this anime is tearing me apart

Alternative Black Girls

In middle school, I used to cry bc they said I wasn’t black enough

I had nothing with me to lean off

Finally the truth has been spoken, the real enemy is you, not them

I know who I am now with the struggles that tugged my mind & almost caused me to be blind

I am just a black girl. The same one who is still the most disrespected

The one who watches anime and play video games,

Listen to rock music, listen to k music, and cosplay my features,

Very quirky but I’m still in the game,

Be kawaii & embrace my melanin,

Maybe you should stop assuming that all black girls are classless & ignorant,

We’ve been silence for so long that we feel the need to express our lives,

But, you don’t wanna hear us but rather see us tear ourselves apart in hell,

We chosen our own destiny & respect all black girls around the world,

Society is the one to blame and they claim to tame me,

But no no,

I’m livin for my lifestyle for that I breathe in the life cycle,

Just to escape this bullshit called reality,

I’m fatality and this is my philosophy,

fandom's life
  • fandoms: *singing at the top of their lungs*

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top 5 anime girls also top 5 anime boys


5. Flora

4. Nicole Watterson

3. Lapis Lazuli

2. Felicia Hardy

1. Korra


5. Hellboy

4. Alucard

3. Wallace

2. Chewbacca

1. Shiro 

never ask me anything like this ever again or i’ll tear you apart with my bare hands

Me upon realization that Mitsukuni and Takashi are the oldest and therefore will graduate before anyone else in the Host Club, meaning that in the future they will not be regularly in episodes, tearing apart this family just as Kaoru feared and predicted for like five episodes now: 

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Hello Squiggly, wanted to add that your art is so fun and alive. An animator's hands are work horses! I just wanted to ask, how do you get over fear of posting your art, as in caring weather people will like it or just regretting posting it at all. It also sometimes makes me abandon art I was hoping to finish. I hope I'm making sense.

You’re making complete sense… and I’m sorry that you are!

Hmm, this is a pretty tricky thing to answer.  While it’s a perfectly understandable concern, I never really HAD any fear of putting my art where people could see it.  In middle school, I frequently put my latest drawings on my locker to show them off (little me was fearless, I guess), and they were usually silly anime things like Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece that I was supposed to be “too old for” at the time.

I should mention that, er, well… they weren’t all received too kindly.  I remember several instances where I’d come to school only to find that somebody had dragged pencils through and across my drawings, tearing them apart and leaving them up for me to see what’d become of them.  It broke my heart, sure, but instead of stopping, I instead learned to start only putting up photocopies of my drawings so that the originals stayed safe.  It was good practice for when I’d eventually be sharing my art elsewhere… like online.

There might be a lesson in that, I guess – there ARE always gonna be some nasty folks who leave less than savory feedback on your art, no matter where you share it, and worse yet, there will be people who don’t even respond at all to it.  But the best thing to do when faced with that is to get even more determined and continue creating and sharing – after all, how else will you eventually reach the people who DO care about your work?

It’s basically the same thing as stage fright – the more you put yourself out there, the less self conscious you’ll get, and the more confident you’ll be that you can handle yourself well in the public eye.

That’s really what my advice boils down to, I guess – just keep at it.  Do what you’re afraid of, and expect that it’s not always gonna be received well.  That’s just life!  And you can’t let it hold you back forever, or you’ll never get to your goal!


I finally get the chance to watch this anime and let me tell you all, I was very satisfied on how they deliver it. Just for your information, I read the manga last year and when I found out that it’s going to have it’s own anime, I was so happy! I know there are some of you that are angry about the deleted ‘steamy scenes’, the editing and how we only saw like one or two kiss shared between Kousuke and Masahiro.

