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Como não amar esse cowboy gente socorro, que homem maravilhoso


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Starting Over

Chapter One: Lost and Found

Pairing: Prinxiety, Roman/Virgil

T/W: None? I don’t think there is any, most of this is fluff

Next Chapter

Summary: Moving to a new town and basically restarting your whole life sucks. No place to live and no job, Virgil wouldn’t say his life is the best until he meets a single dad and his two sons.

A/N: Hi everyone, my name is Bear and I write trash. I had this idea for an AU for a while but I never posted because I suck at writing. I had some encouragement from @a-valorous-choice and some others so I decided to just post it and hope for the best! I hope you all enjoy it and If you do and you want me to continue, then let me know! I have a ton of ideas for this AU! Enjoy (p.s OMG THIS IS LONG. I DID NOT I TEND IT TO BE THIS LONG)(Also a big thank you to my Beta! @josephine-norman!)

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To say life sucks was an understatement, for Virgil life was a living hell. Being kicked out of his bo-Ex boyfriend’s apartment and onto the street was bad but also being fired because you just so happen to date the boss’ son was even worse. To make matters worse, their family was so well known and respected in his home town that made finding a job there impossible, which is why he’s here.

In a new town that he knew nothing about with nowhere to stay, except for the sleazy hotel, and whatever cash he had saved up, which wasn’t much. He’s been job hunting since he got to town and he would like to say things were going well but considering he was just kicked out of his latest interview, he knew it wasn’t true.

“Excuse me.” A woman pushing a shopping cart asked him, bringing him out of his thoughts. He muttered a quick apology before stepping out of her way. He gave his surroundings a quick once over. Why was he at the grocery store again? Dinner, right. He couldn’t really afford to eat out and the hotel didn’t have a proper kitchen so he had to settle for microwave food…yum.

He sighed before scanning the wall of freezers. He walked by each one, scanning it’s contents before realizing he was at the end freezer. Don’t really need ice cream he thought. He was about to step away from the treats before something caught his eye inside. He opened the door, shivering slightly at the sudden temperature change, and received the foreign object

“Well you aren’t ice cream.” He told the stuffed rabbit. It looks extremely worn down. The left ear was hanging on by a thread and the once vibrate colored shirt was dull and stained. No way this is for sale. Maybe I should trash it? Virgil thought but then shook the thought out of his mind. No, It has to belong to someone right? A kid or something.

“Maybe I should hold ont-You found Mrs.Fluffybottom!” His sentence was interrupted by a child’s sequel. He turned his attention to the source of the sound. A little boy, clad in a bright blue shirt and a wide toothy smile, came running over to him. He chuckled before crouching down the boy’s level.

“Yea…might want to take better care of your stuff kiddo.” He grins happily at the little boy. His face was peppered with freckles and his bright blue eyes shined with wonder and excitement. His thick black glasses only amplified them. He clasps his hands in front of him and teeters back and forth on his heels. He looked guilty.

“I didn’t mean to lose her. I promised daddy I’d take super duper good care of her..but I lost her.” He pouted at the end of his sentence, warming Virgil’s heart. This kid is too cute.

“…Well what daddy doesn’t know can’t hurt him right? Here ya go, bud.” He smiled at the boy while extended the stuffed rabbit to him. He squealed at the toy before taking it and hugging it close to his chest.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” He repeated as he bounced up and down slightly. This rabbit..Mrs.fluffybottom must mean a lot to him. Virgil chuckled at the name and the boy’s excitement.

“She…uh..she means a lot to ya huh?” The little boy nodded enthusiastically, he zipped down his grey hoodie placing the toy inside with him before zipping it up again.

“Now she won’t run away.” He said happily with the same wide smile. Virgil chuckled softly at the little boy’s cuteness. “She was daddy’s when he was little like me.” He added, beaming up Virgil.

“Guess she’s important then. Lucky I found her for ya. ” He suddenly started noticing how young this boy was. He couldn’t be older than six. Virgil glaced around the aisle. He frowned when he found it empty, expect for him and the kid. Where the hell are his parents?

“Yup! Daddy would’ve been really mad if I lost her. He said only big kids like Lolo get to bring toys to the store. I told him I was a big kid and-yea kiddo, speaking of your dad…where is he?” Virgil felt kinda bad cutting the little one’s story off but he had to know. He couldn’t be all by himself. His parents had to be here somewhere.

The boy tilted his head slightly before looking around the aisle. His face fell when he realized he was alone with Virgil. His lip began to quiver and Virgil could sense the tears before the came rolling down his chubby cheeks.

“I-I don’t…don’t k-know.” He sniffled between words and rubbed at his eyes. Virgil’s heart sank when his smile disappeared and now the tears, he wanted to help him. He hated to see him cry.

“Hey, hey come on buddy…no need for tears ok? Want me to help you look for you dad?” He gently brushed the shaggy brown hair that fell in front of the boy’s face. He gave him a warm smile, as warm as he could be with a crap ton of eye shadow on. He mentally cursed his sense of style, thinking he scared the little boy even more, when the boy shook his head.

“D-daddy doesn’t l-like stran-strange-strangers.” He hiccupped between his words but Virgil was partially glad that his tears weren’t as frequent. He thought for a moment. He couldn’t let him wander off by himself. Who knows what could happened to him? Virgil grinned at him when a thought came to him.

“…Then I won’t be a stranger.” He held his hand out for the boy to take. “I’m Virgil, call me Virge kiddo.” He tried to be as warm as possible to help convince this boy to trust him. He was concerned about his safety. His smile widened when the young boy giggled before taking his hand.

“My n-name’s Patton….but Lolo and daddy call me Pat sometimes.” He said while rubbing the last bit of water from his eyes. “Can..can you really fi-find daddy and my brother?” He asked between sniffles. Tear tracks stained his face, Virgil lifted a hand and wiped a stray tear from his cheek.

