this anime is really really good btw

I WANTED TO CLAP SO BAD BUT I NEEDED BOTH HANDS (why didn’t the crowd clap so the vid would be more hype, damn)

Anyways…I got to give my gift to Tsukuda-sensei but its custom to give it through the manager they said so I did. I couldn’t see his reaction when he received the present cause I kept looking at the ground cause I was kind of shy meeting the author of my favourite series

He signed his autograph on a specialized board oh my god I don’t look nervous but I was on fire.

Me dying on the inside cause we’re so close holy shi- the only thing I could say to him was that I love Shokugeki no Soma a lot. I also told him I can’t decorate cookies so the character cookies were going to look ugly (and they’re really ugly btw but taste good LOL) The manager had to translate. He asked me who my favourite character was after that and I said Souma because i couldn’t really think LOL

Here it is. HERE IT IS. After discovering and following Shokugeki no Soma since chapter 1 all the way until now, finally meeting Tsukuda-sensei was like so much more hype than when the 1st season was announced for anime adaption. I was super happy. My entire purpose of coming to AX was this. It was worth it

The board close up (and I’m going to treasure the heck out of it):

btw i watched Neo Yokio was really good?? it didn’t take itself SO seriously but it also wasn’t just one big parody of a show. The writing and dialogue was SO solid , like i never found myself getting lost in between episodes! also the most important thing, it wasn’t borING.  i hope i dont sound like an asshole but the main reason why i don’t really watch a lot of anime is bc the plot and pacing tend to be either very slow or TOO fast for me. The characters usually aren’t interesting enough to make up for it and i just find myself tuning ouT LOL 

but this show? didn’t really suffer from that at all. it has a great tight and strong story that is easy to follow, a wonderful cast and main character, and creative world building that doesn’t come off as try hard. like from the trailers it looked VERY try hard, but when you watch it you can see that there IS thought put into this universe! 

the only things that could use a lot of work is jaden’s horrible voice actinG LOL. also at first the animation/character design was SO jarring to me, but i quickly got used to it..i think it was just bc the characters were so engaging that it really did make up for the generic style :0

IDK just LIKE…watch it if you have nothing 2 do! it’s a fun time and it’s only 6 eps :9

rosaandchrysan  asked:

Hello! :) Congrats on becoming Japan ambassador! 🎉😄 Since you're a japanese (I read your profile :)), I want to ask what stereotypes of Japan/Japanese you've heard and wanted to comment or change the perception of it if you have a chance? I just want to know it straight from the Japanese themselves. Thanks! :) (btw, I really love the little Tama you put in the end of ask 😍😆 he's just like a cute little potato 😆😆)

Hello and thank you! (/・ω・)/ あざっす

Well here’s some top 6 stereotypes of Japan/Japanese I’ve heard or said to me

  • Japanese eat sushi everyday and only eat rice
  • Japanese are really good at drawing in anime/manga style and everyone is an otaku
  • Everyone in Japan are smart, polite and hardworking
  • Japanese people eat whales and sharks frequently
  • Everyone in Japan are skinny and healthy
  • Japanese are bad at English and can’t speak other than Japanese

There’s a lot more but I don’t remember much (笑笑…   ごめん)


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mybristy  asked:

Hey there! I really loved ur posts they r just amazing ! I was wondering if u could do like RFA guys find out MCs an otaku like a sweet beauty queen in day and a total geek or anime lover at night lol BTW keep up the good work!^v^

Hey sorry it took me so long to answer I’ve been really busy with school (high-key exhausted) but anyways let’s get started 💖

- when you guys first met, he seen you in this beautiful elegant dress
- he was awestruck
-your polite,charming, beautiful, elegant,kind and soft spoken including your smart
°but after dating for awhile and he moves into your house (cause you had another room available and he’s a broke college student so you decided to help out)
He sees your game posters and he sees some
- questions them
Then see anime posters
-ask more questions
-you make him watch NANA
He cries (I cried to that shit was fucked but I recommend it)

