this anime is giving me a lot of feels ;a;


I boarded Marco and Jackie’s date in Sophomore Slump! 

–We don’t get a lot of time in this series to really explore Marco and Jackie’s relationship, so I at least wanted to give it a good, heartfelt send-off! 

–I tried to channel one of my favorite anime, Honey and Clover, for the look of the pier at sunset. (It’s also heavily based on the Santa Monica pier.)

–I got really into drawing that giant karate dog plush. 

–I think we can all agree that Jackie is definitely gonna be dating girls in the future, right? I feel like that’s pretty cut and dry.

P.S. The break-up wasn’t my idea!  Don’t @ me 


Inuyasha and Kagome, acting like a married couple.

In Japan, and a lot of Asian countries, we don’t casually say “I love you,” not even to family and spouse. Public displays of affection are limited to hand-holding for couples. Anything more between them, like a quick peck on the cheek, could get you some embarrassed coughs or squeals from passersby (unless at an appropriate setting…like a nightclub?).

And it was worse in the past: I forget which innocuous painting – maybe Klimt’s “The Kiss” – either way it was considered so risqué that it was curtained off from the general public when first displayed in Japan, as if it was porn.

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Avert your eyes, children! They’re somewhat possibly maybe kissing!

Even now, students really do the whole confess-to-your-senpai-somewhere-private (it’s not just in anime), because it’s a formal affair. You don’t simply go up to a classmate in the hallway and say, “Hey, wanna grab a bite after school? Just you and me?” *wink*

You’ll give the poor kid an aneurysm.

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Yes, that’s exactly the reaction you’ll get.

Which is why every affectionate behavior seen between InuKag, especially in a public setting, is indicative of some deep feelings. I’ve heard people say InuKag are friends first, and while I don’t disagree there’s gonna be a lot of suspicious side-eyes in Japan due to all the boundaries InuKag crossed, as if they skipped an entire step and immediately went from strangers to love interests.

Originally posted by oni-girrl

Perhaps, for but a moment like less than a nanosecond they were “just friends” before Cupid’s cruel heat seeking arrow struck.

But it doesn’t help that Inuyasha is like a kid stumbling in the dark regarding love: “Her presence soothes my soul,” “I feel stronger when I’m with her,” or “She’s the first person I ever trusted.”

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Dude, you’ve got it baaaaad for Kagome. I know you haven’t been exposed to a lot of positive influences, but c’mon…

In their situation, actions really do speak louder than words, since that stupid survivor-guilt-suffering Inuyasha thinks he doesn’t deserve happiness.

*Of course, this means Kouga’s declaration and actions were audacious on a whole ‘nother level.

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Uh…not quite that…actually, maybe by canine standards…

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note: if i haven’t watched, then i’ll try to answer the questions based on assumptions from what i know 

Sailor Moon left me with a lot of good warm fuzzies. I’m really glad I watched it all the way through finally because this series has a special place in my heart and was one of the first anime, besides Pokemon, that I ever watched. I am rewatching or watching a lot of magical girl series to research for my own magical girl project and Sailor Moon is, of course, such an iconic show I already know there’s a lot about the feeling this series gives me that I want to channel into my story.

I did watch Sailor Moon Crystal after this but I will not be doing any on that since the original anime still has a lot of the same visuals and characters and also I just prefer the original anime far over Crystal. The next two in this series will be Magic Knight Rayearth and Magic Knight Rayearth 2, which I am currently really enjoying.

voltron crew and tumblr

Shiro: Surprisingly has a space theme because obviously. Reblogs whatever he finds funny. Occasionally posts a selfie which has like 20k notes. His selfie with Keith got over 100k with tags like #who are these people omg #hot stuff Tumblr Famous but isn’t aware of it. Has nice anons. Gives advice on physical fitness. Admitted to hating P.E. back in school—his followers think it’s a lie. It isn’t. Organized tagger. #funny #meme #space #cat #my face #bae

Keith: Has a default theme, he ain’t got no time to fancy shit up. Reblogs anime and whatever shows he’s into. Posts art, meta and heaps of personal ones like “Got free ice cream today.” and tags it as #shiro #wtf man thank you? #finals is killing me but the ice cream made it bearable. Has rude anons because he tends to have a lot of unpopular opinions. Tags what he feels #this is bullshit, but is organized with his shows. #Free! #Deadpool #Voltes V

