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Creepypasta #1303: The Worst Of It All

Length: Short

It wasn’t the alarms or evacuation. That much we’d planned for, being paranoid first-time parents who practiced with our little one every other weekend.

It wasn’t the horror of the potential apocalypse. I’d grown up on thrillers and took pride in knowing what to do regardless of whether they were fast or slow.

It wasn’t the panic of rushing to the lake, hoping no one would follow. The back roads were treacherous and unkempt for sure, but my baby handled it like a smooth raceway.

It wasn’t the silence around us. We rotated watch, eyes peeled and ears on alert for any signs of the shamblers. Word on the radio was the fast ones burnt out quick. Not many outside the cities.

It wasn’t the survival. Mary grew up on a ranch and I led the scouts so we knew how to trap and fish without guns making any sounds we didn’t want.

It wasn’t the lone crawler we found expired out on the trail during one of our rounds. We knew it would only be a matter of time, and time out here was still on our side.

It wasn’t the time on the lake we saw a handful of them falling into the water, drowning. We felt relieved they couldn’t swim or walk on the lake floor, though we had no island escape.

It wasn’t the time Mary didn’t return from her rounds.

It wasn’t the note I found on one of our traps. The last message from my beautiful wife.

It wasn’t the pause my son had when they attacked. He was still young, and he’d know better next time.

It wasn’t the look on his face when I hacked off my own bitten arm, searing the end with the bottom of the pan we’d been using to fry fish.

It wasn’t the exhaustion from taking double watches.

It wasn’t the pain, or the fever, or the chills.

It wasn’t the nap I took accidentally. Something so seemingly short and pleasant that left the path wide open.

It wasn’t the screams, the blood, or the dead. We continued to survive the best we could.

It wasn’t the infected, the ones who finally took him from me.

It wasn’t the shame I felt unable to help him.

It wasn’t the memories I held onto. Of our peaceful little family on the outskirts of a small neighborly town.

It wasn’t the fact I’d never see our friends again. Or my parents. Or even my darling Mary, if I was lucky.

It wasn’t even seeing him again, changed by this nightmare no one should ever have to experience.

The worst of it all was how my mind still knew he was my boy when my body tore into his flesh.

Credits to: Zchxz (story)

Wolf TreeMa of the CIA

I work at sMeltro PCS in a town known for it’s rising heroin issues. I have colorful customers ranging from yelling at me about how it’s my fault they broke their phone and they didn’t get the protection on it to children pooping on my store floor and parents ignoring the issue.

Some of my customers are people who either are medicated and are off the pills, or people who really should consider being looked at for mental problems. No, not just anxiety and depression, I mean people who think aliens are watching them and the government is out to kill them over nothing.

One of my “favorite” customers of this variety is a woman who we call Wolf TreeMa. Well, that’s the name she has on her account anyway. She’s paranoid and a compulsive liar who really does need help. She has come in a few times and constantly starts shit and harasses customers and workers.

My first encounter was when she wanted to change her account information sometime in September. She changed her name twice and turned her account into a high security account with a messed up password that my coworker wrote down for her. She spent hours in our shop, long after we were supposed to close. She went on about how she was the head of the CIA and that she lead ISIS and if she said the word “Wolf” (which she constantly said in this conversation) a team of assassins would come down on our shop and kill us. We finally got her out of our shop and my coworker was so scared for her safety that she called her boyfriend to pick her up after close. 

I had the pleasure of having TreeMa back around December I think. She wanted to change stuff in her account again but couldn’t remember the password. I can get the password changed if they meet two conditions. 1) They must have an ID with a name that matches their account name. She already failed this. 2) The customer must provide their address on the account as well. She doesn’t know what she changed that to. I tell her the situation and suggest referring to the note my coworker wrote for her. She was adamant that we had her information in our system and I was just jerkin her around. After a long explanation that went in circles she promised to call corporate and get me fired. 

She came back on the 4th of March while I worked alone. She was worse than before. TreeMa said she had talked to corporate and that they promised she could get a new phone for 30$ since her broken one was radiating her face and gave her a tumor/cancer. We come upon the same issue with the password and she swears up and down she just got the line with corporate and they got into her account with out her password or ID or anything. We go through the same circle as last time as I explain the issue. 

