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Top 10 anime guys

Thank you @lexinthymia for tagging me again! I wanted to limit this to one character per series; it was hard but here we are! Also, I will admit that some of these choices are not only based on the anime these character were in, but also what happened to them later on the manga (if the anime stopped at a certain point). I probably went into more detail about each of these guys then I needed to and their will be some spoilers for certain series, but I love talking about them!

Honourable mention who didn’t make it on to the list: Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul), D (Vampire Hunter D), Karou Hitachiin and Tameki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Germany (Hetalia), Ling Yao (Fullmetal Alchemist), and a whole smattering of characters from BLEACH.

10. Kiyosama ‘Crow’ Senji - Deadman Wonderland

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Senji’s the biggest badass in the whole series and had some of the best fights. I love his character arc and how he basically become an older brother-figure to Ganta; their friendship has become on of my favourite BROTPs ever. It also helps that he’s voiced by Patrick Seitz, one of my favourite voice actor of all time.

9. Vash the Stampede - Trigun

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There are very few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute goofball the next without it feeling jarring to me. Vash is one of these few, and he’s brilliant because of it. All of his actions, whether they’re serious or comedic, make sense to his character - his mystery and loneliness is as much a part of him as his eccentricities and obsession with donuts. And he has a awesome character design to boot!

8. Johan Liebert - Monster

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Johan is such a masterfully crafted character, to the point where you can feel his presence even when he is off panel/screen. He’s present in everyone of the character actions, the puppet master behind the scenes. There’s also his intriguing relationship with his twin Nina, which brings out the very few sympathetic parts of him. He’s low on the list because I haven’t  finished either the anime or manga yet, and while I definitely don’t ‘love’ him in any sense, but he’s somehow both captivating and distrubing all at once. I can’t wait to see how his character unfolds.

7. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

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I had a hard time choosing between Edward and Ling Yao, but in the end I chose Ed because of how much development he went through. He’s inspiring in a lot of ways, with his steadfast determination and his relateable moral dilemmas, and he’s also one of the few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute dork the next without it be jarring or taking away from his character. The bonds he shares with everyone only made me like him even more likeable and relateable, especially his relationships with Al, Winry, and Ling.

6. Levi Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin 

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Levi has been through so much tradegy and loss. I can’t get over his past as a child (the fact he stayed by his mother’s bedside to the point where he tarved himself and was wearing her shirt, it makes me tear up every time) and with Farlan and Isabel (the emotions he diplayed after their deaths…oh God). His more recent development in the manga was amazing to see: he smiled at his comrades, learned more about his past, and the explosive rage he showed when he lost one of the dearest people to him had me in shock and awe. Also, the animation they put on this guy in both seaons is jaw-dropping a lot of the time.

5. Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama - Mob Psycho 100

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My second son! Mob is the heart and soul of this anime: he’s such a kind, likeable, and gentle character who only wants to fit in, make friends, and get the attention of the girl he likes. What I love most about Mob is his will to better himself whichever way he can and the hard work he’s willing to put into that goal. He doesn’t rely on his psychic powers to make friends, but as a result of not fully embracing that part of himself and fearing his own abilities, he haa emotionally hindered himself; it makes him incredibly sympathetic to me (I cried with him when he unintentionally tore the school apart and I cheered when he was reunited with Ritsu).

4. Ayame Sohma - Fruits Basket

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This man and his glorious antics. Oh, Ayame…we go back a long way. Everything about this guy is just hilarious: his past as the student council president, his spontaneous displays of affect and drama, and his innuendos with Shigure. He never fails to put a smile on my face whenever he’s on screen! However, his serious moments are great too: they added a lot to him and I was 100% invested in his character arc and development (i.e. trying to reconcil with his actions made in the past and reconnect with his younger brother Yuki).

3. Makoto Sunakawa - Ore Monogatari!!

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This guy is the very definition of ‘bro’. I love how supportive and caring he is towards Takeo. Heck, one of the highlights of both the anime and manga is the friendship between Suna and Takeo: Ore Momogatari!! is one of the rare shoujo series that actually focuses on another type of relationship outside of the main romance. I sense a genuine, platonic love from him to Takeo and vice-versa, and enhance both of them as character and the story as a whole. There’s also the fact he’s perceptive of those around him, often able to tell what kind of person an individual is, and his placid, calming attitude is a nice change of pace for what I usually find in shoujo male characters.

