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Mistakes Made

Yoongi Scenario

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of cheating, Angsty, A lil’ bit of crying.

Words: 2.2K

Summary: Yoongi got an unexpected text from a stranger claiming you cheated on him.


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He knew he’d been more than busy lately. Spent his late nights at the studio or practise away from you. It’d been a few months and he knew working for so long on this comeback had put a strain on the relationship. Though he thought you were understanding of that and had decided to give him some space.

His mind had gone blank when he found out you were cheating. By the asshole you had cheated on him with, to add on to his humiliation.

The man had texted him with a plethora of screenshots exposing your infidelity, simply ending with a disgusting text ‘Your girls isn’t as faithful huh? I would know”

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Plucking Petals

Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi X Reader

Word count: 3582


• flower boy cafe! Daehwi ( oh god i’d pay to see that 😂 )
• your friends really like this cafe…especially Daehwi ;)
• you just don’t get the hype
• but Daehwi hyPES YOU UP 110%
• ft. bffs Lisa and Somin

tbh…. I haD ZERO ZILCH CLUE WHAT A FLOWER BOY CAFE WAS WE DON’T HAVE IT HERE but I now know because of my intellectual friend @woojinstinygf  tysm beb 💓
Daehwi would fit this I hate it he fits everything how dare he
anyways, I hope my lack of experience with flower boys ( or boys in general ) doesn’t come off strongly. Thank you for requesting this anon ! :)
- admin L
fun fact: Daehwi and I have the same uneven eyelids ‘problem’ but he has taught me to recognise them as a cute trait better.


“Oh my god, oh my god Y/N please! Please!” Your best friend, Lisa, begged. “Please! Please! I’m begging you right now.” She grabbed your hands in hers and tugged on them gently.

For the past half hour, Lisa and Somin had been pleading with you to hang out at the new flower boy cafe that had just opened in your estate. Somehow, your best friends were crazy for the idea of cute guys, cakes and aegyo but the thought of it made you feel a little sick. Of course, it was nice to have cuties attending to your every need but it was all a fabricated fantasy and you didn’t exactly like your feelings to be played with. Your friends had been there without you twice but they had enough of going by themselves and thus, were nearly on their knees for this.

“Please! It’s almost my birthday!” Somin pointed out, sticking out her bottom lip. You shot her a flat look. “That shit doesn’t work on me, Somin,” you fired back, referring to her puppy dog face.

Y/N, how bad could it be? Isn’t it her birthday soon anyways? Just endure that place for a little while then you can leave. Maybe it isn’t as bad as you think. A voice inside of your head piped up. 

You groaned. “I hate you guys so much.”

“Does that mean you are agreeing?” Lisa pestered.

“No,” you said, shaking your head. “But now, I will consider it…more than last time. I’ll think about it.”

Somin beamed and clapped. “Yes! I know you would cave in!”

“Y/N, did you know that Lee Daehwi is working there for the summer?” Lisa blushed, nearly letting out a squeal of delight.

Ahh, Lee Daehwi. He was the president of the English Language Drama and Debate Society ( ELDDS ) of another college not far from the one you attended. You had seen him at plays once or twice and even complimented his good looks. Daehwi was incredibly smart and well-mannered but he also emitted this aura of enthusiasm. Flower boy cafes were bound to be his thing, it didn’t come as a shock. He had the brains and beauty, it was no mystery as to why people fawned over him.

“I’m sure that cafe would be flooding with people because of him! All the more we must go! Daehwi is a limited time offer!”

“Stop objectifying him.” You said flatly.

“Sorry…but you know what I mean! Don’t you think you would look cute with him?” Lisa suggested, wiggling her eyebrows. Somin ‘oohed’ and high fived Lisa, smirking.

You nearly spit out the water you were drinking. You coughed violently, trying to pump out the water from your lungs. Once you had more or less regained your senses, you continued. “What? What! Lisa! Stop it, that’s too much. Don’t be like this, for both our sakes.”

Lisa tsked. “Just wait and see, Y/N. No one can withstand the charms of Lee Daehwi.”

You pursed your lips together, they were coated with a new shade of red today. “We have to see, Lisa. We shall see.”

Lee Daehwi wasn’t going to steal your heart, you were sure of it. No matter how flowery his words may be.

Somin’s birthday quickly approached and it was her wish that she could celebrate it at the flower boy cafe with you and Lisa. At first, you opposed as strongly as you normally would have but softened when you realised how irrational you were being. It was your best friend’s birthday, it was going to be her day.

So you sucked it up and agreed to celebrate in the flower boy cafe with your friends. To say they were ecstatic was an understatement.

“Guys? What are you doing here?” You asked, wide-eyed and still clad in your pyjamas. You examined every inch of your best friends, they were well dressed, hair curled and probably had much more makeup on than usual. They looked ready for the red carpet. “Oh! Happy birthday Somin!”

Somin squealed and hugged you, “Ahh, Lisa, we have one hour to transform this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan!”

You didn’t know whether to be insulted or insulted flattered.

Against your will, you were thrown into a hot bath with scented rose petals which you didn’t even know existed, so it came as a shock when Lisa plucked it out from the cabinet under the sink. It was like she knew your life more than you did.

Once you were all fresh and clean, Somin dried your hair while Lisa began applying makeup to your face. “Yah, I envy your skin so much. So smooth, you should be in an Innisfree commercial,” Lisa said.

“Did you guys know that Daehwi was in an Innisfree commercial? I’m pretty sure some shops still screen his photoshoot. It was a blessing,” Somin announced, her eyes clouded over as if she was dreaming. “Lee Daehwi…..”

You clapped your hands in her face to signal that your scalp was getting too hot from the hair dryer. “Somin, …please concentrate! My hair is going to catch fire!” You shrieked but ended up laughing and nearly smacking the bb cushion out of Lisa’s hand.

For the next hour or so, you let your friends doll you up in preparation for your first and last time ever setting foot in that damned cafe. Somin looked every bit the part of a party princess from her black crop top and red mini skirt, delicate golden crown earrings hung from her ears. No one would be able to take her eyes off her. But her gaze was fixated on you and tears nearly welled up in her eyes. “You…look amazing! Thank you for agreeing to go with us! My birthday would not be the same without you.”

You could only hug and reassure her that as long as she was your best friend, you would do almost anything for her.

Even going to weird flower boy cafes.

I take that back………..Why did I agree to go to this ridiculous place?

Today’s concept appeared to be flowers, flowers and more flowers. Every single waiter had either a flower crown on his head or some sort of flower related ornament as part of his 'uniform’.

How is this legal?

You tentatively shuffled a step forward into the cafe.

“Hello! Woah, someone call God because I think he sent down an angel.” A voice complimented, it’s owner gently placed your hand in his before bending down to kiss it. “I’m Daehwi, at your service.”

It took you everything to not recoil and punch some sense into the president of English Language Drama and Debate Society, his pickup lines were awful! (bomb pickup lines created by yours truly™) Instead, you forced a smile on your face and gently removed your hand from his grip. Apparently, that wasn’t the reaction he had been hoping for, he pouted and whined in a small voice. “Am I not cute enough for you?” Daehwi allowed his puppy dog eyes to take centre stage, behind you, your friends were bursting with happiness, you could pretty much feel it radiating off them.

You had to admit, this scene surprisingly fit him well, plus, he was naturally adorable so it made his aegyo either ten times more cringy or ten times cuter. For now, you could tolerate it. You sighed, “You are adorable. Could you please show us to our table?”

Have Somin and Lisa suddenly become mute? Why am I doing all the talking?

Daehwi snatched a couple menus off their place at the cashier and nodded. “Certainly, right this way.”