Pidge: Has a very complicated theme she coded herself. It has a pop-up that asks you a “password” which is a lie, you just type whatever and it will show you her blog. Has 50+ side blogs. She has one for every fandom she’s in. Has a blog for all her salt. Keith stumbled upon it and sent an ask “Pidge, why are you so angry?” She replied with “You spelled Keith wrong.” Queues all the time. Tags all her hate. #ugly shit #fucking stupid it doesn’t make sense

Lance: Changes themes way too many times because he likes keeping it fresh! One time got a theme coded by Hunk as a gift. He kept it for a year. His blog is a mix of… everything. Doesn’t believe in sideblogs, because he couldn’t keep up with them. One is enough. Tumblr Famous and knows it. Answers all asks in public—anon or not. One time was the root of a Tumblr War. It was with Keith, but they became friends, oddly enough. Doesn’t tag. At. All.

Hunk: Coded his own theme and hasn’t changed it ever since. Reblogs a lot of cute animals and tags it as #awwww #this is lance lol #cat Posts a lot of his photography which usually features Lance because they’re always together. Definitely the complimenter #beautiful #the most gorgeous boy #i love you Posts his bake goods WITH recipe and procedure. The Most Tumblr Famous of them all because he’s overall lovable. No hate anons. Not even once.

  • Before YOI: Must be another sports anime with lots of baiting... Always loved figure skating but they never made an anime before... I wonder...... Nah I don't think it's gonna be good but why the heck not? Let's give it a go
Winter Anime Final Impressions

I was supposed to do this like two weeks ago but with Gundam ending so late and me getting swept up with many things, I didn’t have the time, but here’s a quick rundown of the best and worst of the Winter season. I’m gong from best to worst and also since I watched very few shows this season, I ‘m not gonna break them down in best/meh/worst

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

A masterpiece to the very end, as heartbreaking as it was full of joy and love. There was this weird insinuation at the end that didn’t sit well with me at all and I’m not sure why they felt the need to do it, but I can overlook it because the rest of the picture is so wonderful and special and heart-wrenching. When Konatsu asked Yakumo to make her his apprentice, I actually cried. What a beautiful show. Don’t let the obscure antique Japanese art keep you from experiencing one of the best anime of this decade.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto-hen

I was a bit worried about this one because lately, when an “old” show gets a sequel many years after it last aired, said sequel turns out underwhelming and poorly done. See D.Grayman HALLOW (which also adapted my favorite arc from that manga) and Berserk (production values aside, the decline of this is due to Miura’s gross storytelling, so I guess it was inevitable). But I was more than surprised and ecstatic to see this rendition of the Kyoto arc did justice on the source material, with excellent production values, a good pace and wonderful emotional and action scenes alike. AoEx is one of the finest examples of the battle shonen genre and that translated wonderfully to this new iteration of the anime. I can only hope we’ll see Izumo’s and Shura’s arc eventually too.

ACCA-13-ku Kansatsuka

I was a Little on the fence on this one at the start, but once they laid down all the cards and tied all the loose threads, it became absolutely amazing. I’m sorry I ever doubted you Natsume Ono, your ability to craft smart and fascinating adult stories shall never be questioned again. Definitely worth checking out if you want to try something different to your usual anime genres. Helps that the visuals are really interesting and that Mauve is such a bae. I still feel Jean was the weakest link with his absolute nonchalance, but even that somehow worked at the end. Definitely worth going through the somewhat slow initial episodes.

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation

NGL i’m not a fan of Kaburagi, he’s so much like Naruko I don’t feel he adds anything to the team. But this is now officially the Teshima show and that compensates for the snooze that is Kaburagi because Teshima has become so fabulous and cool I’m just excited every week to see what he’ll do next. Also the First-year race was a true highlight and I’m very disappointed Sugimoto didn’t make the cut, they did a fantastic job in making him likable, so it was sad to see him lose. Hopefully he’ll get to assist Imaizumi when they’re 3rd years.

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Little Witch Academia

This show’s a lot of fun, with really sweet animation and it also sports the Best Girl of the season, Sucy Manbavaaran, although I gotta say there were a bit too many fillerish episodes and it was frustrating to see them take so long to get the plot going. I’m not hating on the show, it is in fact extremely entertaining, but it’s a little lacking on the plot department. Hopefully we’ll get more of that on the second cour.


I’ve never been happier of not quitting a show as I am about Classicaloid. By episode 3 I was on the verge of giving up because it wasn’t what I had expected, but I kept going and I ended falling so hard in love with this show I’m ecstatic it’s getting a second season. Once I embraced the absurdity, it became the best comedy of the season, and I honestly would watch Schubert’s fishy misadventures for 52 weeks a year. It’s an acquired taste for sure and not easy to recommend, but if you’re willing to let go of all reason, you’re sure to have a good time.

