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Due to popular demand, here is a masterpost concerning Austrian pop music!

This list contains some song suggestions (but I’d strongly advice you to have a look at the other work of the artists as well!).  

I also wanna thank all my followers who helped me with this list!

Andreas Gabalier

Christina Stürmer 

DJ Ötzi


Falco (basically everything else from him too)

Georg Danzer

Hubert von Goisern

Rainhard Fendrich (and many more songs)

Seiler und Speer


Wolfgang Ambros 


Rodimus/Rung NSFW Fic

Title: An Eggs-perience 

Word count: 2,448
Tags: Egg/ Ovipostion TRANSLUCENT PLATING! tummy-bulge

“H-hey, Rung,” Rodimus sweated his embarrassment as he leaned in the open arch of Rung’s doorway, fidgeting. His arms protectively covered his stomach as he swayed from heel to heel, “Do you have a minute? I need to speak to you.”

“Rodimus, I’m with a patient, you’ll have to wait.”

“Oh,” the denial appeared to be something Rodimus genuinely wasn’t expecting and he looked surprised to see Pipes was lying on the berth, as if until now Pipes had been invisible, “That’s okay. Pipes, can you come back later?”

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a proliferation of shallow politics

There are many ways to start, and none of them are perfect; this sentence too, is a disappointment. One contrived way of starting (anything) is to take on the voice of a Huffington Post blogger, and declare, that, if you want to make a bold statement for 2k15, then graphic tees are the way to go. An anecdote too, is ok, as long as you’re not using too many then’s—then you’re good. One story I have about graphic tee’s is not about a tee but is about the graphic statement of the Girl Almighty sweater, and the distant, unassuming pleasure the wearer can indulge in when accepting a compliment, and sheepishly following thst compliment with a calculated “it’s actually a One Direction song.” A particular shame will follow, directed not at me, the wearer—the essence of removed really—but at themselves; the complimenter’s self knowledge is challenged, the complimenter, is relearning the boundaries of their mind, and dismissing the need to interrogate them further—Girl Almighty is not Girl Almighty? Girl Almighty is a One Direction song? Girl Almighty is a One Direction song. Which is to say, 2k15 is the year of the graphic statement, because in as many words as the Huffington Post would like, the graphic tee, as it exists in 2k15, is an extension of a politic reserved to and mythologized only in pop music—a proliferation of pop politics, a proliferation of shallow politics. Which—pop politics, shallow politics, is the conscious framing of the self with and as the superficial, wearing attitudes cultivated by physical material, meaningless but for an abstract projection—barely an idea, maybe a passing thought, more likely, a moment. I woke up like this. I woke up like this. Pop frames, more than a wordy novel, and more than a mise en scene, pop music overtly frames the existential dread of the everyday and pumps glitter into its heart (it’s fake! it’s all fake! and you’re the only one not in on the joke!), simplifies it, and then maybe gifs it. The graphic tee is an extension of the essence of pop, that incessant and ironic self construction, the overt hyperstylization of the self (I hope not that you remember me, but that you remember me in a nice dress), because survival depends on the overconstruction of the self, wrapping the self in abstract stylized images until the intentionally artful control manifests into something real. Girl Almighty is a pop moment, decontextualized, a pop moment captured, and framed (pictures in frames, of kisses on cheeks), and is now a text (I’m not sorry) to be recontextualized, reinterpreted, and reframed, until it’s all so dense, so meta, you can’t really respond with more than a graphic tee that says, I’m Actually Really Smart. 

***Sometimes graphic tee’s don’t make sense, but neither does Ariana Grande’s Break Free, and who, really, tell me, is passing on the opportunity to scream, from the top of their glitter filled lungs, “this is the part when I break free”? in their cars on that one bridge on a 63 degree weather day, y’know?