You couldn’t help but admire his legs in those skinny jeans as he walked. ( i nEed to mAkE SURE MY BABIES ARE GETTING FED )

“You must be tired since you have been running through my head,” he proclaimed, shooting you a suave wink as he pulled out a plush velvet chair. You opened your mouth to protest but Somin and Lisa had already settled onto the love seat across and sent you a 'zip up’ gesture. Without an audible reply, you sunk into the armchair and quickly grabbed a menu in hopes of Daehwi taking the signal and leaving you alone. Quite the contrary, he took this opportunity to kneel down to your level and pushed the card down so your eyes met his. It was then that you realised how gorgeous his eyes were, especially his unevenly folded double eye lids, they made him more quirky and unique.

“Did you know? I’m sweeter than all these things written on the menu combined?” Daehwi said smoothly, fluttering his long eyelashes.

You giggled despite how lame it was, satisfied with finally eliciting a reaction out of you, Daehwi bounced away but hung around his group of tables. The other customers whispered about his obvious attention directed towards you. You tried hard to tune out to those, cheeks already turning red.

“Ahhh, and who said they would hate this place forever?” Lisa teased, squealing. You frowned at her, shaking your head but the pinkness of your cheeks was a contrast to what you said. “S-stop it.” You stuttered out. You nearly smacked yourself for being so affected by Daehwi’s actions.

He does this to like two hundred other customers three times a day. Why are you so affected? Get a grip, Y/N! Stop feeling so special. It’s literally his job, it’s not like he likes you.

“Yah! You’re crushing so bad on Daehwi right now! Look at your face!” Somin giggled, she subtly pointed to the boy with silvery dirty blonde hair who was fixing his peach coloured flower crown and let out a small annoyed huff when it didn’t seem to cooperate with him.

It was true, Daehwi was the most charming boy you had laid your eyes on. Major crush material, huge boyfriend material.

You smiled smugly, playing with a lock of your perfectly curled hair courtesy of Somin.

You weren’t going to fall for the flower boy, you were going to make the flower boy fall for you.

Daehwi set your cup of tea down on the coaster without messing up any of the intricately displayed macaroon towers - Somin had insisted on it -.


You were mildly impressed he hadn’t messed up on anything yet. Before he left, he tapped you on the shoulder and made a heart with his fingers before pressing it to his plush lips and blowing you a kiss. Though you were screaming internally, you kept your unfazed look on and pretended to catch it, only to crush it and let it go. It did hurt when the smile on Daehwi’s face fell but he quickly recovered.

“Does Y/N not like Daehwi? Daehwi is hurt!” He wailed, sticking out his bottom lip and crossing his arms over his chest. ( guys kms idk how to describe aegyo and I’m not good at it either ) “Can Daehwi show you more aegyo? Will you love me then?”

Oh my god. He should be paid double to act like this.

Without any warning, ( someone come collect their mans ) he cupped the sides of his face and squished his cheeks together, furrowing his brows and pouting. “Y/N? Do you like me now?” ( bOii I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO DO YOU LIKE thIS )

He’s so extra……

“Daehwi, you’re already prettier than the flowers in your hair,” you complimented sincerely.

For the first time, Lee Daehwi, the confident, assured President became flustered. His eyes went as large as tea cup saucers and he opened his mouth multiple times wordlessly. He covered up with his 'bbuing bbuing’ and shuffled back to the counter, pink blush extremely prominent. Another boy with black hair saw what had happened and punched Daehwi’s arm playfully, repeating his actions and mocking him.

He seems like a perfect fit for Somin. Doesn’t Lisa know him from somewhere? School? Oh! They were in the same theatre department before he graduated.

She hid her face when you glanced at her. Lisa reached over and smacked your shoulder, grinning. She raised her hand.

“Seongwoo oppa, it’s Somin’s birthday today. Does she get anything…I don’t know…special?” Lisa tapped a finger on her lip, looking deep in thought.


“Somin! Oh gosh, happy birthday!” Seongwoo wished her, a bright smile on his face as he plucked out a flower crown from his apron pocket and placed it on her head. Seongwoo took her hand in his and kissed hers gently. You struggled to hold in your giggles.

Back in the kitchen, Daehwi was plucking petals off a daisy violently. “She loves me, she loves me not….she loves me, she loves me not. She…..”

His best friend, Bae Jinyoung, saw the state he was in and sighed. “Yah, Daehwi, just tell Y/N how you feel.”

“I can’t! I’ve liked her for so long yet I’m messing up every chance here! Why is my job so hard!” It was his eighteenth time re-tying the flower crown around his head, a sign of his anxiety increasing. Eventually, he gave up and let his bangs flop, it was long enough to conceal both eyes.

At least it hides my weird eyelids…..Wait, why tf is Jaehwan hyung mopping the floor now? Daehwi wondered as he exchanged his half bare daisy for the tray Jinyoung had arranged nicely. Suddenly, as if a light bulb ignited, he had an idea. Without a second thought, he gracefully used the lack of friction to his advantage and slid all the way to your table, tray balanced in hand. Daehwi made eye contact with you and delivered his line perfectly. “That’s how I slid into your DMs, babygirl.” ( fckboi alert! )

Your small smile was nowhere near Somin and Lisa’s excited clamours. Disappointed, Daehwi hastily set the tray down and rushed back to the kitchen. Unfortunately, the universe had other plans and Jaehwan’s cleaning skills were terrible.

Too!! Much!! Soap!!

He let out a tiny yelp as he slipped on the damn patches of marble, landing with a thump.

Without thinking, you rushed out of your seat to check if he was all right. “Daehwi! Oh my god! Are you hurt?” Your hands found his, you helped him to his feet, completely unaware of the eyes boring holes into your back.

“Oh! Your flower crown!” You retrieved it from the ground and carefully nestled it on Daehwi’s curls. “No prince is complete without his crown,” you blurted out before slapping a hand over your mouth.

“I-I…I think I just fell for you,” Daehwi declared, pun-intended. You gaped at him in disbelief and lightly slapped his shoulder, unable to stop the laughter.

“You’re awful.”

“But you love me.”

“No, your aegyo sucks.”

He gasped in mock offence, eyebrows creased, arms folded, cute little foot stomp. “Yah! Daehwi’s aegyo is the best! I can do the gwiyomi song for you!”

“Don’t you do that for everyone,” you pointed out. “I never come here. Make my first time special.” You trotted back to your seat in triumph, not really sure what you were happy about though. Maybe it was because you challenged a cutie to do something special, personalised just for you.

Somin and Lisa’s jaws dropped, however, there was still some sort of smugness and 'I knew it’ that emitted off them. ( you know, 'pretends to be shocked’ )

The rest of the went by joyously, you were glad to catch up with your best friends even though you saw them every single day. Lisa updated you with the latest gossip - “Did you know that Lai Guanlin hasn’t been in school recently? People think he’s travelled back to Taiwan to train as a professional basketball player.” “Everyone thinks that Ha Sungwoon is in love with his sugar daddy, Yoon Jisung. I ship it.” - Somin unwrapped her presents - “Because I want to capture you crying on camera.” - and pulled a fake shocked look many times yet cried in the end. Seongwoo was there to dry her tears.

Shameless couple.

Daehwi had not returned to your table since then, in fact, he didn’t seem to be in the cafe anymore and that sparked your curiosity. When you asked Ong, he shrugged and apologised. You hoped you would see Daehwi at least once more before leaving but when it was Seongwoo and Park Jihoon who carried out Somin’s birthday cake, you began to lose hope of seeing him ever again.

