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Steamy Slip

Ayyye. My first Scenario on here. I’ve been having unexplained Taemin feels. thank you to Admin Daze (Not on this blog) for being a huge help with this.

- Gongju J

Characters: Taemin x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive

Word Count: 1250

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“Taemin, I’m here!” You call out as you enter the boys’ dorm.

“I’m in here!”

You follow the sound of his voice and see the bathroom door cracked open with steam coming out from the hot water.  When you walk up to the door you peek inside and see Taemin standing in front of the mirror with one towel tied around his waist and another drying his hair.

When you notice he isn’t dressed you move away from the door.

“Oh, sorry jagi!”

You hear him chuckle, “It’s okay. Just come in here.”

You drop your things outside the door and slowly make your way into the steamy room, leaving it open without realizing. He continues to dry his hair as you find a seat on the closed toilet lid, waiting for him to finish up. You begin to feel the heat of the steam leftover from his shower.

He stops moving the towel and turns to you.

“Are you enjoying the show?” He asks.

You blink as you come back to reality. “What?… I’m not watching you!” You turn away to hide your eyes and your flushed face.

“Whatever,” he laughs, “get over here.” He takes the towel he was using to dry his hair and wraps it around you. Next thing you know, he pulls you up from your seat, right in front of his wet and warm body. By now, the heat has completely overwhelmed the majority your senses and slightly increased your heart rate.

He leans down and your lips meet his.

He begins invading your mouth with his tongue, exploring every part of it and loving every second, Caught by surprise, you groan into the kiss and close your eyes. He gets a feeling of satisfaction, deciding that you deserve more so his hands trail to the curve of your back, pulling you in closer, making the towel fall to the ground before his palms snake around your waist. The kiss deepens from how close your bodies are, not more than a couple inches apart. Your hands press against his wet body as they slide a little lower. You aren’t sure whether it’s sweat or the steam, perhaps it’s both. He takes a step back, hitting the wall, and you take a step forward as well. His hands slide underneath your shirt, gripping at the skin of your waist then smoothing it out. He follows by drawing light patterns with his tendril fingers. Oh, how much you loved that.

You pull away to speak, placing both of your hands on his bare chest. “When did the others leave?”

He simply looks down at you and slyly grins. “They haven’t yet.”

“Taemin!” Your hands rubbed his chest lightly and he grabs a hold of one of your wrists.
“Don’t worry,” he inches closer once more, voice falling to a whisper, “Just don’t be so loud.”


He interrupts your sentence as his lips slam against yours again. His lips are plump and soft from the shower and they fit yours perfectly. He places his hands on your shoulders to push you off to break away from the kiss. He then follows by turning your body and pressing you against the wall so that your places are switched. His forearm is against the wall and supporting his body while his other hand is cupping your cheek. You’re both panting from the heated kiss, lust slowly building up in the air. “You’re…” he pants while he slides his thumb across your cheek and back, “so…” He inches forward once again, eyes downcasting to your body and back to your eyes as if he has stripped you in his mind, “beautiful.”

You inhale to respond back, but he dives in for a kiss. Unable to articulate a response, you smile into the kiss and he feels the corners of your lips curve, causing him to mimic your smile back. You don’t notice his incredibly hard erection until he grinds up against you, making you moan and causing your body to fall limp a little bit. You feel his eyelashes fluttering against your skin and you don’t even have to open your eyes to know that he has a slick smile painted across his face.

“You want more?” He whispers and dives back in for more kisses.

God, how much he loves the way you moan, the way you say his name- just the way your voice sounds and you. He wants to give you so much more and you want to do the same. Your hands slide lower his body while one of his goes down the curve of your back and over your ass. The other invades your shirt again. You manage to break away again to catch your breath, so he proceeds to kissing and sucking on your neck.

You close your eyes as you feel his soft lips against your skin leaving you with an even more lustful feeling.

You stay wrapped up in this feeling as your hands touch his chest and crawl lower and lower until they reach the brim of the towel still wrapped around his waist. As soon as your hands grip the cloth you hear a sound outside the door.

Hang on, guys. I’m just gonna tell Taemin we’re heading out.

Your eyes shoot open, but before you can react any further, Taemin takes you by the shoulders, spins you around and places you behind the door. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to release your hands from the towel and you tear it from his body leaving him exposed. The sight of this heats your face up exponentially and the room seems to get even steamier.

Just as you land completely behind the door, it swings open revealing a clueless Jonghyun.

“Taemin we-” noticing his bare maknae, he pauses.

“Don’t you knock?” Taemin asks as he casually grabs another towel from the shelf and wraps it around himself. Jonghyun laughs.

