this and ben's line about her being on top of him

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1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

All my Riverdale fics are here, on Ao3.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m on the far side of 30 and I’ve had the same tumblr avatar since 2011. I gave up trying to pretend to be cool in my junior year of college, when I got drunk at a party and spent the rest of the evening yelling at people in iambic pentameter.

3. What do you never leave home without?

Just the usual boring stuff–wallet, keys, phone.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Kind of both, actually? Which is a problem, because I don’t do well on minimal sleep.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

I suppose Harry Potter, but only because I can’t think of a better answer.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Anthony Hopkins?

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

Oh my god, so many. TV: Parks and Rec, obviously. Recently: GLOW, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, GoT, Better Call Saul, Fargo, BoJack Horseman…I watch a lot of TV.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

I don’t keep up, honestly. My iPod is perpetually full of late ‘60s/early ‘70s rock.

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I don’t mean to come off as aggressive, but truth be told, I’m about to utterly destroy this interview with Dove Cameron. I am not doing this because I don’t like her, I’m just infuriated by this theory. I am a reader, and I read the prequel books before watching the movies. This stuff doesn’t align with the books, and I’m peeved about it. All my fellow Divergent and PJO fans know that when a movie doesn’t follow the books, WE. GET. MAD!

Let’s start with the claim that Uma and Mal’s rivalry is partially based around Harry. Here is where that actually comes from. Uma and Mal were partners-in-petty-crime when they were little kids, kinda like bffs. One day, the two wanted to prank Cruella De Vil by dumping sea sludge on her. However, the sludge spilled and Mal slipped off the dock. Uma initially laughs at the accident, but she becomes panicked as she desperately searches for her friend, who also can’t swim. Mal never actually fell off the pier. She appears behind Uma and dumps a bucket of smelly shrimp on her head. The smell of shrimp never went away, and Mal nicknamed her Shrimpy. Since then, the two were always in competition. (“from the sandbox to the doomball court”) Their 13th bday parties were even on the same day. “Mal always came out on top.” Uma’s fury intensifies when Mal is selected to go to Auradon and not her. Uma is envious of Mal because she always beat Uma, and Uma just wants to win. Their bad blood is based on a gradual one-sided battle and years of jealousy. Basing it on a guy belittles Uma’s motives and makes her look petty. She’s not; she has millions of reasons to hate Mal, and none of them are Harry.

Now let’s talk about Evie. Actually, let’s talk about their whole gang’s origins. It started as Mal and Jay, the worst kids of Dragon Hall and partners-in-crime. Carlos was a runty nerd in school, and Evie was the new girl. She was castleschooled (homeschooled) her whole life because when she and Evil Queen were banished when they she was a kid. Why? Because her birthday party was the same day as Mal’s, and everyone went to Evie’s. Mal was upset, so Maleficent banished the Evil Queen and her daughter to a lonely castle. Bottom line, Mal started out hating Evie. When Evie goes to Dragon Hall, her first friend is Carlos, and neither are too keen on being evil. One day, Maleficent asks Mal to retrieve her dragon eye scepter from the Isle of the Doomed, and Mal hatches a scheme to make Evie grab it and fall into a death-like sleep. Thus, the rotten four is born. Mal brings Jay and invites Evie who brings Carlos. However, Mal develops as a person over the journey and saves Evie from death by grabbing the scepter herself (She only sleeps for a few minutes because she’s related to Maleficent). Bottom line is that Evie was not some replacement for a kicked out gang member. Uma was never apart of Mal’s gang because it started long after Uma and Mal’s rivalry began, and Evie was one of the original members of the gang anyway. Suggesting otherwise puts majority of Mal’s character development to waste and disregards her relationship with Evie. Also, Uma was never in her gang, but she constantly tried to join. Mal claimed she wasn’t big or bad enough, but she was actually threatened by the presence of leader who might just be as evil as her. Thus, the rivalry intensifies. Again, Uma has plenty of reasons to hate Mal.

The part saying Harry and Mal were each other’s first loves makes next to no sense. The evidence for this lies more in the first movie. First, Evie says Mal never had a boyfriend. Next, Mal says that there isn’t really dating on the Isle, just gang activity. Finally, she tells Ben that she doesn’t know what love is. Saying that Harry was Mal’s first love makes illegitimate Ben’s efforts to help Mal learn how to love. It’s Mal’s discovery of love that enables her to develop as a character and defeat her mother. Dating Ben was supposed to be what transformed Mal, and implying that she has loved another before makes her development in the first movie almost meaningless.

Now for the part about Harry getting dumped and joining Uma’s gang. Uma doesn’t get a crew until after the events of the first movie because she concludes that she needs one to beat Mal’s gang. Uma is described as Harry’s longest friend on the Isle, meaning he knew her before he knew Mal. And yes, THEY ACTUALLY SAID FREIND!! When they were young, Uma started ordering him around, and he let her(Gil was there too, but he drifted away and came back when he found out they needed a crew). When Uma says she wants a crew and a ship, she makes a bet with Harry. The winner is captain and the loser is first mate. Ya’ll can figure out who won. Anyway, Harry was always friends with Uma, and he joins Uma’s crew because he wants to, not because of a silly rivalry between former gang mates and a broken heart. There is no mention of a distaste for Mal on his part. In fact, when Uma is hell-bent on getting a crew so she can beat Mal, he wants her to lighten up and have fun with him by causing mischief or something. He doesn’t care about the kids in Bore-don; he just cares that Uma’s upset. The idea that Harry joins Uma’s crew in spite of Mal downplays Harry and Uma’s friendship.

In glorious conclusion, this theory makes a mockery out of the books written to support the movies. Why bother having Melissa De La Cruz write them if you’re not going to agree with the story line? I feel like the actors and directors should read these books so they understand their characters’ motivation. I mean, didn’t Dove Cameron do a promotional video for Rise of the Isle of the Lost? I thought she read it!

I’m not doing this in spite of Dove’s relationship with Thomas. Their personal life is none of our concern, and as a fandom we need to respect that. However, her story does harm to the canon in the following ways: it bases Uma and Mal’s years of tension on a guy and petty gang drama, it turns the beginnings of Evie and Mal’s relationship into a mere replacing of someone else, it turns Ben’s role as Mal’s reason to be good into a lack luster second rate, and it makes Uma and Harry’s relationship based purely on mutual hatred for Mal.

Their backstory is nice, but I ask that they keep their personal life and professional life separate. I really liked the books, but this makes them pointless. If they’re going to force this onto us, don’t expect me to believe a word of it. It lacks evidence from the written text, puts De La Cruz’s work to waste, and shoots down loads of character/relationship development.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sour Girl

 Warning: Smut, DD/LG Kink, Daddy kink, Age Gap, Spankings, Language, A Little Bit of Clark Kent ;), Slight Angst, (OC is not under-aged, she’s 23)

Summary: “Little girls get spankings..”

Author’s Note: I combined two request together; hope you enjoy :) 

Request(s): 1. “Hii, i was watching married with children and there’s a scene when somebody ask to the girl “is he your daddy?” And she asked “Oh no, he’s my father” it was so funny, can you do something like that with Bruce idk but in the other way, like “is he your father” “oh no, he’s my daddy” and Bruce reacting I bet will be funny, I hope is not too kinky lmao, sorry for my English btw”

2. “Can you please make some smut of Bruce being mad cuz the oc is way too young and she made fun of him acting like a brat or childlike and he’s going all “oh you wanna act like a little girl? Well, little girls get spanking.” also height difference cuz Ben Affleck is fucking 6′4 asdghk”

I watched as the small minx pranced around the kitchen in nothing but a pale pink, silk baby doll top and matching ruffled shorts. I had a business party to go to, and she was busying spilling pink lemonade all over the marble island. I was having second thoughts about bringing her along. I knew how people gave us dirty looks at these type of events, not only because of the scandalous dresses that clung to her tight body but the fact that I was above 35 years old and she was in her early twenties. It was fairly hard to keep up with her, the messes, uncontrollable hormones and high sex drive. But I wasn’t complaining, I couldn’t.

“Y/N, go upstairs and get dress. We don’t have time.” I walked over cleaning the sticky, sugary liquid off of the counter.   

“No..I don’t wanna.” She pouted, poking her bottom lip out more than usual. 

I turned, squinting my eyes at the hardheaded young woman in front of me. I hovered over her as a smug grin pulled at the corners of her plush lips. She stood on the tips of her toes, tugging at the black silk tie I was wearing. Her fingers brushing over the collar of my shirt, her small leg sliding in between my muscular ones. 

“You always looked so nice in a suit, Brucey.”  

I cringed at the nickname, and my jaw clenched feeling her small hand gripping my growing bulge. I rolled my neck in frustration, yanking her harshly by her bicep, bringing her closer to my body, almost lifting her off of her feet.

“Go upstairs and get dressed. I’m not going to tell you again.” I growled, pushing her towards the staircase. 