Maybe I’ll just start attending school plays more often….just for Daehwi. I’m so hung up about this I can’t help it.

With Lisa at your table, the cake disappeared in record time. It was no surprise, really. You took time to savour the sweetness, creaminess and softness. Also an excuse to spend extra time here waiting for Daehwi to make an appearance.

“Y/N has got it so bad for the flower boy! Finally! I thought she’d never like someone,” Somin rejoiced. “You have to thank us if you do end up dating him, Y/N. Two of us made it happen.”

“I’ll ask him out only if you kiss Seongwoo…uh, on the cheek of course,” you retorted back, taking a sip of your beverage.

Where! Is! Lee! Daehwi!

Somin groaned and her eyes narrowed. “Fine, if that’s how you want things to be.”

It was an easy task for her. Somin never struggled with dating, regardless of who it was.

“Let’s go. We still have about three other cafes to go to before the sun downs,” Lisa beckoned, grabbing her fancy cross body bag.

“I can get the bill. You guys can pay me back later.” You marched over to the cashier. “Yo, Seongwoo, are you sure you don’t know where Lee Daehwi is?” you hissed.

Seongwoo bit his lip, sighing. “Okay, okay. He just told Jaewhan to cover for him and ran. His break is ending in a couple of minutes though but it doesn’t seem like he’s in the area.”

“Oh….” Your face fell, mildly upset. “It’s fine. Thanks. How much?”

Seongwoo told you the price and you nearly dropped dead. “I can add a 20% employee discount! You guys are my friends anyway.” He tapped a few buttons and the price decreased. Still, it blew a hole in your wallet, bank account dented.

“Thank you, Seongwoo oppa! Please date Somin. Please!” You chirped. He laughed.

All of a sudden, the door to the back room burst open and a frantic Lee Daehwi came tumbling out. He looked like he had returned from running a marathon. His apron wasn’t on and his flower crown was lopsided but in his arms was a bouquet of deep red roses, all fresh and lush. “Y/N!” He rushed to your side, somewhat out of breath and flushed.

“Daehwi? Are you okay? What happened?” You quizzed worriedly. Why was he so anxious? Did he run? In those ridiculous shoes?

“Y/N, you-you called me a prince just now but what prince would be fit without his princess. Here, I-I bought these for you. I hope you enjoyed your time here, no matter how much you hate this place.” Daehwi beamed hopefully at you, placing the flowers in your arms.

“Daehwi….you didn’t have to!” You squeaked, lost for words. You covered the left side of your face with your hand, avoiding other customers gazes.

“Y/N, I’ve never done this for anyone. You are saved in my heart,” he paused to perform his aegyo.  ( Park Jeojang is shaking! ) “I’ve had a crush on you for forever. Ever since I saw you at one of the debate tournaments supporting Somin. I fumbled so much in my speech because of you. Then, I managed to know more about you through your friends as creepy as it sounds. Now I’m confessing, oh god. How crazy is this?” He babbled, clearly flustered and worried. His face reddened and his eyes could only linger on the floor. His weird shoes scuffed together.

“Hey, Y/N!” Somin yelled, once she had your attention, she pressed a quick peck to Seongwoo’s cheek, right on his constellation. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “So, what are you doing later on?”

Oh my god.

You could feel the heat rising to your cheeks, your grip on the roses grew tighter. “Uh, Daehwi?” He looked up at you, smiling shyly.

“Thank you, I’m flattered but-”

The crestfallen look that crossed his face as enough to make anyone burst into tears. Your hand enclosed his, squeezing it comfortingly.

“But, are you free tomorrow?”

“Considering the fact that dyeing my hair alone cost $350, I’m worth a dime. But princesses deserve diamonds.” Daehwi winked cutely despite his heart gradually cracking.

“Let’s go on a date. Call me,” you managed to squeak out without messing up before slipping him a napkin with your number scribbled on it. You winked as you let go of his hand and practically skipped out of the shop, leaving a shell-shocked Daehwi in it. He gaped at your disappearing figure for a good thirty seconds and then neatly folded the napkin before stuffing it into his wallet. His blush was comparable to the strawberry cake Jihoon was serving. Once he came back to his senses, he fist pumped and jumped for joy.

Seongwoo rolled his eyes at the amount of half bald flowers and flower stems scattered around Daehwi’s locker. “I’m glad he doesn’t have to pluck petals anymore.”


Can i rant? Because this is so disgusting! And i’m sure alot of you will agree with what is in this post.

First of all, Christian as well as the whole DPR group deserve to be loved for the talent they have, the music they make for us fans and the never ending fan service that they provide. It makes me so angry to know that Dabin isn’t as popular as Christian because ‘he isn’t as good looking’. I have said it before and i will say it again….all these newbie fans that only jumping on Christian dick cuz of his looks annoy me😒 if you’re really and truly supporting the team then that’s cool but so many people don’t even know Live and Dabin as the same person🙄.

The amount of times i have seen people comment stuff like “who are you?” “What do you do?” “Why are you famous?” on his livestreams….i could kill a bitch. Yet he is still kind and patient enough to explain himself when he really don’t need to. I have been a fan of Christian since his days of B.Boy B.Yu and his silly little park videos on youtube, all the way through C-Clown debut and disbandment and now through DPR, which is why shit like this disgusts me.

Another thing that really angered me was to see that people blamed Christian for C-Clown’s disbandment. Seriously?! Christian did not choose for his team to be broken apart so that the other group in their label could have more funding. Just because Christian is the most ‘out-there’ out of the ex-members does not give people the right to come at him like that. Kangjun became the fashion and visual director of his own label and Maru even started making his own video projects with his own little team (they start uploading them tomorrow btw everyone go an support my baby!!!!!💕).

These articles truly show how shallow today’s society is that it only focusses on people’s looks and not their abilities. This can be applied to alot of artists such as Jay Park, Owol(taehyun) and since SMTM6 Double K (don’t even get me started on Double K, he’s such a legend but people only getting to know him now) I am done with people jumping on the DPR hype because it’s so “aesthetic”….MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT😡

Final note:

if you boil it down, Starkid took one of the worst tropes I can think of - all you need for a good life is a handsome hot guy who loves and understands the real you because he’s the only one who sees what a special and unique flower you are -

and applied it to Voldemort of all characters

and they made it glorious

Guy Fieri spice up life spell

He’s here. He’s having a great time. Look at him. Learn from him. Be like him.

Guy Fieri spell to take you all the way to flavor town.

What You’ll Need~

  • Food from a diner. In a diner.
  • A pen.
  • Hot sauce.
  • A good sense of humor.


Go to a diner. Good.
Order your food.
Thank your waiter or waitress kindly. This part is essential.
Draw a sigil for greatness on a napkin. You’ll need this later. (Sigil can represent anything from excitement, positivity, good change, or just a great next meal.)
Apply hot sauce to your food. This is optional, but it will add an extra kick to your spell. Bonus points for it being something you wouldn’t normally put hot sauce on. This is true chaos magic.
Eat meal with relish.
Wipe mouth on napkin to charge the sigil and cast the spell.
Laugh good naturedly, knowing you have done well.

