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Teen Beat 1993 Newsies Interviews

Teen Beat, 1993 Get the News on Newsies–Right Here!
Exclusive Interviews With Some “News-Worthy” Guys!

Newsies, a hot new Disney flick, is the story of the great New York City newspaper strike that took place around the turn of the century. Two young newsboys, Jack Kelly (Christian Bale) and David Jacobs (David Moscow) round up their peers, including David’s younger brother Les (Luke Edwards), Racetrack (Max Casella), Crutchy (Marty Belafsky), Kid Blink (Trey Parker), Mush (Aaron Lohr), and Boots (Arvie Lowe, Jr.) and revolt against newspaper moguls Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst when they cut the boys’ meager wages to benefit themselves. Look out–‘cause the boys plan to do something about it! This musical extravaganza comes complete with good guys, bad guys (gorgeous Shon Greenblatt plays Oscar Delancey, the younger of the two evil Delancey gangsters) and is loaded with singing and dancing. When TEEN BEAT got wind of this movie, we put a call in to Disney and what did we get in return? A chance to chat with Shon, Marty, Arvie, Aaron, and Trey. Get all the news–straight from the source. Enjoy!
TEEN BEAT: Tell us about Newsies.
AARON LOHR: Newsies takes place in 1899 and it’s about how the newsboys strike against William Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer. They form a labor union. The whole movie is singing and dancing, acting, gymnastic and stunts.
TEEN BEAT: You do all your own stunts and stuff?
AARON: Yes. I’ve been dancing, acting and doing gymnastics since I ws 3.
TEEN BEAT: Tell us about your Newsies character, Mush.
AARON: Mush is always looking on the bright side of things and he’s always trying to help out. He repeats things. He’s always laughing at stupid jokes. He’s kind of naive.
TEEN BEAT: Why is he nicknamed Mush?
AARON: The director, Kenny Ortega, said that the complexion of my skin is like oatmeal, so they called my character Mush!
TEEN BEAT: Is he like you in real life?
AARON: Yes, I guess so. I look on the bright side of things. I’m always positive and laugh a lot.
TEEN BEAT: Were there any funny things that happened on the set while you were filming?
AARON: Oh, yes. Like, David Moscow and a couple of other guys, we were going to throw buckets of water from the top of the World building on Kenny but somehow he saw the water coming and ran out of the way and he got squirt guns and started squirting everyone. It was fun.
TEEN BEAT: What was the average age of the actors on the set?
AARON: Most of the actors were around 19 years old.
TEEN BEAT: Was it fun filming at Universal Studios?
AARON: It was fun and it was convenient, because I live in Los Angeles.
TEEN BEAT: What was the best part about it?
AARON: Kenny Ortega is the best. He listens to you and he’s like a kid. It was fun.
TEEN BEAT: Tell us about your Newsies character, Boots.
ARVIE LOWE, JR.: His name is Benjamin Arvis.
TEEN BEAT: How’d he get his nickname Boots?
ARVIE: He used to shine shoes when his mom was still with him. When his mom passed away, he couldn’t make it because shining shoes didn’t pay well. So, Jack Kelly [Christian Bale’s character] asked if my character wanted to sell papers too. But since my character loves shoes, they call him Boots.
TEEN BEAT: You’re a dancer. How’d you start dancing?
ARVIE: Well, I attended the Regina School Of Performing Arts and I learned to dance with my buddies at school.
TEEN BEAT: Would you want to try your hand at a career in music?
ARVIE: I don’t know. I think I might want to.
TEEN BEAT: How’d you get into acting?
ARVIE: I was taped at a birthday party at the Regina School of Performing Arts and they showed this tape of me dancing to an agent and the agent wanted me to audition for this agency and I got it. On my first audition I got a JOB.
TEEN BEAT: What was the job?
ARVIE: It was called Box Office Funny. It turned out to be a movie.
TEEN BEAT: And you toured Europe.
ARVIE: For Reebok. I brought a friend. We’re a dance team.
TEEN BEAT: Where do you see yourself in five years?
ARVIE: Probably in high school, doing what I do best–drawing characters and creating.
TEEN BEAT: Is there any one thing you want to say to your fans?
ARVIE: Go see Newsies!
TEEN BEAT: Tell us about your Newsies character, Kid Blink.
TREY PARKER: They call him that because he has a patch over his left eye.
TEEN BEAT: How’d he lose his eye?
TREY: I just tell people he was born that way, but in real life, there was a Kid Blink and he wore a patch and it was like, a handicap to sell. He wore a patch to make him look helpless.
TEEN BEAT: Was Newsies a fun movie to make?
TREY: It was incredible!
TEEN BEAT: How was the cast?
TREY: I’ve never worked with a better cast. We were like a big family. All the producers and directors–everybody involved–were so close!
TEEN BEAT: For how long did the movie film?
