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hi do you have like, an all-time favorite anime? like, if u had to pick only one! :D

Hi! If I have to choose only one anime, right now, I’m going to choose without any doubt The Tatami Galaxy.

There are many reasons why I would choose it above all the rest but to put it in a simple way, is probably the only one which I remember with a smile on my face. Is not complex at all, but it’s just wonderful in every way, the animation is a miracle and the characters are a blessing without any exaggeration, the soundtrack is very good and it’s completely different from everything you’re going to see in your life. 

For me, this anime is like the lovechild of FLCL and Welcome to the NHK, to give a simple and weird idea about it. Every episode is a possibility, every episode is a travel and each of the characters is presented in a way so consistent that you can’t avoid falling in love with them. 

The way the story is told is accurate and adequate, it is not complicated and focuses more on detailing the life of a University student in a way that you may never see again. Explore things from the modern day life of the average young adult like: relationships, friends, work, sexuality and many others.

The main character is an anti-hero but still can be developed with personality and fixed objectives, his best friend is a very singular character and a perfect catalyst for the protagonist, the main girl was perfectly well written and her personality goes out of everything seen, the same for the rest of the characters, they’re colorful, represent different ideas and are very unique. Absolutely all are deep and charismatic, you are going to love them.  

This anime is an artistic journey that never loses its point of view of reality, maintaining a perfect balance between them. It’s a mature series with a bit of dark comedy, legitimate romance, real drama and the conclusion being simply fantastic and satisfactory. 

The Tatami Galaxy is a rarity, something different that breaks with the stereotypes and saturated archetypes of the anime. A perfect mix between presentation and script, that makes you get the message very satisfactorily. 

It’s one of the best experiences that animation could offer to you as a whole.

Please, everyone, watch it. And listen to this.

lazy day | danisnotonfire

word count: 674
tw: none
note: hi! this is my first time posting any actual writing on here, hopefully it doesnt suck?? tell me ur thoughts please

The sun was mostly being blocked out by the dark curtains, and the faint sound of a fire engine racing down the busy streets of London could be heard. You opened your eyes, smiling to yourself when you could feel an arm wrapped around your stomach. Slowly rolling over onto your other side, you saw your still-sleeping boyfriend, his curly brown hair messily covering his forehead. His soft, pink lips were slightly parted, his chest rising and falling with each breath he took. You quietly laughed to yourself, thinking about how cute he looked.

Although, it didn’t last for long. Dan opened his eyes, a smile appearing on his face instantly when he saw you, only a few centimetres away from him.

“Morning,” he whispered, his voice weak and unsteady from having just woken up.

“Mm, hello,” you answered, lightly tapping the tip of his nose, laughing when he groaned in annoyance. You knew Dan thought it was ‘sickeningly cute’, so you did it just to tease him (although you knew he secretly didn’t mind).

You stayed like that, lying next to each other in a comfortable silence, for what seemed like hours, which in reality was only a few mere seconds. Your eyes wandered towards the clock sitting on the bedside table. 11:24AM.

“Aren’t we supposed to go shopping today?” you ask. “Remember? Video stuff?”

Dan sighed, pulling you closer. “Five more minutes?”

You reluctantly gave in, pulling the blankets further up.

Five minutes turned into ten, which turned into half an hour. Then, you decided that you didn’t really want to leave the house today anyway. Dan didn’t seem to mind either.

“Can’t we just have, like, a lazy a day or something? Watch movies and stuff?” he suggested, pressing a light kiss to your neck.

“We do that anyway, Dan.” You let out a small laugh, shaking your head. “But sure, I’m up for it.”

It had been almost half an hour later when you and Dan had both dragged yourselves out of bed. The apartment was quit old, and you were enthusiastic about the idea of leaving a perfectly warm bed. Dan had brought along a blanket that you were currently snuggled up under, your head resting on his shoulder. Dan had also decided to make popcorn, and a bowl was sitting on his lap, you occasionally taking a handful.

You were watching Yuri!!! On Ice, which you had both debated on, but Dan had won because he promised you that he would buy you ice cream later.

Your eyes were focused on the TV, but occasionally you would notice Dan looking over at you. Once you saw him again, you faced him, a small smile tugging on your lips.

“What?” You questioned.

“Nothing,” Dan shook his head, turning back to the anime. “Nothing at all.”

“I better not have, like, popcorn dust on my face.” You wiped your mouth with your hand, just in case, earning a laugh from your boyfriend. “What now?”

“There’s no ‘popcorn dust’ on your face, Y/N. I was just, y'know, looking at you.”

“Well, no shit.” You threw a piece of popcorn at him.

“Hey, that was uncalled for,” he laughed, moving the popcorn bowl from his lap and putting it on the coffee table. He paused for a second, smirking, and then grabbed a hand full of popcorn.

The smile dropped from your face, you knew exactly was happening. “Dan, no! I’m sorry, please-”

Ignoring your protests, he threw the handful of popcorn at you.

“Dan,” you whined. “I said I was sorry!”

After that, you collected all of the popcorn pieces (some had completely missed you, falling onto the couch) and putting them on the coffee table. Dan had helped you.