For a more effective spell:

Leave your waiter or waitress a really good tip, if you can afford it. Their excitement will charge your spell.

pls don’t reblog pLS give me more m/m plots i’m begging you 

  • ‘so you’re the new kid in school wait why are you so cocky and arrogant don’t you know i’m the king of this school wait all of my worshipers love you this is not happening stop taking my popularity i hate you also you’re hot shit did we kiss omfg-’ 
  • ‘so i wanted to apply for a job and oh shit you’re the ceo of course i remember you from high school i used to date your sister and tease you for being gay also by the way i’m gay too now yeah you’re no longer the nerdy shy guy???? also you’re hella hot in a business suit shit i want you’ 
  • ‘listen i know you’re getting married to a woman but i’ve been your best friend for years and i love you pls love me back shit you left her at the altar bc you were unsure??? time for me to lay my traps on you ahaha’ 
  • ‘listen i’m the basketball team captain and the most popular kid in all of school and you’re get straight a’s and you’re in fucking debate team, elocution team, mathaletes andfuck why are you so smart and you’re pretty popular too but we hate each other mainly because you hate basketball and we’re both sarcastic as fuck who thought it was a good idea to make-out????’ 
like this or hmu pls i’m crying-
Mentally Unstable

Pairing: Jensen x reader (platonic till the end), Jared x reader (platonic)

Trigger warnings: mental illness, slight depression, anger outburst, language, very little spn canon violence, self loathing (I guess. Basically the reader doesn’t like herself), bad traffic (yes that’s a warning), reader being bitchy

Word Count: 3131

Summary: You wake instantly knowing you are going to have one of your “bad” days meaning your emotions are going to be a mess. Sure enough angry outburst start your day when you nearly kick the crap out of a guy in traffic and nearly bit off Jared and Jensen’s heads. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this will be going away any time soon. How are you supposed to keep it hidden from people who are practically your family and how will this affect the major scenes you must shoot? That’s right you are an actress on Supernatural, but can you keep your emotion in check long enough to get through the day?

A/N: Hey y’all first I want to say I have no fucking Idea where this came from. It wasn’t planned at all. It’s basically word vomit on a page because I had a really crappy day in which some of the things in the story actually happened to me. So, I guess writing some fluffy J2 helped me get over my shitty day. I also wrote the reader based off myself in a way because these emotional issues are ones I face and today was one of the “bad” days for me. Literally wrote this between the times of 8pm and 4am so there’s barely any editing done and I apologize for any mistakes. Its currently 4:30 and I have no ambition to check. Any who, I know I had more to say but I forget, oh well enjoy. P.S. This is my first RPF so be easy on me please. As always feedback is appreciated and wanted and hate will not be tolerated.

***Italics are scenes being shot for the show***

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Beauty 101: Korean Beauty Wave

Korean Beauty is the most recent trend. It’s increasingly hot as the popularity of Kpop and Kdramas. Halyu Actors and Kpop Idols appeal to their viewers with their attractive faces and, especially, their flawless complexion. Like most fans, I am also curious on how they achieve such great skin.

During my trip to South Korea, two years ago, I wasn’t just attracted with Korean fashion and culture, but also with their obsession with skin care. Korea is one of the leading countries in producing skin care and beauty products. So during my travel, I couldn’t help but buy some (okay, most) of their best seller products and be allured by their cute packaging (I couldn’t resist the cuteness…it’s everywhere!!!!). I felt that by buying those products, I have also acquired some beauty secrets that Koreans are so famous for.

I tried my best getting all the tips from my previous trip and from watching korean variety shows (thanks Get It Beauty and Pony Beauty Diary!) and apply it to my daily regimen. Here are a few of them:

1. The 10 steps regimen

A typical skin care routine for Koreans varies between 9 to 10 steps. They mostly do this before going to bed and the process starts by using a makeup remover, then followed by cleanser, exfoliation of oily t-zones, then the use of toner, and other essential essence and serum needed for the skin. The last part would be your favorite cream, emulsion, masks (if necessary) and eye cream.

The key here is removing every last trance of makeup, massaging the face for a minute (to boost circulation), and moisturizing. The healthy habit of Koreans serves as a lesson for us on how to take care of our skin more and the importance of putting time in valuing ourselves.

2. Cushion Makeup

We know that BB Creams have been a part of most girls’ makeup routine ever since its launch in 2006. Right now, there is a new added cream in the market and Koreans and Filipinos alike are slowly loving this product, and it is called the ‘Cushion Makeup’.

The cushion makeup started as a CC Cream/Foundation, a silky texture that covers spot and gives natural light and smooth skin. Both BB and CC Cream have common uses but CC Cream puts more emphasis on nourishing the skin while providing optimal coverage. It’s the same thing with cushion makeup. It’s more lightweight and it is a watery foundation in a compact container. You gently press the product and apply it into your face. The anti-microbial puff is the best part in putting the foundation, it makes the application look more natural, rather than cakey.

3. Lip Tints

I love lip tints!

Lip Tints, also known as lip stains, has this long lasting effect that other regular lipsticks don’t have. The tints simply color the natural texture of your lips and often finish off with some lip gloss. Lip tints are also versatile, it’s up to the user if you want your lips to appear naturally colored by using simple and lighter tints that matches your skin tone, or going for a dramatic effect by using darker tones or red to look more fierce. The best part for using this tint is that it is long lasting. I go to the gym a lot and I usually wear lip tints (I like orange lippies.. :) ) while working out and it doesn’t come off and it lasts an entire day, say, no need to reapply.

4. Aloe Vera Gel

This is a must-have in my holy grail of beauty products! I seriously love this product and I’m so happy to share it with you guys. My first encounter with this product is out of pure curiosity. I saw good reviews over the internet and immediately bought some when I saw it in stores.

NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL is made out of 92% Aloe Vera. a generous tub of 300ml that could last for months or so. I used it as my body moisturizer, face mask, eye mask, use for after shave or treat for sunburn. I like to put my tub in the fridge so that it has this cooling effect when applied onto the skin. I love how it is quickly absorbed, without feeling greasy, leaving a soft and smooth skin after application. I preferred using it before bedtime and lather it all over my face and neck.

Other Beauty Tips worth mentioning:

5. Grape Seed Oil

My aunt introduced to me this supplement, and when I saw great effects on her, I decided to give it a try. She has psoriasis and it’s hard for her to find a perfect medicine for her skin, until she found out the benefits of Grape Seed Oil. I started using it by taking it once a day and I’m really happy with the results of taking this supplement.

First off, Grape seed oil is extracted from grapes. It produces useful compounds in the form of oil which offer plenty of benefits for human, especially to skin. It is a good source of essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, which is the main requirement for having good skin and also contains strong antioxidant compounds to fight acne and many more. These health benefits of grape seed oil are enumerated below:

  • Treat Acne
  • Skin Tightening
  • Relieve Dark Eye Circles under Eyes
  • Moisturize
  • Minimize Skin Aging
  • Good for skin asthma, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis
  • Can reduce the risk of coronary diseases and beneficial for all diabetics
  • Promote hair growth
  • Can provide protection against the sun damage
  • Smooth skin

6. Sunblock

It’s so init in the Philippines! Be sure to protect your skin with sunblock before going out. Waterproof sunblock with a high SPF is ideal. It prevents facial brown spots, aids you against sun protection, and helps to slow down the development of wrinkles and aging skin. Just don’t forget to apply it before putting makeup.

7. Putting body lotion/moisturizer at night

My mom always says that putting lotion at night is also important as the way we put moisturizer on our face. Our skin needs to be hydrated and by applying body lotion or body butter at night should do the trick. It will leave your hands, body and feet as soft and smooth like a baby.

8. Green Tea

I’m a self-confessed green tea addict. Green Tea is not only used for fat burning but it also helps improve physical health. It also does great benefits to the skin. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants that can be used to treat acne. To help your skin appear brighter and flawless, you can follow these few tips:

  • Use as a facial mask. After each cup of green tea that you drink, take the teabag out and cut it open. place the used green tea leaves into a small cup and add a little honey to it to make it into a paste. Make sure your face is clean before applying the paste. Leave it on for ten minutes and then rinse.
  • Use tea bags as a refresher. I do this before going home and need to fresh up before applying make up. Take a used teabag and run it over in hot water. Squeeze out some of the water and rub the teabag all over your face (or use it first for your tired eyes, especially in your dark eye circles before using it to your whole face). Use it for one to two minutes or until the teabag has cooled off.
  • Drinking green tea everyday. It is recommended to have 5 cups a day.

