this actually worked out better than i thought

cinequeen replied to your post “I actually don’t mind the animations, they are upgraded from Mass…”

it’s also important to remember that Bioware is using the Frostbite engine for the first time, so that introduces a whole new slew of problems for them to deal with. It will obviously look better than ME3 but we have to be mindful that it still won’t live up to our wildest expectations - hopefully in future games they’ll work out the kinks with the new engine and we’ll all get the Mass Effect animations and character creation we dream of having

Wait I thought the Frostbite engine was used for DAI? 

thedarkstrategist replied to your post “I actually don’t mind the animations, they are upgraded from Mass…”

It’s also important to remember that most if not all the cutscenes in the latest of naughty dogs games are mocapped. Bioware has to scan a model’s face and then animate every move it makes. Give the resource at their disposal, I think it looks great.

Yeah, it looks nice for the most part :)

The Lords as Best Friends // Modern AU: Oda Nobunaga
  • Goes to your house unannounced, probably has keys to it too (with your permission ofc)
  • Usually mostly out of town for work and stuff, but always pays you a visit.
  • Probs met him in college. He lost to you during a debate. Well, not exactly a formal debate, but more like a class discussion, which he took seriously. Since then, he liked your ideas and thought you worthy of his time.
  • “You’re my best friend now. I’ve decided.” “Excuse me?”
  • He’s Oda Nobunaga but you call him out on his bullshit. He’ll just laugh and mock you, but he’ll actually listen.
  • Would ask you to pretend to be his lover just because. 
  • Would also pretend he’s your lover just because.
  • He’ll probs scare your suitors away.
  • Would be a little bit protective. “Where did you meet this guy? What’s his work? Is he financially stable? Is he better than me?”
  • Buys you presents. Lots of presents. For no reason.
  • Often goes awol, you’ll be surprised to receive an email he’s somewhere overseas. Of course, you’re the only one who knows. You’ll be dead if you tell anyone.
  • Your mom likes him. He gives her presents too. But your dad is suspicious.
  • You always get to ride first whenever he buys a new car.
  • Would hang around at your home for movie nights. No alcohol for him though, so you have melon soda stacked for him. Somehow your fridge always has melon soda.
  • You’d probably be a dump of whatever he finds. “This puppy I found looked so pitiful. You keep him.” You can’t refuse. Then he’ll start sending stuff for the dog so you don’t complain.
  • You’re the default date whenever he needs one for business purposes.
  • Makes plans on a whim. You’re busy? Sorry, you’ll have to come with him. He’ll understand if you refuse though, but he’ll go rambling, “this is why I told you to work for me.”
  • Would laugh at your misfortunes but actually do something about it.
  • Would straight up tell you when you’ve done something wrong, but doesn’t exactly comfort you after. He’ll regret that. Secretly hoping you’d be the first to contact him so he can find an excuse to talk to you.
  • When you’re sad, and he’s not there, he’ll send you memes and funny videos. When he’s there, he wouldn’t mind giving you a hug. Plus a ticket to you fave band’s concert. VIP passes, dear.
  • When you’re angry, he’ll just let you talk and talk. Would probably let you break some of his stuff too. Because that’s what he does. But don’t lay your wrath upon his robot/gundam collection.
  • Always will ask you what you think of this woman, and this woman, and this woman he was arranged to meet. You think they’re wonderful and he should pick one to settle down with.
  • He has to conquer the world first he says. You believe him, even if it’s ridiculous, because you know he has the people’s interests at heart.
What a nice surprise

Paring: Maria x reader, Natasha x reader

Anon request: Maria and the reader are in a relationship and one night Maria jokes about having a threesome with Natasha. She sees the look in the reader’s eyes and decides she’s actually going to get Natasha to have a threesome with them to surprise the reader.