-your good looking ass almost killed him
- because he’s like how?? There’s a person more beautiful than me
-your looks almost killed him
-damn if looks can kill I’ll be dead
He screamed being his dramatic ass
Which he faked died and you were
Like boii get that ass up were in public stop
°after dating for awhile
You invite him over his house 😉(get some mc)
I’m sorry
He enters your house
he knew he heard you talking about it with your friend and plus you lent him your Netflix account
You both binged watch fairytale and you accidentally said gray is hot as hell and now zen is shirtless everywhere
*Man if nosebleeds were real
You’d be dead RN

Let’s be honest she watches anime
She was stunned to find out you watch anime too
Cause your so elegant and beautiful she taught you would watch pretty little liars or something
She’s ready
Binge watch anime and drink hot coco
Honestly a little concerned about that body pillow you have of Erza Scarlet in a bikini
(Cause you gay af😘)

Your is queen and your elegant, beautiful and smart
He went on your shared Netflix account and
He asked what anime is
(Your one of them jumin)
I’m sorry
You facepalm
You make him watch black butler
He relates with Sebastian and his love with cats
Buys you every shirt,poster pillow of your favorite anime
High-key jealous that you have a body pillow of Sebastian Michelle in a cat uniform half naked
(He walks in trying to impressed you wearing cat ears—- IS THIS ENOUGH FOR YOU MC LOVE ME)
Wtf jumin

God 707
He already knew
This bitch knows everything
He went threw your history
He seen the stuff you bought (including that body pillow of half naked Levi)
He seen your Netflix account
And he seen that app you use for manga
(Incase you have an Android mangazone is the shit man)
He found his soul mate
Someone to binge watch anime with nonstop
He’s so happy that he can relate to someone
Anime couple goals ™

Btw Pringles made a Ramen Noodle/Cup Noodle chips and Gladio will have a shit ton stored in his bedroom closet bc they're limited edition

Like just imagining trying to get into his walk in closet and when you pry open the door these Pringles block the entire doorway like a goddamn wall.
Gladios eyes glint dangerously as he races back home like some roadrunner shit and is heaving at his bedroom doorway.
“Youve hurt the precious force that protects humans from the gods,” his voice has dropped like seven octaves and he has the dramatic anime shadowing over his eyes. “Leave the room.”
And you’re just like, “What the ACTUAL F U C K GLADIO”
then he slumps to the floor, still and twitching.
You just witnessed an exorcism.

Anime List

Bullet points are the newly added animes.

Italics are Titles

BOLD is for finished, currently watching, and Next.


Inuyasha -my life

Avatar- The Last Airbender -if you count that as anime

The Legend of Kora-if you count this as anime as well

Ouran Highschool Host Club -SO MAD THERE IS NO SEASON 2

B Gata H Kei- WHAT IS UP WITH THESE ANIMES NOT HAVING A SEASON 2, interesting plot btw lmao

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama -sooooooo cute thought it was pretty well executed story

Fruits Basket - very cute and the characters were very well written and developed. although i didn’t really care the lack of plot, i didn’t really care for the main character at all

Aria the Scarlet Ammo- wasn’t my favorite but i loved the main character, he was actually the only character i liked

Amnesia-was pretty good but i was confused like 80% of time

Arcana Famigila- Thought this was a pretty creative plot and I really liked the story line and the characters were rad, I really didn’t know how much i like it until it was over and then I was empty inside)

KamiSama Kiss-LOVED LOVED LOVED, currently waiting on season 3 and I wasn’t sure if I should put this in the finished list or currently watching

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi -my first yaoi anime and I loved it, it was very cute

The K Project- wasn’t sure if this went in finished animes or not because I finished season 1 but I heard there was going to be a season 3. Tbh I thought I was going to hate this but I turned out LOVING IT

Say I Love You- This anime was damn cute and very satisfying to say the least

Hiiro no Kakera (Tamayori Princess)- This one was one of those animes that  I started off hating and ended up loving. It was a little too cheesy for my taste and some of the animation sucked. I also think that the series was not long for what they’re were trying to accomplish at the end because of the lack of development everything seemed rushed. But overall I did enjoy it.


