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“They invited me to their home in Connecticut for several weekend gatherings, and on one particular weekend Marilyn Monroe happened to be staying with them. I’m still trying to figure out whether or not I can say I met her.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and hours passed before Marilyn emerged from her suite on the second floor. I looked up to see her descending the stairs, presumably to come down and join the group.

Instead, she stopped on the landing, where she sat down in the corner and stayed there.

End of story.

Seriously, she never said a word, she just sat there on that landing with a rather blank, unwelcoming look on her face. I never saw anyone approach her, and I kind of lost track of her. Later I noticed she’d just disappeared, perhaps back to her room or who knows where.

I have no idea what was going on with her. I wrote it off to terrible shyness or insecurity and left it at that. Milton and Amy didn’t seem to think a thing about it, and I wasn’t about to ask them. It was none of my business, and frankly, I wasn’t that interested.

So that was the perfectly lovely Sunday afternoon in Connecticut when I either did or didn’t meet Marilyn Monroe.

Your call.”

- Tippi Hedren 


The King felt betrayed by his wife and so, heartbroken, he decreed that he would bed a wife each night and each morning she would be killed so as not to be unfaithful. One night the beautiful Scheherazade came to his chambers and began to tell the King a story. She told a story so captivating and so wonderfully enticing that the king could not look away. By dawn, Scheherazade had reached a cliffhanger and bid her King good night. Fearful that he may never know the end of the story, the King spared Scheherazade so she might continue and the next night she finished her story and began another that was even more enticing than the first. She told her stories for 1001 nights and when she had finally run out, she said, “My King, I have no more stories… what will you do now?” The King, who had fallen in love with her over those thousand and one nights embraced her. “Now and forever, Sheherazade, you will be my Queen.”

Yuuri and Victor remind me of the story of Scheherazade~<3

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

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As we eagerly approach the end of the year, we cannot forget that wildlife conservation is a never-ending story. Major successes and minor setbacks reveal the continued fight to save species from extinction. Before we ring in the new year, take a look at some of San Diego Zoo Global’s highlights from 2016 to ignite passion for wildlife in the year ahead—and support for the planet and all of its creatures. Visit to learn more. (source)

just a reminder that raphael’s mother was sacred to him. she was the most important person in his life and he would have done anything for her. she was also a struggling immigrant in the 1950s, a single mom of several sons, and all she wanted was for her children to be safe and happy. having to watch her grow old, and slowly forgetting memories of her is probably one of the hardest things raphael has ever experienced. keep that in mind when you consider what he said to simon about his mother, and the “threat” he made to her. (it was not a threat)