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sophie, whos the person in ur mobile banner! where are they from, i love their smile

O h my God thats


He’s from Nanbaka!! Its a manga/anime about Nanba prison and its inmates!! He’s a guard in building 13 and he’s an absolute sugarcube!! He’s described as a good for nothing handsome guy r ip…but he’s super sweet and adorable, and works really hard and definitely deserves a raise.

I love him so much

Look at that. So adorable. And he has an amazing memory too!!! This is a Seitarou appreciation blog


headcanon that lance is actually really good at grooming others bc he grew up in such a large family. it definitely comes in handy when they’re all in the middle of space w/o any hair stylists nearby

+ bonus pigtail party:

Closet Artists

Request: “Paladins when s/o can draw and draws a pic of them when the paladin isn’t’ looking. (S/o get’s caught doing art of their partner lol)”

A/N: i live for these


  • He finds out when your sketchbook is lying open to some doodles of him and the team
  • Asks you about them
  • A little shocked that you would actually draw him
  • When you show him some more, he almost dies
  • They’re just. so. good?
  • He just loves your art so much


  • Is rummaging through some stuff to look for something
  • Finds your sketchbook, realizes it isn’t his, but it looks a little familiar and flips it open
  • Is really blushy when you find him looking through it
  • Realizes that this is what you were doing all the times he caught you staring at him
  • Will deny it, but he actually really likes how you draw him


  • Sees you drawing him while he’s just chilling out
  • Doesn’t say anything, but he starts to pose
  • When/if you realize, will either totally deny it or just, “yeah i’m modeling for you, you can draw and I’m hot.”
  • Doesn’t really see why you’re so embarrassed
  • Assures you that it’s good
  • Loves your style


  • He sees your sketches of him when he walks past you when you’re drawing
  • Stops and kinda just… what?
  • Is practically breathing down your neck to look at the sketches
  • Wonders why you’re drawing him
  • And then he’s like, draw me


  • She just steals your sketchbook
  • Like you’re asleep and she knows where you keep it and she just looks through it
  • She flips through like every page and finds all the ones of her(probs finds some drawings of Matt in there too)
  • Feels so nice??
  • Like, wow you think I’m interesting enough to draw me
  • Laughs when you freak out
  • Will purposefully turn away/move more when you’re trying to draw her

I have a strong feeling that kxk break up news will come shortly before Egk-zo’s comeback.


what if instead of drawing the matsus’ eyebrows as lines,,. u know.. like this;

I draw them with actual eyebrows,, like, how I draw Kara and Ichi’s eyebrows

which could end up looking  something like this :o

would that be a good thing to do?

(idk tbh, I really like the idea, and i love to experiment with my own style,,, it is a very fun thing to do,,)

EDIT: yeah, it could be just thicker lines,, but, isnt that what eyebrows are? :’yc idk either ways I Like the idea, thamk

Les Mis Characters as Things My Mom Has Said To Me
  • Valjean: Orange is the New Black is just lesbian porn with emotions
  • Javert: I will chase you to the ends of this earth just to slap you if you ever run away
  • Fantine: It pains me to see you ill but give me the fucking Theraflu
  • Cosette: Don't care about your allergies, these flowers brighten up the room
  • Enjolras: When I was your age I was dropping so much acid. I'm glad your teenage rebellion focuses on social justice, at least
  • Combeferre: I was valedictorian and had my Ph.D by 24, and you're telling me women can't be Pope?? How did I never know that?
  • Courfeyrac: (after I fainted while helping her plant) DON'T YOU DARE DIE IN MY GARDEN, FUCKER
  • Grantaire: You are going to die alone and miserable if you keep that cynicism up
  • Joly: (while I was in the hospital) I'm so glad, they have such good Jell-o here. I don't know what brand it is but I love it.
  • Bousset: I know I am not looking at you with a shaved head. I *know* you did not just shave your head in my fucking house...
  • Bahorel: Remember when I made you kickbox in 3rd grade and you broke your hand on day one?
  • Feuilly: She's a drug addict and a felon but she's your grandmother so give her the Vicodin
  • Jehan: When I was pregnant we really thought you were going to be a ginger
  • Marius: I actually dropped out of college for 3 days but then I panicked and went back
  • Eponine: It's good you're gay. Men are pigs. They'll marry you for your money and never do a single load of laundry, ever. Not one. I bet your father has no idea how to even work a washing machine. The gays don't have that problem
  • Montparnasse: (talking about a heart transplant her boyfriend was doing) Yeah so he stole this guy's heart and was elbow's deep in a lady's chest and made it home for dinner. He's a keeper

