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Imagine Spencer Hearing You Telling Your Unborn Child The Story of How You Two Met:

“Your daddy was so cute and awkward.” (Y/N) laughed softly. “Took him forever to actually ask me out, though I probably could’ve asked him too. Guess I was just as shy as him.” 

Spencer grinned in his sleep, his half awake mind remembering how adorable (Y/N) had looked when he had first bumped into her.


The Earth is overrun with small children who want to bother Peridot

(btw it’s transparent so Dipper can chase Peridot all around your dash)

How would BigBang’s kisses taste

A/N: This took me forever and I apologize omg. This was actually quite fun though tbh. Hope you still enjoy! ~Red


Liquor and Cigarette smoke

His kisses would be bitter, and yet somehow sweet, tasting like the last glass of alcohol he’d just drank with a lingering taste of cigarettes. They’d be needy, yet soft as he’d place his lips to yours.   


Dark Chocolate and fine Wine

Tasting like your favorite dark chocolate bar and the fine wine back form 1972 his kisses would be intense, beautiful, perfect, leaving your mind in little bits and unable to think straight as you try to remember the last time you’ve tasted something as sweet.


Strawberries and Whip Cream

Fruity, soft, and sweet, tasting like the perfect dessert. That’s exactly how he would taste. A intertwined and tangled mess mixed with a few moans would be how his kisses would turn out with his arms wrapped around you, making sure to keep you close to him.


Honey and Cinnamon 

A bit of a sweet and spicy taste like cinnamon mixed with the floral and nutty taste of honey would be Daesung. His kisses would be soft, wanting, and careful.  


Lollipops and Cotton Candy

Sweet like candy and sugar would be Seungri’s kisses. Melting like the sweet sugary cloud once it hits your mouth mixed with the tangy flavor of lollipops is exactly what he would taste like. They’d be fierce, hungry, juicy, indescribable. Something only you’d know.  

A Midsummer Night's Dream AU

(You can blame @vivalar for this spiralling out of control, just saying)
(I also apologise to Shakespeare because I basically took three things from the play, slotted it into the story and called it an AU but anyway)

First we have Marius, Cosette and Éponine:

  • So Marius and Cosette are in love right
  • And Marius’ grandfather turns around and is like ‘No you’re not marrying the daughter of an ex-convict’
  • So Valjean tells them to run away from Paris by leaving through the dense forest to his sister, where they can get married without Marius’ grandfather interfering
  • So those two sneak off in the middle of the night
  • But someone is following them:  Éponine
  • She’s still in love with Marius and cannot bear to be parted from him
  • So she follows them
  • And so those three are in the woods
  • As Marius and Cosette walk through,  Éponine follows from a short way behind
  • The walk is so long that she watches them both interact for a long time
  • And so she begins to come to term with their relationship and Cosette’s place in Marius’ life and how she will never have Marius like that
  • And it’s not like she’s suddenly stopped loving him
  • And it’s not like she ever will
  • But she’s finally seeing a future where someone other than her is with Marius and yet she’s still ok
  • A future where she’s still surviving

Now for Bahorel, Feuilly, Enjolras and Grantaire to enter the scene:

  • So Bahorel and Feuilly have decided to go visit someone (maybe an old friend or relative of Bahorel) who lives on the other side of the woods
  • And Enjolras realises and is like ‘wait no I need Feuilly’s opinion on this thing’
  • And because Enjolras is literally the most impatient person when it comes to things like that, he literally follows them into the woods
  • And of course Grantaire follows
  • He claims it’s because he was trying to stop Enjolras from following Bahorel and Feuilly for such a ridiculous reason but we all know he just wanted an excuse to talk to him
  • Along the way, Bahorel and Feuilly basically come to the realisation that they’re actually a married couple already despite the fact that they’re supposedly ‘not dating’ (they’re so dating it’s ridiculous)
  • Also along the way, Enjolras and Grantaire strike up an unstable friendship and they both start seeing each other in a new light
  • Enjolras already knew that Grantaire was more than just the cynic in the corner but by spending so much time together he realises just how much there is to the man
  • Grantaire also begins to see some of Enjolras’ flaws; they don’t make him love him any less but it’s the first step towards Enjolras being knocked off the pedestal that Grantaire puts him on a lot of the time

Now we get Montparnasse, Combeferre, Jehan and Courfeyrac:

  • So Montparnasse and Combeferre have this really strange friendship
  • Which basically stemmed from Parnasse attempting to do something relatively illegal and Ferre being the passer-by who started to talk him out of it before instead telling him how to do it more successfully
  • So one day Parnasse just turns around and goes
  • ‘You know what, I wanna go camp in the woods’
  • And Ferre just goes along with it, whilst being very aware that camping in the woods will probably entail some sort of illegal activity at some point
  • So they’re just sitting around chatting when suddenly these ethereally beautiful people come up to them and introduce themselves as Jehan and Courfeyrac
  • And Ferre is just kinda gobsmacked because
  • a) Courfeyrac
  • and b) he has never seen Montparnasse blush before
  • Meanwhile Jehan is still recovering from Courfeyrac elbowing them in the ribs because
  • Jehan is still kinda annoyed because they were meant to be helping Joly win his prank war with Musichetta but can’t actually stay annoyed when faced with a blushing Montparnasse

And now for Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta:

  • So Joly and Musichetta have been married for years
  • Many years
  • They’re kinda king and queen of the faeries
  • But anyway
  • They are currently in the middle of a very large-scale prank war which thus far has included quite a few disgruntled faeries, the odd startled woodland creature and of course the occasional confused human
  • So for his new prank, Joly planned to turn Musichetta into a donkey for the night (in his defence, she turned him into a llama two days earlier)
  • Except a very unlucky Bossuet (who had been lost in the woods), gets caught in the spell instead
  • And after Bossuet is changed back into a human and Joly and Musichetta have apologised many times, Joly and Musichetta are both happily surprised to find that Bossuet is one of the most endearing people they have ever had the pleasure of meeting
  • And if they don’t wipe his memory in the hope that he may come visit them again, that’s their business

So by the end of the night all of les amis along with a few others have basically gone through the woods and come out the other side a lot better off than they were when they went in
And Cosette and Marius now have a few more guests at their wedding
All’s well that ends well