“Course I can Pat. Come on.” He stood, stretching a bit, and held his hand out for Patton to take. He looked at Virgil’s hand and then back up to Virgil. He stretched up his arms to him, he wanted to be picked up. Virgil hesitated a moment, he really shouldn’t touch Patton but he couldn’t tell him no, so he leaned down and picked up the little boy. He shifted him to his hip as Pat pulled Mrs.Fluffybottom from his hoodie and hugged her close.

They searched around the near aisles, by ‘searched’ Virgil means walking down each and every aisle and asking Patton if he sees his family which always resulted in a no. They had made it to the other end of the store, closer to the front, before Virgil asked him again.

“See him Pat?” There were about three men in the aisle and none of them had another child with them so Virgil knew the answer. Patton lifted his head from Virgil’s shoulder, he was getting tired fairly quickly, and shook his head. No, again. Damn.

“…Alright. Don’t worry buddy. We’ll find hi-…hey come on Patty. Don’t cry kiddo.” Virgil saw the same fat tears roll down his cheeks and it broke his heart. Pat laid his head back down on his shoulder before mumbling something.

“You gotta speak up buddy.” Patton sniffled and opened his mouth to speak but a sob came out first.

“I-I w-want dad.” He said again, clearer this time but still full of tears. Virgil sighed. Where the hell could his dad be? Was he even looking for him? He gently rubbed up and down Patton’s back to comfort him.

“I know you do buddy. I promise I’ll find him ok? I’ll make sure you get ho- Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. We have a lost child somewhere in the store. We’re looking for a little boy, aged 5, wearing a bright blue shirt and grey sweatshirt. If you have seen this child or have any information, please report to the customer service desk.”

Both boys beamed as the listened to the announcement made over the speaker. Patton perked up and began bouncing in Virgil’s arms.

“That’s me! That’s me!” He squealed. Virgil chuckled at his excitement before quieting him down. People were staring and whispering to each other. What were they saying? What if they think he took Patton? What if they get security? He felt his anxiety taking over before calming himself down. Patton came first. He had to make sure he was safe. He could panic later.

“Y-yea buddy. That means your dad’s looking for you.” Patton beamed at him with his toothy smile that Virgil grown to love. He was sad he wouldn’t see it again. “Why don’t…why don’t we get you home huh?”

It only took a few minutes to reach customer service desk but it felt longer with Patton bouncing up and down constantly. Virgil almost dropped him a few times. After calming him, Patton decided to hum happily to himself instead. As Virgil nears the desk, he could immediately point out the boy’s father. His back was to them as he angrily argued with the woman behind the desk, most likely about Patton. Virgil couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying. His eyes landed on the young boy by his side. He was pacing and looked extremely concerned. That must be Pat’s brother. As if Patton heard his thoughts, he noticed the boy at that exact moment and let a loud and happy "Lolo!“

The boy, 'Lolo’ froze and turned in their direction. Virgil could see the concern melt away from his face. He took off towards them. Patton squirmed in Virgil’s arms and with a small chuckle he set him down to reunite with his brother.

"Oh my god Pat.” His brother said when they reached each other, embracing one another. They pulled away a bit after and his brother grabbed his shoulders.

“Don’t you ever do that again! Dad and I were so worried about you!” He told him sternly, his voice wavered meaning he was on the verge of tears. Virgil heard a small sniffle and knew Patton was as well. Virgil took a good look at Patton’s brother. They looked very similar but his eyes were green and he didn’t have as many freckles. He was also much older, maybe around 10 years old but he was quite tall. He wore a plain black polo and the same black glasses as Patton’s. Virgil diverted his attention back to Patton when he heard another sniffle.

“I’m sorry Lolo.” He sounded guilty and Virgil saw him bring his hands in front of him. The same thing he did when he spoke to Virgil. He heard his brother scoff and embracing him again while muttering.

“At least you’re safe." The moment was cute and Virgil wishes it went on longer but it was interrupted by a very loud and worried sounding call of  "Logan!”

The three of them look to the source and found the man arguing with the desk lady had turned around. He must have noticed his son, Logan, was gone as well. Both boys called back to their dad and he turned to them. Virgil saw his eyes widened before rushing over to them. The two ran to him but their dad had covered most of the distance. He embraced both of his sons before picking up the youngest, holding him close. He was close enough for Virgil to hear.

“Oh my goodness. Patton. My darling…I thought I had lost you, my little prince. Thank god you’re safe.” He held Pat close and kissed his temple. Virge heard Patton mutter something, most likely an apology, because his dad spoke again.

“Oh no sweetheart. it’s alright. You just scared me, it’s alright sweetheart. Don’t run off like that again, you understand?” The dad pulled Patton back so they were face to face. Virgil saw the guys white shirt was wet and frowned a bit that Patton was crying, again. He was happy they were together again.

“I’m sorry daddy.” Patton muttered and his father’s stern features softened. He pulled him in once again. Virgil knew where the boys looks came from. His sons were like smaller younger copies of him, with some differences. The dad didn’t have glasses and he had one hell of a jawline, while Patton still had his baby fat for obvious reasons. The man had the same green eyes as Logan and the same freckles as Patton. He was taller then Virgil by just a few inches, Virgil was around 6'0 so he had to be at least 6'4. He was also very robust and Virgil couldn’t help but stare. Virgil was brought back to reality by a tug on his jacket. He looked down a bit and found Logan looking up at him, his head tilted just like Patton’s.

“Did you find my brother?” He asked. His voice was only slightly child-like. If Virgil hadn’t been looking at him, he would have thought Hot Dad was speaking. Virgil chuckled. He brought his hand to the back of his neck.

“…Well..actually, he found me.” Logan nodded in understanding. Hot Dad looked in their direction but it seemed like Patton was falling asleep so he kept quiet, slightly bouncing him. Logan held his hand out for Virgil, adjusting his already perfectly straight glasses.

