this amused me okay

also also, last half-salty, half-amused post I swear BUT

IM STILL LAUGHING AT THE FLYING WATER KAMUI IN THE END because I’d tweeted this nonsense before the finale aired:

Sorey and Mikleo finally fulfilled their birb dreams and ascended to the skies above LMAO ADKJFKHGSKJGGS

A week in the life of the Riddler

Monday: Grocery shopping.  Dry cleaning.  Weekly henchman review; everyone LOVES being fired on Monday!  Wash the Riddlermobile.

Tuesday: Meet Jonathan for lunch.  He owes me ten dollars but he’s going to disappear before the check comes.  Review surveillance footage when I get home.

Wednesday: Hack Google.

Thursday: Engineer and test prototypes.  Destroy beyond all recognition those that don’t work as expected.  Deny they ever existed.  Make sushi.

Friday: Tell the Joker booby-trapping my front door is not funny, for the thirty-seventh time.  Leave Jonathan a passive-aggressive note about the money.  Make sure all the doors are locked in anticipation of retribution.

Saturday: Continue to hack Google.  Switch to Microsoft when I need a break.  Send things of interest to contact at Apple.

Sunday: Upgrade PC and dust off the servers.  Attend a drive-in movie.  Get my nails done.


Guys, this is just a news update that when Obi-wan wheedled a bunch of more credits out of the Jedi Council when he was Rako Hardeen, he didn’t just buy another ship, he bought a LUXURY 3000 SPACE YACHT. 

Not only did he buy A LUXURY SPACE YACHT, but he bought the same ship Hondo Ohnaka had.

Obi-wan. Honestly. Really. 

I mean, really. 

Amortentia (Draco x Reader)

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Draco Malfoy had a hard time with keeping you hidden, just like you’d like. You were shy, one of the shyest girls in your house, but he wanted everybody to know that you were his, and being in the spotlight like he was meant that you got a lot of attention. Many people envied your relationship, especially many of the Slytherin girls. They would never say anything bad to your face, but everybody knew that they all had their hearts set out on Draco, and he was in love with you. The whole school was aware of the relationship that you two had- it was amazing that someone with the beliefs that Draco had about blood class would even like somebody, a quarter-blood, like you, which is something you often had a insecurity issue with, however he always told you that he was with you because he loved you.

This is what confused you when he became distant. One Tuesday afternoon, he hadn’t turned up to the usual spot the two of you went to just after lunch before your afternoon classes. Confused, you left for the Great Hall, hoping that you might find him there. Which of course you did. Draco was sat on the opposite side of the Slytherin table to usual, so that he was now facing all of the other houses, and he was staring. But not at nothing, he was staring at a hufflepuff girl. This left you even more confued- had she said something to him? Had he needed to get her attention? Regardless of the answer, you went and sat yourself next to Draco, kissing his cheek as you did.

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cuddlymikleo  asked:

After reading your post about fixing Phi, I was wondering, what happened to Laphicet/Maotelus after Sorey went to sleep with him? I haven't bought Berseria yet (I'm waiting for a Steam sale lol), but since I already spoilered myself a bunch, I'm okay with spoilers.

Tales of Berseria (the game) doesn’t actually tell us, but from what I’ve heard, the Berseria novelization starts with the end of Zestiria, with Phi telling Sorey Berseria’s story.  Which is a continuation (of sorts) of the Zestiria manga, where Phi tells Sorey he’ll “tell him a story of the past” in the final chapter before we cut to the epilogue with Epileo.

So I personally like to think that at least part of that time, Phi and Sorey were talking and swapping stories about themselves and the past, and given that Phi loves to explore, and Sorey loves history, I’d like to think they got along super well and by the time Sorey wakes up and rejoins the world, they’re really good friends and are on total first name basis with each other, haha.  Just imagine, Sorey and Mikleo getting into a debate over something in a set of ruins and Sorey just tapping the ground and calling up Phi by name and being all, “Look, Maotelus, Mikleo and I are having a disagreement here about this thing, and I know it was around after you took over as the leader of the Five Lords, so can you settle this debate for us once and for all?”  And Phi indulging him because, hey, he’s just chilling using the continent as his vessel and it’s not like the other Lords are all that talkative so he may as well.

Elijah Mikaelson Imagine: Good Night


Prompts: 13-“If I die, I going to haunt your ass.”
37-“How can I even put up with you?”
50-“Come on, baby, up to bed.”

