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Door Symbolism/Reading The Room: A Look at Klance

After finishing season 3 I, like I’m sure most people, walked away with a lot of new ideas, theories, and takeaways from the show. However, one such thing I didn’t even consider except upon review of the “leave the math to Pidge” scene while working on making gifs is how often the use of doors are in symbolism for Lance and Keith’s relationship. It’s such a prevalent matter that I couldn’t help but make a post to share with y’all some interesting metaphors and character analysis between Lance and Keith’s relationship (romantic or not)


Often when looking at well directed cinematography, the use of the setting/background information to portray character emotions is quite common. This can be scene in instances such as warm colors giving “romantic lighting” and dark colors/rainy weather representing “fear/sadness” in most movies/shows

Voltron does this really well in many scenes, hell just look at the first episodes and take in the emotions you feel when looking at the environment and how the characters probably feel:

In other words, shot compositions is really important in Voltron

Now. Let’s take a look at what shot composition shows us in the dynamics of Lance and Keith’s relationship

This is going to be a long post, so the analysis will be below the cut:

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A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

thank you all so so much for 4k !!
i chose this gif bc that’s my face rn… i’m just imagining four thousand people standing in my backyard !! that’s heckin insane !! i love every single person who took the time to click that follow button cept the porn bots… i see u and everyone who’s reblogged my gifs or used one of my icons and just.. without y’all i wouldn’t be here actually not failing at this tunglr thing :( ily

since i haven’t done this since 600 (??i know) i thought it’d be nice to do a proper ff again!! below i’ve listed a bunch of lovely mutuals who i love with my whole entire heart :)

((blacklist #camsff if u don’t want this on ya dash))

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isabelle lightwood or clary fray

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im just going to confess something here: i love when misha or jensen starts a joke and then the other one finishes it, in a way. i don't know if you get me? thanks for reading this tho :)

Oooh no – I get you! And I love it too!

Like when one says something snarky,  so the other plays right along …

Or when they tell that same damn story a million FUCKING times, and the other always has to give a performance just so we all know what they’re talking about …  never realizing that YES, WE ALWAYS KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

Or when they just forget that other people are around at all …

Or when they take turns telling the same story, finding new ways to tease each other as they go …

Or when they use props to help make a joke …

Or the times that you’re pretty sure they scripted something– just for an easy laugh …

Or when they actually have a script right in front of them,  but they both get the same idea on how to make it funnier …

But most of all,  I love the times when it’s obvious that they know the other so damn well,  that they don’t even have to be making eye contact in order to make us crack up…

So yeah,  Nonny– I totally get you.


Your name is TEN. As was previously mentioned you are FLOATING IN SPACE.  You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for EXPLAINING THINGS. You like to watch football with other satellites but you CANNOT ACTUALLY PLAY IT. You have a hatred for GAME 27, and think it is DUMB. You also liked to watch GARDEN HOES sometimes, before the nanos ruined it. 

What will you do?


Wilson Fisk & James Wesley + text posts

Different types of Friendships. (As told through the Losers Club)

Will make for all the Losers.

Richie and Eddie-

Everyone ships this friendship. Everyone. Like no matter how much you deny it people are going to assume that you are dating. In this there is just so much fucking flirting. Some of it platonic, some of it not. Actually most of it not. How this works is a mystery to everyone, are you dating??? are you just friends??? The world may never know.

Richie and Stan-

A classic love/hate relationship. Chances are you only pretending to be annoyed with the other. You’ve probably either been through a whole lot of shit with this person, or you’ve just been best friends since forever, either way you guys are stuck together. You love to playfully mess and insult this person, but if anyone else even tries to say anything that could be considered rude. Then they better watch out before you rain hell on them. Your friend may be a nerd but they’re your nerd.

Richie and Beverly- 

This is called ‘Platonic Soulmates’. When you first met you might not have liked this person, but then you bonded over some random ass thing and you guys have been inseparable ever since.  You guys are basically the same person. Chances are you probably made out at least once, but then decided that it was just, too weird.This is your person where if all else fails you’ll marry if you’re unmarried at the age of 65.

