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Gah, I guess it’s time for me to step in as expert on all things Korean!

Just a bit of background info on Korean Saunas:

It’s basically an indoor escapade to wonderful, beautiful, and pampered skin. Through gender-segregated doors, you get naked, wash yourself, then go soak at the pools that are moderated at different temperatures. After a while of soaking, you can scrub your skin clean of dead skin cells with an Italian hand-scrub cloth (which hurts by the way) or…hire an ajusshi/ahjumma to scrub your body for you. 

Then once you’re all polished and your arms are all sore from the heavy scrubbing, you dry yourself off and dress in the uniforms (oversized clothes, really) before heading off to the co-ed room where you can eat food and sweat the toxins off in the jjimjilbang (dome-shaped sauna). Special hard-boiled eggs and sikhye (sweet fermented rice drink) are a must have for replenishing energy after sweating a ton in the saunas

It’s also a wonderful time to bond with your friends and/or family members. And since the R.F.A group is family, I found this super appropriate.

Be warned this is rather long and I just got too excited writing this out haha

Also, shoutout to @promiscuous-jalapeno and @strawberryfieldsofhogwarts for the encouragement and your willingness to read what I came up with!


  • He’d be super excited to go to the sauna because, “SUPER RFA BROS BONDING TOGETHER”
  • He’s had lots of experience going to the saunas because his dad took him there many times when he was little.
  • The last time he went was before he left his family to start university.
  •  He’s practically jumping because he’s loving the idea
  • He’s practically sobbing because Saeyoung WOULDN’T STOP TEASING HIM
  • Omg Saeyoung stop messing with the poor thing!
  • But aside from that, he’s really glad that the R.F.A is finally experiencing something that’s not work for once!
  • Openly wonders about the girls and Zen’s constantly reminding them that they need to take their time.
  • He also leads the boys to start a back-scrubbing train
  • And he’s scrubbing a random old man so that he’s not just receiving the treatment.
  • When the bois go up to the co-ed for food and snacks, Yoosung offers to buy hard-boiled eggs and sikhye (iced sweet rice drink) for the group to enjoy
  • And he immediately starts peeling some eggs to give to MC and Jaehee
  • He’s such a sweetheart!
  • He also bets Saeyoung a box of honey butter chips if he can stay in the hottest JJimjilbang (called the Bulgama) for at least ten minutes.
  • Yoosung ends up losing the bet but he lasted for nine minutes.
  • His hair is also pretty long so he brushes his bangs back and ties it up into a mini-pony tail while he goes into various domes.


  • Had some experience going to saunas but it’s very rare for him.
  • He’s afraid his beauty might lead other men to become jealous of him.
  • Pretty unashamed of showing off his beautiful body to the rest of the RFA members
  • Yoosung is forcing back tears at this point because omg Zen is too gorgeous
  • Has an ajusshi scrub his beautiful body free of dead skill cells.
  • Practically gets scrubbed raw (he totally misunderestimated the ajusshi’s strength) and starts tearing up while Jumin’s telling the ajusshi to scrub harder
  • But he ends up thanking the ajusshi for all his work even though his pale skin is covered in splotches of red and pink don’t worry they disappear in a few hours
  • AT THE RFA MALE TRAIN: Zen loses a bet and is forced to scrub Jumin’s back. He tries to scrub as hard as he can (in a way he secretly enjoys the fact that he can take revenge on Jumin’s previous shenanigans)
  •  At the co-ed, Zen is making sure that his skin is well cared for and pampered. This means face masks, lotions, toners, those weird face roller massage things, etc.
  • He loves sweating off in the jjimjilbangs, especially in the salt mineral rooms that help detoxify and softens his skin.
  • And when he leaves, his skin is especially glistening from his sweat and he can’t stop bragging about how soft his skin feels lol
  • Did I also mention that he wears his usually rat-tail hair into a man-bun?
  • And when MC places a lamb head towel hat on his head, his heart melts a little
  • Not to mention the other female patrons in close proximity
  • Some even recognize him and asks for autographs (luckily the place wasn’t too crowded)
  • And he’s sweet not to refuse and turn them away? Omg this guy