She starts going off about how corporate promised her the general manager position and how she would re-train me but I had to get off the drugs and try to do my job. At this point she’s accusing me and every other person around of being addicted to percocets. I finally get to throw her out of my shop since she starts harassing customers with her accusations of drug use.

TreeMa comes back in just 2 minutes swearing she talked to corporate (on a saturday? yeah right) and they said I HAD to let her in my shop to pay a bill or some other BS. I kick her out again and even had to resort to calling 911 to get the cops involved. She left before anything came of it.

I just wonder if there’s anything I can do in the future. We have a mental hospital in town to help people with issues like this, but I know she thinks herself too sane to need that. Is it possible to report the issue to an agency or something so she can get the help she needs?

TLDR: Wolf TreeMa the “leader of the CIA” constantly harasses customers and workers at my shop and accuses everyone of poppin’ percs because she has mental issues that need professional help. 

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I'll send in a few more~ Akatsuki headcanon as parents?

Ah, this’ll be fun. This will be all I post for tonight, but go ahead and flood my ask box ‘cuz I’ll have plenty of time tomorrow.


-definitely the stern parent

-feels like he’s a little too strict sometimes, but then one of his kids will get into trouble and he’ll think ‘nah, I’m fine’

-his s/o is always the favorite, the fun parent, but there’s no doubt in his kids minds that he loves them


-also a stern parent

-and the paranoid, protective parent

-but somehow she makes it through the day with her kid(s) still alive, and she’ll calm down


-the fun parent

-also the accidentally dangerous parent

-literally has no idea how to take care of kids, but does his absolute best

-definitely has four or more, and is retired before he has the first


-the careful parent

-can’t cook, but always knows what his kids need

-yes, kids, he will definitely want HAVE dozens.


-the irresponsible, shy parent

-leaves most of the work to his s/o and works a lot

-but that’s mostly because he’s afraid of accidentally hurting them

-every once in a while he’ll play with them, and they’ll almost die

-wash, rinse, repeat


-the cheap parent

-’no you can’t have that toy’

-’that blanket is sixteen bucks, no’

-’it doesn’t matter if it’s comfy, we’re not getting that’

-and then it’s up to his s/o to knock some sense into him 


-the thoughtful parent

-definitely uses every opportunity to teach his kid

-definitely only one or two kids

-quiet, and still works

-his kids will look just like his s/o, no red hair


-another fun dad

-but also the paranoid dad

-won’t let his kids touch his clay until they’re over five years of age

-all his kids will have his kekkei genkai, save for one

-the one that otherwise looks just like him, complete with speech quirk


-In public is the fun dad, in private is the doting dad

-since he grew up without parents for the most part, he’s very careful with them, and himself

-has definitely retired before he had a kid

-all his kids have the sharingan, though, and are late


-the confused dad

-white Zetsu is sensitive to his kids words, black Zetsu does not give a damn

-all his kids’ first words will be mom

-none of them will have his two personalities, which he is secretly thankful for


hi this is going to be a jumbled mess of my feelings & thoughts from seeing Dear Evan Hansen last night

