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Hello! :) Congrats on becoming Japan ambassador! 🎉😄 Since you're a japanese (I read your profile :)), I want to ask what stereotypes of Japan/Japanese you've heard and wanted to comment or change the perception of it if you have a chance? I just want to know it straight from the Japanese themselves. Thanks! :) (btw, I really love the little Tama you put in the end of ask 😍😆 he's just like a cute little potato 😆😆)

Hello and thank you! (/・ω・)/ あざっす

Well here’s some top 6 stereotypes of Japan/Japanese I’ve heard or said to me

  • Japanese eat sushi everyday and only eat rice
  • Japanese are really good at drawing in anime/manga style and everyone is an otaku
  • Everyone in Japan are smart, polite and hardworking
  • Japanese people eat whales and sharks frequently
  • Everyone in Japan are skinny and healthy
  • Japanese are bad at English and can’t speak other than Japanese

There’s a lot more but I don’t remember much (笑笑…   ごめん)


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Do you like anime? :3

Well… Yes and no- I mean I used to be crazy for it when I was young.. But now not so- because day by day all anime is getting ridiculous and more ridiculous (the bigger the boobs the bigger popularity they’ll get- which I hate, because almost all anime is about that-) the only anime I follow but through manga is Akatsuki no Yona and Blood lad.. They r the only ones that still managed to catch my attention- I also really recommend to watch them btw cc: they’re so good and their stories about adventure is really interesting~ but in the manga mostly, hehe

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I agree with the points you made about western anime &modern anime, but I'm curious to know what you think about the dub vs sub debate that you mentioned in the tags if you'd like to share :) love your blog btw

Oh, I just really hate the whole ‘subs are so much better than dubs!’ thing like, dubs can be good and often are, jokes can reach audiences better, historical points can be explained more palpably to western audiences, you can even improve the source material if you do it right.

plus, I dunno, I really don’t watch much anime anymore, but when I did I had dyslexia and reading subs was hard for me as they went by so quick but I felt really guilty watching the dubs bc they were ‘lesser’

anyway, especially now that there is much more quality dubbing going on by businesses and talented voice actors, I really don’t believe the subs>dubs thing people were militant about in my day


Ok! So yesterday I watched all of Punchline in one sitting because it was REALLY GOOD. 

When I started the first episode I thought it was gonna be some kinda funny ecchi anime without a real story, but I really wanted to see Strange Juice, the cute orange magical girl. So there I go watching the first episode.
It was alright, a lot of panties, but with an interesting start and story. Not too much, just the main character trying to return to his body after being seperated from it. His name is Yuuta btw. He was surprisingly cute.
After that I watched the second episode and there were a lot less panties and accidentally destroying the earth situations. I´m getting curious about what´s gonna happen. 
3rd episode happens and damn I got excited for the 4th one.
4th episode and fuck. I did not expect that. I just. Holy fuck. Just fuck me up tbh. At this point I realize how misleading the opening is. I just keep watching. 

After a few episodes the main character goes back in time and we have to start over. There comes a bit less exciting reveal, although it makes the story very interesting. It just keeps coming.

From this part on you could even forget the first episode was centered about panties so much, apart from the opening which is really not super fitting considering the amount of people who die in this anime. 
At some point all hope is lost and you´re ready to watch the main character die, but then hope is revived and you´re rooting for everyone to save the world. Then the end happens and I´m just gonna deny it´s a thing. 

The story has a trans boy as main character and a gender nonconforming antagonist. There is a robot, a magical girl, a bear cub, a powerful nerdy girl and an amazing necromancer. It has well-developed female characters who are really great in many ways. (apart from the robot being transphobic tho)

Conclusion at the end of the story: There are  6,373,153,741 Yuuta’s in the afterlife and I’m ready to go.

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Hi! I like watching naruto with dubs from your country. It feels as lively as japanese version! ... any other anime with good dubs in indonesian language senpai? Nice art btw :3

woah is that atcually good?! I’m prefer One piece dubs more tbh, Luffy’s voice look so cute www and maybe eyeshield 21 or hunter x hunter (1999) since back then I watch a lot dub indo more in tv haha and other… im not really sure I forget the show already orz

but some time the voice actor not really well done too, but they trying the best to make the voice really cool , and thank you!!

Voltron Season 2 Theory

Ok so in the trailer for Voltron season 2, Shiro mentions to Keith that if he doesn’t make it Shiro wants Keith to lead Voltron. Now as many theories are out there set to destroy the feelings of fans, I have to disagree with most of them relating to Shiro dying.  

Alright so I’m not sure how many of you guys watched the original Voltron series from the 1980s but there are some MAJOR differences between the two. I’ll list some:

Ok so in this picture we have the original Voltron Paladins:

In Red, we have Keith the leader of Voltron, a classic hero personality that no teenager could possibly have but hey! This is the 80s, any 16-year-old can do anything! Keith leads the black lion that becomes the head of Voltron.

In Blue, we have Lance who basically is nothing like the goofy guy he is in the new series. Lance is grumpy and short tempered, and he is completely jealous of Kieth (Mainly because Kieth is the leader and gets the princess like any other 80s anime.) Being Short tempered Lance leads the Red lion that becomes the arm.

To speed things up Hunk and Pidge are mostly the same, only that Pidge is REALLY short boy. But they both lead the same color lion as their suits.

Alright so now you’re probably thinking ‘So the black is Shiro right?’ 


In the black is a man named Sven. He’s got the personality of what the new Lance is, Sven is the comedic relief UNTIL he’s caught and killed Haggar the witch and her blue demonic cat (I’m not joking she has a blue demon cat that gave me nightmares as a child.) and ‘died’ technically in the Japanese ‘Go lion’ but not in the English ‘Voltron’ where Sven is only extremely injured and sent away to heal though no one knows what happens to him for the next season or two. Princess Allura who looks like this:

Takes over the blue lion for Sven.

Now a lot of people were devastated that Sven ‘died’ (I mean he was a cute little guy with a heavy Scandinavian accent, who’d probably remind you all of ‘Olaf’ from Frozen.) So the people in charge brought him back on the Voltron team.

This is what I believe what DreamWorks is going to do, there going to ‘kill off’ Shiro (who just got on Hagar’s radar after that fight in episode 11 of season 1, may I add). Then they’re going to revert to how Voltron was somewhat in the original series where Keith becomes the leader and takes over the black lion and Princess Allura takes over the red lion (The red lion because she has more of an ‘I’m-an-independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man’ personality in the newer series whereas in the old series she was always screaming for Keith to save her.) Then when we least expect it Shiro will make a comeback somewhat like how Sven did. (Possibly in a third season? If not in the end of season two.) 

Now this is all what I think will happen but I’m not so sure about: Shiro probably won’t be the leader now that Keith is headman, more or less I can see him become a mentor training the crew military style rather than being a paladin, letting the Princess keep her position on the team because the red lion is temperamental with who it picks, so the Princess truly did earn the position much like how Keith will earn the black lion.

And that’s what I think will happen. Let me know what you think!

(BTW for those who think Voltron is just Lion Power Rangers, I will have you know that the ‘Mighty Morphing Power Rangers’ series, the series that kick-started power rangers, was based off of Voltron and a couple other 80s/90s sentai shows. So really it’s more of Dinosaur Voltron. Nooo I’m not a super nerd who was raised by a anime loving mother who showed me 80s/90s anime so I knew my origins)

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