That’s it for now! You can share your thoughts and your own beauty tips as well in the comment section below.

I would love to hear from you guys :)

I’m gonna end this post with our handsome Minho here <3

This is not a promotional post. The writer of this article is in no way paid to specify the aforementioned brands.

DEH Beach Day Headcannons

- Connor drives because Evan gets anxious when driving, Jared didn’t pass his driving test, Zoe is too young, and Alannah would hog the aux
- Connor isn’t exactly a good driver but he isn’t as bad as they all thought
- but he goes 90 MPH down the highway, until Evan starts fReAkiNg OuT
- it’s a 2 hour drive and Evan gets shotgun, leaving an unhappy Jared squished in the backseat with Zoe and Alannah
- Jared wears total tourist clothes, with a Hawaiian print shirt and bathing suit shorts
- Evan wears a swim shirt bc he’s insecure af,,,
- Connor wears a muscle t and aviator glasses, of course with the man bun
-Alana wears a one piece and jean shorts yet slays it
- Zoe is v fashionable, with a bikini, sunhat, and flowey coverup
-when they actually get to the board walk Jared tries to flirt with all the girls (and guys) but they all give him weird looks exCEPT for this one guy and it boosts jareds ego for the rest of the day
- connor glares at any guy who even looks at Zoe
- Yes, connor and Evan are dating oc and Evan sticks v close to connor bc social anxiety and shit
- they check into a hotel, having gotten a suite using the murphys money bc they’re rich af
- Jared gets v upset that he has to share a room with Evan and connor because “Zoe and alannah get to share a king sized bed while I’m stuck with the fucking love birds in a room with only two fucking queen sized beds”
- Jared ends up leaving to sleep on the couch the moment Evan and connor get into bed because “you’re making me more gay” // (connor) “dude you are pan” // (Jared) *flips them off, grudgingly grabbing blankets*
- they get breakfast in the hotel before heading to the beach
- Jared continues to flirt
- they get a speaker and play music and its lit
- Zoe and Alanna turn to tanning
- Jared lounges in a chair, while connor sits under the umbrella, not wanting to spontaneously combust into flames because he’s hella pale
- Evan is salty bc there are no trees at the beach
- Jared throws seaweed at him and says it’s just like a sea tree
- Evan draws little patterns in the sand
- connor peacefully reads a book
- Zoe falls asleep tanning and nearly gets burned
- they all have to drag Jared into the water
- connor keeps dunking everyone
- Alanna and Zoe get in a splash fight until they accidentally splash an old guy
- its legit a beautiful beach day and the water is super calm
- Alanah and Zoe float on tubes, until Jared flips them over
- connor and Evan have to retrieve the tubes before they float away
- they all go to surf taco for lunch but Jared insists on getting playa bowl so he can have a cute Instagram picture
- Evan of course gets sunburnt, even though he kept on applying sun screen, because it turned out it was tanning oil
- Jared laughs his ass of while Zoe desperately tries to find sun screen
- alannah legit wont get out of the water
- they go to the boardwalk that night
- Jared is salty af because he had to go on the Ferris wheel alone
- but then he finds a hot guy to sit next to
- evan actually really likes rides?!2??!1!
- they head back to the hotel
- Jared insists on renting a movie
- they all pass out from exaustion halfway through
- when they wake they have to leave
- but not before eating a shit ton of PANCAKES
- jared claims they got the breakfast especially for him
- evan is confused
- jared wriggles his eyebrows
- “PANcakes”
- connor slaps him
- and Jared getting the guy from the ferris wheel’s number
- they get home, sunburnt and exhausted
- and pass out at the Murphy’s
((Thanks to @im-absquatulating for editing this lol bc I suck at legit posts))

anonymous asked:

Is it wrong to be straight. I know other straight people have defined mistreated lgbtq+ people in the past, but its not all of us. I always see posts saying "fuck straight people", " straight people are shallow.". I don't have an attraction to the same sex. Making heterosexuals feel bad about their sexuality is not equality

I’m assuming this anon is about my B99 post that says “Seven bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cuz they’re not straight.”

That caption is a parody of a meme that goes “Two bros chilling in a hot tub five feet apart cuz they’re not gay.”

I found that pic of seven b99 characters sitting in a hot tub and thought it would be funny if I used the meme to apply to the pic. So I changed “two guys” to “seven guys” and “not gay” to “not straight” because it wouldn’t make sense for me to keep the “not gay” part because Captain Holt is in the hot tub and he is gay. Also, I headcanon all the other b99 characters as bi or pan.

That post was a joke and not meant to slander straight people. I never said being straight was a bad thing. That being said, heterophobia is not a thing. The LGBT+ community is still not accepted in society.

Although Tumblr is a lot more accepting of the LGBT+ community than the real world, that still doesn’t change the fact that the LGBT+ people have to deal with homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, etc, people who call them slurs, and not to mention people who want them to be dead.

If the LGBT+ community had to deal with being hated for who they are since forever, then I’m sure straight people can handle being called “straighty” on the internet. People don’t get killed for being straight.

RE:  Cockles, Bi!Bros, J2M, J2 over-the-top shipping bullshit.  Please read this.  Here goes....part 2.

Originally posted by thejabberwock

UPDATED 10/10/2017 for clarity and stuff.  More examples, less whiskey.  Same potty language. 

I’ve seen too much bullshit misinformation and conjecture out there and I can’t stay silent anymore.  So… here’s the promised Part 2 of my ridiculously long rant.  Again, I’m asking that whoever reads this, really reads the whole thing, and if you agree…please reblog.  Because this “issue” affects a lot more people than just these guys.  And I know it’s long, but if it starts a discussion on how to treat people better and pave the way for acceptance without fear, as well as for how internet witch hunts are NOT ok, I’m hoping we’re ALL for it.

Here we we go!

This statement applies to both the actors in this show, and the characters they portray:  I think we can all agree that these men are otherworldly handsome.  And I think that some of us can agree that reading fan fiction (particularly smut, in my case), is very enjoyable. I love the smut!  I’m not here to disabuse you of the notion that seeing these guys together, apart, with you, with me, with a fucking doughnut…sexually… would be seriously hot.   I’m not here to bash fan fiction.  I’m not here to poop on your fantasies or freedom of speech, either.  But I AM asking for more social responsibility.

I am also here to shut down the mentality that we own these characters and these individuals, and that it’s ok to take our fantasies (because that’s what they are), and try to force feed them to the general public, and even the actors and their families (some of you no-boundary having, people) as if it’s ok for our uninformed opinions about the private lives of these men to be twisted and regurgitated to reflect our own desires for them, especially in a public forum.

I’m here to inject some realism.  Via real experiences.  And actual analysis that’s thought-out, and based in objective reality.  If you choose to ignore that, and carry on with your fantasy in a way that’s harmful?  I can’t stop you.  I’m just here to provide a counterpoint and hope that it takes hold with even 1 person, and maybe that person can tell someone else…and maybe apply reverse osmosis with some of this toxic mentality that it’s “ok if you don’t actually know them”.