I realized that my bad temper did nothing but cause the bubbling excitement in her to erupt. The way her thighs clenched together and how her tongue snaked out to lick her lips obviously told it all. She stomped her foot and cross her arms as if she was a child that refused to go to bed when told to. 

“I said I don’t wanna. I don’t like how all those men stare at me like I’m a piece of meat.” She looked down at her bare feet with her arms behind her back, twisting to and fro. 

I walked back over to her, lifting her head up by her chin, my 6′4 frame towering over 5′2 one. 

“I wouldn’t dare let anyone lay a finger on you. Now, stop being a brat and throw on something pretty for daddy.” I gave her perfect ass a slap before she ran up the stairs to our bedroom, giggling. 

She was acting more bratty than usual, which made my palm twitch, maybe it was that time of the month for her. I put the pitcher of pink lemonade back into the fridge after pouring the half empty glass down the drain. She wanted to get the best out of me, I knew how badly she wanted me to take her over my knee and chastise her until her perfectly round ass was a pretty picture painted with black and blue. I wasn’t going to let her get me, not like that last time when she nearly wrecked the batmobile. I remember how she was barely able to get out of bed the following morning.     

About 25 minutes go by, I gave another look at my watch, she was still upstairs, doing god knows what. 

“We have 15 minutes to get there. What’s taking you so damn long?!” I yell upstairs, leaning my arm against the wooden banister. 

“Yeah, yeah.. I’m coming grandpa.”

I rolled my eyes at the childish remark before hearing the clicking of heels against wood, I rose my head being greeted by crimson red silk, sculpted collarbones and tight brown curls. 

“How do I look, grandpa?” She twirled around, her dress following behind her.

Before she could reach the last step, I grabbed her forearm , my mouth inches apart from hers. 

“Keep making those little jokes and you’ll have matching cheeks to go with that dress.” I smirked, pecking the tip of her nose.

She muttered something under her breath about old people on our way to the car, causing my jaw to clench and my palm to twitch for the 10th time this night. I held the door open, as she slid onto the Italian leather seats, the slit of her dress opening up a little more than it should, revealing that she’s bare underneath. I took a deep breath after closing the door, adjusting my collar, walking over to the driver’s side. The car ride consisted of dress lifting, thigh grabbing and sly remarks. God, how the hell was I going to get through this night?  

Once we stepped inside the luxurious mansion, we were already plummeted with glares and scoffs but soon welcomed with a warming smile and aligned liquors. 

“Glad you could make it Bruce.” Clark chimed, giving my shoulder an hearty grip. 

I returned the gesture with a friendly one-armed hug, Clark’s eyes wondered to the side of me causing me to pull away and my eyebrows to furrow. It wasn’t long until I noticed that Y/N was giving him bedroom eyes. 

“Is he your father?” Clark questioned as if I wasn’t standing right in front of them. 

“Oh no, he’s my daddy.”

My mouth parted open and my cock twitched against the zipper of my dress pants at her unexpected, shameless response. She looked up at me, giving me cherubic, doe eyes beneath long lashes, wrapping her tongue around the skinny straw of her dirty martini. I blinked at her twice before turning to Clark. 

“Excuse us.” I smiled keeping my lips in a firm, thin line before tugging Y/N off into the women’s bathroom. 

I gripped her chin harshly, my index and middle finger holding her face still as I cornered her against the wall. She looked up at me with those innocent eyes, again, as if she didn’t just call me her daddy in front of Clark fucking Kent.  

“You think you can just get away with acting like a spoiled brat tonight? Huh?”

My fingers digging more into the skin of her cheeks, hard enough to leave light red marks in the shape of fingertips. I smiled as she winced and shook her head vigorously, her rosy cheeks slightly mushed together causing her lips to pucker a bit. 

“You like acting like a little girl?” I snatched her by the thin straps of her dress, “Little girls get spankings..”

My cock throbbed at the struggled gasp that escaped her lips as I bent her over the sink of the public women’s bathroom. I lifted up the skimpy, red silk being greeted by her bare plump ass. I groaned at the sight, my hands running over the delicate skin of her ass cheeks, prepping her for the stinging sensation that she was about to endure. 

“I want you to count. If you lose count, I will start over.” I warned and she nodded willingly. 

I took a deep breath before my large hand slammed against the soft pad of her left ass cheek. I grinned to myself hearing the soft mewls rolling off her deceitful tongue. 

“1..” She choked out.

I could hear the tears already erupting in her voice which made my pants tighten a little more than they should have. I smirked as a bright red hand print started to form on the surface of the skin. I lifted my hand up, slamming it down once again, watching her tiny body jolt up in pleasurable agony. I did that about several times while she counted before our safe word slipped pass her quivering lips. I took a step back, basking in the sight of her swelling cheeks. She attempted to stand up straight but failed miserably, I wrapped my arms around the small of her back, my lips grazing the prominent vein on her neck, inhaling her succulent scent of milk and honey.

“This is what happens when little girls want to act like little whores.” I gestured towards her cherry tinted ass.

“I’m very sorry daddy.” She poked her bottom lip out , gaze to the bathroom floor.

I kissed her forehead gently , before helping stand up straight. She seethed as her fingertips brushed against her ass while fixing the skirt of her dress. I adjusted my tie whilst she wiped the smeared mascara from under her eyes.

“We’re going home. I need to have you.” I engulfed her hand in mine, bringing her knuckles up to my lips before leaving the bathroom back into the crowd of drunken snobs.

We urged through the crowd just to be stopped by Clark once again. I was nearly on the verge of losing my patience. I needed to have her now. I couldn’t help but get rock, hard at how flustered Y/N gets after a well-deserved punishment.

“Awe, leaving so soon?” Clark pouted, his words slightly slurred. Superman was tipsy, ha.

“Yeah, Y/N isn’t really well.” I put on a mock frown, before giving him a manly shoulder grip then exiting through the front door.

The car ride back composed of Y/N continuously folding and uncrossing her legs, almost similar to the car ride here. I didn’t get the chance to open the car door for her, before it flung open widely, and she jumped into my arms, her hands grabbing at my face and her lips providing me with sloppily, gift-wrapped kisses. I held her up by the backs of her thighs as I fought with the keys and lock of the large house we shared. We stumbled inside after finally managing to open the door, our lips still attached to each other’s. I let out a growl feeling her break the heated kiss before she pushed me on my back to the leather couch. She swung her legs over mine, as she fumbled with the buttons of my dress shirt after pushing my blazer off. I pushed the skimpy straps pass her shoulders exposing her perfectly, taut buds. I bowed my head, taking the left one into my mouth, my tongue creating circular motions around the peak. I watched in awe as she threw her head back, hair tousled over her the high points of her cheeks. Her small hands finding their way to undo my belt and slacks, that crooked smile displayed across her face as my rock, solid cock sprung out of my briefs. She took a hold of my cock in her hands, her thumb sweeping up the bead of precum that managed to form in the slit, earning a low groan from me. Her hand teasingly squeezing around my cock causing my breath to hitch and my body to stiffen. She started to rotate, up and down on my dick, in a torturing slow pace.

“Don’t tease me, doll.” I warned through clenched teeth.

“You’re no fun Batsy.” She gave me a mock pout before scooting back on her haunches, her grip tightened on my cock as she wrapped her soft lips around my tips, her tongue making long stokes up the sides.

Then she took all of me into her mouth reminding of how talented she was at this. I grabbed a fistful of her gathering it up in my hands before tugging roughly, effecting my cock to probe the back of her throat, smalls gags being muffled. She looked at me with doe eyes, smiling brightly with a mouthful.

“You’ve always looked so pretty with my cock down your throat.”

She nodded knowingly, her head bobbing back and forth , edging my release. I tugged her up by the mock ponytail I formed, refusing to cum without being inside of her first. I ran my thumb over the speck of spit and pre cum on her bottom lip, leaning down to tug at it with my teeth. She giggled against my lips sending vibrations throughout my body.

“I wanna ride you daddy.” Her tongue grazed over lip before she climbed onto my lap, wrapping her legs around my hips.

I was in complete fulfillment when she slid herself onto me, my hands went immediately to her waist, out of habit, guiding her up and down on my cock. Her hands tangled up into my unruly hair, tugging and pulling as she rode my cock. I smirked as my first name escaped from her soft lips causing me to bury myself deeper inside of her.

“You like that slut? Huh?” She moaned, nodding her head vigorously. “You’re so fucking tight.” I purred against her pulse.

I thrust into her a few more times before grabbing her by hips, flipping her on her side. She wrapped her left leg around mine as I held the back of her right thigh. I pull out of her almost completely then submerging my cock into her cunt, my balls slapping against her puckered hole.

“Harder.. Please.” She begged as I witnessed her eyes flutter and roll back.

I granted her wish, plowing harder into her, the feeling of worry crept in the back of my mind, at the thought of nearly tearing her apart. I wrapped my arms around her rib cage , my fingers toying with her rose bud nipples.

“Cum for me, little girl. Come on, cum for daddy.” I whispered, my hands snaking down her navel to the sensitive bundle of nerves between her legs.