Beyond The Boundary- Really like it, thought it was very well put together for being of of the shorter series

Special A-Very much liked this anime, very funny and entertaining

Itazura Na Kiss-  Okay this anime I liked it at first but it really just turned me off with the amount of like verbal and then physical abuse the main protagonist received by her significant other. I understand where the writer was trying to go with this idea of like the male lead having a tough exterior but then end up being a softy but I think she just overdid it. I really want to love this anime but I can’t and honestly, I couldn’t focus on the story line much becasue I was always thinking about why the main protagonist received so much abuse from an anime that’s not that serious of a drama. And also I don’t appreciate how fast it went along, but ya know its not my story, so you do you Kaoru Tada.

Dance With Devils- I liked it, didn’t have any complaints, was just a typical anime for me tbh nothing special

Monthly Girls Nnozaki Kun- Omg I was so mad about this anime because it really had so much potential to be a good romance story and it literally just went nowhere. NOWHERE. And becasue of that it was pretty boring to me; I found myself hoping that something would actually happen and create some kind of plot 24/7.

Akagami-no-Shirayuki-hime- Very cute, I loved it. I really like the main character.

Seven Deadly Sins- I wasn’t really into this at first but as I got to know the characters more I found I really loved it. The story itself is okay but the characters really are the selling point for this anime.

Vampire Knights- Okay I am going to try and push my bitterness aside about the couple in this anime, though i heard that in the manga my ship is cannon. I like the concept, but main characters who are treated like they need to be protected and nurtured like a child always upset me and that kinda ruined this one for me.


Green Green- It was cute. I think it needed to be developed more, like it shouldn’t have been a short series. Lots of potential to be a lot better. Very short and sweet.

Kiss Him, Not Me -I wasn’t feeling it at first but I warmed up to it. I wish the main character would focus on the romance more though, that’s what I was there for lol.

  • Mayo Chiki- hmm I really like the main character in this one, he was a cute and simple boy next door but other than that there wasn’t anything that stood out about it. It was very average to me. But still it wasn’t bad, nice and short and sweet.

`CURRENTLY WATCHING (longer animes, who knows when I’ll finish):

Bleach-Not my fave anime but i’m already 100 episodes in and theres no stopping me from finishing…Literally haven’t even watched a new episode in like months but I gonna finish it sooner or later. I don’t think I’ll ever get around to finishing bleach tbh lol

Naruto Shippuden- I’ve been watching this for a long time but i made the mistake of watching the dub and i don’t feeling like making that big of a switch to sub so i have to wait and i am probably not gonna finish for like 5 years) And also i’m currently caught up with Gaiden so i guess theres no point in watching anymore but i’m gonna watch anyways. but this is one of my fave animes of all time

FairyTail- Caught Up and waiting for new episodes, omg my heart is breaking bc i didnt even realize how much i was invested in this show and im sad i have to wait for more episodes and also one of my fave animes

Sword Art Online- Kirito is such a QT awh, I’m all caught up btw

Noragami- I’m liking it, it can be a  little slow at times but overall I enjoy it

One Piece- I must say this is really good for not having any real romance, which is something I love in anime. Awesome plot, and I love the characters, though there is something lacking in character development but idk what yet, but it probably doesn’t matter because I’ve barley made a dent in the series.


A LOT. I’m watching all the ones everyone suggested so it might be a while til I get to whatever you recommended last time.

