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Johnny x Reader


Word Count: 3.1k

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Angst 

Teaser: You found yourself undeniably comfortable around him. He wasn’t as intimidating as you had thought, if anything he was probably a bigger loser than you and that drawn you to him even more. In the 20 minutes that you spent idly walking together you found yourself having more things in common with him than any of you other friends, and the feeling of having a new friend got you excited.’  

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Picture Perfect Ch. 4

You buy Woojin a meal to express your gratitude, and you two get to know each other along the way.

special thanks to @wannaonescenarios for helping me w writing pls check her out her blog is amazing and her bf!aus are the best thing on this planet i squeal every tiem

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

“Thanks for the ride, Baejin!” You smiled widely at your classmate, waving to him as you quickly got out of his car. As a gesture of gratitude, you’d offered to buy Park Woojin meat, and the only restaurant that his company allowed him to go to, due to their specialty in keeping paparazzi away and maintaining privacy, was all the way across the city, so you’d asked Jinyoung to drive you there.

The restaurant had a modern look to it, with sleek black walls and hardwood floors. Each booth was partitioned off, and you were quickly led by a waitress to where Woojin was already sitting.

You greeted him a bit awkwardly, not really knowing what to say. “Did you have to wait a long amount of time?” You asked him, taking a sip of your water.

“Ah, no,” Woojin shook his head, “I just got here.”

“That’s good,” you grabbed a menu, looking at it, “I wonder what’s good here? You’ve been here before, right?”

“Ah, yeah,” Woojin pointed to one of the pictures on the back of the menu. “The marinade they use for the bulgogi is really good, and our manager really likes their pajeon, if you like that.”

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Cassandra: Didn’t mean to pry, but the sketches caught her eye. She looked around to ensure no one was looking, and silently flipped through the pages, taking in the artwork. She was in awe– she had no idea the Inquisitor was so talented. When she sees the sketch of her, she nearly drops the sketchbook in shock, covering her mouth to hold back a gasp. After staring for an inordinately long period of time, she giggles as though Varric had written her in a book. She beams and puts the book back, the Inquisitor none the wiser, though they wonder why Cassandra is so nice to them the next time they talk with her. If romanced: she’s looking through the sketchbook because her lover didn’t mind, and she practically squeals when she sees the picture of her. She eagerly thanks the Inquisitor with a kiss and asks to keep the drawing.

Feels dirty for looking through the sketchbook when the Herald isn’t looking, but he can’t help himself; the curiosity is overwhelming. He smiles to himself as he looks through the artwork, some of people, some of things, some of experiences. All were good, and it brightened his day. He nearly drops the book when he sees himself in it, with remarkable detail: even strands of the hair on his beard are present on the artwork. His heart swells, and he briefly considers asking the Inquisitor if he can keep the sketch, but elects to act like he hadn’t gone through it. He offers to buy the Inquisitor a drink later, though doesn’t say why. If romanced: Blackwall is almost moved to tears. He embraces his lover, and asks for the sketch. He has it framed.

Iron Bull: Skinner was the one who nabbed it, and the Chargers collectively hang over Bull as they look through the sketchbook. Each one of them had been sketched at least once, and they ooh and ahh over the detail and artwork. Bull grins, clearly enjoying the pictures of his men, but he gently gasps when he sees the drawing of him in the book. After staring for a moment, he chokes and covers his eye. “Are you crying, Chief?” Krem teases. When the Inquisitor shows up, he confesses to having looked through the sketchbook, and asks to have the sketches of him and the Chargers– he even offers coin in return. The Inquisitor refuses any payment and gives him the sketches, which he gets a wallet to put in. If romanced: “Aww, Kadan! You got the horns just right!” On the sketch is a dragon tooth necklace around the Bull’s neck. Bulls thanks the Inquisitor with a kiss (or more) and gets it framed.

Sera: Giggles with glee as she flips through the sketchbook, her opinion of the Inquisitor only rising higher as she found silly sketch after another. It was artful, but not so serious. She’s slightly jealous of the Inquisitor’s art skills, and enjoys looking through all the pictures. She stops for a second when she sees the lovingly drawn picture of her, and gawks. She finally grins and approaches the Inquisitor, hugging them in thanks without explaining why at first. When she finally shows them the sketchbook, the Inquisitor looks through it and finds little doodles around some of their work. “If you wanna erase it, you can. Just thought I’d return the favor.” Sera murmurs. She’s caught off-guard by the Herald hugging her. If romanced: Sera squeals in delight and tackles the Herald when she sees it, kissing them repeatedly. “You’re just so sweet!” she croons. A little while later, the Herald finds a sketch of herself tucked into the book, with a heart drawn around her. And a butt, which has an arrow with a heart tip pointing to it that says “Almost as nice as yours!”

Varric: Got to look through the sketchbook in exchange for letting the Inquisitor read a pre-release of his next book. He had seen the Inquisitor sketch in it many times before, and always wanted to look, and now was his chance. He takes his time, admiring each and every one of the pieces of art, and he’s taken aback when he sees the detailed sketch of him. He grins, thanks the Inquisitor, and asks to keep it. Later on, when his next book comes out, the drawing of him is what he chose as the author’s picture in the back of the back. The book is a bestseller, and he sends a free copy to the Inquisitor, who turns red in the face at seeing their art published everywhere, but they appreciate it.

Cole: Brings up the sketchbook in the way that he does. “Fingers stained colors as they dance over the pages, leaving more than marks, leaving people and experiences and life. Fingers flipping the paper, the pages alive and bright, I saw the one of me. It made me happy.” he says cheerfully. The Herald is a bit embarrassed, as all the others heard and now want to look through the sketchbook, but they let up. Cole is happy, and he voices it. “You like me. You like me enough to draw me, make me real on paper. You also make them happy. You helped.”

Vivienne: Had always been a bit curious about what was in the sketchbook she frequently saw the Inquisitor with. She didn’t know that it would be anything special, but her expectations are exceeded greatly by looking through them. She had no idea the Inquisitor was so artistically gifted; she fully meant to compliment them on the other sketches alone, but she stops short when she sees the drawing of her. Utterly flattered and impressed, she praises the Inquisitor and asks to keep the drawing. It’s later found in an expensive, detailed frame on her table, and she shows it to those who visit her. Later on, she suggests holding an artistic salon or a gallery, numerous times, to the Inquisitor.