TREY: We worked for almost seven months.
TEEN BEAT: When the film wrapped, what did you do to celebrate?
TREY: We had a party at one of the guys’ houses and we made a scrapbook for the director and for other people who worked on the film.
TEEN BEAT: How’d you get into acting?
TREY: I did little things in Alabama. I was born and raised there. Then I moved to New York. Then I started dancing. I did a few commercials and then I did mainly theater. I played John in Peter Pan.
TEEN BEAT: How’d you start dancing?
TREY: When I was 7 or 8, my best friend and I used to turn on the TV to Soul Train and we used to mimic the dancers. My sister took classes and I’d go and watch her. I just picked it up. Then, in New York, I started training.
TEEN BEAT: Do you sing too?
TREY: Yes. To tell the truth I have a group and we’re trying to get our stuff together. The group’s called EYC
(Express Yourself Clearly ). I’m just gonna be the Bo Jackson of entertainment! [Trey starts laughing]. I’m willing to commit myself to it–I think it can be done.
TEEN BEAT: Give us the final overall view.
TREY: I think the movie is a really cool film and I think a lot of people will like it!
TEEN BEAT: We hear the cast of Newsies was close. Did you guys hang out socially?
MARTY BELAFSKY: Yes. Sometimes we’d go out and see a movie. A bunch of us would do paint color wars. We’d dress up in army clothes and go out in the fields and have paint color wars.
TEEN BEAT: If you had to move from California, where would you move to?
MARTY: My mom’s from Chicago. I like Chicago.
TEEN BEAT: Newsies is the first major role you’ve had in a feature film. How’d you feel when you got the part?
MARTY: I was thrilled. I was so happy to work with Kenny again. We’d worked together on Hull High.
TEEN BEAT: Create the perfect role for yourself in a movie.
MARTY: That’s hard. Probably an action/adventure movie–with everything in it. Something where I’m the hero.
TEEN BEAT: What actors would be included in the cast?
MARTY: Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger–people like that. Have Steven Spielberg direct it.
TEEN BEAT: If you couldn’t act anymore, what would you want to do?
MARTY: I want to direct. I’d like to follow in the footsteps of Ron Howard. I want to go to film school at USC.
TEEN BEAT: What is one goal that you’d like to accomplish in your lifetime?
MARTY: I’d like to have a family and settle down. That’s kind of weird coming from a teenager!
TEEN BEAT: What era would you visit if you fell into a time machine?
MARTY: Probably the '50s because I’m curious to see how everything worked back then.
TEEN BEAT: What do you like most about acting?
MARTY: Just the feel of doing it. I like being up there and I like the attention! I simply like making people laugh and cry.
SHON GREENBLATT “Oscar Delancey”
TEEN BEAT: Tell us about your character in Newsies.
SHON GREENBLATT: The character I play in Newsies is a true character. His name is Oscar Delancey. [The younger of the two Delancey brothers.] The Delancey Streets in New York and San Francisco were named after him. When he grew up he became a huge crime lord. But, in Newsies, he’s this bad, more perverted, demented younger brother. My character’s the guy you love to hate.
TEEN BEAT: Was he an easy character to play?
SHON: I’ve never played a bad guy, so it’s cool. It’s hard to play a period bad guy because you can’t rely on any one thing. There was a lot of research into this character. We were trained in martial arts and wrestling and there was a dialect coach on the set.
TEEN BEAT: Was it hard to stay in that “New Yawk” tongue?
SHON: No. We were around each other and pretty much talking like our characters all the time.
TEEN BEAT: Was there anyone who mastered this “dialect?”
SHON: If we couldn’t find the dialect coach, then we’d talk to Max Casella. Max has such a great New York accent.
TEEN BEAT: Were there any outstanding things you remember from filming?
SHON: Yeah. When we burst into the theater where Ann-Margret is performing to get all the kids. The cop my character’s with falls into the orchestra pit and it’s a funny, slapstick thing because I’m trying to push him out of there and he weight two tons and he’s crushing me. I just started ad-libbing. I had to get it approved by the dialect coach because there are certain words they didn’t use back then.
TEEN BEAT: Were they open to your input as far as lines go?
SHON: Yes. Actually, I said the ad-lib and the script supervisor wrote down what I said, and together we picked what we’d keep. Then, all the other takes were done with that.
TEEN BEAT: We understand that kenny Ortega, the director of Newsies, was really great.
SHON: Kenny Ortega is the greatest. He’s an actor’s director. He really believed in us. He’s a good guy.
TEEN BEAT: Was Newsies a tough film to make?
SHON: Newsies was … there is no walk in the forest when it comes to making a film.