“Don’t you shut the door?” He chuckles. “ Anyway, we’re heading out now. Did you want us to bring back anything for you?”

“No, I’m good. Thanks.”

“Alright. We’ll be back.” Jonghyun says and places his hand on the knob. “Bye, Taemin.”

He closes the door slightly and peaks around so you’re in his sight. “Bye, y/n.” He smiles at you. He closes the door to the way it was before and leaves with the rest of the group. Meanwhile, Taemin stands there laughing to himself.

You begin to blush, insanely, holding the towel close to you, still thinking about your boyfriend who was completely naked just a minute ago.

You see Taemin shrug as he turns back to you. He laughs at the sight of your shock.

“Did you like what you saw?” You just look at him, speechless. He laughs once again at how cute you are. “Well, they’re gone now.” He minimizes the space between the two of you. He grabs your waist and you put your arms around his neck looking him in the eyes.

“Where were we?” His lustful voice wisps past your ears. You find your lips connected to his once again, but with ten times the passion from before. 

His grasp around your waist tightens slightly and he jolts you up so your legs are now wrapped around his waist. He kicks the door open with his foot and carries you into his room. He tosses you on the bed, not breaking eye contact with you as he shuts the door behind him.


1d: eats cup of noodle on stage, the ugly one spits water at me

me: WOW!!! this is real art!!! Real Performers™ boy bands dont need to dance or have coordinated outfits to prove their talent :)))


exo: has 50 different choreo changes, member positions, and outfits for each different stage, trains and rehearses extensively for months on end, wouldnt even think about spitting on me

me: wow… tis is what it feel lik.. to be lov..d


Yoda:Looks really chill, nothing can bother him. Probably listens to Eminem in his room and dancing. Really smart, probably was bullied by kids when he was Padawan. But who’s laughing now?

Mace Windu:Hates everything. Has no tolerance for our boy Anakin. Or anyone else. Sceptical. Probably insults every member of the Order internally.

Kit Fisto:His smile can cure cancer. Chill dude. Loves water. Generally awesome. Deserves better. Probably everyone’s best friend.

Obi-Wan Kenobi:Sarcastic. Sassy. Classy. Eyes to die for. Bassicly what I look for in a guy. Amazing hair 10/10. Fashionista. Has a secret girlfriend, and a child (I am 100% convinced that Korkie is Obitine love child, fight me.) Better than anyone else.

Anakin Skywalker: Wears all black, looks fabulous in his clothes. Has a secret wife. She probably taught him secrets of fashion. Reckless. Eyes to die for. Hair on point 10/10. Has an awesome Padawan. Would die for his friends. Best guy out there.

Plo Koon:Father of all the clones. Loves them. Adores them. Loves Anakin’s Padawan. Loves everyone generally. Deserved better.

Ahsoka Tano:BADASS BITCH. Outfits on point. Holds lightsaber’s backwards, because she is awesome. Better than you. Kickass. Sarcasm is pouring out of her. Generally awesome.

Shaak Ti:Goddess. Spends time with clones, believing in them. Calm. Pretty. Classy. Deserves better.

Your Ultimate Camp Counselor Guide

Having worked as a camp counselor for 2 going on 3 years now, i figured id make a guide to not only what you need as a counselor, but the types of counselors and campers. Here u go, nerds,

First off, what you NEED.

-sunscreen (spf 30 or above)
-tampons and/or pads (even if ur a boy)
-hair ties (again, even the guys)
-bug spray
-a hat with a brim (baseball cap, snapback, or bucket hat)
-ziplock baggies (useful for keeping your phone dry and keeping wet clothes in)
-water bottle
-a backpack (drawstrings are my personal fav) to keep this shit in
-a snack (beef jerky, nuts, dried fruit, or trail mix are best to keep ya energy up)
-hand sanitizer (bc kids are disgusting, germy little creatures)
-extra shorts/shirt/socks (in case someone pukes on u)

Things that you dont NEED but can come in handy:

-a deck of cards
-friendship bracelet string
-rubber bands
-coloring book/crayons
-safety pins
-bobby pins
-a sharpie
-wet napkins

Okay kids now the fun part:
Types of Counselors-

-the Boss: the one person who acts like they control everyone, kids and staff alike. Usually a junior counselor or CIT.

-the Stoner: literally how are they functioning?? How does their boss not notice?? Whatever, the kids love them and theyre really good at braiding hair.

-the Becky: super peppy, always smiling born-to-work-at-camp counselor, always making friendship bracelets and eats a salad every day for lunch. Can be male or female but usually a chick.