There is no better way to cool down from an exhausted day than drinking wine and cuddling with my girlfriend of three years. I had a particularly hard day, I had to put up with idiot recruits that thought they knew everything already. They didn’t. One in particular questioned my qualifications in front of the avengers thinking she would impress them. It didn’t work. Steve gave me the approval and the satisfaction of kicking her out of the program. Before the girl could complain Steve cut her off saying no prospective agents should talk to a superior like that. That was the first time we ever saw Steve make someone cry. Steve then went on to tell the rest of the recruits if they defy another superior they will be kicked out as well. Maria got wind of what happened and when I got home she already had two glasses waiting.

“I just wish I was there with you so I could of knocked that bitch out for talking to you like that” Maria tried to comfort me.

“It’s alright honey watching Steve making her cry made up for it. Well that and I’m getting spoiled by sexy girlfriend” I held onto her inner thigh.

“Oh shoot and here I was going to suggest we ask Natasha to have a threesome with us. She’d have her way with you to make you forget about today.” Maria teased but a smile came across her face when she saw I was smiling at the idea of a threesome.

“Alright I think we had enough to drink get your cute butt in the bedroom. I want to you in every position possible tonight” I set my glass of wine on the coffee table and made my way to our bedroom.

*next day Maria’s pov*

“You look like shit Hill what’s wrong” I heard Natasha as she stepped into my office. She wasn’t wrong though, y/n kept me up all night. Not that I minded though orgasm after orgasm, I’m surprised I was able to leave her to go to work early.

“Thanks, y/n kept me up all night” I looked up at the redhead.

“You two never fail to amazing me, so she’s an animal in bed?” Natasha asked. I was thinking about my joke that I made about her joining us and y/n smiling at the thought.

“Yeah she is, actually your name popped up before we ripped each others clothes off”

“Really what were you two talking about” Natasha now sounded more interested.

“You joining us, y/n’s eyes lit up with the idea. strangely I kind of want to watch my girlfriend have sex with someone else.” Natasha smiled at what I said. “I think it’s great idea for you to join us by the way, seeing as you check her out when you think I’m not looking” Natasha’s eyes widened at the fact that she had been caught staring at her friends girlfriend. “I thought I would throw you a bone.”

“You know I would never try and get in between your relationship right? You’re like a sister to me and I don’t want to ruin it.” Natasha tried to reassure me.

“I know. I just thought if you had sex with her you will get it out of your system and stop checking her out.”

“Alight, I’m up for it. I’ll see you two at your place. What time do you want me there”

“Y/n gets out at seven so be at our place at six thirty to set it up for her” I looked up at Natasha who was looking at the ground and smiling.

“I’ll see you then and thank you for this.”

“Trust me thank you, this is going to win me points for being the best girlfriend ever. Try and wear something lace, y/n goes crazy when I wear lace.”

“Got it, I’ll see you then” Natasha spoke before leaving with a smirk on her face. I just hope I didn’t make a mistake in asking her to join us.

*later y/n pov.*

Exhausted from work I treaded slowly into my apartment. I just want to eat, hang out with Maria and go to sleep. Speaking of Maria, where is she?

“Maria?” I shouted as I looked for her in the kitchen.

“In the bedroom babe, I have a surprise for you” I heard Maria’s voice from the other side of the door.

“Maria I love you soooo much, but I’m really tired and-” I froze as i look inside the bedroom. Natasha in a sexy black dress her lace bra shown slightly.

“Hey y/n” Natasha stood up and walked towards me. Stopping only a few inches away and placed her hands on my shoulders.

“Hey Nat what are you doing here? Where’s Maria” I looked around and saw Maria appear from the bathroom in a red dress.

“Right here sweetie” Maria made her way over to me and kissed my lips. “I told Nat about what we talked about yesterday, you know the threesome and she is more than willing to join us. Right Nat?” I turned to face her and noticed her staring at my lips.

“Yes, I mean how can I pass up the chance to have sex with you y/n. You’re fucking hot, Maria is a very lucky woman” Natasha gaze never left my lips.