so i know everyone loves the idea that Allura could kick Shiro’s ass but like… Shiro was a gladiator. he survived in the arena for a year. i mean… have you seen that boi fight? he defeated Myzax with nothing but a sword and his wits. he’s G O O D. he’d be a match for Allura - just cos she’s stronger than him, doesn’t mean she’d automatically win

just… give me Shiro and Allura evenly matched and Allura trying to find a way to land a blow on Shiro but he’s just too quick and she gets worked up and flustered and sloppy

give me Shiro kicking Allura’s ass twelve different ways and Allura getting more and more frustrated cos she can’t figure out how he did it

give me Shiro running up the wall and flipping over Allura’s head and Allura punching the wall where he was just standing and she’s super-annoyed and Shiro’s just… laughing

Shiro can fight, y’all. and he’d love sparring with Allura because she’s strong and fast and he can’t really hurt her and she’d actually be a challenge and if you think he wouldn’t pin her to the ground and look smug doing it then you’re w r o n g

Shakespeare (Part II)

(Banner made by the incredibly talented @tiostyles)

Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: Sorry this was a bit late!! Any and all feedback is really, really appreciated. Please let me know if you love it or hate it or have constructive criticism. Enjoy! Xo

Classes have only been in session for two weeks when you have your first paper due.

Your fingers are rubbing at a pair of tired eyes while you yawn in protest. Leave it to you to put off your assignment until the last moment. Now, it’s midnight and all you have left to do is read through and edit, but your mind keeps wandering to thoughts of fluffy pillows and cozy blankets and the squeaky mattress awaiting you in your dorm room.

The library is silent, lights blindingly bright in an effort to keep occupants awake. You’re seated next to a window that looks over the entire campus, all the glowing lampposts and vacant sidewalks and ivy-coated brick buildings. The view is spectacular, and it hasn’t helped you stay focused for the past eight hours.

You lean back in your seat with a heavy sigh, clasping your fingers over your eyes. When you open them again, a girl at the next table is glaring at you over the screen of her laptop. You’re on the second floor—the silent floor—and apparently loud breathing is not allowed.

You press against the edge of your table, sliding your chair out enough for you to stand. The library closes at one. You know for a fact that once you get back to your dorm, there will be no way to keep yourself out of bed. If you’re going to make this paper acceptable, it needs to be soon, and you’re going to need some caffeine.

