this adorable maknae


Hui’s message to Shinwon (trans cr: MrsDooB2uty)

I know they are a cute bunch of dorks and such great performers on stage. On top of that they are such a good looking group but it is during these times when I’m reminded of why i fell for them so hard during Pentagon Maker. Their bond just feels genuine. I, personally, believe that there’s no such thing as forever so even if one day this bond falters, I know it was real.


This is actually the most adorable thing ever💕 Jinho is such a sweetheart and Yuto is just such a cutie💕

151221 ~ FANSIGN [TRANS]

Fan: Please points out your fave body part of mine 

JH: Pigtail! (Pointed out)

Fan: What is your fave part (of her body)? 

JK: Hmm…

 Fan: Nothing? 

JK: It’s nose! 

Fan: Nose? 

JK: (touch her nose)