-the Dead Inside: took this job thinking it was easy, the children have stepped all over their soul. You could kill a man in front of them and theyd just sigh and fill out an accident report.

-the Gossip: talks shit, never wants to help clean up.

-the Un Athletic One: they can never seem to keep up with the kids, cant play kickball for shit, doesnt know how to keep the kids under control.

-the Lifer: theyre nearly 30, but theyve worked here every summer since they were 15, so its sort of their home.

-the Slacker: literally the worst. Doesnt do shit, lets the kids run wild, hates to clean, hates to move around.

-the Vet: different than the Lifer. Theyve been here a few years and They. Have. Seen. Some. Shit. Been puked on? Sure. Bled on? Yup. At this point, nothing will shock this counselor, and honestly dont piss them off, they could kill a man with their eyes.

-the Git ‘er Done: smokes half a pack, downs two red bulls, and pulls through the day like a well oiled machine. Doesnt take shit from anyone.

-the Joe: basic. Newbie, or hasnt been there too long. Knows the drill but isnt anything special. Pretty good at cleaning tables.

-the Germaphobe: literally why are you working with small children. Hates dirt. Bathes in hand sanitizer.

-the Jock: kids and counselors love em. Super athletic, hot, and nice. Usually a little older.

Types of Campers:

-the Cling: wont leave you alone, never does anything without asking their fav counselor for help.

-the Mudpie: why, child, must you bathe in dirt?

-the Magpie: steals anything they can get their grubby little paws on.

-the Diva: too good for summer camp, “my old camp was better.”

-the Blabber Mouth: you cuss ONE time when you cut your finger and the little bitch tattles.

-the Reader: doesnt play sports. Doesnt make friends. Reads all day. Weird. wears sweats year round.

-the Pube: any boy between age 10-12. Likes worms. Hits people. Ugh.

-the Gossip: same as their counselor counterpart, talks shit and never participates in group activities.

-the Tom Boy: we get it. You like sports. Hush child.


-the Albino: we lathered you in 20 layers of sunscreen how are you still burnt??

-the Shark: beats all the counselors at cards.

Feel free to add anything i missed fam and enjoy the summer!

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Any fics where it explicitly states that Draco has a huge cock?

Draco’s big Problem By: Raven Shadowe - M, one-shot - Draco decides to use a spell on a body part which he considers to be too small, and realizes too late that he doesn’t know the counter spell. It takes the help of a birdbrained mudblood Gryffindor to fix the problem.

Tied Up and Vulnerable By: slytherinxxx - M, 3 chapters - Hermione awakes to find herself at the mercy of two Slytherin bad boys. Smut ensues. Warnings: strong lemon, light bondage, language. DM/HG/BZ

Waters of the Horned God - ningloreth - NC17, 2 chapters - Auror Hermione Granger finds there’s much more to her new partner, Draco Malfoy, than meets the eye.

- Lisa


A baby is born; a flower blooms.

Two kingdoms are torn and there’s a raging typhoon.

Not of rain or winds or floods

But of pain and binds and blood.

‘Tis not a war of swords, nor guns

‘Tis a war of father and son.

A king, a queen.

One lost, one keen.

Children begat by a belligerent brew

Until one is perfect, and the others askew.

A stunning prince, that he is.

A prince who holds the chill of winter

And a summer sun that splinters.

An ugly prince, once queen sees

He is exactly the boy his father wants him to be.

She punishes him with water of fire

As she curses her husband, the liar.

The prince then grows, all on his own

Finds his father is a warmongering troll.

He fights back with kindness and tact

Silently screaming, “We will not attack!”

His shout is heard

Though promptly burned.

But it still stays

As flame stains.

A confrontation; a crying nation.

A malevolent king and his benevolent kin.

“Know your place,” the king reiterates.

The prince laughs

Tone full of wrath and distaste:

“My place is on the throne

You’ve so avidly defaced.”


Based on @kiribakus fanfic, prince & prince!

beach headcanon

like i think keith would definitely not be very comfortable showing skin so when it comes time that the Team visits the beach 11/10 keith is sitting there with his full black outfit, boots and ~for effect~ sunglasses thinking its fine bc hey at least he took off his jacket.

meanwhile lance is also there, prancing in these blue short shorts, so at home and happy. he immediately drags everyone into the water (heckles keith for a while but eventually gives up on Lord Emo)

and keith is basically burnin up, u feel me. my child ties his hair back messily (and mildly angrily bc like how does lance look like that has he always looked like that) and proceeded to “subtly” watch lance the entire day from his spot on the sand (he can’t swim ofc) downing milkshake after milkshake, slushie after slushie (hoo boy)

little does he know lance’s heart kind of skips a beat everytime he looks at keith, sweaty but gLOWING like he has just put on a hundred dollar moisturizer and highlight like can anyone say RUDE

