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Robotech Defenders, January - April 1985, published by DC Comics.  Cover art on #1 by Judith Hunt & Murphy Anderson, #2 by Mike Manley and Murphy Anderson.

The first ever Robotech comic wasn’t an adaptation of the Harmony Gold anime, but this unrelated 2-issue mini-series (note the cover for #1 states it would be a 3-issue mini, but issues 2 and 3 were edited into a single no-ads book length conclusion).  This was a tie-in to model kit manufacturer Revell’s Robotech Defenders line of mecha kits taken from various early-80s anime, including Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Century Orguss, and Fang of the Sun Dougram.

Harmony Gold licensed Macross for U.S. distribution in 1984, but since Revell had already released Macross mecha kits, putting a damper on H.G.’s merchandising plans, the two companies signed a co-marketing agreement, part of which was that Harmony Gold’s edited Macross would be re-branded as Robotech when it was aired in America in 1985.


Reclaiming Fitspo: Alana Nichols

Alana Nichols is an adaptive athlete who competes in alpine skiing, basketball and sprint kayaking.

Born in 1983 in New Mexico, Nichols’ family frequently traveled to Colorado for snowboarding trips. At the age of 17, it was there that she suffered a spinal cord injury from an attempted backflip. Nichols was paralyzed from the waist down.

Nichols graduated from University of Arizona with Education degree and, two years later, obtained Master’s Degree in Kinesiology. It was here that she was introduced to competitive basketball: She joined the U.S. Paralympic Women’s Wheelchair Basketball National Team in 2005, making her Paralympic Games debut in Beijing.

Strongly transitioning into adaptive sports, Nichols was the first American woman to win gold medals at both the Summer (Wheelchair Basketball) and Winter (Alpine Ski Racing) Olympic/Paralympic Games. She has won three medals in the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Cup, won the first ever all female adaptive surf competition in history, was the most decorated U.S. female athlete of the 2010 Games (including both able-bodied and disabled competitors), and serves on the boards of EspnW, The Women’s Sports Foundation and The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

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ok u kno what im on a roll being angry about games I love so here’s my Official Non Exhaustive List Of Ways To Improve FGO

  • introduce some kind of mechanic to make weaker servants more viable and overall have the game depend less on having good servants. currently ce’s and grails are supposed to do that but they’re not exactly perfect at it because you can only put one CE on each servant and grails are highly limited. I’m thinking more along the lines of install skills in extella (sticking stat boosts on individual servants) or the weapon grid in granblue fantasy (having like half ur team stats come from farmable weapons rather than the characters themselves), and it should mainly make things easier on early game players who just don’t have a wide range of servants to adapt to situations yet because fgo early game is Harsh.
  • increase the gold servant rate fucking honestly. 4% chance of a gold servant is downright cruel, especially since 5* already aren’t as horribly overpowered as they seem because of the cost limit mechanic (which is good) and ascension mat hell (not as good but still acceptable). with how many 5* are limited too there’s really nothing to lose in making the gold servant rates like 8% for a 4* and 2% for a 3* because it’s not like it will make people stop spending as much as they do, they’re still gonna want the limited servant. this is again mainly to make the lives of early game players easier because things are hard if you don’t have decent servants in each class yet and it’s not fucking fun if you have to rely on support for everything. leave the 5* rate untouched if you absolutely have to but the 4* servant rate Has to be better if only to make whaling less soul-crushing because you at least won’t come out of spending several hundred quartz with an amount of golds you can count on one hand
  • introduce a way to just pick the servant you want if you’ve spent enough. we KIND OF have that already with the whole blank saint graph thing but it’s fucking useless even to whales because people who have enough copies of 5* servants to pick one from the shop already have all the ones in the shop. I’m talking more like the granblue pick ticket that lets you just choose an available character after you spend enough gacha currency or the love live scouting coupons where you get one for every 10 rolls and if you have a few saved up you can roll in a guaranteed SR and up gacha. this’d even get people to spend more in a lot of cases because you’ll know for sure that you’ll get something good you spend just a bit more. they could easily repurpose the rare prism shop into this so that you still need to have rolled a number of gold servants in order to pick one freely
  • fucking stop making 5* servants limited all the time oh my god, especially the ones that are actually a main character in a singularity like ishtar and moriarty
  • put story locked servants in event gachas you cowards, they’re effectively limited with the way things are now because nobody in their right mind throws quartz at the story gacha when they could be saving for events
  • something to keep the game interesting for lategame players between events. there’s really not much to do besides item grind with terrible droprates and raise servants you may or may not even intend to use outside events once you’re done with the story so it’d be good to have something like weekly raid bosses or other high difficulty quests that give good loot or just generally give you something to do while there’s nothing else going on. the daily hunting quests we had a while back are prime material for this kind of thing

Magnus Chase characters as Odin Sphere characters

The only one who doesn’t really fit is Blitz as Oswald, but the full suit of armor did give me the excuse to totally glitz him up in gold. It was also a bit challenging to adapt such fan-service-y outfits to be suitable for Sam and Hearth.