Dorian: Is thrilled when he finally gets the chance to look through the sketchbook, and sits with a glass of wine, enjoying it, taking his time. He makes a mental note to give the Inquisitor his compliments– the artwork is outstanding. He stops short when he sees the picture of him, and blinks a few times, not sure if it’s actually there or if he’s drunk. He had, on a few occasions, teased the Inquisitor by looking over their shoulder and asking “Is that me?!” even if it obviously wasn’t. He didn’t think they’d actually ever draw him, and he’s a bit choked up to see it. When he talks to the Inquisitor later, he profusely thanks them and asks for the drawing. If romanced: “Amatus! Oh, it almost looks as good as the real thing!” he says after staring at the picture for a very long time. It takes a long time to sink in that his boyfriend loves him enough to draw such a lovingly-made drawing, and when it does, he’s almost moved to tears.

Solas: He looks through the artwork slowly, taking it in, admiring every detail. He talks with the Inquisitor about where, when, and what utensil was used to make the artwork, but he stops short when he sees the drawing of him. After gawking for a moment, he smiles brightly and thanks the Inquisitor, praising them on their talent. If romanced: he stares for much longer at it, and beams up at his vhenan. He takes the picture and kisses her, and then asks if she’d like to help him with his mural. She helps him from then on as they work together and finish the mural in the rotunda, and it looks lovelier than ever with both artists working. Following Trespasser, he sometimes takes the sketch out of his pocket and stares at it for a long time, blank-faced.

Josephine: Enjoys looking through the artwork, asking for several during her viewing to take and frame for visitors to see. Like Vivienne, she suggests trying to put on a salon or gallery to support the Inquisition, and garner more support. She was wryly asking if the Inquisitor would mind trying to teach her sister sometime when she found the drawing of her. She gasps, covering her mouth in surprise, as she takes in every detail. The ambassador blushes and thanks the Inquisitor, and compliments their artwork repeatedly. She’s still red in the cheeks for a long time after. If romanced: “Oh! Is this…?” It is, and she can’t help but giggle to herself like a schoolgirl as she looks over the art. She beams. “My love, this is… I have no words. Thank you!” She gets it framed and displays it on her desk. She’s exceedingly proud of it, and her lover.

Cullen: Didn’t ever have much of an interest in art, but he admires the work and the talent the Inquisitor put into their artwork. He smiles for once, enjoying looking through it all, but when he sees the sketch of him, he doesn’t know how to respond. He stares, jaw opening and closing a few times, before bashfully thanking the Inquisitor, and mentions how nice it is. If romanced: He smiles, looking at the Inquisitor lovingly. “It is drawn well, and it’s lovely, but not as lovely as you.” he says wryly. The Inquisitor giggles, and they kiss, sketchbook left behind on the desk, though Cullen hasn’t forgotten it. He never will, a fond sight, a fond memory. He likes to look through the book on a regular basis, though he always stops and looks a bit longer at the drawing of him.

Leliana: Admires the artwork, calmly and casually flipping through the pages, as if looking through a magazine. When she reaches the sketch of her, she stops and smiles, admiring all the little details, and the nugs drawn with her. She approaches the Inquisitor and asks to keep it, and any and all drawings with nugs in them. She also applauds their skill, and tells them to keep it up. Whether or not they realize it, some of the drawings provide details of places and things she hadn’t considered before.

My Favorite Beauty and the Beast Things

Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

·         Note: will update this once it comes out on DVD and I can add gifs.

·         To start off, I genuinely think this is the best Disney remake yet, it keeps the heart and best moments of the original while improving the story, developing the characters even more and making it its own with a few new moments.

·         It’s always difficult adapting an originally animated feature into live-action, technicalities and such that are sometimes impossible since you can do literally anything in animation and it’s rarely questioned. In addition, this is a fairy-tale, logic and reality isn’t 100% there. So some random character tendencies are glossed over a bit. They really improved the overall story with filling in a few plot-holes, little details that wouldn’t have made sense in a live-action version. They brought a good measurement of realism while still keeping the beloved enchantment of the original. Adam was given a little more a back story, as well as Belle, and brought alittle bit more weight of the impending curse by taking away everyone’s humanity if all had failed.

·         The opening was very orchestrated and well-narrated in explaining some of the plot holes away, but I still prefer the stain glass, it was so beautiful with David’s gentle voice narrating. Although, it was nice actually seeing it play out. <3

·         Audra McDonald is queen. Right next to Julie Andrews.

·         The enchantress just barging in cause it’s odd that a prince would answer his own door. A+ to Stephen Chbosky & Evan Spiliotopoulos.

·         I loved how even in the beginning of the film, we don’t see Adam’s real face until the end with Belle, with all that rococo make up and such. Just beautiful details.

·         The script was very well written, with its foreshadowing and subtleties especially.

·         I didn’t know about anyone besides a few cast members (Emma, Josh and Luke) so it was ever a surprise when I saw Stanley and Audra at the beginning and Ewan and Ian at the end. :)

·         “….athletically inclined.”

·         I understand the criticism with Emma’s voice being “auto tuned.” I personally wouldn’t say auto tuned, maybe a little too unnaturally polished but I would give her some slack. She’s not a professional singer, it’s just softer in comparison to Paige O'Hara’s Broadway experience. I do think it was better than having another singer on top of her acting, although debatable as that is, I think that would’ve been less well-received than what she gave us.

         "Busy?“ ”…No.“

·         "It is love we must hold onto / Never easy, but we try.”

·         I like the addition that Belle is an inventor, it really adds a good sweetness and endearment to her and Maurice’s relationship and it doesn’t overshadow her character as a whole. She still mostly loves books.

·         The placement of belle and her father’s house was a little odd though, just in the middle of the square like that, I’m sure Gaston wasn’t the only one to step on her cabbages, accidentally of course.

·         “…his little wife. UGH!”

·         I loved the small addition of Maurice getting Belle a rose, that’s a nice nod to the original version of the tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont and it does come back around more logically when Belle takes Maurice’s place in the dungeon.

·         Even the wolves felt more like their own characters, I really love the theory that they are the castle guards.

·         Oh my gosh, the castle was so ridiculously rococo, I couldn’t stand it! <3

·         “Forget you? Everything I am is because of you.”