Richie and Ben-

This is more the friend that everyone thinks you wouldn’t be close with because of how different you two are but the jokes on them, because they know some of your darkest secrets. Like maybe your best friend was busy but you just had to get a big secret off your chest, so you turned to this person, who ended up becoming your go to vent person.  You trust this person with everything. Literally everything.

Richie and Mike- 

The most unlikely friendship there is. You both bonded over some unlikely thing, like a school project, or video games, etc. And you both just became really close from it. You are probably only friends when it comes to that certain thing tho. Don’t get me wrong you are close, but probably only at the arcade, or wherever.

Richie and Bill- 

This friendship has been through thick and thin. Like this is the only friendship where you can go from fighting one minute to skipping through a fucking meadow the next. This friendship will last forever. you are stuck together. forfuckingever.


Happy International Women’s Day

Yes, they’re sexy, smart, and powerful. They’re also very inspirational and brave as hell. They could probably kick your ass….actually they would kick your ass. Let us take a moment to appreciate these women and women’s wrestling. Although some are no longer with us and others don’t actually “wrestle” they all have a part in making women’s wrestling great. You cannot deny their impact (some more than others) in the WWE and women’s wrestling. Whether you like them or not, they ALL had (and currently have) a role in making wrestling what it is today and what it will be in the future. LOVE AND SUPPORT WOMEN AND WOMEN’S WRESTLING.


                     the great war …


                                                                                    … is  h e r e

Words for the Theoi
  • Aphrodite: Pulchritudinous- (adj.) Someone of breathtaking, heartbreaking beauty
  • Apollo: Effulgence- (n.) Bright, so much so it seems as if rays of light are being emanated
  • Ares: Defenestration- (n.) The act of throwing someone out a window
  • Artemis: Tenacious- (adj.) Willfully determined
  • Athene: Sagacious- (adj.) Having or showing an ability to understand difficult ideas and situations and to make good decisions
  • Demeter: Petrichor- (n.) The smell of earth after rain
  • Dionysos: Panache- (n.) Flamboyant confidence of style or manner, a certain flair
  • Hephaestus: Monochopsis- (n.) The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place
  • Hera: Redamancy- (n.) The act of loving someone who loves you; a love returned in full
  • Hermes: Facetious- (adj.) Trying to appear amusing, witty and/or intelligent at an inappropriate time, and when it would be better to be serious
  • Hestia: Hiraeth- (n.) A homesickness for a home that never existed, or to which you cannot return
  • Haides: Nepenthe- (n.) Something that can make you forget grief or suffering
  • Persephone: Iconoclast- (n.) One who breaks stereotypes
  • Poseidon: Curglaff- (n.) The physical sensation experienced when diving into cold water
  • Zeus: Sovereign- (n.) A supreme ruler, especially a monarch

So uh, I translated a few things from the trailer. Obviously, this is food.

Maybe a radio station? Cool how the letters are all close to Kai, Cole (Qole lel), Zane, and Jay, though.

A diner but the second top letter got cut off.

NINJA. No kidding?

Aloha. Hawaiian food exists in Ninjago! Yay! The other part was just a guess at letters back there.

Ready and active. Again pretty self-explanatory.


Lastly, SOG. Pretty obviously stands for Sons of Garmadon.

So yeah, a lot of these were not necessary, but pretty cool to find, I guess. Thanks to @mrfang2 and @icenxnja for the sources!

For the first time in a billion years I L O V E the Italian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest without any kind of doubt but I’m scared shitless that tumblr will just label it as racist and appropriative (lyrics are all in Italian and people on this god forsaken website tend to Never Do Their Reaserch Before They Open Their Piehole) when it’s THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF THAT

The title literally means “The Westerner’s Karma” and it parodizes westerners thinking themselves knowledgeable, masters even, of Asian cultures/philosophies/traditions because they once took a yoga class or the googled “buddhism” and became overnight experts. While when you actually look at them up close they just look like “naked dancing monkeys” making fool out of themselves.

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I have an idea for an AU! How about one where the RFA members + (V&Saeran) were royalty? What kind of rulers would they be? How would they meet their s/o's and such! Love you <3

hello dear💛 sorry this is late, but it sounds like fun! 