“And because I’m a good friend and girlfriend I thought we could make it happen. But this is a one time thing, I’m just sick of nat looking at you the way I look at you.” Maria replied as she started to unzip my uniform. “Go ahead and kiss her, I’m giving you permission.” With my hand around the back of her neck I leaned in and kissed Natasha. She kissed me back immediately and she pressed herself against me. Maria got behind me and started to remove my uniform as she pressed herself behind me. I reached behind Natasha and started to unzip her dress.

“Fuck Maria, y/n is an amazing kisser” Natasha reached behind me and Maria to unzip Maria dress as I started nibbling on her neck.

“I know” she let her dress fall as she unclasped my bra. I stepped out of my uniform and Maria started to slip my underwear off. “Let’s go over to the bed” Natasha pulled away as we all climbed on the bed. Maria took off her bra and underwear as sat against the headboard. “Y/n babe come sit between my legs” I crawled over to her and settled myself between her legs. I tilted my head up and to the side and kissed Maria’s chin before she looked down on me. Soon her lips were on mine as we felt the bed sink a little. Natasha now completely naked moved my legs so they were on top of Maria and started kissing her way up. I let go of Maria’s lips as I felt Natasha’s lips on my clit.

“Mmm” I began to run my hands through her hair enjoying the feeling of Natasha sucking on my clit.

“You like what she’s doing to you y/n, Nat circle your tongue around the clit she shivers when I do that to her” Maria suggested as she started playing with my nipples. I moaned my approval. Natasha did what Maria told her to do and I felt shiver down my spine.

“Ahhh yeah Natasha ! ! ! !” I gripped her hair tight as she pushed two of her fingers inside me “fuck, yes” I started to arch my back but Maria pulled me back onto her.

“I told you, fuck babe is she making you feel good” Maria started leaving hickeys on my neck.

“YESSS ahh fuck Natasha move your fingers faster” squeezing my eyes shut as Maria held onto me. “Ahhhhh fuck yes yes yes ahhhh Natasha oh my god ! ! !” I screamed as Natasha moved her head from side to side causing more friction on my clit as I rode my orgasm.

“Mmmm y/n that’s it cum all over Natasha, let her taste you” Maria egged me on. After a while Natasha came up and began to kiss me.

“You’re so fucking good y/n” just as she was going to kiss me when I moved

“Kiss Maria” I demanded and I moved out of the way so she was able to kiss her. It started out slow but then Natasha slipped her tongue in Maria’s mouth and it only got heated from there. I went back and forth kissing there necks and sucking their breasts. When the pulled apart they looked at me, they pulled me into a three way kiss. Our hands were touching each other as our breasts rubbed against each other. “Maria sweetie I want you to ride my face” I broke our kiss and smacked her ass.

“Oh god yes” I laid back down on the bed Maria swung her leg so she was hovering over my face. Holding onto the headboard she lowered herself until I hooked my arms around her thighs and lowered her completely. “Fuck y/n” Maria cussed at my tongue making contact with her core as Natasha spread my legs again. She moved herself so her slit was on top of mine. She started rocking her hips as she held onto my right leg.

“Ahh Nat” I pulled away from Maria briefly before attaching them again to Maria’s pussy and started to tongue fuck her. Heavy breathing and cursing filled the room as were getting close to our high.

“Y/n ! ! ! ! ” both Maria and Natasha said at the same time as they both came. I started to lick Maria clean as Natasha started moving faster determined to make me cum again.

“Natasha ahhh ” I screamed again as finally came. Natasha slowed down until we both came down from our high and then untangled herself from me. Maria soon got off me and laid down next to me.

“This was fun, thanks Maria for letting me join you guys” Natasha started putting her clothes back on.

“No problem Nat, this was fun”

“Yeah it was” I added on as I smiled at Maria.

“And you never know Nat maybe I changed my mind and you can join us again some other time, if y/n is ok with it”

“Ha you know damn well I’ll be ok with it sweetie”

“Just let me know when and I’ll be here in a heartbeat” after getting dressed Natasha walked back to us and pecked our lips before leaving.

“Did you enjoy yourself y/n” Maria ask

“Yes, you’re the best girlfriend EVER” I smiled at her.