“Thank you and I’m Logan. Patton’s brother.” He said with only a slight smile. He seemed too serious for a kid. Virgil didn’t like it so like any reasonable adult, he decided to mess with him.

“Oh, so you’re little Lolo.” Virgil said with a smirk. He saw Logan’s face scrunch up in distaste. He crosses his arms over his chest.

“I am not little and my name is Logan. L-O-G-A-N. Not Lolo. Pat’s the only one who calls me that and I do not like it.” He huffed out a breath before turning his head away from Virgil. Before Virgil could speak, Hot Dad interrupted.

“Lolo, don’t be rude.” He said sternly but with a hint of playfulness. He was obviously messing with him too. Logan groaned and turned to his father with a whine.

“Dad….I’m a very serious person and Lolo is not a serious name.” He stated. Hot Dad chuckled at his son before shrugging at Virgil. Virgil grinned at him before kneeling down to Logan’s level.

“Serious person huh? You don’t look serious.” He said. Virgil glanced down at his own attire and decided something right then and there. He was already reaching for his dark blue tie when Logan piped up.

“Well I am. I’m smarter than all my kids in my class.” He said proudly, with a small smile. Virgil chuckled before removing his tie completely. He popped the first few buttons of his black dress shirt and didn’t miss Hot Dad’s glance. He chose to ignore it for now. He focused on Logan once again.

“Well…here’s a little tip for ya Lo.” He threw the necktie over him and buttoned up his polo. He quickly tied the tie, making sure it was secure but not tight.

“Serious people wear neckties.” He finished with a smirk. The tie was a lot longer on Logan then himself and it somehow suited him more. His smirk turned into a smile when Logan’s face lit up. He grabbed the tie and examined it in wonder.

“Really? I can have it?” He asked excited, he shared a rare smile but quickly covered his mouth. Virgil noticed he had a slight gap between his front teeth. Wasn’t that cute? Virgil never thought he’s seen someone get so excited over a tie, especially a kid. Virgil nodded and laughed at his excitement.

“It suits you more then me. I got plenty others” Ok, well that was a lie. He had like two other ties but he wasn’t going to tell Logan that. Not after how happy he had gotten, the poor kid probably never gets excited about things. He heard a deep laugh from above and stood up to full height to see Hot Dad had moved closer to them. Patton was most definitely asleep.

“Thank you. That was sweet of you.” He said with a blinding smile. Virgil temporarily forgot how to breath but quickly regained his composure and hoped Hot Dad didn’t noticed. He cleared his throat.

“Uh..yea..yea. It was nothing. Like I said I got others,so…not a big deal.”

“Not to you maybe, but it is to Logan.” The young boy in question didn’t seem to be paying attention to them, too fascinated by his new piece of attire. They both chuckle at him before Hot Dad shakes his head in realization.

“I seem to have forgotten my manners. You know my sons names but not my own. Roman Sanders.” He introduces himself. He holds his hand out for Virgil to take, a recurring thing in this family. Just like the boys Virgil takes his hand.

“Virgil Thompson.”

“Virgil.” Roman repeated the name as if testing it and damn did it sound good coming from him. Virgil swallowed hard then cleared his throat. Was it hot in here? Roman spoke again, a bit quieter as to not wake his sleeping son.

“Well Virgil Thompson, I have to thank you. You returned my son to me and you don’t know how grateful I am. Truly.” His voice so smooth and almost regal and Virgil loved it. He couldn’t listen to him talk all day if giving the chance. He scratched the back of his neck again.

“It…It really was nothing. Couldn’t let Pattoncake there wander off by himself.” Roman chuckled at the nickname.

“Pattoncake huh? Didn’t take you the type to like dad jokes?” He grinned at him, his green eyes shined with amusement. Virgil chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Didn’t you learn not to judge a book by its cover? I don’t act like how I look.”

“Oh really? So you’re not the stereotypical high school bad boy type?” Roman asked with a smirk. He readjusted Patton on shoulder just bit.

“More like that awkward kid in the back of the class that never talks to anyone ya know?” He shrugged slightly. The truth never really hurt him and he was, ironically, confident in his awkwardness.

“Oh don’t I know. That kid was exactly me in high school.” Roman laughed and looked away as if recalling memories. Virgil let out a breath in disbelieve.

“Pffft you? A loner? I doubt that. You don’t look the type.” Roman smirked.

“Didn’t you learn not to judge a book by its cover?” He repeated. Virgil opened his mouth to speak but closes it. He made a face of agreement which made Roman laugh and soon he followed. Virgil looked down and Logan, who was still mesmerized by his tie, and then glances at Patton who was sleeping peaceful in Roman’s arms. He spoke without thinking.

“They’re beautiful by the way. They look just like you” He froze for second. Did that count as flirting? Was he flirting with a dad? Was he married? Oh god he’s probably married. I’m a homewrecker. He quickly stammered out an addition. “Y-you and your..uh wife must be p-proud.” He gave an awkward smile .

Nice going, Virge. He’s gonna hate me. He’s gonna know I hit on him and hate me. He has kids. He’s probably not interested in guys. He’s probably straight. He’s prob-..wait was he..laughing? Virgil raised an eyebrow at Roman’s response. Roman chuckled once more before addressing him.

“Uh..I don’t have a wife and….I don’t think I’ll ever have one. I’m not seeing anyone right now actually. I’m gay but I am proud of them. My greatest joys in life are these two right here.” He said, while ruffling Logan’s hair. Logan whined once more and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to fix it. Virgil nodded.

“..Oh..uh good..I mean…Me too….uh..The gay n-not th-the other part. I-I mean not that you shouldn’t..shouldn’t be proud of them. I meant that uh..” He was cut off by Roman’s laughter once again. Great, he thinks you’re an idiot. Virgil swallowed as Roman’s laughter dies down. He’s slightly panting from laughing and having to keep it quiet for Patton’s sake.

“You-You are amazing. Goodness, why haven’t I meet you before?” Roman asked, running a hand through his hair. It seemed to fall back in place perfectly. Virgil looked down, slightly ashamed and ran a hand through his own.