[ENG TRANS] [ARTICLE] Women’s Central Magazine: Who is Mamamoo?

Article from magazine Women Central, Oct 2014

In this summer’s girlgroup battlefield, the rookie artist that caught people’s eyes was Mamamoo. In one single feat, talented girl group Mamamoo took #1 on the music charts with ‘Um Ah Oh Yeah’, confidently making their name rise as ‘2015’s Trending Girl Group’. Mamamoo is a unique name and it only piques interest to everything about them.

This summer’s K-Pop scene was an all-out aggressive battle of girl groups; SNSD, Wonder Girls, Sistar, AOA, and even Apink. The usual summer promotion time from mid-June to August consisted of music releases from over 10 girl groups. The competition was so fierce that the summer was even labeled as '2015 Girl Group Ceremony’. From girl groups that make Uncle fans swoon, there were also new names that emerged to make an appearance. It’s only been an year-and-a-half since they have debuted, but Mamamoo has secured their flag of victory in the girl group battle with their 2nd mini album 'Pink Funky’ and title song 'Um Ah Oh Yeah’.

Most often, girl group concepts are either one of the two; cute or sexy.  Along with this, there is a catchy 'hook song’, a simple and cute dance with a signature move. Then comes the endless amount of guest appearances on variety programs to gain popularity and to 'rise’ in interest. This is a common tactic used in the entertainment business. However, Mamamoo has shown a whole variety of genres in musicality, far and wide. Even before their debut they were rumored to be a very skillful group. Following their debut song 'Don’t Be Happy’, other releases like 'Peppermint Chocolate’, 'Mr. Ambiguous’, and 'Piano Man’ has embedded the retro genre as their main style, but they also exhibit R&B, Disco, Rap, and Hip-Hop. They have stood on the stage of 'Immortal Songs’ on KBS2, performing covers of their sunbaes’ songs in a perfect manner, earning the title of 'Skillful Idols’. This is not surprising, especially with 'Um Ah Oh Yeah’ ranking #1 on music charts. Their fancafe in a short period of time totaled up to over 30,000 members and the tickets to their first fanmeet sold out in a minute. With so many numerous girl groups names out there, it can be tricky to remember all of them if not any. Within this limited space, Mamamoo has shown energetic and enthusiastic stages, and outside of their stages, they show off a dorky charm that is unfathomable. To the 4 'Beagle Idols’ (Solar, Moonbyul, Whee In, and Hwa Sa), we gave them 9 keywords to discuss.