*Minor, basic, psychology warning*:  Repressed individuals, for example (by example, I mean this is one instance that I’m using) who are uncomfortable with their own sexuality, and are not yet ready to address/express it, have a tendency to avoid circumstances, conversations and actions that may threaten to shatter a carefully constructed facade.  They will go to great lengths to cover-up or act against any instinct that might “out” them.*  

And by repressed individuals?  That doesn’t mean GAY individuals exclusively.  That means ANYONE who feels repressed by the “norms” inflicted by their family, their friends, their classmates, their upbringing, etc. But, I just don’t see that with these guys. At all.  They’re as comfortable with each other as you’d expect long-time collaborators and friends would be… and that should be awesome.  It should be ok.  But for some fans, it’s become their job to attempt to force these actors into roles that they’ve written FOR them.  And that’s fucked up.

What sucks is when, much like their onscreen counterparts, these guys can’t express affection, support, physical closeness, have dinner together, laugh at the same dirty jokes, defend each other, etc…. without being put under a frigging microscope and dissected.  It breaks my heart a little bit when I start to see them pulling back and being more inhibited and defensive as a result of this BS.  Being a public figure invites a whole new level of scrutiny, and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy…some of the shit I’ve seen “fans” say about these guys.

And when the occasional rebel of a “fan” ignores the very limited number of things that can’t be asked about anymore (**see dickheads**) at conventions, let’s be honest - they are, in fact, being dickheads.  They KNOW what they’re doing.  This isn’t a press conference with Trump.  This is supposed to be a safe place for the actors and fans to interact about the show.  And yet…. when the occasional someone posits the very old and very, definitively answered question about Destiel - and Jensen in particular - shoots it down or tries to avoid it (and only twice that I’ve seen.  And very politely), suddenly, he’s a homophobic asshole.  He’s ALSO gay, BTW.  He just doesn’t know it yet… (for those of you who take everything literally, that was sarcasm)

I’ll tell you what.  He’s a helluva lot nicer than I would ever be.  I’d tell the pushy shitheads that insisted on asking the same fucking DELIBERATELY INFLAMMATORY question that had already been answered, to go fuck themselves.  But Jensen hasn’t done that.  Because I guess he’s just a more patient person than me.  

He has been inhabiting this character for 12 years, and living with himself for much longer.  Despite that, maybe you DO know his character better than him.  Maybe YOU know him better than he knows himself.  Highly unlikely though.

The way I see it, if faced with seeing my life’s work (actor, husband, friend, father) negated and torn apart for the benefit of a few snarky gifsets, and being ambushed by inappropriate questions, after  dedicating so much of my time and energy and love towards it, I’d be pretty fucking bummed.  It’d be incredibly offensive to have someone tell me I wasn’t who I said I was or not doing what I said I was doing.  Over and over and over.

 "YOU say Dean’s hetero and there’s no Destiel.  The writers say it.  But you’re WRONG. Because reasons…“  "YOU may THINK you’re fooling us with your marriage and kids, but WE know better!”  What.  The.  Fuck.  Is that all about, people??  If you’re doing this, approving of this, liking posts about this?  I’m sorry to be the one to tell you… it’s not cute.  It’s damaging.  it’s disrespectful, and you’re that asshole.

I hate seeing anyone put in a position that makes them question how to go about policing their own behavior, their own truth and their own perception with regards to their **REAL** interpersonal relationships, based on the very legitimate fear that certain people won’t give a second thought to making not only their life, but the lives of their families - a mockery.

For those of you who have had people snickering behind your backs or spreading gossip about you - it wasn’t pleasant was it?  In WHAT situation is it ok to take your unproven hypothesis, and use it to shame, “out”, poke fun at, fetishize, or attempt to force feed your theories to the world-at-large in public forums about anyone’s private lives?  I really want to know. What makes this ok?

EXAMPLE TIME (using a few common examples I’ve seen time and time again, that people use to justify the shit that comes out of their mouths or fingertips):

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So I Have Thoughts

We’ve met the frogs, we’ve met the Falconers. We all can’t wait for Jack and Bitty to also meet the frogs and Falconers, respectively. 

But even more than that? I can’t wait for the Falconers to meet SHITTY. 

Imagine this: the Falconers all have to know about Jack, his past, his supposed drug addiction. Given that he’s spent four years at a school that has a hockey team KNOWN for it’s massive kegsters, most likely they think they’re about to meet this crazy partier, right? 

Not all of the guys are cool with this, but then there’s Tater, who never thinks badly of anyone, so Jack already has a friend on the team whether he wants him or not. 

But then the Falconers actually meet Jack, and they quickly learn it’s the exact opposite. Jack is quiet, serious, and unfailingly polite. He rarely goes out with the team for drinks, and when he does it’s not for long (dude has an actual bedtime, okay?) On top of that, Tater spreads the word that he’s in a serious relationship with a pretty wholesome girl, if the baked goods are anything to go by, but who also must be shy, because she’s never around when Tater “hangs out” (aka randomly drops by unannounced) at Jacks. 

And when Jack talks about his friends/teammates, it’s all, “oh yeah my best friend, it’s hard for him to visit since he’s at Harvard Law now” and “the team has co-captains which is good b/c Ransom has enough on his plate applying to med school haha” and “I wouldn’t be surprised if our goalie Chowder gets drafted, but just in case, he’s majoring in computer engineering. Or maybe that’s dex. …He’s a d-man.”

So, because there’s no such thing as moderation when it comes to hot gossip, as soon as the team “gets to know” Jack, they reassess and assume Jack was this super-serious control-freak student athlete who must’ve disapproved of all the partying, and only hung out with other super-serious guys at a (kegsters aside) preppy, academics-heavy school.

Tater takes it on himself, then, to make his rookie have more fun, to get him to party, and invite his girlfriend to party with them, because “Zimmboni” obviously needs more fun, friendly, outgoing people in his life. 

And then comes Shitty, who’s loud and crass and abso-fucking-lutely delighted to inform these guys about the beautiful contradiction that is Jack motherfucking Laurent Zimmermann. 

Let’s say after they win an early weekend game Jack invites some of the guys back to his apartment, not realizing Shitty has come to visit (aka avoid his study group), and is camped out naked on Jack’s couch smoking a bowl and rewatching highlights of the game. 

Imagine the awkward. Imagine the team thinking it’s kind of funny, but thinking Jack won’t think it’s funny. They wait for Jack to freak out, or shut down, or at least have some sort of explanation. But then they end up being the one’s freaked out, when all Jack does is roll his eyes and barely protest when Shitty clings to him and starts telling stories of their time at Samwell. 

Imagine Tater’s EFFERVESCENT happiness at meeting Shitty, this crazy guy with great nickname who clearly loves his rookie and has such “good” (aka embarrassing) stories. Imagine Shitty cornering Tater and grilling him for an hour until he tearful bear-hugs Tater and declares him his hetero-Russian brother-in-arms as guardian of Jack Zimmermann’s beautiful heart and more-beautiful ass.

Tater, of course, thinks this is best thing that ever happened. 

Jack, not so much. 

(that got so long wow sorry)


Benjamin Raynes for @amuhav‘s River’s BC

Full Name: Benjamin Raynes

Is the applicant submitting himself? Yes.

Sexual Orientation: He’s gay. He’s only ever been attracted to other men.

Traits: Eccentric, Handy, Workaholic, Vehicle Enthusiast, Daredevil

Favourite Food: Tri-Tip Steak

Favourite Color: Blue


Benjamin has two passions in his life: car racing and mechanics of all kinds, in that order. Ever since he learned to drive, there was nothing and no one who could keep him away from the gas pedal, as Benjamin can’t imagine his life without the thrill a high-speed race can give him.

