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What are your favourite animes?

A few new favourites:

3-gatsu no lion (gorgeous anime scenery & food, deals with trauma/mental illness in a visually-interesting way, very deep and moody but then suddenly very light-hearted and goofy, lots of quirky characters including personified animals, simultaneously heart-warming, bittersweet, sad, & dorky)

91 days (a brutal italian gangster drama set during america’s prohibition era.  not for the faint of heart as it involves death & violence, but it’s worth it for the climactic plot, heavenly orchestral music, & backdrops that look like classic european paintings)

Absolute Duo (if you can get past the unnecessary flopping titties of teenage girls, the visual composition, music, aesthetic, & story are all very well done in this anime about a magic-training boarding school with a sinister undercurrent)

Assassination Classroom (a tentacled monster from outer space who destroyed 70% of the moon threatens to wipe out planet earth in one year’s time unless the lowly students from class 3-E can assassinate him first!  and it turns out that he is not only a big softie, but he imparts knowledge, confidence, and real life skills upon these low level students who were never given a second chance.  it’s so frickin japanese.)

Brave Witches (fleets of battle-ready teen witches fight a mysterious alien foe that suddenly manifested in the sky as a dark swirling cloud of terror.  still a pretty young anime but from what i saw, it had promise)

Old favourites:

Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Attack on Titan, Akira, Paprika, Mononoke (not the Princess), Studio Ghibli, Gundam, Ghost in the Shell, 07-Ghost, Twilight of the Dark Master, Kai Doh Maru, Makoto Shinkai films, Mamoru Hosoda films, Angel Egg, Sailor Moon, Kimi no na wa, blah blah blah

I’m sure I’m leaving out a billion, and I’m trying to get more into obscure stuff, so I’ll definitely share what I come across!


This answer is so much better than any tag line I could have ever come up with.


“Thank you for everything up to now”

While this show is not without its share of flaws, it gave us one of the most gorgeous couples to grace anime. And I’m not really ready to let these two go in a couple days (ಥ﹏ಥ) at least I got around to drawing them being in love in Barcelona. 

Also shout out to the entire YOI fandom, you guys are amazing, it’s been so fun running around tumblr seeing all these fantastic fanarts and episode analysis and all around support for this show. Much love to you all ~ ♡