this actually made me want to cry

i was tagged by anthraxshirt, planetarytoro, and t0ro (thank u!!) to say six facts bout me so

1. i have a list of ppl i’ve made cry w/ my headcanons (deni, adin, gigi) bc they r free to punch me as hard as they want to
2. i’m actually a sarcastic asshole irl, but super nice to everyone on here
3. i didn’t sleep for a full three days and yea, don’t do that. ever.
4. i play the piano, drums, and bass. sorta for the guitar, but i suck.
5. the only ppl who have heard my voice so far r uriekaa and overcoatsandcanes
6. i was in the school choir, and actually sing well, but i’m shy so i dropped out of it

i tag: pancyprep, uriekaa, thisisnttherrealryanross, transtravie

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Okay but consider this. Stiles and Derek in a relationship OBVIOUSLY bicker all the time. But after their first actual fight, Derek is SHAKEN, okay. Because he's already convinced he doesn't deserve good things from the get-go, and then Stiles - this gorgeous, perfect boy who's allowing Derek into his life and for some reason actually WANTS him there - is now seriously pissed at him and he's just bracing himself for when Stiles has had enough of him and decides to leave. He knows it'll (cont)

utterly wreck him but he’s convinced it’s inevitable. So that’s how, about a half hour after their first fight, Stiles, who is still very, very pissed, finds himself holding Derek and shushing him gently, whispering things like “of course I still love you, you big baby”. Yeah. I just got feels.

Wait, I just need to go curl up into a ball for a couple of hours and cry.

“Are you- are you going to leave me?” Derek asks. He’s still standing in the same place Stiles left him half an hour ago, his voice a broken whisper, body deflated after yelling, and Stiles-

-Stiles forgets what he wanted to say because all he knows is that Derek has that closed off look in his eyes, the one that breaks Stiles’ heart, and now Derek is wearing it because of him. He’s never gotten that look from Derek, the one he saw there just after Boyd died, and…and…

He’s crossing the room before his mouth dares to make things worse, pulling Derek into his arms and biting down on his lip hard when Derek buries his face in Stiles’ shoulder and lets out a wrecked sob. Stiles has never heard that sound from Derek before and he finds himself shaking slighly, body still tense from their fight, not sure how to soothe him. To make him understand it was just a fight. That it’s okay.

“Listen,” he says, kissing the top of Derek’s hair. “I’m not going anywhere, alright? I promise, Derek. No matter what gets said between us, nothing will ever push me away from you. Understand?”

Stiles doesn’t know what’s worse, the thought of Derek shaking his head, or the fact he actually does nothing at all, just holds on to Stiles a little tighter as if to say, please.

“We’re going to fight, Derek. It happens. Sometimes it might get so bad I’ll end up sleeping on Scott’s couch just to cool off, but that doesn’t mean-”

“No,” Derek says, cutting him off and pulling back. His eyes are puffy and Stiles knows it’s not the right thing to be thinking at this moment in time, but he can’t help it because, truthfully, he never thought he would see the day where he would stand there and think someone looks more beautiful than Lydia Martin crying. 

“No,” Derek says again, shaking his head. “Just- not that, okay? I’d rather you broke something or screamed all night than leave me. Please, just-” he averts his eyes and wraps his arms around himself. “Just, please never leave me after. Everyone always leaves.”

Stiles knows how much courage it takes Derek to say those last words, and slowly pulling him back towards him, he wraps Derek up in his arms and runs a soothing hand up and down his back.

“Shhh, I’ll be here. I’ll be here. No-one is going to leave again.”

Stiles doesn’t know if Derek believes him, but he takes some comfort in the fact his heartbeat will have remained steady the whole time as he said it.

I was watching a therealjacksepticeye “reading your comments” video and in video 11 someone asks if he wanted to make a video with markiplier to which he replied along the lines of “that would be near the top of my list of world accomplishments on the Internet”

I just got hit by a feels truck because not only has Jack made videos with Mark but they actually got to MEET and HANG OUT TOGETHER at the con in Indianapolis recently so I guess Jack was able to accomplish his goal *cries*

I’ve been riding a lot of emotions today but this? This is what finally made me cry. 

Call me sappy all you want but this honestly just made me cry. Actual tears. 

The very best of the delighted & hopeful kind. 

I’m not even American, I’m Canadian, & we’ve had marriage equality for longer than I’ve technically known I’m queer, but this is still so important.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you’ll know how important media is to me. How important stories are, especially the kind with a little bit of magic in them, & the way that those stories can give people hope, & the ways I think those stories need to include more kinds of people.

And this?

This is a step in that direction. 