  • Let’s face it, he’s never stepped foot into a Korean sauna before. So he’d be super interested by the way the “commoners” bathed.
  • He’d be asking about the function of saunas and the particular sauna culture in Korea. Also he considered renting out the entire sauna for the R.F.A members had it not been impromptu. And V probably would have opposed the idea of ruining a spa day for the civilians.
  • “Is it like the saunas in Finland?”
  • “Manually scrubbing yourself wastes energy…better have that ajusshi scrub your body for you.”
  • AT THE RFA MALE TRAIN, Jumin is scrubbing Yoosung’s back while Zen is scrubbing his (much to his dissatisfaction) and snickers when Zen comments on how he’s unable to scrub dead skin cells off Jumin’s back.
  • “Because I have a regular bathing regiment that includes whole body exfoliation. You’ll never find dead skin cells no matter how hard you scrub.”
  •  “Also if my precious skin breaks, I’m suing you.” (it’s a joke tho)
  • Doesn’t admit it but really likes the bonding moment with the RFA members.
  • Even though the gears in his head are turning rapidly to process the environment around him, he’s enjoying the rare moment everyone’s having together
  • At the co-ed, he’s badgering Jaehee with questions about the facility, how much profit Korean saunas create, the promoting of the sauna culture, etc.
  • In the end, he’s forcefully shoved into a dome surrounded by old grandpas who are just laying down against the woven straw beds and are sweating bullets.
  • Jumin doesn’t think this isn’t as bad as dealing with clients and managed to engage in a brief conversation with the older men
  • Turns out the old men are super sweet talking about their grandsons and family members
  • Takes the opportunity to try “commoner’s food” even though he’s somewhat hesitant about it.
  • BUT, he tries it anyway because of MC (secretly he wants her to feed him haha)


  • Has gone to saunas with V a few times before but haven’t gone for years after that.
  • So you can imagine how much dead-skin cells he scrubs off
  • Teases and pranks Yoosung a LOT.
  • Oh and when Yoosung’s washing his hair in the shower booths, Saeyoung’s squirting more shampoo above the running water so Yoosung’s just…endlessly trying to rinse it all off.
  •  Saeran gets fed up with his brother’s shenanigans at one point that he ends up teaming with Yoosung to toss him into the hotter pools for revenge.
  • At the co-ed, Saeyoung’s still messing up with Yoosung.
  • He takes a hard-boiled egg and immediately smacks it against Yoosung’s head to crack the shell
  • Cracks the funniest puns that has the entire RFA laughing out loud
  • Makes bets with Yoosung on whoever could stay in the bulgama the longest without passing out from dehydration
  • They’re both equipped with a towel drenched in cold water to cover their faces
  • After Yoosung loses the bet, Saeyoung trudges forward and…doesn’t come out for the longest time even after ten minutes passed
  • Everyone in the RFA is panicking omg why isn’t he coming out?
  • Yoosung worries that Saeyoung might be turning into pizza (seriously it’s that hot)
  • MC is crying as Jumin starts to call the people in the facility for emergency rescue
  • Turns out that Saeyoung is okay, he just happened to meditate a bit and was close to reaching nirvana
  • When he’s moved out of the bulgama, everyone just starts hugging him. MC and Yoosung are sobbing uncontrollably
  • Is honestly touched that his favorite people are worrying about a doof like him
  • He eventually gets treated to Korean shaved ice and is allowed to devour the whole thing to restore his energy


  • Has gone to saunas when she was very little so the experience is more of a fond, nostalgic memory of her family.
  • Cries tears of joy when she hears of the impromptu trip because HOLY SHE NEEDED THAT TIME TO RELAX AND TAKE HER MIND OFF HER DUTIES
  • She’s really enjoying her time soaking in the pools and scrubbing off the dead skin with MC.
  • MC is super gentle when she scrub’s Jaehee’s back and Jaehee’s just crying again because OMG BLESS THIS PURE CINNAMON ROLL
  • Is really impressed with the layout and interior of the sauna and could tell that this particular establishment is of high quality
  • At the co-ed, Jae-hee and MC both meet the RFA bois in face masks
  • They end up buying more so that everyone gets a face mask to wear
  • Cue several screams from kids passing by oh no
  • Jumin’s sneaking side comments every so often about starting a cat spa business to which Jaehee happily replies, “Mr. Han, let’s not think about business matters when we’re here to relax. It will sour my mood.”
  • But since she’s in such a good mood, she offers good advice on the Korean spa culture and adequately informs Jumin about everything she knows.
  •  Is super flustered when MC makes and places a lamb head towel hat on her.
  • MC and Jaehee take many selfies together (Jaehee especially of Zen when he’s not looking)
  • Jaehee’s smiling a lot?
  • Best of all, she’s generally really enjoying the day because she can relax and spend more time with MC (she’s not lonely anymore!)
  • Walks out of sauna feeling super refreshed and energized to tackle anything (including Jumin’s ridiculous cat projects)
  • Jumin wonders if he should offer her more breaks/trips to the sauna with MC since her productivity increased by 1000% the next day


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Sunny’s name is Kim Sun. Kim Shin had a younger sister. And while Sunny was talking about why she hated her real name, the scene LITERALLY SHOWED A GORYEO FLASHBACK WITH THE YOUNG QUEEN AKA KIM SHIN’S SISTER IN IT. And when dokkaebi ajusshi had a flashback of the king while writing the king’s name on a piece of paper, GRIM REAPER LITERALLY HAD A HEART ATTACK AT THE SAME TIME. Coincidence? I THINK NOT !!!!