·         Emma’s Belle was very well-done. In her acting, she brought a bold confidence to Belle. She’s a lot more assertive in her actions and of course, headstrong, in addition to Belle’s kindness and bravery that we all know and love.

·         I was very surprised how Belle replacing her father in the dungeon scene was written, it was very different but I won’t say better and I’ll explain why. I liked how different they were, again partially separating itself from the original but still paying tribute to it.
LA: Belle is more physical in her sacrifice, pushing Maurice out of the cell whereas A: Belle was more decisive and made a deal and gave her word that she wouldn’t leave. That took a lot of courage and I’m not preferring one over the other because that’s impossible, just acknowledging how different the two are even while they’re the same character. I guess, I relate more to A: Belle’s decision making where LA: Belle’s quick-witted actions I look up to. Because of how that scene was orchestrated, it also bleeds into the differences of LA: Belle beating Lumiere with a stool and devising a plan to escape as soon as she got to her room and A: Belle making a deal and being given a tour by the beast on the way to her room as sad as she is. I feel like the original made more sense in that regard, but that’s just me.

·         Love how Belle asks him to come into the light and he doesn’t so she brings the light to him.

·         “Forever can spare a minute.”

·         I loved that the feather duster was also an enchanted flying bird, that was a beautiful and elegantly magical surprise.

·         The effects of the magic mirror were a little too small which made it look weird to me.

·         I felt that Be Our Guest was a little too focused on Lumiere and explosive with him flipping and dabbing everywhere (yeah, I caught that), just not as colorful as the original, but I do understand with how much detail they put into the set and costume design that an exact replica might’ve been too expensive to animate, which fits since it’s not meant to be a carbon copy of the original anyway.
·         As much as I would’ve loved to see Human Again in the live action version, Days in the Sun was incredible. Plus that would be a lot of enchanted objects to render.

·         “Days in the sun / Where my life had barely begun / Will I have leave you?”

         "How in the midst of all this sorrow / Can so much hope and love endure.“

·         "I can feel a change in me. I’m stronger now, but still not free.”

·         All the little subtleties really made this remake shine.

·         I was a little disappointed that the “Gaston trio” all looked the same and didn’t have their different colored dresses but never mind… ;) and the girls do have their own individual patterns in you look close enough.

·         I was surprised that Gaston actually went with Maurice to see about the beast, he did start off as an okay guy…but then he ties him up…

·         “You need to help me. You need to stand.”

·         “…Okay, I’m older.”

·         The addition of the enchanted book was interesting, but aside from helping with belle’s back-story more, felt a little unnecessary or just one too many magical items given by the enchantress. (She really wanted to torture the beast, didn’t she?) But I do like that it was a nod to the Enchanted Christmas sequel where Belle gives Beast a book. :3 I still love the song Stories so much and the animation!!!

·         “These were the borders of my life / In this crumbling, dusty attic / Where an artist loved his wife / Easy to remember, harder to move on / Knowing the Paris of my childhood is gone.”

·         “Let’s go home.” …and then he just melts. :3

·         I never thought the addition of the back-story for Belle’s mother and how Beast acts (his mother as well) would affect the tale so beautifully. It never crossed my mind how much of a deeper connection that would establish for the two of them until that scene with the book came on screen. Just beautiful writing, I can’t say anymore without crying. (Trust me, I’ve cried enough over the perfection of this movie already.)

·         One of my favorite scenes: The Beast and Belle eating dinner and reading their books together at the table like they’re already married. Just…happy sigh. :3

·         Chip is adorable, I liked that they gave him an older voice.

·         Josh Gad was brilliant as always.

·         Luke Evan’s Gaston was well executed and just not in looks. (Points to Lucy Bevan for casting!) I liked that they gave him alittle more depth as well, with being in the war and a little more cruel than in the original, again bringing more realism and makes him more grounded as a true villain..or just a monster as Belle said.

·         They even made Lefou a more prominent character than just the villain’s sidekick I love it so much! He had such a redemption arc and realized HE can do better than Gaston. ;-) 

·         “There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question / But I fear the wrong monster’s released.” I like this too much. Chills.

·         “We don’t like what we don’t understand / In fact, it scares us / And this monster is mysterious at least.” Wow.

·         Belle and Adam’s relationship was well fleshed out more. They have such adorable banter! It was brilliance. I loved how they related to each other through books. It creates a better basis for their relationship. Even though I also love how belle taught beast how to read, they’re just two different types of relationships. Good relationships, but different. 

·         He just gives Belle an entire library because he doesn’t like her taste in books! Like oh my gosh, Adam… you beast…..wait.

·         As much as I loved the library scene in the LA version, I can’t get over how sweet the original is, just look at how happy the beast is because she’s happy! :3

·         The emphasis on the Beast’s very expense education and him being widely read does well in this version making him relate easier to belle and makes more sense in general I guess but I would argue for the sake of the original, which does have the 10 years stamp on it, that the Beast even said himself in Human Again that it’s been so long since he’s last read anything. If the last time he did read was when he was still human at 10-11 with how much of a despair and depression he fell into after being cursed, I would say it’s understandable and it helps him and Belle form a connection with her patiently teaching him. How to read and fall in love.

·         “I never thanked you for saving my life.” I love this line cause of how much it can have a double meaning.

·         “I saw her in the ballroom and said we should have a dance tonight, I’d never imagined she’d say yes!” HAHA! AWWW!!! :333333

·         I see nothing wrong with the dress, it was beautiful. It flowed very nicely and I loved in the scene, the animation of the golden flecks being added to the hem. That ear cuff was dope too.

·         As much as I love you Emma Thompson, I’m sorry but you don’t hold a candle to Angela Lansbury. But you still did very nicely. :)

·         “Can anyone be happy if they aren’t free?”

·         One thing that bothered me a bit was how it seemed they made Belle feel so bad whenever she tried to leave the castle, even towards the end with her father. Like, really? That never felt like an issue in the original.

·         All of Evermore. Thank you Alan Menken, and Dan Stevens.

·         “Waiting here, fore evermore…” and the long zoom out with the last shot being Belle riding away still in her dress and then sudden black and the ORCESTRA! :D So perfect.

·         “I set her free. I’m sorry I couldn’t do the same for all of you.”


·         I prefer Gaston using a knife instead of a gun when fighting Beast, the stab was more imitate. Also, three gun shots, geez!

