea of feminism was to stick up for women, yet terfs somehow justify literally putting down women? Trans women deserve all the rights that apply to cis women. All Terfs are hypocrites.


okay you wont read this until morning now because you’re a normal human who goes to bed at a human time but HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, LOTTIE!!! We’ve been friends for over two years now which is insane and I am so grateful for your terrible humour and general loveliness. hope you had an awesome day, hon xx

(shoutout to Rachel for being a trooper and cheerleading me through this)


The classroom was too warm. Percy’s eyelids drooped heavily as he stared at the screen at the front of class. His knuckles pressed into his cheek as he propped his head up with his elbow on the desk and tried his best to stay awake but, god, Mr Harries knew how to make the stages of mitosis the most boring thing on the planet. It was a shame, because Percy usually loved biology, at least he enjoyed the classes a lot more when Dr Steinberg taught it, but she had to go and get pregnant and leave her class of Juniors with a man who could make bungee jumping sound like a dull experience.

It was a good thing Percy took AP Biology to make up for the mind-numbing quality of this class. But then again, perhaps it was less the class and its teacher, and more him; it took a great deal to keep him focused in class. When he was twelve years old, he was formally diagnosed with ADHD, something his mother still referred to as “an active mind” but he’d noticed the exhausted look of relief on her face when she was given a name for what her son was dealing with, so they might know how to tackle it better.

Percy had always tried to be a good kid, but he was aware of the strain he’d caused on his mother’s life. Bringing up a hyperactive child alone while working two shitty jobs can’t have been an easy thing to do. Sally Jackson, as far as Percy was concerned, was the best woman in the world, and deserved a far better deal than what she’d been given. She had caught a break recently, when she started dating Paul Blofis. And while Percy was appropriately mortified by the knowledge that his mom was dating his English teacher, he knew the guy made her happy so he couldn’t really object all that much.

When the bell finally rang for the end of class, Percy paid attention to Mr Harries long enough to note down their homework. He had his bag on his shoulders and was standing next to Grover’s desk as his friend hastened to shove his books into his bag and pick his crutches up.

“Where’s the fire?” Percy asked as Grover all but ran for the door, swinging wildly on his crutches.

Grover looked over his shoulder. “Enchilada day in the cafeteria, bro.”

Percy’s head fell back as he groaned dramatically. “Dude, I’m not running to the caf–”

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Trouble Maker (Onew Smut)

It was just another day at school and you didn’t feel any different than the day before today or the one before that. This week was passing so slowly. You high fived your best friend as usual and pulled your bag over your shoulder, making your way home. You shuffled along the sidewalk leisurely, dancing nonchalantly to the music playing in your ears. You twirled around and a guy caught your eye. He was dressed in all black and was holding an unlit cigarette up to his lips. 

You stopped twirling and stumbled clumsily, falling and twisting your ankle. “SON OF A BITCH,” you hollered, clutching your foot in agony. You saw the figure approach and sucked back the tears you felt. You did not want a stranger to see you bawling. He peered down at you and snickered. “What a fall, I’m surprised that isn’t broken,” he gestured towards your ankle that was rapidly swelling. You glared up at him, “Yeah, I should have been paying attention.”

He extended his hand and looked at you with his smoldering eyes. He just looked like he was up to no good. You declined his hand and attempted to get up by yourself. He chuckled maliciously and then shrugged. “Your loss,” he rudely commented before turning around and strolling off. You let out a small cry as you collapsed back on the ground from the immense pain in your ankle.

The guy walked back up to you and raised an eyebrow. He held out his hand again. This time you accepted his assistance. “Where do you live,” he asked, throwing your arm over his shoulder and pulling you up on your good leg. You contemplated the risks of telling him where you lived. Before you can answer he rolled his eyes, “Don’t worry, I’m not a stalker or a creep. I just want to get you home,” he calmly explained. You laughed, embarrassed that he knew you were thinking about it. 

“I live right down this street, about halfway down,” you pointed down the street. He began slowly helping you walk down the sidewalk. “So, um, do you have a name,” you cautiously asked. He smirked, “I’m Jinki,” he replied, flashing a smile that made you stop breathing momentarily. He chuckled and looked at me. “And your name is,” he prompted. Your eyes widened. “Oh, yeah, I’m (insert name here),” you said. He nodded in approval. “Nice name,” he stated, satisfied. Your stomach fluttered when he looked at you, oddly.

