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  • Chaeyoung: Unnie it was really weird, Nayeon was being friendly with all the waiters
  • Jihyo: Is that friendship or just pleasantries?
  • Jeongyeon: [Sitting behind them with her feet on the table casually turning the pages of a magazine] Nayeon is never pleasant
Zodiac Signs as Fairies
  • Aries: Rainforest fairy, red hair, green eyes and wings, loves the hotter months, dress made out of tropical plants and flowers, dark green glow, has the power to fly long distances.
  • Taurus: Forest fairy, floor-length dark brown hair, light brown eyes, kind, optimistic, most active in Autumn, transparent wings, loves animals and plants, green glow.
  • Gemini: Dark fairy, can anticipate certain events, pessimistic, short black hair, grey eyes, dress made out of feathers, loves the winter months, grey wings, white glow.
  • Cancer: Flower fairy, audacious, humorous, short black hair, brown eyes, dress made out of flowers, loves the spring and summer months, yellow wings with purple lines, purple glow.
  • Leo: Cloud fairy, immature, young at heart, is pure white with ombre grey wings, brown eyes, lives in the clouds, has the ability to make the clouds into solid surfaces, loves snowy weather.
  • Virgo: Wood/Mountain fairy, flowing brown hair, green eyes, communicates with animals, prefers the colder months, adventurous, wears dress made out of flowers, brown wings, gold glow.
  • Libra: Hills fairy, caramel brown hair, chubby, adorable, green eyes, prefers spring, yellow glow, wears small tunic, corset and leggings, loves the comforts of home, yellow wings, friendly.
  • Scorpio: Cave fairy, turns red when angry and yellow when happy, rainbow when neutral, rainbow glow, mischievous, loves singing and dancing, enjoys a good feast, skilled at baking, social butterfly, adaptable to any environment.
  • Sagittarius: Fire fairy, woven headband with a ruby, gold wings with blue outline, red orange and yellow bangles, green eyes with flecks of gold, blunt, pessimistic, red glow, loves summer.
  • Capricorn: Nomadic Fairy, wanders all over the world, doesn't settle in one area, pink curly hair, purple eyes, loves the Earth, can be quite defensive and violent when threatened, self-assured.
  • Aquarius: Tall fairy, blue eyes, blonde curly hair, lilac wings, melodic voice, loves animals, ambitious, pink glow, is shy and withdrawn during the warmer months, lives in the arctic.
  • Pisces: Ocean fairy, dark blue eyes, long, blonde wavy hair, silky voice, flirtatious, loves the creatures of the ocean, white glow, outspoken, outgoing, confident, lives in the ocean.



NAME:   amy curtis march
NICKNAME(S):   none shown in canon
AGE:   12-23.  ( canon ).
SPECIES:    human.


MORALITY:   lawful  / NEUTRAL  /  chaotic /  good /  neutral  / evil  /  TRUE.
RELIGIOUS BELIEF:   christian.
SINS:     ENVY  / greed / lust / gluttony / sloth / PRIDE / WRATH.
VIRTUES :  chastity / humility / CHARITY / diligence / KINDNESS / PATIENCE / temperance.
PRIMARY GOALS IN LIFE:   to have the right suitor,     to have money,      to become an artist.
LANGUAGES KNOWN:     english,     french (almost fluent),     italian (conversational).
SECRETS: the status / wealth of her family back home.    a lot of the negative traits she has
SAVVIES:   art,  languages,  charity work,  needle work,  cooking,  ice skating ( stops after nearly drowning in the lake due to fear),  dancing.


BUILD:    scrawny  /  BONY / SLENDER / fit /  athletic  / CURVY  /  herculean  /  pudgy  /  average /  muscled.
HEIGHT:   5′2″
WEIGHT:    94 llbs  
SCARS/BIRTHMARKS:   scars on her left hand from where she was struck by the teacher after the pickled limes incident.
ABILITIES/POWERS :   artistic skill,      especially good with charcoal / watercolours / pencils.
RESTRICTIONS:  she has never had any sporty skill a day in her life.     terribly scared of heights and frozen lakes.


FOOD :  candied fruits,    cake -    especially in chocolate or lemon flavours,       butter -   even as a adult,    bread and soup.
DRINK : champagne,     any sparkling wine truly.      hot chocolate and tea. 
PIZZA TOPPING:  prosciutto and goats cheese.
COLOR(S) :  pastels,      especially in pale pinks and blues.       every shade of grey.       deep blues and emerald greens.
MUSIC GENRE:    classic / folksy
BOOK GENRE:    fairy tales /  romance.