“Well..uh..I’m kinda new around here. Moved in last week.” He admits, sheepishly. Was Roman gonna think he was strange…well stranger then he already is. Was he going to think he was some out of town freak? He literally wore a leather jacket to a job interview. Who does that? Virgil, apparently.

“Ah, of course. I’m sure I would have recognized that pretty face of yours if I had seen it before.” Roman smirked. Virgil felt his cheeks warm up and he thanked himself for wearing foundation today. He opened his mouth to say something but all that came out was a nervous chuckle.

“I..uh..I’m us-usually not this uh open and…talkative. I’m just…ya know…trying to find my way around town ya know?” Virgil chuckled nervously. Roman nodded in understanding. He seemed to think for a moment then grinned at Virgil.

“How about I show you around? I grew up here so I would like to think I know my way around town.”

“Oh no no, I couldn’t ask. I can find my wa-oh come on.” Roman stepped closer. Virgil can hear Patton’s soft snores. Virgil lost his breath for a moment. Roman’s eyes weren’t just green. They had flakes of gold and a blue ring around them, up close they were a beautiful sea green .

“Think of it as a thank you. You found my son and returned him safely to me. The least I can do is show you around town. Besides I wouldn’t mind spending a bit more time with you.” That damn smile. Virgil’s knees felt weak but he kept his face plain. His voice may be a bit breathless but no one had to know why.

“I…I mean I guess. If-If you want too.”

“Great. It’s date then.” He said with s grin.

“Uh a platonic friend date, yea. I-I just got out of a…ya know so um..I’m not really looking for.” What are am I saying??? Who cares about Devin. This guys is hot, And gay, And single, AND INTO ME. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?  Quick, say something before he-

“Don’t worry. I understand. Breakups are hard so I’m alright with being your friend…for now.” He said with wink. Virgil blushed deeper. He was about to retort until Roman’s bomber jacket was tugged on.

“Yes love?” He asked his eldest. Logan looked up, guilty at his father. He probably didn’t want to interrupt the conversation.

“I’m hungry.” He said simply. Roman pulled out his phone and checked the time.

“Well it is dinner time. Sorry darling. We’ll leave in a bit ok? Just hang on a moment.” Logan nodded and Roman addressed Virgil once more.

“I’m sorry. It seems I have to go. I hadn’t realized how late it was.” Virgil was already waving off his apology.

“Don’t. Kids come first. I understand.” Virgil shuffled awkwardly. He didn’t want to keep Roman here. His kids were more important.

“I uh I gotta go too anyway.” He turned to leave before Roman stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. Virgil raised an eyebrow, confused.

“Did you think I was gonna let you walk away before I got your number?” Roman chuckled out. His phone was already in his hand. Virgil’s eyes widened for second before taking Roman’s phone and putting in his number. He didn’t really think Roman was serious. He handed the phone back and Roman sent a quick text to Virgil. Roman smiled when he heard Virgil’s phone buzzed.

“I’ll text you later then?” Roman asks, he looked hopeful. Virgil cleared his throat and nodded.

“Uh yea..yea sure. Just uh…make sure these two are taken care of first.” He chuckled nervously at the end. Roman chuckled as well and readjusted Patton. He extended his free hand down and Logan took it in his own.

“I always do. I’ll see you around Virgil.” With that he turned and walked off. Logan waved back at him, his new tie waving with each of his steps. Patton lifted his head slightly, he seemed half asleep still,and waved back to Virge. Mrs.Fluffybottom was held tight between him and Roman.

“..Yea…see ya around.” Virgil replied but the family was already gone. God, he was falling for the Sanders already.

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can we get some boyfriend/girlfriend!paladin + allura hc's please!?

a/n: omg i’ve always wanted to write something like this!! thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dreams :’ )


  • he doesn’t show it, but he loves teasing you
    • but of course, the moment you show discomfort in something he’s already adding it to his ‘do not do’ list.
  • loves good morning and good night kisses
    • he seriously lives off of these, also, the more the merrier for him
  • he may act like he doesn’t like it when you steal them, but seeing you in his t-shirts and jackets makes his life so much better
  • he really likes going on new dates with you on different planets when and if you have the time
    • seriously there’s so many places out there for you two to experience together so every time you touch down at a new place, trust me, he’s already thinking about where you two could go
  • loves talking about your future together, like if he’s in a bad mood just bring it up and taa-daa he’s all good
    • he gets sappy when talking about marriage and children, fyi
    • you swear you could even see tears well up in his eyes when talking about getting married
    • he just loves you a lot, okay?
  • when he gets an opportunity to, he’ll brag about you to the other paladins or anyone in general
    • “oh really? well the other day (y/n) kicked ass in the training arena, i didn’t even know they were that good.”
    • “(y/n) can literally bake anything, even using the castle’s resources.”


  • he’s a shy and precious little boyfriend who is too scared to do pda
    • if you initiate it, of course he’ll gladly let you, but for he most part he’s too much of a scaredy cat to actually hold your hand first
    • don’t get him wrong, he would love to actually show pda with you, not too much though, but he’s just too shy when it comes to you
    • all of his affection is saved for when you two are alone and i mean, alone, with not a soul around
  • unsurprisingly he’s semi-possessive over you, but it’s not overbearingly bad
    • he’s just hyper-conscious of everyone’s eyes and where they are and if they’re somewhere they shouldn’t be, you can bet that they’re being served some looks
  • when he can’t sleep he watches you sleep.
    • not in a creepy way, don’t get me wrong– but it just soothes him back to sleep to see you in such a peaceful state
  • needs a lot of reassurance that he’s doing his job as a boyfriend well, poor bub doesn’t want to disappoint you
  • he’s kind of like a baby who needs at least an hour every day of your cuddles
    • it’s like how babies need naps, he just needs your cuddles and he’s golden
  • he really believes your good luck kisses before every mission are truly good luck and won’t leave without them