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All Out!!

I have a lot of love for this show and its characters (and Sekizan’s ridiculous hair), but I’m afraid the pacing they chose basically doomed them because with the abysmal sales, it seems unlikely we’ll ever see a second season and therefore we’ll never get to see if Jinko does get to Hanazono. It’s a perfectly competent sports series, that does a really good job of developing its huge cast, definitely much better than the likes of Prince of Stride or DAYS, but its inconclusive ending is quite frustrating. I really do hope we get to see more of these boys, but Madhouse’s never been all that good with the whole getting-sequels-done so…

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Kuzu no Honkai

In spite of its low ranking, this is actually a really good show and a unique take on teenage female sexuality that you wouldn’t normally see in this mostly sexist medium. Hanabi made for a truly interesting protagonist and I liked seeing her explore herself and her relationships. I was however quite disappointed by how little focus we actually had for Hanabi and Mugi’s relationship. I felt there was more telling than showing in that regard, especially in the latter half of the show. The ending was pretty good and mature in spite of everything, and as always, I’m just really fond of all the vaginal imagery in the ED animation. Could’ve done without Moca though.

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Gundam: Tekketsu Orphans

At the end of the Fall season, I expressed my concern about pointless, meaningless deaths. Clearly the Gundam writers thought I wasn’t concerned enough because the amount of characters that died pointless deaths went on to, I think, the double digits. I wouldn’t have minded the carnage if there had been some sort of payoff to the sacrifices. For example, if Shino hadn’t stupidly and conveniently missed his one shot because the show couldn’t afford to kill Rustal yet. I always felt Orga, Mika and Akihiro had a ton of death flags looming over their heads, but I certainly didn’t expect all three of them to get to the chopping block. Orga’s death was particularly random and pointless, but then again, what they did with Orga in general was very confusing. That he agreed to McGillis’s sketchy propositions to become “king of Mars” never made a whole lot of sense to me and that’s the result we got. I’ll also never get over how creepy and weird the whole Atra giving Mika a baby thing was. In short, I have very mixed feelings about it.

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Hand Shakers

I could write thousands of words for everything that was wrong with this series but I think it wouldn’t make justice to the absolute experience that is watching this amazing trainwreck. Go watch it to see a masterclass of how not to anime. Honestly I had such a good time hating this show, it was so horrible in every possible way. Good job GoHands, even animate, who sponsored this show, won’t give it any publicity.

Super Lovers

I’m not sure of how this production team managed to put out 20 episodes of nothing actually happen. Like you just have to give kudos to the writers for managing to simply not do anything over the course of 6~ hours of content. No drama, no decent comedy, no character development, not even relationship development in a BL romance. It’s kind of amazing how pointless the whole thing is. The dog’s still cute and the relationship is still creepy and gross and that’s about all there is to say about this.

Although most of the shows I watched turned out great, it did feel like a weaker season because there wasn’t that much that was interesting (my Wednesdays were literally empty). Or maybe everything looks lackluster in this post-Yuri on Ice world D: But there was Rakugo and rakugo is good and I’m glad we live in an age in which such a niche, quiet and adult artistic show could be made and tell a complete story.

obsessedregrets01  asked:

What happened in the anime pisses me off sometimes. Naruto uses tricks and traps. His signature move is the ultimate trick. And? They have his fighting style as very head on. Literally, sometimes.

Yeah. I feel like they could have honestly done a lot more that just…give him the Rasengan. It’s neat that he knows it, but it kind of just became the default, and the trickery (which was always my favorite part) kind of took a backseat to all the power-ups.

It looks cartoonish a lot but I started practising with backgrounds and colors, woo! And it doesn’t look like Lastonbell, really, yet I loved the feelings that game was giving me the whole time. I still feel delighted, just remembering it, so my hand might slip into more fanart *aggresively loving toz*

loveplayrehearsal  asked:

Now that you're into boku no hero, I'd assume you might have some ships you like, if so what ships?

Haha, yeah, actually there is one ship that I really like right now! It is….


Originally posted by shousanki

(Is that their official ship name? Eh I don’t know…)

I still have about 4 episodes left to watch, but I saw some spoilers a long time ago, so I already know about Uraraka’s crush on Deku.

But the reasons I like this ship are because:

1. Their relationship is so incredibly wholesome.

Originally posted by destiny-hoodie

Yeah, tsunderes can be funny and all, but rarely did I find a couple in the massive amounts of romance anime I’ve seen where they’re both nice and supportive of each other.