·         The ending was a little off to me. I kept waiting for Belle is say I love you and then the last petal fell and everyone froze but the enchantress just waltz in and is like “I’ll just fix everything now.” Like, what?! I thought they were going to pull an evil frozon-hans card and just leave it there but whatever. I don’t know…maybe I’m ruminate over it a little more but that’s just how I feel about it at the moment.

·         [From: You know what I LOVE about the transformation scene? Adam waits for Belle to come to him. He just stays where he stands, he stays still because he doesn’t want to scare her. She is the one who takes the first step because he still gives her a chance to go away. That’s how much he respects and loves her. But you can see everything in his eyes - how much he wants to finally touch her gently with his real human hands, finally, and not to be worried about hurting Belle. His eyes have some true excitement in them and love and I’m crying I love Adam and Belle.“]

I love this as well, it’s a wonderful parallel to the dance scene when Belle offers her hands to him and lets him come to her.

·         I think Emma did wonderfully originating her role as Belle. Paige O'Hara and Susan Egan gave their blessings so if you didn’t like her, go enjoy the original animated feature.

·         Ewan, you stole my heart at Moulin Rouge! So you were golden..or is he brass?

·         "How would you feel about growing a beard?”

·         Oh my, that growl…I can just imagine how many dirty fanfiction is written based on that moment.

·         The addition of the new songs were wonderful. :)

·         The costume and set design was just magnificent and so beautifully detailed, I have no other words.

·         Also I’d like to point out how wonderful it is there are two interracial couples in this movie with at least three more movies featuring them coming out this year. Yay.

·         Why is no one talking about Belle’s wedding dress at the end though?! It’s so beautifully and simply white with all the freakin’ roses on it!!?!!?!!?!

·         As for a note on the gay moment at the end, I am so happy that all I saw previewed for this before seeing it in theaters was the teaser trailer cause they blew it way out of proportion. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that LeFou is gay right from the beginning, the Stanley moment was cute and funny and then the literal 3-second moment that brought them together was cute. That’s all I have to say.

·         Personally, some of the minor continuity errors that people analyzed from the original, I didn’t give a whole lot of attention to because it’s simply a fairy tale. (how belle lifted the beast onto her house after being attacked, why the villagers didn’t know they have a cursed prince, the Eiffel Tower, etc.) That’s almost like saying, “oh, why is Tarzan riding a high wheeler in the jungle? That’s so impractical!” It’s just a form of imagery for the scene but I digress and in spite of that, the corrections really improved the characters and helped form a complete story.

·         I love how they brought Celine Dion back to sing an end credits song, it’s so nice. :)

·         Even the end credits are stunning!

I just really hope they reconsider not keeping the songs in the Mulan remake. Even if, as Chris Weitz said [], it is easier to do animated musical Disney movies, the new Beauty and the Beast proved that you can do it and do it well. Which is more than I can say for the Cinderella remake they did in 2015. The casting was spot on but if you take away what made the original the classic that it is, it won’t be received kindly.

Proof of a right wing conspiracy. Gennifer Flowers.

This is going to be the first of a series of text posts that will offer information on several Clinton scandals. All of the quotes and information cited are coming from the sole source of the book: The Hunting of the President. The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton by Joe Conason & Gene Lyons. I’m doing these text posts because this book offers a lot of insight on the scandals that I did not know at first and a lot of facts that are not put out there for people to know. This may be lengthy but it’s worth the read. That being said this first post is going to be on the Gennifer Flowers scandal.

Larry Nichols
In order to Understand the Gennifer Flowers scandal it is important to introduce  the man who was at the heart of this scandal and helped construct it. That man is Larry Nichols. Nichols had a grudge against Bill Clinton. This is due to the fact that in 1988, Nichols (who was from Conway Arkansas) had landed a new job as a marketing consultant for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA), the state’s centralized public bonding agency. Now this is important, the ADFA was created by Clinton Legislation over the strong opposition of Stephens Inc (this will come into play for another scandal.)
Nichols’s brief career at ADFA was ill-fated from the start. Several things happened:
1. When Betsey Wright, heard that Nichols had been hired by the agency’s director, and that he had invoked her name to get the job, she was furious. She had instructed personnel directors at other agencies who had asked about Nichols over the years that he was a dangerous con artist and political opportunist.
2. Nichols was preoccupied with issues more global than the marketing of Arkansas bonds. He started telling other ADFA employees that he was a CIA operative working on behalf of Nicaraguan contras. The CIA part was false but the claim wasn’t altogether false because he had gotten involved with the Collation of Peace Through Strength, an organization headed by the retired general John Singlaub-one of marine lieutenant’s colonel Oliver North’s secret money conduits in the Iran-Contra affair. What ended up happening was that “for five months, Nichols devoted himself to the contra cause while drawing a state salary, until the Associated Press discovered he had taken his politics to work. In September 1988 the AP reported that since coming to ADFA, Nichols had placed 642 long-distance telephone calls, at state expense, to Contra leaders and politicians who supported them. “
3. Due to all this, Bill had to fire Nichols.  “Although Clinton was traveling abroad on a trade mission when the phone-call story broke, Betsey Wright made sure he learned about it immediately: “I woke him up in Asia in the middle of the night and told him to fire Nichols.” The next day state officials forced Nichols to resign. This part is important: he left protesting his innocence and complaining about the “knee-jerk liberal reaction from Governor Clinton.”

Gennifer Flowers
So what does Nichols have to do with the Flowers scandal? It seems as though everything. He had the motive and revenge seeking after being fired and humiliated.
Fast facts:
1. Larry Nichols called a press conference at the Arkansas state capitol on October 1990. He handed out copies go a $3million libel lawsuit against Bill Clinton. He complained that he had been wrongly fired from his state job as a “scapegoat” in order to conceal the “the largest scandal ever perpetrated on the taxpayers of Arkansas.” Nichols accused Governor Clinton of having misused ADFA funds for “improper purposes.” Nichols also presented a list of 5 alleged Clinton mistresses upon whom those funds had supposedly been spent.
2. Among the women listed was Gennifer Flowers. This is important as well: Flowers turned out to be the only one of the five women who Nichols knew personally. The two had recorded advertising jingles together and still used the same booking agent. And there was one more interesting coincidence: In early October, about two weeks before Nichols’s press conference, Gennifer Flowers had called the governor’s office seeking help in finding a state job.