  • when you agree to being hunk’s s/o, you also agree to being his official guinea pig when it comes to tasting his food
    • especially in space. no one else would agree so that leaves you
    • please sample his space cuisine, he needs a second opinion
  • loves bringing you breakfast in bed
    • it’s not often due to scheduling but when he does have time, he’s giddy while making the food
  • when cuddling he prides himself on being the big spoon, regardless your size
    • at first he used to ask to be the big spoon but now he just goes for the spot
    • only on your birthday and on christmas will you maybe get to be the big spoon, if you ask nicely
  • he’s too embarrassed to admit it, but your kisses automatically instill a good mood in him
  • talks to you about everything, and i mean everything so i hope you’re a good listener
    • he loves it when you talk to him about everything as well, he doesn’t like it when he feels like he’s talking your ear off
  • literally always happy to see you, even if you two are fighting, on the outside he’s sulking but on the inside his heart is wagging it’s little tail


  • probably the clingiest boyfriend you’ll ever encounter
    • not ‘where are you’ and ‘what are you doing’ clingy
    • but literally he’s a spider monkey and you’re his tree
    • he’ll probably try to sit in your lap, regardless your size
    • lowkey asks allura if you get annoyed with him sometimes because of his clinginess
  • he loves matching clothes with you
    • not the head-ass couple shirts like ‘i’m his’ and ‘i’m theirs’ but just colors or even patterns and such
    • though i’m sure if you were to present him with one of those shirts he would complain but put it on in a heart beat if you asked him to
  • always tells you how much he thinks his family will love you, he’s too excited to actually introduce you and blow them away
  • what? there’s a cute alien girl literally five feet in front of lance and he’s not hitting on her?
    • yeah you heard that right, he’s a loyal lance pants
  • always tells you how he’s feeling
    • even when he has to… y’know… number two
  • got comfortable with you reeeally quick


  • she really enjoys the times when you two can sit in a comfortable silence and she can work on/with technology
    • it kind of tells her that you two can still enjoy each others presence without speaking
  • “do you like me? like… do you like like me?”
    • this is pidge. please give this girl some closure
  • secretly wants you to love technology and robots as much as she does
    • will be even willing to teach you about it if you ask her
    • it would make her day and or life
  • she’s not the best at cuddling and she knows it, but really appreciates it when you do cuddle her regardless.
  • throws you surprise birthday and anniversary parties every year
    • they’re not much of a surprise anymore but she still does it
  • is currently building you your own little robot companion to keep you company when she’s on a mission
    • it was supposed to be a secret but she spoiled it herself


  • allura has a lot on her plate so she kind of turns to you to rant to
    • feel free to stop her though, she just really wants someone to lend an ear for her to talk
    • when you do listen, she repays with many many kisses and cuddles
  • please play with her hair, it’s long and has your name written all over it
  • she likes playing with your hair too, regardless of the length.
  • she’s always holding your hand when she can
    • even if you two are only holding pinkies, her hand is on yours somehow
  • talks about you when you’re not around more than she would like to admit
    • no one tells her to stop because why not let her have her moment of happiness
    • the others know more about you than you know, all because of her little chats
  • tries to act like she can live without you but when she’s gone or you’re gone she’s noticeably sulky

I’m rarely ever patient with backgrounds and shading, but I couldn’t help myself with this one! Thank you so much @thecottonproject for creating such a beautiful and fun lineart for the @pjocoloringbookproject! There was so much included, but not so much that it was overwhelming to color in! It was the perfect amount! It was so much fun adding all the little details! You did a lovely job and I’ve always loved how you drew these characters! Thank you so much!!!

When Bae speaks ft. Rest of EXO v/s Park Baekhyun.

Edit: (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself from adding this cause just look at their hilarious faces omg I tried really hard not to okay)

Do Kyungsoo : UFO spotted

Kai : Are they feeding my dog on time? Is he sleeping well? Does he miss me like I do?

Suho : I’m done raising them so whateves

Chen : It’s called The Mannequin Challenge bitches

Minseok : WOAH THE SKY IS…….. BLUE?

Baekhyun : I’m listening honey. I love you.

Sehun : Just…….. why…….. Life?

Because life will never be the same after you watch this video...


I’m Staying - Unknown’s story

…This is one of my first requests.  And I’ve finally gotten around to writing it.  Because no more school!  And I’m finally catching my breath with my job.

Summary: In my Ideal World, after the Secret Endings, and after they are an established couple, Unknown discovers something about MC that she’s been trying to hide. (2nd person narrative)

Rating:  M for mature, because it’s not explicit, but it is there.

Length:  Almost 1600 words

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Never in my life have I laugh/cried more than just this evening. Holy shit. My ten year old brother’s reactions to stranger things has added five years to my life, and I will cherish this memory forever. 

brother: *watches bob newby’s final scene* 

brother: *turns to my mom*

brother: “mom, can i express myself freely?”

our mom: *slightly bemused* “of course, mijo, go ahead”


our mom: 


My B.A.P NYC Experience

I was in line with some AMAZING people and they were so LIT and I’m so happy I met them cause they made this experience A1! Real MVP’s. SO we finally go into the venue & some random people were already at the barricade & everyone was like wtf. But I only had 2 ppl ahead of me. Let me tell y'all I had this CRAZY ASS fan behind me who was trying to get in front of me sooo bad but I wasn’t moving at all. Hell no. But the DJ was Lit & he was cute & he had me dropping it low like I was at a club. And my group was turnt all the way up

When they came out I was SHOOKED :

No Mercy is one of my favorite songs


What are y'all looking at?:

I was so SHOOKED. I vibed with Youngjae a lot.. Maybe that’s why he hit my hand hard at high touch lol

Jongup stage was literally breathtaking

 Zelo is so smooth .

Jongup really messed me up.

Youngjae did SO good (on his solo stage).