Shiro Space Dad watches from afar, shaking his head because will his young son get heatstroke???? probably


July thirtieth, 1976, was a Friday. James Potter and his best mate, Sirius Black, were sprawled out across the lawn of the Potter estate; brooms lay forgotten beside an impressive willow tree. The air was thick and sweet like honey, and the boys breathed with difficulty, the rare warmth of an English summer coating their skin in sweat. Sirius, a tall, broad boy with dark eyes, tied his black hair into a bun, craving relief from the heat. James sighed and pushed his glasses further up his nose. Not a minute later, Sirius groaned and stated “I need water”. He pushed himself off of the ground and began his trek, eventually reaching a grand brick house with beautiful vines trailing up the sides. The Potter house boasted wealth, but still felt homely and bright, as though one would always be welcome.
Sirius shuffled his way to the kitchen, where he waved his wand with a lazy flick and watched as a glass flew out of a white cupboard, filled itself with water from the tap, and found its way into Sirius’ open hand. When half of the water had been guzzled, Sirius turned to leave, but collided with a figure clad in a plaid shirt.

“Oh!” Sirius exclaimed, spilling his water on the wooden floor.

“Sirius, hey!” the figure responded happily. Sirius averted his eyes from the ground, where they met with the glowing hazel eyes of one Remus Lupin, the werewolf whom almost everyone knew Sirius was in love with. Well, everyone except Remus.

“Remus! You’ve grown, mate,” Sirius chuckled, playfully punching his friend’s bulging arm muscle and promptly grimacing in pain and spilling the rest of his water. Remus laughed, a deep, warm laugh that made the other boy’s heart clench. Sirius made a move to wave his wand and get rid of the spilled water (he really was quite lazy), but something made him stop short. Remus had begun to pull his chestnut coloured hair, which was quite a bit longer than Sirius remembered it being, into a bun. Sirius’ jaw dropped, and he couldn’t help but stare. Sure, Remus had been outstandingly attractive before, but now…now, he was downright hot.

“Sirius, mate, are you alright there?” Remus grinned, securing the bun in place. Sirius blinked heavily and quickly wiped the bit of drool that escaped his mouth, trying to compose himself.

“Yeah, of course,” he answered nonchalantly, shoving his free hand in his pocket and searching for his dignity.

“Sirius, why didn’t you tell me Moony was here?” James asked suddenly, bursting through the kitchen door. The tall boy engulfed his friend in a hug and Sirius could finally breathe, saved from being alone with Remus.


Evening fell like a blanket of stars over the Potter estate, and the Marauders found themselves crowded in the living room, as evening had also brought the cold. Sirius, clad in maroon sweatpants and a black and white crop top, sat criss-crossed on a red sofa, engaged in an intense game of wizard chess with James. Remus was perched in a red armchair opposite the sofa, scribbling furiously on a piece of parchment.

“Ha! Check mate!” James cheered as his pawn beheaded Sirius’ king and took his spot. Sirius groaned in frustration.

“C’mon James! Damn you!” he sighed, collecting his beheaded king and shoving him to the side. James laughed and rose from his spot on the sofa, announcing he was going to the kitchen to make tea. Sirius grumpily slid his feet to the floor and shuffled over to Remus, whose head was bent so far down that his nose had specks of ink flecked all over it, like disguised freckles. Just as Sirius began to open his mouth, Remus sighed, shoved his blue feather-tipped quill into his mouth, and started to collect his hair into a bun. Sirius blanched. Remus, who had not seemed to notice Sirius yet, yawned as he finished with his hair, reaching his hand up to clutch the back of his neck. At this, Sirius’ mouth went dry and his eyes widened.

“Oh, hey Sirius,” Remus faltered, catching sight of Sirius’ flushed face and open mouth. “H-hey Sirius?” he tried again. Sirius blinked quickly, regaining his disposition.

“Hey,” he said, swallowing hard. Remus smirked, enjoying the feeling of being able to control Sirius like this.

“What are you doing?” he chuckled. Sirius grinned, feeling like an idiot.

“Just got killed by James, how’s your story coming along?” the boy asked.

“Ah, it’s fine. I like writing it, but, uh, there are other things I’d rather be doing…” Remus smirked, flicking his tongue out to touch his lips. Sirius choked, and James entered the room balancing three cups of tea and biscuits.

“Woah, did I interrupt something?” he asked cockily, noticing Remus’ flirtatious posture and Sirius’ wide eyes.

