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It was probably Elise who made Leo wear the flowers - Takumi is very much amused

The TARDIS doesn't fizzle!
Ten, Donna

Okay, I just finished listening to Technophobia from the Tenth Doctor Adventures, and simply had to share the Doctor’s glorious interpretation of the wheezing, groaning sound of the TARDIS’ ancient engines…

Abrasax Bling

The Abrasax siblings are literally dripping with bling. They sparkle more brightly than Edward Cullen could ever hope to. Since the designs are rather beautiful and potentially illuminating, I felt it worth posting caps/composite images of some of their most striking pieces.

Kalique’s jewellery is all about femininity and beauty, and she most notably wears dragonfly ornaments in-keeping with her sigil. She wears the most understated jewellery imaginable after making herself young again, and I expect that was done to create a positive impression with Jupiter - it’s more in-line with Jupiter’s humility than the elaborate crowns and gaudy decorations she wore before.

Titus wears silver jewellery almost exclusively, and while it’s somewhat hard to say with certainty his jewellery appears to emulate his dragon sigil - as 4cometrising pointed out, the … thing in the left-hand image looks something like a dragon’s carcass. Titus is relatively understated with his jewellery, and it’s significant that he tones it down when he’s with Jupiter - like Kalique he appreciates that she’s humble and wants to endear himself to her. He also wears a ludicrous ruby-studded hair-clip at the wedding, but I can’t get a decent cap of it. That doesn’t suggest anything more than his requiring a haircut, but it amuses me deeply nonetheless.

Balem’s jewellery is pretty much all gold and is very abstract in design - I expect that this was a very deliberate choice. While his siblings have dragonflies and dragons in their jewellery, Balem has … lines. It indicates that he suffers from a poverty of imagination, which makes sense given that he’s basically an intergalactic number-cruncher who worships at the altar of capitalism (and his mom, naturally).

Positive Reinforcement - A Citrus Fanfic

This one’s a little more…self-indulgent?  But I hope everyone likes it!

The sun had already sunk well below the horizon by the time she walked away from the school grounds - another day of grueling Student Council work having succeeded in keeping her there long after hours.

The last few days had been more taxing than usual, but today…today had been just plain frustrating.

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Multishipper things. Jounouchi?

Mutishipper Challenge!

“Send me a character and i’ll tell you at least two characters I ship them with”

Jounouchi is an easy one! He is a lovable character and he goes through amazing development through the series. I’m not too big on ships involving him, but my top two fave are Puppyshipping and Polarshipping for this reason:

I can totally see Mai and Kiba fighting over him and this…this amuses me very much XD

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omg tae's a werewolf??? thAT IS THE CUTEST i can just imagine how he'd get excited when he sees the others and just pounces and licks them all over ;-; and then when someone rubs his tummy or scratches behind his ear he'd just melt and do that foot thing that dogs do and then when he and jungkook are playing tae would jokingly bite off one of kook's bones and nibble on it and and an- OHYMGOODFJJFJD THIS AU IS GOING TO KILL ME

Yoongi is very much amused by TaeTae’s reactions to petting

Full of Surprises (Isaac x Reader)

Character: Isaac Lahey

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Title: Full of Surprises

Requested by anon:

Yay!! Isaac! Okay could I please request something where you’re friends with the pack and Scott’s sister and you don’t know Isaac very well but after being left alone one day after a lacrosse match you soon become great friends and have a really flirty relationship with him and neither will admit their feelings til Scott asks you about Isaac and he overhears and then asks you out and take you on an adorable first date please?..

A/N: This is my first Isaac Lahey imagine and I don’t really know the character so much, but I hope it was good enough and that you enjoy it!! xx

Scott laughed and ruffled my hair fondly.

“I told you not to do that, Scotty!” I complained to my brother, pouting in annoyance. “You mess up my hair!”

My brother just smiled as he watched how I combed my hair and stuck my tongue out at him.

“Scott” A boy called him, walking up to him.