CONCLUSION: Sunny is the queen, Grim Reaper is the king. No one can convince otherwise now. Now if you excuse me, I need to go and cry in a corner.

anonymous asked:

Lol what did I miss? I didn't even know you were Korean and then you weren't and now you are. *sigh* this is what I get for not going on your fabulous blog for a day (I ment for none of this to sound rude, I promise)

One day I’m an ajusshi and the next I’m an oppa and then an unni.

What am I LOL

Which BAP member should you fight?

These six Korean boys are no joke, from a sinnamon roll but actual gummy bear to a huge baby built from washboard we need to beat their asses.

Bang Yongguk

Who wins: Bang Yongguk

You might have prepared every deadly moves or weapons or whatever shit you thought you might need to beat this brooding art jazz lover but THAT’S IT, HE’S UNPREDICTABLE, IT’S BLACK AND WHITE, HE’S THE FUCKING BADMAN, BANANA SHAKE SWING SWING Y'ALL WILL NEVER BEAT HIS ASS CAUSE TIGGER HAS HIS BACK. (you’ll also get indigestion.)

Kim Himchan

Who wins: You

He’s the cheese with extra cheese on pizzas, the sappiest, embarrassing ajusshi he’ll probably let you win. (But be careful!!! THIS MAN MIGHT JUST KICK YOUR ASS IF YOU RUB HIM THE WRONG WAY or did something wrong to Jongup or something but if he likes you you can fight him and he’d not announce defeat right away but pretend to fight. THEN HE LETS YOU WIN AND BUYS YOU BEEF, WHAT A PRINCE CHARMING.)

Jung Daehyun

Who wins: Draw

Probably the most sensitive, loving dumbshit in the whole world, he won’t lose cause he has so much love inside him he is immortal. He also can’t beat you because as said before, he’s the most sensitive person (read:gumball, candy kingdom prince) in BAP and has so much nice things to give he’ll probably just hug you when you fight him and IT’LL MAKE YOU SO MAD YOU CAN’T EVEN FIGHT ANYMORE. Holy motherfricking waffles he fights with love for god’s sake.

p.s If you really want to beat him, take away his food or something. But still, don’t fight him, he’s a prince charming who doesn’t want to hurt anyone. You’ll end up feeling your whole being aching at the thought of fighting this sweet little piece of shit. That’d be a suicide mission. Just accept him as he is. Surrender into his arms. That’s it. Go cry now.

Yoo Youngjae

Who wins: Youngjae (He also prepares your coffin)

His glare is the slayer of all babys. He has thought of fighting all of you from day one. Don’t even try to fight him. He might seem like a fucking marshmallow but be deceived not. He’s a knight with a styrofoam sword but HAS ABILITY TO CHANNEL MAGIC SPELLS THAT WILL RUIN YOU IN A SINGLE SECOND. Before you think you can get yourself immuned from his magic spells know that they are aegyos and sarcasm. You can’t beat that. You can’t even touch him.YOU’RE A PEASANT COMPARED TO THIS SUPREME FLUFFY BEING. (You can also bring him to beat Daehyun if you want to. But he’d probably do it alone. And has done so on many occassions probably.)

Moon Jongup

Who wins: Jongup (Perfect Win)

No question. Babys don’t need explanation for this one. He doesn’t have to do anything. You can’t fight him. Give up. He’s real life Saitama. Let it go. Go back into the trash can he has provided for all you fighters. (Rule #1 in fight Jongup club: You don’t talk about fighting Jongup.) Shame on you for even thinking of fighting this kid though.

Choi Zelo

Who wins: Nobody.

You can’t punch him. Even if I help you, you won’t even reach him. And have you even seen his name (and body)??? He’s a fucking greek god don’t even try. (Dude, this boy is so competitive, watch the pepero game, he was killing everybody it was a massacre holy sh–) He really needs to be punched to knock some sense into him, but your punches probably won’t even feel like a thing. You’d go home (read: Trash Can) cause you’ll get so tired fighting this giant baby who has no idea you were even fighting him cause you’re way down there in your hobbit world.

The conclusion is: Even if you really want to fight them, you can’t, cause you have to go through Yongguk first and he’s the boss with million lives that you can’t just beat. Think about it. Will you even make it? Through Himchan and his oh so affectionate pinches? Daehyun’s overwhelming love butplsneverstopweloveyou? What with Jongup being such a puppy and the tall cutiepie? Have you even seen the way Youngjae glares at the cameras?

But let’s be real, let’s not fight BAP. Let’s accept our fate as BAP trash together and let them fight each other instead. They’re each other’s worthy opponents after all lmao