this already brought me to tears

It’s been a year since and a half since I came to Korea and in that time I’ve met many amazing people. EXO’s Lay hyung is a representative of those people. He is a great dancer and singer, but other than thatLay hyung has his own charm that can not be explained through words. I also want to have my very own charm one day.
Dear Hetalia Fans

This is a plea from me to the rest of the fandom. Please do not bring up today’s political climate in America up to America cosplayers or role-players..or just don’t bring it up period in the fandom. I know there are people who have already done this but please reconsider this, it is not right at all and is most likely going to offend someone. My friend who cosplays America is already fearful of hosting the Hetalia panel she wanted to out of fear of these type of things being brought up. I have seen politics almost tear apart my cosplay group, it was not good. 

So finally for the good of everyone in the Hetalia fandom.  


Day 01
I was born with the golden sun in my heart and the waves of the ocean between my ribs. My father was not gentle nor kind but he brought me to a garden, something rare and beautiful. There lived someone else already. His name was Adam and when he smiled, the sun was put to shame. I was in love before I realized what love even is.

Day 04
Adam gave me flowers and told me how beautiful I am. He kissed my cheeks and kept me warm at night.

Day 05
Adam put a hand between my legs and touched me. It felt good at first, but then it hurt. Adam didn’t stop.

Day 06
I wanted to tell my father, but I felt dirty and spent. That night I tasted tears for the first time. It’s a cruel taste.

Day 38
I told my father about what Adam did. He said ‘You were made to serve him. He is made in my own image. There is nothing wrong in what Adam did. You wanted it, don’t you?’ No I didn’t. But my father didn’t even listen to me.

Day 42
Adam does it all the time. The touching. Sometimes he pushes me down and takes greedily what he wants. I close my eyes and let it happen. I was born to serve him after all.

Day 103
I listened to the way my name sounds in Adam’s mouth. Servant. Slave. Brainless. Stupid. I am neither of these things.

Day 104
I will prove him wrong.

Day 301
I was not born to serve anyone than myself.

Day 332
My father made men in his own image. But he included his cruelty in me. His rage. The taste of dirt and blood behind my teeth. God is not on my lips anymore. I burn myself to the ground and rise shaking outside the garden.

Day 895
All the blood has buried my name.

- entries out of Lilith’s Diary | r.m

After rewatching ep 5 for the thousandth time, I noticed this moment and it legit brought me to tears because, as far as we know, ONLY Yuuri KNOWS THAT HE has already decided to retire after this season. But then this child, who is a fan of Yuuri’s, gives him a glimmer of reconsideration while also reaffirming Yuuri’s feelings that he is loved. 

And if you haven’t already found yourself adoring this child, you really need to start. Minami is but one of many encounters that Yuuri will keep on having that subtly let him know, “you are loved”! and who is he going up against next? His long time friend Phichit who will no doubt also leave Yuuri with a feeling that he is loved. 

Minami has sparked an even deeper feeling of love within Yuuri, for himself and how others view him, and I’m excited to watch it bloom even more as the series continues. 



Day 5 (Feb 6th): Favourite Role


I have been a fan for a few years already, when I saw Coriolanus in my local Movie Theatre on NT Live. I was bluffed! He was so powerful and subtle in the same time; fun, tough and incredibly emotional. The scene between Volumnia and Coriolanus still brought me chills and tears. He showed his real potentional, and he still confirming it.

I have a feeling that strenght would be seen again as Cap. James Conrad. I am always looking forward to a new role, because it could always be my future favourite role…
“She use to be my Queen.” Series part 5.  A Bellamy Blake/Roan Imagine.

“Bellamy.” You whispered as you watched the sunset on a rock. Your first day on Earth was beautiful. There were so many colors, so many sounds.  

“I can’t believe it.” He whispered as he brought you into his arms.

“Tell me it will always be this peaceful.” She whispered as she sniffed. Overwhelmed.

