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I’m rarely ever patient with backgrounds and shading, but I couldn’t help myself with this one! Thank you so much @thecottonproject for creating such a beautiful and fun lineart for the @pjocoloringbookproject! There was so much included, but not so much that it was overwhelming to color in! It was the perfect amount! It was so much fun adding all the little details! You did a lovely job and I’ve always loved how you drew these characters! Thank you so much!!!

My B.A.P NYC Experience

I was in line with some AMAZING people and they were so LIT and I’m so happy I met them cause they made this experience A1! Real MVP’s. SO we finally go into the venue & some random people were already at the barricade & everyone was like wtf. But I only had 2 ppl ahead of me. Let me tell y'all I had this CRAZY ASS fan behind me who was trying to get in front of me sooo bad but I wasn’t moving at all. Hell no. But the DJ was Lit & he was cute & he had me dropping it low like I was at a club. And my group was turnt all the way up

When they came out I was SHOOKED :

No Mercy is one of my favorite songs


What are y'all looking at?:

I was so SHOOKED. I vibed with Youngjae a lot.. Maybe that’s why he hit my hand hard at high touch lol

Jongup stage was literally breathtaking

 Zelo is so smooth .

Jongup really messed me up.

Youngjae did SO good (on his solo stage).


NYC hyped the shit out of Zelo

More Yongguk

Zelo backing that ass it up is my aesthetic

B.A.P is literally so gorgeous:

It looks like i recorded a lot but I really didn’t. I danced more than anything & they absolutely loved it cause I was enjoying myself.


When I tell you I was nervous I was NERVOUS. Our group decided we were going to be ratchet & roll up like AYEEEEEEE. So as we are going to high touch all I could see was Zelo. When I tell you Zelo is TALL…that negro is tall af and I wasn’t near him at all.

FIRST OFF it was DARK and we couldn’t see shit. There was a black table there that no one could see, cause Julie & Meagan ran into the table. So we were almost at the boys & we were like AYEEEEE & Youngjae & Zelo were like AYEEEE. BOY it was lit off the back. THEN Meagan hit the table. THEN Julie HIT the table i was like omg they probably think we are clumsy but it was DARK & they had black on.

So I’m literally stuck at Youngjae since he was first and he was just smiling so hard and we had a hard high five then, Zelo broke my neck. The whole time we were going down we were like “Aye!” “Thank you!” “It was lit!” And they were all so happy at our extraness & clumsiness. Daehyun had his eye smile and i was like lord help me he is beautiful. BUT YONGGUK… added 5 years to my life span. Gorgeous. Magnificent.

Let’s just say we left QUITE an impact on B.A.P but we weren’t boring. I made sure to make eye contact with everyone. They loved us. We were so hyped afterwards we highfived the staff & security as we were walking out. Didn’t I say we were extra?!

The. End.


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how about Softsprout since their a medicine cat of windclan? i hope i didn't add fuel to the fire of asks!

omg anon never worry about adding to asks getting asks gives me life especially when they’re asking about my ocs!!

so yes!! softsprout is the med cat of windclan. they’re nonbinary. widely regarded as the Kindest n most Patient cat in all the clans but constantly neglects to clean the plant seeds out of their fur so they end up sprouting before falling out lol.

Jasminepaw is their true apprentice but…if you’ve noticed, Thunderclan has an apprentice medcat but no actual medcat. so every other day Softsprout travels to thunderclan to teach Juniperpaw(tc med cat apprentice) ~med cat things~

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Omg, right before I read the part you added about Carmen Sandiego to the Waldo story, I was already thinking it was Carmen Sandiego. I'd like to say great minds think alike, but you're clearly better, because I can't (yet) write creatively for my life. I love your short stories! You can portray characters so well in a matter of paragraphs. Your descriptions are great. Your ideas are unique and wonderfully written out. Continue being fabulous!

I like that yet! That’s the key attitude to getting to the level you want in writing! I used to think for years “Oh I can’t write that, it needs to be better” and that made it so I didn’t write for years!

Thank you so much for your wonderful words!

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12 Days of Check, Please! Christmas

Day Two: Ice skating (the fun kind)
Prompts by @nsfwzimbits
I could use my baby as an excuse for why I didn’t get even a half-assed fic out of this… but I won’t.

Jack invites everyone to the holiday family skate with the falconers
-why anyone is surprised, he has no idea. Ofc the Samwell guys (and lardo) are his family
-he was a closed off mess before he met them

they’re In Awe ™

remember when Dex had literally no chill at hazeapalooza and talks to jack about his ass?
-He does that again
-with soooo many players

but nursey only trips twice on his way to the ice
-poots looks vaguely distressed
-guy laughs

chowder is the calmest of all of them??
-how, my child?
-“they’re just normal people, guys!”
-He disappears for a few hours
-bitty walks in on them staring at pucks then slowly walks back out

speaking of bitty

he is an immediate hit with all the falconer’s kids.
-He may kidnap thirday’s daughter one day
-she’d be over the moon if he does
-she bugs thirdy for weeks about figure skating lessons
-(even though she has showed no interest in ice at all up to that point)

the surprise of the day is that lardo is too???
-she refuses to talk to kids like they’re dumb and they LOVE IT
-“you mean you skate with all the big boys?!”
-“I don’t just skate with them, I tell those useless boys how to skate!”
-…the parents don’t appreciate so much that she doesn’t censor herself

Holster propositions Tater for Ransom?
-“hey, my boyfriend thinks you’re hot. You should try him on for size.”
-tater finds him hilarious
-all three of them have a date for the day after christmas???

