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Richonniversary thoughts

Remember way back in season 3, when people would laugh at the suggestion that Rick and Michonne might become a couple?

When Michonne bonded with Carl and Judith, she was called a Mammy because it was unfathomable that it was part of a developing love story? 

Remember the romantic piano score played over early Richonne scenes at the prison and how people tried to say it wasn’t romantic lol

I remember talking to @psmith73 about Michonne ships when it seemed like a fantasy that Michonne would actually get a love story in canon but it was fun to think about.

I remember the “oh shit this is really canon” feeling after Clear. I remember the richonne tag celebrating. 

The vindication when some online publication did an article after Clear that was like “OMG maybe those crazy Rick and Michonne shippers are right!” Most of the comments were positive, POSITIVE it would never be anything. 

Remember when it looked like Dixonne might become canon? Remember their runs together and (mostly offscreen) bonding and the jasper and all that? I think Dixonne was bigger than Richonne at one point. I worried about how Daryl fans would react if it happened (I’d been to TWD panels at Wizard World and Daryl stans were the wooorst, the most entitled – sorry, that’s another story). I always rooted for Richonne.

When they started to become a family, and the fandom started seeing them as badass siblings. <eyeroll>

When Rick ripped that Claimer’s throat out with his teeth protecting Carl and it was everything Michonne ever wanted.

When the Grimes family reunited with Judith and the shot included Michonne.

When Rick started looking to Michonne for decisions. When she was the only one he listened to.

More romantic background music.

That dark time we won’t talk about. <Eyeroll> fine, I’ll pretend it was necessary to give Rick closure so he could open himself up to Michonne. Even though it wasn’t. But whatever. At least the whole thing left racists confused and upset.

And then – finally, undeniably canon.

Followed by months of speculation that Michonne was dead (because she had sex with Rick, obvs).

And now, look at them. LOOK AT THEM! Iconic.

Happy Anniversary! <3

np-personal  asked:

In LSOTW (I think in issue 1) Overlord ends the Autobot haunt, and tells the others that they are now going to find the Autobot Snare, and Snare, in the next panel lowers his helm and looks down. Is Snare an Autobot? I couldn't find any explanation in the comics for that part, and it always confused me a lot. Do you have any idea what happened? Thank you in advantage!!

As we can see here, Overlord doesn’t say they’re going to “find the Autobot Snare,” he says “Bring the Autobot, Snare.” He’s ordering Snare to bring the Autobot he’s just shot back with them, not saying that Snare IS an Autobot. Snare looks down because he’s not enjoying Overlord’s reign, and we see that play out when he helps the Wreckers in their mission later in the series.


THIS WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE A PSD FOR YOUR RP ICONS OR GRAPHICS.  I will personally just be showing you how to do it for an image that isn’t cropped or bordered.  you will need photoshop for this, but you don’t have to be a pro!  ( you can prob. find a download link online but be careful! )  the tutorial is below the cut!  Its super flexible and easy and is a great way to spice up your aesthetic and visual mood for your writing threads or blog posts!


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Can't get to the wifi login page? Browse to!

Sometimes (all the time) when I connect to my office wifi network or a public hotspot I end up failing to retrieve the login page for one reason or another. Sometimes my browser’s auto-redirect tries to hit the internet for instruction on how to handle the new network and fail miserably.

By browsing to “” I just about always get redirected to the network’s login page. Since I’m not trying to hit something outside the network the redirect happens inmediately. Then I’m free to look at all the porn I need to!

Note that if you go to and it brings you to an insecure router control panel you probably don’t want to be on that public network.

No Worries

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Words:  953

Warning: anxiety, panic attack

Originally posted by ifellinlovewithabrokenheart

          “Good morning, Sweetheart,” Jeffrey smiled when he walked back into the hotel room just as you were waking up.

           “Good morning,” you yawned, “Where were you?”

           “Just went to get us some coffee,” he said, holding up the two coffee cups, “You ready to start the day?”

           You nodded, “Yeah,” you threw back the covers and got out of bed, reaching for the coffee.

           “Not so fast,” he pulled the coffee out of your reach.

           You whined, “Why?”

           “I need a proper kiss,” he said.

           You smiled at that, raising up to kiss him, “That, I can definitely do,” you kissed him, “Good morning, Jeffrey.”

           “Good morning, Baby,” he grinned, kissing you once more before giving you the coffee he had gotten for you.

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Brook comes from the Same Place as Sanji

Now buckle yourselves in because it’s crack theory time.