Of course, he won’t lie - the money brought in by the races is also quite appreciated. Not that he would complain about his financial situation - as someone who’s been helping out in his old man’s auto shop since his very early years, Benjamin is already a pro mechanic at his 25 years of age and makes a good living from fixing and restoring vehicles. On top of that, his skill in mechanics, combined with his never-ending need to try new things whenever possible, has resulted in him being a pretty good inventor who makes novel and useful widgets that sell well. In other words, Benjamin is already pretty well-established in life in terms of his income.

However, while his professional life is going well, his romantic life is lacking. He’s dated a few guys before, but most of them aren’t on board with his extreme lifestyle, with the last one actually leaving him for a more white-collar partner (Benjamin: Good riddance with that one!), and Benjamin absolutely refuses to date anyone of his fellow racers, because he maintains there is too much potential for things to get messy in case of a break-up. So, he really hopes to meet someone that he can really click with and who won’t judge him for the things he loves. Perhaps, River can be that guy?

Besides, his parents and married sister have been trying to set him up with someone already and they just always pick the wrong people. So, Benjamin is taking his romantic matters into his own hands.

What made you decide to apply? He saw River’s picture and thought the guy is pretty hot. And he’s been single for a while lately, so it can’t hurt to give things a try, right? After all, you miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

Does the applicant believe in the supernatural? Oh, yes. A couple of people he raced against have been supernaturals - he knows they’re real.

His only CC are Hair and Shirt (Long Sleeve Version).

Private Download

cobalt-momo  asked:

You better have a good explanation as to why calling people fujoshis is misogynistic and/or cultural appropriative. It is in mo way misogynistic because most (if not all) fujoshis are just fetishizing gay relationships.

It’s culturally appropriative because it started out as Japanese and everyone in the “discourse” is using it out of context and usually inaccurately and with no idea of what it originally meant.

It’s misogynistic because, as the “discourse” uses it, it’s just “any woman involved in fandom whom I don’t like,” sometimes it’s literally a post author using it as a substitute for “women” so they can use a word that “means something bad,” and it implies that showing any interest in sexually explicit material as a woman is a bad thing, and that being a woman is a bad thing or that anyone who enjoys sexual material the “wrong” way is a woman. Also, it started out in Japanese as meaning “rotten woman” and is a play on the word for “respectable wife,” so double sexism right there, and it was used specifically against women who showed any interest in any kind of queer sexuality. So it’s homophobic too.

Some people in Japan have reclaimed the word, and even use it as a term for being queer (along with fudanshi), but that’s not the case in this “discourse,” and it’s out of that context, and it’s almost always being used negatively (and usually with no awareness that they sound like the Japanese version of 4chan). This reification of the negative meaning actually hurts queer people in Japan–so much for protecting mlm, antis–and it’s just an excuse to shame women.

And come back when you have a definition of “fetishization” that isn’t just “ships a ship I don’t like,” “doesn’t read my mind and follow all my headcanons to the letter,” or “writes sexual content at all.” Actual fetishization of gay men is pretty rare in any fandom I’ve ever been in–most of the fanfic I’ve ever read, even the most bare-bones, fluids-dripping PWP, is pretty character-driven and considers the characters as people with personalities, not some Hot Ideal of Gayness comparable to the kind of racist cuckolding stereotypes or “submissive Asian women” or like (some) 4chan “f*ta” porn that the term “fetishization” is supposed to apply to. It just isn’t there. You guys are stealing words for actual things and applying them to your goddamned ship wars and your inability to check tags for triggers and squicks and to whatever random minority group it’s fashionable to find a reason to hate today, and you’re screwing over everyone you actually claim to help. It’s just like how trans people can’t talk about oppression by cishet people now without everyone assuming they hate asexuals. I’ve seen almost no mlm involved in this meaningless excuse-for-misogyny “fetishization” “discourse,” and even fewer cis mlm, who by anything like logic are the ones most getting “fetishized” if anyone is here. (Fetishization of trans men does actually happen a little more, but the number of fics with trans mlm, let alone ones that contain any sexual content or pregancy–which is not inherently fetishization!–is far, far lower than the amount of cis mslash.) If this is actually hurting mlm, where the fuck are they? Or is this just some kind of saviorism where a bunch of non-mlm people with other agendas just decided they needed “saving” from all this “awful homophobic fetishization” that only seems to be an issue they care about because it’s happening to men now and just swooped in without the “affected” community’s input? Because it looks a hell of a lot more like that.

So, yeah, it is in fact misogynistic, homophobic, and culturally appropriative to call people “fujoshis” and act like they’re all “fetishizing” stuff, and so is your ask.

anonymous asked:

Well if Sam is indeed with Trashy, then not only does he have very bad taste (and highly questionable boundaries given that he's always trying to touch Cait) but he is also the 'other guy' when MM cheated on BM. Sad to say that OL fans were informed about her planned 'hook up' before Billy did. Given Sam's rising star and MM complete lack of career, she will not be letting go any time soon. All the players in the facade, Cait included, have been badly tainted by their games. #nointegrity

Which he is not. I wanna say when we write that kind of “if” here it really gets a 5% chance of being the truth, so the rest would only apply in that particular scenario. But yes, in that case those defending the “relationship” should admit she would be into guys who eye-fuck their hot coworkers, who can’t for the life of them stop touching them or praise them while she doesn’t mind being ignored or kept behind. Literally. And that Sam would like them fickle and idle. And Cait would be tainted by her involvement too. 

She can post as many pictures of cities as she wants, the only important picture here is the one that shows the way Sam always looks at Cait. And that one tells a hell different story. 


You know how Hazel described Percy as a son of the “calm sea Poseidon” in comparison to his pirate half-brother whose name I can’t remember at all (I think it was Phorcys or something???)?

Well, I totally think it does not only apply to Poseidon. Just look at Zeus/Jupiter’s children! I mean, Thalia’s personality is just like a cloudy sky: it can be a good omen just as it can be really bad news. Thalia has been such a good friend to Annabeth and Luke, but we all know she can look very scary when she’s angry.

And then there’s Jason. The guy feels just like a very hot summer sky. In the day, you enjoy its warmth (Jason can be such a softie). But by sundown, you can feel the currents crashing, the electricity building. That’s when Jason’s angry. Plus, to support that idea, you can just count all the times someone said Jason was unreadable.

Oh, and I’m not forgetting Hercules/Heracles. The guy is totally a hurricane. Just look at the legends for a minute. He had four wives, and the third killed him (in some versions). Not to mention he killed his family along with almost all of the monsters you can name (the two events aren’t necessarily related). And in the Mark of Athena, you can see just how poisonous he was/is to everyone around him… and himself. Conclusion, the guy’s an hurricane.

Sorry for the long post. I probably could do that for a lot of the gods, so just tell me if you want me to.

The Foxes on holiday

-They decide to play it safe and go to the beach

-Alison calls her travel agent and books them a private beach house.

-The house is gorgeous. All the bedrooms have sea views and the patio doors open right out onto the sand, perfect for barbecues.

-The girls help each other pack. Alison helps them pick out clothes and offers to let them share anything of hers. Renee nips to Abby`s and picks up a few first aid kits (and comes away with enough medical supplies to stock a pharmacy) Dan is in charge of bringing stuff for entertainment. Both girls let her pinch things from their dvd collections and while Alison is finishing off packing off clothes, Dan and Renee go to the shops to pick up a bunch of magazines, books, snacks, etc. They leave it to the monsters to supply plenty of alcohol.

-Renee enlists Dan and Alison`s help and gives herself green and blue mermaid hair for the holiday. Alison gets her nails done with mermaid colours for the occasion and then does her friends.