NYC hyped the shit out of Zelo

More Yongguk

Zelo backing that ass it up is my aesthetic

B.A.P is literally so gorgeous:

It looks like i recorded a lot but I really didn’t. I danced more than anything & they absolutely loved it cause I was enjoying myself.


When I tell you I was nervous I was NERVOUS. Our group decided we were going to be ratchet & roll up like AYEEEEEEE. So as we are going to high touch all I could see was Zelo. When I tell you Zelo is TALL…that negro is tall af and I wasn’t near him at all.

FIRST OFF it was DARK and we couldn’t see shit. There was a black table there that no one could see, cause Julie & Meagan ran into the table. So we were almost at the boys & we were like AYEEEEE & Youngjae & Zelo were like AYEEEE. BOY it was lit off the back. THEN Meagan hit the table. THEN Julie HIT the table i was like omg they probably think we are clumsy but it was DARK & they had black on.

So I’m literally stuck at Youngjae since he was first and he was just smiling so hard and we had a hard high five then, Zelo broke my neck. The whole time we were going down we were like “Aye!” “Thank you!” “It was lit!” And they were all so happy at our extraness & clumsiness. Daehyun had his eye smile and i was like lord help me he is beautiful. BUT YONGGUK… added 5 years to my life span. Gorgeous. Magnificent.

Let’s just say we left QUITE an impact on B.A.P but we weren’t boring. I made sure to make eye contact with everyone. They loved us. We were so hyped afterwards we highfived the staff & security as we were walking out. Didn’t I say we were extra?!

The. End.


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  • they still met bc the bowers gang were being assholes
  • but they immediately took him under their wing, adding another member to the gang
  • they went to quarry and the losers showed mike the cliff
  • mike was shook when he stood half naked and watched all the guys + bev just fling themselves off a cliff like it was no big deal
  • he was just quaking
  • and he has all the gang yelling at him from the water and he surprisingly doesn’t feel pressured to jump in
  • but he does and gets such a adrenaline rush and wants to go again
  • all the losers are all supportive and shit
  • and he’s having the best time and enjoying having friends
  • they have Richie’s old stereo (?) set up and they were listening to some classic 80’s rock (bc richie always had control)
  • when they were finished swimming they should him the tree house the built
  • and mike had so many ideas that he wanted to contributed
  • they let him speak his mind and never argued with anything he wanted to say
  • he got to add his hand print to the losers club wall
  • after a while the play little games, like hide and seek or 24 homes
  • mike always saw kids playing games like this but was never asked to join in
  • he’s just happy that he’s found a new family that accepts him the way he is AND EVERYTHING IS O FUCKINF K

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Okay, so I saw Anastasia tonight. Here is a full rundown of act I. To my defense, I was so goddamn (nervous?? excited?? anxious??) that I don’t remember a ton. Idk. I was trying not to die, and I legitimately forgot how to breathe in several moments of the show. The room literally went cold in some moments, and I thought I was going to pass out. Luckily, I didn’t. My heart was beating so hard. Anyway.

Beginning of the show. I was FIRST ROW. The curtain came up and I forgot how to breathe. Mary Beth Peil is a goddess. She and Nicole were so cute. Oh my god. They did amazing. Lauren came out as the Tsarina and OH MY GOD. HER DRESS. IT’S SO GORGEOUS AND SPARKLY. LINDA CHO DESERVED THAT TONY THROUGH AND THROUGH. Lauren’s tension with Mary Beth was so cold. Oh my god. Constantine came out and I was like holy shit,, it’s him!! He and Nicole did the cute little dance, and then the Last Dance of the Romanovs came on and omg the choreography is stunning!! The projections were amazing! Ahh!! Nicole is ADORABLE. Also, Lauren made eye contact with me and I died.

The Bolsheviks entering was fucking scary man. I was like holy shit, the glass shattering was so loud. Kevin had a choreographed fall which I hadn’t noticed before and thought was cool,

When the family all circled around each other, Sissy and Shina, I believe, held the train of Lauren’s gown so she could move. The projections were just… so stunning and you could feel that fear.

Molly grabbing the music box and then having that gunshot fade into black… I gasped and teared up.


MAX. MAX WAS SO GOOD AS GLEB!! SO GOOD!! He came out and did his speech and then Derek Klena appeared before my eyes and I transcended. He is more attractive in person, if that’s even possible. His dimple, oh my god. And he was so good. Holy shit I’m just… he was so good! John Bolton came out and I also transcended. What a man. He was so funny? So funny?? Also how the hell did the ensemble change costumes that fast? Shina, Lauren, Sissy, Molly… how?? Janet Dickinson also made eye contact with me. I died.

Christy Altomare. She is so GORGEOUS AND I WAS SO CLOSE TO HER AND I DIED. She did the fall and the scream with the truck. Max handed her the broom, but when she took a hold of it, he wouldn’t let go for a second, just held on as she tugged at it and then finally dropped it, all while staring her in the eye. Intimidating as hell, and then she said her goodbye and thank you and he just awkwardly added “I’m here everyday” after.

Derek and John are such… buddies omg when they were singing “we’ll be rich” “WE’LL BE RICH!” “We’ll be out” “WE’LL BE OUT” they were just pointing to each other with each line and omg.

Derek belted the hell out of “the biggest con in historyyyyyy!”

It was amazing.

The theater scene was really funny, Sissy was great! They’re all so gorgeous what the heck??

Derek leans back and forward a lot, like he’s going to fall but catches himself by taking a step in the direction he’s leaning. Not particularly here, but in various moments of the show- I remember him doing it specifically in everything to win.

Back to the theater. Christy ran in, and John was hiding but moved, and she let out this scared little squeak and then walked in more confidently and says “I’m looking for Dmitry” and Derek pops up from behind a couch lmao.