“I promise. I won’t let anything happen.” He promised as he brought you close.

“I promise.” Bellamy whispered as a tear ran down his face.
“What?” Roan asked with furrowed brows.

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Bellamy stated coldly.

“You think you can talk to our king like that?” A guard snarled as he pulled out his sword. Kane’s hand immediately grabbed his gun.

“Don’t.” Roan chuckled icily. “You’re already on thin ice Blake. Don’t push your luck.” He finished.

“That’s pretty rich there Mister Ice King.” Bellamy chuckled drly.

“That’s it.” A guard shoved Bellamy. Kane immediately sent rounds into the air and everyone froze. Everyone filed out from the Ark. (Y/n) ran out fearing the worst. Her eyes landed on her father who was putting his gun back in his holster.

“Dad.” She asked as his eyes immediately landed on her small bump.

“(Y/n).” He said shocked. He walked and hugged her as people started murmuring about ICe Nation being in their camp.

“It’s her! It’s (Y/n)!” Someone shouted as (Y/n) turned to face the crowd.

“Traitor!” Someone shouted.

“How dare you speak to queen of Azgeda like that!” Roan growled.


“Everyone!” Jaha shouted as he stood on a platform.

“Azgeda is here to make peace.”  Kane stated.

“Is it true?”

“Is she really pregnant with Roan’s child?!”

“Yes. I am. If there’s a problem with that. Feel free to tell someone who cares.” She barked as her hormones raged. Roan, from where he was chuckled.

“That’s my queen.” He muttered with pride as Bellamy flinched.

After Kane announced that Azgeda and the people of the Ark would be working together for the time being. Roan helped (Y/n) down from the platform with no problem. (Y/n) smiled lovingly at him as his cold exterior broke for a second to smile back. Bellamy swallowed hard. (Y/n) walked with Roan inside the Ark. Clarke following them along with Abby closely. Bellamy glanced around before carefully following them. They were led into MedBay as (Y/n) placed herself on to the bed with a heavy sigh.

“I keep telling you, Roan, that I am fine.”

“Passing out while pregnant is not alright Queen.” Roan rolled his eyes.

“Wait. Passing out?” Abby asked as Clarke checked her pulse.

“He’s being dramatic-”
“How long does she usually pass out for?”

“Longest was about a half hour.”
“How far along is she?”

“About six months. What’s happening.” Roan as Bellamy’s brows furrowed.

“Is my baby going to be okay Abby.” (Y/n) spluttered.

“The main cause of dizziness in pregnancy is due to the rising hormones that cause your blood vessels to relax and widen. … During the second trimester, dizziness may be caused because your growing uterus puts pressure on blood vessels.” Abby explained. Roan took a deep breath.

“Is it going to harm me?” She whispered.

“We don’t know yet.” Abby muttered. Clarke put an arm around your shoulder. You rested your head on her shoulder.

“The best thing right now is lots of rest. Bed rest. Steady diet.” Clarke suggested.

“Bed rest?” Roan asked.

“I say for a few weeks she stays here in MedBay and we see how it goes. IF she doesn’t pass out, I suggest she be bed ridden for the duration of the pregnancy.”

“I don’t thinks that’s safe-”
“She’ll be constantly monitored by us. We can make a rotation-”
“Now hold on a minute-” (Y/n) was cut off.
“My guards are more qualified. She is carrying the future king or queen of Azgeda.”

“DO I NOT GET A DAMN SAY?!” (Y/n) shouted as they all turned to her. She huffed as she began to speak again.

“I think one day we should have Azgeda guards, then the other should be Skaikru.” She stated with finality. Bellamy chuckled quietly remembering that was the stubborn (Y/n) he loves.

“Who gets first shift?”

“I’ll do it.” Clarke said.

“Do not let Bellamy Blake near her.” He ordered. Bellamy grew angry. Clarke nodded in understanding. Roan left as Bellamy hid in a dark corner.