It was one of the boys from the pack, with short wavy brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. He was really cute, actually, and whenever he went to talk to Scott I checked him out subtly.

“Yeah?” The alpha turned around to look at him.

“Derek was looking for you” The boy replied, his glare briefly shifting to look at me.

Scott nodded and glanced back at me. He held his hand up, but I stopped him before he could ruffle my hair again. He just lived to annoy me.

“Go to class and be good” He told me in a fake authoritarian voice.

“Yes, mom” I tiredly said, rolling my eyes.

He then left the building in search for Derek.

“I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced” The boy with the blue eyes was still there, and he was holding a hand out for me to shake. “I’m Isaac Lahey”

“I’m Y/N McCall” I shook his hand and internally smiled at his gentle touch.

“Scott’s sister, right?” When I nodded, he smiled and kept talking “Nice to meet you, Y/N”

A moment of silence followed then, and even if I wanted to keep talking to him because I got good vibes from him, I didn’t know what about.

Thankfully, he broke the silence first.

“I’m a werewolf too, you know?” He leaned in closer to me so he could whisper in my ear.

I laughed out loud, which caused a tiny chuckle from him.

“Oh, great! I didn’t know, that’s so cool!” The amount of sarcasm I poured into my words was such that I immediately thought of Stiles. “Thanks for having my brother’s back, by the way”

I knew that everyone in the pack protected Scott, and I was really grateful for that.

“No problem” I sensed a flirtatious hint in his demeanor that amused me very much. “Anything for a McCall”


I was sitting in the stands of the field, waiting for Scott to come out of the showers after the lacrosse match.

A lot of people passed by, including Stiles. That kid was my brother almost like Scott was since we had known each other since always. So he winked at me as a greeting and we chatted for a while.

But then the whole place was left alone, and I left my mind drift into daydreams.

I was still amazed by the whole werewolf thing, so I couldn’t help it when my mind went there. I thought a lot about that, about how my brother’s life had changed dramatically, making our entire family’s lifes do as well.

And I wondered… how was it to be a werewolf? Was it cool? Was it scary? Did Scott ever use his awesome hearing to eavesdrop on someone? Or maybe take advantage of his new werewolf abilities to cheat a bit on lacrosse?

“Are you lost?” A male voice rapidly tore me away from my thoughts.

I shook my head and forced myself to settle back on the real world.

When I looked up I saw Isaac, leaning both of his arms on the handrail of the stands and piercing me with his blue eyes.

“Why? Are you looking forward to help a damsel in distress?” I teased him, smirking.

He raised his eyebrows, probably not expecting such a comeback.

“Absolutely” He replied, lifting the corner of his lips to show me his gorgeous smile.

“I don’t think I need your help, brave knight” I playfully replied, already getting a liking to him. “I’m waiting for Scott”

“Too bad” Isaac shrugged. “I was ready for some action”

It surprised me that he was so cool and played along with me so casually. And I liked it.

I flashed him a sweet smile and he reciprocated it with a wide grin.

Just then I realized that he was wearing the lacrosse uniform. 14, Lahey. Oh, I had seen him playing, he did really good!

I just didn’t know it was actually him.

“I didn’t know you played lacrosse!” I mumbled in surprise, pointing at his shirt. “You’re full of surprises”

Isaac grinned at me.

“You too” He raised an eyebrow as he eyed me up and down.

“Sorry, Y/N” Scott was walking towards us hurriedly.

Noticing him, Isaac walked away from the handrail and sent me a last glare.

“For the record” He lowly said to me. “I know you’re not a damsel in distress”

Once he said that, he left and allowed Scott to approach me.


Two months passed since that day, and Isaac and I became best friends.

He was a really cool guy, and he was really cute. So I missed him whenever he wasn’t around, and worried about him as well as my brother when they went to do their werewolf stuff.

The sound of a locker smashing closed made me jump.

“Daydreaming?” My brother was there, smiling widely as he observed my absent expression.

“Maybe” Was all I said to him, but I knew that Scott knew me better than anyone. He was my brother after all.