You stopped him and pointed to your house. “That’s mine right there. The door should be open,” you told him. He helped you up the front steps and opened the door, stepping inside. “The living room is to the right,” you guided him. He set you on the couch, and stood up straight, smoothing his hair back. You felt strange about the way you were attracted to him, even though he screamed bad boy and you had just met him. 

“You gonna keep staring at me,” he questioned, raising that eyebrow again. You snapped back from your thoughts and shook your head. “I should, uh, call my mom,” you softly mentioned. He roamed around the house, allowing you privacy to tell your mom what had happened. He stepped back into the room and crossed his arms, leaning against the wall casually. You dropped your phone and it started vibrating. He picked it up and saw who was calling. He shoved the phone into your hand.

“So, I will go now,” he dryly said. You denied the call and breathed deeply. “Wait,” called after him. He slightly glanced back and stared impatiently. “My mom won’t be home anytime soon and I was, uh, wondering if you’d stay with me for a while,” you hinted nervously. He turned to the side, still staring at me. He strode over and bent down, almost touching your face. “Under one condition,” he deeply whispered. You couldn’t form words to ask what the condition was, but instead he slid his hand down your body and teased you. You yelped and moaned at the same time. 

He continued to touch you, and he kissed your neck sensually. You fell back on the couch and he took the opportunity to rip off you pants. He dipped down between your legs and let out a very quiet laugh. He plunged his tongue into you and you screamed. He repeated this over and over. Pretty soon your legs were shaking and you were cumming again and again. You begged for him to stop and he complied, coming up for air and grinning devilishly. 

He didn’t let you say anything. He pressed his finger up to your lips and licked his own. He took the same finger and slipped it into your mouth. He moaned and closed his eyes. He used his free hand to unbutton his own pants and let them fall to his feet, exposing his extremely long hard on. You stared in shock and didn’t move. He ha pulled out a condom from his pocket and was applying it while you gawked at his size. 

He snickered at your shock and glanced at you. “Too much for you,” he teased. You didn’t reply, so he proceeded by sliding himself into you. You cried out as he pushed himself all the way in. He began rhythmically pumping and moaning. The sensation made you bite down on your lip, almost drawing blood. He was in bliss along with you. He switched between fast and slow, deep and shallow strokes driving you crazy. 

It seemed like eternity that the two of you were intertwined. He was sweating, his body glistening. His movements made you scream uncontrollably. You felt yourself tense up and you tilted your head back. “Jinki I’m going to cum,” you hollered. He sped up and let out an equally loud moan. “FUCCCCCCCK,” he yelled aggressively, gripping the couch. He pumped into you a few more times and then pulled out slowly. The condom was full and he looked down at it satisfied. He walked into the kitchen shamelessly, balling up the condom in a paper towel and tossing it into the trash. 

He proudly strode back into the room and pulled his pants on. He looked over at you and picked up your shorts from the floor. “You might need these,” he held the shorts up. “Or maybe not,” he gave you another sexy grin. You blushed and sat up. You tried to pull your shorts back on but you were reminded of your ankle as the pain shot up your leg. “Let me help,” he smoothly offered. He slipped the pants on with ease and helped you sit up again. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket and held it in his mouth. 

“YOU CAN’T SMOKE IN HERE,” you exclaimed and he laughed in a husky way. “I’ll see ya around,” he responded, walking to the front door. “Good luck with your boyfriend! Make sure you take care of that ankle,” he yelled over his shoulder smugly. Before he shut the door he paused. “You’re beautiful, by the way,” he admitted, almost too low for you to hear clearly. And with that he flashed a signature bad boy smile and walked out the door.

promise // officer!yoongi (M)

Originally posted by jinful

2.3k words. smut; fluff. 

You pay the officer a visit at his office half an hour before the clock strikes twelve.

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Anonymous asked:

stiles imagine where you complain to him that he’s always too soft during sex, so he takes it to the next level and like ties you up and is like really rough please [x]


I do not own Teen Wolf, nor Dylan O'Brien. Do not read this fic if you are under 18 years of age. Sexual content and mature themes are redundant. 

