this aliens written all over

Corrupted Good|Part 1: Metal Tomb

Sylvia gave a hard huff, “We should really turn back Wander… We’re lost and we’ve been going this way forever now. I’m tired and-”

“Sometimes being lost is a part of the exploring experience.” He replied happily.

Before Sylvia could object anymore, something catches his eye, “Oooo~ What’s that?”

Just below them was a dreary planet that appeared to inhabit no life at all. It defintiley wouldn’t make the first time they’ve found one like that. This one, though, has a distinct difference. There is a large metal structure with warning signs written all over in an alien language.

“Uh.. Wander, this has bad written all over it.. Literally.”

“Come on Syl, I know you’re tired. Hey, maybe someone lives in that house there.” He pointed at the building ahead.

“I don’t think that’s a house.” As soon as the sentence came out her mouth, he was already at the door entrance.

Almost like magic, the door began to glow and slowly raise.


She rushed after him as he took a step inside. By his second step she was almost inside with him.


The door shut hard before she could get inside.

“Oh no.”

“WANDER!” Sylvia screamed as the door before it slammed shut, “Wander!”

She pulled up her imaginary sleeves and started to wail on it with her fists.

“Sylvia?” Wander turned to the now shut door. On the other side, he couldn’t hear her, but he was hoping she could hear him.

“I’m comin’ for ya buddy!”

She felt her hands swelling from the damage her fists were taking. So, she switched to kicking.

“Maybe there’s another way inside..” As the zbornak made her way around the metal building, her friend was heading further into the darkness. Not being able to see a thing, he reaches into his hat for a flashlight. He sets it back on his head and continues inside.

The hallway slants down the further and further you go. It seems to go on forever, but there is finally an opening.

“Hellooo? Anyone home?” There is nothing on the left and right sides of the room. Facing forward reveals the base of a statue made of some sort of black rock. He had to bend his head far back before he could see the top. “Whoahhh.. Neat! …. and kinda- Ha.. Scary.”

The eyes of the statue begin to glow a bloody red. Like the flip of a switch, the walls become lit by red crystals mounted on the walls. Wander felt himself shake, but he took a breath and tried to remain calm. Maybe the statue is sentient and just wants someone to talk to. It did welcome him inside, right?