But guys, hear me out; why I think that the anime deliver it so well because it was relatable and it also showed the problems in a teacher-student relationship. Masahiro’s dilemma in trying to keep their relationship from tearing apart but he couldn’t help himself from drowning into his thoughts; asking the why’s, the ifs and would it really work out in the end? The way it was arranged, scene after scene made the audience felt his pain, his train of thoughts. It was believable. Kousuke, on the other hand; tried to be the strong one. If he wavers, then the other party will crumble. He wants to protect his person, telling himself that it will be okay but what he didn’t realized is that he will only hurt himself more. Especially when his job is on the line and it doesn’t help that the age gap is big between them. If they were to be find out, will he still hold on? They balance each other but what they lack right now is proper communication; Masahiro is scared of himself in facing his problems, Kousuke isn’t sure how to deal with his.When it comes in giving advice and push a person in the right direction, he could do it but when it comes from his own, he rather not to be caught up in it.    Why can’t we love in peace? Because having a relationship with your teacher is forbidden and society wouldn’t let you out from it. People will talk. Will stare. Will do anything to point how disgusting and not pure that relationship is. And it shows in Masahiro’s anxiety; his thoughts.

What I really love about their love is how consenting it was. There’s no forcing when that is an occurring thing in the yaoi world (and sometimes the M/F ones) and it was refreshing. The anime made their love pure. One is not overpowering the other and the other was shown to take the first move once in a while. Kousuke is not rushing their relationship. In fact, he was shown to be respecting Masahiro’s space and wishes. He isn’t pushing him either. Until Masahiro is comfortable, he will wait for him. Let me tell you, that’s rare. (in the manga, the love hotel suppose to have the sex scene but the anime shows that they are just snuggling and that’s okay!)

So for those who haven’t watch it or isn’t sure, I promise you it’s good. There might have some bad bumps in it but the good ones are worth it to watch.

P.S If anyone wanted to add more on this post, do it! ^^         

Customers listened to latest record release inside soundproof listening booths, HMV 363 Oxford Street store, London 1955 (LIFE magazine)

Anime and Music / Soundtrack:

Oldies but Goodies:

Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub

Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Jazz Hop

Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Disco

Bossa Nova, Samba, Latin, Flamenco, Fusion, Folk

Post Punk, New Wave, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Punk, Ska Punk

Yuri on Ice actually made my life a lot better or at least got me through my first experience with a loved one passing away. The joy I experienced watching YoI weekly and experiencing it with the fandom really brought me happiness when I was otherwise depressed regarding my grandfathers deteriorating state, death and funeral.

Idk, guys, I’m just really happy that Yuri on Ice is a thing that exists and I can’t believe it has already been a year since it started. It was such a pleasure to watch weekly, wondering if they were gonna actually canonize victuuri and tearing apart the symbolism in each episode. It’s still one of my favourite anime and Victuuri and Otayuri are still two of my favourite ships.

I can’t wait for the movie to come out :)

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Is anime real?

*I used to think so, some time ago.

*Hoping that the magic and beauty of anime was waiting for me outside of the mountain.

*But it didn’t take long until reality hit me hard like the couch i threw at Papyrus yesterday.

*Sadly, anime is not real.

*Saving the world from destruction with the power of friendship and love doesn’t happen here.


*(Shut it.)

*But you gotta learn to find the anime in the little things in life.

*Like going to the beach with your friends for no real reason and tearing things apart with giant swords.

Mob’s relatability is 100%

I never thought I would’ve made a post about how well-written Mob was. I thought about the other characters, however, Mob never stumbled into my line of sight.

Funnily enough, he’s the character that I relate to the most.

Just warning you, there are spoilers in this post!

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I don’t know how to draw hands part one

And I was drawing some futurist bnha - Megaman inspired -

One thing that always crack me up is how anticlimatic is how All Might give Deku One For All “here, eat this”

but I was kinda mad when a group of fandubers who was working in the manga (this was before the anime and in spanish) just SKIPPED that part.

I was like… “Hello, I know what happened but those who didn’t read the manga don’t know how Izuku got the power, you can’t skip the hair part”

Is cool how BNHA tear apart all cliches but is kinda cliche itself. 

Like todoroki sad story while the boys tricked the girls into the cheerleader stuff. 

BNHA is not original, but is original with this fresh touch and is awesome.

