this amused me okay


Amelia Potter vs Voldemort + the simpsons movie


Favorite Drama Bits:

Do you want to eat dinner with me or go out with me?

I find the way Lorcan continually refers to Rowan as “Whitethorn” intensely amusing. Because like. I can hear the totally done snarling every single time he thinks it. 

littleskyangel  asked:

Bro Dirty Dancing is everything I love that movie to death <3 <3 <3 ANYWAYS I have a request if you wouldn't mind humoring me! I have this weird facial reflex where if someone (or anyone really) touches my nose I'll automatically wrinkle it and twitch it and stuff. Werid, I know. Anyways I was just wondering how Cassian would react if he found out about if reader or oc or whatever did that. Would he be weirded out? Amused? Keep teasing you for all eternity? Enlighten me!

(Okay, first that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard of, you are a gift to the world)

     When Cassian found out about it he was probably drunk and was trying to seduce you in a shitty way. He leaned against the bar, face in his hand with a dopey smile on his face. You were talking about something when he suddenly reached over and pressed the tip of your nose with his finger. When you wrinkled, he’d sit up slightly with a bigger smile on his face and just breath out, “Holy Shit that was really cute.”

    After he’d always do it with a huge smile on his face. He’d lovingly tease you about it by saying stuff like, “You’re the cutest rebellion in the galaxy.”, or “Is that a reflex or are you trying to melt my heart?”

    The most annoying thing he’d do is start calling you ‘Bunny’. It was a creature he’d learned about that would constantly twitch its nose. He thought it was the most precious thing to call you.

    If Cassian is down in the dumps all you must do is let him touch your nose and he’s immediately smiling.

He just loves it and will never stop touching it.

okay here’s ANOTHER funny thought with me tonight

imagine it’s the midst of battle, and there’s a group of soldiers gathering around and shooting and stuff

imagine antok, looking over to a smaller member of the blade and asking them, may i throw you in the middle of that group so you can take them out from the inside?’

bonus points it actually happens, and he launches the smaller member THROUGH the group and knocks them all down like bowling pins

if you need a reference on how he chucks them, look here

rksoojung  asked:

( sms: je suis désolée ) chorong, i'm sorry. i'm with someone else. i really liked you though. thank you for everything. i thought you hated me, felt like i was a waste of time to you. la vie continue, je vous le promets. la vie est belle et vous etes belle âmei. tu me manque toujours. on s'amuse bien ensemble. is it okay if we can be friends?

[ sms ⤻ soojung ⭐  ]
⇾ you’re… with someone else.
⇾ you… liked me… but now you’re sorry.
⇾ … i’m not exactly sure why you thought that about me but ok. looks like you didn’t bother to ask before dating someone else anyway.
⇾ i don’t speak french.

contact name changed. 
[ sms ⤻ soojung ]
⇾ friends? friends don’t treat each other like this.
⇾ hell, people who LIKED each other don’t.
⇾ no, we’re not friends. good luck with your someone else.
Long Before We Both Thought The Same Thing
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By Organization for Transformative Works

by allyasavedtheday

Length: 36k

Rating: 9/10

“So are you admitting you love Harry yet?”

Louis pauses in the middle of his story about the movie he and Harry went to see last night to raise an incredulous eyebrow. “What are you on about? Of course I love Harry.”

Has Zayn lost his mind? He’s been friends with Louis for nearly seven years and Harry for six, under what circumstances did it appear like they didn’t love each other?

“Okay, let me rephrase,” Zayn says, an amused little quirk to his mouth like he knows something Louis doesn’t. “Are you admitting you’re in love with Harry yet?”

Louis stares at him in bewilderment, mouth working as he tries to form a response. “I…what?”


Or, Louis maybe, sort of realises he’s in love with his best friend of almost twenty years and he maybe, sort of thinks that said best friend could love him back? A prequel to If You Asked Me If You Love Him (I’d Lie).

Ao3, One-Shot