Now a bit more of a profile on Gennifer Flowers herself:
Musicians and club owners who had worked with Flowrs described her as manipulative and dishonest. Her resume falsely proclaimed her to be graduate of a fashionable Dallas Prep school she’d never attended. It also listed a University of Arkansas nursing degree she’d never earned and membership in a sorority that had never heard of her. Her agent told the Democrat-Gazette that contrary to her claims, Flowers had never opened for comedian Rich Little. A brief gig on the Hee Haw television program had come to a bad end, the agent would later confirm, when Flowers simply vanished for a couple of weeks with a man she’s met in a Las Vegas casino-and then concocted a tale of having been kidnapped. She had never been Miss Teenage America. Even her “twin sister Genevieve” turned out to be purely a figment of Flower’s imagination.

Given all this so far it is easy to conclude that the Gennifer Flowers scandal was one incited by revenge for Nichols and fame for Flowers.
But what about the tapes you may ask? There are holes in that “evidence” as well.

The Tapes:
It is important to note that each of the four taped conversations between Bill Clinton and Flowers revolved around the same topics: Larry Nichol’s accusation’s and Flower’s supposed fear and loathing of the tabloid press.

Now here are some quotes between Bill and Flowers that poke more holes in her claims of having a twelve year affair:

“Gennifer,” he said, “It’s Bill Clinton.” His voice was muffled and for a longtime lover, oddly formal. Flowers remarked that he didn’t sound like himself. Did he have a cold?
“Oh it’s just my….every year about this time I.. My sinuses go bananas.”
Bill’s allergies affect him every spring and fall. His voice gets hoarse and his nose swells and reddens. Anyone intimate with him for more than a decade, as Flowers insisted she had been, might be expected to know that.

Once again she launched into a tale of woe. Parties unknown, she said, had broken into her apartment and rifled the place. “There wasn’t any sign of a break-in,” she explained,” but the drawers and things. There wasn’t anything missing that I can tell, but somebody had…”
“Somebody had gone through your stuff?’ Bill asked. “But they didn’t steal anything. “
“No..I had jewelry here, and everything was still here.”
This is possibly why Flowers never reported the any break-in to the Little Rock Police Department. Years later, she would pin the rap for this alleged burglary on Bill Clinton himself.
It is also important to note that at no point on any of Flower’s tapes did Bill Clinton say anything that indicated a long-term sexual relationship with her. During one of their earlier talks, Clinton had told her about his joking response to Bill Simmons, a Little Rock AP reporter who had read him the bimbo list over the phone.” I said, ‘God Bill, I kinda hate to deny it. They’re all beautiful women.’  I told you a couple of years ago when I came to see you that I’d retired. Now I’m glad I have, because they (his Republican enemies) have scoured the waterfront. And they couldn’t find anything.”
This quote you just read is the full quote. Often times on Youtube channels, they will cut the audio at the end of the ‘they’re all beautiful women part.’

Most probable relationship of Bill and Flowers affair:
1. The account that probably came closest to the truth was a column by the Democrat-Gazette’s John Brummet, a respected political analyst and frequent Clinton critic. His sources said Flowers had mentioned to friends fifteen years earlier that she was “having a fling with Clinton,” but “they say they heard nothing from her after 1979 about a relationship with Clinton and were surprised and skeptical upon reading her assertion in Star magazine of a twelve year affair that only ended in 1989.
   “They are also dubious about her assertion that she was in love with Clinton all those years, dreaming of marriage. They say that she had other relationships in Dallas and Little Rock during that time.. They speculate that she doesn’t like men generally and probably enjoys using them. Their instinctive reaction to the Star article is that her vivid, detailed account probably contains truth, exaggeration and fabrication, not necessarily in equal parts.”

2. Her ex-room mate Lauren Kirk told CNN corespondent Art Harris, that she believed Flowers had lied for revenge and money. “She just can’t accept the fact that he (Clinton) came, wiped himself off, zipped up and left.”

Concluding: If Bill and Flowers did have an affair it was the typical affair of a few sexual encounters but not a twelve year or loving relationship.

On the morning of the Clinton’s 60 minutes appearance, a very curious item appeared on the front page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Larry Nichols announced that he was dropping the liberal suit trumpeted in the Star only a week earlier.
“The feud is over,” he said. “I want to tell everybody what I did to try to destroy Governor Clinton.” In a one-page statement distributed to the Little Rock press, Nichols claimed that his only motive had been to avenge his wrongful firing four years earlier.
“The media has made a circus out of this thing and now it’s gone way too far,” he wrote. “When the Star article first came out, several women called asking if I was willing to pay them to say they had an affair with Bill Clinton.”

Honorable mentions:
1.Gennifer Flowers once boasted about the many married men she’d seduce for fun and profit: “I usually throw them back. I don’t want to keep then. Let the wives have them back.”
2. The agreement between Flowers and the Star stipulated that no one would ever be allowed to examine her original tapes.
3. Flowers never produced a single photograph, valentine, or birthday card as evidence of her twelve-year affair with Clinton; no witness ever came forward who had seen them together.
4. Flowers had claimed that between 1978 and 1980, she and Bill had enjoyed many trysts in Little Rock’s Excelsior Hotel. The Excelsior Hotel wasn’t built until 1983.

If you read this all the way through thank you and I hoped it shed more light on the Flowers scandal as it did for me. This and my future posts for this text post series will be found under the hashtag:proofofarightwingconspiracy.

A World Without You (English) Ch. 9

Summary: One day, you woke up in a world without Bangtan Sonyeondan.
Note: Sorry it’s late! I fell asleep last night…

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“Soloist?! Actor?! W-What is this?” Taehyung was this close to shrieking if Yoongi didn’t shush him.

Yoongi squinted at the first article that stated about Jungkook’s sold out concert. “Tae, try seeing the title. Jungkook uses 鴎 (Ou) as his stage name, hanja for seagull. He’s in JYP and Jin-hyung’s in SM.”

Taehyung stared at his phone. “Hyung did say he was once casted by SM and Jungkook said that JYP was one of the 8 companies that recruited him before he chose BigHit.”

The elder glanced at Taehyung, “So somehow Jin-hyung and Jungkook followed their second choice after BigHit and we didn’t? Tae, what was your second choice?”

“Ah… I want to be a farmer with my grandmother…”

“And now?”

“My parents told me I’m unemployed, and I’m not working at all.” Taehyung answered with a frown.