A lot of these are romantic/school/slice of life animes so if you like that kinda stuff I recommenced looking into some of these. Also when it comes to action or fantasy ones I watch, I usually like those to be longer and have very well developed plots that’s why I don’t watch a lot of those because a lot of them are very short lived series.

anonymous asked:

hi i saw your drabble about austria/prussia in the austria tag and i have to ask: what's this "aph"/"hetalia" thing where you pretend countries are people? i've seen it several times already, is there something you're all basing your content on? i'm just really confused by the whole thing (your drabble was really good btw)

Ooo so it’s this big anime fandom (like, HUGE. Its probably one of the first fandoms/anime’s you’ll ever watch or be in) called Hetalia and basically every country is personified and it’s just well developed with so many characters. It’s kinda relatable to everyone with the amount of diverse personalities, designs and countries and stuff, but the whole fandom is ridiculously immense, it’s a little overwhelming.

I think p/m everyone in the cartoon/anime side of fandoms has seen or heard of it lol

anonymous asked:

I agree with the points you made about western anime &modern anime, but I'm curious to know what you think about the dub vs sub debate that you mentioned in the tags if you'd like to share :) love your blog btw

Oh, I just really hate the whole ‘subs are so much better than dubs!’ thing like, dubs can be good and often are, jokes can reach audiences better, historical points can be explained more palpably to western audiences, you can even improve the source material if you do it right.

plus, I dunno, I really don’t watch much anime anymore, but when I did I had dyslexia and reading subs was hard for me as they went by so quick but I felt really guilty watching the dubs bc they were ‘lesser’

anyway, especially now that there is much more quality dubbing going on by businesses and talented voice actors, I really don’t believe the subs>dubs thing people were militant about in my day

anonymous asked:

if you guys have read pull's topic, someone had a pretty good idea for the anime club. Make it realistic, they are bullied , looked down, not respected, picked on, if you join it gives you a really bad repultation, but in the good side it should guarantee a really op benefit (not edgy bignames copy costumes and no reason to join at all) btw lexia said that you can join a club once so player should be wise, is it still legit? Cuz than this club gonna worth 0 in my eyes.

Yes, you can still only join a club once. I really don’t go on PULL so I wasn’t aware, but that is a great concept for the anime club. It makes it more realistic.

-Mod Bella


Ok! So yesterday I watched all of Punchline in one sitting because it was REALLY GOOD. 

When I started the first episode I thought it was gonna be some kinda funny ecchi anime without a real story, but I really wanted to see Strange Juice, the cute orange magical girl. So there I go watching the first episode.
It was alright, a lot of panties, but with an interesting start and story. Not too much, just the main character trying to return to his body after being seperated from it. His name is Yuuta btw. He was surprisingly cute.
After that I watched the second episode and there were a lot less panties and accidentally destroying the earth situations. I´m getting curious about what´s gonna happen. 
3rd episode happens and damn I got excited for the 4th one.
4th episode and fuck. I did not expect that. I just. Holy fuck. Just fuck me up tbh. At this point I realize how misleading the opening is. I just keep watching. 

After a few episodes the main character goes back in time and we have to start over. There comes a bit less exciting reveal, although it makes the story very interesting. It just keeps coming.

From this part on you could even forget the first episode was centered about panties so much, apart from the opening which is really not super fitting considering the amount of people who die in this anime. 
At some point all hope is lost and you´re ready to watch the main character die, but then hope is revived and you´re rooting for everyone to save the world. Then the end happens and I´m just gonna deny it´s a thing. 

The story has a trans boy as main character and a gender nonconforming antagonist. There is a robot, a magical girl, a bear cub, a powerful nerdy girl and an amazing necromancer. It has well-developed female characters who are really great in many ways. (apart from the robot being transphobic tho)

Conclusion at the end of the story: There are  6,373,153,741 Yuuta’s in the afterlife and I’m ready to go.

Voltron Season 2 Theory

Ok so in the trailer for Voltron season 2, Shiro mentions to Keith that if he doesn’t make it Shiro wants Keith to lead Voltron. Now as many theories are out there set to destroy the feelings of fans, I have to disagree with most of them relating to Shiro dying.  

