this angle is so much better


FIRST OFF. I suck at backgrounds. TRAESH. GAWBEDGE. I knew this would look wonky if I decided to color it, which I did end up trying because trial and error. It’s not as bad (since I’m uploading it, obviously) but the dresser is egh. And I know why. Because the lines aren’t aligned with the angle it’s at and it makes it look sloppy/curved when it’s not. SO I KNOW WHY BUT I’M TOO LAZY TO FIX IT.
(The tablet is a little wonky too because the angle it’s at doesn’t really match up with the perspective on everything else but OH WELL)

Anyway I was gonna just do black and white but people said I should go for color and I like it better in the end.

The magazine says PORN WITH WORDS and was a placeholder but I liked it so much that I just left it, SORRY MOM. Plus it’s more in character. Now why she has a porn mag in this day and age is a mystery. SHE’S OLD SCHOOL.

So. Yeah. Hope y'all like it. OH AND HER PHONE SAYS “Modest Mouse Baby Blue Sedan” since that’s what I was listening to at the time

Shout out to CERTAIN PEEPS ON DEVIANTART (and here too) for being so awesome and leaving comments, it really does make a huge impact especially on my off days. I’m glad some people enjoy my OC baby girl Tavi.


Hi guys! Here’s the teaser to a better production of my future videos! I’d like to thank @47ronan sooooo much for filming this!! 🙏🏻 I will release something on youtube first so that you guys can have a better view of what’s to come and then in a few months, we will be publishing a better quality video with multiple camera angles, similar to the anime. I’m so excited! 😊😊😊 hope you guys enjoy this for the mean time ❄️❤️️⛸ Davaii!

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Jake Style Ratings

Sprite- looks too much like John and confuses my little women-loving brain 2/10

Replacement- looks a lot better and somehow less like John. Maybe it’s the jacket. 7/10

Legs- my sister and I play a game, where every time God tier Jake comes on screen, we zoom the hell in on his legs. 8/10

Triumph- The expression is well drawn; his happiness is clear in both face and pose, despite being small. The cape nicely bellows in the wind, and the slight shading works well. 10/10

Interesting angle. 4/10

Shiny Boy- the act 7 style works pretty well for him. 7/10

Slim Jim- He looks the best of all the characters in this scene, too. The style does leave a bit less to interpretation, however, and this isn’t my headcanon Jake. 4/10

Lil- :) 5/10

Jape- small, insignificant. 7/10 

valkyriewolf246  asked:

Hello senpai! I just LOVE your Recovery comic!! All of your colors are so bold and eye-catching! I'm sure you hear that all the time ^w^" What I wanted to ask you is how do you do your hands? They always look so perfect when you draw them! Hands are, like for so many others, a challenge and not my strong suit.

Hiya!! Thank you so much aw <3 I’m not usually pleased about my hand-drawing but im glad theyre working out haha. Heres a quick tutorial on hand making, and if tumblr resizes it to death its here as well:

generally its better if you draw from a reference/your own hand, but i get carried away with details/can never find a good angle if i do that so i do simple shapes instead. basically you want a gesture drawing for a feel of where everything goes and then fix it up on another layer/clean it up alot. 

i actually found it helpful that i sculpted a hand from clay based on my own and i got a better understanding on how hands work, so i mean if you have like playdough hanging around somewhere you can try that too. 




I hope the writing isn’t too small, full view/open in a new tab to zoom in!!

Some more tips:

  • If you want to improve just do lots of little studies!! Find pictures from different angles & with different lighting, and even better make strange faces in the mirror & shine a torch at your face!!
  • Make sure you take the entire face into consideration. When doing each stage of the drawing, eg. outline, dark areas, shading etc, I like to do each step for the entire drawing. That way I don’t end up spending an hour rendering the eyes before realising they need to be further apart to fit the nose. Instead it’s best to outline the whole thing and have it look right, walk away for a while, and then start shading - try to think of the face as a whole & make everything fit together rather than adding parts separately!
  • Use different darknesses of pencil - I mostly used 2B, and 6B for the darker areas - don’t be afraid to make the shadows dark!!
  • No matter what art style or medium, the same principles apply for structure! When doing a cartoon style I normally include the central line & outline around the areas that have the most volume, just a bit more simplified!
Can you imagine if Draco was flirty in the books/movies