2. Guts - Berserk

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Oh, Guts…Like a lot of character on this list, I love Guts for the fact he’s gone through so much tragedy and still strives forward. Why he’s higher on the list is because his tragedy is still ongoing but he’s moving forward growing as character in such realisitic and painful ways. He has a horrowing, painful past even before he got to the Band of the Hawk, and even after the events of the Eclipse, his life has been anything but a happy. He’s such a deep, magnificently-crafted character, and the closest I’ve seen to a ‘character become a real human in all of anime. Every emotion he expresses feels so real to me ( I have cried for him more time then I can count and I have no word to describe how I felt watching him suffering during the Eclipse), and of course this is helped tremendoul by Miruma’s incredible art. I wish I could say SO MUCH more about him, but we’d be here all day and this post is long enough as is. I wait freverently for the day he finally confronts Griffith!

1. Toshiro Hitsugaya - BLEACH

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Well of course I was going to my fictional son at the top of this list! Okay, in all seriousness though, it’s been a weird journey with Toshiro. I started off being indifferent towards him, but when he revealed other facets of himself through the relationships he had with others (in particular his bond with Hinamori), I really started to like him. And now here we are, eight years later and I love this little guy so much that, as a fan of his, I am so proud of how far he has come. He’s one of the most selfless character I’ve seen, willing to put anything on the line for those he cares about and push himelf to his limit to become stronger…and he’s only a kid (by Shinigami standards)!! I could go on all day about him, but I’ll leave that to my other posts where I’ve talked about his character and development. He, along with Momo, holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart.

I tag @sakura-warrior, @herprettysmile, @ishiyo, @xxhanabifireworksxx  and @johnnysjoestar if you guys want to do this :D

This is my first reaction post, so just for good measure: I am not an all-knowing god, I can’t possibly /know/ what idols think, this is just how I believe they’d react uwu

(NCT is a very large group, so I chose to just do NCT 127 <3)


He would be kinda quiet about it, but would instantly know what was wrong, as soon he saw you writhing and groaning in bed. Without a word he’d get up, run a warm bath and force you in it. While you were in the bath, he’d make you a delicious breakfast (more delicious than usual). He’d insist you spend the entire day relaxing, and would do all the housework himself. He wouldn’t be very talkative, fearing that he’d somehow make it worse, but once in a while he’d send you loving glances to let you know he was there for you.


He wouldn’t hesitate to run to the store for tampons and chocolate to ease the pain - he’d even walk to the cash register with a confident smile planted on his face, thinking “hell yeah I’m the best boyfriend ever, get on my level,” to himself. He’d do anything to make you smile and forget about the pain, telling one cheesy joke after the other. He’ll then put on an anime for you to watch, but gets a “great” idea halfway through it and tries convincing you that making you with someone you love eases pain;

“Hm, I should call Johnny-oppa then”.

*exaggerated gasp* “the betrayEL!”


this poor child would not know what to do, once you told him the reason for your stomach ache. At first he’d try to distract you by initiating a tickle fight, but quickly found out that it only made it worse. He’d kinda avoid talking about it, and act like it was something like a regular stomach ache, but would deeply wish he could just man up and be there for his lady.

“Do you, like, need some painkillers or something” he’d ask awkwardly, wanting to help at least a little. He would probably call Taeyong asking for help, but would then proceed to whine on the phone when the older laughed at him.


You’d feel the pain the instant you woke up, causing you to groan loudly. Johnny, that was laying besides you with his back to you, responded with another groan. For a while you both just laid there and complained back and worth, like a “who can groan the longest” competition. He’d honestly not know that you were actually in pain, so when you told him he’d jump out of bed and apologize, immediately picking you up - princess style - and shower you in kisses while carrying you to the bathroom where’d he’d run you a warm bath (that he’d probably join you in)

“What? You’re in pain and I need to shower before practice. This saves us time” you had to roll your eyes at him, but you couldn’t possibly feel anything but love for your giant care-bear.


At first he’d feel kinda awkward and would be opposed to pick up tampons for you at the store, when you asked him to with pain in your voice. After enough begging he’d give in and do it though. It took him some time but once he realized you weren’t going to get better any time soon, he finally softened up. He’d sing to you while rubbing soothing circles into your skin, while watching some cheesy movie running in the background, that he had put on to try and make you laugh the pain away.


would try to cheer you up with cringeworthy aegyo, and while it did work to begin with, it’d eventually make you laugh so hard it made the pain worse. He’d then wrap his arms around you and cuddle the pain away - insisting he wouldn’t let go until you felt better. It felt like having a little puppy following you around all the time, and you couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable he was.


It would break his heart knowing you were in pain but he couldn’t help you. To begin with he’d try to comfort you with gentle hugs but it didn’t have much effect. He’d suddenly disappear from the apartment and would be gone for quite a while. You got incredibly sad, thinking he just didn’t want to deal with you, but shortly after he came bag with at least five bags on each arm - all filled with various comfort foods and medicine.