Reading Mamamoo with 8 Keywords

A different performance everytime

Mamamoo slightly improvises their stage or lyrics every performance. Even though they are all 'Um Ah Oh Yeah’ stages, the performances to MBC 'Music Core’ compared to KBS 'Music Bank’ are different. The truth in making every performance to be different during promotion times isn’t easy and requires a lot of practice and creative ideas.

Hwa Sa: “In the lyrics of 'Um Ah Oh Yeah’, there is a line that goes “Unnie, who is this girl? Oh my god.” In each performance, this line is said differently. There are ad-libs, sometimes we plan things before going up on stage. It’s fun for us and the people that watch us get anticipate it, so we continuously did new things.”

The idea to do change things in every performance was from Mamamoo’s producer and composer Kim Do Hoon.

Solar: “I think Mamamoo’s greatest point are our performances. In the perception of the audience, there’s no point in watching the same stages over and over again. We want to be singers that people look to because we make things a new experience every time. Preparing to make every performance different is also fun for us too. We can laugh and try new things while looking into each other’s eyes, but also get nervous about making another mistake.”

Um Ah Oh Yeah, 1st place Debut

Even a veteran singer of 10 years feels the pressure of music chart rankings in every comeback. With new releases coming out everyday, it is difficult to get in the higher rankings. On June 19th, Mamamoo released 'Um Ah Oh Yeah’. It entered the chart with a high ranking and then even claimed #1.

Whee In: “As soon as we heard that we were #1, we were like; "Really? Lies.” It was so unbelievable that we were actually pretty neutral about it. All of us would pretend that we weren’t caring about this too much, but whenever we had free time, we would go on the music chart sites just to look (laughs). It’s the first time for us to enter the charts with high rankings, so we were really happy.“

Up until now, they have been producing music with a retro style, but this time, 'Um Ah Oh Yeah’ is a fast-paced dance song. Mamamoo members participated in composing the song.

Moonbyul: "When we first listened to the song, we did like it, but we were a bit worried since it was different from the songs that we had showed before. We didn’t know it would do this well.”

Idols that do everything themselves, even stage-planning

Regardless of only being a rookie artist, Mamamoo create the choreography to their song, choose their stage outfits, and plan their stages all on their own. They have had the thought to be self-sufficient since their trainee days and that doing this will help them develop fast as an artist.

Whee In: “I think it’s just become routine for us now, since we’ve done things like this when we were trainees. But of course, there are the opinions of professionals around us who refine any idea that we might have.”

Hwa Sa: “As if I were studying, I watched a lot of international stage clips. We even had brainstorming meetings. We have a lot of schedules these days so I don’t have that much time to watch videos, so it’s kind of frustrating. I do also get the feeling that it (stage-planning) is exhausting.”

'Immortal Songs’ cover performances were also planned by themselves.

Solar: “We also planned the stages for 'Immortal Songs’ by ourselves. It was tiring, but we got a great sense of satisfaction after finishing those performances.”

Moonbyul: “Although it may be difficult during times of preparation, we think that finding clothes that individually suit us is the right thing to do. The more challenging things are, the better results we get, so I think we can continue to strive forward in the future.”

More popular to females, girl crush

If you listen to Mamamoo’s fanchants, the volume of female voices seem to be significantly higher. Mamamoo’s fanclub 'Moomoo’ is also made up of a lot of femals fans. When a female fan supports a female idol, and they feel the charms and attractiveness of that female idol despite being a woman themselves, this is referred to as a 'girl crush’. The ‘gathering of female fans’ is surging due to the concept of cross-dressing as guys in the music video. The story within 'Um Ah Oh Yeah’ is about a girl that falls for a guy at first sight, only to find out that the guy was actually a girl. In the music video, Moonbyul, Hwa Sa and Whee In all cross-dressed as guys, but within the three, Moonbyul’s pretty-boy looks cross-dressed as a guy became a hot topic.

Hwa Sa: “Whee In and I went through special make up. We thought; when are we ever going to get the chance to do this again, so it was fun.”