“You got her sweetheart?” Abby asked Clarke as she nodded. Abby left as Bellamy made himself look like he was just arriving.

“I hate this.” (Y/n) sniffed. Hormones raging in her heart.

“It won’t be that bad-”

“I’m not talking about that, Clarke.” She said as she laid back.

“What is it?”
“I think I still love Bellamy.”


Request for: @depressedandoverexpressed

Pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x Sam

Word count: 486


The tight ropes left marks on your skin as you thrashed around, trying desperately to break free. Blood trickled down the side of your face, and one eye was nearly swelled shut. You felt sick to your stomach. Watching shapeshifters disguised as Sam and Dean Winchester inflict pain on you for the past few days destroyed your sanity.

“Y/N.” Dean’s green eyes glistened with mischief as he picked up the knife on the table. “Did you miss me, sweetheart?”

The tears fell down your face as the fake Dean began walking towards you, each step echoing throughout the abandoned sewer. He bent down, pressing the knife to your already cut cheek and applying pressure ever so slightly. You whimpered as you looked into the forest green eyes that once brought you so much happiness.

The shapeshifter jerked up at the sound of Sam’s screams. Dean’s face contorted into a scowl as he stood up and walked off, leaving you sitting alone in the dimly lit corner.

“Y/N!” You heard Sam scream, though you couldn’t tell if it was your Sam or the shapeshifter.

“Sammy?” Your voice cracked.

“We’re here!” Sam yelled back as his footsteps grew closer. Within a few seconds, he saw you cowering in the corner with Dean right behind him.


You involuntarily shrunk back farther into the wall. Every time you closed your eyes you saw his menacing grin and heard his malicious laugh as he inflicted pain on you.

“You’re okay now.” Dean pulled you into his embrace. “I’ve got you.”

Tears clouded your sight as you flinched in his arms, attempting to move away.

“Y/N?” Dean’s voice cracked as he stared down at the girl he’s loved for years flinching away at his touch.

“How do I know you aren’t him?” You sobbed, “How do I know this isn’t a trap?”

Dean quickly pulled out a silver blade and cut his palm. “See? It’s me, Y/N. I promise, it’s me.” He cut off the ropes binding your wrists together and placed the cool blade in your hand. “If you don’t think that it’s really me then kill me. I’m not going to hurt you- I would never hurt you.”

You set the knife on the floor and jumped into Dean’s arms. His cologne engulfed your senses as his arms wound tightly around your waist, holding you as close to him as he possibly could. Dean dug his face in the crook of your neck, hiding the few tears that fell.

“Dean.” You whispered.

“I’m here, baby.” Dean told you, pressing a kiss on your forehead. “It’s me.”

Sam cleared his throat and held his arms open. “I’m here too, you know.”

You grinned, untangling yourself from Dean and giving Sam a hug. “Hey, Sammy.”

Dean grabbed your hand, pulling you back to his side. “Let’s go home.”

Leaning into Dean’s side you grinned. Home sounded good.

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❤️ If you have a chance to pick one of the 41 supreme beings to transfer into the new world who will this be ? Alas pick wisely.

This is an incredibly difficult question….   @a-touch-of-silvery-justice would turn everything into a crusade for justice, while @ulbert-alain-odle would enslave the humies and force them carve statues of his greatness.  To be honest, I can see things going badly if any one of my friends was brought to the new world.  They all seem very incapable of keeping their inner passions contained.  I can already see @warriortakemikazuchi tearing down mountains looking for challenging opponents or @tabula-smaragdina-reborn trying to perform dark rites for some Eldritch abomination.  

They all balance one another out with their extreme attitudes.  Simply bringing one to the new world wouldn’t do.  I would need most if not all of them to arrive in the new world with me.  A guild should stay together regardless of circumstances. 


I know this is a day late.

I cried last night.