Summary: Reader and her boyfriend Elijah get into a fight with werewolves and she gets bitten. Back at Mikaelsons’ she recovers and some cute moments with Elijah follow.

Word count: 715

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“If I die, I am going to haunt your ass,” I smirked at Elijah, who was caring my weak body trough the dark forest, which was now more quiet then ever.

“This is not the right time for jokes,” he looked down at me with concerned look before looking back at the path in front of us.

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"can I kiss you?" with Juggie? pretty pleeease

[sorry this is super super short but I could have wrote tonnes and I didn’t want it to get out of hand]

You slid yourself into the booth next to the quiet and angsty looking teen.

‘Can I kiss you?’ You asked quietly with charming smile, hoping the the boy sat three booths down couldn’t hear you.

‘Excuse me?’ Came the dry and amused reply.

‘Okay, don’t look-’ you spoke through gritted teeth, 'but a guy who blew me off is sat a few booths down on another date. I figured out of all the people in here it’d annoy him the the most if I kissed you. I mean it doesn’t even have to be on the lips, just a peck on the cheek.’

'Is he gonna come and punch me if you do?’ He eyed you conspicuously.

'No- he’s all bark and no bite, couldn’t harm a goddamn fly even if he tried.’

In a flirty facade you gently held onto his arm and glanced over at the douche sitting three booths down, his eyes which were watching your booth averted themselves as you looked over.

'Okay,’ the boy winked secretly at you and tapped his cheek, 'lay it on me.’

Can we talk about the fact that Clarke went down on Lexa

Can we talk about the fact that Lexa hasn’t been with anyone for a while and now Clarke is here and she’s giving her all the pleasure and she makes her feel so good, so wanted and loved

Hamilton, an American Musical: a summary
  • Alexander Hamilton: Damn, this kid survived and then some
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: I have no idea what I'm doing
  • My Shot: But it seems like none of you do either!
  • The Story of Tonight: We have heartwarming aspirations
  • The Schuyler Sisters: Fuck the patriarchy
  • Farmer Refuted: Bro the king's not going to do anything
  • You'll Be Back: Oh shit, I guess he is
  • Right Hand Man: Desk work??? You've got to be kidding
  • Winter's Ball: I think we're drunk
  • Helpless: This is the best love story ever
  • Satisfied: Never mind
  • The Story of Tonight Reprise: We're definitely drunk
  • Wait For It: Surprise, surprise! I do have ambitions!
  • Stay Alive: THIS FUCKING GUY
  • Ten Duel Commandments: Could this be foreshadowing? Nah
  • Meet Me Inside: I done fucked up
  • That Would Be Enough: Apparently my wife doesn't mind
  • Guns and Ships: We're kicking ass. Alex! Come kick ass with us!
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: Okay son time to tell you how the world works
  • Yorktown: Everyone's kicking ass except the British
  • What Comes Next?: Time for King George to have a hissy fit
  • Dear Theodosia: This love is so pure oh my god
  • Non-Stop: I'm still kicking ass but now I'm a lawyer
  • What'd I Miss: All-American dance party
  • Cabinet Battle #1: Well I lost that argument AND control of my emotions!
  • Take a Break: Sorry fam I have to stay here and obsess over banks
  • Say No to This: An affair? Well, I'm only a politician with a lot of money. What could possibly go wrong?
  • The Room Where It Happens: Politics are frustrating
  • Schuyler Defeated: Is this about me? Of course it is. Everything's about me
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Screw France we gotta look out for America
  • Washington On Your Side: We like to call ourselves the Bitter Squad
  • One Last Time: You guys are exhausting I'm out
  • I Know Him: Your baby nation antics are amusing to me
  • The Adams Administration: I will roast everyone
  • We Know: Okay now I know what could go wrong
  • Hurricane: My past is sad
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: Turns out I will also roast myself
  • Burn: Alex is a self centered little shit
  • Blow Us All Away: I'm my father's son: combative and full of pride
  • Stay Alive Reprise: Whoops
  • It's Quiet Uptown: There could not be a worse coincidence than that stupid pamphlet and our son's death
  • The Election of 1800: Okay I know I'm supposed to be grieving but here's one final roast for y'all
  • Your Obedient Servant: Passive aggressive fight turns into real fight
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: The hell are you going boy
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Whoops Pt 2
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Eliza wins the prize for best character growth you can all go home

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Family au where the power goes out from a powerful storm and Keith and Shiro have to try their best to find a way to calm the kids down until the power comes back on.