Word Count: ~ 1,500

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I’ve been thinking about how toxic fandom can be.

I could write a dissertation on the various ways fan culture breeds the worst of the worst, but this particular rant is about the race thing. Because Tumblr culture thinks it’s so progressive and above other places like Twitter and Reddit and, idk, Yahoo comment sections when it comes to race. But actually it’s not any better. It just covers the bigotry up with flowery words and feminism!!! (yeah I’m still mad at how much this site can shit on female characters while praising white peen, all the while claiming they want better for women)

This has been on my mind for awhile, even more since I’ve totally fallen in love with The Flash and watched the fallout that happened the second that Candice Patton was cast to play Iris West.

And I started to really wonder why folks went off the rails. Why people latched on to Caitlin like a life line and insisted that she should be Barry’s love interest, even before the show aired. And once it did, posts in the Iris tag ran the gauntlet of excuses of why she wasn’t a well written character to how she should either be killed off or reduced to something other than a main.

The writers of the show have pretty much made her perfect. Happy, loved, a great friend. Pretty much always has a smile on her face. College student, working part-time to cover expenses at a coffee shop. Loves her some Barry. Loves her some Joe. Even loves her some Eddie once she realizes that her whole world wasn’t just her bff, school and her dad. Even still, she starts a freaking fanblog about that super fast dude that goes around saving people because she knows Barry and wants to help him find the truth/closure about his mom’s death. She literally hasn’t done anything to anyone to be dragged across the coals the way she has been. In fact, everyone else has been doing a disservice to her by being big fat liars about things that she should really know about. Which, somehow, people turned this into being her flaw.

(If you can’t tell, I’m a stan for Iris. I will defend her to the death. Carefree blk girl that has so many people in her corner. This is SO FUCKING RARE! I have NEVER seen this before on tv)

Then that wonder turned into an ‘oh yeah, fandom is racist as hell but they don’t want to admit it.’

Because I’ve seen various versions of CW’s Iris West in other shows, with almost the same personality and charisma and having everyone be in love with her cause she’s just so awesome… and fandom tripped over themselves to stan the hell out of them.

But all those characters where white.

And this is the problem. The second a characters can no longer jokingly be called snowbunny, too much of fandom can no longer relate to them.

That’s when those tired ass tropes come out:

  • The bad actress thing
  • The no chemistry thing
  • The she’s better off without a love interest thing
  • which feeds into The Independent, don’t need a man thing
  • The she’s too aggressive thing
  • The she’s too passive thing
  • The they’re like brother and sister, so it’s incest thing
  • The she’s an action girl, therefore why are you trying to bring in a usually white male love interest to ruin it (even though that male character will have more fans than the said female character)
  • The but she’s also a damsel in distress, why can’t she just save herself and carry that load and just be a general mule that cries I Don’t Need a Hero Baby and if you help me in any way it’s just gonna invalidate my Strong Independence thing
  • The she’s too perfect thing (a.k.a the Mary Sue Syndrome)
  • The she’s not perfect enough (a.k.a. the I don’t understand that characters can be flawed and I can still love them when they identify as a woman… But hey, let me flood your dashboard with Loki and Sherlock and Bucky Barnes, and Sam and freaking Dean Winchester b/c tragic male characters are just the fucking best or something… idk, I seriously don’t care anymore)
  • The why can’t we have more strong male/female FRIENDSHIPSaremagic!!!!!11!, they don’t have to become romantic thing
  • The I just don’t like her thing, even though I can’t articulate why I actually don’t like her. And if pressed for it an explanation, I’ll just throw out the most superficial reasons why she’s just the worst thing ever to hide my internalized misogyny and racism while tagging that shit but please don’t call me out on it because then you’re just being a bully and I was only stating my opinion even though nobody fucking asked for it and gosh can’t I just live? First Amendment!!!! I’ve sent myself gotten anon death threats okay, this is why we can’t have nice things
  • The she didn’t look like that in the original source material thing. Why is everything become so PC? Those black/brown people are really getting out of hand with their want for representation. Why can’t they relate to a character if they don’t actually look like them? It shouldn’t be that hard. Who care’s if they didn’t cast Katnis or Khan or The Exodus right? They’re just characters. And their race shouldn’t play into how much you identify with them. But holly shit, Idris played a Viking god??!? Annie isn’t a pale, freckled faced red head. That’s just taking things too damn far. Let me shove the importance of European beauty standards down your throat some more, because obviously there aren’t enough of us in all your media.