“I might have accidently bought the entire store for you - I didn’t know what else I could do” you then spend the rest of the day cuddling and eating the million cakes he bought you.


After you had told him it was “that time of the month” he’d just kinda stop for a minute and process what you meant, not knowing what to do or how to react. He somehow reached the conclusion that a rational and logical approach would be best, and created a list of methods you could try to ease the pain. You tried dropping hints that you really just wanted him to cuddle you, but he’d be so oblivious until you physically dragged him onto the couch. He finally picked up on what you wanted and started petting your hair, making sure not to leave you until you told him to. 


Much like Haechan, he would have no clue what to do, and would end up frantically wandering around the apartment to collect blankets, tea, painkillers and anything else he could think of to make you feel better.  He’d get so panicked that you’d have to comfort him, instead of the other way around.

(A/N I had a lot of fun writing this, I hope you like it too <3 let me know if you have any requests or feedback! UwU)

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hi do you have like, an all-time favorite anime? like, if u had to pick only one! :D

Hi! If I have to choose only one anime, right now, I’m going to choose without any doubt The Tatami Galaxy.

There are many reasons why I would choose it above all the rest but to put it in a simple way, is probably the only one which I remember with a smile on my face. Is not complex at all, but it’s just wonderful in every way, the animation is a miracle and the characters are a blessing without any exaggeration, the soundtrack is very good and it’s completely different from everything you’re going to see in your life. 

For me, this anime is like the lovechild of FLCL and Welcome to the NHK, to give a simple and weird idea about it. Every episode is a possibility, every episode is a travel and each of the characters is presented in a way so consistent that you can’t avoid falling in love with them. 

The way the story is told is accurate and adequate, it is not complicated and focuses more on detailing the life of a University student in a way that you may never see again. Explore things from the modern day life of the average young adult like: relationships, friends, work, sexuality and many others.

The main character is an anti-hero but still can be developed with personality and fixed objectives, his best friend is a very singular character and a perfect catalyst for the protagonist, the main girl was perfectly well written and her personality goes out of everything seen, the same for the rest of the characters, they’re colorful, represent different ideas and are very unique. Absolutely all are deep and charismatic, you are going to love them.  

This anime is an artistic journey that never loses its point of view of reality, maintaining a perfect balance between them. It’s a mature series with a bit of dark comedy, legitimate romance, real drama and the conclusion being simply fantastic and satisfactory. 

The Tatami Galaxy is a rarity, something different that breaks with the stereotypes and saturated archetypes of the anime. A perfect mix between presentation and script, that makes you get the message very satisfactorily. 

It’s one of the best experiences that animation could offer to you as a whole.

Please, everyone, watch it. And listen to this.

lazy day | danisnotonfire

word count: 674
tw: none
note: hi! this is my first time posting any actual writing on here, hopefully it doesnt suck?? tell me ur thoughts please

The sun was mostly being blocked out by the dark curtains, and the faint sound of a fire engine racing down the busy streets of London could be heard. You opened your eyes, smiling to yourself when you could feel an arm wrapped around your stomach. Slowly rolling over onto your other side, you saw your still-sleeping boyfriend, his curly brown hair messily covering his forehead. His soft, pink lips were slightly parted, his chest rising and falling with each breath he took. You quietly laughed to yourself, thinking about how cute he looked.

Although, it didn’t last for long. Dan opened his eyes, a smile appearing on his face instantly when he saw you, only a few centimetres away from him.

“Morning,” he whispered, his voice weak and unsteady from having just woken up.

“Mm, hello,” you answered, lightly tapping the tip of his nose, laughing when he groaned in annoyance. You knew Dan thought it was ‘sickeningly cute’, so you did it just to tease him (although you knew he secretly didn’t mind).

You stayed like that, lying next to each other in a comfortable silence, for what seemed like hours, which in reality was only a few mere seconds. Your eyes wandered towards the clock sitting on the bedside table. 11:24AM.

“Aren’t we supposed to go shopping today?” you ask. “Remember? Video stuff?”

Dan sighed, pulling you closer. “Five more minutes?”

You reluctantly gave in, pulling the blankets further up.

Five minutes turned into ten, which turned into half an hour. Then, you decided that you didn’t really want to leave the house today anyway. Dan didn’t seem to mind either.

“Can’t we just have, like, a lazy a day or something? Watch movies and stuff?” he suggested, pressing a light kiss to your neck.

