this amused me okay

Nick: [about Harry’s collection of suits] are these gonna get a different wear, Harry?

Harry: Well I have a couple of christenings coming up, so I might reuse the gold–

Nick, horrified: You CAN’T wear–

Harry, continuing: Yeah I might use the gold one–

Nick: No.

Harry: For…[waits for Nick to protest again]…for the christening

Nick: You can’t wear that to a christening

Harry: I think I’ll, it, I think I’ll be subtle. I’ll slide in, stand at the back–

Nick, again: No.

Harry: uh, slip out just before the end–

Nick, for the third time in about thirty seconds: No.


the foxhole court aesthetic: andrew joseph minyard

insp. ( weathers - happy pills )

“Andrew was smiling, but Neil knew his cheer didn’t mean he was going to play nice. He’d been smiling when he smashed a racquet into Neil’s stomach, too.“

Voltron Season 3 Thoughts

Okay, here’s my quick thoughts on Voltron Season 3:

- It felt like half a season, so I’m assuming it was and what we’re getting in October will be the rest of it, even if it’s called season 4. 

- I don’t think the whole “who flies what lion” issue is resolved and that it will come back to bite us in the ass in October. 

- I don’t trust Shiro and this makes me very uncomfortable. 

- The middle episodes were a little confusing? And choppy? 

- Allura’s bayard is awesome. 

- I’m sad we didn’t get to see more focus on the “new” team developing like we got in season 1. Poor Allura didn’t get the attention she deserved. 

- Sven and Slav, lol. 

-  “Look, I’m glad we’re all making fun of Lance.” Keith, my guy. Thank you. 

- Lance going to Keith about his insecurities. There were quite a few Keith and Lance moments actually, which I loved. But I can’t help but feel that even though Keith gave Lance a winning smile and tried to reassure him, this issue will crop up in October. Something is going to happen there and I get the feeling Lance is going to pay the price. And since Keith is becoming more dependent on Lance as his right hand, it will be… I’m not looking forward to this. 

- Lance and Allura moments in the beginning. 

- Alternate realities?! Holy fuck! So Slav’s entire character was foreshadowing?! Did not see that coming. 

- Um, I cried during the final episode with the paladin history, omg. That whole story was really heartbreaking. Especially with Haggar at the end being, like, husband? Wah? So how does Lotor fit into this? What are the family dynamics then? Very interesting. 

- Baby Zarkon was a huge fucking dork and I loved it. 

- Lotor is great and I love him. A+ boy, good boy, precious son. And his generals were just as badass as I expected. A++, great ladies, love it.  

- Lance being supportive but also hyper-critical of Keith at the same time. Their dynamic never ceases to amuse me. 

- No Matt–that must be from Season October. 

- Okay, seriously, you redesigned Shiro, but his hair is still so stupid? Like, c’mon now. 

- Lance being a leader and a serious character, and Hunk also being a serious character. They’ve both matured, but I’m sad we didn’t, like, see it? Like this whole season was a lot of “telling” instead of “showing,” and then “showing” without enough context. We didn’t get to see much development of anyone (except Keith and Lance’s relationship) so that’s kinda sad.

- Shiro chasing after Voltron was super sad and heartbreaking.  

- There’s something up with that cat and his lady.

- I love Baby Zarkon. Save him, poor awkward son. 

- Good all around. It wasn’t season 1, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Solid.

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also also, last half-salty, half-amused post I swear BUT

IM STILL LAUGHING AT THE FLYING WATER KAMUI IN THE END because I’d tweeted this nonsense before the finale aired:

Sorey and Mikleo finally fulfilled their birb dreams and ascended to the skies above LMAO ADKJFKHGSKJGGS

  • human kindergarten: rain, rain, go away, come again another day.
  • Vulcan kindergarten: rain is condensed liquid water that has become too heavy for the atmosphere and falls to the earth in order to replenish the ecosystem. singing songs to make it go away is illogical and ultimately detrimental to the environment.
  • Klingon kindergarten: you would let a little fall of rain stop you?? rain happens to remind us that you must always be prepared for action, Emperor Kahless did not flinch at the rain nor would any TRUE Klingon. any child who does not play outside in the rain will surely bring dishonor on their family if not corrected!!
  • Cardassian kindergarten: what rain. there is no rain. the illusion of rain is a conspiracy made up by traitors and those who would destroy the Cardassian Union. the State entirely denies the existence of rain, now will you believe what you perceive or what the State tells us. surely, you're not a traitor, are you. :)))
  • Ferengi kindergarten: oh wow, rain again. it must be a day that ends in Y.
A week in the life of the Riddler

Monday: Grocery shopping.  Dry cleaning.  Weekly henchman review; everyone LOVES being fired on Monday!  Wash the Riddlermobile.