“N-no,” Sirius stuttered, darting back to his place on the sofa. James shook his head and sighed.


The stairwell leading to James’ third floor bedroom was dark and quiet as Sirius clambered his way to the room. All three boys would be sharing the bedroom, which meant that Sirius would be sleeping even closer to Remus than he did at Hogwarts, and the thought was killing him. As thoughts of Remus lying partly naked (werewolves run hot) in the bed next to him overtook his brain, Sirius missed a step and fell awkwardly.
“Fuck!” he shouted, losing his footing and slamming into the hard wooden step. At this point in time, carpeting could not save him from bruises.

“Sirius, are you alright?” Remus called, rushing down to help his friend. Sirius stared up at the boy from where he was sprawled on the ground, wishing he was somewhere far, far away.

“Yeah, totally, I didn’t just smash my arse like a damn loser,” he sneered, feeling his face burn with rouge. Remus chuckled.

“You’re going to have a spectacular bruise, mate,” the brown haired boy grinned, reaching out his hand so Sirius could grasp it. With a muffled “thanks”, Sirius and Remus shuffled their way to James’ bedroom. James was seated precariously on his wooden bed, waving a wand lazily as objects flew around the room to make more space for Remus. Two camp beds had been lined up along walls painted red and draped in Quidditch memorabilia and Gryffindor pride banners.

“Have a good time getting up the stairs, Padfoot?” James snickered. Sirius shot his best friend a death glare and moved to find solitude in his camp bed.

“Right, well, if you lot have found your way here, then I’m going to get somewhat clean,” James announced. Sirius groaned in response, and Remus made his way to his own camp bed. Suddenly, he and Sirius had found themselves alone again.

“Pads, are you really alright?” Remus asked softly. Sirius pulled himself up from the pathetic position he was in, and turned to face Remus. He nodded quietly, but soon began to break out into a full on laugh.

“Gods, I’m pathetic,” he chuckled, running his fingers through his long hair. Remus seemed to falter at that.

“You’re not pathetic, Sirius,” he stated. Sirius looked up at his friend, hazel eyes meeting brown ones, and grinned genuinely.

“I know, Moony. Dunno if James agrees, but if I were you, I’d want to be me, too,” he said, watching Remus’ face for a reaction. Remus’ lips parted into a massive grin and he began to laugh.

“There’s the Sirius I know and love,” the werewolf said between laughs. Sirius’ eyes widened, and he stuttered for a moment before responding,

“Right, when is Peter arriving? I miss the little bloke.”

“Tomorrow, I suppose,” Remus supplied, shucking off his shirt and replacing it with a Gryffindor Quidditch crop top. It had previously been Sirius’, who was a big fan of crop tops.
“Y’know, Padfoot, you really aren’t pathetic, or useless, or a disappointment, or any of that. I know you say you believe it, but I also know you,” Remus said, feeling the air between himself and Sirius become thicker. Sirius was silent, and Remus sighed, collecting his hair and tying it into a knot at the back of his head. Suddenly, Sirius burst.

“Gods, Moony, you can’t keep doing that!” he half shouted, cheeks becoming red.

“Doing what?” Remus asked, obviously confused. Sirius waved his hands and opened his mouth, as if to express “duh.”

“Doing…that! Running your hands through your hair and wearing my crop tops and creating a fecking bun! It’s not fair!” the boy exclaimed in a long breath. Remus gaped, and Sirius put his head in his hands. He thought he may have just ruined everything. But then, Remus began laughing, and Sirius looked up in confusion.

“I was wrong, you are pathetic,” Remus chuckled.

“Excuse you, mate,” Sirius snapped. He really was not in the mood for being taunted.

“Let me correct myself,” Moony grinned, shoving Sirius over so he could sit next to him, “you’re pathetic and I love it.” At this, Sirius turned to face Remus. Suddenly, the werewolf grasped Sirius’ face with both hands, and soft lips were on Sirius’. His entire body felt hot and entirely too clothed, but he was too amazed to do anything about it. Remus was kissing him, and Sirius could think of nothing else.

When the pair finally broke apart, the world seemed to be on fire. Both boys were breathing heavily, eyes half closed, lips swollen, faces flushed. Sirius spoke first.

“Damn, Moony,” he breathed quietly, searching Remus’ eyes. The werewolf just chuckled and pulled Sirius in for another kiss.


Night has a funny way of making the world and all of its occupants feel melancholy and almost metaphorical. Sleeping is like dying, and it is a moment where time is wrinkled and everything seems to stop.
Remus never particularly enjoyed night time. To him, it was within the hours of the dark sky and the full moon that he was at his worst. The moon and the stars never held any kind memories for Remus, they were all dark and disturbing. Nightmares overtook him often, rendering him helpless and afraid.