I woke up at 3 a.m., remembered it was over and cried.

I officially woke up at 7 a.m. and cried and as I’m writing this, I’m crying.

It’s that bad?

You guys,

I miss them already. So much. 

I really enjoyed “Forever Yours.” Really nice to see what everyone had to say. They brought back Steven which was refreshing.

Onto the episode.

SO MANY TEARS GUYS. (from me of course)

What I wish happened:

Steroline had their life together.

Enzo come back to life and Bonenzo could be together.

We somehow find out what Liz wrote in that letter to Caroline from season 6.

What ACTUALLY happened:

Stefan died because he gave Damon the cure so that he could be with Elena.

Enzo remains dead and Bonnie lived out her life like her would want her too (which was still cute because he was watching over her)


Katherine coming back. For real. It was really enjoyable to not only have Nina back, but to have her back as Katherine and Elena for the last episode. She finished med school, married Damon, and got the life she wanted. :)

Defan. The Defan moments were so good. They have really grown and their brotherhood has become better and they really do appreciate each other and want the best for each other no matter what they want for their own lives.

Lexi and Stefan. The parallels were too much. It was nice to have her back and him to say “I was feeling epic” as she had done before. His old car was there too.

Steroline. Though short lived, their scenes last night were beautiful and sad. Especially when Caroline called Stefan to tell him that she understands his decision and that she’ll love him forever. And when Elena passed on the message to Care that Stefan had received her message and would love her forever too was so sweet. In a way, that was their goodbye to each other.

Bonenzo. Bonnie was ready to die to be with Enzo. Enzo wouldn’t let her die and told her it wasn’t her time. He let her keep living and she lived out the life he would have wanted her to.

Delena. They got the life they always wanted. They got married. They died together.

Matty blue eyes continued being sheriff and got his own bench in honor of his work.

Ric and Care started that school for children similar to their kids and Jeremy was there to help teach kids how to defend themselves.


I think the sweetest moment was when they had Vicki, Tyler, Liz, Jo, and Enzo watching over Matt, Caroline, Alaric, and Bonnie. That is quite possibly my favorite part of the whole episode. To have them back in spirit. Because when someone dies, their never really gone.

Of course, I also enjoyed when Elena got reunited with her parents, Jenna, and John when she died.

Lastly, when Elena and Damon died, Damon left Elena at her house and went to see Stefan. That last “Hello, brother” and hug is also one of my favorite scenes from last night. 

I love the cast and the series so much. They all have brought so much to us over the years.

They have let us invite them into their homes and I’m forever grateful to have had my heart touched by the stories they’ve told over these eight years. I’m forever grateful and have eternal love for them.

There is no end, there is no goodbye. Everything has grown.


Imagine Sam’s reaction when you tell him you sold your soul to save him.

“Y/N, tell me you didn’t,” Sam begged once you had stopped talking. The pain etched on his face was clear. Tears were already welling up in his eyes. You reached out for contact, but he gently pushed you away. This brought on tears of your own.

“Sam, I,” you started but he immediately cut you off.

“How on earth am I supposed to live with this Y/N? Knowing that you died so I should live. The person I love the most in this world giving her life for the least deserving person in existence. I’m going to get you out of this. I will find a way,” he said desperately as he ran his hands through his hair.

“Sam, you can’t,” you said gently, keeping your distance.

“The hell I can’t!” He shouted. “Watch me! Why on earth would you do this anyway? Huh? Because I’m certainly not worth it. Your life is more precious and important than mine.”

“Don’t you dare,” you managed before tears cut off your words. They flowed freely as you continued to speak. “Sam Winchester, I refuse to be here without you. That may be selfish, but I love you. You can’t just die on me like that and expect me to just be okay with it, damnit!” You screamed at him as the tears continued to fall.

He yelled in return, “and I’m just supposed to live without you? To be okay with what YOU did? Do you realize what that will be like for me? Do you? You might as well take the air from my lungs. I’ll be that lost and useless without you, Y/N.”