“I know”

“What do you say we continue this though. I’ve had two orgasms and you only had one” I stated as I got on top of her.

“Oh yeah I’m more than ok with that” Maria smiled as we spent the rest of the night pleasing each other.


sssome doodles from my sketchbook
i decided to actually scan it and, joke’s on me, some parts came out blurrier than on photos. oh well

click for captions

✰Shance headcannon #5

[Modern AU] Lance constantly takes Shiro’s phone and takes selfies with them and downloads games-and basically knows how to work both their phones better than his husband does. Lance also takes a lot of photos of Shiro on his own phone so he can look at them and swoon later. Shiro doesn’t mind, he just wishes that in the photos Lance took he was actually looking at the camera; and not eating, working out, slipping or sleeping in every one of them. He doesn’t know why Lance insists to take photos of him when he’s not paying attention, to which he always gets a reply of “if you look at the camera I’ll just get that Captain America smile, and all my pictures will come out perfect. Duh.”
Doesn’t sound too bad to Shiro, but whatever floats his hubby’s boat he guesses.
Shiro enjoys looking at the selfies Lance takes constantly when he’s feeling lonely or can’t sleep, despite the apple of his eye being right there in bed with him. He never deletes them either, no matter how stupid Lance looks strutting around in a backwards party hat and aviators.


It is finished AT LAST! This is my PT piece i’ve been working on for a while now. It turned out better than I thought it would and i’m just glad to be done with it so I can share it with THE WOOOOOOOOOOORLD!!!!

Incase you don’t know, “PT” (Playable Teaser) is a cancelled Silent Hill project that had a lot of promise. Three big names on the project were Hideo Kojima (The Metal Gear Solid Series), Guillermo Del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) and Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead). The game that was released was actually only a trailer for what would’ve been the full game “Silent Hills”. Sadly there was a lot of internal conflict between Konami and Kojima and ultimately the project was scrapped :(

PT was without a doubt one of the most unique forms of hands-on marketing and visual communication for a sneak preview of a game. Being a fan of the Silent Hill series, this cancellation was a big upset. Hopefully this piece can serve as a testimony of how awesome and unique the PT experience was and still is. If you ever have a chance to play it, you should take it. Unless you don’t like scary things. This game is scary. Yeah…

Get the NEW PRINT HERE at my shop!


that was 2015. the first time i played a live set in duet with someone besides Neil Jendon. Neil had originally initiated our collaborative sets starting in 2012 so this would also mark the first time i asked someone to perform with me. before Billie would start to more formally use @akosuen for her experimental musical output. 

that show went really well. better than either of us expected i think. we didnt practice before hand but i was confident that we were on the same page musically. it was suggested to us by her boyfriend (now husband) that if we worked out the ideas more we could really have something great. 

so it planted the bug in me. we would practice! that first practice wouldn’t happen until Jan 17th 2016. it went well. i decided this would be a project that i wanted to capture properly and as such i wanted to go to an actual studio. i focused on ESS both because i thought they would understand the project and because they are an active member in the weirder music community in chicago. i feel if you want to see that flourish you support it anyway you can. we decided that we should at least have 2 practices in before going to record.

we practiced a 2nd time on Aug 21st 2016. then HCL Fall season started. i was pretty much 100% focused on that for the next 4 months… 

so at the end of december i get some dates from Billie and reach out to ESS. March 18th 2018 is set sometime in early jan.

this past thurs (2 days before the session) we played another show together. it basically counted as our third practice. we did both pieces, the 2nd of which we hadn’t performed for an audience yet. 