“Remus, hey. Hey, come on, Moony,” Sirius urged quietly, shaking Remus out of his nightmare. It was July thirty first, around two in the morning.
“Sirius?” Remus asked no one in particular.

“Yeah, Moons, it’s me,” Sirius grinned, “move over.” They had done this before, in years past when Remus’ nightmares took hold of him and were too horrible to shake off. This was nothing new, and yet, it felt wildly new and different.

“Hey, are you alright?” Sirius whispered, wrapping his arms around Remus’ long torso. Remus nodded into Sirius’ hair, breathing in the scent of firewood, fresh air, and pure Sirius.

“Just another nightmare,” Remus muttered, “pathetic as usual.”

“No, Moons, never pathetic,” Sirius scolded, running his fingers down Remus’ back, something he knew to be calming for the werewolf. Remus sighed.

“Do you remember when we were younger, and everything bad in the world seemed light years away?” he wondered. The melancholy had settled in for the night. Sirius nodded against Remus’ shoulder.

“The world is cruel, Rem,” he stated.

“At least, now, I have you to get me through it,” Remus said, pressing his lips to Sirius’ cheek.

“You’ve always had me, pumpkin,” Sirius whispered, “but you seriously have to stop pulling your hair into those sinful buns. Or don’t stop. Yeah, actually, don’t ever stop.” Remus chuckled, gripped Sirius tighter, and the two eventually drifted into slumber. James, evidently, is a remarkably heavy sleeper.


They ran through the marsh
mud and water shooting up into the air around them.
They pushed through the tall, tall grass
until they skidded to a stop at the edge of the riverbank.

They ran through the marsh
plucked the world from their skin
tangling themselves in summer air
He took her hand
and pulled her down
It’s a game he said

A blindfold tied around her head
Spin her once
spin her twice
spin her three times
He kissed her forehead
It’s a game he said

He stole her laughter
erased her smile
and drained the colours from her world
She got lost in lies and kisses
and gave away memories of warmth and home
It’s a game he said

The water rose
and kept rising
until it stung her eyes
She had nothing to hang onto but promises
Her mouth opened to scream but her voice was slaughtered by the silence
It’s a game he said

i had wings once, 
they were strong. 
i lifted the wind with them.
pushed still water to swell.
i kicked up foam, 
trailed a delirious blaze 
i sang to rawness,
such as tried the fury of the reaching waves to quell
the sun snagged in me, tore the breath from my body,
superimposed itself over my eyes
behind me, thready and faint, someone called, but the wind in my ears and the blinkering tug of glare cut through any such mortal ties
a branching spark in my chest,
spilling out from my throat,
bursting in a hitching gasp, realisation and resolve and  hubris like only a boy drunk and dumbstruck by beauty can tote.
bright, marrow deep and scalding,
like i’d spent my life till then in a daze;
its colour was more than gold, more than any gilded garbed god i’d ever dreamed, embroiled as i’d been, featherless, in my fathers maze
he seemed like something i could grasp, a peach of honeyed juice and yellow-orange meat
like i could roll him across the palm of my hand, 
like something i wanted to eat. 
and so i arched up and up;
a bow-curve of bronze resolve and rooster strut 
and i reached for him like the ocean still surged up for me,
a parenthesis mar on the hazy sky, a salt-water weeping cut
my heart and resolve a throbbing knot in my throat, i swiped a kiss from gods own lips,
his surprise leapt between us like flint-struck sparks,
pulse to pulse,
heel to tip
the heat of him was encompassing, 
the sting of it made me flinch,
everything of me wished to be touched by that of him, 
it tore me to shreds, slid me, dazed, into to boiling water, inch by burning inch
the sun loved me once, 
the ocean too.


burnt and streaked with arching spray,
and only this,
i knew.

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Kire looks over at Raiden smirking and hums, “Well I don’t mind if I need to get myself off but I don’t mind taking offers from others,” Kire winks chuckling. “What I don’t want my partner doing is hitting. I can’t do any kind of hitting or smacking. My past makes that a little difficult, but otherwise most of my kinks are being tied up, food, water, oh boy the list can go on and on” Kire leans over the bed, “But you can learn them for yourself If you so desire” Kireina nibbles her lip and chuckles at the Xaela in front of her.

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As a mom of two teenaged boys who can iron shirts and tie ties, I would say that, yes, those things count as skills. You'd be surprised how many young men *don't* know how to do those things. (Okay. Yes, Tom is grown, but he probably learned that stuff when he was young. And I'm plenty sure there are lots of grown men who don't know how to do either thing.)