After that you had moved back to beside Dan, as he put his arm around you. It was silent again, besides the noise coming from the TV. A few minutes passed, when Dan surprised you, his mouth moving closer to your ear.

“I was staring at you because you’re beautiful.”

Chanyeol cuddling imagine (Not requested)

Imagine cuddling chanyeol:

This was the millionth time you two had cuddled but you could see how flushed his cheeks always got when he cuddled you close. Chanyeol loved feeling your hair close to his face. As he put both arms around your waist tightly it reminded him he never wanted to leave and he never wanted to let you go. For you were his happy place - his home.

Life for chanyeol as a celebrity was tiring. However when he came home to you all his worries went away. Talking to you while you were cuddling before bed was a way of releasing all his worries and stress for you were a good listener. And he. He trusted you whole heartedly.

Chanyeol would tell you every inch of his day from the moment he got up to brush his teeth, to when he finally came home at 1 am to knock the door and see if you were still awake. He loved you unconditionally. Occasionally he cried because he felt overwhelmed with his love for you. Today was one of those days. Tears steamed down his rosy cheeks. His yoda ears flushed a bright pink. You asked him sweetly what was wrong. All he could do was pull you into a closer embrace and repeat over and over again how much he loved you.

You were his happy place. The love of his life. And more importantly his fiancé. Chanyeol suddenly laughed and said he was spoiling the mood by going all mushy on you. He told you how much he wanted to travel to Tokyo with you. For he knew how big a fan you were of an anime and how much you liked it.

How you were a sucker for characters you had been watching for over 10 years. Chanyeol always aimed to put a bright smile on your face. Because that’s the reason he fell in love with you. That was when he was most at peace. When you were smiling back at him like a ray of sunshine.


I must say this year was rather good for me. I think I grew alot <3 My only new years resolution is to make 2015 better than 2014 

SENPAI TELL ME IM PRETTY  and i put captions on all pictures in case curious about shiz

Happy New Year to all my kawaii children (my followers) and you wonderful peeps of tumblr ~ aaaaand….shit idk. get drunk? don’t listen to me


  Usually I am in a state of confusion whenever follower milestones occur - and tbh I still am in this case.

 But at the same time, the idea that so many people find this blog enjoyable is a very nice thought on which to start the new year. 

  Thanks for everything this year guys, and here’s to a jolly good 2016!!

Dan x Reader - I Like Your Drawings of Me

Dan x Reader - I Like Your Drawings Of Me

REQUEST / PROMPT : Reader x dan. Where reader is a huge fan or art and draws dan all the time. Them dan and Phil have been friends forever. Reader had always had a huge thing for dan but didn’t want to mess up their relationship as friends. So they just stare from a distance and draw their heart out. And all the pictures these days seemed to have something in common.. him. One day they weren’t paying attention and dan came over and saw their art. “I-.. I-.. I can explain Dan!” “Can I just kiss you already?”(anon)

I finished another one of my paintings today, this one was for a client and I was to send it over tomorrow. I’m an artist and I’ve been one for long as I could remember, luckily I was able to make a somewhat high sustaining career out of it. But I always distinguished the passion of art and my job, such never stressing out over my work and I was basically your definition of a “chill artist”. After wrapping the canvas up I went to my “personal” drawing drawer and took out an unfinished work of Dan. Dan Howell, him and Phil have been my friends since a long time. I didn’t really think anything of Dan other than a friend, until I asked to draw him and Phil once. He happily agreed and it was just a little sketch that I gave him and he liked it. But little did he know after that I thought that his face was literally a work of art. He was so different and eccentric from the other faces of the world. He had a contrasting face with the dark odd fringe hairstyle along with his long height and his eyes, the vivid chocolate eyes that widen when they gaze. I was wondering what to draw and it just happened that Dan’s general features highlighted what I wanted completely, so now I had this unfinished work of art. Not that I was short, I drew Dan and Phil a lot, heck I drew my friends a lot and even fictional characters. Personal drawings for me was almost always of things that I loved, it so happened that one of them was Dan. I had a pretty significant amount of Dan drawings where I would just admire him from afar, a bit creepy but hey when you see art it deserves to be relished. Dan is funny, articulate and smart, not to mention the way he speaks and think makes me admire him all over again. Although he could never know, I love him… well as much as you can for a friend but I just loved him, who he is and what he stands for and how’s he like. He’s an easily lovable person.

DING! A calendar notification “Hang with D&P tomorrow @2:30pm”

I lightly smile at my phone and then look at the time, seems I’ve been daydreaming for twenty minutes and only got 2 minor details finished. I laugh softly and then make my way to get ready for bed, change into my pajamas and sleep.

Today I would be going to Dan and Phil’s house, I had a small breakfast at around 10pm, browsed the internet and then worked on some work pieces for an hour. It was a pretty relaxed morning, but now it’s 1:30 and I need to get ready to go since the car will be over at 2:00. I change into some lightly ripped jeans, a top with a coat over and a scarf. I pick out some zipper boots and finish curling my eyelashes. I have 5 minutes left as I pick up my bag, consisting of my art supplies that held a collection of black ink items and some colored pencils, a wallet wth my portable charger. I quickly grab my sketchbook, and smaller notebook to throw it in and then lock my flat as my phone dings letting me know the cab is here.