“About Isaac?”

“What?!” My voice sounded more high-pitched and loud that I had intended it to.

Amused, Scott grinned wider even though he didn’t say anything else. He didn’t need to, really.

“You think I don’t notice how close you two are?”

I rolled my eyes at him, foreseeing an older brother lecture about boys.

“Scotty…” I began to say tiredly, but he shook his head, still smiling and with a kind expression on his face, and cut me.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to get all overprotective” Scott chuckled and stared into my eyes trying to read my feelings. “I just want to know, you can trust me”

For a moment, I observed him in silence and thought about it.

I trusted him, but it was embarrassing to admit to the alpha of the pack, who was also my brother, that I liked one of his betas in a romantic kind of way.

“Yeah, maybe I like him as more than a friend” Averting his gaze, I pretended to take interest in the floor. “But it’s not like I want to tell him and ruin our friendship and mess everything up and-“

“You’re scared to tell him” Scott said for me.

“Terrified” I finally looked up at him, and it annoyed me so much that his grin seemed to be wider by the second passing.

“Want me to ask him out for you?”

“No!” I exclaimed, slapping my hands on his shoulders urgently. “Don’t you dare do that, Scott McCall”

Scott held his hands up in defense as he laughed a little.

“How you want it, sis” He began to walk away, and I could see how amused he still was by my situation. “But then don’t come telling me otherwise”

I watched him walk away and sighed heavily.

I knew that if I were brave enough to confess, Isaac would be happy to go on a date with me. I could… sense he liked me in the same way I did.

However, I wasn’t. So I would have to wait until he realized because there was no way in hell I would let my brother do that for me.

“Hi there”

“Argh!” I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder and a flirtatious and deep male voice in my ear.

Of course, when I turned around I saw no one other than Isaac Lahey.  

“Did I scare you?” He flashed me an incredibly hot cheeky smirk that made my heart flutter.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, flailing my arms up in the air in exasperation. “Werewolves and their freaking stealth”

I began to walk away, too flustered by everything about him at that moment. But Isaac grabbed my arm and very gently yanked me back towards him.

“I couldn’t help to hear what you and Scott were talking about and…” He freaking heard, of course. He freaking heard!

“You… you heard us… you heard me say…” I stuttered, staring straight into his blue eyes and getting lost in them, which made me ten times more agitated.

“So would you like to go out with me then?”


I had gone to that Mexican restaurant a hundred of times, but that time it felt as if I were going to hunt something evil with Scott and Stiles. I had a similar fear and a similar lump in my throat.

But Isaac, even though he was still kind of chill as usual, seemed restless too.

We were both nervous, and that was obvious by the way we couldn’t look at each other for more than two seconds. And the way we would stutter every time we opened our mouths. And the way we awkwardly laughed.

I was still way more nervous than him, it wasn’t hard to notice.

Maybe because I had said yes too quickly when he asked me out. Not even giving him time to finish his damn sentence. Or maybe because I liked him so very much.

“Alright” Isaac licked his lips and prepared himself to speak up. “Let’s stop this”

“Yeah” I cleared my throat and stirred in the seat while I kept looking at the waiter to see if he would bring us our food soon. “We’re just two friends eating together, that’s all”

“Except for the fact that we’re two friends going on a romantic date…” Isaac squinted his eyes and leaned forward on his seat to lean his arms on the table.

I huffed and nodded, prefering to keep my mouth shut for a while.

“What’s the problem?” He kept the conversation going since it was the first time in the whole date we were really talking to each other instead of mumbling nonsense. “I like you, you like me, it’s perfect”

“What makes you think I like you?” If I could sass him again, it meant that I had somehow managed to calm down a little.

He smiled, realizing that too.

“Let’s find out” Without saying anything more, Isaac stood up and bent over the table to reach me. And he pressed his lips ever so lightly against mine.

I couldn’t help myself and I held him by the neck to pull him closer to me and actually feel his lips more until they completely rested against mine instead of barely gracing them.