Imagine Draco actually saying ‘I’m making sure my boyfriend is okay, are you hurt baby, do you want father to sue the train’ because it’s funny making Potter blush shut up Pansy I don’t like him
Imagine Draco saying “you look much better from this angle, and I’m sure you’d look great above me” when he’s in the tree
Imagine Draco flirting all the time because it makes Harry angry and he blushes so much but Draco refuses to admit he likes it when Harry blushes
Imagine Harry getting angry and slamming in against a wall to yell at Draco
Imagine Draco saying “Couldn’t wait till tonight? You just had to have me now, huh Potter?” And Harry blushing and shoving him away
Imagine Harry pulling Draco into an empty classroom when no one is around and finally kissing Draco, something he shouldn’t do because it’s /Malfoy/ and they’re enemies but they’re lips are together and hands are everywhere and it should feel wrong but it feels so /right/

Imagine a flirty Malfoy


I hope everyone is having a great holiday! One of my cousin’s requested a “skeleton” narwhal so I recorded myself making the black base for it.

The other requested a yellow narwhal and I used that one to make a “how to” video going over how to sew my narwhal pattern since I don’t have a video of that yet.

I’m also trying to film from a new angle. I still no next to nothing about video, but I do think this does a much better job of showing what’s happening.

It’s An Improvement! (I Think)

So yesterday I drew something and to be honest it didn’t turn out amazingly. 


Today I drew it again, but with a reference that I actually stumbled upon completely by accident. It’s a slightly different angle but it’s the same idea. And this is what happened…

Without reference

With reference

It’s still not amazing, but I think it is so much better!! :D



Here we finally go!
I apologize for taking so long,
but a happy secret santa, @reni-san!!

It was me who sent you that message back then. orz
But I wanted to pour love and time into it, not to make something under pressure. QvQ

I love Himiko so much, she’s such a sunshine-
and I tried to express that here too!
Magnolias mean “You are so pure.” in the speech of flowers- I used them for another gift artwork a while ago, but they fit much better here!
I also used the sun as a symbol, and generally warm colors because this sunny bear deserves all the happiness. TvTb

It has the specialty to it that, when held in the right angle, all golden areas will glimmer, as I used special gold-pigmented colors for them!!
Giving cute Himiko even more of a glow~
I wish I had the bravery to actually give Finn my figure, but I do not.
The happier I am to see a chubbier sona around. QvQ

I hope you like it despite the delay!!


No matter what happens on your journey, don’t try to do anything… out of your league. Please. Just come home safely. 

(no glow becuase fuck off im lazy)
here ya cucks 

a shipping-friendly rendition of enet with about 900% more pseudoskin 

the striped shit is carbon wrapping i realized im 900x not likely to ever implement it in fics but i decided that after i already took like half an hour doing those fucking lines so you’re gonna take it and be fucking happy 

any shippy stuff i wrote for enet 99% chance its going to be using this deisgn since he’s about 90% less sharp angles and cold metal here, much better for smooches  

and an extra antibot

anti is equal parts a nightmare and the most useful bots you could have

though a lot more of a nightmare becuase he’ll lock up and fry anything on any network he can tap into just for fun 

the prefect tool for hacking, if.. he wasn’t so self-sufficient and actually took orders 

he’s a glorified virus but about 50x worce 

i 100% copped out on antis hair but just imagine its the cute curly ocean wave hair i Cant fuckign draw that ok 

since i wanna keep ship stuff about 20.2 miles away from the official enet au, im tagging any ship-related enet stuff as ‘EN’ k? k

Alolan Persian has so much potential but the leaked sprite is so…awkward. If it’s face wasn’t completely spherical and it’s body was better proportioned (by this I mean it matches the chubby shape of the head) it could be really great! But I really love the idea they seemed to be going for. Maybe seeing official artwork and it’s sprite from different angles might make it appear better? We’ll see.


So I’ve got a character in my new comic with the presence and body type of a runway fashion model. Makes sense that I would start sketching runway models to get a better sense of how she’d position herself or walk.

Turns out runway models almost all walk the same way and are shot from the same angle every time. You know what’s much more fun to draw? Runway models screwing up.


~Leelu doodle turned comic~

*cringes* this is only my second attempt at drawing comics, so I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of things .-.

I am also sorry for the shitty lighting - it’s still better than my trash scanner

ft. drinkyourfuckingmilk‘s OCs Samson and Leelu 

I can’t get over how much I love their sibling dynamic