this anime needs more love its great

“i can’t believe gekkan shoujo nozaki kun is over what am i suppose to do now???”


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hey ally! i love your art! tbh i think i'm getting addicted to it haha;; your style is the perfect mix of realism and anime-ish style, it's so pretty and alluring. and you are really great at drawing expressions. i am an especially big fan of your bts fanart. but i need more ; A ; especially of the heartwarming taekook and yoonmin you draw. may i ask what one must do to be allowed to follow your other twitter acc (the nsfw one)?

thankyou so much GWAAAA this was a whole paragraph of compliments to melt me ;m; oh oops i forgot to go accept requests on that account LOL just make sure that you’re 18 and older!

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jsyk, otabek is actually 19 lmao. this is why I can't do it, man. 19 y/os do not need to be anywhere near 15 y/o kids romantically or sexually. but as like a future thing like u said, they're super cute.

*raises hands* i read it here idk anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yeah i definitely LOVE the fact that they’re simply friends? AND BESTIES????????!!!! they need to stay this way until yurio hits min. 17 cus man oh man i love their friendship and i need more of it & it’d make for such a great reveal in the end??

Only romantic headcanons i accept are the ones that look like this:


👌 💯