-Neil takes ten minutes to pack just enough clothes for the week, basic toiletries and nothing else. It makes Alison and Nicky want to cry.

-Andrew sneaks in a few new clothes at the bottom for him to wear. And because Neil`s case is still more than half empty he dumps his stuff into it as well, leaving more room in his own case for more important things, like drinks.

-It sounded like a good idea getting up in the middle of the night so they could get an early start and beat the worst of the traffic, but it doesn`t turn out so well when it is four in the morning and nobody can keep Kevin awake for more than thirty seconds at a time.

-He`s wandering around half asleep, half dressed in Trojan pj bottoms (a gift from Jeremy ) with a half eaten energy bar hanging out of his mouth. He was the one who had spent the past week nagging everyone to be ready and they are all more than a little annoyed (but not surprised)

-Neil has to stop Andrew from tripping him over when he stumbles past them. (“What? At least that would wake him up!”)

-Dan and Renee are still wearing their pjs and have no intentions of changing just to sit in a hot car for hours. Alison looks stunningly put together as usual.

-By the time Kevin is awake enough to leave everyone is getting hungry. They stop at the first stop they come to, a McDonalds, much to his horror.

-Back on the road in the girls` car they are blasting summery pop music. Dan and Renee are sat in the back dancing in their seats and singing along at the top of their lungs.

-When they arrive everyone dumps their bags in their rooms straight away. Unpacking can wait till later. They are on holiday.

- Alison wants to hit the beach straight away. She changes into her swimming costume, and with the help of Renee applies her sun cream and declares that she won`t be getting up again until she has a nice, even tan. Renee sits with her reading a book while Dan joins Kevin in starting up a game of volleyball (no we can`t play exy on the beach, Kevin)

-A little off topic but I picture the girls going holiday clothes shopping together. Alison throws all sorts of bright, summery clothes at her friends and gets them to strut about the changing rooms in them to show them off.

- Lady foxes spreading body positivity and confidence is something I love, so picture a fan coming up to them. They get chatting and she tells them how gorgeous they all are and how she wishes she had the body for the more revealing swimsuits. Then the girls all tell her she should wear what makes her happy because she was a beautiful young woman who should love herself.

-Back to the beach house. Like I said Kevin and Dan set up a volleyball match. Matt and Dan vs him and Neil. Andrew watches on from a safe distance chowing down on some ice-cream.

-Nicky and Erik (he came over to spend the holidays with his boyfriend) go off for a nice romantic stroll, even though Nicky would rather sit and sunbathe while watching the volleyball match (Neil looked good in those shorts Andrew packed) but he missed his boyfriend and maybe they could find someplace quiet to make out.

-Katelyn and Aaron may or may not have the same idea and sneak of back to the house when Andrew is distracted watching Neil.

-The next day is even hotter so Renee has her protective mothering head on and reminds everyone religiously to keep drinking plenty water (yes water, not alcohol, guys) and to keep reapplying sun cream.

-Again the girls all help each other with the bits they can`t reach. Katelyn does Aaron`s and he does hers, much to Andrew`s disgust, but he stays quiet. Nicky and Erik get a bit too friendly and handsy when applying theirs and Andrew ends up hitting them both over the head.

-Neil keeps his shirt on so he doesn`t need help putting any on, but it gets so hot that everyone is getting concerned for him. The girls try to reassure him that nobody will care, and Nicky tells him his scars don`t matter and he was still a cutie. He quickly makes himself scarce after seeing a certain goalkeeper`s face.

-Eventually sometime after noon, the hottest part of the day, Andrew drags him off back into the house away from the others. “Yes or no?” he asks and gently eases Neil`s shirt off and grabs the sun cream. He starts with his arms first, then his neck and face, pausing briefly to kiss him. He offers to let Neil do his own legs and chest, but he is happy for Andrew to carry on. He finally finishes with his back then leads Neil back outside.

-The others are certain they don`t want to know how Andrew convinced Neil to remove the shirt.

-Andrew leads Neil over to where a giant parasol has been set up and they sit down under it. A little way away Aaron is sat under a similar one, letting Katelyn rub more cream onto him. The beach is great and all, but the sun will burn the twin`s skin off if they aren’t careful so it is better to avoid it as much as possible. Fair hair and skin might look pretty, but it burns all too easily.

-Neil offers to help Andrew put more cream on, but Andrew tells him no and Neil drops it, even though he is concerned he will burn. He settles for rearranging the parasol to make sure it fully covers Andrew and makes sure he keeps drinking.

-Dan and Matt play together in the water. They bought a blow up dinghy she is lying in and he is pulling it along behind him.

-Kevin falls asleep on the beach and everyone helps burry his legs in the sand. They end up forming a mermaid tail around him.

-Wymack worries the entire time they are away, not knowing what they are up to is not a reassuring feeling. Are they eating right? Drinking enough? Is Kevin being an asshole and trying to make an exy court out of sand, pebbles and seawater? Has Andrew killed anyone yet?

-Andrew eats his body weight in ice cream and then some. On one of the last days there, Neil is brave (or stupid) enough to steal a bite. Andrew ends up buying him his own just so he will stop stealing his. But they`re alone on the beach, it`s hot and sweaty and they may or may not get a little distracted and end up licking the melted ice cream off of each other instead of the cones.

(TRANS) Vivi Magazine January 2017 Issue

Tell us about the members

Q: Who sleeps the most amongst the members?
Chanyeol: Kai! You don’t usually see him dozing off on set, but once he falls asleep, it’s practically impossible to wake him up

Q: Who eats the most amongst the members?
Chanyeol: Baekhyun, he looks the cutest when he eats, because he loves doing so

Q: Who is the hottest guy?
Chanyeol: Me!! (hands raised) I personally think of myself as a hot individual 

Q: Who is the most impatient amongst all of you?
Chanyeol: (raised hands again) I’m so impatient that I’m already having my hands raised for this question (laughs) 

Q: Who cries the most?
Chanyeol: (raises hand) This applies to me too! The members have seen me cry on numerous occasions 

Q: Who has the strongest muscles?
Chanyeol: Suho! Because he has been building up his muscles from the very beginning, so it would undoubtly be him! 

Q: Who is the kindest amongst the members?
Chanyeol: Me and Chen are on par for this

Q: Who is the cleanest amongst the members?
Chanyeol: It’s D.O for me, as he is very detail-orientated, so much so that he organises his apps.


Other members mentioning Chanyeol:

Q: Who is the hottest guy? 
Kai: Chanyeol. He gets immersed into his interests pretty quickly, and finishes it immediately.
D.O: Chanyeol. Everyone here has a manly personality, but much more so for Chanyeol, even in his private life.

Q: Who is the most impatient amongst members?
Xiumin: Chanyeol. He’s always hoping to put an end to things quickly and dislikes waiting.
Kai: Chanyeol. Baekhyun as well actually, but they both dont realise it. 
D.O: Chanyeol. I would always have to ask him to hold on because I’m a laid back individual myself. 
Sehun: Chanyeol. He can’t stand it when things are slow paced, he always has a sense of urgency.

Q: Who cries the most amongst all the members?
Suho: Chanyeol. I’ve witnessed him crying alot.
Xiumin: Chanyeol. He has a sensetive personality, he is just very expressive in general.
Kai: Chanyeol. Maybe it’s because he has large eyes?
Chen: It might be Chanyeol? None of members were seen crying recently
Baekhyun: Chanyeol. I’ve seen him tearing on stage during our concerts, so much so that when we have a switch of managers, he gets teary.

Q: Who has the strongest muscles?
Chen: Chanyeol is extremely hardworking, similar to Baekhyun.

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)