this anime is really really good btw

btw if you didn’t notice
I finished Eureka Seven!! It was super good. If you want a really good romance, mecha, “slightly existential in a good way” anime please watch it. It made me feel a lot of things I can’t put into words all through its run. I’m so proud of them

and I started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine and I love it too fjfjf

and then Eureka got confirmed for a multistage reimagining ala NGE and I can rest o|-<
bones gives so much and asks for so little…


Ok! So yesterday I watched all of Punchline in one sitting because it was REALLY GOOD. 

When I started the first episode I thought it was gonna be some kinda funny ecchi anime without a real story, but I really wanted to see Strange Juice, the cute orange magical girl. So there I go watching the first episode.
It was alright, a lot of panties, but with an interesting start and story. Not too much, just the main character trying to return to his body after being seperated from it. His name is Yuuta btw. He was surprisingly cute.
After that I watched the second episode and there were a lot less panties and accidentally destroying the earth situations. I´m getting curious about what´s gonna happen. 
3rd episode happens and damn I got excited for the 4th one.
4th episode and fuck. I did not expect that. I just. Holy fuck. Just fuck me up tbh. At this point I realize how misleading the opening is. I just keep watching. 

After a few episodes the main character goes back in time and we have to start over. There comes a bit less exciting reveal, although it makes the story very interesting. It just keeps coming.

From this part on you could even forget the first episode was centered about panties so much, apart from the opening which is really not super fitting considering the amount of people who die in this anime. 
At some point all hope is lost and you´re ready to watch the main character die, but then hope is revived and you´re rooting for everyone to save the world. Then the end happens and I´m just gonna deny it´s a thing. 

The story has a trans boy as main character and a gender nonconforming antagonist. There is a robot, a magical girl, a bear cub, a powerful nerdy girl and an amazing necromancer. It has well-developed female characters who are really great in many ways. (apart from the robot being transphobic tho)

Conclusion at the end of the story: There are  6,373,153,741 Yuuta’s in the afterlife and I’m ready to go.

fan-this-spark-into-a-flame  asked:

hey!! can u explain why yoi is bad pls? i wanna know

i dont know why youre asking me (because i think i literally have never expressed my opinion on the matter ?) but uhh

i mean, i dont think its all that bad. its a decent anime, like the music is pretty good i think. like i guess the faults with it lie in the animation and queerbating. really its not the end of the world if its animation isnt top notch.

 lots of animes can still be good without phenomenal animation. love live’s dancing scenes were disturbing and weird but thats like everyone’s favourite anime. i think whats really frustrating is how it won best animation in those crunchyroll awards, because.. it wasnt.

if you take hibike ! euphonium for example, man, that was phenomenal. every scene was just jaw dropping ! (i mean from an aesthetic view btw). now, i dont really understand why yuri on ice one in that section because its animation simply Was Not As Good As Other Animes. i think the fandom misinterpreted best animation with best anime. if you think it was the best anime, sure. but it didnt deserve to win best animation.

so i guess this leads in nicely to the fandom. i think a lot of people call that type of person a “fujoshi”. these are the straight/attracted to masc girls that get some strange gratification out of gay couples. i dont think theres much wrong with shipping two guys with a lot of chemistry. its just the was STRAIGHT girls obsess over them, and end up fetishising them and thinking “wow i am SUCH a good LGBT+ ally !!111!” when really they find the yuri/lesbian ships disgusting and are transphobic. 

not everyone in the fandom are straight girls. the mlm (not marxist-lenin-maoists) who watch it and think “wow representation!!” im like, not mad at them. i totally understand. i watch every anime with even the slightest of shoujo-ai undertones (as someone whos sapphic). like that “kiss” scene was obviously a kiss but for whatever reasons even tho they got married they didnt show it. like. uh, ok. like come on youre doing your gays dirty there, yoi.

i think quickly id like to mention my frustrations at two things. firstly FLIP FLAPPERS SHOULD HAVE FUCKING WON THE BEST ED IN STEAD OF YURI ON ICE-DONT GIVE A SHIT— i mean

uhh, one of them is russian right ? and like, theyre very obviously attracted to dudes. thats like, fucked up because russians get literally pulverised to death by squads of people usually involving police (or at least they consciously turn a blind eye to it) and its just a little ignorant to like have this gay russian bloke totally not be really fearful. i dont know everything on the sitaution and i know japan is sheltered blah blah blah but its just weird.

id like to finish this off saying jesus christ this was way longer than i intended, i really dont like fujoshis but im sure if you nitpick at any anime long enough youd find enough faults to sink a ship and yoi isnt *that bad*

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hey guys, you can call me vani and i decided to finally join the studyblr because you guys just inspired me so much ((lmao sorry i must sound really boring right now)). i’m currently a high school junior and i plan to major in medicine (good luck future me!) 

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