this adorable freaking family


That edgy kid from the “Boruto manga” promotional cover? is the villain

I hope my son didn’t become a rouge ninja and follow that edgy kid around 

Color…. cover?

Inojin is wearing overalls… That’s freaking adorable.


The Sunshine Uzumaki family makes my chest hurt.

Hinata looks beautiful tbh

Hands on their hip uchihas because they’re FABULOUS! (Sarada gets it from her dad)

Sasuke looks GOOD!!! I don’t care what anyone says tbh, he looks great! In my opinion 

Tripping the little dobe

Bonus: Master and Student

The biggest mystery in Undertale has got to be the one about Suzy. Sure, the Skeletons seem to be a series of smoke and mirrors, Gaster is a common topic and people are split in the middle about Chara. But Suzy. We know almost nothing about her, but thanks to various theories online, I think I have a decent idea on who this is.

Before I go to deep, I’ll like to give thanks to SaveLoadReset, napstamuse and PassiveChara for writing the theories and analysis I’d be using for this  

One more thing. We need to set-up a few variables for the theory itself. As we know there are three known skeleton,Papyrus, Sans and Gaster as the father. Lets pretend River person is the mother(it’s not important to the theory). But what if add another member to this family. Suzy.

(Not real sprite. Still freaking adorable.)

PassiveChara thinks she might be named after a font and I check and there is a font called Suzie Q, so there is a slim possibility.Another variable we need to set-up is the timeline as we need to know when the CORE was made. SLR made the observation that New Home was built when Chara was adopted but his serious work about unlocking the SOULS true power didn’t seem to start until after Chara and Asirel’s death(this could be wrong).

 However the CORE seem to have a part that designed after Chara and Chara acts like they’ve been in the True Lab before. If my theory about Suzy is correct, this is where Chara and Suzy met. Either that or their parents. Now while the relationship between Chara, Asirel and Suzy isn’t important, It is something I should bring up, just in case.

The first and only mention of Suzy is from Clammgirl, who tells you your fated to meet her. The thing is, if you talk to her and go to Sans’s workshop, you get the text about finding a picture of three smiling faces.There are two possibilities: One is that it’s Suzy with her brothers or Two, it’s Suzy with Chara and Asriel.

Now you may have notice that cute fan sprite is based on the back of the Goner Kid.

This is an interesting thing to note as the back looks it has a face. If PassiveChara thinks this is might be Suzy, who right now is sad it is she’s in a world that she never existed in but thinks it’s best if she’s forgotten. But what’s interesting is that she’s like Gaster’s Followers. A creature I like to call a goner. 

But why is she a goner? Well,Napstabmuse managed to organised the lab notes in True Lab to who might have wrote them and from the sounds of Gaster’s notes, he managed to revive the monsters. I have a feeling these monsters are Gasters followers.

Now why would Suzy be a goner or be involved in Gaster’s experiments.  Well I have an idea. Papyrus. Now why would Papyrus be the reason  Suzy had to been filled with determination. I think it was accident. Napstabmuse made a really good analysis of Papyrus saying we don’t really know him that well but he really wants to be hero and delibralty holds back, no matter the run. I’m not saying Papyrus is a bad guy because he’s clearly not, But I wouldn’t surprise if was trying to be cool and he gravely wounds his sister and maybe Sans and felt horrible about it ever sense. And why would I even mention Sans, well, if you call Papyrus in the snail farm, he comments the Sans emits slime like snail. I’m now connived that slime is a side effect of excess determination in monsters. Just like Undyne when she’s dying.

Unfortunately, that;s all I can put together about what and who Suzy might be. As for why Sans and Papyrus aren’t goners, I’ll have to guess they were actually in the area the thing the removed Gaster took place and if Clamgirl was there neighbor and might have got caught up by accident, then it must’ve happened at home. This is still an even more incomplete puzzle then Gaster but I hope I manage to put some pieces together.  However the fate of Suzy and the rest of Undertale rest in the hands of one man

Now before I end, I’ll like to list all the theories on Tumblr I used to put this unfinished puzzle together.




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