Georgia keeps a close eye on bitty
-because maybe the falc’s have been talking about adding speed to the roster for a few years now
-and because bitty is the faster skater she’s ever seen
-she ambushes jack about it the next day
-“what do you mean he hasn’t even considered the nhl?!”

Shitty immediately gravitates to the WAGs SOAPs
-“because jack is my motherfucking life partner”
-“no you’re not, shitty”
-(he sort of is)

Jack just sits back and watches
-his two families fit together perfectly
-and it’s so wonderful

he can’t remember ever being so happy

“I have raised three kids, and one husband.” 

-I think this line in Gumball, as funny as it is, is very sad. It’s sad because the reality of our society is that men are almost always just big babies that their wives end up taking care of like an extra child in the household. In all the relationships I have seen in my life the men were asshole children with the ability to stress out their wives making demands and being lazy as shit while also verbally abusive. They don’t pick up after themselves, they expect the wife to do it, on top of earning money for the household, juggling taking care of the kids because they can’t be bothered, and when they do spend time with the kids they end up making huge messes or just being the ‘playful friend’ type of dad while the mom becomes the authoritative asshole that the kids end up getting angry at despite all she does for them. Dad is always the go to because ‘dad is cool, but mom is a bitch’. Dad isn’t cool. Dad’s an ass who needs to grow up, and mom is putting up with too much shit and not getting enough credit or love for everything she does.

 American dad had another thing I thought sad but knew it was true. It was the episode where Francine is stressed out, they go to the hotel, she takes Sarah Blanche’s place, and Stan is left sobbing on the floor for three days over not being able to do something so simple as choosing a pair of socks. I have seen this, and I have seen men yell at their spouses, significant others, over laundry that they could have done themselves if they really needed a specific shirt or pair of pants 

Remember, that’s real life scenarios. From the few episodes  I have seen of Gumball, I don’t think the relationship between the mom and dad is awful (although I’ve seen them interact MAYBE 2 times in the limited number of episodes I have watched) but she still has the problem of the cliche stemming from reality and truth ‘big fat baby husband who is a clumsy useless oaf’ -again, from just a few episodes I have seen he seems very incompetent. Like a toned down Peter Griffin, but he actually likes and loves his kids, unlike Peter who deserves a post on abusive father behavior on his own. Adding in that Peter is mentally handicapped legally and that is why he acts how he does was just a cop out IMO.

Still, the main point of this post is that laugh that line brought was not a funny haha omg that is great laugh, but a very sad ‘wow a cartoon gets it but real people don’t even get it’ kind of laugh. Iknow not all families and husbands are like this or would HOPE some are not,but from witnessing people in my own life, I have sadly never seen the opposite. 

Hanging out in real life with people who like fandoms and ships and fanfiction is awesome, but it is also terrible.

My idea dump just got longer during that coffee session and now I have a whole lot of new ideas I want to write (because we went through my idea dump again after adding to it and omg I’d forgotten half the things on there and now I NEED TO WRITE THEM ALL), and also equal levels of excitement for all of my wips which does not make picking one to work on easy.

But before that, time to proof the last three pages of Chapter 3 Amortentia and get it online!

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Have you seen the space family official art piece that was posted to Josh Keaton's twitter?? It added five years to my life ...Allura is especially adorable ✨✨

yes i’ve seen it !!! and once i realized that christie tseng had put up the hd version on her twitter i made it my laptop wallpaper lol. omg i know right !!! allura is SO impossibly adorable, her lil munch and the position of her boots and the fact that her bucket of space-popcorn is on a tray in her lap asfhbkbfhj it kills me

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Can I have more of that tfc au please I really love Nathaniel and everyone's relationship in it

Omg your interest for this AU is seriously adding 10 years to my life bless u

The Kayleigh lives AU


This kind of situation:

  • (they are planning the Matriarch’s birthday btw)
  • happens all the time
  • it gets wild when the four of them are together
  • it usually ends with a dramatic zoom on Jean’s face
  • “Et putain c’est reparti”
  • he’s tired

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seeing all the posts about the wings tour in thailand brought back a bunch of memories from when i saw bts in anaheim so i’m FINALLY sitting down to word-vomit whatever i remember from that weekend. this is more for my own sake so if you make the biggest mistake of your life and decide to read what i write don’t say i didn’t warn you about how long and unorganized it’s gonna be!!!

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Life at last! (he/him!)