[The Voltron Family] Tuesday evening and there was a powerful storm happening outside. Shiro and Keith were in the kitchen finishing up the dishes when suddenly there was a scary and loud thunder. Then the power goes out, the husbands heard screaming.

Lance: *screams from somewhere in the second floor*
Keith: Shiro, the kids!
Shiro: *suddenly drops the plate* Oh my god.
Keith: Are you okay? *tries to find Shiro’s hands* Are you hurt?
Shiro: I’m fine. Just got surprised there.
Hunk: Daddy Keith, where are you?! 
Keith: Shit shit shit. *panics* Be right there, baby. *turns to Shiro* Where’s the flashlight?
Shiro: By the drawer. Careful, Keith. You might bump into something.
Keith: You can’t see it but I’m honestly glaring at you, love. I know this kitchen like the back of my hand.
Shiro: *chuckles* Kidding! Now if only I could see, this is the part where I give you a kiss.
Keith: Save that for later. We’re going on a rescue mission.
Shiro: *shouts* One second, sweetheart. Daddy’s coming! Just stay where you are! Don’t move, okay?
Pidge: *sobs* Okay. It’s really dark. I’m scared.
Shiro: I know, baby. I know. Daddy will give you hugs and kisses later. *turns to wherever Keith is* You got the flashlight, babe?
Keith: *weird noises of fumbling with things* Oh fucking hell.
Shiro: Keith, language! *scandalized*
Keith: The battery’s out! *taps something. I forgot to buy new ones. Dammit. We’ll just use our phon—oh hell. It’s in the master bedroom. *groans*

They had no choice but to navigate the house and find their kids in the dark. Shiro went to Pidge’s room and Keith found Hunk by the door of his bedroom. Hunk tried so hard not to get scared as he held onto Keith’s shirt.

Keith: *bends down* *kisses Hunk* Hey, baby. You okay?
Hunk: *nods slowly* M’fine.
Keith: You sure? Wanna hold Daddy’s hand while we look for Lance? *offers*
Hunk: *nods* *interlaces his hands with Keith* 

Shiro: Cupcake? *calls out in the dark*
Pidge: Daddy Shiro? *sobs from somewhere*
Shiro: Hey, where are you? Are you in your bed? *walks carefully*
Pidge: I’m under the bed. *sniffles*
Shiro: *walks towards the bed and squats* *looks under the bed* Take Daddy’s hand. 
Pidge: *grabs Shiro’s hand and gets pulled out* *instantly wraps her lil arms around Shiro’s neck* *sobs*
Shiro: Awww, baby. Don’t cry. It’s okay now.

Keith: Lance? Buddy? Where are you?
Lance: *croaks* Daddy Keith, is that you?
Keith: No. It’s the boogeyman.
Lance: *cries* GO AWAY!! I want my Daddy Keith!
Hunk: *giggles* *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Keith: *looks down at Hunk in amusement* It’s okay, Lance, it’s me. Where are you? I have Hunk with me here.
Lance: Are you sure you’re not the boogeyman?
Keith: I’m pretty sure. *hears some running* Lance?
Lance: *hears thunder* *screams* Daddy Keith!
Keith: Lance, where are you? *squints his eyes in the dark*
Lance: *continues running around*
Keith: Lance! Wherever you are, stop running! You’re going to get hurt!
Hunk: Lance, it’s okay. We’re here to get you! I know you’re scared of the thunder. That’s why Daddy—
Lance: *bumps into Hunk* *hugs him* *cries*
Hunk: *hugs back* I got you, Lance. I got you.

Shiro: *meets up with them in the hallway* Everybody present?
Keith: Yep. I got the boys. *holds Hunk’s and Lance’s hands*
Shiro: Lance, are you crying?
Lance: *sniffles* I’m not! *defensive*
Keith: *leans to Shiro to whisper* Thunder.

They all went down to the living room and started playing “I Spy.”

Hunk: I spy something black.
Pidge: Darkness. *rolls her eyes*
Lance: Hunk hasn’t even finished yet! 
Pidge: No matter what it is, it’s always going to be darkness, Lance!
Lance: You don’t know that! You’re no fun, Pidge!
Pidge: This game isn’t fun. *cuddles closer to Shiro*
Lance: I don’t see you coming up with something better. *sticks tongue out*
Hunk: How about Daddy Shiro tells us how he met Daddy Keith?
Pidge: Yesssss!!!
Lance: *groans* Nooooooo. We already know that.
Keith: Oh please, Lance. *rolls eyes in amusement* We know you love it. You’re always a sucker for love stories.
Shiro: *chuckles* So… I met your Daddy Keith back in…


Amelia Potter vs Voldemort + the simpsons movie


Brett x Reader


Requested by @supercarricat

Prompt list

“Why don’t you be the one making all the hard work for once and I’ll just be the one stalling the guard with my magical way of flirting?” you suggested with a grin, but had to turn around to glare at Brett when you heard him snorting.