“Bruc-” Her gravelly voice was soon interrupted by the contracting of her cunt around my cock and the clenching in her stomach from her euphoric release.

I held her tighter to my body, thrusting into her practically lifeless body, riding into my orgasm, strings of my hot seed spewing into her heated mound. I wasted no time before I trailed kisses from the valley of her belly button down to the soft coils. My tongue flicked at her clit , gazing up at the beautiful nymph above me as she thrashed and squirmed underneath my tongue, cleaning up the concoction of our cum. I lifted my head, meeting my lips with hers letting her get a taste of the new flavor we created. I coddled her in my arms, pulling the sheet over her getting a glance at the fading red blotches formed from tonight’s earlier events, the room silencing from the frantic breathing.  Y/N examined me with squinted eyes tugging at the skin of her bottom lip with damp hair pressed to my chest. 

“How come you don’t call me your girlfriend?” She broke the silence. 

I clenched my jaw, sensitive about this particular subject. 

“Y/N, you know how I feel about-” 

“Don’t give me that. We’ve been together for 1 year and 8 months, and you still haven’t labeled me as your girlfriend. Are you embarrassed to be with me because I’m younger, or shall I say a little girl ?“She began to remove herself from my grip but I refused by pulling her back tightly to my chest before lifting up her face by the chin, forcing her to look at me, blinking away the tears that dared to fall.

“I love you. Don’t ever say I’m embarrassed of you. You’re my everything.. Lover, partner, soulmate, girlfriend, hopefully wife.” I gave her nose a soft peck watching her lips curl into the smile that I adore so much. 

“Really? Wife?” She attempted to hide her smile with her hands before I grabbed them. 

“Yes. Really.” I gave her lips one more longing kiss before she snuggled up to my chest. 

“I love you more, Batsy.”

Rey and Kylo’s relationship in The Last Jedi

I hope I’m not the only one screaming “REYLO” at the top of my lungs after reading this article.
Wow. [deep breath] Okay, let’s go.
Somehow, hints about Rey and Kylo’s relationship are always oh-so-subtle but are always there.

What shocked me the most about this article is this part:

“As we know, the young scavenger was ditched as a child on the hardscrabble junkyard world of Jakku by unknown parents and left for years to survive on her own. But lately, she has gotten accustomed to making fast friends, like BB-8, Finn, Chewbacca, and General Leia Organa. Even the murderous Kylo Ren became fascinated by her strength and resilience after kidnapping her.

Regardless of everything else, she’s been welcomed. No one ever really turns away from her,” Ridley says.

That changes when she arrives on Ahch-To.“

(Leaving apart the fangirl-squeal-inducing “Kylo Ren became fascinated by her”…) Do you understand what that implies? Daisy is basically saying that Rey felt more welcomed by Kylo Ren than she did by Luke Skywalker. Like, even Rey herself realizes that Kylo has been “warmer” (it’s not the right word, but I can’t think of a better one) than Luke is to her when she arrives on Ach-To.

Regardless of everything”, regardless of the fact that Kylo kidnapped her, made her his prisoner and probed her mind, regardless of everything Rey still recognizes that Kylo had an interest in her. (And that he didn’t want to kill her, au contraire wanted her by his side, as he himself said while they were fighting).

The mere fact that Kylo is put on the list of people Rey got “close” with is alone a big revelation and a somehow shocking one (he’s still a villain at this point!), but to hear a straight comparison between the people who she didn’t feel rejected by and Luke, and knowing that Kylo is part of the first ones, made my heart swell with emotion.

Also, other important points to consider:

“Luke definitely does not give Rey the warm welcome he received when he went in search of Alec Guinness’ Ben Kenobi in 1977’s original Star Wars. She is warned. She is given an explanation. Nevertheless …
“She’s so hopeful to everything,” Ridley says. “And obviously there’s a hint of, ‘What the hell?’

This rejection hits Rey’s abandonment issues. Hard.“

I feel like this will have something to do with what happens between Rey and Kylo when he arrives on Ach-To. I mean, she doesn’t feel welcomed by Luke, she was already traumatized by abandonment, and clearly she isn’t happy nor satisfied with who Luke Skywalker is, because he’s so far from the legend she’s heard of. She’s there to bring him back to fight for what she thinks is a good cause, but he doesn’t want to hear any of it.

This might bring Rey to reconsider everything she knows about Light and Darkness, about Good and Bad… if even someone like Luke Skywalker reveals himself to be such a dark persona, then maybe whatever Kylo Ren tells her, might resonate with her more now. In the end, she didn’t feel rejected by Kylo and he offered to be her teacher. At the very least, she now might want to hear what he has to say, and maybe they will end up having that ‘dangerous conversation’ that was rumored months ago, the one Luke will not like.

In the light of such an event, it isn’t so unlikely to see them fight side by side, like the TLJ bts video hinted when we saw Daisy and Adam fighting together against what looked like Snoke’s guards. Maybe they won’t be friends, but they might need to fight for the same cause at some point in the movie, and it might have to do with Luke’s refusal to join the fight (this is a very tricky line of thinking of mine, but maybe Luke’s refusal will “push” Rey to join forces with Kylo for some reason).

Another interesting point is:

“I don’t think one girl, who he doesn’t know, turning up with a lightsaber is gonna make him go, ‘Oh, s—, yeah, of course I’ll get back into the action,’” Ridley says.

“But does he not know her?” Hamill says in his separate interview.“

As I wrote in my other recent meta, why would Luke know her? I supposed there would be only two reasons, one of them being connected to the Force visions Rey and Kylo have of each other. We don’t know about Kylo’s visions, but given that he said “it is you” to Rey back on Starkiller Base and that he looked as startled as her in that rainy night vision Rey had on Takodana, we might guess Kylo has had visions of Rey for some time now. And since Ben has trained with Luke before becoming Kylo Ren, it’s not unlikely Luke would know about this girl and might recognize Rey as “the vision girl” thanks to something Rey might tell him.

I do believe it might be like that because clearly Daisy and Mark had different instructions about this topic. Daisy is all like “he doesn’t know me” while Mark is like “does he really not know?” which leave us wondering.

Either way, I’m so happy about these new revelations and totally ready for this movie to break me apart!

Heart on the Line (part 9)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1247

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I Never Planned on You: Tom Holland

tom holland x reader

A/N: I’m sorry, i feel like this was really crappy :-( this isn’t part of my broadway!tom series, it just happens to be v similar 


requested: mrsdoradominguez-barnes:

Question can you do another Tom Holland imagine where the reader is on tour with newsies and lands a role on civil war so when filming wraps up in Georgia the civil war cast go and see the reader perform on newsies and Tom falls in love with her

Words: 2000+

Warnings: does poor character development count???

summary: your relationship with Tom only comes to light when he comes to see one of your performances on Broadway

let me know if you’d like to be added to my tag list!

requests are open!

It had been a long journey to the big screen, and you couldn’t quite believe how lucky you’d been to make it this far.

It was stressful at first, the juggling of auditions and performances every night. It had been months of self-taping audition cuts between matinee and evening shows as your fellow cast members watched from behind the makeshift tripod, cheering you on silently.

The call came in late May. Someone from Marvel had finally seen all of the videos you’d been sending for the past three months and asked you to fly to Georgia for two days to screen test with some of the actors the film.

Your decision was an easy one; all you had to do was send in your two-weeks-in-advance notice stating that you’d be gone for three days at the most, and then you found yourself in Atlanta, caught in a whirlwind of new people to meet and new lines to read.

That was the beginning of the end, you supposed. You used to just be the girl who ended up on Broadway, performing for nearly-full houses eight times a week, which you weren’t complaining about, but if you were being completely honest with yourself, you couldn’t imagine was the end of the line for you.

You had barely touched back down in JFK two days later when they called you again to let you know that you’d gotten the part, and can you start next week? And of course you said yes. How could you not? It was a minor role, but it was just the tip of the iceberg that was your future. In a span of a few short days, you had gone from the small town girl on a big city stage to a small town girl who’d soon grace movie screens across the globe.

The hard part was leaving your home behind. You’d lived in New York for four years; your parents had moved the family up to the city when you were fifteen and had booked your first show on Broadway. You spent most of your teen years busy with never-ending rehearsals and homeschooling in between.

When the show closed only months after its opening, you were fortunate enough to already have something else lined up, and from then on, you spent your time building quite an impressive resume. Four Broadway shows and three Off-Broadway were definitely worth noting, especially at your age.

When you were eighteen, desperate to feel a sense of independence, you went on the hunt for a new apartment and a couple of roommates. From there, you found Anna and Sam, two of the sweetest, most supportive girls you’d ever met, and you couldn’t be more grateful to have them in your life.

Six months ago, you booked the role of Katherine Plumber in Newsies, your first lead role, and it had, thus far, been the best six months of your life. You loved your co-workers, and you loved that you were able to do what you loved eight times a week.

That was why leaving was so hard. It was only two months, tops, but it would be two long months without the people you loved most in a city where you knew nobody, doing something you had never done before.