I’m crying because I remember watching a movie as a child. It was one where the female character stood at the top of the stairs, dressed in finery, & walked down the stairs to the boy at the point, & he swept her out on the dancef loor…

And I loved that movie, I loved it a lot. But that scene always disappointed me. Because look at this girl, she’s so beautiful & smart & captivating, & the boy was…

He was…

I didn’t know. I didn’t know why that scene never felt right to me, why other scenes like it nagged at me sometimes, because I had never seen anything else.

I wanted to be that girl, & I wanted to be that boy waiting at the bottom that deserved that girl, & both…

And mostly neither, because I didn’t even understand the way I was feeling about it.

Because there weren’t any stories where the girl waits for the girl. Where the girl rescues the girl. Where any of that happens, there just weren’t.

So I couldn’t even hope for that, because I didn’t know it was something I could hope for, not until a lot of years & a lot of pain later.

I’m crying because there are little girls just like me in the park that are going to see that & know they deserve a happy ending.

That they deserve a happy ending & magical adventures as much as any other little girl, & as a result of that? 

They might just love who they are a bit more, and know who they are just a little bit more.

They might grow up knowing that it’s an option. They might grow up without the kind of uncertainty I had, the same level of fear & fumbling.

I’m only 21, I’m not that old, but as a kids it was still so different & there was nothing like this kind of visibility. Not for kids.

I spent years of my life not even knowing because I didn’t have the right context to understand who I was, & years more conflicted about it.

Years of ignorance & bullying & hatred & self-doubt.

And there are little girls like me who are going to see this & gain hope to overcome that.

The world, or even one country, aren’t made perfect by this. 

There are still so many battles to fight, things to overcome. But, oh, this is hope.

And hope? Well. Harvey Milk said it pretty damn well.

“I know that you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you…And you…And you…You gotta give em hope.


Part two of Popcon!!! I waited at least four hours to meet these guys and I’m so glad I did. I started crying as soon as I got to the front. But they were happy tears. I just wish I had actually said what I wanted to say instead of crying. Jackyboy made me laugh and smile instead of crying and I just wanted to say thank you so much to each of you. It was so amazing meeting you.

Losing Yourself | michael imagine

!! so anon asked for an imagine about losing her friend but she said about her friend dying but i didn’t want to write that because i would cry because my best friend did die a few months back so yeah :(

requested: yes

rating: fluff i guess??

+ you lose a friend and mikey comforts you aw

p.s. this actually happened to me in real life :( though it wasn’t michael lol and these are actual words that my ex friend and I and also my current best friend have said so i made an effort alright lol


I thought I knew you, but I guess I never did. I thought you cared about me, but you don’t, Y/n. All you ever think about is yourself. It’s always you. You think the world revolves around you. But news flash, it does not! All you talk about is your problems and blah blah blah, I don’t give a damn, Y/n! All you do is drown yourself in self-pity and whine and complain about your life. All of us have fucking problems! Have you ever even thought about asking me how my day went? No. No, you did not. You’re not the only one who’s have a shitty life! I bet more people out there have gone through twice than what you’re experiencing, yet you think you’ve gone through hell! And you know what? I’m tired of it. I’m so fucking tired and I’m done with you. I was never your best friend, and I’m not even sorry.” You read to yourself once you heard your phone went off.

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Do you have a collection of fics of Steve lusting over Tony? I love them so much but they seem to be quite rare

Here are some of my faves:

* all i ever wanted to be is somebody to you by theappleppielifestype
* Appreciation by Wordsplat
* I don’t want you (to smile to anybody) by Mizzy
I Get By (With a Little Help from My Friends) by captainshellhead and vibraniumstark
* In Every Way That Matters by Sineala (this actually made me cry when I read it a few days ago! It might be the next rec I put up here)
Steve Rogers’ Life Is Not A Romance Movie (He Wouldn’t Get The References, Anyway) by someonelsesheart
* Steve Rogers, Nurse McSexy by Wordsplat

Hope this helps! If anyone has another Pining!Steve recs, please do let me know! Pining fics are everything ♥

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Just wanted you to know that the Dean missing dinner fic made me cry actual tears (how dare you!) will there be a part 3? please say yes, it was amazing<3 <3 but no pressure :)

Part 3

[Part 1] [Part 2]

It was two weeks.

Two weeks since Dean kept you from sleeping after a day without him, 14 days since the night you stayed up for hours talking with the man that was your best friend and the man that broke your heart hours prior to that moment.  14 days, 7 hours, a few odd minutes after he made the promise to stop chasing bar girls, to straighten up, to put the cap on the toothpaste and to not put empty boxes back into the cupboards, there you sat.

