this amazing cast :'3


I don’t wike it!

Happy Birthday, Nikki!!


Six Seasons & A Finale - Season 6 DVD
It’s been a year… *sigh*

Ok so I heard that Junko in ep. 6 of the despair dub says “Yas Queen” to Kamakura and I watched it and im dying


I think sexism, or at least gender inequality, is present in almost every avenue of life. As women, whilst we have made tremendous progress, we still have a long way to go before we are equal to men. It’s wonderful that women in a position of influence have been able to speak about it with such eloquence and dignity.

Orlando is so weird, I was in a movie theater at Disney waiting to see Beauty and the Beast, anD thEN right before the movie is about to start frICKING JOSH GAD sHOWS UP and he’s like “oH hey guys I was just randomly passing by Disney Springs, and I thought I’d pop in and say hello :^D” like ???!!??!?!?!