This ship sort of reminds me of Amourshipping(which was also a wholesome and supportive relationship), so maybe that’s part of the reason I really like it.

2. They’re going to be endgame.

Originally posted by insideahobbithole

I was scrolling through the IzuOcha tag yesterday and found numerous amounts of people saying the mangaka confirmed they’re going to be endgame, so if they are, why not support it all the way through?

It makes me feel a lot better since the mangaka won’t just be giving little hints here and there and that would be it, like some OTHER certain writers I know(COUGHAtsushiOkuboandthePokemonXYwritersCOUGH).

Yeah, so those are my main two reasons!

But also…

Originally posted by myheroacademiadeku

Oh Deku.

You’re so cute when you’re blushing(especially if it was because of Uraraka).

Funnily enough, the type of anime I watch is usually in the romance genre(since it’s my favorite), and any shounen I’m interested in I make sure has romance first and foremost(what a loser I am right :)))))))).

BNHA is actually my first shounen that I went into without knowing if there was romance or not, but I’m so glad I did(you have my school’s anime club to thank for that)! I’m actually, for once, not watching it for the romance, but I might as well support IzuOcha as I go along. :)

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Please reblog or like if you’re in any of the following fandoms or listen to any of the following bands:

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–And probably a lot more other things that I’ll add in another post or add on to this one

NOTE: if you are in any of these fandoms or listen to any of these bands, feel free to give me suggestions! I love watching/reading/listening to new stuff!

anonymous asked:

Hey JaxBlade you said you meditate everyday and I was curious how you go about doing it. Everytime i try I stop after like 5 minutes cause i dont know what I'm supposed to be thinking of. and how does it help you? THanks if you answer this BIG FAN of your YouTube Channel

Oh sure and thats Great you want to start meditating. 

My Buddy @train-go

Has an amazing post on Meditation so be sure to check hers out 


But for me personally. I do kind of a zen focused Meditation for 20 minutes everyday in the morning. I started doing it a lot after I got into an arguement and hurt and lost a close friend of mine because I was just so depressed and angry for weeks. 

My mind became an inner cesspool of stress, anxiety, anger, sadness from an amalgamation of issues but I started doing Meditation seriously at first you think“this is some BS why the hell are Characters always doing it when training” But it only takes a few days to really notice the effects. 

I feel I have much better control over my emotions.
I’m more productive,
MY Temper is more controlled so i dont snap
I dont procrastinate as much as I used to,
I’m a lot more focused on my goals
and Also I feel more relaxed. 

The goal of meditation isnt to control your thoughts but let them stop controlling you in a negative way.

Okay so this is How I do it.
I either sit cross-legged on the floor or in a comfortable chair. Back straight, head up relaxed. Though I do like sitting like the Avatar to be honest

Then I close my eyes and I focus on my breath and nothing else. Now this is harder than it sounds cause your mind f*cks with you and some thoughts come and go and your mind is constantly a flutter but If i slip up and my mind starts to wander I just my attention back to the breath and breathe in 3 and breathe out. Now when first starting off this seems bogus but you have to stick with it and then you enter this peaceful tranquil state and then you dont even notice the time go by its just like you’re in another plain and everything becomes clear. 

Originally posted by pleiadian-starseed

and then I just open my eyes and get on with my day and after daily practice I feel A HELL OF A LOT BETTER like My God it helps me stay productive with my Online Personal training business and all my other goals. hope this helps also try some youtube videos they give you tips for it as well.

mikotofubar  asked:

Since everyone's suggesting lovechilds lately, could you maybe draw a MutsUrie child? :3 Your art is beautiful, thank you! <3

thank you so much!! i love drawing those kids, and yes she looks a lot like tooru, but i couldnt really find a match between tooru and urie (so i did her eyes purple)
i hope u still like this<3

if you want to use this drawing or else, give me credits. Thank you -w-



ahh I finally got around to finishing these! I feel like I haven’t done a lot this year but I should give myself more credit… ;u; I balanced schoolwork, graduating, traveling, anime cons, managing a shop, and job hunting! and I created a lot this year too, while also trying to balance life and rest

I feel like I never say this enough, but I’m honestly so so grateful for everyone who’s liked or bought my things this year ;; thank you for supporting me! I hope to make more things this year!

asunafrost  asked:

How will the 104th and vets react to a computer?Btw this is my first time asking you and i feel kind of embarased.Lots of hugs and support!!!