“We do that anyway, Dan.” You let out a small laugh, shaking your head. “But sure, I’m up for it.”

It had been almost half an hour later when you and Dan had both dragged yourselves out of bed. The apartment was quit old, and you were enthusiastic about the idea of leaving a perfectly warm bed. Dan had brought along a blanket that you were currently snuggled up under, your head resting on his shoulder. Dan had also decided to make popcorn, and a bowl was sitting on his lap, you occasionally taking a handful.

You were watching Yuri!!! On Ice, which you had both debated on, but Dan had won because he promised you that he would buy you ice cream later.

Your eyes were focused on the TV, but occasionally you would notice Dan looking over at you. Once you saw him again, you faced him, a small smile tugging on your lips.

“What?” You questioned.

“Nothing,” Dan shook his head, turning back to the anime. “Nothing at all.”

“I better not have, like, popcorn dust on my face.” You wiped your mouth with your hand, just in case, earning a laugh from your boyfriend. “What now?”

“There’s no ‘popcorn dust’ on your face, Y/N. I was just, y'know, looking at you.”

“Well, no shit.” You threw a piece of popcorn at him.

“Hey, that was uncalled for,” he laughed, moving the popcorn bowl from his lap and putting it on the coffee table. He paused for a second, smirking, and then grabbed a hand full of popcorn.

The smile dropped from your face, you knew exactly was happening. “Dan, no! I’m sorry, please-”

Ignoring your protests, he threw the handful of popcorn at you.

“Dan,” you whined. “I said I was sorry!”

After that, you collected all of the popcorn pieces (some had completely missed you, falling onto the couch) and putting them on the coffee table. Dan had helped you.

After that you had moved back to beside Dan, as he put his arm around you. It was silent again, besides the noise coming from the TV. A few minutes passed, when Dan surprised you, his mouth moving closer to your ear.

“I was staring at you because you’re beautiful.”

Hello friends! For the past three years I’ve been bringing you spooky and creepy cute magical girls to watch for the season. 

The list is dwindling after the last two years but I have some more.

This year is gonna focus less on cutesy witches and more on horror (gore, psychological horror, etc.). As always I’m sticking to mostly animated series (last year’s had webcomics)

You can see my other list here:

So onto the list:

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So. I guess I hit 200 today.

“A hero is only as great as the men who stand behind him.”

Wow. 200 followers already. Who would’ve thought? I’ve had this blog maybe a little over a month, and it’s definitely been the most loving and accepting community I’ve ever been apart of. 

You’ll have to forgive the terrible graphic. Edits definitely aren’t my thing. (Also, the fond was called ‘Making a Hero’. I had to.) 

There are so many wonderful people I’ve had the chance to talk to, so this is going to be long as shit and really, really gay. Strap in folks. 

ALSO. I tried to be cool and do this whole thing in smalltext and bigtext but I fucked it up and after spending an hour on fixing the formatting to be readable again I decided to give up and post it as-is. So sorry about this thing being such a disaster. It’s just like me.

Edit: Tumblr was dumb and didn’t tag half the people in here probably. Tried to fix that. If you get a double notification, I’m sorry!!

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YOI First Anniversary

It’s October 5th here which means it’s 1 year since Yuri!!! on Ice first aired. Hoh boy has it turned my anime life upside down.

I came in late at Episode 5, mainly because so many people on my dash were talking about Kenjirou Minami and how much of a chicken nugget he is (the fact that he shares seiyuu with Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man: Hallow isn’t helping one bit). I do check the tags a lot and noticed that every week, the tags for Yuri!!! on Ice keep trending every damn week. Most anime trend at least once during their entire run if they’re lucky enough. So, giving in to curiosity and thinking this is going to be a one-off, I decided to watch Episode 5.

And then I got hooked.

Normally, I steer clear of sports anime. I’m not a sports anime person (I’m more of performing arts and choir), so why would I pick up sports anime? Anyway I was soon begging my sister to watch the 1st 4 episodes with me. Well, turns out she got ensnared in YOI’s net at Episode 4, but never mind that - we did it anyway. The more I watched, the more I understood why so many people were excited about this show about figure skating. It was irresistible and kept dragging you in. Imagine being lured by a siren call and that’s YOI for ya. 

Then came Episode 7. The internet exploded and it was glorious. As Yuri!!! on Ice kept bringing in more bombs to the frontlines, the more everyone I knew got talking about it, some even to no end. By the time Episode 10 aired and we got one hell of a plot twist, a beautiful perspective flip and an EFFIN’ ENGAGEMENT, it’s very clear that unless you’re Haikyuu S3 or Natsume’s Book of Friends S5 or you managed to slightly resist, you’re basically doomed to obscurity/be more of an interest after the Fall 2016 season. And when Episode 12 aired and the Internet crashed, YOI managed to get to No. 2 of my Top 10 All-Time Favourite Anime list and not only became Anime of the Season, but also Anime of the Year (or maybe Decade). Sometime earlier this year, it managed to get to the Top, and it’s been there since with no other competition.