I slightly wander off on the ride over after very minimal conversation at the start and then I get to Dan and Phil’s flat. I walk over and ring the doorbell to see Dan open the door and welcome me with open arms.
“y/n!” He smiles greeting me, wearing a jumper with his classic black skinny jeans.
“Hiiiii.” I say with a friendliness.
We hug briskly as Phil sees us coming up the stairs, popping his head out from the kitchen to shout, “Hello!”
Then I hear something drop and a faint, “Oh crap,” as Dan shakes his head and we both chuckle.

We catch up immediately and talk for awhile even though I last saw them about a week ago. However in that short space of time, they had already been to two different places in Europe, had new merchandise and lending plans that sounded amazing. Both of them asked my about my art and I showed them some finished pieces on my phone, to their liking. But, for majority of the chat it’s just casual conversation between close friends. We laughed and joked on random things, talked about pop culture and all our favorite shows. After finishing our talk in the lounge and the tea that Phil so graciously offered, he had to run off.

“Alright guys, I gotta go get ready.” Phil yawned as he rose from his seat. Phil told me earlier he had to get some work done and go to a meeting.
“Ok bye Phil.” Dan commented relaxed.
“Bye Phil!” I added waving as he made his way downstairs to the taxi waiting for him.

“So what ya wanna do now?” Dan asked looking up from his phone, and I was somewhat lost in a daze gazing at him as he sat behind the burning fireplace, such a pleasant scene.
“y/n?” He called over looking over and squinting his eyes playfully.
“Oh, huh?” I snapped back into reality, not that it was too smooth. I hope I wasn’t staring or if I was not too hard.
“Yeah, sure let’s watch something.” I suggested as Dan shrugged with a sneaky cute smile on his face.
“Or… we could play Mario Kart.” Dan proclaimed holding up the game disk and I laughed.
“Okay sure, but you’re probably going to win anyways.” I told him and he chuckled as he came over to hand me the controller.
In the friendly somewhat long competition, I won twice and the other 4 times Dan took the crown. Afterwards, we talked and Dan put on some anime. We had a light marathon in the background whilst Dan scrolled on Tumblr and I drew on my sketchbook. While I told him it was “just a sketch” and “work”, little did he know I was admiring him from the side.

Dan customarily sat on his sofa side while I sat on the opposite so he couldn’t see what I was doing. We talked about life and occasionally giggled at the anime characters, as I continued drawing him. It was almost unconsciously, like a perfect habit with a pretty outcome. I studied his face once again, still finding new things I never seen before and drawing them as I pled. It was now almost 6pm, but I was a bit sleepy and Dan left to grab something from his room and to get us some Ribena. I yawned and leaned back into the soft sofa, only letting myself slip for a moment. I placed down my sketch board since Dan was out of the room. I stretched a bit and closed my eyes, drifting off unknowingly.

“y/n. y/n?” I heard Dan’s voice gently as he sat beside me and I sleepily moved my eyes up to his face and there was now a slightly curl in hair, making him even more adorable.
“Hmm?” I shot up and instantly remembered the sketchbook next to me and all the drawings stuffed inside of it. Just my luck that when I jumped up in panic which caused me to knock the sketchbook go the floor with its contents dispelling. The contents of my personal drawings, but also the collection of the one with Dan’s face. There was a piece with four of his different expressions all blended and colored into a collage, random doodles, sketches, really detailed closeups and everything I didn’t want him to see. I rush to pick them up and so does Dan being the gentleman he is.

“Oh, let me help you.” He put down the Ribena filled glasses and instantly bends down. The chill artist me was no longer intact, I was not chill.
“It’s fine. I got it.” I try speak smoothly to no avail. Then I see him gathering them up and going through at least 4 of my drawings of him, then passing me my sketchbook which happens to show another lot and the one I was currently working on. Dan doesn’t say anything for a moment, and just looks confused then curious.
“I like your drawings of me…” Dan slightly smirks for reasons I don’t know, as if something’s been confirmed. I just cringe with too much nervous to comprehend his compliment.
“I-.. I-.. I can explain Dan!” I stammered trying to save myself, rushing to put the papers back in there place. But Dan didn’t respond, instead he just handed them back over to a red faced me. I place them in my bag neatly, and then embarrassingly look at him. Waiting for his questions and disturbance, I am met with the opposite.
“Can I just kiss you already?” Dan confided me while gulped with my eyes wide.
“What?” I questioned him, too confused for my own good.
“Don’t you owe me for you using my face so much?” Dan suggested jokingly and I rolled my eyes.
“A kiss from me is your preferred form of payment?” I ask slyly as Dan nods.
“Mhhhhmmmm.” He mumbles causing me to slightly giggle before showing my approval.
Dan the puts his hand on my cheek as I lean my head back into the kiss as his lips come over to me. His lips feel amazing atop of mine, and the kiss is gracefully enjoyable with me wanting to savor every moment. After our kiss, I grin at him and he gazes into my eyes.