I’m a grown ass woman and if something is wrinkled I spray it with water and throw it in the dryer 😄. I haven’t ironed in years.



(Y/n) tied her hair up messily before tentatively placing her foot in the sea. Today she had decided to sneak away from camp and her responsibilities - being the honorary mother to the Lost Boys was no easy job. Sometimes she just needed her own space. Today was one of those days.


She sighed as she swam around with no purpose, loving the feel of the warm Neverland waters on her skin. Peter had always warned her to stay near one of the boys when she visited the beach, but today was just so bright and everyone had been busy. She just had to go.


She dived under the water completely, wincing as the salt water hit her eyes. She ignored the stinging feeling, swimming down the coral and seashells and colourful fish that littered the waters. She picked up a small pearl, staring at it with interest. She slipping it into the small bag on her waist, grinning at the thought of giving it to Peter. She always collected things for him and he kept them in a special drawer. This would go well with the-


Her thoughts froze as she felt netting underneath her. She barely had time to panic before she was being lifted to the surface, as well as a few fish. She coughed and winced as scales and flippers hit her body, the weight of the fish crushing her slightly. She grunted as she slammed against the deck of a ship, screaming and thrashing.


“Oi, Cap’n” someone yelled “Look what we caught”


“Well if it isn’t (Y/n), the Lost Girl” Killian grinned, staring down at her with a dark smirk “Now if I remember correctly, the last time me met you were stealing from me”


“Oh rot in hell, pirate” she spat, hitting him right in the face.


He shivered in disgust, wiping away the spit quickly.


“What should we do with her, set her free?” Smee asked, licking his lips nervously.


“No” Hook replied, his voice deep and proud “It’s been a while since me had a woman on board, we’ll keep her as prisoner”


(Y/n) gasped as many hands grabbed at her. She stared calling out for help, thrashing just as wild as the fish had been seconds ago.





She had finally done it, it had taken her a good two years but she had succeeded. (Y/n) had finally found a way back home.


She smiled at the familiar feel of sand under her feet. She sighed, letting the breeze flow through her (Y/hc) hair. She had finally returned to Neverland. Granted, she was older now, almost an adult. But none of that mattered. Peter would understand.


Speaking of Peter, her head whipped to the right at the sound of his voice. He was out playing in the woods again. She felt a tight feeling in her chest but quickly ignored it, running toward the sound with all her might.


She dodged trees and jumped over logs and bushes, her old Lost Girl training returning to her very quickly. She halted for a moment, trying to find another clue that would lead her to the lost boy. She saw a flash of white and froze.


That was her dress. Her white dress.


She followed behind the golden haired beauty in confusion, listening to Peter’s light laugh.


“Slow down Wendy, you might hurt yourself” he called, making (Y/n)’s heart shudder. Wendy, who was this Wendy wearing her clothes. Who was this Wendy who had taken her place?


“Oh Peter, stop worrying” she yelled back, almost tripping over her own feet “I’ll be fine”


Peter snuck up behind her, wrapping his arms around her small torso. He lifted her up in the air, snorting as she squealed in surprise. (Y/n) was too big for that now.


She watched the happy boy laugh as he placed his new Lost Girl back onto solid ground. (Y/n) felt her heart snap in two as he placed a kiss on her cheek.


She turned to walk away.




“Who’s there?” Wendy asked, moving to where the sound had occurred.


Peter pushed her back, running in front of her and pulling back the bushes that disguised the culprit.


“(Y/n)?” he whispered, watching as she stood to her full height.


“Hello Peter”


the beautiful boy pt. 2

requested by anonymous

part 1

a 10k warm bodies AU

10k doesn’t know why he hesitated. He doesn’t know why he didn’t just kill you.
And now, he’s standing in the bathroom with you, dumping water jugs over your head, in an attempt to clean you off; to make you look human. You stand still as he washes the blood off you, and when he’s done, he wraps a towel around you.
“Can you…?” He nods towards the pile of clothes on the sink, and you let your gaze drop.
He helps you into the clothes, and ties your hair up in a knot on top of your head. He moves you in front of the mirror, and for the first time in this life, you don’t look like a monster.
Your eyes are still dull. Your skin is pale. There’s a cut across your cheek that you know wont heal.
But you don’t look like a monster.
You look up at him, and see him watching you curiously. You push past him, heading out into the small department store. He follows you as you make your way to the card section. Your eyes scan over the hundreds of them, trying desperately to read what they say.
The letters are backwards and blurry, but you finally find one that you think says what you want it to.
You grab it, and hold it out to the boy. He reads it, and that same look of wonder crosses his face.
“’Thank you.’” It reads.
Once again, he asks, “What are you?”