To date, it’s that one positive anime that has seriously changed my life, and for the better. I follow figure skating as a sport now. I have ditched a number of dark shows in favour of lighter ones (though that isn’t stopping me from adding more…). I smile more now. I found more friends because of it. This is the one show I’ll always feel as though I’m watching it for the first time and always puts a smile to my face. If it weren’t for Yuri!!! on Ice, my mental landscape would be a lot darker than it is. 

Thank you, Yuri!!! on Ice. Thank you Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsurou Kubo for creating this blessing. And I can’t wait till the movie is released.

Pft! Monday’s back! Blargh! 😽😝 This my Monday face how about you? My little grumpy kitty may be grumps but I hope he puts a smile on your face! I took a fan suggestion and decided to name him “Bowie”! Hi fives to you lovely for the inspired name!! 😙🙌💖 Now this little guy is ready for his debut at #SDCC with my other paintings and goodies at my booth. #4723. It’s gonna be so much fun!! I can’t wait 😘

Earrings - a very short rocketshippy oneshot

Really short story about Jessie’s earrings and where they’re from.


James observed his mother carefully applying the first layer of her burgundy lipstick. She looked at herself in the mirror, reaching for her make-up accessories and eventually setting it with a dusting of powder. His mother was graceful and comely, the least you could expect from a real noblewoman. She opened the porcelain casket where she used to store her precious and unpayable jewellery. Gifts from her attentive and careful husband, souvenirs and small surprises to settle her sometimes quick temper. Her son got a glimpse of the two sparkling emerald green earrings. His father had brought them from a business trip in China. She hardly ever wore them, they would make her ears look so big and bulky, so she said. James had to seize them, his mother wouldn’t care if they got lost, but he would be in possession of a present for Jessiebelle, his inamorata. He hid behind the vanity, waiting for his mother to leave the room and welcome her guests. Her son, that little scoundrel, was clever and knew where she kept the key to the casket. The lavender-haired boy picked the lock and pilfered the earrings, certain to impress his future wife with his loot.

This all happened long before James developed a taste for Jessiebelle’s behaviour and intentions. She was dominant, almost firghtening. She had clear ideas of their life as a married couple. James had to obey, he wasn’t allowed to defy her, he wasn’t allowed to voice his opinion. He would be a man with a truly broken will, a shadow of his former self.

James was able to flee just in time and promised himself that the next time he would give his heart to a woman it would last forever and this woman should receive the emerald green earrings. He became cautious and wary, had difficulties to trust anyone and learned to suppress and hold back emotions – until he met Jessie and Meowth, his partners in crime.

The trio had finally passed the ultimate test and were officially called agents of Team Rocket. Many adventures had gone by, they experienced losses and desperation, but nothing had torn them apart. They shared a deep and loyal friendship, support and encouragment. On Jessie’s birthday, Meowth and James went into a huddle to find the perfect gift. She was delicate, fashion-conscious and sophisticated. She wouldn’t be content with a simple cake and a shabby greeting card, but James had an ace up his sleeve.

He knew Jessie when she had no one to talk to, she had passed secrets on to him. She had told him about her past, her dreadful childhood at the orphanage and the fact that he was the first man who had never left her in the lurch. Jessie had said goodbye so many times, men exploiting her and her benevolence that she became coldhearted and disagreeable. James thought back to his promise. They were close in every way. No one could tell him where or when he would fall in love again, but he assumed that it had already happened. He fished a cardboard box out of his rucksack, placed the earrings in it and wrapped a bow around the box.

Jessie was sitting on the yellowed mattress, convinced that her team mates had completely forgotten about her birthday. James took a seat next to her.
„Here, for you,“ his voice trembled, he was nervous, not knowing how she would react and if it was an appropriate gift for a colleague. She untied the bow and opened the small box in front of her, looking quite surprised while rolling the jewellery inbetween her fingers.

„James, they are wonderful,” she raved about his present, putting them on immediately.
He could see a faint smile on her face. „Where did you get them from?“ she wondered, admiring herself in her hand-mirror. „From my first robbery,” he grinned widely, hoping to deeply impress her. „You stole them for me? You endangered yourself for me?“ she asked. James nodded. „I think you’re the right person to wear them.”