You had quite the send-off, though. Anna and Sam, along with your wonderful parents, surprised you with a party full of everyone you loved, which meant the little rooftop garden on top of your building was full of cast members, crew, close friends, and your immediate family, including your brother who’d come back from teaching in Korea just to celebrate you.

You complained at first, said it was too much for a two month endeavor, but everyone insisted that it was a momentous occasion (though you knew Sam would’ve made any excuse to use the rooftop garden for a party). The night ended with teary eyes and long, tight hugs all the way around and strict instructions from your show’s producer to come back home whenever you missed Katherine too much.

The next day, your roommates and your family accompanied you to the airport, all getting out to say goodbye and wish you luck on your new adventures.

“So. This is it then, huh kiddo?” your brother asked, smiling softly as he wrapped an arm around you.

“Guess so. I still can’t believe this is happening. I feel like my life is actually about to start,” you mused, leaning into his body.

“You know we’re so, so proud of you, don’t you, sweetie?” your mom asked with a watery smile.

“Aw, mom! You’re gonna make me start crying again,” you pouted teasingly.

“She’s right, Y/N. We can’t wait to see where this movie takes you. We’ve always knew you would go so far,” your dad smiled, reaching over to rub your shoulder.

“Thanks, guys. It’s just gonna be so weird being away from home for so long. I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you guys.”

“You’re gonna go be a star, just like we always knew you were, alright Y/N? We’re sad that you’re leaving, but it’s only two months! We’re all just a phone call away, and you know you can always come home when you need us,” Anna grinned, pulling you to her and into a hug.

“I love you guys,” you mumbled into her sweatshirt.

“We love you too, Y/N. Now get out of here or you’ll miss your flight!” Sam giggled, hugging you when Anna released you from her tight grip.

You hugged the rest of your family with one last goodbye, then turned to security, getting in line before turning back around to send one more teary wave back to your family.

When you arrived in Atlanta, you were catapulted straight into shooting and nonstop work that you barely had any time to think about how much you missed home. In the rare moments that you did, though, you found solace in your young costar, Tom Holland.

You knew he was like you, that he’d started in the show business at a much younger age than you, and therefore he’d know what it was like to have a spotlight on you at all times. He also knew how hard it was to be away from home. He was from England, much farther than Manhattan, and you had to wonder how he was able to cope with being so far away from his family for so long.

He was good at taking your mind off of the matters that plagued your thoughts, like whether or not everyone was missing you, or how your replacement was doing in Newsies so far, or if your brother was alright, all by himself in Korea. With a quick wit and a natural inclination for humor, he was your beacon of light through your stressful times.

You’d finished filming much earlier than him; his role was a bit bigger than yours- who knew Spider-Man would be such an integral part to the story!- so he had another few weeks before he was done, and then the filmed bits would be off to be put together into a coherent story.

He’d gone to see you off at the airport the morning after you’d finished filming, sending you off with a big hug and a promise to come visit before he had to go back to London.

It was three months after you’d gotten back You were twenty now, and back at Newsies, playing the role you loved and missed so much. Backstage was chaotic, as it usually was at half hour, but you sat in your cozy dressing room, the eye of the hurricane, listening to Bing Crosby croon from the speakers of your vintage turntable as you prepared for the show.

You were always one to prepare early; you firmly believed that the earlier you got in costume, the more time you’d have to get in character. You breathed deeply, your essential oil diffuser letting out puffs of lavender-scented mist as you leaned back in your chair, closing your eyes for a moment of deep relaxation, one of the last moments you’d get before your fellow cast members started flocking to your room for last minute snacks or lozenges or cups of tea before the show began.

When the show began thirty minutes later, you got lost in the magic of the show, for once not worrying about what the audience thought of you. The stage lights did a great job of blocking the house from view, anyway. It wasn’t until intermission that you learned exactly who was sitting in the front row that night.

“Hey, did you see your friend out there?” Ben, one of the younger guys, asked, taking a long pull from his water bottle.

“Huh? Which friend?” you asked, distracted. You were trying to get the pin right on your skirt so it would hold the bottom up during your upcoming tap number.

“Oh yeah, that guy! The one you were filming with when you left us earlier this year,” Sky explained, stretching his leg out above his head.

“What? Who is it?” you asked, interest piqued. It could’ve been any number of  people; even though Tom was the one you tended to gravitate towards during the shoot, you’d made friends with most of the people in the cast.

“I dunno, I just know that I saw him in the trailer for the movie,” Ben shrugged, setting his water back down on your coffee table. “Anyway, they’re about to call places, so let’s go.”

You grinned triumphantly at the fixed pin, but your mind ran with ideas of who could be in the audience. You were hoping it was Tom. He had promised he’d come see the show, after all.

You made it through the rest of the show with hardly any bumps, putting a little more pep in your step now that you knew there was someone special to impress in the audience. And if imagining Tom was the one sitting in the front row impacted your performance at all, nobody had to know. .

You were back in your dressing room letting your hair out of its pin curls when you heard a quick rap on your door.

“Come in!” you called through the bobby pins in your mouth.

“Hey there, love,” a sweet, English accent spoke from over your shoulder. You whipped around, forgetting all about your hair that was half curling wildly, and half still contained under a dozen more bobby pins.

“I was told someone I knew was here. If only you’d told me, I would’ve tapped a little harder for you,” you grinned, standing to give Tom a hug.

“You were fantastic, Y/N. Honestly. I  had no idea you could dance like that. And your voice! My God, woman! Where were you hiding that all this time?” he laughed, pulling you off the ground to spin you around.

“Thank you, Tom. Seriously, I really appreciate you coming to see the show.” Your grin hadn’t slipped off of your face for even a second as he held you in his arms.

“I told you I would, didn’t I?” he asked, squeezing you tightly.

“Yeah, I just thought you meant that as a courtesy, not that you’d actually fly to New York to come see me!” you exclaimed.

“Hey, who said I was here for you? Maybe I’m here to see your pal Ben chomp on a cigar for two and a half hours straight,” he joked, eyes shining.

“Mhm, you know you love me, Tom,” you smirked, punching his arm lightly.

“Yeah,” he whispered, brown eyes boring into yours.

“What?” you asked, grin faltering.

“I love you, Y/N,” he repeated, bringing a hand up to cup your face. “Seriously, somewhere between our deep midnight talks and stupid pranks, I completely fell in love with you and I didn’t realize it until you left. I knew I had to come see you somehow and tell you how I feel, but they kept me in Atlanta longer than anticipated. As soon as I was finished, I booked the first flight here.”

You smiled, reaching up to grip the the hand on your cheek with your own. You sighed, leaning into Tom’s body heat.

“You know, you have know idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say that, Holland,” you smiled, then leaned up to capture his lips with your own.

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The Day Great Comet Stopped the Show

Yup. I was there. Sunday the 23rd of August

It was a last minute decision to go, since my friends and I were just going into the city to see Thomas Sanders and then we were going to go home. And then when they announced the show was going to close, I knew I needed to convince my friends to go see it with me again. 

And low and behold, I did. 

We sat in the rear mezz, two rows behind the only platform in the mezzanine. 

It was a memorable show if you ignore the fact that the sound system went out, so I’m just going to go through the whole show. 

-I can’t remember who threw a dumpling at me, but I saw them afterwards and told them I really appreciated it.


-Shoba was on as Natasha, and let me tell you she is so freaking amazing. I absolutely loved her performance. 

-Brittain Ashfore as Sonya literally blew me away she was more amazing then the cast recording(I saw Ingrid the first time)

-The Opera was even weirder the second time 

-A threesome happened right in front of us during The Duel. My friends and I were thoroughly shook. 

-Scott’s Dust and Ashes were absolutely amazing(I think Oak’s was better, but I think overall, I think Scott may be my favorite Pierre)

-Seeing the entire cast up in the mezz singing Dust and Ashes with Pierre was amazing

-Amber Grey killed me once again 

-Letters is a much more static number than I remember it. 

-Shoba’s Natasha&Sonya was SO AMAZING I LOVED IT 

-Now we get to the Abduction sequence. I raise my glass with my $10 soda, and Brittain Ashfore comes by and clinked it. 

-During the “goodbye my gypsy lovers” I was rocking back and forth and singing. One of the ensemble members saw me singing, smiled, and nodded at me before continuing to do her thing. 

-When Lucas had everyone sit down, he sat down and was panting. The girl he sat next to held out her water bottle. He just looked at her and she looked back. Then he took the water and chugged half of it. Then he handed it back. Then when he was holding out his hands getting ready to tell everyone it was alright to start dancing again, the girl held out her hands too. Lucas broke character. 

-Now the part you’ve all been waiting for. Just as In My House was starting, the mics started going out(I never realized how quiet everything is without them). You couldn’t hear what anyone was saying. Then the announcement came over that we were going to have another brief intermission. At one point, someone yelled “I LOVE YOU GRACE” and everyone started cheering. Then they told all the actors to go backstage. 

