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To all the tireless betas out there...

Today is Fanfiction Author Appreciation Day.

But I wanted to take a moment to thank all the betas out there who help those authors make their work that much better. Those who help elevate the work, plot, and characters that much higher. 

You’re all amazing. Wonderful. 

Thank you.

(Special thank you to my betas @cuthian and @perrydowning  — you are a blessing and I will always appreciate the fact that I have you in my life. As betas and as friends.)

o shot boi I forgot that this blog just turned 4

I just turned 18. I started this blog when I was 13 going on 14, after being rejected from my first wiki application because well, I was 13. I became obsessed with getting accepted and started roleplaying on this blog every day. When I turned 15, I applied again and was accepted; now, I have an author page and several successful tales + a canon in the making + one scp of my very own. SCP continues to excite me and teach me every day. Thank you to all who followed this blog from the beginning and encouraged me along the way; I’m far from being done here.

so idk man just saying. @ all the scp fan kiddos who wanna join the site but are scared: that’s fine, but keep writing and improving until you can if you want to. I would never be producing work at the quality I do right now if I hadn’t been rejected the first time I applied. Practice. Write fanfic and stories. Roleplay. And most of all, READ!!! Not only the wiki, but authors you like aesthetically as well as content wise. I read a lot of Stephen king because I like how his sentences and wording flow, and I can apply that over by studying the structure of how he writes (see: I write way more tales than I do scps. To write a successful scp, READ MODERN SUCCESSFUL SCPS!!!).

YOU?! (part 3)

characters: Jooheon x Reader

genre: series, fluff (?)

word count: 1,204 (please don’t say anything about length. I know these are short)

attention: I just wanted one more non-smutty part before I dive into writing smut (because the next part is going to be a little steamy ;D ). 

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

“Jooheon! Y/N! Over here!” Minhyuk yelled.

You and Jooheon let out a sigh at the same as you both made your way down the pier. But not before being stopped by a few fans. All you could hear was “Oppa so handsome” or “Do your aegyo!” You’d be lying if you said that having all these girls swarm Jooheon didn’t make you mad. It didn’t help that you didn’t get a lot of friendly looks from his fans either. Not all of them were rude though. Some of them complimented you on your outfit and others were trying to take pictures quickly so that you and Jooheon could get back to your date.

However, the nasty looks were starting to frustrate you so you just started walking away. “Y/N! Where are you going?” You heard Jooheon call for you after he looked around and didn’t see your face amongst the crowd. You turned around and saw that he was kind of hurt that you left. “I’m going to go check on Minhyuk and Lyn. Don’t worry, I’ll see you when you’re done, superstar!” You threw a wink in his direction and you could tell by the way he smirked afterward that he liked the name.

As you got closer and closer to your friends, you couldn’t help but look back and stare for a moment. You didn’t like that some of them didn’t know their boundaries, but they’re still fans and you don’t want to ruin what would probably be their only shot at meeting him in real life. As you reached Lyn, you saw that Minhyuk had a crowd of his own. “Their pretty popular, huh?” you threw a dumb question towards Lyn and she answers with, “I know right? Their debut wasn’t even that long ago and they accumulate such a large crowd.” That last part stuck with you for a little. “Large crowds, huh?” you asked yourself, thinking about all the girls that throw themselves in front of Jooheon, calling him oppa, and trying to hold his hand. You admit to yourself that you’re just being petty and this shouldn’t bother you this much because he’s an idol and things like that happen all the time.

“But what’s mine is mine.” you say aloud, catching Lyn’s attention. “What’s yours, Y/N?” she asks, being a tad too curious. Before you could come up with a lie, she sees the flushed look of your cheeks and figures it all out. “Ohhhhhh. I see. You don’t like sharing, huh?” She smirks and pushes your shoulder lightly. You’re too embarrassed to answer, but she knew the answer without having to hear it.

Lyn breaks the thirty second silence with, “You should tell him.” It caught you off guard and at that moment you didn’t know what she was talking about. “Tell who what?” She laughs a little bit and just kind of tilts her head towards the other end of the pier. “You know who. Tell him how you feel, and I’m not just talking about the fans. It seems like you’ve wanted to get something off your chest since you saw him.” She wasn’t wrong either. It was pretty cool and kind of scary how well Lyn could read you, but she has been your roommate and friend for a year, and she’d never give you a bum steer.

Once all the excitement died down, the boys found you two sitting on the side looking out at the moon and the ocean. “Sorry about that ladies, but duty calls.” Minhyuk says as he flashes a cheeky wink and smile. “Well you can make it up to me by buying me dinner.” Lyn says as she gets up from the bench and wraps her arms around Minhyuk. You listen to the duo banter back and forth about where to eat when you hear the old bench creak beside you. “Are you hungry too?” Hearing his voice made everything else disappear, like it was only the two of you out there on the pier. “Uh, no. I’m pretty full after hitting up all the food booths on the pier. It’s getting pretty late though.” Not wanting to end the night Minhyuk cuts in and says that it’s only ten o'clock. “The night is still young and we have the day off tomorrow. Come on, let’s go do something else.”

