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Icon Showdown results!

I want to thank everyone for participating in our own little idol election! We had a huge turnout, to the tune of almost 400 votes. It was a tight race, but early on one choice stood out. The winner and new face of our blog is none other than Chihiro Senkawa! I’m glad she won, she deserves it for working so hard for us.

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 Top 10

Rules: Tell us your favorite character from 10 different fandoms and tag around 10 people. Thanks so much @sansastarkthequeen for tagging me. 

Sensei 8:  Lito Rodriguez. He is just so funny, but brave too. And he has grown up so much, since the start of the story. And i am a sucker for characters who at first are a little superficial but change for the better. ( plus the whole: “ A see you villian with your fucking villian mustache” its such an iconic and great moment of TV history.)

One tree Hill: Brooke Davis. She is the first characters i ever loved. Brooke was so interesting, a litte spoiled but insicure. She was captain of the cheerleaders but was always considered a dumb pretty girl, when she was SO much more. 

ASOIAF: Sansa Stark. Sansa THE character i feel more related to. She is so strong minded, and her connection to Winterfell brings me to tears. Also (like almost all my top 10) she has such a great character development. She was a (little) bratty girl and she is turning herself into a more mature woman. 

Glee: Rachel Berry.  I just love a little spoiled queens, who have an heart of gold and just want to be loved and to love. Rachel was just like that. Plus lea michele voice is just so breathtaking.  

Greg Montgomery: Dharma and Greg.  awww he was just like my ideal guy. I had a crush on him when i was a kid. He was so sweet and cute, and NORMAL. ( Sometimes i re watch this show when a need some laughs and i still like him a lot..) 

The white princess: Henry Tudor.  He is problematic, but i have such a soft spot for him. Maybe its because he looks at elisabeth with such wonder in his eyes… I dont know. I am weak when it comes to him. (plus his relationship with elisabeth is how i want jon/sansa to be at the very end. Marriage of duty  with lots of aganist but still lots of babies!) 

Harry Potter: ron weasley. This was hard because i love harry and hermione a lot too but Ron has a special place in my heart, because he was such a good friend, and he is so HUMAN. Harry is the chosen one, hermione is super smart and never has a moment of doubt.  Ron makes mistakes during the series, but his jealousy, his insicurities are so relateble to me. ( I like imperfect characters who try their best!)

Star wars: Anakin Skywalker. Talking about making mistakes, this guy was the  master. Him falling to the dark side and subsequential  redempion arc are just so interesting (he is the central part of 6 movies of the franchise for a reason!).  No other character in this universe can give me more emotions. (plus his romance with Padme is heartbreaking but so beautiful!) 

Friends: Monica Geller. She was such a funny but sweet character, and she was always there for rachel, or ross or any of her friends. Plus she her story about wanting to have a family was so touching. (how she suffered from not being able to have kids…) She was inspirational. 

brooklyn nine nice: Amy Santiago. This show is such a gift, always funny but never offensive. Amy is my favorite because i love how ambition she is, but how awkard too. I like her determination in her work, and how she rocks her nerdy side. 

Thank you so much again for the tag!  I will tag @chiara-mendt  @autymnb @khaty-fan @thenedfur @meacrux  @kellyvela @ae-thumos @raeraet @arcadianambivalence @bisansastarks 

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top 50 otps of all time ☆ #18. Amy Santiago & Jake Peralta

“The truth is, our job isn’t always great. Sometimes, it sucks. But it sucks a little less when I get to do it with you.”


One Piece #783 || Sanji’s Homecoming ! Into Big Mom’s Territory !
Sanji Vinsmoke : “Don’t include me ! I have nothing to do with them !

Daniel’s Livestream // 5.2.17

the daniel in the title isn’t staying i don’t have time for 3 extra letters


“Can you handle the change?”

New background including white piano and boxsets

He’s upstairs

Mini view of the room

RIP DanIsNotOnFire

Branding discussion

Everyone other than Phil has changed their display name to their real name

“My name is still Dan”

PINOF won’t die dw

Dan and Phil is still Dan and Phil

Electropop Dan would be Howl

His fursona name is D Fizzle confirmed

“You are happy when you feel like you’re being authentic” 

“’2017 Dan is my favorite Dan’ Same”

He played Yuri on Ice on the piano :(

The ship is not phaniel please stop

He bought 4 terrariums being he’s in change of watering them not Phil

Harry’s song is fine FOB didn’t get an opinion unstanned

He’s wanted to rebrand for a while 

He was planning to make that his first video of 2017

They were doing a thing in February and March was difficult (?)

Shelf tour (there’s a Phil shelf and a Dan shelf)

They’re not quite sure how to arrange everything yet

They have some outside space at the new place

Phil was feeding the pigeons with cereal

Phil is not good at making pigeon friends

Not sure to a house tour but he thinks they’re materialistic 

He can’t stop saying danisnotonfire

He didn’t even know this his twitter @ changed 

Him and Phil still wish they could’ve gone to more places with TATINOF

He’s going to make it a goal to post more good content on his channel

He was worried about rebranding 

Change is good!

He loves us and not to be gross but I think we love him too

He gave to permission to call him whatever we want, may I suggest Dan Eel

School stress discussion 

Unfortunately all of the XD tweets were real

We’ll see the room eventually when Phil secretly films him probably 

Phil is happy with AmazingPhil 

He’s going to change his tumblr theme, YouTube banner, icon, bio

His personality is not comic sans please let him live

His new bio will probably be “my life is a joke”

Doing meetups is one of his favorite things

They’re hosting the extravaganza at Playlist

New DanandPhilGames video soon

He set an alarm to post the FaceApp collage

Phil is going on holiday with his family and they’re going to Oralndo v soon

Bedroom instagram soon mayhaps

New Gorillaz and Kendrick music is great

He’d love to see Carrie in the Addams family

DAPG is 3 years old wow

He recently caught up with Troye 

Yuri on Ice saved 2016

Hype for the yoi movie

Attack on Titan is back and it’s amazing

He had a discussion about being weird but I think it was supposed to be a Riverdale ref

Maybe his new profile picture will be a polaroid 

He has to think and settle on ideas and that’s how he is and he’s sorry that that kind of doesn’t make his the stereotypically good youtuber because he’s not able to pump out content in the same way but that’s who he is and who he is is nice and just watch the clip because I’ll cry he’s good I love him

The last few years have been the best years of his life

Bates Motel chat

Renting is difficult 

They can’t get a dog yet darn renting

Phil wants a corgi

“Brace for that who knows”

He loves dodie’s music

I had to leave for work sorry I am unfortunately an adult 

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I’ve been locked in a dungeon and a jewellery box. I’ve been engaged to my eleven year old cousin. I spent the better part of two years in the same outfit. I am getting my happy ending!

ling is just. what a fucking icon. what a man. gets caught by some mysterious evil organisation to be used as a vessel for one of their vaguely demonic buddies and he’s like “great, hit me the fuck up with those vaguely demonic powers”. disappears for several episodes only to yell at the vaguely demonic entity possessing his body about the power of friendship on his return. forms such a strong bond with said vaguely demonic entity that they smoothly pass around control of the body in the middle of combat for maximum asskicking potential. i love ling yao.


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