Hope you like it( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

[ A.N. - I looked up some things about Korean nobility, but I don’t 100% trust those websites I looked at so to save myself from royally(hah, puns) messing up, the RFA+ are going by prince(ss) ]


  • ok, hear me out. you know prince zuko? kind of like that
  • like…he’s an exiled prince. because he was a troublemaker and his parents thought he gave the kingdom a bad reputation 
  • his whole route in this au would be helping him get back to the throne wow
  • when he comes back, he’s a pretty benevolent ruler
  • but he keeps people working! doesn’t like it when people slack off
  • zen donates a lot of his wealth to his people 
  • the people love him for that. but also because he regularly visits them and helps them with his work
  • throws parties too - where he sings! you can find him in the local theater a lot. it’s also how he got his stage name! 
  • basically, he’s very involved with his kingdom 
  • how he met mc was actually at the local theater! 
  • their family was settling into the kingdom after moving and he brought them up on stage as a part in the act
  • zen really couldn’t get them out of his head after that
  • so he finds them while he was visiting all of the other townspeople
  • and they start talking. it’s the talk of the town
  • everyone is actually really happy when they get together. his mother isn’t that happy - mc’s a commoner. this isn’t a cinderella story, hyun 
  • but he never thought it was like that. and even if it was, he feels like he would be cinderella, not mc (get it? the phone call?)
  • it takes a while, a long while, but they eventually get married


  • a devoted prince
  • everyone loves him and he works really hard for the kingdom!
  • loves visiting the hospital and even townspeople’s houses from time to time
  • but…a relative of his passed and prince yoosung shut himself down
  • spent more time inside the castle than going out. 
  • things felt…gloomier. they were all worried about him
  • but nothing they did, even their visits to the castle, seemed to help for long
  • he was still nice, of course, but something was off
  • the queen had to force him outside one day - a bit of fresh air, at least
  • which was where they ran into this dog, who pushed him down and started licking his face
  • yoosung laughed while a person ran and grabbed the dog away from him
  • he told them it was okay and actually really wanted to play with the dog
  • so they talked for a while. which is how he and mc met
  • the two of them walked around town and some whispers of the prince dating sprung up
  • mc was so embarrassed, but they were really honored that the prince wanted to talk to them 
  • they ended up hanging out more often. and slowly, slowly..yoosung started getting happier again. and started working harder
  • he asked mc to date him on one of their walks around town with their dog. there was actual applause from the eavesdropping towns people 


  • actually a kind of sad princess
  • the old adviser to the king took over when the king died because she was too young
  • and now…well no one thinks she can do it
  • heck, she doesn’t even think she could do it
  • so she follows instructions. she does the work. even stays up later than any other of the castle staff
  • goes out to visit the townspeople sometimes. they like her, but thinks she really overworks herself…
  • the people in the cafe see her the most. she gives them great business
  • never actively sought out a husband, but some people thought she at least had a crush on this actor that stops by every now and then
  • she didn’t though, really. love just..wasn’t for her
  • until the adviser-now-ruler took her to one of their foreign relations meetings
  • another person was their along with a king and they sent the two of them to just talk while they talked business
  • jaehee learned that their name was mc…and that jaehee was intrigued
  • they ended up talking for much longer than the meeting went 
  • and the two kingdoms had really good relations
  • jaehee confided in mc, asking if they thought she was a worthy ruler
  • mc really helped boost jaehee’s confidence. 
  • so when the ruler of jaehee’s kingdom passed and jaehee was crowded queen, she was ready
  • that was also the day mc kissed her


  • the model prince 
  • studies and works hard to make sure he rules his kingdom well though sometimes he scares the townspeople, they like him
  • a lot of other royalty from other towns admire him, but he turns them all down
  • sick of the king always having an affair with someone in the castle
  • the townspeople don’t keep track of who the queen is anymore
  • usually keeps himself locked in the castle. that’s why a bunch of rumors start
  • the most recent one was something about him and the carriage driver???
  • whatever, he didn’t care. 
  • that is, until the king brought in someone for him to marry
  • jumin was in an arranged marriage to princess Sarah of a pretty far away kingdom and he…didnt want that
  • Sarah was annoying and clearly in it for their wealth
  • so he did something he normally never did. he snuck out. for days.
  • visited a winery in town and met mc
  • they talked a lot. and jumin didnt know why. but he really liked this winery owner
  • invited them back to the castle to ‘talk over him buying the winery’ but they stayed the night and was caught by sarah
  • he and mc worked together to end the arranged marriage and show the king that sarah was only in it for wealth
  • and he proposed to them during that announcement too. right in front of all the townspeople