As he said that, you closed the gap between the two of you and Sam allowed it. Your lips crashed onto his, your tears mixing with his on your check. You put every unspoken word into that kiss. Sam’s hand held the back of your neck firmly, keeping you as close to him as possible. His kiss was deep and desperate. Your fingernails clawed at the back of his shirt, no doubt leaving marks on his back despite the fact that there was cloth between your nails and his skin.

You pulled away slowly, collapsing into his arms in utter exhaustion. “I didn’t know what else to do, Sam. I’m sorry, but I can’t loose you again, and I couldn’t let Dean go through that Hell again either. It’s my turn,” you said with resignation.

He pulled you away from his chest and grabbed your face in his hands. “Like hell it is,” he said as he stared into your eyes. “Dean and I will find a way to get you out of this. I promise. You have to let me try.” He kissed your forehead and pulled you into a tight hug.

You stayed there and let his scent consume you. For a moment you were able to escape your reality. What Sam didn’t know was he couldn’t save you, or it would mean the end of Dean. The Demon had been clear on that. Sam wouldn’t choose you over his brother, you wouldn’t let him.

EmiMike Week Day 2: Language Barrier

Title: Of Marks and Languages

A/N: I may or may not expand this in the future.

Michele & Sara – 22
Emil - 17

Že skok byl výborný - That jump was amazing (or at least, according to google. Feel free to correct me ;) )

Posted on AO3 too.

Mickey received his soul mark at the age of five.

Both he and his sister had been lounging on bean bags at their summer villa’s patio in Tuscany, devouring a whole platter of cold tiramisu to fend off the summer heat (they had already finished off the two pints of gelato they had brought from the city earlier that week,) when he instantly felt a burning ache on his left thigh.

Tears immediately sprang on his eyes as he couldn’t hold in the pained cry he released at that, clutching vainly at his thigh while his sister flitted all around him, tears already dripping and crying louder than he had.

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I'm here. Yugi, tell your grandfather not to look at me like I just ate his goldfish. I already atoned for my crimes by sending him an expensive gift basket, didn't I? Here, I've brought Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice. This is what I studied from before I 'inherited' my company.

Oh, thanks Kaiba-kun, yeah come in…*cough,cough* And well….can you really blame my Grandpa? You did tear his BEWD card in half, and I don’t think everything can be made up for with a gift basket….but I’ll ask him to try and let it go, haha….ugh, thanks again….Wait- hold on–!

*AH-CHOO-!!!* *sniff* Sorry. Could you hand me those tissues? Thanks….would you….mind telling me one of those stories about business that you experienced? Please? It….it might be a nice distraction….*sniff*


It had just been a salt ‘n’ burn case. Something that you’d done a million times before and would only take an hour or less of your time. You and Sam were supposed to be at that café by now, relaxing after a hard day’s work.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not to you.

“Y/N, hey–hey, wake up,” Sam shook your motionless body. “Please, Y/N, open your eyes. You’re gonna be fine, I promise.” He frantically pressed his hand against your split forehead in an attempt to stop the abundant bleeding, but it was already too late. And he knew it.

Tears rolled down Sam’s face as he brought your body closer to plant trembling kisses on your face, smearing his lips with your blood. He gently scooped your broken figure and embraced it, keeping whatever heat was left from you before it slipped away forever.

“Please don’t leave me, Y/N.” Sam sobbed, “Not like this.”

A chill ran down Sam’s back. He couldn’t stay longer on that frigid basement with you like this. He slowly rose up and carried your body though the door, unaware of the cold air following him outside.


I really don’t know where to start. The entire retreat seems so unreal that I cannot believe it is over already.

Since there is so much to say, I guess I will do this chronologically, with snippets of my thoughts here and there.