“You knew?” I asked.
“I mean you kinda kept looking over to me then drawing in your paper. Like a lot.” He answered amused. I shook my head and leaned into his chest to hide my blushing face.
“You’re okay with it?” I stuttered muffling into his jumper.
“Of course, but only if I get your kisses in return.” Dan elaborated eagerly with a big smile and kiss on my cheek.
“Gladly.” I declared gushing with happiness all over my cheeks, as Dan puts his face closer to mine once again and ours lips collide. I wasn’t an artist in this moment, instead I was the apart of the art. Dan and I are the masterpiece and it’s a hundred times better than observing from the outside. We are the art.

The video chat.

It was Saturday night when I sat in my room with my laptop on my lap. I could hear my phone buzzing, and after ignoring it 4 times I realized it must be something pretty important what couldn’t wait.

I picked up my phone seeing 6 messages from Sakura. It better be damn important.

Why do you need me?”

I typed and immediately received an answer; it was as if she knew I was going to respond after message number six.

Let’s video chat.”
“Accept my damn calls!”
“I swear to God Sasuke I will kick you in the face!”

I wondered how she was able to multitask. She was being both annoying and frustrating. I accepted her call and soon I was met with her image on my computer. She was brushing her hair and still held her phone in her other hand.

“Finally!” She said annoyed, I wondered why I didn’t block her.  “How are you doing?” She asked with a kind smile.

“Is that your good white top?” I asked. “Have you just stuffed your bra?” I added.

“Shut up!” She snapped. “I just wanted to feel pretty.” She said putting her brush away.

“You are wearing sweat pants…I am hella sure.” I said. She stood up, indeed showing her sweat pants. “Why are you taking the time to stuff your bra and wear your only white top that doesn’t have food stains on it?” I asked.

“I wanted to look pretty… On camera..” She said sitting back down.

“Did your stuff it with toilet paper…There is some sticking out.” I said. “Next time you run out of toilet paper you can use your bra stuffing instead of calling me.”

“Do boys need toilet paper after going number 1?” Sakura asked.

“Do you see toilet paper next to a urinal?” I asked


“There you have your answer, such a hard question.” I said.

“What are you wearing? Is that a ketchup stain?” She asked.

“This is…Obito’s shirt…And that is tomato soup.” I said.

“Are you wearing pants?”

“ Fuck no, I didn’t even brush my hair today.” I said, showing the messy back.

“Ah sure. Hey accept the request.”

“What is that?” I asked as I mindlessly accepted the request she had send me. It wasn’t because I was too lazy to read. I was too busy grabbing the 1,5 L bottle of coke next to drink it. I placed it to my mouth.

“Hello~” I could hear the cheering voice of Naruto, causing me to almost spit the coke out. Though I refused to open my mouth, causing the coke to come from my nose…I welcomed the nickname my brain gave me “coke nose” I heard laughter as stood up and grabbed a towel.

“SAKURA!!” I snapped.

“Neh, neh Sasuke, I didn’t mean to scare you.” I could hear Naruto say, followed by a cheerful laughter. I crawled back in bed.

“Were you sleeping?” Naruto asked as he smiled kindly.

“Neh, he probably was just watching anime and writing ga-“

“SAKURA!” I called out, causing her to look up with a bored face. “I am waiting for the new update though,” she said with a small smirk.

“Sorry I took so long guys, lipstick isn’t putting itself on.” Ino’s face appeared too, and my eyes were fixated on the panty on the floor in the background…That had a little blood on it. Her room was messy, just like Naruto’s. I looked at Sakura, who suddenly didn’t look so bored. Was I really the only one who sees the panty?  I looked at Naruto, who raised an eyebrow, turning his head slightly away with an uncomfortable look.  Jup he saw it too.

“I know what you saw.” The words just came out my mouth, causing him to look at the camera and then laugh.  “God I thought I was the only one!”

“Eh? Why are you laughing?” Ino asked.

“Nothing,” Naruto said turning his head away. He was typing something, suddenly hearing Kushina call him.  He hid the camera with his hand…I guess he forgot that this didn’t work the same as a phone.

“Mom please, I am talking to my friends.” Naruto said.

“Really, aren’t you going to appreciate that I wash your dirty underwear. Have you smelled you sport socks?!” I could hear Kushina scold him. I was slightly amused seeing that other people got scolded too.

“Ugh…Woman…” Naruto muttered.


“I love you mommy…Thanks you for being my mommy.” Naruto’s voice turned from annoyed teenager to a little mother’s child in less than a second.  “Eeeh…Sorry.” Naruto said as he appeared back on the computer.

“You are aware that by putting your finger on the camera the sound doesn’t just go away?” I felt like I needed to bring it down to him.


“Maybe you should stop playing outside and be an insider like Sasuke,” Sakura said.

“You should talk to my asshole cuz that is the only one that gives a shit about you.” I said.

“Do you make these comebacks up as you go?”

“If you want a cumback for that, you could scrape it off your mother’s teeth.”

“OOOHHH!” Sakura said.