-Scott, however, did not go backstage. He just stayed at his desk. The theater was pretty quiet, so I just yelled “HI SCOTT!” and waved to him. He waved back and everyone started clapping. 

-Then someone in another part of the mezz stood up, started clapping and singing Anatole’s “wooooOOAAAoooooAAAAooooAAAAAOooooAAAAooooooOOOOOoooooh”. Just about the entire mezz joined in. (on GC insta live stream)

-Then someone onstage started a wave (also on GC’s insta live stream)

-Also, apparently Ben Stiller was there doing the wave as well. 

-Then the show started again right at the very end of The Abduction when Anatole is at the top of the stairs. 

-After all the actors were in place, Lucas said “does anyone remember what happened?)

–We learned at the stage door via Nick C. that while they were sitting backstage waiting for the sound problem to be fixed, Lucas sat there and was like *clever smile* “I have a line”

-After Natasha freaks out because she poisoned herself, Brittain goes bolting off the stage in a dead sprint after her. From what I remember of Ingrid, her run was less urgent. 

-Andrey is such a cold and bitter character but Nick B. couldn’t be a sweeter human being. 

-The curtain call was really really short. They didn’t even play any music. I’m assuming it was shortened because of the sound problem, but I didn’t get to stand and applaud them all for 5 minutes. 

-The only main characters that didn’t come to the stage door were Grace and Amber. But I got to meet Lucas and Brittain and Paul this time which I was really happy about because I didn’t get to meet them last time. 

You know what really sucks? I almost recorded audio of this show. When I found out there was audio of Scott as Pierre out there, I didn’t want to risk taking it since I didn’t really have anywhere good to hide my phone. Now I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t. If anyone was smarter than I and took the audio please let me know

My top ten most powerful animated teens.


1. I am not including any DC, Marvel, or (Japanese) Anime teens. This is purely from  cartoon origins. If I included anime and comics, it would be riddled with them

2. They must have super powers, a super powered weapon, or in some way shape or form give them abilities beyond human powers.

3. One per franchise.

4. To be considered a teen, they must be between the ages of 12 to 19 when we are introduced to them.

5. This will be from only shows I have seen, so if a character of yours isn’t on the list I am sorry.

10. Steven Universe

Steven is the youngest member of the crystal gems (biologically 14 years old)

He is half human and half gem. While he is not much of a fighter, he is by no means weak.

He has one of the best defensive capabilities that I have seen.

His bubble shield is able to survive a spaceship crash from orbit.

His weapon of choice is a shield, that has unique properties that we have yet fully seen

He is able to heal injuries and broken gems with his spit.

He has enhanced strength and is tough enough to be thrown around by giant monsters and powerful creatures without much issue.

But the most amazing part about steven is, he is still learning. Once he unlocks his full potential it is obvious that I will have to put him higher on the list.

9. Ladybug from Miraculous:Tales of Ladybug and Chat noir.

Marinette is the heroine of Paris known as Ladybug.

With enhanced strength, speed, and durability. She is one tough customer. Her yo-yo can extend to any length, the line is unbreakable (Able to hold down a freaking T-rex) and has the ability to purify akuma.

But her greatest ability seems to be “Lucky charm”

This deus ex Machina ability allows the girl to solve a problem by giving her a random  item, which she will use to defeat her opponent in an unorthodox way.

And of course the other ability of Miraculous healing, which fixes all of the destruction that happened during the battle.

I chose her over chat noir mainly due to her having the purification ability

aside from that, they are practically equal.

8. Star butterfly from Star vs the forces of evil

Star is a 14 year old girl who happens to be princess of the kingdom of mewni

who happens to hail from another dimension.

She is constantly battling monsters that want her wand.

While I have her very low on the list, she does have potential to one day be near the top 5 of this list.

Why you ask.

Because of her magic wand!

The exact amount of power she possesses is unknown. It definitely not something one dismisses. It is strong enough to conjure up an assortment of pain, can alter ones anatomy,and even cause untold destruction in the wrong hands.

It only gets more powerful, I hope to see what it is really capable of.

7. Randy Cunningham: RC9GN

This teen ninja is responsible for protecting norrisvile from monsters, robots, evil wizards, and more.

With an arsenal of weapons that range from sharp to deadly stealthy to just plain ridiculous. The guy has almost as many weapons as batman!

But of course, he also has enhanced senses, limited elemental powers such as the ninja air fist, the tengu fire ball and more.

He also has super strength, enhanced speed, agility, reflexes, the whole typical hero stuff.

But This guy has a few more tricks up his sleeves, giving him a slight edge over the previous entrees.

6. Jake long, From American dragon: Jake long

Being the magical protector of New york city

Jake long has the power of dragons

With senses enhanced by his dragon transformation.

His senses are head and shoulders above the competition.

He can fly over 200-300 mph,

Strong enough to live 5 to 25 tons

breathes fire (Both as a rapper (Jk), and as a dragon)

claws that can rip through steal.

durability that makes being knocked through a brick wall an “inconvenience”

This dragon is tough and hard to beat.

5. Danny Phantom:

“Yo Danny phantom he was just 14

his parents built a strange machine,

designed to view a world unseen.”

But then s*** happened, and Danny fenton is now Danny phantom, protector of Amity park.

Having a ton of abilities Danny is one tough foe.

He can over shadow people,

shoot ecto blasts,

create energy shields

turn invisible, and intangible

Strong enough to pick up a bus with ease.

can fly over 150 miles per hour.

has cryokinisis (Ice powers)

can replicate himself making himself 4x as deadly!

And of course his most powerful ability

the Ghostly wail.

His last resort shout is strong enough to devastate a city.

While it was close between him and Jake,

Danny has the upper hand in terms of powers

4. Korra from Legend of Korra.

The latest avatar is certainly something. (Aside from being amazingly beautiful and powerful)

The protector of the world.

This girl has fought spirits, benders, Giant robots! the whole shabang

She can manipulate, fire, earth, water and Air with ease.

She even picked up metal and spirit bending!

But her most powerful form is her Avatar state.

In this state, she is powerful enough to stop city destroying lasers, level armies, fight embodiments of chaos!.

This girl is a beast and I am giving her this spot because honestly, Very few can top this chick.

3. XJ9 or Jenny from my life is a teenage robot.

The robotic teen protector of Tremorton.

Jenny is a powerful robot that protects the city and the world from city destroying monsters, robots, aliens, and robot Aliens!

She has the strength of 1million and 70 men. Which Is tough to calculate, but it is known she can easily lift well over 100 tons with ease.

Fly at high speeds,

has a weapon arsenal so insane it could dwarf the fire power of most militaries!

Her titanium alloy body makes her tough enough to survive most attacks without much damage.

she is as smart as a super computer.

Has more types of visions then the man of steel himself.

Has destroyed Planet destroying meteors with only slight difficulty.

This girl is tougher then she looks.

2. Ben ten from ben ten, alien force, omniverse and etc.

A teenager with the powers of every alien in the known universe.

The omnitrix is by far one of the best weapons in the existence of the world.

Ben tennyson is a 16 year old kid who got the coolest gift in existence 

a watch that can turn him into any alien for about 10 minutes at a time (Unless plot says other wise or some sh*t says he needs longer then that).

If I were to describe all of his powers and abilities, 

It would take forever!

The kid just has all the powers!

If you can think of it, one of his aliens probably has it.

He is one of the two most broken heroes in cartoons.

but the question is.

Who is number one?

1. Rex Salazar from Generator rex.

Now I know what you are thinking.

“How can this guy top  Mr. All aliens ever?”

Well it is actually really simple.

He actually became a god for a short time.

Now before then, he probably would have been on par with korra.

Being able to turn any part of himself into a kick butt machine


curing evo controlled living creatures.

enhanced durability and healing.

But what made this guy go beyond all of that was godhood.

He attained five meta-nanites that gave him god like powers.

Which he used to cure all of the evos. And after that he turned it off for good.

What makes him different from ben is, while Ben has a god like alien as well, ben is limited by two other beings that make it near impossible to do anything with it.

Rex had full control. This made him superior to ben.

That is why Rex is number one.

(let me know your thoughts on this. Did I miss any other cartoons?)

I’ve always wanted to see an actual scene like this, probably not as detailed as this lmao but still… it’s morning and John is leaning against the kitchen counter, drinking coffee, wearing only pyjamas and (probably Sherlock’s) gown, his hair is tousled and messy and he has that kind of “i am so blissed out” grin plastered on his face and then there is Sherlock, sitting at the table opposite him, having breakfast but not really, cause he’s all but nibbling the toast in his hand, too busy focusing on much more important things than eating. John. John giving him such bedroom eyes, and even as he lifts the mug to his lips, he doesn’t look away. They don’t speak at first, at all, but you know what exactly is happening in that scene, cause Ben and Martin’s eyes speak louder than words.