It was when I felt his grin against my mouth that I let him go.

Satisfied, he sat back and grinned at me.

At that exact moment, the waiter came and silently put our plates in the table before us. None of us looked up at him or even say thank you as we were so into the kiss even if it had already ended.

“See? It’s perfect” He insisted, casually picking up the fork and starting to eat.

I didn’t dare to look back at him for a while. I just put my hair behind my ear and began to eat too.

Still, a smile had been permanently inked in my lips and it would only grow wider as the day went on.

I hope that, when they make some reference to Sherlock and John’s fans in future episodes of Sherlock, they include random animated gifs of all the principles with lots of fan dissection essays underneath them.

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So; my friend, a few weeks ago, she stole my computer from my lap, and began following random people as fast as she could. (Mean) But, she followed you as well, but when I was letting off some steam, unfollwing these complete strangers, I missed you, and now there was a random stranger on my blog. It was quite funny actually, because I'm glade she followed you. I enjoy your posts and art, they amuse me, and make me happy. Thank you, very very much. - A Dumb Ol' Anon

It’s my pleasure, friend! I’m honoured to be the Random Stranger on your dashboard B)

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Nonmagical AU where Draco works as a shirtless Abercrombie greeter and flusters the hell out of Harry

Harry just needed some new shirts for school. That’s all. Hermione had insisted on coming with him to shop, clearly lacking faith in Harry’s sartorial choices. When she had mentioned needing to pick out a new swimsuit, Ron had shown a sudden interest in fashion and decided to tag along as well. Between the three of them, Harry thought they could easily find some clothes and be done with it. 

He was wrong. So far, he’d been scoffed at in Burberry (but who wouldn’t freak out when they saw those prices?), mocked in Calvin Klein (yes, he’s well aware that his hair is a disaster, thanks ever so much for bringing it up), and terrified at Victoria’s Secret (what are those lacy things even supposed to be?). When Ron and Hermione became rather giggly after leaving Victoria’s Secret, Harry had made the desperate suggestion that they separate to cover more ground, to which they eagerly agreed. So now here he is, walking aimlessly around the second floor with no new clothes and no clue what he’s doing.

He’s trying to read the map of the mall when the throbbing pulse of a bass catches his attention. After peering around the corner, he finds that the pounding music is coming from a dark, heavily perfumed store called Abercrombie & Fitch. It looks pretty preppy, so he’s about to walk past it when he hears an incredulous, “Potter?” Turning around, Harry stumbles when he sees Draco fucking Malfoy, the biggest asshole in school, standing there looking very shirtless, very haughty, and very… hot. Christ, so very fucking hot. Harry blinks rapidly, unable to look away from the pale expanse of Malfoy’s chest. His body is all angles, the harsh cut of his abdominal muscles and his jutting hipbones making Harry feel a little breathless. It makes Harry want, in a way he hasn’t before.

But- but this is Malfoy. What should it matter what he looks like? He’s an arrogant shithead, and Harry hates him, hates everything he stands for. In fact, this- this blatant display of his hotness- it’s probably just another way to show off! Yeah, that’s it. What a dick.

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The Cabaret Beat

Ian Frazier explores how Ellin Mackay’s 1925 essay criticizing the social scene of the city’s upper crust fuelled the first sold-out issue of the magazine:

When a piece of writing rocks the world it’s a glorious thing. Or, in this case, rocks a world; suddenly, all over, people of a certain sort were talking about “Why We Go to Cabarets.” The Times covered the article on page 1, upper left-hand corner. Other papers in the city and across the country splashed stories about it on the front page. The president of the New York Junior League, Mrs. Pleasants Pennington, said she had not formed an opinion about the article, but “it amused me very much.” The Waldorf Hotel issued a statement promising to arrange dances in an exclusive setting that would solve the problems Miss Mackay had outlined. In Paris, American ladies with daughters told a reporter from the Chicago Daily Tribune that the stag-line situation described in the article was why they had left the United States.