Yo, this shit I just typed… this shit that I’ve seen in literally any fandom that has characters that weren’t melanin challenged… IT’S GOTTEN OLD

And the clap back that’s been happening… those people like me who are done with everyone thinking white is the status quo… it isn’t about shipping or us being sjw.

It’s about us being so fucking tired of defending characters that look like us, that speak like us, that go through the same bullshit like us, but are either ignored or vilified by fandom for reason that aren’t canon just because said fandom doesn’t want to admit it’s problematic as hell.

It’s about me being too old and too done with fandom pissing on my head and claiming it’s just rain… It’s about the fact that there is no apparent safe place for fans of color because #fandom is for white women.

This should no longer be a thing. There have been more articulate and sober folks saying this since AOL free trial disks were all the rage (trust, I was there) BUT IT’S STILL HAPPENING

This is why folks like me snark, and curse, and reply to your ‘am I the only one that doesn’t/cant’s stand [insert whatever non-white person of the week’s name here] lol?’ posts with side-eye gifs and general disdain. This is why we don’t care for your criticisms that divorce race from the narrative. This is why we have to have racebending prompts and create new tags just so that we can stan for those characters that apparently the world hates. And why we don’t give a flying fuck about your ‘can’t we all just get along? Solidarity guys. Listen to the only MLK quote I know’ posts when you aren’t trying to police the people that are causing the actual problem, but trying to guilt us into thinking you’re the victim. This is why we create our own message boards and forums and no you aren’t invited. This is why we don’t care to educate you. This is why your passive attitude towards the bs we have to go through as fans of color is worst then the actual assholes that perpetuate it.


But, despite all of this, I like it here. Sure, the staff doesn’t have their priorities straight and apparently will protect the identities of KKK members before they’ll support black history month, but it’s free and the xkit guy works miracles.  

But most importantly, I’ve met incredibly talented and smart individuals here. And I know it can be better.

So do better. That’s all I’m asking. Check yourself before you start applying higher standards to characters of color and judging them in ways you don’t to anyone else.


*This rant has been brought to you in part by too much caps lock, the Charles Shaw Trader Joes chardonnay blend, that tequila and Waffle House I had for breakfast, and years of frustration defending characters like Iris West | Bonnie Bennett | Abby Mills | Jenny Mills | T-Dog | Mako Mori | Breaden | Guinevere | Glenn |  Olivia Pop | Joan Watson | Roxy & Fred Weasley |  Uhura | Martha Jones | Lana Lang | Michonne | Nick Fury|  Dualla ‘Dee’ | Rosita | Tyler Lockwood | Sharon/#8/Boomer | Teyla | Regina Mills | Stacker Pentecost | Lacy Porter | Tara Thorton | Shirley Donavan | Marcel Gerard | Naevia | Melinda May | Michaela Pratt | Sam Wilson | Tiana | Cassie Robinson | Tory Foster | Rhodey | Casca | Heimdall | Hogun | Aveline de Grandpre | Scott McCall | Mika | Sasha | Ororo | Literally all the non-white characters they had white folks playing them in  Game of Thrones | dot dot freaking dot I can go on forever with this list

Boy, why haven’t you learned a thing?
Have a look at Dieter, he even has a car
Why don’t you just go to uncle Werner to the workshop
He’ll give you a permanent position - if you ask for that

And the way you look again - Holes in your pants, and all the time that noise
(What should the neighbors say?)
And then again your hair, I don’t even have words - do you have to dye them?
(What should the neighbors say?)
You’re never coming home, we don’t know any further

Boy, don’t break your mothers heart
It’s not too late to apply for university
You were always so interested in pets, wouldn’t that be something for you
A very own surgery?