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • the prince that hates his status and dresses as a commoner all the time
  • mainly because he hates the king
  • no one in the kingdom even knows he’s the prince
  • he stays inside a lot. hates going out 
  • the kingdom knows there’s a “prince saeyoung” but when he does go out, he’s “707″ 
  • also secretly works for an agency that helps protect the kingdom 
  • its a pain and they make him work too hard
  • there are things that he’s done and gave up that he regrets
  • but it’s also actually how he met mc
  • they were a bystander in this one mission of his
  • or that’s what he thought. mc ended up really helping out
  • and they even managed to talk after that! he was immediately taken with them
  • so he was motivated to work harder. he had a whole checklist.
  • quit the agency, overthrow the king, reveal himself as saeyoung.
  • it took forever but he did it. mc found out his real name and status when he told them a while back
  • they helped him overthrow the king
  • when he was crowned, he was a very nice ruler - goofy and loved, but also feared because he knew what he was doing
  • it unfortunately came with many enemies;; 

v / jihyun

  • an actual nature prince. might as well be a disney prince.
  • took a side hobby with photography, but he rules really well
  • all the townspeople love him and he’s actually the official photographer for town events
  • he’s very loyal, but also very secretive. the kingdom knows him as Prince V
  • they know he has one friend. and an ex fiance. something….went wrong
  • he hasn’t really been the same after the ex situation. and out of nowhere he announced that something was wrong with his eyes
  • the townspeople tried to help him, but he locked himself away. he said he wasn’t worth it
  • V spent more and more of his time in the forest too
  • which is where he met mc, a runaway heir from their kingdom
  • something was wrong..and they really wanted out
  • so he snuck them into the castle. no one knew for months.
  • they talked a lot in the castle. mc spilled their troubles, v spilled his secrets 
  • its like..they found someone to really listen. and who would help them work though the situations. like how v helped mc get letters to their kingdom
  •  when v strolled through town now, they noticed a change in his attitude
  • and..was the kingdom brighter these days or was it just them?
  • the kingdom didn’t even know about mc until they announced their engagement 
  • and that prince V - no, jihyun - was getting the surgery


  • the lost prince..kind of like rapunzel. doesn’t know he was the prince
  • but he did always feel like something was missing. he even only knew himself as ‘Unknown’. no real name
  • and yeah, he thought it was a little weird that there were only certain places he could go
  • or that he had to study this one thing
  • so…he was going through his rebellious phase and….bye bye~
  • actually chilled out in the woods for awhile 
  • until he decided to stop by a kingdom. he’s never been here before
  • mc was actually the first person he met in the town
  • they took care of him for the first couple days, helping him learn about the town and such
  • one time, they brought up how he looked like their prince, but with bleached hair. weird
  • and as a little celebration to their new friendship, mc took him to the festival! i promise im not actually trying to copy rapunzel agdod
  • the prince made an appearance and it was weird, but Unknown instantly recognized him
  • maybe in a dream…
  • saeyoung saw him though and immediately ran towards him, yelling the name ‘Saeran’ and hugging him
  • and he realized. this prince was his brother. his twin brother
  • turns out the prince was looking for his twin since he could walk
  • saeran agreed to go with him to the castle, but only if mc could go with him
Master Mixer!


I did it! I finally brewed a potion… I think.

I mentioned forever ago that I’d try potion making, because even a muggle should be able to mix things into a pot correctly. I finally took the time to actually sit down with proper instructions and put everything together.

I ended up making a Skele-Gro potion because it just sounds like a cool concept. Now, all I have to do is wait for somebody to randomly lose some bones to see if it works or not. Honestly, in this school that shouldn’t take long.