Alright so I’m not sure how many of you guys watched the original Voltron series from the 1980s but there are some MAJOR differences between the two. I’ll list some:

Ok so in this picture we have the original Voltron Paladins:

In Red, we have Keith the leader of Voltron, a classic hero personality that no teenager could possibly have but hey! This is the 80s, any 16-year-old can do anything! Keith leads the black lion that becomes the head of Voltron.

In Blue, we have Lance who basically is nothing like the goofy guy he is in the new series. Lance is grumpy and short tempered, and he is completely jealous of Kieth (Mainly because Kieth is the leader and gets the princess like any other 80s anime.) Being Short tempered Lance leads the Red lion that becomes the arm.

To speed things up Hunk and Pidge are mostly the same, only that Pidge is REALLY short boy. But they both lead the same color lion as their suits.

Alright so now you’re probably thinking ‘So the black is Shiro right?’ 


In the black is a man named Sven. He’s got the personality of what the new Lance is, Sven is the comedic relief UNTIL he’s caught and killed Haggar the witch and her blue demonic cat (I’m not joking she has a blue demon cat that gave me nightmares as a child.) and ‘died’ technically in the Japanese ‘Go lion’ but not in the English ‘Voltron’ where Sven is only extremely injured and sent away to heal though no one knows what happens to him for the next season or two. Princess Allura who looks like this:

Takes over the blue lion for Sven.

Now a lot of people were devastated that Sven ‘died’ (I mean he was a cute little guy with a heavy Scandinavian accent, who’d probably remind you all of ‘Olaf’ from Frozen.) So the people in charge brought him back on the Voltron team.

This is what I believe what DreamWorks is going to do, there going to ‘kill off’ Shiro (who just got on Hagar’s radar after that fight in episode 11 of season 1, may I add). Then they’re going to revert to how Voltron was somewhat in the original series where Keith becomes the leader and takes over the black lion and Princess Allura takes over the red lion (The red lion because she has more of an ‘I’m-an-independent-woman-who-don’t-need-no-man’ personality in the newer series whereas in the old series she was always screaming for Keith to save her.) Then when we least expect it Shiro will make a comeback somewhat like how Sven did. (Possibly in a third season? If not in the end of season two.) 

Now this is all what I think will happen but I’m not so sure about: Shiro probably won’t be the leader now that Keith is headman, more or less I can see him become a mentor training the crew military style rather than being a paladin, letting the Princess keep her position on the team because the red lion is temperamental with who it picks, so the Princess truly did earn the position much like how Keith will earn the black lion.

And that’s what I think will happen. Let me know what you think!

(BTW for those who think Voltron is just Lion Power Rangers, I will have you know that the ‘Mighty Morphing Power Rangers’ series, the series that kick-started power rangers, was based off of Voltron and a couple other 80s/90s sentai shows. So really it’s more of Dinosaur Voltron. Nooo I’m not a super nerd who was raised by a anime loving mother who showed me 80s/90s anime so I knew my origins)


So, I really like anime, but I’d like some suggestions of good ones. I’ll list the ones I’ve watched so far. Nothing obvious, like Naruto or Dragonball Z, I know I should watch those ones. I like shounen anime a lot btw.

The Seven Deadly Sins


Ouran Highschool Host Club

Attack on Titan

SAO and ALO (but nothing after)

Your Lie In April

It’s not many, but I really liked the first three. So if you have any suggestions, please tell me. I also like Pokémon, but I don’t feel like adding it to the list for some reason. ❤️❤️

intro post ♡

hey guys, you can call me vani and i decided to finally join the studyblr because you guys just inspired me so much ((lmao sorry i must sound really boring right now)). i’m currently a high school junior and i plan to major in medicine (good luck future me!) 

btw, i love anime (haikyuu is my fave currently) and kpop as well

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