“If you want-“

“Yeah we get it, you make it up as you go,” Ino said.

“Sometimes I like to reuse old ones.” I said.

“Are you home alone?” Naruto asked, moving his head….I wasn’t sure if he tried to see pass his laptop, or if he thought he could see more of my room if he did.

“Am never alone when it gets dark, “I said.

“Where are your brothers, it seems so quiet there. Really I am only child and when I am in my room I can still hear my mom scream,”  Naruto said.

“Itachi is working the night shift in the hospital. Zuna and Maddy went to my aunt’s house and Obito and Shisui are downstairs,” I said, “And I…I am in bed.” I said pulling the blankets over me, so I covered up until my neck. “It is warm.”

We kept talking for a few hours, though Sakura and Ino did most of the talking. She ended up going to bed around 12 am. Sakura left only half an hour later, leaving Naruto and me alone. We kept talking a little longer. I enjoyed talking to him one on one; most times other people were involved in it. I was slightly afraid that I was just holding on to the conversation, I didn’t want it to end, but I didn’t want to be annoying. I decided to use the. “I am going to bed” excuse.

“Sleep tight,” He waved as I minimalized him in order to turn it off. My eyes caught my mom’s flute on the ground. I got up from the bed, putting my laptop on the corner of my desk. I walked towards it and picked it up. I guess the box fell off my desk and opened on the ground. i wanted to put it back in the box, but the memories appeared in my head of the times she tries to teach me.

I say try because my childish mind didn’t want to face failure. Having seen Itachi play, I didn’t want to even begin playing. I was forced to try it a few months. I remember how angry she was. She had slapped me in my face, but of course she was angry when I threw her expensive flute on the ground. I could still see the scratches on it. I never explained her why I didn’t want to play. Maybe she would have understood me better if I did. But then, how stupid would it sound if I had told her I was never going to be anything like Itachi. I wasn’t granted with the talent and I didn’t want to be scolded for it.  

I sighed putting is closer flute close to my mouth. I  could play it now, still not as well as Itachi could, but I realized I don’t have to surpass him. Someone who could jump over a railing wasn’t going to try to jump over the moon. The same was with me. I stopped playing, putting the flute back in the box and putting it on my table. I turn the light off as I crawled under the blankets, closing my eyes. Suddenly the door opened and the light were turned back on.




“Sasuke!” Both Obito and Shisui kept shouting my name.

“What?! Hey!!” I was annoyed when Obito crawled in my bed, and Shisui claimed his place on the middle, using my lap to hide his face. “What happened?” I asked.

“Well, remember that movie we were watching?”  Obito asked

“I thought you guys were watching the news?”  I asked, looking at Shisui.

“Well after 10 minutes Obito started getting sad, so we switched channels,” Shisui said.

“So there was a horror movie, and we though..Yeah..We are adults now, we can watch it!” Obito said.

“But it was so scary!” Shisui said, hiding his head back in my lap.

“Now we are seeking your protection from demons,” Obito said.

“Why is that? I can’t punch a demon in the face.”

“Well, we thought..” Obito looked at Shisui.

“That if he came for us… We could …Sort of..Make a deal with him.”  Shisui explained.

“You being a younger and a virgin. Surely he wouldn’t want us impure sons of bitches.” Obito said.

“GET OFF MY BED!”I snapped, wanting to push them, but they both held a leg. “Come on guys! I want to sleep! Sleep time! There is no place for two huge ass babies in my bed. See…This is a one Uchiha only bed!” I said, but they didn’t seem to let go. I guess they were really afraid of the movie they have seen.

“Listen, Izuna..Motherfucking Izuna, sleeps in his own bed when he has seen a horror movie-“

“Fuck no, don’t lie. He doesn’t even see half of the movie because he is hiding behind a couch.” Obito said.

“That might be true though….You guys can stay for 5 minutes.” I muttered. Shisui looked at Obito, who looked at Shisui.

“Damn, we used to spend entire night with you when you were younger. Remember when mom got angry at you and you were crying in your room that night,”  Shisui said.

“Yeah pretty sure if Itachi was scared, you would have let him stay for more than five minutes!” Obito said.

“Itachi-nii is practically a skeleton! He doesn’t occupy half my bed!” I snapped.

“He is calling you fat.” Shisui looked slightly amused at Obito.

“Hell no! You. Just. Did.n’t.” Obito snapped his fingers and I felt the need to bend his fingers so he would scream.

“Ugh…Fine…Stay!” I muttered, regretting it instantly when I laid in the middle of my two brothers in a tiny bed that obviously didn’t fit.

“Sooo…Uncomfortable!” I hissed, getting away from between them.

“Neh Sasuke…Tell us a nice story,” Obito said, wrapping his arms around Shisui.

“I am not Sasuke,” Shisui said.

“I know…You are soft….” Obito said, getting awkwardly close to Shisui’s back, causing Shisui to give me a weird look.

“Fine…Once open a time there were to very good looking guys. One had blond hair and a friendly personality while the other had black hair and a temper. The two were having very kinky butt sex with each other. With foreplay and everything, very hot stuff. But two evil devils captured the writer of the smut and now neither of the two can have an orgasm.”