• ok so totally worth the money & time (8 hours) i spent sitting outside waiting for cancellation tickets
• my seat was on the floor, five rows from the stage & i paid half of the original price bc it was cancellation
• still a lot of money (i’m actually broke now)
• and then i saw WILL ROLAND walking into the stage door and i called his name and he didn’t hear me/kept walking
• it’s ok tho
• i made friends while sitting in line and i love theatre fans
• people would walk by and wish us luck, and after i got a ticket i ran across a group of girls i’d seen earlier — they were so excited for me when they heard i got a ticket
• kristolyn lloyd was out for the night but olivia puckett was INCREDIBLE AND I LOVED HER
• there was a family sitting around me (3 sons & grandpa in front, parents behind) and they were precious
• at intermission the mom asked if “pop” was enjoying the show & the kids said “he fell asleep and woke up with no idea of where he was” (sweet ole pop)
• i don’t understand how ben manages to portray evan’s anxiety so perfectly without being overly dramatic
• it’s actually heart breaking (and a little concerning for ben’s health after playing evan for so long)
• heidi hansen’s desire to connect with evan despite never being home is endearing but also frustrating
• like you can’t claim to be there if you’re never available, especially for someone who’s so anxious and feels so alone & like a bother
• we can’t always reach out, even when you insist you’re there
• OH MY GOD connor’s grin to the audience when cynthia says “he’s not high”
• mom, he’s definitely high
• ugh jared’s comment about connor’s “school shooter chic” never fails to bother me, but i know that’s the point
• jared drives me crazy with all his comments, but i know it’s his way of covering his insecurities & i wish jared could be a more fleshed out character
• SAME WITH CONNOR i want to know more of the real connor
• the boy is depressed and paranoid and that’s why he lashes out and etc
• i want more of connor (also i want more of mike faist singing)
• ALANA being so involved yet still being so lonely
• zoe has every right to be guarded, with a brother who was violent and loud (again bc of depression) and parents who let her slip through the cracks
• cynthia’s desperation to have something of connor, even when it doesn’t sound like him
• for forever is currently my favorite song
• the choreography & the upbeat sound & just the fun in the lyrics is so much fun
• i said i was going to riot if will roland didn’t say “kinky” and he did so we were OK
• will’s laugh gives me life
• laura’s raw emotions in requiem
• zoe trying to reconcile the brother evan’s given them with the brother who abused her
• her desire for evan’s connor to be the real connor
• if i could tell her is like the sweetest song but also uncomfortable bc he’s confessing his love but under the facade of things her brother noticed
• again ben’s facial expressions are spot on and heartbreaking
• every time there was a quiet moment in the show the theatre was dead silent
• everyone was in awe
• agh when larry murphy finally breaks and cries
• when you want to love larry but he takes better care of a baseball glove than he did his son & you know he was trying but like not hard enough
• OK so i’ve seen the bootleg multiple times so i knew when things were coming and it was incredible hearing the collective gasp as connor asked evan if he fell or let go and everyone realizing what had happened
• connor’s black nail polish
• words fail is emotional enough on the album but when it’s live and ben is sobbing it’s 100x more intense
• oh damn evan’s makeover in the finale with the jeans & jacket
• zoe & evan wishing they’d just met in the orchard — cause of death
• k everything was wonderful and ben platt deserved that tony

Another thing about Dippica (this is NOT an argument against Mabifica btw, I’m just bouncing off @its-all-for-this-family‘s post)

Dipper and Pacifica’s dynamic is important because it had a lot to do with Dipper’s personal growth as a character. I know the focus of the episode is mainly Pacifica’s development, but I think Dipper assuming the leadership role he did in NMM is just as important. He was the one called to get rid of the ghost. He was the one calling the shots for once. People were looking to him to save the day. And as such, he assumed a more mature demeanor. This was something we had rarely seen in Dipper up to this point – him being totally confident in himself and his abilities, and others counting on him for it. Which only makes the scene where he finds out the Northwests’ true intent that much more painful. And him kicking himself for opening himself up to someone he thought he was wrong about, only to be betrayed, is hard to watch.

Also, Pacifica is probably the first girl (besides his sister) that Dipper was ever completely comfortable around. Remember how cringeworthy his early interactions with Wendy were? And basically everything he did in 2/3rds of Roadside Attraction? He didn’t care how he acted around Pacifica, and vice versa. To him, she was the girl who’d hurt Mabel and he wanted to hurt back. And to her, he was the boy who exposed her family’s coverup. They’ve seen the absolute worst in each other. But they’ve also brought out the best in each other.

Honestly I think most of the reason people like it as a ship was simply due to how brilliantly NMM was written, directed and executed. A lot of people don’t talk about this episode much anymore (probably because the hype wore off long ago), but for me personally, it’s #2 on my favorite episodes list. It has been for a long time. And the scene between Dipper and Pacifica in the room behind the tapestry is probably one of the strongest in the series. Not because of the potential “romance”, but because the growth of these two characters was on display for all to see. Pacifica realized her family’s terrible ways when they hurt someone she befriended, and was angry at herself for not being able to stick up for Dipper in front of her parents. And Dipper – paranoid, sensitive, “TRUST NO ONE” Dipper – recognized her guilt and lifted her up. A kid who used to see the worst in people told his sister’s (now former) nemesis that she could be better than that. This scene is SO IMPORTANT for both of them. Mabel is naturally a very forgiving and understanding person. Dipper is not. That’s why this scene needed to exist for him and Pacifica. And if people see a potential romance between them in the future because of that, well, can you really blame them? It’s a phenomenal scene.