Whee In: “At the fanmeet, there was a moment when I got teary, and it was when the fans held up a banner that said 'We won’t let go’. I was so thankful for those words that I cried.”

Dancing crazily, Beagle-Idols.

The term beagle-idols are given to male idols who like to joke around, because the playful natures of them resembles Beagles that are playful but cause a whole bunch of incidents. Without a doubt, Mamamoo are also Beagle-Idols. If the video of them dancing crazily is watched, they have to be…

Whee In: “I think one of the biggest reasons that we are liked is because we are friendly. Also because we don’t really try to look prim and proper (laughs). We give off that next-door neighbor feeling of comfort. If we erase our makeup, we become that kid next door.”

A training period of 3 years, and after debuting, the members lived together and saw each other’s faces on a daily basis for a year. What is it that’s so funny, that the girls start bursting out in laughter at the sight of fallen, fluttering leaves.

Solar: “When we were trainees we unanimously agreed to get a place to live on a rooftop and lived together. Whee In lived with her Aunt at the time. Those times were really fun.”

Hwa Sa: “That time was our rent period. Forget about looks, it was all about the rent. We were really stingy on money. If we were upset about something, we would turn off the lights, lie down, joke around and tickle each other to brighten up each other’s moods.”

Solar: “It was like steel (laughs). A steel mindset. All four of us love to joke around so we get along well.”

Different childhoods

Whee In and Hwa Sa are hometown friends. Both of them resided in Jeonju, North Jeolla-do province and since grade 6 they have had the same dream and auditioned together. Now, they are to both under the same company and have even debuted together. Solar had the dream of being a singer past the age of 20 and auditioned over 40 times. Rapper Moonbyul dreamed of being a singer since she was in middle school. The parents to all four of the girls did not really oppose their dreams.

Hwa Sa: “When I was really young, my parents took me to their alumni reunions and once they went to a club. I was still a kid so they carried me on their back and went. However, my Dad left me alone for just a short moment, but when he came back he saw that there were people crowded around me. It turned out that I was singing in between people, using the buzzer button to call the waiter as a mic. My Dad carried me back home again afterwards and he said that I kept kicking my feet to the rhythm (laughs). He told me that this was when he knew that I would become a singer.”

Solar: "My parents don’t really express that they’re happy. In front of me, they
go; "Yeah right, as if you’re ever gonna become a singer.” However, now after talking to my friends, they told me that my parents tell them to change their ringtones to 'Um Ah Oh Yeah’. In the household they also want the ranking of the songs to go higher so they put Mamamoo’s songs on repeat through the music site.“

What romance is to Mamamoo

There was no dating ban since the beginning.

Whee In: "If we can be responsible about our own actions, then we were told that it was okay for us to date. But these days, I think I know why they told us that. We’re so busy that we don’t even have time to meet our friends.”

Moonbyul: “I like being busy. It’s better than being depressed because there is nothing to do.”

Solar: “The thing we talk about the least among ourselves is guys. Going to the Han River when I have free time is like a gift to me.”

Moonbyul: “Ideal types change depending on the movie or drama that I watch. I recently saw the movie 'Assasination’ and now Ha Sung Woo is my ideal type.”

Solo concert dream

The thing that Mamamoo are really into these days is health and Mamamoo.

Whee In: “I injured my ankle during a fanmeet so I’m still in the process of recovery. Our health is receding due to our busy schedules so the first thing our focus is on these days is our health. Mamamoo has a lot of goals towards the future. We want to get first place in music shows, a solo concert with our name on the line.”

Solar: “I’m really into Mamamoo these days (laughs). I search up Mamamoo performances, articles, even videos too. When I watch them, I see things that I wasn’t aware of at the time.”

Hwa Sa: "My dream is going as dreamed, so I’m happy for that. However, the Unnies say that this is just the beginning. Mamamoo still has so much more to show. We want to be thought of as the most anticipated girl group.”