In My Dreams. Holy. I-… Wow. Christy killed me. The ghostly background singing was amazing. She made eye contact with me and I like oh my god I died. I say that I died a lot but. Jejsjsjjsjsj. I did. And she just… that last note was amazing. My mom says that Christy is one of the best singers she’s ever heard, so… yeah. She did absolutely amazing.

The Rumors Never End omg. Ensemble is underrated man.

Max is scary. He did this slow walk towards the girls. He did the finger intimidation thing like Ramin, but dropped it sooner- before he blew that breath and they ran.


Pretty much like the soundtrack. They added a few lines too.

Dmitry’s nod to his bow in “in a crowd of thousands” as a kid was cute af and Christy’s curtsy was also so cute. Honestly, all of them have such great chemistry and comedic timing and you can tell they love what they’re doing so much.

Anya’s tantrum oh my god. She chucked the book at Dmitry and just. Oh my god. It was hilarious. She was so angry. Oh my god. I’m sorry guys. This show is just amazing and hilarious and stunning beyond words. I’m doing my best.

Dmitry is such a bad dancer. What the hell he was doing I have no idea but it was so funny. John has the BEST comedic timing. It was so funny. And the chemistry between Anya and Dmitry is REAL. Holy. I just… wow. Wow wow wow.

Anyway, throughout the number they did multiple lifts with Christy and she is so tiny I thought she was going to do a flip all the way around. It concerned me. Luckily, she did not. It was fine.

The dancing was so cute in this song, ahhhh. Ahh!!

Anya at the end was adorable, and the teacup was so cute!! I love this song sm!!

I have a rundown on Max earlier and described his performance in more detail so check that out!

Anyway, The Neva Flows was so good. Max killed it. He’s amazing. Shhsjsjjsj. Christy sang along with a few lines.

He didn’t do the intimidation thing with Christy, and he seemed stern and concerned where Ramin was angry and awkward.

Max is so funny too. SHHSJSJSJ. This cast.

The drunk guys oh my god. They sang their song, threatened Anya, all that jazz. One of them was cooking a potato on a stick, and had another stick in the trash can with fire as well. Anya grabbed that other stick and whacked them and just oh my god hardcore.

Dmitry grabbed the potato and you know, winced cause it was hot, and handed it to her lmao.



I transcended.

Derek is fucking amazing. You could tell he was working really hard but he did such a good job. Christy singing with him for a bit was cute af. He hit THAT note in front of me and the vibrato was really intense and my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out or die then and there. I did not.

By the way, the sets and the projections are AMAZING. AMAZING!!

Once upon a December was amazing and I was dying the whole time. Christy sounds flawless constantly and the choreography was amazing and just,, oh my god Christy’s expressions?? Like she was just so amazing I cannot believe it. I loved the Tsar and Tsarina coming out of course. The orchestra is amazing by the way!! And every cast member sounds flawless and they’re all so beautiful.

The diamond scene OML. Derek and Christy work so well together and there was just this pause before she put it in his hand and omg.

The diamond was sparkly af I loved it!

Derek spinning Christy added ten years to my life. John was so funny oh my god!! He spun her too and just !!!

Dmitry and baths omggg.

STAY I PRAY YOU. Constantine looked at her when he first entered and then gasped and bowed. I cried.

The whole number was heartbreaking and they all sounded impeccable. I mean… the harmonies were just so beautiful. Sissy and Lyrica were next to each other and just looked so heartbroken they had to leave. Molly had the baby bump and she kept looking down at it as she sang. I got chills at Anya’s solo at the end.

Ian was on for Zach, he did awesome- he was the guy smoking on the train.

We’ll Go From There!!! The set!! Is!! So!! Good!!

A lot of things I noticed overall throughout the show is just where it sounded different from the cast album. They would hold out notes longer or cut them off sooner, take pauses, all kinds of things. I loved seeing the differences.

Anyway, back to We’ll Go From There. Anya went to the left and Dmitry went to the back and John sat in the front. John was just so funny?? So funny?? That comedic timing is insane and he’s just amazing.

Christy is the cutest thing and she just stared out at the audience as she sang and then Derek joined in.

Dmitry is standing on one of the benches where Sissy and Lyrica sat and they looked so annoyed as he was standing in it and leaning out it was so funny.

Okay so when the train slows down and Wes hops on it as a guard the set was so amazing it looked like he was actually hopping on a train.

They all came to the front where the three of them sat and Vlad played it cool it was so funny, and the gunshot was fired and everyone flinched. Christy let out a scream then burst into tears and Dmitry comforted her and I was crying omg.


Max really did not look like he wanted to kill Anya. He didn’t really give off a romantic vibe, but just a conflicted man who cannot throw away his conscience and morals. He got on his coat, and hesitated before taking the gun. Max nailed that last note and I died. Max was right in front of me. He was so good shjsjsj

They got to France and the set is so pretty I cried.

At “she’ll break your heart Dmitry” Derek just kind of sat there for a second, then did a scoff laugh.

The guys yelling for Anya was rlly funny







Storm 2

(OMG Just imagine this is actually going to happen to a very lucky woman some day. I mean the proposing part, maybe not like this, but it’s gonna happen…)

Title: Storm 2
Requested? Yes.
Plot: The second chapter of the Storm imagine, where it’s your 4 year anniversary and Alex decides he is ready to be someone’s husband. And the most epic proposal ever is in full effect.
Warnings: Epic proposal ahead!
Word count: 1352

Part 1


It’s an early Sunday morning in Dublin, the sun was shyly showing it’s rays through the curtains of the penthause apartment window. I slowly opened my eyes as I stretched my body, one of my hands feel the bed next to me, soon noticing it was empty and that I was alone. I figured Alex had started making breakfast already, so I decided to begin my wake up routine slowly. Suddenly I felt something soft under my fingers, turning my head to look at the mysterious object I have encountered. It turned out being a red rose, with a note attached to it. The note read:”Good morning beautiful! It’s a big day today, so dress pretty and meet me at the park. Your secret admirer.” I smiled, knowing it was Alex playing tricks on me. I had been thinking about today before I fell asleep last night. Today is four years since Alex and I started our relationship. It felt like it was just yesterday when I first met him, after arriving to the set of Vikings, thinking I was just going to be an extra, and instead getting the big role I play.