Going bowling for the first time was such a blast!!! Cannot get over the fact that Ms. McGee brought her own bowling ball and yelled at Isaac that she would break his hand if he touched it (and of course he used it, three goddamn times). I love the cheering no matter how well (or badly) we bowled.

Ms. Gagne’s speech brought me to tears the most. I could not get over how ignorant I was not to realize the intensity of her pain that disabled her from showering or changing on her own, having seen her in the neck brace and holding on to the wall everyday. I choked when I heard how scared she was, yet still insisted on going to school only because she did not want to leave her students waiting for their grades. I also regret every negative thing I ever said about Mr. Gagne. When I think of all the efforts he put in for her, it no longer matters that he makes mistakes in his teachings. I still tear up writing this.

Mr. Burgin’s story made me very emotional, for I cannot say that had I been in his position, I would have had the courage that he had to keep his friend company during the time where discrimination was still so apparent. My heart aches to hear that Mr. Burgin still prays for his friend multiple times everyday. I feel more than ever grateful to have my loved ones still around. I am very happy to have been able to introduce Mr. Burgin before his last presentation. The underclassmen are missing out greatly on him and his wake-up calls and his story.

The letters from home brought intense tears to my eyes, but it was not because I was happy. I got one from my parents and one from both my brother and chi Hien, but only thing my dad said to me was “Make us proud,” and chi Hien, not my brother, was the one that wrote the letter. I started crying as soon as I opened chi Hien’s because it pained me so, so much to think that my brother could not spare a minute to write me a letter and only let chi Hien do the deed. What made me cry was the realization that I was letting my negativitycrowd out the fact that my family wrote me something. It scared me how pessimistic I was. I wanted to shout so loudly and bursted into tears, but I was too concious of everyone around me. That was why I got up as soon as I did and went straight to Mr. Young. Talking to Mr. Young calmed me down greatly. Maybe it was the feeling of being with someone close to me in the pool of not-so-close faculty. “Sometimes, “Make us proud” also means many other things.“ I guess I knew that already, but I was hopelessly expecting for more. Our conversation turned out to be completely different from how it started, but I am very glad I came up to him and talked about it. The fact that Mr. Young gave me his absolute lattention and not once interrupted me means a lot. I felt listened.

I started tearing up the moment Ms. McGee began to cry, which was the beginning of her speech. I cannot imagine the pain she must be going through everyday now. It takes a lot of courage to show up at school and act goofy with the pain she bears in her heart.

I love the meetings the Advance Team had with Mr. Spedale, during which 22 people crammed into a small room and listened to him telling us how the next day would go, during which Isaac, Miles, Hollan, JP, and I tried to fit into a small couch, which ended up with Isaac lying on top of my and Hollan’s laps.

I enjoyed the karaoke session at the end of the day. I could not stop smiling at so many people all dancing and singing and having the time of their lives. It is one of these moments that I really enjoy being the wallflower.

It warms my heart greatly to see people, especially the teachers, so focused in writing their palanca notes. I love that despite the loud music, there were still people who only paid attention to the notes in front of them (peep Mr. Young rocking to his own music and not giving a damn about the world). I also love that many tried to finish eating early only to grab some new pieces of paper to write on.

Working with Mr. Donaruma felt very nice, especially because I got to know him so much better. I’m glad I got to experience another side of the Dean of Students.

The bus ride home was especially lovely to me, from reading the palanca notes (and being surprised at how many people wrote to me) to chatting with Miles and Isaac and Hollan and JP. I have become so much closer to these four people, and words cannot describe how happy I am about it, even when I’m not sure how much we’ll talk in college.

Senior retreat was too good to be true. I came home with a heart full of joy and stories to tell, but I also know that one cannot understand the magic of the retreat without actually experiencing it.