MOVIE GENRE :  literature adaptations.    musicals.     romance

SEASONS:   winter.     she has strong associations with being around her sisters at christmas and sees it as a time of giving and carin for others.
SCENT(S):   flowers,     especially lavender.     cinnamon in winter,       lemons in summer.


SINGS IN THE SHOWER :    TERRIBLY.       does silly voices to make herself laugh
LIKES BAD PUNS:   loves them,     will snort into her wine.
CURSE WORD:   CURSES!  more in her head than out loud

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whitefox55-deactivated20180101  asked:

How do you feel about the reboot comics?

Quite positive overall.

Yeah there’s problem areas like bad adapts i.e Unleashed, a few boring as hell characters like Gold the Tenrec and some instances of character favoritism and questionable character usage but in general, they’re small niggles rather than gaping issues.

The post-reboot had a more cohesive world, wasn’t infected by the canker the old continuity was infested with, had really well-designed and interesting characters and overall had some notably improved characterizations i.e Sonic and Rouge.

It’s just a terrible shame that when the reboot had found it’s footing, it had to be cancelled so unceremoniously D:

Zodiac Signs as Griffins
  • Aries: Guards ancient temples entrances, protecting artefacts and treasures, gold feathers on chest and cream coloured feathers on tail, wide wingspan, yellow eyes, has very acute vision, protective, strives to safeguard individuals.
  • Taurus: Hibernates during the winter in dark caves and roams through forests in Summer, Autumn and Spring, prefers to avoid other Griffins and creatures, pure white feathers, adventurous, very nimble and swift, skilled at flying in enclosed areas.
  • Gemini: Nomadic griffin, wanders around sleeping in rainforests, mountains, caves, cliffs and fields, metallic silver and gold feathers, intelligent, light blue eyes, efficient hunter and is very adept at ambushing their prey.
  • Cancer: Can foresee the future and foretell events, doesn’t stay in a particular area and is rarely seen, black feathers, green eyes, mysterious, skilled at unseen movement, hoards small trinkets and objects, very versatile.
  • Leo: Flies around ancient ruins and castles, discovering ancient artefacts and hoarding treasures like a dragon, blue wing feathers that fade into grey feathers on the rest of the body, introverted, kind, very proficient at camouflage and concealment.
  • Virgo: Very independent griffin, only keeps in company with the sagittarius griffin, will help others if they receive something in return, lives in snowcapped mountain peaks and wanders pine forests, dark brown feathers, hazel eyes, sly, manipulative, skilled at pinpointing others weaknesses and tracking their prey.
  • Libra: Very sociable griffin, keeps in company with other mythical creatures, loves flying around fields and racing other griffins, playful, charismatic, dark brown feathers, light brown eyes, prefers hot climates, can fly very far distances in a short amount of time.
  • Scorpio: Lives in concealed and moonless caves, extremely solitary, unsociable, extremely unpredictable and violent, grey and black speckled feathers, black talons, red eyes, only comes out of the darkness when it needs food.
  • Sagittarius: Wanders the lakes near snowcapped peaks, keeping in company with other griffins, eggplant purple feathers, pure white eyes, mischievous, compassionate, loves to fly through the mountain ranges, skilled at tracking.
  • Capricorn: The noblest and oldest of all the griffins, accompanies heroes and warriors on their journeys, fights off foes and aids them, gold body feathers, purple tail feathers, pale gold eyes, moral, majestic, very adaptable and a skilled teller of tales.
  • Aquarius: Very approachable and cordial griffin, green head feathers, blue wing feathers, brown body and tail feathers, large mahogany eyes, roams wide grasslands and fields, extremely optimistic, very defensive when their safety is threatened, skilled at combat.
  • Pisces: The most confident griffin, tends to live in swamps or mangroves and flies in the sky at night admiring the stars, copper wing feathers, navy body and tail feathers, small round blue eyes, very athletic and capable, superior night vision.
Come back often and take hold of me,
sensation that I love come back and take hold of me—
when the body’s memory awakens
and an old longing again moves into the blood,
when lips and skin remember
and hands feel as though they touch again...
C.P. Cavafy. “Come Back” (adaptation). • Previous counterpart [x]



the lavender in sunsets, flowers in the rain,sunlight slipping through clouds, lazy summer afternoons, the heavy scent of musk, flickering candlelight reflecting off the gold titles of books, fireflies on a cool summer night, being wrapped in fresh bedsheets, the ache of wanting what you can never have,dripping sunlight like gold, loving someone so exquisite, soft lips and soft whispers, fingers through hair, names of lovers carved in trees, broken glass,the insistence of being perpetually dreamy