You pushed him in the chest but the tall werewolf didn’t even flinch. “So you’re telling me that you’re going to be the one fighting the guard? You do know he’s a werewolf?” Brett asserted with a sneer.

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au where a multidimensional traveler arrives in the main universe, takes one look at Batman, and freaks out because Batman looks really angry and frightening for no obvious reason. After a bit of a fiasco, they explain that in their world, Batman is very serious and can be frightening when on the job, but otherwise, he’s a really nice guy and a steady, relaxing presence.” Everyone sort of goes, “oh, so Nightwing’s Batman in your world. That makes sense.”

And the traveler’s like, uh, no. It is definitely Bruce under the cowl.

Cue the most rigorous game of 20 Questions in recorded history, in which they learn no, Bruce’s parents are still very dead, yes Jason Todd also died and was revived, yes the Joker is horrifying, yes Gotham is still horrifying, honestly everything seems about the same, except that the traveler’s Bruce runs an orphanage. A very modern, hands-on orphanage, ages infant through eighteen, functioning more like the most sympathetic boarding school ever than anything else, where Bruce spends the majority of his time when he’s not Batmanning it up.

Nightwing takes one look at Batman and says, “Okay, yeah. I can see how that would work.”

Batman, World’s Greatest Detective, grumbles and says, “And what do you mean by that?”

“Dude,” Nightwing says.

The sentiment is echoed by his hoard of adopted children.

i love it when people claim to hate me but turn around and steal all my ideas, opinions, way of being, personality in general, other identifying characteristics , use the same terminology as me

yeah nice…………..nice…

like i know im an extreme person & am pretty opinionated and have a very particular way of thinking that may not be popular but the fact is that its enticing enough to warrant copying because you feel like it will make YOU more interesting because you have nothing of your own to identify you.

  • human kindergarten: rain, rain, go away, come again another day.
  • Vulcan kindergarten: rain is condensed liquid water that has become too heavy for the atmosphere and falls to the earth in order to replenish the ecosystem. singing songs to make it go away is illogical and ultimately detrimental to the environment.
  • Klingon kindergarten: you would let a little fall of rain stop you?? rain happens to remind us that you must always be prepared for action, Emperor Kahless did not flinch at the rain nor would any TRUE Klingon. any child who does not play outside in the rain will surely bring dishonor on their family if not corrected!!
  • Cardassian kindergarten: what rain. there is no rain. the illusion of rain is a conspiracy made up by traitors and those who would destroy the Cardassian Union. the State entirely denies the existence of rain, now will you believe what you perceive or what the State tells us. surely, you're not a traitor, are you. :)))
  • Ferengi kindergarten: oh wow, rain again. it must be a day that ends in Y.
Chick Flick

Title: Chick Flick

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Word Count: 956

Warnings: all dat fluff man

Summary: Anon requested: “Hey I wanted to request a Mick Davies x reader fic. After Mick talks about how he joined the BMoL in 12x17, reader comforts him and gives him hugs and to cheer him up they do normal stuff Mick never had in his youth like baking, singing, dancing and they end up just cuddling in bed at the end and confess le feelings. Sorry if this request sucks I’ve never really done this! 😓”

A/N: Helloo again and Happy Easter (is my title an Easter pun?)! I’m planning to just stuff my face with candy today and that’s it.
This was my first request so I fluffed it up real good and I hope you enjoy! :)


Tears welled in yours eyes and you sat up to tug Mick into a warm embrace.

“That’s horrible,” was all you could say.

He held you back, nestling into the crook of your neck, his stubble tickling your collar bone. He breathed in your scent deeply, as if it bought some sort of comfort to his ruined childhood.

You thought about the burden of remorse Mick carried with him everyday. He was goddamn forced to take a life. One like his, and he knew it was wrong, but what choice did he have? Back to the streets? Death, even?

“Can I do anything to help?” you asked, running your hands through his dark hair.

“You can be here with me,” he replied. “But I also am a little hungry…”

A small laugh bubbled from inside you and you pulled back and held his face in your hands. His eyes stared back at you, sad but laced with a bit of amusement.

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