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okay but: neil and puns
• he makes puns about everything
• literally everything
• they’re not even good puns
• they’re the super cheesy awful puns
• the Foxes love it because every time he makes a pun he gets this smile on his face
• and hes so proud of himself
• and the Foxes are like loO K at thsi lOoK at O UR sO N heS hAPP Y s O pUr E,,,,,,,,
• wymack’s just like “i don’t get paid enough for this”
• but secretly he enjoys seeing neil smile just as much as the rest of the Foxes ((wymack makes me cry so much okay he is so good and i just,,,, come talk to me about wymack, actual dad™ who has adopted all the Foxes i’m crying i love him so much))
• they can’t bear to tell him that the puns are awful
• his favorite thing to make puns about though is how he and andrew met
• “he really swept me off my feet.”
• “he took my breath away”
• “i couldn’t breathe for a full 10 minutes after seeing him”
• and the worst one: “it was like i’d been hit with an exy racket.”
• every time
• every fucking time anyone asks him about how they met
• he will make a super awful pun
• andrew raises the percentage every time he does it
• because what the fuck neil???
• but anyways
• at this point no one knows how they actually met
• they know it was when andrew, kevin, and wymack went to offer neil a spot at PSU
• but that’s it
• even the Foxes don’t know
• they try to pry it out of kevin or wymack (they think neil and andrew would never tell them)
• kevin’s response is “‘why aren’t you focusing on exy, we’re at practice nicky, what the fuck, go play exy"
• or if its a reporter he’ll just stare at them and steer the conversation back to exy
• wymack just walks away
• eventually they give up
• so at first when neil makes a pun out of it they just smile softly like oH my gO D that’s so pure????
• until they see neil smile with that little grin he gets every time he makes a pun
• and andrew rolls his eyes, mutters a number, and walks away
• and they’re like what??? is he making a pun??? what is happening??? how did they meet??? what the fuck neil
• basically neil makes puns and no one knows how andrew and neil met

• nicky: hey andrew how did you and neil meet
• andrew: *rolls his eyes and looks at neil*
• neil: oh he hit me with an exy racket
• foxes: what the fuck

Protect You (JD x Reader)

Heathers (JD x Reader) I was imagining the film JD, soo yeah! Hope you liked it! Feedback is awesome too.
I stared down at the two faces of my half-attackers. The two jocks, Ram and Kurt. I felt anything but pleasure as the other girls looked at me in envy as they both pressed me up against a locker.
“What do you want?” I questioned, clicking my tongue.
“We want to know why you don’t like us. Or wanna date us.” They stared at me, as if it was the most intelligent in the world; whilst the rest of Westerberg held their breath.
“Because you’re both idiots. You’d need to give me a LOT of stuff for me to date either one of you.” I retorted, very aware of another person watching; the weird trench coat kid who had a really handsome, angular face with sharp cheekbones.
Ram and Kurt took this into consideration, conversing with each other, before they stripped from their jock jackets.
“We think you’re hot. We’ll let you wear our jackets!” Ram slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me from my spot in the corner, before they both slung their red-and-white jackets over my shoulders.
“You can alternate. Wear one one day and another another day!” Kurt flashed a smirk.
“How about no…..” I brushed them off and tried to walk to class. 10 minutes until free period ends but I just wanted to get away from them.
“Hey!!” Ram ran up to me and once again; cornered me. They both really like that tactic apparently.
“Go on a date with us to a drive in.”
“Ugh-no!” I impatiently stammered.
Kurt came closer to my face, as if to kiss me before weird trench coat kid slammed his fist against a locker, rattling the row of it.
“You heard her! No! Get away, assholes.” His voice was scratchy but protective.
I grinned a bit, looking up.
“What are you gonna do?” Ram & Kurt said in unison.
I don’t really remember much, but I saw a metallic gunmetal flash, which coincidentally was an actual gun.
Kurt and Ram backed off for then.

(Lunch Period)

“Maybe you should go on that date.” My friend Veronica told me, holding a staring contest with the school’s weird red Jell-O; prodding it with her fork as it bounced right back.
“Why?” I gasped, surprised. Veronica hasn’t had too many good run-ins with them either.
“Because I think they want someone to hug. Maybe they’re lonely.”
“Pfff…yeah they want someone to do.” I grimaced at the thought.
“Please just do it. We can get something to talk about, to. It’ll be fun.”
“I’m literally, gonna die.”
“I’ll have that weird kid with the gun follow you.”
“Okay, Miss overreacting.” She sighed and got up, dumping the contents of her tray into the garbage and heading to class, brushing shoulders with Heather McNamara.