Before we start I will address the fact that Yes. I know that the Rumbar Pirates sailed around the West Blue before going into the Grand Line. But Brook wasn’t always with the Rumbar Pirates. And here is where we shall begin.

besides chopper staring deep into our souls, this panel tells us that Brook used to be the leader of a Battle Convoy Fleet for “A Kingdom.” What is this kingdom. Where is this kingdom? What happened to his fleet? All we know is that Brook learned his fencing from here and where many of his attacks names come from.

Now when we look at the most recent chapter
 Brook says “Sanji’s Surname is Vinsmoke..? That name… it sends shivers down my spine… No… It can’t be.” 

Brook knows of the Vinsmokes. This is significant because Brook is old. Really old. And his knowledge of the world comes from his time before the Florian Triangle. Now He did travel the world and become famous as the soul king and there is a Chance that he encountered them during this time and that’s where he knows of them. it could easily be that he knows of them because of this. But lets pretend for now that this is not that case.

Now The Vinsmokes, based on context clues like how Capone points out how unrefined Sanji’s manners are for his family name. And how Whoever arranged this marriage and made Sanji’s bounty Only Alive is of significant influence in both the World Government and the Underworld. So we can conclude that they are of very high social influence. And have been around for a while. (If Brook knows them from his past and not his Fame)

And this name “Sends shivers down [Brook’s] spine” This could be bad or good. It’s hard to say. It might be shivers of excitement. Could be shivers of fear. Who knows. The point is that Brook knows them. 

What did Brook used to do? He used to serve the royal family as Captain of the Battle Fleet. Where he learned fencing, a French style of Sword fighting. What is Brook’s Signature Attack? “Hanauta Sansho: Yahazu Giri” or “Three Verse Humming, Arrow Notch Slash.” But this is not it’s original name. This is a name given to the attack by the Rumbar Pirates. Before that, it had a french name: “Requiem la Banderole.” It was the fastest cutting technique of the Assault Squad of “The Kingdom” from which he originated. Pretty much all of his other attack names also come from “The Kingdom” And they all have french names.

Who else is French? Sanji. Sanji’s French.

I think there is a reason why Brook’s kingdom has been left unnamed. Why his known past is limited to what relates to Laboon and the Rumbar Pirates. Why we haven’t learned anything about What happened to remove Brook from a position of leadership within a Kingdom’s Royal Battle Fleet.

So. I’ll say it again. I think that Brook comes from the same place as Sanji and I am excited to know if there really is a connection here or not. Like, SUUUUPER excited, you have no idea.

This is why I like re-reading the manga

There are no real spoilers here, unless you aren’t completely caught up with D.gray Man’s manga. But I guess I’ll give a little spoiler warning.

So for the longest time, I kinda thought little to the background of Kanda’s dream/memory of him dying.

Reading through it the fist time, I was more interested in the evil clown Akuma that is clearly meant to be the center of attention in these panels. And even as I went to read this arc again I didn’t give much mind to the background. But going back to it recently, I realized a mistake of mine.

I always thought that the two weird fluffy objects to the right and left were trees or something, but looking at it now, I cans see that they fluctuate from panel to panel. 

That was when my brain slowly went “oooh, it’s smoke okay sure.” And it would make sense that it’s smoke since there was just a big fight happening there, big enough to kill an exorcist at least. I’m probably just slow for not seeing it was smoke before. 

But then something else caught my attention. He’s laying on Wheat.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve only ever connected wheat to one place in D.Gray Man.

Lets run through the background of where the exorcist died.

A slightly overcast sky, wheat, and smoke… Hmm.


Now there are still a few plot holes here and there, the biggest one I see being the time and date from Nea is a child to when Kanda came to life. But that’s nothing some time of human preservation doesn’t solve.


Now this raised up a new question for me: who do you think Uncle Cyrus was? A Noah? An Akuma, maybe even the one that killed the Exorcist? Or maybe even the Exorcist himself. Who knows~

“I’ve been writing for twenty-five years. I just finished my second novel. I had a really severe anxiety attack right before my deadline. I thought I was having a heart attack. I could barely breathe. I couldn’t calm down. Part of it was just the pressure of the deadline. But another part of it was the pressure to do something great. I feel like I’ve always been ‘almost there.’ I think I’m still trying to prove I’m a professional. I’ve always been on the playing field, but every time I get up to bat, the game gets cancelled for rain. I’m hoping to finally break through. I don’t know what form that will take. Maybe a bestseller, or a great review, or an invitation to sit on a panel. When I read interviews with successful authors, most of them point at a specific event, and say: ‘After that happened, I never looked back.’ And that’s what I want. To never look back.”

It’s funny because yeah, Jensen as a lot to do, when he’s away he misses his wife and daughter, and a lot happens at conventions.