“I thought Namjoon was already an underground rapper before BigHit, and I already produced music and also became an underground rapper even though the income was a little to none at all… Weren’t Jimin and Hobi dancers even before BTS? And Hobi was also a trainee in YG? Why only Jin-hyung and Jungkook?”

Before Taehyung could answer, their phones vibrated.

Wait a minute! SM and JYP? Jin-hyung and Jungkook? Are they really OUR Jin-hyung and Jungkook?

Sold out for the second time in Gocheok Sky Dome? Yeah, that must be our Jungkook. He’s not called the Golden Maknae for nothing.’ Hoseok replied.

Jimin, where did you get that article?’ Yoongi asked.

After a few seconds, Jimin replied, ’After Taehyung called me, I tried looking up BTS and our names in Naver. I couldn’t find anything about us aside from an article about genius students which Namjoon-hyung was featured in and those articles about Jin-hyung and Jungkook. But hyung, there’s something weird about the news…

What news?

Breaking news about both of them are almost the same. It stated that they have problems with their agencies and they want to quit. There are also some that say that they have mental breakdown and disorders.


“This is even more serious than what we would’ve thought.” Yoongi muttered.

We have to meet up.’ Namjoon said suddenly. ’We have to meet up to talk about all this and try reaching Jin-hyung and Jungkook.

Great idea, hyung. But with our jobless situation, money is a bit of a problem.

Where can we meet though?

Whose house is able to house 4 more guys?

As they started discussing, Hoseok asked, ’Yah, why isn’t Namjoon responding?’


Namjoon who was going to reply was interrupted by a video call from an unknown number. He wanted to reject the call to continue discussing with his friends, but his gut told him to pick it up.

Once he chose to answer, two incredibly familiar faces appeared on his screen.



His eyes widened when he realized that the ones who called him were no other than Kim Seokjin and Jeon Jungkook.

“Jin-hyung?! Jungkook?!”

He could see how relieved they were when Namjoon called their names.

“Thank goodness you remember! Hyung, where are you?! Why can’t we found any of you guys?!”

“We don’t know! This morning, Hobi, Yoongi-hyung, Jimin, Tae, and I all woke up in our houses and everyone said that we’re jobless, and no one knows about BTS!” he replied. “How about you guys? We read that you become singer and actor from JYP and SM!”

Jin sighed heavily, “I don’t really understand. This morning someone who confessed to be my manager woke me up for press conference for the news about my mental disorder or something. But the conference was cancelled because he said I was really having problems when I insisted about Bangtan. When I checked my phone, the only number I have on my phone from our members is only Jungkook’s.”

Jungkook nodded, “I’m almost the same as hyung, but apparently my manager is Sejin-hyung, thankfully. Sejin-hyung said that someone named Yoongi called him and stated something about Suga and BTS, and that moment I thought that maybe all members remember, unlike other people. And it seems that Jin-hyung and I are supposed to be close friends.”

“How about the others?” Jin asked.

“Oh, right! We’re in a group chat. Your numbers are new so we didn’t know how to reach you. Wait, I’ll save this number-”

“This is mine.” Jungkook interrupted.

“Yeah, yeah. What’s your Katalk IDs?”

They told him their IDs and ended the call so Namjoon could add them.

*namjoon invited jungkookie*

*namjoon invited handsomejin*

Eh? Are those Jungkook and Jin-hyung?’Jimin pondered.

It’s us! Namjoon-hyung told us about you guys.’ Jungkook answered.

Namjoon explained about them calling him, and then they continued discussing about meeting up.

Not a problem. Our apartments in Seoul are really big, like why would we need this anyway? Let Jin-hyung and I take care of the tickets to save time. We have to meet ASAP, hyungdeul.

Yoongi went back to Buk District after promising Taehyung to go together with him later. It didn’t take long for him to gain his mother’s approval since she said she knew Yoongi found something important, and his mother let him go as long he called her. “Let me handle your appa, go.” She had told him.

Taehyung needed some time to convinced his parents, but with Yoongi’s help and a call from Jin, he was set to go. They mostly let him go because Jin, their favorite actor from their favorite drama, told them that he was Taehyung’s good friend and he wanted to meet up.

Hoseok also didn’t take too long. He only told his parents that he needed some vacation with his friends to take his ‘stress because he’s jobless’ and maybe find job opportunities in Seoul.

Jimin was helped by Jungkook’s call. Jungkook told his parents that they were friends in high school and he wanted to do collaboration with Jimin in his new MV. Hearing that, Jimin’s parents let him go happily.

Namjoon was the easiest. He only said that he was going to have a sleepover, seeing that he was already in Seoul.

A few hours later, all seven members of BTS were already together again in one of the most expensive apartments in Seoul. All seven looked a bit more relieved to be surrounded by their brothers again.

“Firstly, explain how you both got into other agencies.” Yoongi said to the oldest and youngest.

Jin started talking, “This morning when I told my manager about Bangtan, he relayed the story of me being an actor because he thought it would remind me. He said my debut, or the first airing of my first drama, was right on our debut day, June 13th 2013-”

“Me too!” Jungkook interrupted suddenly.

“Yah! What did I say about interrupting me?!”

“Aah, sorry, hyung.” Jungkook grinned.

“Back to my story! I first acted as a supporting character in a drama titled Seven Princes, in which I was one of the Princes which suited me because of my handsomeness.”

They rolled their eyes when Jin, once again, showed off his overwhelming confidence in his looks.

“The drama was a big success, my acting was complimented a lot, and I got many offers for dramas and movies. Until now I’ve starred in… Uh, I think he said more than 20 dramas and 17 international movies? I also got many rewards, I think. Oh, but lately he said I’ve been having trouble sleeping, hallucinating, and kept saying I want to quit SM.”

“Wow, 20 dramas and 17 international movies?” Jimin marveled. “Hyung, that’s amazing!”

“How about you, Jungkookie?”

“Like I said, I debuted on our debut day as well. Strangely, I debuted with Begin, my solo in WINGS. My stage name is hanja for Ou, meaning seagull like my second choice. Sejin-hyung said I’m called Golden Idol because I can do everything and he told me about my success with selling more than a million copy per album and my songs that reached Billboard and iTunes charts. He also said that I’ve been having troubles like Jin-hyung and I said I wanted to quite JYP. Oh, and apparently my best friend is Yugyeom because we were both born in the same year and we’re in the same agency.”