And then finally, when the eye sex is no longer enough, Sherlock drops the toast and he isn’t really looking at John now, there’s but a tiny suggestive smile playing upon his lips as he raises up from his chair, and, you see, he isn’t really wearing much but a gown and pants. Biting on his bottom lip, he approaches John, walking deliberately slowly as if to tease the hell out of him and of course, it bloody works. John’s grin immediately turns into a smirk, before Sherlock closes the gap he puts the mug away cause he’s obviously gonna need to put his hands to much better use. And, this definitely being Martin’s acting choice, he bites his lip too, his eyes gliding up and down Sherlock’s half naked body standing right in front of him. They don’t kiss just yet, but do they tease, leaning in just so to brush their lips, ever so tenderly and of course, there’s even more lip licking and lip biting and they tilt their heads from side to side so playfully, as if they’re about to kiss, only to pull back an inch again and those little shits actually find it funny. Fortunately enough, all the filthy chuckles and giggles that escape their throats actually sound perfectly in character given the circumstances. And then… then there is some heavy illegal murmuring and purring too when they voices drop so low and husky that the crew has some serious trouble concentrating on their work and you, as a completely innocent spectator start wondering what kind of a show you’re actually watching. 

Martin most likely inserts a few dirty innuendos in between his lines without announcing it beforehand but Ben naturally plays along, so Sherlock and John end up flirting like mad and the temperature in the room rises and rises and there are people who want to yell ‘cut’ of course but in the end nobody does so the scene goes on.

Well, in fact, it escalates really really quickly, when John leans in for a tentative peck. Alright, it’s not really a peck, precisely, he low key sucks on Sherlock’s bottom lip and they continue like this for a little longer, flirting in between stealing small but lustful kisses from each other’s lips but then at one random point, they both decide that everybody has had enough of teasing so John grabs the hem of Sherlock’s gown and, with a moan, pulls him into an actual kiss and there is so much tongues and obscene noises, they aren’t even ashamed of that and at first Sherlock leans into John, pushing him further against the counter but then John takes the charge, of course. Well, I say John, but what happens next isn’t exactly scripted, it’s pure Martin and Ben cause they want to give John and Sherlock the treatment they deserve, so, in the middle of the kiss (that’s turning out to be much more passionate than the writers intended it to be), John picks Sherlock up and Sherlock instantly wraps all his limbs around him and he even deepens the kiss, again, which is getting a little out of hand to be fair but nobody seems to care. John carries him toward the table and puts him right there on the top and some of the flasks and tubes and probably even Sherlock’s mug and plate fall on the ground, shattering, but, again, nobody cares except then… then John pulls Sherlock’s gown off his shoulders so he is practically shirtless as it slips down and he begins to kiss a line down Sherlock’s neck, really filthy, open mouthed, sloppy kisses and it’s when the crew finally decides to draw a line, this footage is gonna have to be cut anyway, they think, but… they do sent Una in, cause yeah that was supposed to happen, Mrs Hudson spoiling the moment.

And when her cheery “oohoo” puts an end to the make out session, John and Sherlock just freeze the way they are, Sherlock almost lying on the table, hands around each other and John’s lips on Sherlock’s chest and about three seconds pass before they finally look at her half-embarrassed, half-annoyed… actually, Sherlock is just annoyed, rolling his eyes but neither of them moves an inch.

This time they all actually do say the lines that were in the script and then Mrs Hudson leaves and, according to the script, John and Sherlock return to the bedroom to finish what they started.

Somebody yells ‘cut’ at last and the silence is nearly too uncomfortable but Ben and Martin are actually extremely pleased with themselves so… nope, they don’t give a fuck.

You Were In Screaming Color, Pt. 2

Stan Uris x Bill Denbrough

Word Count: 4.6k (holy shit)

Warnings: Swearing, light angst

Requested: Yes

Author’s Note: Before we begin, I wanted to tell you that I meant to tag part 1 with “richie standing up for stan is gay solidarity,” but if I did that now, no one would see it. So I put it here for you all to read my strange sense of humor! Okay, now on the important business. Look, I know baseball is a spring sport, but this is fanfiction. Work with me here. Also, I don’t watch football often and went to one high school game, so allow me to make mistakes. We’re all human. One more thing: don’t ask me why this is split into so many scenes, I won’t be able to answer you. {Edit: I said in a response to an anon that this was scheduled to come out Monday, but if pt. 1 hit 100 notes before then, I’d post this earlier. Guess wha-at? You get this two days early!! YAY!!! So, drumroll please. Here’s part 2. Enjoy!}

Part 1

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anonymous asked:

Any headcanons about how Aunt May and Uncle Ben would've been with Peter when he was young, before his parents left?

may and ben never planned to have kids because they genuinely didn’t want any, they’re fine to just babysit for a few hours to get their fill of cute children being wholesome. and sometimes they think they may want some, but then richard and mary have peter. and they’re so overjoyed for them, but they see how peter cries and how he keeps richard and mary up all night. how often his diaper needs changing, how completely needy children are. and they both agree they definitely don’t want kids.

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hi, i finally finished this stozier fic and i’m drained and i hope people like it. thank you.

prompt: au fic in which a person get songs stuck in their head because their soulmate is singing it somewhere.

But I don’t need to bleed you dry
Or take you over for the rest of your life
It’s just that I need something solid in mine

- “precious”, the jam

richie was getting real tired of this “soulmate” shit, and he told ben as much as they stood at their lockers between classes.


“they’ve been singing “don’t you want me” all. morning.”

“what’s the problem? that’s a great song!”

“not when all they fucking know is don’t you want me, baby? don’t you want me OOOOHHHHHHH! just those two lines for two hours straight.”

“well, i think mine’s happy,” ben slightly blushed- he always blushed talking about mike- “he’s singing “just can’t get enough.” the whole song though, not just the chorus,” ben teased richie who groaned in frustration.

“it’s bullshit that we’re “connected” like this, people get songs stuck in their heads because their “soulmate” is singing them. who’s idea was that?” he paused. “i think mine’s defective. is it possible to get a new one?”

“i don’t think so, rich. think of it as a way to show them new music or at least learn that one song!”

“sometimes i get really tired of you looking on the bright side of things, haystack.” richie finished shoving books into his bag for his next class. not that he opened them, he just wanted to at least look like he was doing work while he wrote out new material. his grades- normally a’s and b’s- had been slipping lately, and his behavior had gotten out of hand, but he didn’t need another call home; not that his parents would have done anything about it.

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Three Empty Words. Part 2. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – Yes. Thank you guys for all the support for this fic.

Prompt – Peter tries to win (Y/N) back but there are complications along the way.

Warning – Angsty vibes that can cause anger and teenage rebellion.

Words – 1,461. 


Part 1.

Peter’s Point of View.

Regret is common feeling of despair over an event that has occurred in a person’s life and they wish they could take back their actions. Trust me when I say that I am very familiar with the feeling of regret. Everyday I am reminded that I am the reason why my Uncle Ben died. I could have done something to change the outcome, but yet I was a pawn in his death. I try coping with it on a daily basis, but every now and then I get a little emotional thinking about what could have been. 

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Trimberly Short Fic

Based on the prompt:

“I borrowed your pen and it’s been 2 weeks and I still haven’t returned it because every time I talk to you, I am reminded of the massive fucking crush I have on you which always ends up leaving me speechless” AU courtesy of daeguarchives

read it on AO3

She knows it’s been long overdue and at this point she practically owns the damn thing, but Trini can’t seem to bring herself to return the pink and silver ballpoint pen back to its rightful owner.

Twirling it skillfully in hand, the bland monotone voice of their history teacher - who Trini’s fairly certain is just a clone of Ben Stein - drones on in the background of her daydreams as images of Kimberly vividly flashes in her mind. Her sarcastic gibes, no holds barred attitude, and a smile so positively radiant that it can cure cancer (it’s a scientific fact) Kimberly is by all means everything that Trini didn’t even know she wanted in life.

And now she’s everything she needs.

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Soulmate AU: You Can’t Lie to Your Soulmate (Mobster!Ben Organa-Solo x Reader)

A/N: Holy shit, it’s been half a year and I’m only just now posting a Kylo Ren fic.

Ben Organa-Solo and Kylo Ren were not the same person. Sure, they were both very tall, dark-haired young men who expressed an air of intelligence and aloofness, and they were never seen in the same place at the same time, but that was to be expected: Ben Organa-Solo was the well to-do son of an adored senator, a self-proclaimed arts dealer by trade on top of that. Kylo Ren was a mask-wearing gang leader who terrorized an entire city doing God acknowledges what under the shade of night. 

No, they certainly weren’t the same … Because Ben Organa-Solo had the sense and decency to hide that side of himself from everyone else.

Nobody needed to know that his friends (?) Armitage Hux or Phasma Silverman were more like his righthand man and woman in crime. Nobody needed to know that an abundance of his money was actually linked to his involvement in black-and-grey market sales or back alley dealings with the indebted. And nobody really needed to know that he had been out on this particular evening, inflicting a hit on some deplorable who couldn’t keep his mouth shut about a deal gone awry. 