[Blog Translation] Saitō Asuka (2017. 11. 22)

translated by horistardust(^^♪

A favorable opportunity happens to pass by. I don’t have the leisure to think about a good title so i wont bother. An apology from Saito Asuka.

Today, Later at 7pm ~ Daily Tele Lineage.

「A big question from the hundreth million person, Hey! Put up a smile on your face!」Performance will be aired.

3 hour specials!

Iku teru Anime will have a large Gathering! Means, Asuka-chan will also be the lone woman again this time!

Please come everyone, It was very interesting.

And it’s also nice!

My speech has been neatly recorded. I’m really greatful.

In short, It was a very fun recording. ✨

The first, Smile Kora!

Please watch it. (*´ー`*)

Uhm, Everyone. I think you’re not aware of this but…

The truth is, I’ve been asked to be a part of a certain CM.


It’s not. Everyone, You don’t know it yet. Right? There are things that has been seen but,「Don’t tell me, ~ She’s been ~?」Would be what you’ll think, Right?

By the way, But hold on a minute! ( ← What’s this again? )

There was a day, Something like this.

with the Hair stylist that has been taking good care of me,

This’ll appear to be as a Face show NG! So pardon me, i oddly hid their faces. This is a symbol of gratitude from me.

And also, DON.

A real surprise indeed. Even without decorations, To conceal a beautiful girl that’s really obvious just by one look. I’m pretty happy.

Hmm? Perhaps everyone, You already knew?

You should have said so, I’m so happy. ~Arigatou gozai masu ~~。

Just that, Everyone.

As expected from everyone. But, I’m expecting you don’t know that.

Even if you knew, You still haven’t experienced seeing it in personal.

I really had it made!


I’m really happy.

Things like this are very rare, Something you won’t find anywhere.

Unfortunately, This won’t be lined in stores.

But, as a gift, I received several of these.

My mom who loves Snickers, was very happy in many sorts of ways.

I thought about how could i express the delightfulness i had,

I took a good photo with a big smile on my face. But of course, It’s not enough.

In this case,

Let’s ask help from some cute people!

This way, I can portray the delightfulness i had. Also, to completely convey the happiness.

Arigatou gozai masu.

( As a symbol of thanks to the cute members who cooperated with me, I’ll give you a 「Snick-Ashu」each. )

But, Listen to this.

I was very glad because on the moment i asked them to take a picture, they all agreed without having any complaints.

But when i took the picture, They said they also wanted some.

They were all fascinated with「Snick-Ashu」.

Fortunately, I had a several on hand. So i handed them immediately.

I’m not the type that holds on to objects.

The feeling that others wanted it, makes me happy. I wanna immediately give it.

Asuka chan’s Choro was just a glimpse of moment.

That’s all.

The only notice to be announced this time is that 10 minutes after this, 「Hey! Put a smile on your face!」recording will be on air and

I’ll tell this now, at this timing a CM will be recording and will be coming out soon and, I’m happy about 「Snick-Ashu」.


「Ware, Any thoughts about the Tokyo Dome」

I fully understand but, (↑My Hair Stylist)


I must say this year was rather good for me. I think I grew alot <3 My only new years resolution is to make 2015 better than 2014 

SENPAI TELL ME IM PRETTY  and i put captions on all pictures in case curious about shiz

Happy New Year to all my kawaii children (my followers) and you wonderful peeps of tumblr ~ aaaaand….shit idk. get drunk? don’t listen to me

Anime English Dub Bloopers

Even if you don’t like English Dubs for anime, I recommend watching these because they can easily cheer you up and put a smile on your face. Some are absolutely hilarious! My favourites are Ouran and FMA.

Ouran High School Host Club



  • X // X // X

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Hetalia Paint It White

Black Butler

If anyone has anymore to add, feel free! :D

Chanyeol cuddling imagine (Not requested)

Imagine cuddling chanyeol:

This was the millionth time you two had cuddled but you could see how flushed his cheeks always got when he cuddled you close. Chanyeol loved feeling your hair close to his face. As he put both arms around your waist tightly it reminded him he never wanted to leave and he never wanted to let you go. For you were his happy place - his home.

Life for chanyeol as a celebrity was tiring. However when he came home to you all his worries went away. Talking to you while you were cuddling before bed was a way of releasing all his worries and stress for you were a good listener. And he. He trusted you whole heartedly.

Chanyeol would tell you every inch of his day from the moment he got up to brush his teeth, to when he finally came home at 1 am to knock the door and see if you were still awake. He loved you unconditionally. Occasionally he cried because he felt overwhelmed with his love for you. Today was one of those days. Tears steamed down his rosy cheeks. His yoda ears flushed a bright pink. You asked him sweetly what was wrong. All he could do was pull you into a closer embrace and repeat over and over again how much he loved you.

