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How Dirty Laundry affected me

I as a latina have one problem. Where the hell is suavemente? Every latino I’ve met and know knows this song belongs at any party.
Also, yes, I’m still scared of la chancla. I also have to say we have an intense cleaning day to tejano music, tripping over each other to make the house look a little pretty. I get scared whenever I hear it in the house cause it means get your ass in gear.
Not everyone has a nativity but most Christian Hispanic and Spanish families have a nativity, altar or an all year collection of crosses on a wall that grows called a cross wall near the entrance of the house. This reminds me a lot of my holidays where the most exciting thing was the family being together for the holidays, soft music playing, people catching up, kids running around like crazy.
As for the whole pet thing, my Papa had a goat, I worked at a house with a chicken coop next door. Farm animals were and are everywhere when I was growing up in Texas. Do you not know how big roosters are? My grandmother loves collecting rooster decor like little statues and dishes.
As for the sterotype of the family being confused about Lance’s sexuality, it’s not just about latino families. Families are different, some are traditional and need time to understand different sexualities. Some of my family accepted, some probably won’t, some may come around.

I found nothing really offensive about the fic. If anything, it warms me because it brings back memories for me.
To be honest, I’m not desperate for represention. I kinda winced when I sang “Gasolina” because we all go through a reggetón phase. (I know I spelled that wrong…) And I’m not gonna lie, we have a big as hell family. I grew up with Shakira being a household song and my grandma often sings “Rabiosa” when sweeping. But I think they enjoy songs that become family classics. We sing “Halo”, “I want to hold your hand” and “Boom Boom” because they’re fun and hold memories.

To be honest, I think people are throwing this way out of proportion. It’s a fanfic that I’m sure a lot of people enjoy or find familiar.
I’m a girl who grew up among rancheros, went to church, and had parties consistenting of a huge but tight knit family with the bullshit drama here and there.

Sophia and Lance’s relationship is painful because it reminds me of my brother and I. That we have a complicated relationship that can never be fixed because we can’t come to terms with it like grown ups.
Jamie reminds me of how hard your parents, raised by traditional values try to understand, but can’t right away.
Lance’s siblings remind me so much of my own. I get teary eyed thinking about how if only we weren’t so busy or caught up in tech or our own lives that we could be so much closer and happy.

I came for klance, but now get to remember a lot of my memories growing up and now think of them fondly. I feel bad that I use to look back on those memories as an embarrassment. This story is about blooming love in the mist of a loving family from a culture that not many people have seen or experienced. It probably means nothing to you, but to me, it was a wake up call. To not only be proud of my childhood and values, but proud of my family.

Love, an animal loving Mexican bisexual who needs to appreciate her family more. Thank you @gibslythe. I’ll happily support you.