That’s what made Ben’s sudden visit to the hospital for a cut running down his left temple to the bottom of his cheek both unexpected but easier to get away with: nobody knew who he moonlighted as, so he could just lie about it.

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break a leg pt. 2: tom holland

tom holland x reader

A/N: dedicating this one to @spidereyhes because I absolutely love her writing, and she’s been looking forward to part two!

requested: nope

Words: 1600+

Warnings: cursing, mentions of death

summary: you didn’t make it to broadway by the age of 19 by slacking off. it seemed like tom, on the other hand, had gotten everything you could’ve ever wanted without much work at all, and nothing pissed you off more. Broadway AU because I still think Tom should’ve been in Newsies at least once in his life.

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masterlist | part 1

“That’s not the line, Y/N. Seriously, we’ve been at this for hours and we’re still not done,” Tom whined, crossing his arms tightly over his toned chest as he slumped further into the sofa.

“Well if you would quit distracting me, I’d actually be able to focus on this! Don’t act like I can’t see those stupid, childish faces you keep making every time I open my mouth,” you complained.

The two of you had been trying to run lines before your evening show as a refresher, but you couldn’t focus at all with Tom sitting across from you, not doing much past delivering his lines in a bored, monotone voice while pulling faces like-

Like that! He was doing it again! That amazingly judgmental face characterized by the pulling together of his brows and a slight downturn of his lips, emphasized by the displeased huff that was just barely audible every time you missed another line.

“I wouldn’t be making this face if you could just get the damn line right! Seriously, Y/N. We do this show every day, you’d think you’d be better at this by now,” he groused through gritted teeth.

“Well I’d be getting the line right if you weren’t such a horrible scene partner!” you shot back. “If you just took this seriously for once, we’d actually be able to achieve something!”

Tom scoffed, rolling his eyes at your comment. “Not this again. Lighten up, Y/N. we’re performing a Broadway show, not a fucking surgery.”

His statement only served to infuriate you even more. “Are you really that stupid? These are our jobs, Thomas, which means that even though we’re here to have fun, we’re also here, by definition, to work. It’s our job to entertain audiences night after night no matter how we feel about it, and to put on the best damn show they’ve ever seen, because that’s what they come to see! We have the ability to change young lives every night, so don’t act like what we do doesn’t matter, because without shows like this, I’d probably be dead, and I could say the same for so many kids out there. And for most of us, the theater is literally all we have, so we’re not taking it for granted. Not all of us get to be spoiled, rich movie stars, so get over yourself and actually think about someone that’s not you for a change!”

By the end of your rant, your voice had escalated into a yell that ricocheted off of the walls of your dressing room as you stood panting and red-faced while Tom sat in stunned silence, mouth gaping.

“I am not a ‘spoiled, rich movie star’ or whatever it is you called me,” he finally responded defensively after a beat of silence.

“OH my God, do you have selective hearing or something? This happens literally every time I try to make a point! You hear whatever you want to hear and completely miss the point, and it’s honestly one of the most infuriating things-”

I’m infuriating? You’re the one that hates me for no reason! You’ve been on my back about every little thing since I started, even when I’m doing nothing wrong! Get off of your high horse and stop acting like you’re so much better than me, because in reality? You’re just a stone-cold, stuck up bitch!” he exclaimed, face turning a color that closely resembled that of a tomato.

“Don’t call me a bitch, you… you asshole! Why does me being serious about my job make me a bad person? I hate you because you never fucking take anything seriously! You waltz around this theater like you own it, even though it took next to no effort on your part to even get here! Some of us- no, most of us have been working and training our entire lives just to get here, so you don’t get to act like you deserve all of this without putting in an ounce of your own work!”

“Oh, you think it’s been so easy for me? You know nothing about me, Y/N, so quit making baseless assumptions,” he chuckled darkly.

“I’m only stating observations, Holland. You treat everything like it’s a joke! You don’t see how many people’s lives depend on this show. I honestly don’t even know why everybody loves you so much, because one day, you’re gonna get too careless and somebody is gonna get hurt!”

God, Y/N, goofing off in the middle of a show isn’t going to kill anybody, so quit bitching!” he argued, pointing a stiff finger in your direction.

Your eyes began to water as your mind consciously fought the intruding thoughts you’d tried so hard to ban from resurfacing so long ago. You got up from the sofa and stormed out, clenching your fists so tightly that your knuckles went white with the hope that the sting of your fingernails against the thin skin of your palm would keep the tears at bay.

“What the hell is wrong with you!” you heard Tom call, still seated in your room. You ignored him and made your way down the stairs, shielding your teary eyes from the curious glances of other cast and crew members.

One pair of eyes followed you down the stairs then snapped back in the direction of your room. Ben Fankhauser was tired of the two of you provoking each other. It happened almost daily, so everybody was used to the arguing and storming out and slamming of doors that joined the cacophony of yelling voices and loud vocalization that signified the chunk of time before the show designated for preparation and warm up. Until now, though, he’d never seen one of your arguments end in tears.

He climbed his way to the top of the stairs and poked his head into the small room where Tom was still sitting and stewing, glaring angry laser beams into his open script. He looked up when Ben entered the room, but returned his attention to the script’s curling edges, scowl deepening.

“What the hell just happened?” Ben asked, crossing his arms. “What did you say to make Y/N cry?”

“What is this, and interrogation?” he asked defensively still not making eye contact with his older friend who was still hovering through the door. “I didn’t say anything she didn’t need to hear.”

“What could she possibly need to hear that would make her so upset? You know her, Tom. She’s tough. She doesn’t break easily,” Ben continued to question from across the room.

Tom sighed, uncrossing his arms and letting them flop uselessly by his sides. “All I said was that she needed to lighten up and stop getting on my ass for goofing off in the middle of the show. It’s not like it would kill anybody,” he huffed, still not looking at Ben.

Ben made a distressed sound, suddenly understanding Y/N’s anguished look when she passed him in the hallway. “You don’t know how Y/N and I know each other, do you?” he asked Tom, moving through the room to take a seat next to him on the couch.

“No, I thought the two of you met here?” he frowned.

“No, Y/N and I go way back. We used to do community theater shows back home. When she first started, I was eleven and she was only six. Seriously the cutest little kid there. Anyway, she and her older brother always did shows together. When she was thirteen and he was sixteen, we did Peter Pan. I was eighteen, so I got to stage manage that show, so I can still remember it vividly. Her brother had gotten the lead, and one day during one of the tech rehearsals, we had him in the air so we could test the rigging. Some of the younger kids were playing around backstage and distracted one of the crew members, so he missed a cue and her brother fell from twenty feet up. He hit his head and went into a coma, and after two years of him not waking up, his parents took him off of life support. It was hardest on Y/N. Her brother was her best friend, and she always felt responsible for what happened. She was one of the older kids in the cast, so she always took it upon herself to watch the younger ones and make sure they didn’t get into too much trouble. That’s why she’s always keeping us focused, so we can’t get distracted and let another accident happen,” Ben explained slowly, taking breaks every so often to recollect his thoughts.

“Her brother was one of my best friends despite being two years younger than me. Everyone loved him, so it was particularly tragic for us to have lost such a shining light in our community. It may have happened six years ago, but it’s still a tender spot for Y/N, so we try our best to accommodate her when we can,” he continued.

“Does everyone know about this?” Tom asked incredulously, receiving a nod in response. “But… why didn’t anybody tell me? It seems like something important that I’d need to know before starting here.”

“We were trying to give her time to tell you herself, but when she decided that she didn’t like you, we knew there was no way that she was going to tell you on her own. It hadn’t really become a problem until now,” Ben shrugged, standing up and looking at Tom’s confused face that was tinged with poorly-masked guilt.

“Just apologize, dude. You didn’t know, so she won’t be that mad. A little emotional, sure, but not furious. But also give her some time to explain everything to you herself. She’s a good person, but she can hold a grudge like nobody’s business. No one should know that better than you, buddy,” he finished, clapping Tom on the back and leaving him to let him sit in his own tortured silence, mind running with ways to apologize to you before he ended up destroying your relationship completely.

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Eyes Closed - Reddie

Inspired by Halsey’s Eyes Closed

A/N: Eddie and Richie never express their feelings for each other verbally but did fool around here and there throughout high school and Richie ends up dating someone else because he thinks Eddie never felt the same way.

Warning: Don’t hate me, this may fuck with the feels but it’s okay i promise. Also, there is swearing so if you don’t like that then maybe don’t read? idk sorry fam but they gotta be realistic.

Word count: 2,016

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politicalmamaduck  asked:

Prompt smut ideas: doing it for the first time in an arranged marriage; or in the library ;p


It’s been three weeks. Three weeks married to the man now known again as Ben Solo–though he fools no one, least of all his wife. This man is still Kylo Ren, Jedi Father Galaxy killer, and no amount of supervision and diplomacy will change that.

The old order is dead, and with it its outdated customs. That’s why Rey knows this arranged marriage is for nothing. It was an absurd proposition, and Rey feels like all they’ve done is invited the wolf in among the sheep, no wool cloak needed.