My point here is whether you prefer Dippica as an OTP or a BrOTP, you can’t deny the chemistry that’s there and how brilliantly it was executed. I never once felt like this was a manipulative plot device like “oh and now we have the obligatory ‘the bully character’s gonna be friends with the protagonist now’ story”. It felt very organic and grew organically from the characters’ arcs. And that’s something this show has always done best.

hey is that AMBER HEARD ? no way, that must be SCOUT O’SHEA the 31 year old MECHANIC. everyone says she is VALIANT and CAPABLE but i heard they’re PARANOID and CYNICAL. they’ve seen JAWS at least a dozen times, i guess it’s their favorite or something.

*snoop dog vc* greetings loved ones. it’s holly again, back with a second muse despite my best efforts to control myself. ready to get to know my daughter? click the read more now !

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How I feel about LiS characters (in order of appearance)
  • Max Caulfield:
  • She's so weird that it's really cute. Playing the world in her eyes makes me see a different light in nature and scenery, and the different possibilities are what makes me think about my own choices in my own life. She's an influence to me.
  • Mark Jefferson:
  • First impression was that I love his fucking hair. His hair is so fancy, fits his popular outlook, and his personality. Dick-ish, but sees potential in his students... And knows his grounds.
  • Kate Marsh:
  • Poor baby! I hate how she's so sad all the time, and I really wish I could hug her and get her out of Blackwell ASAP. I really hate to see her get bullied all the time, and I would do anything to save her. Everyone who bullied her can go suck it!
  • Victoria Chase:
  • One of my favorite antagonists, secretly(not anymore??). She's a bitch and rich and thinks she can get laid with anyone she wants. Like UHM, no, baby girl, you can stop. But when you're nice to her, she'll be nice to you. Just depends on your choices I guess.
  • Nathan Prescott:
  • Nathan is a prick. He acts so high and mighty when he's only a wimp and hides behind his parents to protect his puny self. Not my favorite antagonist.
  • David Madsen:
  • A pain in my fucking ass. He's so uptight and paranoid. He always thinks he's in the military, "soldier!" Like what the hell? I understand people can get paranoid and scared after war, but it's no excuse to do the shit he's doing.
  • Principal Wells:
  • He needs to stop thinking about money and shut up or something. He needs to think about the reputation of Blackwell, not how much money it has. Horrible principal.
  • Juliet Watson:
  • I thought she was a bitch at first. Until she let Dana out and they made up. I totally shipped them after that. Anyways, not much to say. She's really a good friend but gets jealous and doesn't think straight if it's involved with something or someone she's in loved with. Also doesn't really know what's right and wrong until one explains a different perspective of it.
  • Dana Ward:
  • She's totally cute. She's one of those cheerleaders, but she's really nice, not stuck-up. Just not the right friends, that's all. Except Juliet. Ship... LOL. But she went through a lot of stuff, and it sucks she has/had to go through it on her own.
  • Alyssa Anderson:
  • All bad luck on her. She's like the only chubby girl in the whole cast, and they made her even more bad luck by giving her such unfortunate events. But I love having to help her out in any way possible! I want to brighten her day! ☺️
  • Warren Graham:
  • Creeper. Too annoying. Blowing up Max's phone. To me, not important. I mean, I heard about him in the second episode from my cousin, like woah creep much. LOL. Always pestering about movies. Just wants to get in Max's pants.
  • Chloe Price:
  • H O T. She's so fucking weird and rebellious, but she's so funny and I love her silliness. And the way she puts hella in her sentences, it's so hilarious. LOL. But I don't really like that she smokes, or any kind of drugs... Andddd always something about Rachel. Like, please don't. Chloe, you belongs to Max, just accept it.
  • Rachel Amber:
  • What's there to say???? She's missing. She's suspicious. Her role is so big, but small at the same time. So many questions to ask, in only two episodes. Especially with the plot twist in the end of episode 3 and for episode 4???
  • Joyce Price:
  • Just like any mom who remarried. Worried about their daughter doing bad things, doesn't understand when they'll be family. Oblivious about many things, but really wants to know... Sucks for her. I wish she's given a bigger and better role in the family.
  • Frank Bowers:
  • Idk. I don't like him as much. He's very suspicious and so little role. like Rachel, there's so many questions. I don't like it. I wish he shows up more. But I like his dog, and his trailer(photo from episode 1)