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I made a video in 2012 called equal love equal rights and in it I talked about wanting gay marriage to be legalised it’s makin me cry and I’m so proud of u past mollie because we won. you didn’t have to worry as much as u did. it took a few years, but it happened, and all those tears were worth it buddy

Dear Taylor,

Less than 24 hours ago you made my impossible dream a reality when you followed me, something I never thought would ever happen, even in my wildest dreams. I just want you to know that you taught me to be fearless, you taught me to speak now, you taught me to shake it off. Without you I wouldn’t have made it through high school. You showed me that I could make the best of situations and if people were mean to me I could just write a song about it and send it off like a message in a bottle. I always want to go back to December 2013 when I saw your red tour in Brisbane, or back to March 2012: when I saw you the first time on Speak Now World tour. I remember all too well when you came on stage and I actually broke down crying in my mums arms because I was in the same room as you (at the opposite end but.. still!). I cannot wait to flash forward to the 1989 World tour in Brisbane on the 5th of December. I will always remember the day I bought the fearless platinum edition and fell in love at the first chord of jump then fall. I really did love you from the very first day. I remember the day that the girl who was my ‘best friend’ for four years decided she hated me and spread rumors (terrible and cruel) about me and wouldn’t tell me why. That afternoon I got home and you had released a new song for your upcoming album called mean, It was literally like you knew I needed that song exactly on that day and it was pretty much on repeat for months. 

I have so much more to tell you, and I hope one day I will be able to tell you in person. My biggest dream is to play you one of my songs, because for you to hear my music would be the best thing, like EVER.

I just wanted you to know I am so, so proud of you. I am one of the many saying ‘look at you now’. Thankyou for no being untouchable and thankyou so much for following me and actively wanting to know about my life. You truly are my superstar.

Mad love forever and always,

-Bethy x

p.s My last request is: could you please follow the beautiful giordann because she is actually the most wonderful, kind, amazing human being and the only one in our mini squad who you don’t follow and she deserves it so much. 

p.p.s to everyone who thinks a Taylor follow is impossible, I never expected this, she does it when you least expect it. These things will CHANGE.  xx

[AFF] Awkward

Title: Awkward
Author: jinkirei
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Status: Complete
Length: Chaptered
Rating: PG overall, NC-17 for the smut
Genre: Fluff, smut, high school!au, friends to lovers

Summary: Byun Baekhyun has a problem. A weird problem. Every time his relationships get physical, he freaks out. Only for the sole purpose that he’s a virgin, and he doesn’t want to be endlessly made fun of for his incapabilities in the bedroom. Only now, he might almost maybe have a chance with the most perfect guy in the world and Baekhyun has to do something about his problem. Soon. And Baekhyun knows the perfect guy for the job. His overly crazy, abnormally tall, adorably awkward best friend: Park Chanyeol. 

Reasons Why You Submitted: 2012 chanbaek fic like YES PLEASE. this is cute. despite the summary it isnt actually smut focused at all, so please enjoy! actually there are some feelings in there that legit made me cry (bec i relate to the charas so much) hahaha

markiplier you dumb dumb you actually made me cry like a baby too because oh my god You are just way too sweet for this world to handle.

I thought I was going to be okay through it until you broke down that first time and I bet everyone in the community can agree that we all wanted to jump through the screen right then and there and hug the crap outa you and let you know that you’re loved so much. You give this community such comfort and hope and happiness and we can’t thank you enough.

Mark’s reaction to 8 million

Everything I went crazy for in RTTE... SPOILERS!!!

Spoilers spoilers spoilers ahoy!!!
Ok, fair warning over:

● hiccup is so fucking beautiful now (loved all the close ups XD)
● also on that note, im glad they aknowleged him to be “cute”
● glad the gang got back together - their separation made me sad
● father/son feeeeels!!! *sobs* i actually randomly started crying during Skullcrusher’s episode - it just really hit me that this was their last year together :(
●That moment when stoick watched Hiccup pretty much take place as a chief on Dragons edge and made a little “hmmm…” *sobs and sobs and sobs* ● so happy Valka was mentioned a few times! Also I loved Stoick’s tale about his gift to baby Hiccup and how Valka wanted to kill him for it XD (and then finding out said baby just used his axe for a paper weight XD LOL!!!)
●we got to see teenage gothi and older gustav!!!!!!!
● also on the note of gustav… i totally got so many daddy/chief hiccup feels when he was lecturing the boy :) i may be the only one, but i found it adorable! ● i totally ship snotlout/fishlegs now. Screw the ruffnut triangle XD
● I fucking love the chicken!
●Ruffnut implying she wanted to do the dirty with Hiccup in the boar pit!!!! I practically screamed and neaely rolled off my bed with laughter! So freaking funny!!!
● Tuffnut losing his “family jewels” *dies of laughter*
● now i just really want an episode for Hiccup to establish his last name - all the other gang members got to!
● Toothless running off with Hiccups leg XD Easily in my top three most favourite parts!
● Hiccup’s first flight suit!!!!! Toothless and Astrid were so done with his shit tho
● ok, i still have off feelings about Heather (i really dont know, she just never sits right with me), but I absolutely love her and Astrid being BFF’s!!!
●Speaking of Heather….. holy shit. I nearly had a fucking heart attack with part two. If she had actually been Hiccup’s sister I would have thrown my ipad across the room.
● also, that HTTYD3 foreshadowing they had in that moment in the last episode…. fuck you dreamworks. Just fuck you :P *howls in agony*