Birth name: Kim Yong Sun
DOB: Feb 2, 1991
Hometown: Seoul
Team Role: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do’s Solar, vitamin, clumsy leader
Specialties: Level 1 Recreational Leader License, Laughter Treatment License

Birth name: Moon Byul Yi
DOB: December 22, 1992
Hometown: Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do province
Team Role: Twinkle twinkle Moonbyul, cheesiness, greasiness
Specialty: Looks like EXO’s Xiumin

Whee In
Birth name: Jung Whee In
DOB: April 17, 1995
Hometown: Jeonju, North Jeolla-do province
Team Role: Wheeriri Whee In, Moodmaker
Fears: Three-letter acrostic poems (said her specialty was acrostic poems and now she gets asked to do that wherever she goes, so now she’s scared)
Specialty: Has way too much groove

Hwa Sa
Birth name: Ahn Hye Jin
DOB: July 23, 1995
Hometown: Jeonju, North Jeolla-do
Team Role: Gorgeous Hwasa, The maknae that doesn’t seem like the maknae
Specialty: Gets teased because whatever she does becomes sexy

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I'm being honest when I say...

…that I literally cannot recall living without Star Wars. Some of my greatest heroes and deepest understandings of the world came from wearing out three different VHS sets of the original trilogy over the course of my childhood. One of my earliest, fondest memories is of jumping around the living room of a house I haven’t been inside for over a decade and lightsaber fighting my dad while we played Luke and Vader. We’d ad-lib scenes from Empire or Jedi, clashing plastic swords and dancing around the sofa. After one of us had our tragic defeat at the hands of the other (usually Vader, but sometimes Luke took the fall as well), my dad would kiss me and I’d run off to have some other adventure.

On occasion, I have the most vivid dreams about those times.

I’m older now, but I still jump around swinging swords sometimes; I still believe in the power of good and the value of compassion; I still think about that galaxy far, far away almost every day. I’ve never celebrated a May 4th, partially out of internalized nerd shame and partially because I didn’t see it as being any different from any other day that I loved Star Wars, but today I’m doing something different - I’m not just loving Star Wars, I’m celebrating it and what it means to me. I started reading a Star Wars novel that’s been sitting on my shelf, unloved, for too long. I’ve been listening to (or humming) Rey’s theme pretty much all day. My partner and I are planning a mac and cheese and X-Wing date night tonight.

Most importantly, I’ve been reminding myself of everyone in my life whose love and presence I cherish. I’ve made a point to reach out to every member of my special space family and wish them well in that particular way that means so much to people, like me, who love these goofy movies or books or comics or games or anythn else Star Wars can be. So, one more time, but definitely not the last time, I want to wish the same to everyone out there on the holonet because we’re all in this together:

May the 4th be with us all.


The Last Show--A prompted Zankie one-shot

Zankie Prompt (from anon): Zach goes to Frankie’s final performance of Rock of Ages. Smuttiness occurs after the show. ♥︎

Ask and you shall receive. I want them to be together, so I just started the fic with that premise to begin with. I hope that’s okay!

Fluff up front. SMUT WARNING for the end.

The Last Show

It was the last show. Frankie wasn’t nervous for the show itself. He was nervous because Zach was coming. Of course Zach came to opening night, but things were a little different now. It might not be common public knowledge, but amongst their family and closest friends, everyone knew. Zach and Frankie were officially together. For some reason this made Frankie more nervous about Zach watching the show. He knew it was silly; it shouldn’t really make a difference at all. Maybe it should make it easier. He wasn’t sure. Either way, he was nervous.

Zach was leaving Frankie’s apartment. Frankie had left earlier to get ready. He’d gone to the theater earlier than normal because everyone was taking extra time to get ready and spend some time together before it was over. Zach had looked up a place to get flowers on the way to the show. Joan, Ari, and Nonna were coming tonight as well. He told them he would just meet them there. He wanted to walk through the city for a bit tonight. It was his city now too. He had decided to move in with Frankie. They were admittedly moving kind of fast, but after all, they had already lived together. Living together was what made them fall in love with each other in the first place, so why worry about doing it again. Honestly, Zach wasn’t worried. He didn’t think Frankie was either.

Keep reading