“Hey one of your classmates has a kind personality and blond hair…Nardo..Narurur…Naruto!” Shisui said as he snapped with his fingers.

“I-I wasn’t talking about him! I was talking about my OTP! MikaYuu!” I said.

“Sasu, will Yuu come?” Obito asked.

“If you leave Sasu-chan alone, he might.” I folded my arms.

“Y’know there would be more space in the bed if we got rid of the body pillow here.” Shisui grabbed my MikaYuu body pillow.

“NOT MY BABIES!” I said grabbing it back.

“Izuna his friend about your body pillow…He said he lost all hope in you,” Obito said.

“Tch.” I hissed, hugging my body pillow.  Obito got in a sitting position, his hand reached for my shirt.

“Is that mine…Yeah it is…Are you wearing undies?” He titled it up.

“Is he?” Shisui asked.

“No…Wanna watch now.” Obito looked at Shisui.

“Frankly…I do.” Shisui wanted to grab my shirt too, but I smacked his hand away. “I am wearing boxers!” I said.

“You lair.” Shisui said.

“You wanted to see his dick, admit it!” Obito teased.

“Of course I do. Last time I have seen it, it was like this.” He separated his fingers 5 cm apart.

“I thought you guys when to the hot springs last week?” Obito asked.

“Yeah that was that last tim-“


“Oh really, show?” Shisui said, looking at Obito.

“You bet your ass I ain’t fucking laying when…..Wait a second-“

“He isn’t as stupid as Itachi says.” Obito laughed.

“You guys are perverts!” I said crossing my arms.

“Let me give you the sex talk.” Obito said, sitting straight.  “It is…AWESOME!”  Obito said as his eyes starting sparkling. “You are missing out on something good!”

“Don’t convince him to have sex. We won’t be able to make an offer with the demon then!” Shisui said.

“I am only 16, stop rubbing it in!” I said.

“Did you hear that?” Obito said, hiding under the blankets.

“It is the demon! He is coming for us!” Shisui said as he hid with Obito.

“There are no demons!”

“Take the virgin!” The both shouted…Right. I should remember when something dangerous happens I shouldn’t count on their protection.  I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, and I screamed.

“NO DEMON DON’T TAKE ME WITH YOU!” I shouted as I closed my eyes and covered my ears.

“What is going on here?” I looked behind me to see Itachi there.

“Nii-san!” I said.

“I was worried…What are you two doing here?” Itachi asked as he took his white coat off and folded it up.  

“The demon sounds like Ita-chan..” Obito whispered.

“I knew deep inside Itachi was a demon, no fucker can be that perfect.”

“What did you say?!” Itachi pulled the blankets off them, causing both of them to scream.

“TAKE HIM HE IS JUICY! HE IS PURE!” Shisui opened one eye…Seeing Itachi. “Oh …Hey Ita.” He leaned towards Obito. “Now we have two virgins to offer.”  Itachi hit Shisui in the head before sitting next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and placed a kiss on my cheek.

“You look tired…Hey..I told you to throw that shirt in the wash..Did you brush your hair?” Aaaannddd the nagging began already.  “Please tell me you at least brushed your teeth.”

“Leave me be..I will shower tomorrow.”

“You didn’t even shower today. That is it Sasuke-“

“Auw! That was my bone!” Itachi snapped as Shisui poked him in the side.

“You really are just bones. What do you eat on a day?”

“I don’t get why he still eats salads…Why?! I would have taken a fucking pizza with me for lunch.” I said.  “But I don’t…Cuz it goes to my fabulous butt right away.” I joked.

“Yeah…That pretty fine.”  Obito said.

“I know right, I don’t even do squads.” I laughed a little.

“You guys make me so tired. Shisui, Obito…Get out of the bed..” They listened as they stood up, though…Their expression went blank when Itachi crawled under my blankets.

“That is unfair!”  Shisui and Obito exclaimed.

“Hnn….I love him the most… I can stay.”  Itachi argued.

“Frankly…I want all of you to leave my bed alone.”

“No…Lay down, so I can wrap my leg around you.” Itachi muttered.

“Hnn…” I almost listened to Itachi before I realized I was not obligated to listen, but it was too late. He hit my elbow, causing me to lose balance and fall next to him. He wrapped an arm around my waist…and wrapped his leg around mine.

“Ugh…This hug is against my will. You will not be able to enjoy it.”

“I am enjoying it.”




“Hey, why can Itachi stay?!” Obito asked.

“Because he is the demon…And we just offered Sasuke to him,” Shisui said.

“I feel bad…I WANT MY LITTLE BROTHER BACK!” Obito tried to jump on the bed, though Shisui stopped him.



“Be loud in another room..” Itachi said waving them away.

“You too!” I said as I pushed him out of my bed…I didn’t expect my push to be so hard… He fell off the bed, wrapping his arms around his stomach.

“you …Little…..Not..kind…Creature…” I could feel how hard he wanted swear. I felt uncomfortable.

“I didn’t mean to…I can’t help you are nothing but bones!” I said.