1 year, 7 months, 22 days after that first show. from an idea to a poorly notated in my alternative notation on small sheets, 

(that was another level of self consciousness. i wrote out the pieces for our first practice because i thought it would help Billie. but i also worried that she would laugh “what the hell is this” or something. she didn’t. ever.  that was nice )  

to a thing i had to explain to a third person who i was paying and using their time/talents. While talking with Alex i had to constantly fight an inner monologue saying to me how this was a dumb idea.  i had to fight an inner monologue that wanted to remind me i was not a good musician. because if i let that voice out in the room then that would shift the mood in the room away from the 2 pieces which were the most important thing. which means i have to admit that this is worth doing because if i dont then i am wasting the time of everyone in that room. and that would make me feel shitty too. 

when i arrived with my 2 amps (w/ inner monologue saying “do you really need to bring both of these!?!) i let it slip saying to alex “hi, here i am with these 2 huge silly things.” and he just smiled and responded “oh this will be fun” 

that put me at ease. 

Billie arrived. we setup. sound checked and on schedule started recording. I liked the intense listening and reacting. its great mental exercise. its a different feeling than a show usually is. 

but intense listening. for 3 hours. either listening to each other play or listening back to recordings and deciding “yeah thats good”. gets very exhausting.

we were both more critical of our own performances than of each other, or the whole recording. which i think means we did well.   

also i drank too much coffee. i should have drank more water. 

anyway, 1 year, 7 months, 22 days ago i didnt think i would have reason to record at ESS. (and to some maybe you still dont think i do.) but those little encouragements: Jesse suggesting we practice more, Billie agreeing to take time out of her very busy schedule and finding the time to practice, my wife for being understanding about some sunday afternoons spent in a practice space. all these little things adding up to this. an idea that is now real. and hopefully this year those of you that want to will hear these pieces in a form that i didnt think would ever be. 

this is also to say that maybe this year you’ll see less solo work from me. i think the encouragement from working with Billie helped me be more confident. it may have allowed me to seriously consider and accept the offer to play in a band with Mike Weis and Neil (The Mirror of Nature). both of these projects are challenging me in new ways that is very exciting. also spending 4 months working on a solo piece may have burned me out. 

time is an abstract concept that will slowly devour us. lets try and make things while that happens. 

I think it’s actually ridiculous how apparently there are rules to texting and getting to know someone. If I enjoy your company, and I want to get to know you better, then I will. It’s that simple. I know that the people who care about me get worried that I’ll be disappointed or hurt, but it’s inevitable. As hard as they try, they can’t protect me from everything. I’d rather attempt a friendship than be wondering if it could ever work out. I don’t like the unknown.
—  11:44pm thoughts// and if they want to get to know be better too, well that’s lovely

Okay so I’m trying to think objectively about the upcoming UK election. Where I don’t go about it thinking the tories are pricks, and I try to move away from not liking Labour based on What Blair Did, I try to believe things Nick says (but don’t forget 2010), give UKIP a chance that maybe it’s just the media telling me they’re a bunch of racists (but they probably are…) and giving the greens more of a chance than just the ‘hopeful dream that won’t actually ever work’.

Basically, I’m trying to  be unbiased.

Just some info I strung together from a couple of independent sites. It’s not exhaustive but I’ve tried to include bits of everything from these five parties…

(Well, the truth behind this is actually my parents are threatening to vote UKIP and I’m terrified but I thought this would be a better way to talk them out of it, and that maybe some of UK tumblr might find it useful too.)

If anyone’s got any questions about the points or the sources, or even my own views, drop me an ask. and IF ANYTHING IS INCORRECT THEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW  BY COMMENTS OR ASKS OR BY PIGEON POST!

Happy voting everyone, let’s try and not ruin the UK…

Adelaide Kane: “We work together all week and like each other enough that we hang out during our days off.”
Torrance Coombs: “We haven’t killed each other yet, which is a bonus. I would have thought it would be more intense than it is, because we’re shooting 15-hour days. But actually the more time that passes, the better we get along.”