Tuesday: Meet Jonathan for lunch.  He owes me ten dollars but he’s going to disappear before the check comes.  Review surveillance footage when I get home.

Wednesday: Hack Google.

Thursday: Engineer and test prototypes.  Destroy beyond all recognition those that don’t work as expected.  Deny they ever existed.  Make sushi.

Friday: Tell the Joker booby-trapping my front door is not funny, for the thirty-seventh time.  Leave Jonathan a passive-aggressive note about the money.  Make sure all the doors are locked in anticipation of retribution.

Saturday: Continue to hack Google.  Switch to Microsoft when I need a break.  Send things of interest to contact at Apple.

Sunday: Upgrade PC and dust off the servers.  Attend a drive-in movie.  Get my nails done.

Elijah Mikaelson Imagine: Good Night


Prompts: 13-“If I die, I going to haunt your ass.”
37-“How can I even put up with you?”
50-“Come on, baby, up to bed.”

Summary: Reader and her boyfriend Elijah get into a fight with werewolves and she gets bitten. Back at Mikaelsons’ she recovers and some cute moments with Elijah follow.

Word count: 715

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“If I die, I am going to haunt your ass,” I smirked at Elijah, who was caring my weak body trough the dark forest, which was now more quiet then ever.

“This is not the right time for jokes,” he looked down at me with concerned look before looking back at the path in front of us.

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Guys, this is just a news update that when Obi-wan wheedled a bunch of more credits out of the Jedi Council when he was Rako Hardeen, he didn’t just buy another ship, he bought a LUXURY 3000 SPACE YACHT. 

Not only did he buy A LUXURY SPACE YACHT, but he bought the same ship Hondo Ohnaka had.

Obi-wan. Honestly. Really. 

I mean, really. 


I like to imagine that umimaki would have an adorkable married life.


Amelia Potter vs Voldemort + the simpsons movie


Brett x Reader


Requested by @supercarricat

Prompt list

“Why don’t you be the one making all the hard work for once and I’ll just be the one stalling the guard with my magical way of flirting?” you suggested with a grin, but had to turn around to glare at Brett when you heard him snorting.

You pushed him in the chest but the tall werewolf didn’t even flinch. “So you’re telling me that you’re going to be the one fighting the guard? You do know he’s a werewolf?” Brett asserted with a sneer.

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cuddlymikleo  asked:

After reading your post about fixing Phi, I was wondering, what happened to Laphicet/Maotelus after Sorey went to sleep with him? I haven't bought Berseria yet (I'm waiting for a Steam sale lol), but since I already spoilered myself a bunch, I'm okay with spoilers.

Tales of Berseria (the game) doesn’t actually tell us, but from what I’ve heard, the Berseria novelization starts with the end of Zestiria, with Phi telling Sorey Berseria’s story.  Which is a continuation (of sorts) of the Zestiria manga, where Phi tells Sorey he’ll “tell him a story of the past” in the final chapter before we cut to the epilogue with Epileo.

So I personally like to think that at least part of that time, Phi and Sorey were talking and swapping stories about themselves and the past, and given that Phi loves to explore, and Sorey loves history, I’d like to think they got along super well and by the time Sorey wakes up and rejoins the world, they’re really good friends and are on total first name basis with each other, haha.  Just imagine, Sorey and Mikleo getting into a debate over something in a set of ruins and Sorey just tapping the ground and calling up Phi by name and being all, “Look, Maotelus, Mikleo and I are having a disagreement here about this thing, and I know it was around after you took over as the leader of the Five Lords, so can you settle this debate for us once and for all?”  And Phi indulging him because, hey, he’s just chilling using the continent as his vessel and it’s not like the other Lords are all that talkative so he may as well.

The Mix Up

Bucky Barnes x Telekinetic! Reader

A/N: My first writing challenge! This is for @bucky-plums-barnes 8,000 follower writing challenge. Congrats! (Everything in italics is internal monologue)

Prompt: “If you wanted to see me all you had to do was knock on the door, no need for such desperate measures.”

Word Count: ~1500

Warnings: Swearing. Embarrassing situations. 


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“Hey Y/N!” 

Startled, I slam my journal shut and look up, eyes wide. I see Sam jogging down the hall towards the common room, still sweaty and in his training gear.

“Hey, Sam. What’s up?” I question, a small smile forming on my face once I realize it’s only Sam.

“You got a sec? I need your help with something,” Sam says.

“Depends on what it is,” I say skeptically, squinting my eyes at him as I put my journal onto the coffee table in front of me. I get off the couch to make my way towards him, “Last time I helped you I spent a week trying to get glitter out of my hair. You know that stuff stays with you forever! I still see specks of glitter everywhere,” I throw my hands up, exasperated.

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the equation of love (pt. 3)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9

→scenario: When you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore.

→genre: smut | fluff | angst

→word count: 8,452

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