mahogany wood, crisp winter skies with cold bright stars, the solitude of an early autumn morning wrapped in fog, empty bottles on stacks and stacks of books haphazardly placed in a messy room, pale bruised arms reaching out into the darkness, cigarette smoke just barely hiding the scent of alcohol, a wall of books all poetry and old and weathered, a bad thunderstorm occurring at the end of a beautiful day, the way tragedy strikes in your heart but ends up stopping your breathing for a moment, your favorite sweater, parties spilling into four a.m. with the stars above spinning and dancing, the contrast of blood against snow, a purple split lip oozing blood, black eyes fading to blue to pale skin,the butterflies of falling in love for the first time, the statues falling apart over time in cemeteries, the romanticization of self-destruction


the weight of dread that sits heavily in your stomach when thinking about the future, decrepit houses cloaked in mystery from children telling stories of people who died there, the way not even light can escape a black hole, the rich smell of old books, delicate veins in the wrist, ghosts filling lungs, shattered bones, raindrops on the tongue, rusting metal, nostalgia that aches, the way hope feels like a plastic bag over your head


the anxiety felt when staring into an unknown cave, pouring rain and mud, a child’s fear of the dark, thinking so many questions about your existence as you stare at the vast expanse of never ending ocean, the silence of three a.m., danse macabre by camille saint-saens playing on a record in an empty house, the possibility of aliens and the weird feeling it gives you that you can’t explain, unexplainable phenomena, strange lights in the sky in the dead of night, ouija boards and urban legends


the brisk pine air of being on a mountain, travels without a destination, those nights where you’re missing three hours of memory, screaming to a lifeless desert about how you’re so alive, coffee shops late at night, car rides at night spent speeding and laughing in the dark, naps spent in the sun, novels highlighted and underlined with notes and epiphanies in the margins, the way uncertainty sits on the shoulders, ignoring flaws and loving life, wind through hair, depression as fog in the brain, impossible ideals, a quiet sunrise, walks alone, when you think about trying to discover all the secrets to the universe, dazzling people, open lands stretching out into infinity, falling in love with being alive


the ocean’s horizon inseparable from fog, hollow bones, a preserved heart held in hands, twinkling stars above an old graveyard, the way everything turns to dust, silent black birds with eyes full of wisdom, self-inflicted flames,perfection depicted as a rotting corpse, death as bricks in the heart, lips barely brushing against each other, glassy glazed eyes, biting into a lemon, heart-shaped bruises, rotting flowers on a grave, dried blood and spilled liquor, the hush of dusk when it begins raining, the intimacy of a secret

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Cloudy vibrant

nostalgic waves

Coffee stained skys and a painted wall of grass

Stagnate ocean pink purple reflection

Nigh sour taste

Your larynx Walking in and out of reality

Sans you in Eden

Salty cool air is Harsh upon my gaze

Roaring at a still frame

Your pictures don’t look the same

Priceless expression

Nothing is missing

Chasing who I am onto ledges

She became the ocean one day

Vast colorful eyes touching the horizon

Luring nature can be chaotic

Undergrowth in a slumber

How it adapts to change to survive

Water at her fingertips of roots

From gold to petals she’s never felt softer

Pouring out herself once again

She’s better than ever ~moreheartandlove | 2017


The Kicks - Confidence

Devin Burke was the star player on her soccer team back home until her family moved to California. Now, Devin has to rise to the challenge after discovering that her new school team has been on a losing streak and is badly in need of a leader to turn things around. Based on the book series by Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Morgan and adapted by David Babcock (Brothers & Sisters, Gilmore Girls).

ooc.      me going back to the text and realising how many things amy has studied / languages she can use like????        this is one 1800s ‘accomplished lady’

languages:   okay so she speaks english,     french (almost fluently),     italian (conversationally),     german (proficiently enough to get by,      not always grammatically correct),      latin (can read and write but not speak it).       

art:      has studied charcoal,     watercolours,      oil painting,       pencils,       sculpturing.

musically:        can sing,       is proficient at playing piano but not artistic with it.

other:       dress making,       sewing / embroidery,      flower arrangement,       dancing,    artistically making worn out clothes seem prettier and higher class than they are,     keen reader but mostly of jo’s work.

Nothing Gold Can Stay SCREENPLAY adapted by the wonderful evil-bones-mccoy
“A disillusioned former English professor is sent to tutor the two young princes of a small European monarchy, and finds himself embroiled in a political conspiracy intended to topple the Royal family he has grown to love.”

Expanding on my fanfic, the screenplay offers a plethora of new details, a richer and more detailed backstory, and a clearer explanation of the entire mess that Bilbo got himself tangled up in. AO3 doesn’t support the format it is written in, and so I urge all those who do give it a read to stop by Lily’s askbox to let her know that you liked it!