Oh my gosh I’m so happy with how this all came together… it was such a fun costume to make and I was worried it wouldn’t work out (especially considering I’m tragically pre-op and had to cover my chest entirely; also since I’d be with/around children I decided against adding the glittery star on Beef’s crotch at least for now, if I ever take this outfit out again I’d add it…), but I’m honestly so happy with it omg…. You can’t tell in any of these pics and I didn’t feel comfortable just taking a pic of my ass but I also had the “tail” that Beef has on; it was really glittery and sparkly!

I was warned by my entire family that no one would know who I was because of the obscurity of the character but that didn’t make it any less fun?? I went to the dentist and then spent all day at school in costume, then I took my 10 year old sister trick or treating, then I was on candy duty for like an hour. It didn’t matter if no one recognized me (or if they did they didn’t say anything). Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love being able to dress up as my favorite characters and feel good about how I look and have fun!!

My mom helped me so much too I shouldn’t not give her credit tbh… she was the one who helped bring Mister Mistoffelees to life last year and I knew I could count on her to help with this again and she really really did oh my gosh. And Paul Williams actually responding when I tweeted him a pic made my day omg!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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urg, chris!! i just had like one of the best weekends of my life (like last weekend and i guess i'm still kinda buzzing?!) and like i keep checking fb to see if people have added any more photos and like im on a very chilled break with my mum (and im having so so much fun) but like it was just such a freakin good weekend and like i guess ive got post trip blues?!! how do i deallll (lol this is such a shit issue to have, but things had been so tough just before the trip

Omg anon I cannot even begin to explain how much I understand this!!! It’s always that anti-climactic feeling after coming home from an amazing trip UGHHHH. I understand. I would just try to give yourself some time. Try to remind yourself how amazing it is that you got to experience something so wonderful that makes it hard to have it end, you know? Like you will always have these amazing memories and remember that there are many more trips like these to look forward to :) 

types of tumblr taggers (snk version)

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Mikasa, the ruler of punctuation: adding nothing but punctuation characters no one but themselves can decipher
#!!!!!!!, #?!!!?!?!?!, #…:::, #!.!:.!:, #Eren!!!?, #where the fuck are you???????!!!!

Amin, the priest: adding wise and (long) quotes: #why are you people like that? everytime I see this I ………, #i just want to go outside and play with my friends… #this life is awful, #we have to be together please don’t start a fight, #let’s be friends together please Eren, #i think that, to kill a titan, we have to………

Jean, the one who always gets reminded of something sad: #I miss you #this cat reminds me of Marco, #come back, #Marco come back, #I hate my life #and Eren

Sasha, the forgetful: tags everything in a mass because she can’t remember the tags: #potatoes, #roasted potatoes, #potato, #potatoes roasted, #pota, #pot, #poatoes, #potaaatoss, #kitchen recipes, #titan, #titans #roasted titan, #tiatan, #er, #eren jaeger #or yaeger #dunno #i’d like to thank not only god but also gordon ramsey

Historia, the complimenter: compliments anything, especially the friends: #so beautiful!, #I love you, #<3<3<3 wowowow!!! #omg #this titan is so kawaii #hello kitty, #the blonde one is super sexy tho

Marco, the one on the verge of death: #I canyat bretahe, #hkeop, #helpppppp, #aahhhhhhhh, #hjsdfhakrefregreg #ucfk uoy einrer #bbbbbbbbyeajkdsdhr

Annie, the over-organized one: tagging every detail, super organized: #gif, #titan girl, #not my gif, #edit, #edit by me, #picture, #face, #drunk, #selfie, #titan trio selfie 

Ymir, reblogs something to spread the rage in the tags: #so ugly, #ugly edit, #I hate you all, #you all need jesus, #idgaf, #I want to go home, #my teammates are weird af

Bertold, the blogger who’s constantly queueing posts: seriously, where are they #queue, #q: not here, #queueue, #q, #i’m not at home now, #i’m just destroying the wall, #queque for now

Reiner, the lost one: adds tags which have nothing to do with the post:
#oh man I gotta destroy the humanity what am I doing here, #gotta bring down the wall, #mom’s angry 

Connie, the jerk: adds jokes, mainly about himself: #this monkey looks like me, #hahah me, #I’m the garbage can, #bald is gold #saitama sensei looks like me

Hanji, the squad member: tagging all friends, confusing everyone but the squad: #eyebrowsman, #shorty, #squad look like this, #we are fresh af, #ready to kill some titans, #levi in his boxer is gold tbh, #the other bae is fixing his eyebrows, #squad goals

Levi, the mad one (or that’s what you think): #my tea #shit 

Erwin, the criticiser: silently adds some recommendations: #this is good but I don’t get this one bc, #my eyebrows are definitely better, #pease guys stop being on tumblr, #time for some training, #we are the survey corps right?, #levi tell something to these children please

Grisha Jeager, the one consistently using secret tags for anything: #my son, #smirko, #good titan, #proud of my baby titan, #he’s so cool, #the project is going well #remember the key #key is the key

and then there is

Me, the thirsty one: #I love him, #he’s mine, #my husband, #AAAHHH he’s so hot, #levi please, #how can you be so cute Eren?, #look at dat booty, #erwin is a greek god, #snk fucked my life, #going down with these precious cinnamon roll, #i need more fan arts #and fanfics