hella butch™ alphyne au

please consider: undyne is the sickest gym teacher, all of her students think she’s completely awesome (which she is) especially for her badass motorcycle she rides basically everywhere. it’s like her child. one day, the thing breaks down, and she’s utterly heartbroken. "hey you got someone who can fix this up? and i only want the best!! the best for my baby!!!!!“
and the guy at the counter directs her to the last garage and she sees this tiny, blushing girl and undyne’s first thought is DAMN she is cute but her second thought is CAN THIS TINY GIRL FIX MY PRECIOUS BIKE???
(spoiler: She fixes the SHIT out of her bike in record time, actually makes it better than it was)

over weeks of working on the bike together in the shop, they form such a fun, comfortable relationship, getting scraps from the junkyard, perhaps somehow the love letters could be incorporated in here too? anyways, best part of it all: flannels, bandanas, tattoos, greasy sweaty auto shop fun

one more thing: as genius as alphys is with the mechanics of it all, she’s not actually a huge fan of riding motorbikes? after the project’s done though.. she overcomes her nerves and she an undyne have the ride of a lifetime

okay haha this was really long so

tl;dr @fishlizardweeb and i have concocted a biker/mechanic au for these girls and it’s basically super gay

note to self-diagnosed OCD sufferers:

you are important and I want to help you figure out how to cope with intrusive thoughts and compulsions. I have a paper diagnosis and I will fight tooth and nail against people who say you’re not allowed to describe your intrusive thoughts and compulsions as OCD.

you know your own mind better than any other person in the world. if you find that coping mechanisms that work for OCD sufferers work for you and if you feel like OCD sufferers know exactly what you’re dealing with, I don’t feel threatened by you saying “I have OCD.”

there is nothing that people with OCD gain from being cruel to OCD sufferers who don’t have a paper diagnosis. wanting to “weed out the fakers” isn’t worth the trauma it causes to people who actually have OCD but lack the resources to obtain evaluation.

Me: I bet the first time Cisco uses his physical powers he will be so badass . He’ll probably be standing against zoom, although scared he’ll seem confident in what he’s doing and send out one of his blasts. It’s taken such a long time for this to happen so he will….

Cisco: *accidentally shoots a blast at black siren. Falls over. Caitlin is confused. Cisco is more confused. Cisco tries again, fails and gets even more confused*

Me: That works too.

So I’ve been thinking for a few weeks about how I’d really like to make a series of portraits of my favourite Youtubers. Not only is this the career path I want to pursue, but I think it’s also the only way I can properly express my admiration for them. I’ve messaged a few of them if I could do so and post the paintings on my Facebook artist page, but while I wait for any responses, I thought I’d post them on Tumblr in the meantime.

First up is my absolute favourite of all, CutiepieMarzia, or Marzia Bisognin. I don’t feel like I did her justice here, and while this one’s much better than the first one I did of her, it’s not quite where I want it to be. I know it’s a cop-out lament, but it actually does look better in real life. XD Plus, the board was a nightmare to work on, so I might leave it for now. There are lots of mistakes, but I don’t want to do much else.

I’ll get it right one day. XD

I know it’s a bit weird putting it up on this blog, but ehh. Can’t be bothered making a whole new one.

you’re making me work hard

i thought that falling
for someone
was supposed to be easy
leaves make it look normal
to change colors and take off

but my heart beats fast
just waiting to see 
if you’ll talk to me today

my cheeks get rosy red from the rum
and you’re a better dancer than me
but you don’t seem to mind my two left feet,
i do, though,
because one of them always ends up in my mouth,
when i try to talk to you
i become very aware
(too aware)
that my tongue is actually made out of my butterfly wings
and my eyes are two burnt out lightbulbs

some days you make me feel like i’m special- 
no metaphors, no other way to say it
just special

a lot of days you make me feel
like i might be wasting my time

but every day you make me feel 
like this is something
that i want to work for

my friends say
“the right guy won’t make you try so hard”
and i don’t know how to tell them
that you’re not a job i can’t quit
or an exam i have to study for
you’re a hobby that i want to perfect
and it’s work, and it’s hard
but sometimes i like it

i wish you would try and figure me out
because your perception is so out of touch
and i think you have some work to do, too

but for now
i will try to calm my shaking hands
put pen to paper 
breathe slowly
and keep going

because you make my heart hurt
but sometimes i think i like it

—  god dammit, i just want you to see me: caroline builta