You were his happy place. The love of his life. And more importantly his fiancé. Chanyeol suddenly laughed and said he was spoiling the mood by going all mushy on you. He told you how much he wanted to travel to Tokyo with you. For he knew how big a fan you were of an anime and how much you liked it.

How you were a sucker for characters you had been watching for over 10 years. Chanyeol always aimed to put a bright smile on your face. Because that’s the reason he fell in love with you. That was when he was most at peace. When you were smiling back at him like a ray of sunshine.

Dan x Reader - I Like Your Drawings of Me

Dan x Reader - I Like Your Drawings Of Me

REQUEST / PROMPT : Reader x dan. Where reader is a huge fan or art and draws dan all the time. Them dan and Phil have been friends forever. Reader had always had a huge thing for dan but didn’t want to mess up their relationship as friends. So they just stare from a distance and draw their heart out. And all the pictures these days seemed to have something in common.. him. One day they weren’t paying attention and dan came over and saw their art. “I-.. I-.. I can explain Dan!” “Can I just kiss you already?”(anon)

I finished another one of my paintings today, this one was for a client and I was to send it over tomorrow. I’m an artist and I’ve been one for long as I could remember, luckily I was able to make a somewhat high sustaining career out of it. But I always distinguished the passion of art and my job, such never stressing out over my work and I was basically your definition of a “chill artist”. After wrapping the canvas up I went to my “personal” drawing drawer and took out an unfinished work of Dan. Dan Howell, him and Phil have been my friends since a long time. I didn’t really think anything of Dan other than a friend, until I asked to draw him and Phil once. He happily agreed and it was just a little sketch that I gave him and he liked it. But little did he know after that I thought that his face was literally a work of art. He was so different and eccentric from the other faces of the world. He had a contrasting face with the dark odd fringe hairstyle along with his long height and his eyes, the vivid chocolate eyes that widen when they gaze. I was wondering what to draw and it just happened that Dan’s general features highlighted what I wanted completely, so now I had this unfinished work of art. Not that I was short, I drew Dan and Phil a lot, heck I drew my friends a lot and even fictional characters. Personal drawings for me was almost always of things that I loved, it so happened that one of them was Dan. I had a pretty significant amount of Dan drawings where I would just admire him from afar, a bit creepy but hey when you see art it deserves to be relished. Dan is funny, articulate and smart, not to mention the way he speaks and think makes me admire him all over again. Although he could never know, I love him… well as much as you can for a friend but I just loved him, who he is and what he stands for and how’s he like. He’s an easily lovable person.

DING! A calendar notification “Hang with D&P tomorrow @2:30pm”

I lightly smile at my phone and then look at the time, seems I’ve been daydreaming for twenty minutes and only got 2 minor details finished. I laugh softly and then make my way to get ready for bed, change into my pajamas and sleep.

Today I would be going to Dan and Phil’s house, I had a small breakfast at around 10pm, browsed the internet and then worked on some work pieces for an hour. It was a pretty relaxed morning, but now it’s 1:30 and I need to get ready to go since the car will be over at 2:00. I change into some lightly ripped jeans, a top with a coat over and a scarf. I pick out some zipper boots and finish curling my eyelashes. I have 5 minutes left as I pick up my bag, consisting of my art supplies that held a collection of black ink items and some colored pencils, a wallet wth my portable charger. I quickly grab my sketchbook, and smaller notebook to throw it in and then lock my flat as my phone dings letting me know the cab is here.

I slightly wander off on the ride over after very minimal conversation at the start and then I get to Dan and Phil’s flat. I walk over and ring the doorbell to see Dan open the door and welcome me with open arms.
“y/n!” He smiles greeting me, wearing a jumper with his classic black skinny jeans.
“Hiiiii.” I say with a friendliness.
We hug briskly as Phil sees us coming up the stairs, popping his head out from the kitchen to shout, “Hello!”
Then I hear something drop and a faint, “Oh crap,” as Dan shakes his head and we both chuckle.

We catch up immediately and talk for awhile even though I last saw them about a week ago. However in that short space of time, they had already been to two different places in Europe, had new merchandise and lending plans that sounded amazing. Both of them asked my about my art and I showed them some finished pieces on my phone, to their liking. But, for majority of the chat it’s just casual conversation between close friends. We laughed and joked on random things, talked about pop culture and all our favorite shows. After finishing our talk in the lounge and the tea that Phil so graciously offered, he had to run off.