Look I love superhero comics, I like some adaptations, hate others and are meh about most of them and I get every superhero has their fans and don’t want to see their property fail and it hurts when it does. I’ve been there. Even in the adaptations I like there’s something off that takes me out of it.

Justice League cartoon: Why is John Stewart a humorless marine with no creativity? Why do people like this John Stewart? Because it’s his only adaptation outside comics, I guess. Why is Wally West acting like Booster Gold? Mixed opinions on Diana and Shayara. Diana has more of the demure alien innocence of comic Shayara, while Shayara has more of the party reveler of comic Diana, it’s weird. Maybe I’m thinking of them in their Satellite era context and less on their Gods and Mortals and Hawkworld versions. Those are small changes to the mostly well-rounded characters, but it makes their iterations off to me.

Captain America: Why is Bucky the same age? Why is Sam a soldier and not a social worker? Why is Natasha not even old enough to have been a KGB member?

Guardians of The Galaxy: Peter Lord isn’t much like himself, Drax is alien, Rocket might not be a raccoon?

Thor: Asgard is downplayed to make it more Jane and friends-centric. Not bad, just different, but dull the second go around.

The Flash TV Show: We get a sweet Caitlin Snow at the expense of Tora Olafsdotter because she’s American? Why would you reframe a potential villain with killer in their name and then make it impossible to credibly make this character not villain material? Why is it that when we get any female villains they have to be pawns who are good victims of circumstance, or Bonnies? It seems both criminality and meta mutations are rare in the xx gene in the Earth-1 Flash Universe. Notice that it’s more common on Earth-2 and Earth-38.

You know how many times I’ve had to watch Catwoman be butchered and just be thankful they didn’t write her as some Frank Miller Sin City meets Angels With Dirty Faces character. And I liked both of those movies, i like Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke. Jessica Alba was good in that and Machete, and I really love James Cagney and nearly all of his films that I’ve seen, but neither work for a Catwoman setting, nor does divorcing it from Batman and giving her cat powers and some fashion industry subplot ripped off from some one-shot Stan Lee character, nor does erasing her name, putting on a cheap masquerade mask and giving her Huntress motivations, or making her a child hanging out with young Bruce Wayne on a show about the adventures of an incompetent Jim Gordon and his wacko ex-fiance. At least we had Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar (who I got to spoke to). Michelle Pfeiffer I’ll have to take as a mixed bag. Her dynamic with Michael Keaton has been the best adaptation even though both characters are fundamentally different. She’s good, but underutilized in the Batman: TAS and I think they jumped the gun when Batman outed her secret identity to the world. It severely limited her function in that universe.

Nothing Gold Can Stay SCREENPLAY adapted by the wonderful evil-bones-mccoy
“A disillusioned former English professor is sent to tutor the two young princes of a small European monarchy, and finds himself embroiled in a political conspiracy intended to topple the Royal family he has grown to love.”

Expanding on my fanfic, the screenplay offers a plethora of new details, a richer and more detailed backstory, and a clearer explanation of the entire mess that Bilbo got himself tangled up in. AO3 doesn’t support the format it is written in, and so I urge all those who do give it a read to stop by Lily’s askbox to let her know that you liked it!


The Kicks - Confidence

Devin Burke was the star player on her soccer team back home until her family moved to California. Now, Devin has to rise to the challenge after discovering that her new school team has been on a losing streak and is badly in need of a leader to turn things around. Based on the book series by Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Morgan and adapted by David Babcock (Brothers & Sisters, Gilmore Girls).

“Cover Northanger” by Anna and Elana Balbusso. Northanger Abbey. Jane Austen. Adapted by Nancy Timmins. Black Cat Publishing, 2010. Gold Medal, Society of Illustrators, 2011.

Catherine, 17 and on her first visit Bath, likes Gothic novels. She will find herself in the middle of a family tragedy. Northanger Abbey is the scene of a crime, or perhaps it is all just a product of Catherine’s imagination.