Mikasa: k
Bertholdt: what.. does it do?
Annie: aha
Eren: WOW! 
Marco: *confused*
Sasha: uhm?!
Connie: That’s a box
Historia: It’d giving me a headache
Armin: *loves it*
Ymir: Google ‘anime tiddies’!

Levi: *overwhelmed*
Hanji: *totally into it*
Erwin: This could be a breakthrough for humanity!
Nanaba: why aren’t the letters in alphabetic order? this stresses me out
Mike: smells burnt
Moblit: can I please never have anything to do with this?


get to know me » anime edition
↳ [1/10] male characters » Tachibana Makoto

“I felt like I wasn’t suited for competitive swimming. The world of competition isn’t for me. So I’d been thinking I’d just go to our local college or something, since there wasn’t anything in particular I wanted to do. But then, I ended up helping Coach Sasabe at the club. At first, I only though of it as helping him out. But then, I started really having fun teaching the kids how to swim. I met Hayato, and I really wanted to do something to help him swim. Remember how you gave me advice when I was at a loss over him? When I taught Hayato how to swim backstroke, he told me, "I’m not scared of swimming anymore! I had fun!” It made me so happy. That’s why I wanted to show even more kids just how fun it is to swim! I want to join the teaching side of the swim world. And to learn how to do that, I’m going to college in Tokyo. That’s the dream I’ve found for myself.“

The Moonlight Witch’s Top 10 anime of 2017: Part Three

3. Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

This was one show on this list that was all but guaranteed a high place before it even aired. The Natsume Yuujinchou anime is a very personal favourite of mine and the fifth season of the show ranked highly on my list last year, so barring anything really strange happening Natsume Yuujinchou’s place on this list was guaranteed.

And indeed, while I wouldn’t consider this season a standout for the show Natsume Yuujinchou continues to rank as one of the most consistently excellent shows out there, always impressing me with its gradual character development and subtle themes. Natsume Yuujinchou is a very gentle show that builds on itself with care and careful focus so that you don’t even realise how much has changed until you go back and watch earlier episodes. In the second episode of the show, Natsume himself comments that he’s not alone anymore and it’s true - he’s gone from someone who disliked Youkai and had no people to support him to someone surrounded by friends and family.

One of my favourite aspects of the show continues to be the human characters - one of this shows strengths is that despite being heavily dependent on the supernatural it remains anchored in the human world, with a strong emphasis on Natsume’s human friends.  One of the best episodes of the season focuses on the two of Natsume’s friends who are unaware of the supernatural world around him and shows that they are not completely unaware of the oddness surrounding Natsume, but they have accepted it because he’s their friend and they care about him. It’s this human element which gives this show a true emotional depth.

The Youkai themselves also deserve some attention - one of the ways in which Natsume Yuujinchou excels is by making the Youkai seem both incredibly strange and utterly familiar at the same time. At times they act just like regular humans with their own hopes, fears and dreams and at other times they seem capricious and terribly alien. This balance drives much of the story in Natsume Yuujinchou, such as the difficulties involved when a human and a youkai fall in love, or when a youkai cannot understand why Natsume being returned to his child state is a bad thing. But many of the humans in the show are also difficult for Natsume to relate to - the strongest ongoing conflict is the clash between Natsume and the exorcists who have their own agenda’s many of which clash with Natsume’s own experiences.

Overall Natsume Yuujinchou season 6 is more of the same in a very good way. Natsume Yuujinchou is not a show with a strong focus on action or plot twists, but it’s very very good at what it does. I would recommend it unreservedly and I’m very excited for the movie that has been greenlit.

2. Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season

My Hero Academia is another show whose return I was greatly looking forward to. The first season impressed me enough to check out the manga so I knew there was a great deal to look anticipate in the upcoming season. The fact that the new season was 25 episodes also excited me as it meant we’d have a chance to cover a great deal more story.

While I loved the first season of MHA in many ways the limited runtime meant it felt more like an introduction to the story than a story in its own right. The second season goes deeper into the story and hence feels much more complete. The school tournament arc is one of my favourite arcs in the manga, giving many different characters a turn in the spotlight and allowing for many cool concepts and powers to take the stage. The other two arcs are also a lot of fun, and them being animated gave me a greater sense of appreciation for them. While I enjoyed the Hero Killer arc in the manga a lot, in many ways it’s greatly elevated in the anime by giving it the stellar animation it deserves and allowing for a true sense of urgency and claustrophobia in a scrappy alleyway fight.