Like clockwork, my phone lit up, signaling I had a text. It was the infamous secret admirer, who snuck into my phone last night to change his caller ID to “Secret admirer”. For a moment I thought it might not be Alex, but instead one of the boys trying to pull a prank on me and my boyfriend just deciding to go along with it. If that’s true, and he plays a prank on me, on our anniversary, he is going to be in so much trouble I swear to God. The text read that, knowing how much girls scramble through their clothes to find something to wear every day, an outfit was waiting for me in the living room, just waiting for me to put it on. I replied asking him how he could possibly know I would like the outfint, and he got back to me saying he was 100% sure I’m gonna love it. Alright, let us see what my little monkey man has in store for me to wear today. I quickly showered and did my make up and hair, walking into the living room with caution, as if I was going to encounter a robber who was going through my stuff at this very moment.

I was greeted instead with a beautiful dress, shoes to match and accessories. It was actually a set I wanted to buy ages ago, but somehow always seemed to forget as I was too busy with work and everything. Now comes the next task, will it all fit me? Like a glove! Everything looked perfect and I was ready for the perfect anniversary celebration. If only I knew what was in store for me. Once I arrived to the park, even as the taxi pulled up, I noticed a lot of people swarming the area around Alex. I soon realized it was almost the whole cast, escorting him. I was confused, wondering why he brought all of them with him, and adding to my confusion was a camera that Marco was holding. An anniversary with the whole cast? Not what I was expecting, but I don’t mind. They are my family and I love them, so if he decided they are coming with, fine by me. I gave the money to the taxi driver and exited the vehicle.

The moment one of my feet stepped on the ground, a very familiar song started playing. I looked up at Alex in shock, which was soon replaced with laughter, as some of the cast started dancing and the others walked to a bench, holding mysterious boxes. Alex was playing the role of Bruno Mars for now, pulling his best smug face. “Just the way you are” was the song of choice, and soon, the secret admirer had started singing. I was shocked, not able to move. He was actually singing, no lip-syncing whatsoever. It was all the beautiful voice of the man I love, and it just made my day, we don’t need anything else. I tried walking towards him, soon stopped by the guys with the boxes as they poured rose petals to create a road for me, leading up to a heart shape, where my cue was to stand and watch probably. And now I get to feel bad, since all I got Alex is a watch he wanted for his birthday, but I bought him something else instead, wanting to save this for the anniversary.

I took my stand in the heart and continued on watching as they sung and danced around Alex, Marco filming the whole thing. Suddenly I was showered with rose petals and gold and silver confetti. He is trying to ruin my dress and makeup to make me look stupid once he posts this, well, that might be one of the things he wants. Jokes aside, I watched in awe, swaying my body a little to the music, soon having chocolate lollypops and candy given to me, one person at a time, on cue, until I couldn’t hold it all anymore and Katheryn approached me, taking some of it , to put in a bag next to the heart shaped on the floor by the petals. It was all fun and games until the real deal started. The lyric were changed in the last minute. And I tried singing the end in my head, only to be shocked when Alex switched the lyrics, the song becoming a little slower, and turning into another song by Bruno.

My hand flew up to cover my mouth as Alex started approaching me slowly, singing the new song’s last part, to replace the one he should have been singing. Instead of singing: “ ’cause girl you are amazing, just the way you are.” my boyfriend of four years was singing:” ‘cause it’s a beautiful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do, hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.” And continuing on with the rest of the final courus, getting on one knee as he  finally stood in the heart shape with me. Tears began to fill up my eyes, escaping them soon after. I’m trying to make sense of the situation, but right now, I forgot about everyone else. I forgot about the huge cast and crew surrounding us. I forgot about Marco filming the whole scene. All I knew right now was that I had the love of my life kneeling in front of me, telling me how much he loves me and that if he is going to be someone’s husband, he would only want to be mine. he had his black fedora, looking at me with pleading eyes.

“Light of my life, Y/N, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”
The question left his mouth, making my heart want to jump out of my chest. I began whispering yes, while nodding frantically, soon regaining my voice and screaming.
“Yes! Of course I will marry you!”
He beamed at me with his smile, as he slipped the ring on my finger, than standing up to cup my face and connect our lips into a passionate kiss. The crowd cheered and we both laughed, hugging and kissing. I made everyone laugh, with my comment about having to plan a goddamn wedding, now in my busy work schedule, dramaticaly holding my head and stomach, the ring glowing magicaly on my finger.
“Don’t worry, your fiance will help you with everything.”
Jordan added, Alex nodding soon after, and I knew I could count on all of them to help me, not just Alex, and that made me love them even more.
“It’s official guys, this boy is getting married!”
Travis yelled out, every single person on the streets at the time cheering, making both Alex and I blush. I get to spend the rest of my life with my little monkey man, there is absolutely nothing that can be better that this.


OMG I NEED HELP! This is so cute, If I might say so myself. I hope you like this and it is as you expected it to be. Love you all! <3

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I just got it in my head that Lyall Lupin was Jewish, and my entire life just changed?

anonymous asked:

how about Softsprout since their a medicine cat of windclan? i hope i didn't add fuel to the fire of asks!

omg anon never worry about adding to asks getting asks gives me life especially when they’re asking about my ocs!!

so yes!! softsprout is the med cat of windclan. they’re nonbinary. widely regarded as the Kindest n most Patient cat in all the clans but constantly neglects to clean the plant seeds out of their fur so they end up sprouting before falling out lol.

Jasminepaw is their true apprentice but…if you’ve noticed, Thunderclan has an apprentice medcat but no actual medcat. so every other day Softsprout travels to thunderclan to teach Juniperpaw(tc med cat apprentice) ~med cat things~