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hi do you have like, an all-time favorite anime? like, if u had to pick only one! :D

Hi! If I have to choose only one anime, right now, I’m going to choose without any doubt The Tatami Galaxy.

There are many reasons why I would choose it above all the rest but to put it in a simple way, is probably the only one which I remember with a smile on my face. Is not complex at all, but it’s just wonderful in every way, the animation is a miracle and the characters are a blessing without any exaggeration, the soundtrack is very good and it’s completely different from everything you’re going to see in your life. 

For me, this anime is like the lovechild of FLCL and Welcome to the NHK, to give a simple and weird idea about it. Every episode is a possibility, every episode is a travel and each of the characters is presented in a way so consistent that you can’t avoid falling in love with them. 

The way the story is told is accurate and adequate, it is not complicated and focuses more on detailing the life of a University student in a way that you may never see again. Explore things from the modern day life of the average young adult like: relationships, friends, work, sexuality and many others.

The main character is an anti-hero but still can be developed with personality and fixed objectives, his best friend is a very singular character and a perfect catalyst for the protagonist, the main girl was perfectly well written and her personality goes out of everything seen, the same for the rest of the characters, they’re colorful, represent different ideas and are very unique. Absolutely all are deep and charismatic, you are going to love them.  

This anime is an artistic journey that never loses its point of view of reality, maintaining a perfect balance between them. It’s a mature series with a bit of dark comedy, legitimate romance, real drama and the conclusion being simply fantastic and satisfactory. 

The Tatami Galaxy is a rarity, something different that breaks with the stereotypes and saturated archetypes of the anime. A perfect mix between presentation and script, that makes you get the message very satisfactorily. 

It’s one of the best experiences that animation could offer to you as a whole.

Please, everyone, watch it. And listen to this.

This is my first ever fanart for @markiplier ! The video, ‘I Feel Lost’ inspired me to draw this.

I’m sorry it doesn’t look exactly like him, I had no reference except for the hair, which was the hardest thing to draw.. Thanks Mark… I know he’s very stylized and anime-y, but whatever…

All sillyness aside…

And YOU, Mark, are the most amazing and important in mine, and ALL of our lives. Whether you know it or not.

We support you no matter what. I’m here crying at 12:22 in the morning with you because I care, and I know you care.

You’ve helped people on their darkest days. You helped put a smile on my face when I’m depressed and stressed. You help me forget reality. You may not believe it but I wouldn’t be crying if it wasn’t true.

I don’t mind if you never see this because knowing you feel this way, even the slightest bit, makes me happy.

I’m so proud of you! And I’m so thankful for all the time you give us, Mark. Never lose sight of that feeling! Love you! ❤ *hugs*


  Usually I am in a state of confusion whenever follower milestones occur - and tbh I still am in this case.

 But at the same time, the idea that so many people find this blog enjoyable is a very nice thought on which to start the new year. 

  Thanks for everything this year guys, and here’s to a jolly good 2016!!


Rap monster:
you were in your room and rap monster came home, you didnt hear him and he enter the room seeing you watching anime. he didnt want to bother you he smiled cause you looked really cute. he said ‘Babe im home’.

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Jhope was taking a shower and you had the time to watch an eps so that you did, when he got out of the shower he saw you watching anime and he was excited he said ‘you love anime?? Your my otaku’ smiled and went to put cloths on.

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As we know v love anime too, so you two were so bored at the evening and then you asked him “tae? I saw a great anime that came a week ago you want to watch it?” He will be super excited to watch anime with you.  he said ‘sure’ he had a big smile on his face and he just looked at how cute otaku you are.

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we know kookie and like v he love anime, so I think jungkook and you will see anime together every friday night. you are with him and he love that u two seeing anime together and you will see anime when you two are cuddling and kissing all around smiling to each other. He would just be in love with your cuteness.

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Suga was sleeping and you were really bored so u toke your phone out and put an anime, before you could see the eps started and it maked a lot of noise and suga woke up you felt really bad to wake him up. he was really sleepy and asked you ‘what was that?’ you said to him “sorry babe i was bored and i wanted to see anime” youu kissed him for sorry and he smiled and go again to sleep.

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you were waiting for jimin to come back home and u were in a middle of an eps,  jimin came and you opened the door huged him and asked him “chimchim im in the middle of an anime eps you want to see it with me pls?” He had a big smile on his face and he nod his head yes. you two went to see and you saw a lot more eps over the night.

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Jin wanted to make dinner and he asked you what you would like to eat ’ babe can you do this?’ you showed him a pic of ramen in naruto. He smiled at you and said “sure my little otaku” you kissed him and he did you an ramen.


Too cute not to get its own post! 

I was walking around the dealer’s room at Anime North and heard a man calling “Hey Little Mac, we’ve been looking for you! Can you take a picture with my son?” and I say sure. Out steps this totally adorable little referee Mario who then grabs my glove, tosses it up and declares me the winner!

This was one of my absolute favourite moments of the weekend, and cons in general - putting a smile on a kid’s face is what makes me feel like a “champ”. So happy I found Michael McQuiad, who took the photo.

I reached the 200+ mark! Thank you all for following and putting up with me! All of you put a smile on my face and I really do appreciate it! <3

Shout out to fan-girl-zone for being my 200th follower :)

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 Thank you all again! <3

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#10 Reasons as To Why I like Sakura!

Ok, I saw somewhere a post like “10 reasons to hate Sakura Haruno!”
like people common!
Tbh I just  dislike the way Kishimoto is treating Sakura. Like in some situations I found her extreamly cool. I have to admit that probably I have no tendency to like female leads. But, for me Sakura is different. So, here I’m gonna go against the flow and I’ll write my “10 reasons as to why I like Sakura!” - of many tbh.

All of my references are from both the manga and the anime. Also, I made sure that all my references are canon.

#1 She cares for others like she puts others feelings before hers she is selfless most of the times. I feel like she really needs to be appreciated for that. Because, let’s face it, not a lot of us can have this quality these days not even me.
and here are some examples

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