“Hey are you fine..You really seem hurt.” Shisui kneeled next to Itachi getting him up.

“It will bruise…I will walk around shirtless to make you feel sorry.”

“Izuna will get pretty scared seeing your bones.” Shisui said.


“COME HERE YOU!” Shisui jumped Itachi, pinning him on the ground.

“Fuck all of ya…Am just gonna sleep.” I said as I rolled my back towards them.

“I feel like drawing…ON HIS BACK!” I felt my legs and arms getting grabbed. I tried to break, free but it didn’t work. So now Obito is holding my shoulders on the ground and Shisui my legs..Itachi grabbed a marker and started drawing on my back.

“You are like a canvas.” Itachi being playful was too dangerous for me.


“Hn…I thought the smiley might give you the power to smile more.”  Itachi said, putting the marker away.

“Would drawing a brain on Izuna’s back make him smarter?” Obito asked. I broke free from him, getting Itachi off me and pinning him under me.

“Hey are you wearing undies?” Itachi asked.

“I AM!” I snapped.

“He is.” Obito said. Shisui raised my shirt.

“Yeah..He is…” Shisui added.

“Your crutch feels so warm on my hips.”


“But what if the demons comes!”

“NII-SAN WILL SCARE HIM AWAY!” I shouted, pushing all three of them out of my door before locking it.

I woke up somewhere in the afternoon, yawning as I saw the blankets on the ground and my shirt all the way up my chest. I decided to lay down some more before standing up. I walked to my bottle of coke. Itachi wasn’t here so he wouldn’t’ scold me for drinking coke in the morning.

“Good afternoon sleeping beauty!” I spit the drink out before turning my head to the laptop that was still in the corner of my room, that one corner where you were able to see the entire room. I ran towards the laptop and saw…That I forgot…To…turn off…The video chat.

“It is so cute how you hug your pillow.” Naruto said, his hair was a little messy.

“Y-You could have turned it off from your side!” I snapped feeling my cheeks heat up.

“What…I miss out on the show….Your life should be a reality show-“ I turned the chat off and closed the laptop before going into sulking mode.

God thanks I was too tired to masturbate that night!

Anime English Dub Bloopers

Even if you don’t like English Dubs for anime, I recommend watching these because they can easily cheer you up and put a smile on your face. Some are absolutely hilarious! My favourites are Ouran and FMA.

Ouran High School Host Club



  • X // X // X

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Hetalia Paint It White

Black Butler

If anyone has anymore to add, feel free! :D

Reward ( Taehyung - Rated M )

Hello ♥ This is for anon and woohfantasticbaby who requested either Taehyung or Jimin for this, but a similar Jimin scenario will probably be posted one day - I have a “dice game” in my to-write list so yep. I have no idea how this turned into smut but I guess I feel more comfortable with it now, don’t ask me haha. Anyway I hope you like it !

You have the perfect plan to make Taehyung loses the “Too hot” game.

“Let’s play a game.” you half-nagged half-screamed to your boyfriend even though he was seating in the same room as you.

“Last time we played a game, you were disguised as a koala and I was a panda.” Taehyung replied.

You raised an eyebrow and yawned an umpteenth time at the remaining boredom that had been haunting you for two hours. “But that was your idea.” you brushed off that memory of you chasing after Taehyung in the whole apartment while making koala noises – you had no idea what kind of noises koala make though.

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Rap monster:
you were in your room and rap monster came home, you didnt hear him and he enter the room seeing you watching anime. he didnt want to bother you he smiled cause you looked really cute. he said ‘Babe im home’.

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jhope was taking a shower and you had the time to watch an eps so that you did, when he got out of the shower he saw you watching anime and he was excited he said ‘you love anime?? Your my otaku’ smiled and went to put cloths on.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

As we know v love anime too, so you two were so bored at the evening and then you asked him “tae? I saw a great anime that came a week ago you want to watch it?” He will be super excited to watch anime with you.  he said ‘sure’ he had a big smile on his face and he just looked at how cute otaku you are.

Originally posted by bangtanxk

we know kookie and like v he love anime, so I think jungkook and you will see anime together every friday night. you are with him and he love that u two seeing anime together and you will see anime when you two are cuddling and kissing all around smiling to each other. He would just be in love with your cuteness.

Originally posted by bts-in-motion

Suga was sleeping and you were really bored so u toke your phone out and put an anime, before you could see the eps started and it maked a lot of noise and suga woke up you felt really bad to wake him up. he was really sleepy and asked you ‘what was that?’ you said to him “sorry babe i was bored and i wanted to see anime” youu kissed him for sorry and he smiled and go again to sleep.

Originally posted by jongdaeisabun

you were waiting for jimin to come back home and u were in a middle of an eps,  jimin came and you opened the door huged him and asked him “chimchim im in the middle of an anime eps you want to see it with me pls?” He had a big smile on his face and he nod his head yes. you two went to see and you saw a lot more eps over the night.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jin wanted to make dinner and he asked you what you would like to eat ’ babe can you do this?’ you showed him a pic of ramen in naruto. He smiled at you and said “sure my little otaku” you kissed him and he did you an ramen.