“A million copy, Billboard, and iTunes?!” Hoseok exclaimed. “Yah, I know you’re Golden, but that’s seriously amazing!”

“Wait, GOT7 still exist?”

Jungkook nodded. “I looked up about it in Naver, and so far I only can’t find BTS.”

“So now what should we do?” Taehyung breathed.

Namjoon glanced at all the members. “One thing for sure, we have to stick together. We’ll find out what’s happening together. The first thing we can do is finding out what happened to BigHit by finding Bang Sihyuk PD-nim.”


A/N: Day Six was always intended to be a bit of an opus, and I was sort of grappling with how to present it. So in an attempt not to make it 20,000 words and a bit all over the place, I’m going with a beginning, middle, end break-down (which also allows for quicker updates, huzzah hurrah!). (I’m also just arbitrarily increasing total part numbers as this goes on. Don’t mind me…) Onward, the beginning. =)

Link to: PART 1 + PART 2 + PART 3 + PART 4

+ + +

DAY SIX (Beginning)

James wakes up the morning of Day Six disoriented, hungover, and with a general sense of delayed reality.

It takes a moment to piece it all together. Ugh. Ah. Several moments. What…he thinks at nearly the same time as Please do not vomit in your mouth. There’s a noise, a call. (A voice?) He will open his eyes in a second, he’s sure. As soon as his head quits spinning.

Spinning and spinning, from the sleep, the drink (he needs to quit drinking)… but mostly from all the questions, questions, questions.

They are a plague. A menace.

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Concerning the end of The Beatles Fan Club, and all its individual chapters, in 1972:

“[At the Apple headquarters in 1972] Neil Aspinall [was there] and George and Richie were there, and that was all. I remember we were around a table; I told them that I was pregnant, and they said, ‘Well, do you think you’d be going back to work?’ And I said, ‘I won’t be going back to work, I’ll have two children then.’ And then George finally spoke up; he said, 'Freda, you were there in the beginning, you’re there at the end. Let’s call it a day, let’s end the Fan Club.’” - Freda Kelly, Good Ol’ Freda [x]

The following excerpts are typed up from Pat Kinzer Mancuso’s (who ran the George Harrison Fan Club) book; it’s a bit lengthy, so please read on under a "read more” cut if you’d like:

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get to know mcr

There are a lot of new fans, and I think that’s great! So I made a kind of intro to mcr for new fans and old. Tell me what you think and if i should do more. =)

aight lets get to know mcr
-They started in 2001 after Gerard was devastated by 9/11 and was inspired to make music
- The first song written was “Skylines and Turnstiles” (about 9/11)
-The original members were Gerard Way~who started the band~(vocals)

-Mikey Way~who dropped out of college and joined after hearing the demos~(bass)

-Matt Pelissier(drums)

-and Ray Toro~who joined only because Gerard found he could not sing and play guitar at the same time~(lead guitar)

-Frank Iero, pronounced eye-ear-o, (rhythm guitar) joined later in 2002 after his own band, Pencey Prep (lol Catcher in the Rye), broke up

  bullets era                          

Their first album was called I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, but due to Frank’s late joining, he only played on two tracks (“Early Sunsets Over Monroeville” and “Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us”)

My fav tracks off this album: Demolition Lovers, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, and Honey This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us
Considering they wrote all these songs and got them recorded within 3 months, I think these songs are incredible. They are definitely less mature and sophisticated than their later shit, but while the lyrics aren’t as good as future albums, the melodies are fabulous. You can really hear the emotion in Gerard’s voice, which is not found as much in later albums. My fav lyric off this album:
“But does anyone notice?
But does anyone care?
And if I had the guts to put this to your head…
But would anything matter if you’re already dead?”
-from Early Sunsets over Monroeville

Due to the closing of the record company they were with when they recorded this album, no new copies are made. Not many were even originally made, so hard copies are rare and usually really expensive.
Theme of I Brought You My Bullets…: There is a storyline, but I don’t think you really care(If you do I will fill you in). The general concept is a Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque couple who eventually both die. It is also focused on supernatural themes, such as vampires.Gerard himself describes Early Sunsets Over Monroeville as “a sweet song about Dawn of the Dead”, with the lyrics using references from the film. Basically all their photoshoots at this time involved blood. This album, and the next, started the “emo” stereotype, with the fascination with gore and darkness, as while as feeling of isolation etc. Even though most of the fans of MCR call themselves emo, Gerard has said he hates that term so out of respect for the band, don’t call MCR emo.
Fun Fact:The cd says “Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws and will result in Gerard coming to your house and sucking your blood.”

Revenge  Era


Three Cheers for Sweets Revenge came out in 2004. It is a concept album, as are all of MCR’s albums. There are a billion different theories on what the actual story is but this is what i think. I’m probably going to fuck it up, but the basic storyline goes like this: two lovers (the ones from demolition lovers from the first album) are gunned down in a fight. He goes to hell and she goes to heaven. He makes a deal with the Devil that if he brings him the souls of a thousand evil men, his life will be restored and he’ll be reunited with his love — otherwise, he gets dragged to hell. Not all of the songs have to do with the story. To make it easier, I’ve starred the ones that have to do with the story.


dedicated to Gerard and Mikey’s grandma who passed away. Death separates them, and he is resentful. He claims her death has negatively affected everyone around him, like “the match [she] strikes to incinerate the lives of everyone [she] knew”.  She’s broken everyone’s hearts by leaving. He even blames her as the reason he cuts himself. In the chorus, however, he realizes that he can be pissed off all he like, but that won’t bring her back. He also says it’s better “if he stays”, so he doesn’t kill himself.  He contemplates if he will ever see his grandma again in the bridge. “so long and goodnight” is his goodbye to his beloved.                             

****To the End

To me, this is where the concept album bit starts. He basically begins killing people for the Devil, intermittently mourning over his lover, who is in heaven while he killing to be with her. There is also some gay bits, cuz gerard loves his men. He sings about kissing men, dressing in drag, and resenting people making fun of him.

