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The TARDIS doesn't fizzle!
Ten, Donna

Okay, I just finished listening to Technophobia from the Tenth Doctor Adventures, and simply had to share the Doctor’s glorious interpretation of the wheezing, groaning sound of the TARDIS’ ancient engines…


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🌙 !

🌙 - are you more nostalgic or foward-looking? or are you neither?


I’m very VERY nostalgic and feel like I’m always constantly comparing everything around me to how things (or I myself) used to be which keeps Fucking me Up

BUT I also do think that things will somehow eventually get better (based on how I was, say, one-two years ago compared to now), and even tho the prospect of the future terrifies me it’s refreshing to think that I am but a Constantly Changing Being that will Not stay this way forever so. Yeah!!!!! I try to live day by day with this mindset but I’m probably both of those lmao

I hope that, when they make some reference to Sherlock and John’s fans in future episodes of Sherlock, they include random animated gifs of all the principles with lots of fan dissection essays underneath them.

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you never even said anything bad you posted a meme for fucks sake, tumblr at a new low im laughing so much asdfgnhjgfs

its all very amusing to me tbh, people are angry at me…over a fake screenshot…that my ass didnt even make im cryin

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nonmagical AU where Draco works as a shirtless Abercrombie greeter and flusters the hell out of Harry

Harry just needed some new shirts for school. That’s all. Hermione had insisted on coming with him to shop, clearly lacking faith in Harry’s sartorial choices. When she had mentioned needing to pick out a new swimsuit, Ron had shown a sudden interest in fashion and decided to tag along as well. Between the three of them, Harry thought they could easily find some clothes and be done with it. 

He was wrong. So far, he’d been scoffed at in Burberry (but who wouldn’t freak out when they saw those prices?), mocked in Calvin Klein (yes, he’s well aware that his hair is a disaster, thanks ever so much for bringing it up), and terrified at Victoria’s Secret (what are those lacy things even supposed to be?). When Ron and Hermione became rather giggly after leaving Victoria’s Secret, Harry had made the desperate suggestion that they separate to cover more ground, to which they eagerly agreed. So now here he is, walking aimlessly around the second floor with no new clothes and no clue what he’s doing.

He’s trying to read the map of the mall when the throbbing pulse of a bass catches his attention. After peering around the corner, he finds that the pounding music is coming from a dark, heavily perfumed store called Abercrombie & Fitch. It looks pretty preppy, so he’s about to walk past it when he hears an incredulous, “Potter?” Turning around, Harry stumbles when he sees Draco fucking Malfoy, the biggest asshole in school, standing there looking very shirtless, very haughty, and very… hot. Christ, so very fucking hot. Harry blinks rapidly, unable to look away from the pale expanse of Malfoy’s chest. His body is all angles, the harsh cut of his abdominal muscles and his jutting hipbones making Harry feel a little breathless. It makes Harry want, in a way he hasn’t before.

But- but this is Malfoy. What should it matter what he looks like? He’s an arrogant shithead, and Harry hates him, hates everything he stands for. In fact, this- this blatant display of his hotness- it’s probably just another way to show off! Yeah, that’s it. What a dick.

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So; my friend, a few weeks ago, she stole my computer from my lap, and began following random people as fast as she could. (Mean) But, she followed you as well, but when I was letting off some steam, unfollwing these complete strangers, I missed you, and now there was a random stranger on my blog. It was quite funny actually, because I'm glade she followed you. I enjoy your posts and art, they amuse me, and make me happy. Thank you, very very much. - A Dumb Ol' Anon

It’s my pleasure, friend! I’m honoured to be the Random Stranger on your dashboard B)

I will never be over how hard Duke still tries to pretend that he is not actively part of the Haven Police community.

Watching Silent Night, and when he arrives at the party, he is *so dismayed* by the number of police there- while Stan and the rest of the cops all look up with nothing but good cheer and provide sunny smiles and acknowledgement.  And there are multiple situations where he pretty much just like, leans out of the office of whoever is currently Chief and issues instructions and people just kind of go along with it, because yeah sure he’s not actually a cop and he doesn’t have any real authority but that’s all just technicalities and everyone knows he’s the tertiary partner for Nathan and Audrey on the special cases.  This appears particularly true of Stan, and it amuses me so very much.

And it doesn’t just go the one way, Duke spends a *huge* amount of his time assisting the police department for someone who declares in the very first episode that he doesn’t talk to cops.  And it’s like…  Sure you don’t, honey- so long as we’re not counting Audrey, or Nathan, or Garland, or Dwight, or Stan, or Rebecca.  You just keep telling yourself you’re a rebel and an outlaw, and they’ll keep just sort of ignoring the fact that you engage in crime on a regular basis.

The Cabaret Beat

Ian Frazier explores how Ellin Mackay’s 1925 essay criticizing the social scene of the city’s upper crust fuelled the first sold-out issue of the magazine:

When a piece of writing rocks the world it’s a glorious thing. Or, in this case, rocks a world; suddenly, all over, people of a certain sort were talking about “Why We Go to Cabarets.” The Times covered the article on page 1, upper left-hand corner. Other papers in the city and across the country splashed stories about it on the front page. The president of the New York Junior League, Mrs. Pleasants Pennington, said she had not formed an opinion about the article, but “it amused me very much.” The Waldorf Hotel issued a statement promising to arrange dances in an exclusive setting that would solve the problems Miss Mackay had outlined. In Paris, American ladies with daughters told a reporter from the Chicago Daily Tribune that the stag-line situation described in the article was why they had left the United States.