Theres probably more, but that was the stuff I just went insane for
I LOVED IT ALL!!!!!!!!! (except for the foreshadowing)

You’re asking me what I want for breakfast and I’m telling you
about how when the worst thing happened, I didn’t even cry.
You’re handing me a receipt from the laundromat down the street
and I’m passing you a bundle of letters that I wrote to God when
I was fourteen and scared. You’re passing me the milk after you drip it into your
coffee and I’m half laughing about the psychiatrist’s office and how there’s
actually a couch and it’s made of blue tweed. You’re trying to do the normal things
and I am throwing up dull pieces of truth onto our kitchen table. I can’t lie anymore.
These are the things I’ve done and they’re mostly sad. These are the places I’ve been
and they’re mostly awful. This life has woven itself into the notches of my spine
and I hear it creak every time I stand.
—  Dull Pieces of Truth by Fortesa Latifi


A sloppy compilation of my latest works that have popped into the existance mostly in the last month. 

I made this so you can see my drawing style in general + would anyone be interested in traditional (markers/pencils/pens) commissions?? sending the original and all that

asking before making the actual commissions price list page, but the prices would be starting 7$ - 20$ for portaits or busts (i doubt it would be more unless you’d want some special extras).

the original works you see here can be seen on my INSTAGRAM

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I just want to say that I just watched this movie tonight and it was fantastic. First movie to ever make me cry. Not that one slow tear or choked up throat feeling but actual tears and hiccup-y breathing and the whole 9 yards. Made me call my dad.

It’s one hell of an emotional roller coaster all right


Finally unfollowed that prick on Instagram, that was the last step. He keeps liking all my friend’s and family member’s pics. He also is liking all these photos of scantily clad teenagers and it just makes me want to vomit. Nope.

I’m so sorry I haven’t replied to everyone’s comments that you left on my big post I made about my latest drama, your comments and messages made me cry in a good way. Also, I forgot to mention pattyfingersintheholywater in the post I made about people messaging me, thank you! I hope all is going well with you.

But yeah, thank you to everyone, your kind words helped a lot and I am in a really good place right now. I actually am surprised I made it to this point so quickly. I guess it’s easier when you find out the person who hurt you is a nasty ass evil person. I clearly didn’t know how evil he was and what he was capable of, didn’t even write it all down here and won’t because it’s pointless. I just love learning how amazing I am and how much of a loser he really is.

I still struggle with confidence and my sex life for some reasons that may or may not be obvious but I know it takes time.

However, I don’t love him anymore, don’t want to be friends with him and am doing more to focus on myself. I’m running a lot and loving every minute of it.

I am not back to doing all the things I like to do yet but I’ll be there soon. I just honestly get this high from running and love it so much. I think about nothing and can’t stop. Work is hard right now and after it I just come home and run and then pass out. I was going out a lot and meeting people but stopped a few weeks ago because I got sick. I also was struggling emotionally. Now I’m fine. The meds and running help but I’m mostly doing fine because of my amazing friends here. I know I haven’t responded to everyone yet, I’ve been so busy and my mind is focused on certain things right now. I have to do this thing where I turn the emotions off to heal and that takes some work. I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was though. It’s only been a month and a half and I’m fine. After Kenta I was a wreck for months. I have been through so much bullshit and drama that I know exactly what I need and am good at building myself up again. I know that I dodged a bullet, again, and it’s such a waste to think about the good memories I have with these toxic people. They will never change and are selfish horrible sad people and I’m not so bye bye! You can have fun pretending the world is against you and blame everyone for your issues, you’re going to crash and burn one day and I’ll still be here, chilling. I will be writing my memoirs though if I have one more shitastic person comes into my life. I can deal with bad things but Jesus, I’ve had enough of people who have no souls. Again, I’m so thankful for all of you and I don’t know what I did to deserve all your messages and Internet love and meeting me personally too. If you don’t live here and come to visit, I will buy you a drink or dinner or both! I’m sending you all a giant thank you hug! I love my tumblr family.