And the way you look again - Holes in your nose, and all the time that noise
(What should the neighbors say?)
Electric guitars, and always those texts - No one wants to hear that
(What should the neighbors say?)
You’re never coming home, so much bad influence - we will disinherit you
(What should the taxman say?)
Where should all of this end? We’re just worrying

And you were such a cute child
And you were such a cute child
And you were such a cute child
You were so cute

And always your friends, y’all taking drugs, and all the time that noise
(What should the neighbors say?)
Think of your future, think of your parents, - do you want us to die?

stay - luke smut.

if you’re gonna criticize me get the fuck out but if you’re gonna criticize my writing, my ask is always open.

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you had crawled into bed late once again, after hours and hours of studying. this whole ‘school’ thing and 'getting good grades’ thing was sucking the life out of you. it left no time to spend with your loving boyfriend luke. he was your everything. he lay on his side of the bed, sleeping softly, with a light hum of his snores filling the dark room.

“hi babe” he grumbled out. you were completely unaware that he was even awake at this hour.

“sorry for waking you, love”

“s'alright” he flipped himself over in the bed, ruffling the blankets, “come cuddle” he lifted the blanket for you to join him. he opened his arms as you snuggled into his warm chest, he wrapped his long arms around your shoulders, trying to get you as close as humanly possible. you nuzzled your face into his neck, so that his chin was resting on your head. he sighed loudly, relieved by the feeling of you being in his arms at last

his sigh sent vibrations down his adams apple, in which you could feel against your head “hey that tickles” you giggled, poking gently at his adams apple

“shhh i’m trying to sleep” he cooed, sending even more vibrations, forcing even more laughter.

“stop it luke”

“its all your fault, i was peacefully sleeping before you barged in”

“fine i’ll sleep on the couch..” you started getting out from under the covers when he grabbed your arm and pulled you back into his embrace

“no y/n please stay”

“hmm, doesn’t seem like you want me here luke” raising an eyebrow at him

“i need you”

you started to roll over again to get out of the bed, jokingly protesting. suddenly luke flipped himself over and straddled you. your body trapped beneath his. he started to grind his hips into yours ever so slowly, you could feel his bulge growing

“i need you y/n”

“and i need you luke” wrapped your legs around his back and ground into him even harder

“we’re wearing too much clothing..i swear” he growled in your ear. he slid off his boxers and pulled down your wet panties, “look how wet she already is, we haven’t even started yet” luke licked his dry lips and used a finger to drag along your slit. then he took his finger and thumb and pinched at your clit, pulling at it, then applying hard pressure. he repeated this action over and over until he finally got a moan from you, “good girl” and he kissed your perfect lips.

“get in me already, stop teasing" 

luke placed his tip at your entrance and eased himself inside, groaning at the tightness surrounding him. he filled you up completely and pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in.

both of you were a panting mess, luke desperately trying to find his own release as well as yours. he brought a hand up and groped your clothing covered chest.

"luke i’m so close” you whispered out to him

“okay baby, me too. hold it for a little, okay?”

you nodded in agreement. luke hoisted himself up at a new angle and started thrusting even faster, hitting your spot perfectly

“i’m cumming” you screamed out in pleasure as your walls tightened around his pulsing cock.

“mmm oh god yes” he moaned out your name amoungst a few other curse words as he released inside of you.

he pulled out and rolled to your side. as your eyes slowly started to shut and your mind drifted off, he turned to you and said “i’m glad you stayed”

“me too”

real serious question why can’t a f/f couple’s issues ever be external? like why can’t they just be happy and lesbian together and all of their issues be dumb external shit they deal with together instead

okay I know tumblr is sort of against guns but everyone should know Basic safety

1. Always treat a gun like it’s loaded, even if it’s not

2. Have the safety on and keep your fingers off the trigger unless you are going to shoot

3. Never point your gun at another human being unless you are in immediate danger and are planning to shoot and harm them. Never point it as a joke. Ever.

4. Keep your gun pointed down range (if you’re at a range) at all time

5. Never put a gun in your pockets on pants or something. Get a holster if you really need. People have legit shot their dicks off.

6. Wear earplugs. Seriously, you will get tinnitus, which blows.

7. Avoid people who disregard these rules. 

This applies for all guns. Again, I know many of you may not own a gun or like guns, but this is still important