“Alright guys, I gotta go get ready.” Phil yawned as he rose from his seat. Phil told me earlier he had to get some work done and go to a meeting.
“Ok bye Phil.” Dan commented relaxed.
“Bye Phil!” I added waving as he made his way downstairs to the taxi waiting for him.

“So what ya wanna do now?” Dan asked looking up from his phone, and I was somewhat lost in a daze gazing at him as he sat behind the burning fireplace, such a pleasant scene.
“y/n?” He called over looking over and squinting his eyes playfully.
“Oh, huh?” I snapped back into reality, not that it was too smooth. I hope I wasn’t staring or if I was not too hard.
“Yeah, sure let’s watch something.” I suggested as Dan shrugged with a sneaky cute smile on his face.
“Or… we could play Mario Kart.” Dan proclaimed holding up the game disk and I laughed.
“Okay sure, but you’re probably going to win anyways.” I told him and he chuckled as he came over to hand me the controller.
In the friendly somewhat long competition, I won twice and the other 4 times Dan took the crown. Afterwards, we talked and Dan put on some anime. We had a light marathon in the background whilst Dan scrolled on Tumblr and I drew on my sketchbook. While I told him it was “just a sketch” and “work”, little did he know I was admiring him from the side.

Dan customarily sat on his sofa side while I sat on the opposite so he couldn’t see what I was doing. We talked about life and occasionally giggled at the anime characters, as I continued drawing him. It was almost unconsciously, like a perfect habit with a pretty outcome. I studied his face once again, still finding new things I never seen before and drawing them as I pled. It was now almost 6pm, but I was a bit sleepy and Dan left to grab something from his room and to get us some Ribena. I yawned and leaned back into the soft sofa, only letting myself slip for a moment. I placed down my sketch board since Dan was out of the room. I stretched a bit and closed my eyes, drifting off unknowingly.

“y/n. y/n?” I heard Dan’s voice gently as he sat beside me and I sleepily moved my eyes up to his face and there was now a slightly curl in hair, making him even more adorable.
“Hmm?” I shot up and instantly remembered the sketchbook next to me and all the drawings stuffed inside of it. Just my luck that when I jumped up in panic which caused me to knock the sketchbook go the floor with its contents dispelling. The contents of my personal drawings, but also the collection of the one with Dan’s face. There was a piece with four of his different expressions all blended and colored into a collage, random doodles, sketches, really detailed closeups and everything I didn’t want him to see. I rush to pick them up and so does Dan being the gentleman he is.

“Oh, let me help you.” He put down the Ribena filled glasses and instantly bends down. The chill artist me was no longer intact, I was not chill.
“It’s fine. I got it.” I try speak smoothly to no avail. Then I see him gathering them up and going through at least 4 of my drawings of him, then passing me my sketchbook which happens to show another lot and the one I was currently working on. Dan doesn’t say anything for a moment, and just looks confused then curious.
“I like your drawings of me…” Dan slightly smirks for reasons I don’t know, as if something’s been confirmed. I just cringe with too much nervous to comprehend his compliment.
“I-.. I-.. I can explain Dan!” I stammered trying to save myself, rushing to put the papers back in there place. But Dan didn’t respond, instead he just handed them back over to a red faced me. I place them in my bag neatly, and then embarrassingly look at him. Waiting for his questions and disturbance, I am met with the opposite.
“Can I just kiss you already?” Dan confided me while gulped with my eyes wide.
“What?” I questioned him, too confused for my own good.
“Don’t you owe me for you using my face so much?” Dan suggested jokingly and I rolled my eyes.
“A kiss from me is your preferred form of payment?” I ask slyly as Dan nods.
“Mhhhhmmmm.” He mumbles causing me to slightly giggle before showing my approval.
Dan the puts his hand on my cheek as I lean my head back into the kiss as his lips come over to me. His lips feel amazing atop of mine, and the kiss is gracefully enjoyable with me wanting to savor every moment. After our kiss, I grin at him and he gazes into my eyes.

“You knew?” I asked.
“I mean you kinda kept looking over to me then drawing in your paper. Like a lot.” He answered amused. I shook my head and leaned into his chest to hide my blushing face.
“You’re okay with it?” I stuttered muffling into his jumper.
“Of course, but only if I get your kisses in return.” Dan elaborated eagerly with a big smile and kiss on my cheek.
“Gladly.” I declared gushing with happiness all over my cheeks, as Dan puts his face closer to mine once again and ours lips collide. I wasn’t an artist in this moment, instead I was the apart of the art. Dan and I are the masterpiece and it’s a hundred times better than observing from the outside. We are the art.


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