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Fic, What I Don’t Want to See

An anonymous prompt. An anonymous headcanon. About 18 or so people added to my tag list. Everybody seemed pretty excited for this, so here it is.

Warnings: None I can think of. Short fic.

Abstract: Patton uses his glasses to block out what he sees. Without them he sees thoughts and feelings and far too much.

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Did a test,,,, so yeah if you put “Gay” or “Lesbian” it gets flagged as limited or no ads. So pretty much demonetized. This happened within seconds as I uploaded these videos. 

Yet the one title “test video”, it says “Gay and Lesbian” in the video, I wanted to see if the AI system scans visuals as well, and I don’t think so? But I could be wrong, it could get demonetized later. I’ll update this post if it does. 

EDIT: Alright so today the one named “test video” was still monetized this morning so I set it to “unlisted” because I’ve noticed when I uploaded videos early, I usually post them for Patreon, they’ll still be monetized until I private them again or schedule it for a later time they actually get demonetized before I make the video public. 

So I did the same here and look:

Either the AI is able to scan the video visually, or Youtube just demonetizes unlisted videos when they go back to being private or ready for a schedule upload. I’m gonna run another test to see if my theory is correct because aside from YT being fucking homophobic, they can fuck you even more if you have Patreon. 

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I love that this could be about anything from Cassian’s “I believe in you, babe” + Jyn’s “thank you sweetie I will destroy anything that threatens you :)” to Jyn in Cassian’s dark leather jacket to just. JYNNNN

This week’s episode in a nutshell 

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him

poison buddies! 💜💚

Dean: You know, the invention of the shovel was ground-breaking.

Dean: Ground-breaking.

Dean: [laughing at his own joke]

Mary: [face palming]

Dean: … But it was the broom’s creation that really swept the nation.

Sam: [rolling his eyes]

Dean: Of course, some say it’s the wheel that really got things rolling. C’mon guys give me something here.

Castiel: [squinting]

Castiel: I should’ve left you in hell