Yet, something always happens. As soon as panel with Misha starts, it just goes away. It looks like something just flows over him and makes his mind come in peace. 

This year, Jared went home before the con even started, he needed his family at home . And Jensen was worried, he missed Jared, and he showed it. 

And then Misha came on stage with him. 

And he laughed, he danced, he showed affection to Misha, literally everything he did said I’m comfortable with you, and I think that’s a great thing. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy watching cockles panels so much. 

(FYI I ship the hell out of Cockles, but this can be seen the friendly way too, I mean, look at their panels together)

Day-To-Day-Disney Tumblr!

After thinking about doing this for almost a year…I finally got the courage to start it! I was looking for a way to help document my day-to-day life at Disney Animation Studios, along with giving a platform to answer more questions and hopefully motivate me to draw more:D The idea is to do a drawing every day (Monday-Friday) in the form of a story panel about anything that happened that day…a journal of sorts!

I’d love to hear your feedback! When I was a student, I was always looking online trying to find out what it was like at Disney! What did they do all day?!? Hopefully this acts as a small window into my day-to-day job as an Animator (the good, the bad and the ugly) at Walt Disney Feature Animation:)Thank you so much for checking it out!

transcript of clone question from the rebels panel

because people were wondering and I need to do something to stop my hands from shaking. CLONE WARS SEASON 6 SPOILERS IN THE TEXT, TREAD CAREFULLY 

Connor: Um, this is for Dave. How did Captain Rex and all the other clones there, how did they survive like, how’d they get past the, how- [audience laughs at the look on Filoni’s face], how-, how’d they get past not killing like, Kanan and Ezra, not killing them after Order 66?

[audience makes a lot of noise, shouting for an answer from Filoni]

JAT: Yes!!! What’s up with that???

Filoni: Now, see… that’s what I’m more used to. And you see, this happens every Celebration, it always comes in a package about this tall [gestures to child height], smiling faces, innocent looks…. and you think, “Oh, probably a fun question! How crazy is Chopper, ohhh!” Um, no, it’s [audience laughs] “How did Rex survive?” Well, this panel doesn’t have enough time for me to explain the full depth of that story [audience groans disappointedly], yeah believe me I love disappointing 4000 people, it makes my day!! 

I will say that probably, when I perceived it, y’know and we went back and forth towards the end of Clone Wars with Rex’s fate, George and I had several conversations about it. There were a lot of things, um, that once I knew George was still at the company that I made sure he and I sat down to discuss it at length. There were a couple key topics, one was Rex and definitely the other was Ahsoka, how did they survive, do they survive, what happens there, we had everything mapped out through Revenge of the Sith. 

I know in detail why that is, I… y’know, I’ll give you something, because you’re here on the weekend, but…. if you’re… if you watch the Season 6 episodes on Netflix, the clone arc, Fives discovers the nature of the encoding that they have, the chip in their head. Um, you have to remember that Fives tells Rex about that, and Rex would believe another trooper. So even though it’s outlandish to Anakin that Palpatine’s in charge, he [Fives] actually says it to Anakin and Rex, right in front of them, Fives accuses everybody, so…. 

I’ve always felt that the truth can break any spell, it’s an old mythological idea that in a fairytale if you know the truth you can kind of break free from spells if you heart is true, and you have to imagine if Rex got to that point with his blaster raised, could… I don’t think he could do it. What would be hard for Rex, if you can wrap your head around that, is that the minute he wouldn’t execute his general, he becomes a traitor as well, and the other clones will gun down the traitor clone, so that was something we had also discussed. 

If you look at that and you’ll see…. just to give you this other tease…. we all love Rex. Kanan, not so much. And it’s pretty clear why. So…. anyway, that’s more than I ever give you!

So let’s see..

  • Pocho’s dirty photos leaked
  • Kun and Leo’s naked pic
  • An annoying model talking about how Leo is better at sex than football on TV
  • Another model talking about Kun’s sex life
  • “hola bonita? como estas? tienes msn?”
  • Kun being a daddy while he was still a child himself
  • Kun was afraid of dark even when he was fucking 20
  • Kun singing cumbia songs
  • Their tattoes
  • Their long hairs (even tho they look so cute)
  • ‘Married Couple’ jokes
  • Pipita singing
  • 'Water bottle’ jokes
  • Ángel’s heart celebration
  • Pipita and Eze’s embarrassing party photos
  • They broke the led panel sign while celebrating
  • Half naked, weird, room selfies
  • Get fined for always being late to post match interviews
  • Kun vs Maradona
  • Gay group hug goal celebration

I guess Beijing 2008 squad and Golden Generation is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to Albiceleste and I love them so much