One of the strongest aspects of the second season is it’s shift in focus away from the main character Midoriya to a more ensemble structure. My Hero Academia has a rich cast with a wide variety of different characters and it was great seeing so many of them get the chance to shine. It would be easy to imagine any number of them carrying a show like this on their own. During the tournament arc and the fight arc, we get to see multiple different characters take the spotlight with highlights being Uraraka and Bakugou’s fight and Yaoyorozu gaining some confidence in herself.

A particular way this season shone was by giving time to another character in the main cast, Todoroki. Todoroki has remained in the background up until now, but with hints of issues with his family. And indeed this season digs deeper into Todoroki’s backstory and his complicated relationship with both his parents. Despite My Hero Academia’s generally positive and optimistic tone it handles the darker aspects of Todoroki’s backstory with the weight they deserve and also refuses to let his issues be immediately and comfortably solved. Recovery is never an easy path to take and I’m glad that despite MHA’s generally light tone it doesn’t brush over the reality of that.

Another significant thing about this season was its villains. The hero killer deserves particular note as someone who has a genuine point about the indolence and attention seeking of most of the heroes (a point subtly articulated in many of the character’s internships) but he’s also undeniably in the wrong as he takes his valid point and uses it as a reason to attack even true heroes. The tension between him and the League of Villains from season one is also interesting - despite both being villains their different goals and values mean that they are fundamental opposites, even if ironically the capture of the hero killer leads to a surge in people seeking to join the League.

Overall season two of My Hero Academia was a big step up from season one, elevating already excellent manga material and giving real meat to an already good story. I’m eager to see what season three will contain.

1. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss is another show I was anticipating prior to it’s airing - I’d heard many positive things about its source material and that there were some things to be wary of as well. Fortunately, as it turned out while there are things I dislike here, the positives vastly outweigh the negatives.

Made in Abyss’s already strong writing is elevated by a fantastic adaptation. The show’s greatest strength is in the way it creates atmosphere, the creeping sense of dread and unease inherent in it’s setting. This is done through stellar visuals, music and direction that is designed to bring the abyss to life and elicit a genuine feeling of both awe and horror. The abyss itself is almost a character in its own right as a place that fascinates and terrifies both the characters and the audience. Even if you know it might never let you out again you can’t help but be drawn in.

But the abyss is not the only character in this show and fortunately, it’s also not the only interesting one. Our two leads are both compelling in their own right. Riko, our heroine is drawn strongly to the abyss both from her desire to chase after her missing mother’s legacy and for the pull of the place itself. Reg, by contrast, is a mystery both to the other characters and himself, but there are hints that he may have known Riko’s mother. The two characters contrast each other in appealing ways - Riko is cheerful full of energy and determination. She’s not unaware of the horrors of the abyss but they don’t seem to frighten her much at all. Reg, by contrast, is more hesitant and afraid of the dangers the abyss might hold - even though his physical abilities make him more primed to face them than Riko truly is. And both of them will be necessary for this journey.

The side characters are no less compelling. Riko’s mother Lyza never truly appears but she’s a constant presence throughout - and the contrast between someone who in flashbacks comes of as a heroic, almost messianic figure and her status as a white whistler with the nickname “the Annihilator” is something I’m curious to learn more about. Other characters such as Nanachi, a fan-favourite for obvious reasons and Ozen, my personal favourite, also leave an impression and I’d particularly like to highlight the subtle bait-and-switch the show does with Ozen’s character that is executed so naturally you almost don’t notice it at all.

Something that also deserves discussion is the way Made in Abyss handles the extremely dark and difficult situations the characters get into. With the dark horrific things in this show it could have easily fallen into “torture-porn” (and many people may feel that it does - it’s an extremely subjective thing) but from my perspective Made in Abyss handled these situations deftly by making the viewer feel that they were living through these situations with the characters and keeping up a strong emotional tie the whole time. And Made in Abyss’s emotional ties are strong - it’s rare for me to get genuinely teary-eyed at shows but Made in Abyss rendered me a blubbering mess throughout the final episode - a feat that earned it this top spot. Made in Abyss is not a show for the squeamish but nor is it one that revels in violence for the sake of it.

Made in Abyss is not an easy recommendation. It is both an extremely dark show and one that unfortunately is not free of objectable content (the author clearly has some fetishes he’s not shy about letting seep into his work and unfortunately the underage characters are not free from them either) but overall I felt that no show this year was better made or affected me deeper. For that reason, I am happy to award Made in Abyss the title of the best show of 2017.

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