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What is space patrol luluco about?

ahaha it’s like… it’s just super cute ok

it’s like a tiny Trigger anime that came out like last year and it’s 13 episodes and each ep is only 8 minutes long and it’s pretty low budget overall but the thing about Trigger is that they’re fantastic and instead of blowing the budget to splurge on a couple scenes and making the rest look terrible they just adapted the entire anime to be of a simpler cute style but actually completely consistent you know? man Trigger just makes my fave animes based on the animation alone

anyways it’s basically about this middle school girl that kinda accidentally joins the space cops and then has to traverse the galaxy to save her dad with a cute boy she has a crush on and it’s super packed with just blatant references to like every other Trigger anime ever like they pass the planet that the life fibres from Kill la Kill come from etc etc

but yeah it’s cute and fun and short you should try it out if u like Trigger animes but y’know probably only if you like Trigger animes because it has the Trigger sense of humour with sexual innuendos and people getting cartoonishly sliced to pieces in horrifying ways 

My Top 10 Animes of 2016

With every terrible thing that has happen this year (even me personalty) I was so happy to watch these amazing animes that helped me get through this tough year.

1. YURI!!! On ICE

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2. Kiss Him Not Me

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3. Orange

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4. Sakamoto desu ga?

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5. Kiznaiver

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6. Love Live!! Sunshine!

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7. Uta no Prince sama Maji Love Legend Star

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8. Amaama to Inazuma

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9. Prince of Stride

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10. Servamp

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and I can’t wait for Winter 2017 season animes


Color Meme

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So I just wanted to talk a little bit about Ryou and Bakura’s relationship to each other. The anime portrays it as a terribly abusive relationship in which Bakura forcibly takes control of Ryou’s body and does a flawless impersonation of him. But in the manga:

theres evidence to suggest that Bakura did not use force. Instead, he earned Ryou’s trust so that Ryou would put the Ring on willingly. Fast forward to Battle City: 

Ryou isn’t afraid of wearing the Ring, which means he trusts Bakura and thinks of him as a friend. How else would you explain how he’s acting?

And also there’s this: 

Just look at Ryou’s reaction after regaining control of his body! He isn’t scared or confused, which means that he must have willingly allowed Bakura to take control. 

And we all know that Bakura is sickeningly good at deceiving people:

If it worked on Yugi, then it would most likely work on Ryou too. They are both horrendously gullible.

So can we all start writing more fanfictions in which Bakura deceives Ryou instead of using force? There are multiple reasons why deception is better:

`1. Ryou doesn’t haven’t to go through trauma.

2. Ryou isn’t weak, and trying to control him by force would be really hard. Deception makes more sense in Bakura’s point of view because it requires less effort. 

3. Depending on how dark you want to write Bakura’s character, it’s possible to portray tendershipping as non-abusive. You could have Bakura accidentally start to care about Ryou while pretending to be his friend. I doubt it happened in canon, but fanfics can be written that way.

As a side note, Bakura is utterly terrible at impersonating Ryou. Look:

Whenever the Spirit takes control, he always acts like himself and doesn’t even bother to try to impersonate Ryou, and there’s always someone who questions his identity.