this anime speaks to me

Me, watching the new episode of SnK (knowing that Erwin would appear at any moment)
  • *doesn't skip the opening because it's too good*: Here we go... SASAGEYO SASAGEYO!
  • *opening is finished*: Okay now, where's Erwin?
  • *Erwin not shaking Pixis' hand*: What!? THEY DDIN'T ANIMATE THE HANDSHAKE :'( I already had ideas of memes about that, goooosh!
  • *a wild Erwin dissapears*: ...
  • *no sign of Erwin*: ...
  • *waiting patiently*: ...
  • *Erwin appears again*: ERWIN! HE'S HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!
  • *waiting for Erwin to do his thing*: DO THE THING, COMMANDER, DO THE THING...
  • *Erwin listens to Hanji's plan and makes ot happen*: THERE IT IS! HE HAS DONE THE THING! *cries of joy*
  • me, at the end of the ep with tears on my eyes: Oh my, I can't wait to see him again next week!

Con Swag Haul Post:

- Katsudon SnapBack
- Hot topic stickers, Patch + Tank Top
- “Nikiforov: Just Do Me” Shirt
- Phichit Charm for @hamu-starz
- Otayuri flower crown prints for @isabella-yang-style
- WTTM Print for @otabangbang
- Signed copy of Monster Paws and Yurio charms for my friend Jamie
- Yuuri Katsuki dakimakura to join my other 5 YOI dakis
- “CANON” Doujinshi ft. Viktor x Yuuri
- Several Viktuuri prints/posters that I’ll take individual shots of later
- Buttons and Keychains of Viktor x Yuuri

Soon to come in my next ANext post is a summary of the YOI Panels on Sat/Sunday.

Excuse my exhausted, post convention face.


just got the photos back from one of my shoots at anime boston!!!! i’m so proud of this costume and makeup and the whole thing and i had so so much fun!!!! can’t wait to wear this around more!

photos and edits by @amiephoto, costume by @eldritcharts, claws by dark matter props, and original costume design by @branch56

“He just wants to be heard.”


Jesús Barrero, remarkable Latin american voice actor dies at 58.

This is a very sad day for me and for every Spanish speaking anime fan. The legendary Mexican voice actor Jesús Barrero has lost his battle against cancer. He was one of the most beloved and respected Latin american voice actors and he voiced some memorable characters from anime, TV and movies, including:

  • Koji Kabuto in Mazinger Z
  • Jan Kugo (Galáctico) in SF Saiyuki Starzinger
  • Pegasus Seiya in Saint Seiya
  • Yamcha in Dragon Ball series
  • Rick Hunter in Robotech
  • Nube in Hell Teacher Nube
  • Taro Misaki (Tom Misaki) in Captain Tsubasa
  • Jason the Red Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Kogure Kiminobu in Slam Dunk
  • Luke Skywalker in Star Wars episode IV to VI
  • Rex in Toy Story series

Jesús Barrero, descansa en paz.

  • someone: how are you?
  • what I say: fine
  • what I mean: the UA dress code - though it clearly allows for alterations on the uniform according to need, as evidenced by Shoji and his custom shirt and jacket without sleeves - appears to be fairly strict, but are shoes a considered part of the base uniform that students are required to wear? Midoriya wears his red shoes which could be chalked up to nepotism or an exception ignored by the artist for the purposes of character design, but Kirishima also wears non-standard shoes. Todoroki wears sneakers and so does Ojiro. Iida, Bakugo, Sero, Kaminari, and most of the other boys all seem to be wearing the same standard loafers, presumably provided or recommended by the school. none of the girls wear alternate footwear, they all have the same exact shoes, which appear to be part of the uniform and closely resemble the "standard" footwear for the boys with minor additional details. Aoyama is drawn wearing both special pointy dress shoes and the standard boys shoes. Tokoyami seems to be wearing the same shoes the girls wear. maybe shoes are up to the preference of the student, but why would they be when the rest of the uniform is (apparently) upheld fairly strictly? clearly there are shoes of a specific design that are intended to go with the uniform, but a good quarter of the class isn't wearing them. maybe uniforms actually aren't policed very harshly? is that reasonable for an institution as prestigious as UA? there aren't any great full-body reference pictures of class 1-B for me to look at to prove that shoe substitutions aren't only rampant in class 1-A. as far as we know, Midoriya wore his red shoes to school on the first day and everyone else was like "fuck it, if he's wearing his own shoes then I will too" and Aizawa didn't care enough to correct them. how far can they take it? can they go barefoot? why does Tokoyami wear the girls shoes??????