******You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison

He gets caught in a shoot out in a restaurant and gets sent to prison. While in prison, he gets raped and becomes the other mens’ bitch. “They make me do push ups in drag” etc. However, he doesn’t understand because even though they are both men “as god has made us”, he likes it. He turns this prison rape into consensual sex. He does whatever they ask of him. He doesn’t remember each person he fucks cuz whats the point of remembering if it means nothing. He “can’t complain” about the sex, yet he “can’t explain” why he likes it either. He also worries if he will get the death penalty, and misses his mom. The ending is amazing cuz its basically him climaxing, hence the repeated “nows”, and the “yeah!” at the very end.

I’m not OK (I Promise)

The story of this song goes that there is this girl with petty problems (such as her boyfriend sharing her naked photos) asking for help from her friend, the narrator. The narrator is suffering from very real problems but puts them aside to help the girl out, who doesn’t really listen to him.
The running theme throughout the song is that she really does not understand the real problems of life. She loves all these songs with deep meanings, claims that they speak to her and that she can relate but really she doesn’t know what any of it means.
The narrator finally tries to get it through to her so she can understand that her problems are just silly and almost brought onto herself. He tries to get her to understand that everybody has these small problems but they don’t fuss over it how she has.

******The Ghost Of You

A song of mourning for his lover. He recalls her dying in his arms. She died before ever telling him she loved him. He doesn’t think he will ever kill 1000 people, and should just give up. He contemplates suicide. Its a song of desperation and sadness, loving this girl and wanting to be with her, and yet not being able to bring himself to kill all those people.

This Jetset Life is Going to Kill You

It’s about drugs, and how amazing they make him feel, but are deadly. He sees a women die from an overdose and knows he has to change. He convinces everyone he doesn’t have a problem, but deep down he knows his cocaine addiction is killing him. (side note: Gerard was very much so addicted to cocaine at the time, as well as other drugs. He almost died multiple times.)

Thank You for the Venom

Thank You For The Venom appears in the album sleeve of My Chemical Romance’s previous record, Bullets. Gerard Way stated that the song is a comment on music at the time as well, “a lot of fear mixed in with self-loathing”. It is a message to critics that the band is not making music just to be famous, but they want their fans to be part of it too. It’s the 2004 version of “I love my haters”.

*****Hang ‘Em High

A Bonnie-and-Clyde like couple that murders together. He claims he would die for this girl (which is interesting cuz his lover of whom he is killing all these people for is still dead but maybe I’m reading too much into the story). It is based off an old Western film, with mentions of riding off into the sunset and pine box coffins (all very stereotypical of western films). Everyone is after him, and they are on the run together.

It’s Not a Fashion Statement, it’s a Fucking Death Wish

Revenge and Suicide!!! This song isn’t very consistent as far as a coherent story goes, but is more of an angry and desperate rambling. He is resentful of those who have wronged him, and wants to get revenge. His life has been progressively getting harder to live. He feels he has “been holding on forever”, and know he wants to let go. As if this song is his suicide note, he asks the listener to promise to kill his enemies once he is gone. He then goes on to say he will come back from the dead and take all those fuckers with him. He is losing himself through prayer and self-harm. He fantasizes about killing himself and making a mess of it so that “the walls are pitchfork red”. He apologizes to those he loves, promising they will see each other again eventually. He reasons that “if living was he hardest part”, death will be easy. He concludes that he has “lost his fear of falling”, and is no longer afraid of death and the action of killing himself.

Cemetery Drive

The lyrics to this song describe a married woman who has been having an affair with another man but can no longer stand the pain she is causing.
This affects her own feelings as well as the feelings to her lover and her husband.
She decides that she can take no more and starts drinking to try and dull the pain she is feeling but this make her feel worse and she ends up killing herself.
She slits her wrists and she is found on the bathroom floor by her lover who is absolutely devastated.
He knew the pressure was far to much for her to take and wonders how it could have come to this after that first kiss.They have been lying all of the time but he won’t stop loving her or lying for her if that is what she wants. He misses her more than she will ever know but he knows, deep down, that their secret will now have to come out and he will have to face the consequences.

******I Never Told You What I Do for a Living

This is the last track on Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. It is one of the only track to truly go with the concept of the album, finishing the story of the Demolition Lovers after the Husband completes his deal, killing 1,000 evil souls to see his Wife who is still “alive”, with the Devil. He feels so guilty for killing all those people, and feels like he can never be clean again. He is stained with blood. But he did it all “so maybe I’d live this everyday”. (this referring to living with his lover.) He realized he has been tricked by the Devil, though, and he is the 1000th soul to go to hell. His wretched cries of “I tried” ring out as he descends to hell. It was all for nothing, and he will never be with his lover again. He ends with “and we’re all dead now”.
Sweet Surprises

Lonely. Adjective. 1. affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome. 2. destitute of sympathetic or friendly companionship, intercourse, support. 3. lone; solitary; without company; companionless 4. remote from places of human habitation; desolate; unfrequented; bleak.

You. But also, seemingly, Niall.

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To Make Your Heart Race- 33/36

Rating: M

MC - Also on AO3 & , Tumblr Chaps:  1 ,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10,  11,  12,  13,  14,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20,   21,  22,  23,  24,  25,  26,  27,  28,   29,  30,  3132

Captain Swan AU

Summary: Killian “Hook” Jones is NASCAR’s bad boy, who is forced to do some community service to clean up his act. Emma Swan is the counselor at the local Children’s shelter who is done with men and relationships after her latest in a long stream of nightmares.

Thanks to @spartanguard​ for betaing this chapter. With out her, this would just be a pile of well…you get it. ;)


Chapter 33


When Emma and Killian went back to work at the charity, it was buzzing with activity. Everyone was packing up their stuff when Belle found them. “Emma,” she said, handing her a sheet of labels, “Here are the stickers for your boxes that will be moved. The movers will use them to put the boxes in your new office.”

Emma smiled. “Perfect. Thank you Belle. Do we know how the furniture delivery is going?”

“Merida is over at the new location and she is directing where everything is to be set up. But…” Belle smiled at both of them. “I’m sure she would love some help.”

Killian nodded. “We’ll head over as soon as we get the boxes taken care of.” He turned to Emma. “Shall we get to it, love?”

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warning: scientific experimentation involving many sciency words such as "pipette" and "polymerase chain reaction"

lizardlicks said to asktheimprobableinvestigators: Okay so what are your thoughts on this whole “they finally solved the Jack the Ripper case!” stuff? I mean how close can we actually get when all there is to match DNA with is still living relatives? And is the basis of the solution still circumstantial?




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