You were about to object when Jooheon chimes in, “Cut it out. She’s tired. You two can go and do what you want. I’ll take her home.” He flashes you a little mischievous smile before Lyn cuts in. “That’s a great idea! There’s a spare room at the apartment if you stay too late and don’t want to drive back to the dorm.” You sense what she’s trying to do but she puts her minger to your mouth before you can say no. “Oh hush you. It’ll be fine. Plus, I’m not ready to turn in just yet.” She winks at you before nudging you into Jooheon, your arm and shoulder hitting his strong torso. He wraps his arm around your waist and leans down to your ear, “Don’t worry. I won’t try anything. Unless you want me to.”

That last remark made your cheeks turn a brighter red than Rudolph’s nose. Knowing that you weren’t going to change anyone’s mind, you give in and let Jooheon take you home. The ride back felt way longer with him in the car, especially since neither of you have spoken a word to each other after departing with Lyn and Minhyuk. For the first five minutes of the car ride you stared out the window to avoid eye contact. Until he took your left hand in his.

“You okay? You’ve been staring out there awful hard.” He laughs at your awkwardness and squeezes your hand, making you blush a little. “I’m okay. How about you?”

“I’m alright. Better now,” he says as he gives you a quick wink before turning back to the road. Giggling a little to yourself for a bit, you find the courage to strike the conversation first. “So other than becoming famous after your first mini album drop, what else is new?” You look over at him and see that he’s really thinking about this question. After giving it enough thought he gives you a pretty simple answer. “Nothing really. I mean, there’s this super hot girl that I met up with recently.”

“Oh. Interesting.” A little disappointed you loosened your grip on his hand a little, only to have him squeeze your hand a little tighter. “I’m talking about you, dork.” You were so relieved that you laughed a little harder than you meant to. The next thing you know, you’re at home.

You turn to face Jooheon and thank him for tonight and even giving you a ride home. “Why are you saying that like I’m leaving?” His question confused you so you answered honestly. “Because I thought you were…?” He laughs at me and gets out of the car, comes around and opens yours. “No, Y/N. I’m staying until your roommate comes back. I’m not going to leave you alone. Especially not now. I just got you back.”

Afternotes: Thank you to everyone that’s been patient with me and giving me awesome critics. I will do my best to apply all of your tips to my next fanfics. And thank you again for taking the time to read this (even though these really aren’t that long). 

I hope you’re not getting annoyed with me always tagging you, but thanks to @scenarioideas I’ve been able to start writing fanfics and I will be grateful FOREVER! Thank you so much (:

I’ve seen your eyes
and I can see death’s disguise
Hangin’ on me
Hangin’ on me

I’m beat, I’m torn
Shattered and tossed and worn
Too shocking to see
Too shocking to see

- Trouble, by Cat Stevens

Heylook I made more fanart of this fic. \o/;; I may have a problem. But this song got stuck in my head after reading the latest chapter of Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach by @unrestedjade, and I feel like it fits the fic pretty well, so I wanted to draw a pic to go with it, so… yeah! Here we are.

Hope you like?

Oh and of course Tumblr made it ugly, so click the picture for better quality.

a long rant about The 100 fandom, bellarke fic, Raven Reyes, and coded language

It weirds me out when people write modern AU fics for The 100 and have the characters calling each other by the last name, like Blake, Griffin, or Reyes.  Particularly Bellamy calling Raven as “Reyes”.  Buckle up because this is a long rant that is very biased within my understanding of English. If you think I’m dead wrong, reblog and tell me.  But… I kinda think I’m onto something here, even if I lack some of the language to best explain it. Bear with me, this gets a little long…

It weirds me out when they use last names, because in the fic this is typically presented as a thing people do between friends… but that is not a thing that I’ve ever seen people regularly do in American schools, or even that often in professional environments. Not in my upbringing on the west coast, and not in most books or television presentations of American high school culture. It stands out glaringly to me when I read bellarke fic.

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To All Fanfiction Writers

Thank you…

For taking the characters we know and love and giving them new adventures to experience.

For keeping those characters alive, even years after their original adventures have ended.

For giving stories to groups who are all too often overlooked.

For dealing with those individuals who want nothing more than to bring you down.

For pouring so much of yourselves, time or otherwise, into your work.

For continuing to do so, whether you have one reader or one thousand readers.

Just thank you. For everything.

anonymous asked:

the years when andrew & neil are on seperate teams: one night they have games really close to eachother, andrew drives to neils hotel to pick him up they go get some fast food & drive to an empty parking lot overlooking a beach. they eat in silence & hold hands. then they share some kisses & take a nap holding hands. then andrew drops neil off at his hotel (a goodbye kiss bc why not) & they part with the anticipation of the next game they'll be in proximity of each other in a month :(

Ahh! I am so happy right now!! Thank you!! I love this!! Okay, I’m not ready to move on from this, so I’m going to try that thing where people write bullet points that are like plot points because a) creativity is fun, and b) if I try to write this like actual fic it won’t be done for like a month. And what have I done? This is so incredibly long. I got slightly carried away.