Hello all!

I decided to re-open my commission. Slots are limited for now.
If you are interested, please message me on Tumblr!
If it sounds like something I can do, I will then ask you to fill out the form below.


Name of the character(s) and the work they’re from: 
(*Please specify if there are multiple versions of the characters and their attire!)
Eye color: 
Hair color: 
Any notable physical detail: 
Desired facial expression, pose, etc: 

(*You can even send me photo references, though I will not directly trace upon them. It will end up being slightly different.)
Is there a deadline you need the art by? If so, when?: 
(*Please note that my commission takes at least a week to be completed!)
Any other detail of this order you want me to know: 


Will draw:
- Fanart
- OCs / Fatesonas
- Some skin exposure (ex: tasteful lingerie)
- Furry with some animal parts (ears&tails)

Will not draw:
- Gore
- Mecha
- Complicated armor / weapon / design (with the exception of Fire Emblem)
- Furry
- Questionable subjects
- Other stuff I’m uncomfortable with

Process: I will show you the sketch first (with the exception of Style #2.).
Once you confirm and give me a feedback (ex: change the mouth from smiling to laughing, make sure their bracelet is showing, etc), I will then work on it and show you the revised sketch for the final confirmation (this can be skipped if you didn’t request any changes) and go on to finish the art.
All completed commissions will be delivered via email in a png format, at least 1,000~2,000 pixels, 300 dpi in RGB mode and signed.

* There is a BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT. If you place your order in the month that your birthday is on, I’ll offer you a 10% discount! Happy Birthday!!
* Complicated armors and designs are only OK if it’s FE related (or my other favorite games/anime/manga/etc. I like a lot of stuff so feel free to ask!)
* All prices are subject to change!

* I will start working once you respond to the invoice and complete payment.
* My general completion time is anywhere from a week to a month. With my current schedule, I cannot guarantee anything except I’ll do my best to put a smile on your face with my art, and I hope you will understand!
* Should you cancel the order, please note that I will only offer 50% refund once I start sketching. I will not accept refund requests once the final sketch confirmation is done.
* I hold the right to reject any requests that I am not comfortable with.
* I hold the right to use the art as I see fit (meaning I will most likely post it online, or might even sell it as a print with the exception of your OCs), unless otherwise noted from the client.
* All commissions are limited to PERSONAL USE ONLY, no commercial usage.

* I am familiar with (but am not limited to) the works below:
Fire Emblem: Awakening, Fire Emblem: Fates, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, Pokemon, Vocaloid, The Legend of Zelda, Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica!, Atelier Series (Salburg, Arland and Dusk), Haruka, Angelique, Neo Angelique, Angelique Retour, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Amnesia Memories, Mabinogi, Falcom games (Legend of Heroes, Zwei!!, etc)

I greatly appreciate any kind of support. Have a wonderful day, guys!♥

SLOTS ALL FILLED!! Thank you so much, you lovely people!♥

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 1: Collide

Yuuri didn’t understand it, not really. How did he manage to get Victors attention? He wasn’t anybody. He was just an anxiety-ridden 23 year old trying to get his life back together after a crushing failure that caused him to temporarily lose motivation. Nothing special.

But Victor Nikiforov, his lifelong hero, thought he was.

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Thanks Asshole

Sorry it took me so long to write today, it’s my sister’s birthday.


Warnings: Swearing

I woke up feeling like death, I don’t think I had ever been this sick in my entire life. It was awful. I opted out of getting out of bed and just pulled the covers over my head and tried to go back to sleep.

It wasn’t till about noon that my boyfriend Dan noticed something was up. I normally slept in pretty late when I didn’t have class at Uni, but when I wasn’t up by noon he came to check on me. 

“Y/N? Baby? Are you alrigh- shit you don’t look good.” He looked shocked. Hell, did I really look that bad?

“Yeah, thanks asshole. I’m sick.” I pouted before rolling back over facing the wall. That’s when he came and picked me up bridal style, covers and all. 

“What the fuck are you doing? Dan! Put me down!” I squirmed, but not enough for him to drop me. I hated when he did this.

“Shhh, you’ll see!” Before he plopped me down on the sofa, which he had made super cozy with fluffy pillows and blankets. This actually wasn’t too bad. I had just gotten settled into my sea of softness when Dan had brought in some chicken noodle soup and orange juice.

He placed the little tray in my lap and kissed me on the forehead before taking the space next to me, where he put on anime. He seriously was the best boyfriend. He had even doodled a little stick figure couple on my napkin.

I ate, then he cleaned up the small mess I had before before returning. I laid down with my head in his lap, focusing my attention on his face while he watched anime.

“Dan, I love you.” I smiled, I felt as though some strength had returned after eating. I still felt dead, just, not quite as dead.

He looked down and gave me his adorable signature half smile before chuckling “I love you too, Y/N.”

We stayed like this the remainder of the day, I was falling in and out of slumber, Dan was catching up on all his shows. The few times I woke up, I’d look up at him and just think to myself how perfect this moment was.

How perfect Dan was for me.