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preference #23 - break up

preference #23 - break up


You and jack were in a long distance relationship with you living in New York and him living in London, he was visiting you for a week and on the last day he sat you down you and said that the two of you had to break up because the distance was ‘too hard’ for him, in that moment you broke down inside, you thought you’d be together forever but you were wrong, trying to look strong as tears were threatening to pour out of your eyes you suddenly got angry because you still loved him and you said, “no you’re leaving me because its easier to walk away then to fight for what you really want.” after that you grabbed his hand and pushed him out of the door to your house, you quietly muttered “i’ll always love you jack…” before slamming the door on his face.


You and Finn had gone out clubbing one evening, not even half way through the night you went outside to get some fresh air when you came face to face with Finn and another girl  sucking each others faces off, this wasn't the first time you’d caught him doing this. You started to walk back home in tears when Finn came chasing after you telling you to wait and that the kiss didn't mean anything, when you just kept walking he asked if you were OK “what kind of question is that?” you thought to yourself just after the boy you loved went behind your back with another girl you turned around and shouted at him, “please don't pretend that you give a shit.” then you left him just standing there whilst you turned away and never looked back.


“(y/n) can i talk to you?” your boyfriend asked you randomly when you walked into the living room, “of course babe, whats up?” you replied happily, but your smile soon faded when you were greeted with a look of sadness and pity in Alfie’s eyes. He took a deep breath and said, “(y/n) i think we need to break up…” shocked by this sudden assumption you asked, “WHY?!” after that the look on his face grew stronger, “because i don't love you anymore…” you just stood there with tears pouring down your cheeks, “(y/n) please say something, anything!” “your breaking my heart.” you muttered, tears pouring down your flushed cheeks then pushed passed him and left.


you were scrolling through your twitter feed when you received a notification from a fan of Marcus that had tagged you in a picture of Marcus’s ex girlfriend Naomi and him 'getting it on’ in an allyway which you recognized to be next to yours and his house in brighton, you knew it was recent because of the new clothes that he was wearing.  When he got home you confronted him about it and he confessed everything you were so angry that he lied to you, you said, “oh we should say friends” “really?” he asked with a look of hope in his eyes “no. go fuck yourself.” you replied bluntly then proceeded in kicking him out.


(y/n) i need to talk to you” Caspar suddenly said as he entered the room looking distraught “well i’m just going to say it ok?…. (y/n), i cheated on you with (y/f/n)” shocked you just sat there taking it all in, after a minute of silence and searching for some kind of hope in your eyes, you asked, “did you love her?” not understanding why you would ask something like this  he replied, “what?” “i said… DID..YOU..LOVE..HER?!” your voice got louder by the second, but him not replying definitely made you know the answer when you saw the guilty look on his face, “ok… i understand i mean love is love…” you whispered trying to convince yourself,  you got up kissed his cheek and said, “but you have to understand that sometimes love breaks hearts…” faintly in his ear, before walking out.


You and Dan had been arguing a lot lately because of him always going out and not having enough time for you, one night you sat waiting up for him while he was out partying with some of his mates, when he got home and completely ignored you, this became a routine, every night was the same, one morning when he was severely hung over and started moaning at you, you suddenly lost it and felt a surge of anger burst through you, “you know what Dan? i deserve someone who gives a shit.” you shouted as tears were threatening to pour from your eyes, without letting him say anything else you ran out of your apartment with nothing but the outfit you were wearing and to your best friends house.


After a long talk you and Phil decided you were better off as friends, you left his apartment on good terms and a smile on your face but it wasn’t until you were about half way home that you realized you still loved Phil and you’d probably just lost the best thing that had ever happened to you, you stopped your car on the side of the road and just broke down into masses of sobs.


i’m sorry Phil’s one was a bit crappy but ya know its the best i can do, this ones actually made me quite sad so if you guys want im probably going to do a part 2 where you make up cause really this preference has made the guys look like dicks ahhhh

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