  • Neil arrives in town first. His game is close enough that the team drives, but only barely, and it’s in the opposite direction of Andrew.
  • Also, Andrew’s game is even farther in that opposite direction.
  • So, yeah, Andrew’s going to have to fly, unless he wants to spend the entire day driving to his game.
  • (He would definitely prefer that.)
  • (Actually, he’d prefer to skip the game all together.)
  • Of course, no one except Neil knows that Andrew doesn’t like flying, and no one’s going to find out.
  • The airfare is covered, and Andrew’s coach is like, “Don’t you dare miss this flight, Minyard.”
  • (Andrew has possibly missed flights before.)
  • (Andrew is not going to miss this flight; at least this flight is going to take him to Neil.)

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Start of Something Good

Meet Marco Bodt. He’s your average 24-year-old boy living in New York City. His hobbies include playing video games, working at the neighborhood library (yes, he considers that a pleasurable activity) and watching cult movies repeatedly until he can recite the entire thing from memory. His (former) roommate, Thomas, has just moved out, so now the apartment is entirely too big for him, even if he does enjoy the newfound freedom to not wear pants. Also, he has a very slight crush on his coworker and college student Eren Yeager. It’s not too bad, really—just lingering looks. Nothing too bad like imagining waking up next to him, or planning the perfect date.


Marco’s hidden talent, however, is writing. Back in his college days he used to make a living out of it, working for the school newspaper—which has won many awards. If you ever mention it to Marco, he will touch the back of his neck and gracefully take the compliment, then insist on changing the subject. He’s never been the kind of brag. But now, he writes mainly for himself, original stories to feed his active imagination and the odd fanfic.

His works, as of late, deal with the same subject. Some examples:

“His eyes pierce mine, hazel, very hazel, and I can’t look away. He steps closer, and I step back, a reflex, two celestial bodies whose gravity impact one another, and I am falling, falling, into the abyss. Jean touches my cheek, delicately, as if I might break (and I just might) as he whispers my name like a prayer. As if I am salvation.

I cannot help but love him.”


“His kisses are like fire as he trails a path from his ankle, the back on his knee, his inner thigh. He finds what he seeks, Mark’s clothed hardness waiting, weeping for some release. Mark tell him to stop teasing, but he just smirks that wicked smirk and kisses his throbbing member. Damn him. He takes his time, kissing Mark’s happy trail, then his abdomen, licking every inch of exposed skin until his teeth gently nip on his nipple. Mark screams in ecstasy, tells him he won’t be able to hold back any longer. Jean just flicks the bud with his tongue as an answer.”

Satisfied with today’s work, Marco shuts down his laptop and gets ready for bed. Despite not having done much today, he is out like a light as soon as his head hits the pillow, and he dreams of Jean all night, only to forget all about it the next morning and wake up to the sound of the doorbell ringing. Mumbling, a sleepy Marco pads across the wooden floor and opens the door, still rubbing the sleep of his eyes.

“Thomas, you didn’t leave anyth—hello?”

Suddenly very awake and very, very aware that he’s standing there in a faded t-shirt and boxers, he stares at his visitor with the hazel eyes and the wicked smirk.


anonymous asked:

What's the best advice you would give a fanfic writer?

[Insert standard advice about writing, almost all of which applies to fanfic and has been said to death.]

I think the best piece of advice I have about writing fanfic is to go back to the source material. Go back again and again. If it’s a medium with sound, listen to how the characters talk in different situations. Watch how they move if you can. Rewatch key scenes. If it’s a print medium, familiarize yourself with the author’s style. How they convey emotion and build tension. Read dialogue out loud. Get to the point where you can “hear” the characters talking in your head before you write a line of dialogue*. Know their cadence, how formally they speak and when, how often they use contractions, the way they talk with different people. Delve deeply into canon whenever possible. If you’re a fan, there’s a strong possibility that you’re doing this anyways just because you love it, but I think the more familiar you are with canon the more authentic your fanfic is going to feel to the reader. Even if it’s an AU, even if it sharply diverges from canon, if you’ve got the tenor of the story down you can’t go wrong.

*This might be confusing to people. I’m an especially audio-focused learner and so I often “hear” dialogue in a character’s voice, especially if they have a distinctive one or a unique way of speaking, and I’ll often revise a line of dialogue until it “sounds” right. If that makes no sense to you then it’s probably not helpful, but it’s what works for me.

anonymous asked:

Ok, there's this thing: to me, as a person who doesn't ship Destel there is no worse situation than reading a fic, and than suddenly, without any warning Destiel appeares. And this happenes to me a lot, lately. So, please when you, or whoever reads it, writes a fic where destiel isn't the main pairing or the topic of the whole story, please write it somewhere in warnings or tags or sth. I'd really appreciate that, and some other people too propably. Thank you :* (love the blog btw)


Okay, actually though, that sounds good. Note for fanfic submitters and other admin. This can apply for all non-canon relationships.