But, he hasn’t touched her. They share a room, and Rey was ready enough to fulfill her part of things. The chaste kiss at the closing of the ceremony, and the less chaste one that followed at the final raising of glasses at the reception, confirmed well enough what she’d known to be true since Kylo pulled off his mask those two years before: He was a pretty thing, and that mouth was made for kissing.

But that was all. They both moved in for the brief touching of lips that sealed them as husband and wife, and it had been Kylo that had tugged her up against his body when the cry went up and near empty glasses were raised: To a united front! To the end of war and a beginning of peace! To hope!

He had a hand resting lightly at the small of her back–for show only, surely–but the cheer surged something through him. She felt that well enough. And he wrapped that long, thick arm around her middle and dragged her up his body and kissed her. More shouts rang out at that and her wine spilled on her dress–but Rey hadn’t cared. That kiss, possessive and hot and achingly soft, that kiss was something that she liked. 

So when they returned to their room that night, and Rey’s drink-clumsied hands finally pulled her dress from her body, she was startled at his hand laid over hers as she began to work at her underclothes. Stopping her. He left the room to change and made a pathetic bed on the too-small sofa. Rey changed in front of him–because why wouldn’t she?–and climbed into their bed.

Their bed.

Where she has slept alone, for three weeks.

She is sometimes angry about this, and sometimes sad. Usually she is frustrated. Does he think her untouched? That he’s saving her from some trauma by refusing to consummate what was already forced on her? 

Well, she isn’t, and fucking a pretty thing with lips that make her shiver in their softness might be the only perk to being married off to the Scourge of the Galaxy. It’s not gallant. It’s annoying.

Which is probably why she acts before she can think when she sees him sitting alone in the sparse little library. He’s reading a book–a rare luxury in these times–and holding it with such care in those large, blunted hands. It makes her see red.

Her hand fists in his hair and she drags him up from his seat. She tugs him into the nearest aisle and tosses him against the high bookshelf. He humors her, and knocks back hard against it. She’s tall, but he’s taller. She’s strong, but he is so much stronger. 

She pokes him in the chest, not really sure what she’s going to reprimand him for. She pokes again, but no words come.

“Spit it out, wife. I was just about to finish that chapter.” Those wide eyes narrow at her and that mouth, that mouth. He pouts when he’s angry. Actually pouts. She could bite him for it.

She snarls. “I’m not your wife. Not yet, and you know it.”

Kylo laughs at her. “I thought you considered the old ways dead? Why do you suddenly see the need to rut to make it official?”

“I–I don’t.”

“Then let me get back to my book.” He pouts harder.

She bites him.

What comes next is what she has wanted. Dragged up that body again, like at the reception, like in her wettest of dreams. He turns and crushes her into the bookcase behind her, and she groans. He’s broad and inelegant and pulls no punches. She’d probably the only one who could withstand this without breaking in half. That makes her feel powerful.

She kisses him again, because that’s what is fueling every bit of this. The kiss that won’t leave her alone. The kiss that follows her to bed every night and leaves her wanting. Why would he kiss her like that and then not lay another finger on her? Why, other than to be cruel?

Because I’m cruel, drifts across her mind, and she bites him again. There’s so much give to those full lips.

It’s not how she thought this would finally happen, him dragging down her trousers so fast the fabric burns her skin, her hands fumbling with the fastenings of his, their mouths refusing to separate, but it is. He fucks her against a bookcase that will leave very regimented bruises down her back: a long, straight line across her shoulder blades, the middle of her back, the top of her ass. And she kisses him through it all. The rest of him is nice enough, and if she can convince him to crawl his hulking ass off the sofa and into their bed, she might explore it more thoroughly later.

But what she wants now is his lips, and she takes them. Shows him that he can’t just kiss her like that and leave her be. Rey knows the value of wreckage and her now, completely, finally husband is salvage she can work with.

The old order might be dead, its arranged marriages and truces and alliances counting for very little. But passion–the Dark that still simmers in the man coming apart between her thighs–that can be honed into a murky Grey chain Rey can wrap around her fist. 

Kylo Ren assures that, link by link, with every kiss he gives her, every kiss she takes. He may be cruel, but she is crueler, and she’s not done with him yet.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 2- First Date

Last minute decided to write this one for Day 2. It kind of randomly came to me, but I ended up being pretty happy with some of the Sherlock feelsies in this one. Enjoy! ;)

Fancy a Date?

“Thank you again, Molly,” Sherlock said genuinely as the cab neared her flat in the dark of night. “And I know John is grateful. Rosie was a bit too crabby for a sitter tonight.”

“Oh no problem, I don’t mind.” She smiled and began gathering her bags in preparation to exit the once the vehicle stopped.

Sherlock felt suddenly panicky. The evening had been so wonderful up till then. They’d analyzed clues from a body, tracked down a suspect, informed Lestrade, and got the man arrested. It had all been rather perfect, and Sherlock hardly wanted it to end now. It was probably one of the best days they’d spent together since the mess of Sherrinford.

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I’m at the point of Star Wars Feelings Hell where this is all I want to do anymore, I just want to talk about Star Wars, I just want to cry about the Star Wars characters, I just want to read Star Wars things, I want to watch Star Wars things, I want to play Star Wars games, I want to cry some more about Star Wars feelings, I want to have novels and novels worth of Star Wars fic to read, I want to curl up in my bed and lay there for three hours reading nothing but fluffy fix it fic and fic that makes everything even worse and everything in between. Just. All Star Wars All The Time! That’s all I want!

Fire and Ice by Yesac, obi-wan & anakin & some anakin/padme & cast, 111.9k
   Anakin wins the duel on Mustafar, but doesn’t kill Obi-Wan. Along with Padme, Obi-Wan finds himself living in a chaotic world where the man he thought he knew has become the thing he swore to destroy. Can Anakin be turned back? If so, what then?
Negotiation by Glare, obi-wan/anakin & ahsoka, NSFW, modern au, serial killer au, 50.4k wip
   Over a year ago, Coruscant Police Detective Anakin Skywalker vanished without a trace while hunting the prolific serial killer known within the media as “The Negotiator”.
Soldier, Poet, King by Glare, obi-wan/anakin & qui-gon & mace & dooku & palpatine & cast, sith!obi-wan, NSFW, 95.4k wip
   Second chances are very rarely given, but the Force smiles upon two of its favorite children and returns them to a time before their actions have met their consequences. Anakin Skywalker, also known as Darth Vader, seeks redemption while Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi, disillusioned with the Jedi Order and its Code, falls to the Darkness.
The Light You Leave Behind by laventadorn, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & ahsoka, 18.9k wip
   Because Anakin and Ahsoka have set out to learn what they can about the Sith - and to destroy them, once and for all.
you’re gonna wish you never had met me by cosmicocean, obi-wan/padme & leia/han & luke & cast, 13k
   Leia Kenobi, struggling to keep her head above water.
An Enlightening Experience by Valmouth, obi-wan & anakin & qui-gon & ahsoka & the father & the daughter & the son & cast, 2.3k
   “You… have been Chosen,” the Father says, and he sounds about as upset on the matter as Obi-Wan knows he will be, when he finally understands what that means.
untitled by stonefreeak, obi-wan & anakin, ~1k
   Anakin wakes from nightmares tinted red. The darkness of his bedroom seems oppressive, and no matter how many times he blinks red seems to seep into the edges of his vision.
I’ll Be There For You by SinkingLikeASunset, obi-wan/anakin/padme (eventual) & qui-gon & clones & cast, 40.7k wip
   Obi-Wan must alter events and make changes as he struggles with memories of a dreadful future and deals with new developments this time around.
Wearer of the Veil by englishable, leia & ben, 1.4k
   Leia Organa-Solo knows that her son is not quite like everybody else, although she’s uncertain as to whether this means he should be protected more from others or himself. Either way, these strange dreams he has are beyond her reach.
those immortal dead by notbecauseofvictories, padme & leia & luke & ben & poe & rey, 2.1k
   Padmé Amidala is forgotten, not gone.
untitled by cadesama, anakin & leia & bail & tarkin, ~1k
   Anonymous asked: AU, Vader sues Bail for custody (either the Empire is intact and he has standing or its gone and he absolutely doesn’t, whichever is funnier)
A Game of Chess by Kayarde, obi-wan & palpatine & cast, 4.3k
   Chancellor Palpatine and Knight Kenobi sit down for a game of chess.
sometimes you don’t get it right by randomdreamer01, jyn & han (background han/leia and jyn/cassian) & cast, 2.6k
   Han Solo and Jyn Erso get drunk on the Millenium Falcon and find that they are similar in more ways than one.
Unearthed Bones by Glare, obi-wan/anakin, human au, mafia au, 2.5k
   Obi-Wan Kenobi has given up a life of crime in favor of the questionable comforts of witness protection. Placed in a boring library job, everything appears to go great until he realizes his incompetent handlers somehow managed to drop him right in the middle of another man’s operation.

full details + recs under the cut!

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