Light using the death note
  • anime: NICE
  • drama: this is it. i see now that i have become The Worst. im so sorry. im gonna ruin my entire life and tear what is left of my family apart. there is only one solution left for someone as bad as me. im goNNA FUCKING JUMP DOWN FROM THIS FUCKING BUILDING AND DI E. IM GONNA END EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.

Just days ago someone told me to watch Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso without giving any warning to what this beautiful story would do to my heart. I’ll be honest i had heard about this story many claiming that it was written from the heart, creating such masterpiece. And i’ll give anyone the hands down who has mention that it was written from the heart to tear you apart. I had music from this anime for so long on my computer captivated by the sadness of its tune that i would had never imagine that it would capture me completely leaving linger.

I can’t help but cry while just being done with the story, there’s a part of me that really wishes that Kaori’s faith didn’t end that way but then there’s my other part that realizes the key point of such ending. You know what’s beautiful about this story? The fact that you can feel every emotion that’s being shed to you. It’s like you’re living the story for yourself, like you’re one of the characters. That’s how powerful this story is, it can reaches you, shred you down and fill you with a roller coaster of emotions. It’s a train wreck, but it’s Beautiful.


The Key of Space-Time/Time Key

First appearance: Act 15 (Manga) ; Episode 60 (Anime)

The Key of Space-Time (also known simply as the Time Key) was item that was used by Chibiusa. It allowed her to travel through time via the Door of Space-Time by calling on the Time Guardian (Sailor Pluto) to aid her. To use the Time Key, Chibiusa would shout the incantation “Guardian of time! Tear apart the sky and open the Door of Space-Time to me! I call your true name, the almighty god of time, the guardian of time’s father, Chronos! Guidance to me! Protection to me! The path of light to me!" 

The Key made navigating the otherwise hazardous and maze-like Fourth Dimension easy; it could also immediately transport its user to the Door of Space-Time. The use of the Key in and of itself was a taboo, and bringing others along was even more so. However, Chibiusa never suffered any consequences despite often using the Key to travel between the 30th and 20th Centuries.

In the manga, Chibiusa wore the Time Key on a necklace along with the 30th Century Ginzuishou. The Key originally belonged to Sailor Pluto, who wore many of them on her belt. After the Black Moon Clan attacked Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa stole one of Pluto’s Time Keys and used it to travel back to the 20th Century. Sailor Pluto wasn’t angry, however, and allowed Chibiusa to keep using the Key to time travel. Chibiusa holds onto the Time Key throughout the entire manga.

In the anime, the Time Key’s function and origin are much the same. The Key seemed to be somewhat of a comfort object for Chibiusa, as it was her connection to her home; she would often cling to it whenever she felt nervous or scared. Several times throughout the R season, she would become very homesick and attempt to use the Key to travel back to Crystal Tokyo. However, despite successfully using the Key to travel back to the 20th Century, Chibiusa had a great deal of difficulty mastering the Time Key’s powers. Whenever she tried to use the Key, it would either not work at all, almost work but then drop Chibiusa back down at the last minute, or distort space-time and make Chibiusa’s presence obvious to the enemy. It’s only after Chibiusa makes the decision to trust the Senshi and decide to bring them with her to Crystal Tokyo does she finally gain the confidence needed to use the Time Key. After episode 82, she has no problems using the Key again.

Other notes:

  • In the anime, there is only one known Time Key. In the manga, however, Sailor Pluto wears many of them on her belt and gives one of them to Sailor Moon during the Black Moon arc.
  • It appears as though the Key’s powers are not absolute; in both the anime and manga, its powers were blocked by villains (PallaPalla in the Dream Arc of the manga and Queen Nehellenia in the first part of the Stars season).
  • It’s unknown if anybody can use the Key or if only those with some degree of magical powers can use it (as only Senshi and other characters/villains with powers are shown using it in the series).
  • The Time Key could only bring one to the Door of Space-Time; to actually cross through it, Sailor Pluto’s assistance was needed.