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I do get that on some level Echoes isn’t really for me. It doesn’t offer the unit freedom I enjoy, my patience with dungeon grinding lessens more and more every year, and I have no nostalgia for the game or its archetypes whatsoever. So I know that from out of the gate I’m not really gonna love it–it just doesn’t have what I want in a game. Doesn’t mean it’s objectively awful, but it means its design doesn’t appeal to me and that’s just a fact.

And all of that is fine! I’m happy to talk at length about how I felt about the game, what I think about the characters and narrative, or my analysis from a writing perspective, but at the end of the day I know it hasn’t committed some massive sin by not being For Me. In fact, I’m glad that fans who felt uneasy with Fates’s direction are getting this assurance that the franchise hasn’t forgotten about them.

So why is all of this toxic shit necessary? Why can’t we just accept that it’s not always about us?

You know what? Adam Tots does copy paste his artwork.

Maybe Owlturd can be annoying!

And Sarah Andersen’s comics are overly quirky!

But guess what? I like them when they come up on my dash. I like Sarah Anderson’s Self De-preciating humour! I find Owlturd’s comics to be incredibly relatable! And you know what? Adam Tot has an appealing art style and jokes that make me laugh. 

Nothing is perfect, but man do you guys need to lighten up. The last thing you guys need to worry about are free comics on the internet.

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What are your most unpopular opinions about the Buffyverse? Some of mine are that I love seasons 4-7 of Buffy even more than seasons 1-3, I like BtVS much more than AtS no matter how many convincing arguments I see about why AtS can be considered higher quality, I know it's not unpopular to like Tara but I love her to the point where she's one of my top three favorite characters, and the more I rewatch the show, the less I like Bangel. Thanks for always being so nice and non-judgmental!

Aaaah, same! 

I think Season 3 will always be my favourite season, but I actually overall prefer seasons 4-7 to seasons 1-3, if I had to choose between the two :) The grownup element of the later seasons just appealed to me more. 

I also infinitely prefer BtVS to AtS. While when BtVS was bad, at least it retained it’s charm; AtS was just bad period. Also, I found it very dull in a lot of places? Or over the top dramatic? Maybe that’s just me! :)

I LOVE TARA! She’ll always be one if not my favourite BtVS character! She’s so amazing and strong and brave, and the only one who retained their damn sense in the sixth season. It was never the same when she was gone! Like, the show desperately needed her!

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See what I mean?? :P

The first time I watched Bangel they were my ultimate OTP. I moved on after the third season because the show did. I could why they’d be incompatible. “I Will Remember You” only further confirmed they could never truly work in the long term. For starters, they both live two different lives, meaning that crucial information will always be kept from each other. Relationships are built on two people being open and honest with each other. As well, Buffy and Angel are heroes. They are both leaders who make important sacrifices on a day to day basis, and normal lives with each other being one of them. 

And it’s because of that that I could sadly never get back into them during my rewatches. Of course, some Bangel shippers ship them for that exact same reason, and I also very much like that about them! :)  I just no longer get “the feels” watching them, you know? And the fact that Angel comes back after Buffy kills him just kills the overall impact of season 2. It’s hard to get back into it knowing that he returns and everything will be “fine” again, at least according to BtVS standards!

Aww, no prob anon! Feel free to share your opinions of BtVS all you want! I will never judge you :)

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You know any paperhat fics where Blackhat acts sweet and kind towards Flug? Or maybe where Flug has an anxiety or panic attack or something of the sort, and Blackhat is sweet and helps him out??? I need more fluff from Blackhat tbh and Flug needs love


uuuhhh, lemme just say-

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A Kiss to the Palm

Hannah’s eyes slid closed, and she leaned into the touch with undisguised pleasure. Her face was a little too warm under Barbara’s palm, and heated further when Barbara’s thumb smoothed over the tiny brown freckles dusting her cheeks and scoop of her nose. She was beautiful in the warmest, most touchable way. If she were a book Barbara knew the lines by heart, every dog-eared page.

Hazel eyes opened again and Hannah’s hand came up to cradle the one on her cheek. Her gaze pinned Barbara in place as the other girl’s lips brushed over her palm, and all Barbara could manage was a stuttered inhale. Hannah’s other hand slid up the back of her leg, settling behind her knee with promise. Heat settled in Barbara’s chest, as if all the oxygen in her lungs ignited.

“H-hey.” Her free hand curled into a fist against her chest, as if she could catch her heart before it fluttered giddly away.

Hannah smiled, too wicked to be truly playful. “Hey.”

Written by Pageoflore, illustrated by me.

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I just wanted to let you know I love following your blog. Your art is absolutely gorgeous. You made me low key ship bakudeku which is impressive seeing as my OTP is kiribaku!! The way you draw Bakugou takes my breath away. He is so so good. I also really enjoy your kirikami pieces! Thank you so much for sharing your art with us. You truly are a wonderful person!

!! ; ; omgh really?? thank you so mUCH Aaahh it’s kindda really an honor to hear–! To bridge my love for boom boom and Bakudeku/Kirikami to another fellow boom boom fan (and a Kiribaku shipper nonetheless–!) makes feels like an accomplishment lmao hjnfjkdfjk  feels bad I havnt really drawn these two together so as a kinda apology/thank you…

here this just for you anon–! and any of my followers who are quiet kiribaku shippers lu


Poirot’s chief personality characteristic was undoubtedly his overweening - but lovable - egotism. On rare occasions he would present an appearance of modesty, but it was patently so forced and false that it fooled no one. Some of his own evaluations from one story or another: “Hercule Poirot… is of a cleverness quite exceptional;” “impossible to deceive Hercule Poirot;” “me, I know everything.”
- Russell H. Fitzgibbon, The Agatha Christie Companion

Taking ‘Dronies’ with Traveler and Drone Photographer @wrenees

To see more from Renee’s travels, follow @wrenees on Instagram.

“The first time I ever saw a drone, I knew that I wanted to have one,” says Renee Lusano (@wrenees), who uses her drone to photograph vast landscapes. “Drones really appeal to me because they’re a fun toy, but also a photographic tool. And as I started to travel more, I thought a drone would be a great way to experience, capture and photograph more on each of my trips.”

A freelance designer based in Los Angeles, Renee takes advantage of her flexible schedule to travel the world, visiting far-flung places like Antarctica, Easter Island and Siberia with her friends (and sometimes with a hot dog costume). “I don’t enjoy having a routine,” she says. “The days and weeks are more memorable when I’m having new experiences.” Renee began creating @dronies — selfies with a drone — that “first show a somewhat mundane photo of myself, and then as the drone flies up, it reveals that I’m in some expansive and incredibly beautiful place. Soon, you don’t even see me — it becomes not about the selfie, but about the scale of the environment I’m in.”

Witch Tip

Your grimoire doesn’t need to be pretty. Every scribble, crossed out line, or stain adds to the personality and appeal. If I have two books of shadow in front of me, one that’s pristine and white and cute, and one that’s overstuffed and smells like ink and aged paper… I’m always gonna pick reality’s masterpiece, not a man made fantasy.