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Mikasa Vs. Erza

She was kidnapped to become a slave and saw unimagineable horrors

When she was tied up

a kind, brave boy

who gave her something red

risked his life to save her

But ended up in some hot water too

At first the heroines couldn’t help them and all hope seemed lost

But then they were inspired to take a stand

and awakened their talent

When she grew up, her friend became unrecognizable

Just when she thought he was dead, he was miraculously found

But he had no memory of the crazy things he’d done

And then the end credits involve her at one point running as a little girl

And then she ages in one shot

And sees her friends,

Who also change in one shot

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Name/nickname: ronja or ron
Western zodiac sign: cancer
Chinese zodiac sign: ox
Hogwarts house: the BEST house hufflepuff thanku
Your patronus: i think it was a dog?? i cant remember but i did the pottermore test once, but too tired to check now lmao
Favourite element: used to be water but turns out i am terrified of water so now i am just . lost
Favourite season: autumn
Fandoms you’re currently into: mainly supergirl i guess but theres soo many
Ties or bowties: ties
Favourite tea: green with lemon!! drink it every day
Favourite kind of chocolate: my man marabou
Favourite fruit: i dont KNOW ive been allergic to most fruits all my life and its only now im trying everything out, but ill say pineapple for the sake of just actually answering the question
Have you practiced a martial art, which one: ok listen i went to judo practice twice as a kid but then this older boy did a hold on me so i cried and never came back
Fantasy or sci-fi: fantasy
What languages do you know: swedish, english, a little spanish
What languages you’d like to know: spanish completely
Sound of French or sound of German: french
What kind of tattoo you’d like to have (or describe the ones you already have): i have a quote on my arm and a small elephant on my foot, but id love to get a bigger one on my arm to cover up the uGLY QUOTE
What are the 3 best human inventions according to you: pencils x3
Got recently into: semlor (google it, turns out theyre so good?? 10 yr old me is shook)

am too shy to tag anyone so if you see this ur tagged have fun ily

As the football players went back to their locker rooms to change into their more formal clothing, Cody decided to stay behind. He took off his pants and just turned on the hot water in the locker showers, when he noticed the towel boy come in. He called the boy over, and as soon as he did that the boy had been tied up with costs tie and on his knees. “I’ve been wanting my ass licked all game tonight, and Bitch your gonna do it now” Before the boy could object Cody had already grabbed his head and forced his face into his gigantic butt with wet underwear “Mmmpphh!!” The towel boy yelled for help as he had trouble breathing “Now lick it boy” and so he did. It felt like hours for the boy, licking the crack of the big football player, trying to call for help, but no one hearing; soon however, he began to feel an erection come on. When Cody decided for a break he noticed. “Well well well, what do we have hear” he said with a smirk. He quickly puts hands over the boys mouth and starts jerking him off. The boy makes muffled cries, but no one can hear. Finally he busts all over the shower floor. “That was fun wasn’t it” Cody said with a smile. He then got athletic tape from his locker and wrapped it around the boys mouth multiple times, his muffled cries becoming softer and softer after each wrap. “Sorry buddy, but you should’ve kept your mouth shut when I made you lick me. You made to much noise, so I can’t trust to keep you ungagged on the way back to my place. The towel bow got frantic when he heard that and tried to scream. ” yup, I’m gonna fix this tight little ass of yours one way or the other" And with that Cody dragged to boy out to his car and put the boy in the trunk. And with one last smile he said “I’m gonna have a lot of fun playing with you” then slammed the hood down and drove off

a smut submission by @thatgirlfromwindsor

A SuChen threesome

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ur butt wiggled in da air as suho and chen stripped themselves of their clothes and their raging boners swelled at the sigh of ur big wet poosay. then with a “AAAHWOOOGAH” chen shoved his moderately to small sized peniz into ur vagine and fucked u and made that weird wet suctionny sound that always hapens in porn. he spanked u w/ his cheekbones and suho put his rooster in your vag too @ the same time bc 2 cockies are betta than 1. u all came and u squirted so hard u filled the public swimming pool 3 miles away. @ the sight of ur glistening bod chen and suho’s dickies became rock solid again as if they were dildos. But this time instead of fuckin u bc they lazy and also boys are tired after orgasm fact prove they tied their dicks 2gether and U covered them w/ the hole of ur choosing. Den u came AGAIN bc they just so good and that juice from ur pussy rained down on california and solved the water crisis the end