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My thoughts on Lego Ninjago

I was trying to figure out why Lego Ninjago was so appealing to me. I’d reviewed it so many times in my head and I still couldn’t figure out why I like it so much, given the humor isn’t nearly as good as shows that I like less, such as Steven Universe. The animation isn’t even superb; Octonauts has much better animation, and that show is intended for an even younger audience. 

Then it hit me.

The character development.

It has AMAZING character development and continuity. After the first two seasons, I must have switched between all four them trying to figure out which one was my favorite.

I think the main reason for this is that each ninja, besides Cole, has had an entire season to themselves to develop their characters. (And Cole had a special.) Watching them overcome their weaknesses and insecurities made it hard to decided which one I loved the best.

It doesn’t have the most character development of any series I’ve ever encountered (Fruits Basket holds that title), but it does so much for them in such a short time, yet still keeps it believable. Amazing, considering the main target for the show is eight-year-old boys.

“Her head was slightly inclined forward, and she apparently saw, or remembered, that she still had on her stockings. Turning from me a little, she leaned forward, and balancing herself on one foot and then the other, drew them off and let them fall with the sash and the little wispy pile of stuff there before her. […] While I stood there fumbling with the buttons on my shirt, tearing one loose because I couldn’t seem to get it through the buttonhole (in a momentary lull of the wind and rain, it made a single tick when it struck the uncarpeted floor), and while my mind made crazy June-bug leaps and plunges, she walked across to the iron bed and sat down, tentatively, close to the edge, her feet and knees pressed close, her arms still folded and her shoulders slightly hunched as before. She was looking up at me across the space, with a question, or appeal, in her eyes–I couldn’t read them in the dimness.”

Robert Penn Warren, from All the King’s Men (Harcourt, Brace, & Co., 1946)

Pardon me while I analyze why I like stuff again bc I like to understand why I enjoy or don’t enjoy stuff. I think the appeal of the Killer Queen design to me that makes me want to draw it so much is that it makes me feel so many things at once? I have never not known exactly how to feel about a design like this, but the combined answer is “ITS GOOD” Like all at once it can be disturbing, wrong, cool, scary, CUTE, a little bit sexual, and kind of beautiful. Fits perfectly with the tone and Kira himself. So many reactions bundled in one design that have my brain like. DRAW IT. OVER AND OVER. FIND NEW POSES SO IT DONT GET STALE AND KEEP DRAWING THIS WEIRD CAT.

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002 for Klaus

hey, thanks for the ask!

send me…

002 | give me a character & i will tell you

  • how i feel about this character:

i really like klaus. as i’ve gotten older he has started to appeal to me more - he’s quite a bit angrier than his sisters, as if he more fully understands the injustices that they’re facing. he is a massive know-it-all though. i don’t think i’d actually like him in real life.

  • all the people i ship romantically with this character:

fiona widdershins is the only character i’ve ever shipped with klaus! they were the beginning of the next generation kit and olaf, which obviously appealed to me.

  • my non-romantic otp for this character:

maybe his sisters? particularly sunny, although his relationship with violet is a lot more focused on than his relationship with sunny in the netflix series. also, maybe isadora? i always thought if they had more time together they could’ve had great fun reading together - isadora reading poetry, and klaus reading about how to construct poetry. what a dream team.

  • my unpopular opinion about this character:

okay…so, i just cannot like klaus as much as i do violet and sunny. i don’t know why - he never appealed to me at all when i was younger, and i still don’t feel the same way about him. i know he’s great, but i find him a bit annoying. “severe lack of moral stamina” pfft shut up klaus.

  • one thing i wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

i wish we had more scenes of klaus losing his temper at all the incompetent adults in the series. i think in the first few books he is quite angry, but after a while he just loses hope and starts to bitterly accept the fact that the world won’t help them. i wish klaus’s fire had continued through to the end.

  • my otp:

klaus and fiona, by default really. i don’t massively ship them, but it’s the only person from canon that i ship him with. they could have been properly tragic given a bit longer together.

  • my cross over ship:

ah i tried to think but i just don’t have one. i don’t really know of other series’ with children as main characters - except harry potter, i guess, but i’m not feeling any of them. anyone reading feel free to chip in!

  • a headcanon fact:

i recently made a post including loads of klaus headcanons for after the end of the series. but also, klaus’ big skill before he could read (like when he was sunny’s age) was puzzles. he loved solving them and could do rubix cubes in under a minute.

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Hello, Sir. I believe that I have a Figment called Sorrel. He isn't nearly as... Appealing as you are. In fact, he frequently tries to direct me to cause harm to myself. I never obey, but it's rather tiresome. Do you have any ideas on what I can do about him?

“Normally the reason a Figment will begin demanding things that can cause bodily harm or begin making other irrational demands is because they have been cast to the darkness for long amounts of time. People who are afraid of negative thoughts or do not understand them will banish such thoughts into the subconscious to fester. This of course causes Figments to become rather agitated.”

Dark paused and bent his head slightly.

“Like me. My advise would be to take a moment to reflect on what it is your Figment desires. What is it they’re trying to get you to do behind the violent urges. Unleashing negative emotions in a healthy way will usually drain whatever is pent up in the Figment’s mind.”

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I just wanna get wifed (husbanded) up by you and get an apartment in the short north area and be an Ohio gay power couple and make the whole world jealous!

no offense to you at all but nothing about this sounds appealing to me other than the having a husband part

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I’ve got a lot of photos from my first dog sledding experience but these are my favourite adaptations. I didn’t realize until I put them together that the ones that appealed to me most had been ones where I muted the tones. I found the original, more colourful ones, took away from the dogs and the feeling I had when watching them. I hope you agree.


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