I respected the fact that my brother Stiles needed time away from home, but forgetting to pick his little sister from school is a little much. Especially if it is pouring rain outside. I wasn’t surprised though, he’s been forgetting about me a lot lately. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the fact that he doesn’t need his little sister anymore. Just the thought of that brought tears to my eyes. I sighed and decided that if it has already been 2 hours I should probably just walk home. So that’s what I did. It wasn’t too far just about 3 miles away. I started to walk in the direction of home. After 45 minutes of waling in the rain I finally got home. I saw dad’s car in the front so I decided to go in through the back door so I didn’t get Stiles in trouble. I walked over the backyard and into the back door. As silently as I possibly could I walked up the stairs. “Y/n is that you,” I heard my dad ask. “Yeah,” I answered hoping he won’t come over to me. “When did you get here,” he questioned walking to the staircase. He finally saw my soaking wet figure and sighed. “He forgot again didn’t he?” I sighed before nodding. “But it wasn’t his fault I just didn’t remind him enough,” I defended my brother. “Y/n, he shouldn’t have to be reminded to pick up his little sister from school.” “But-” “No he is going to be punished this is the third time this week and its only Thursday. Now go change out of those wet clothes.” I nodded my head and trudged up the stairs and into my room. I changed into some dry clothes and dried off my hair with a towel. I walked down the stairs and sat at the kitchen table. My dad came and sat next to me. “Does it bother you that Stiles has done this so many times?” “Of course it does dad. He’s my brother and he forgot about me three times in one week, he doesn’t talk to me, and during the time we used to spend together he’s now spending with his friends. I just need to accept the fact that he doesn’t need his little sister anymore,” I answered tears falling down my cheeks. “I’m gonna go upstairs,” I mumbled standing up. I walked upstairs and went into my room. I curled up on my bed and cried. I let out everything I had been holding in over the last few weeks.

Stiles pov:

I walked into my house and heard people talking in the kitchen. I got closer and realized it was Y/n and dad. Wait Y/n… I forgot to pick her up again and it was pouring rain outside. Damnit Stiles! You are such a horrible big brother! I got a little closer and listened to their conversation. “Does it bother you that Stiles has done this so many times,” I heard my dad ask. “Of course it does dad. He’s my brother and he forgot about me three times in one week, he doesn’t talk to me, and during the time we used to spend together he’s now spending with his friends. I just need to accept the fact that he doesn’t need his little sister anymore,” I heard her answer. At this point tears were falling down my face. “I’m gonna go upstairs,” I heard her mumble. She then disappeared up the stairs. “Shit,” I whispered. I walked up the stairs to go find her. I was about to knock on her door when I heard sobs. I sighed and walked in her room. I looked around and noticed a shaking figure under the covers of her bed. I laid down next to her and wrapped my arms around her. She turned her head to look at me. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were tear stained. I noticed that she was really cold. Probably from walking home in the rain. “Stiles?” “Yeah Y/n/n it’s me. Listen, I’m sorry I’ve been a crappy big brother lately and I want to make it up to you,” I said softly. “You haven’t been a crappy big brother you just like to be with your friends a lot,” she said her voice cracking at the mention of my friends. “Hey, it’s okay don’t cry your gonna make me start crying,” I said making her smile. I wrapped my arms around her once more and she buried her face in the crook of my neck. “I love you Y/n/n,” I whispered. “I love you too Stiles,” she whispered before falling asleep. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes, darkness consuming me. 

@prevolt replied to your post: andromeda brought back all my mass effect feels

i’m ready to die so hard ashe please cry with me

mitsu, idek what i am going to do about this game. it already made me tear up. idk who to romance and then i start thinking about how THEY WON’T KNOW ABOUT THE GENOPHAGE CURE OR ABOUT THE REAPERS OR S H E P A R D BEING HALF DEAD NEXT TO ANDERSON OR WHAT ABOUT THAT FUCKING AUDIO FILE THEY DIDN’T PUT INTO THE GAME WHERE ANDERSON CALLS SHEPARD THEIR KID AND I JUST. FUCK.