The piercing shriek of the bell woke me from my thoughts, and I swallowed my pride and ran up to catch Kurt and Ram.
“I’ll go out with you.” I sighed.
“Ahahah a yeahhhhhh!” They both collided shoulders and ran out.
“Pick you up at 8!” They screamed back at me. I sighed once more.

“Looks like you need some help.” The scratchy voices came from behind me, and I tilted my head upward to stare at the gun kid.
“Will you fight for me?” I questioned, gently touching his fingers.
“I’m JD, (Y/N). I’ll be there at the movies. I’ll protect you.” He smirked to himself.
“How do you know my name?”
“I have my ways…”
I frowned as I dabbed on a bit of clear pink lip gloss, staring down at my purple dress. It’s be lucky if It was in one piece by the end.

I stared out the window and saw a dingy looking faded cobalt car, and inhaled deeply before rushing out.

The moment I set afoot in the car I knew that hell was coming.

I tried to focus on the drive in movie, but I was failing. Ram and Kurt were eyeing not only me but other areas…of me and I was feeling extremely off about it. In any situation I’d run for the hills but I made a promise and I was pretty sure JD was behind me in a different car.
“So do you wanna like..?”
“No!” My automatic response kicked in.
They looked at each other and unzipped.
“You make my balls blue, though!”
“UGH you’ve got a left hand, use it!”
I was pressed up against the car wall now and I felt hot breath on my face as Ram kissed me.

Suddenly, the alternate door opened and JD dragged Kurt and Ram out by the back of their jackets, before slamming them and carrying me out into his car.

I waited for about 5 minutes before trench coat came back, smirking at me.
“You’ll probably have a better time with me.” He laughed, turning the key to the engine.
“You know what I really want?” He looked in my eyes, dead serious, before his expression softened.
“A slushee. Let’s go!”

been reading Treading Water and it inspired me to draw merdanny (。•́‿•̀。) would you guys want to see this colored? 

You Chose the Wrong Side (Peter Parker x reader)


1. Hey Bonnie! Could I please have a Peter Parker fic where he has this girlfriend (the reader) and he’s trying to keep his superhero life and “normal” life separate but they end up colliding and she’s put in danger. Angst (since you’re the angst queen) and she ends up dying or something? I’d appreciate it, thank you 

2. Can you do one where you’re Steve or Tony’s daughter and you’re with Peter Parker, and some villain makes peter choose between saving you or aunt may (or maybe even you and Gwen) and he picks the other? And your dad finds out and has to live with seeing the other person constantly, and peter feels constant guilt.

Past events are in italics

“You can’t possibly save them both, so stop wasting your time and decide who lives and who dies. The choice is yours to make, Mr. Parker.”

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    Okay, so listen. One thing we can all hopefully agree on is that these new remakes of classic Disney movies have been giving a good amount of the characters MORE character. More reasoning, more emotions, more drive, more DEPTH. They are not so much two-dimensional and only focusing on the main character(s). They are looking at more of the story and more of the other characters. And who else has been given more character?

    If you guessed CHIP: then you’re wrong. They actually just made him really precious and cute but not so much more character. 


  Now, yes, he is still a comedic relief. But so are ALL of the characters! There’s not one single character that you DON’T laugh at! But LaFou is silly and goofy, but he is also a very great character in this movie! There is STRUGGLE for this boy. He is devoted to Gaston, and it is also implied that Gaston has indulged LaFou. 

    In the song Gaston, the phrase “no one bites like Gaston”, LaFou LIFTS HIS FUCKING SHIRT, AND THERE IS A BITE MARK. AND, ALSO IN THIS ONE, THEY ADDED, “then I shoot from behind” “is that fair?” “i don’t care”. And, admittedly, it is in reference to Gaston’s HUNTING, but anyone can argue that Gaston sees women as his prey. As animals to hunt and take as his prize. And if he does indulge LaFou, then wouldn’t that just make it not ONLY women, but also men? And if you care about someone, and they actually sleep with you, (for most) people often grow attached! Can you blame LaFou? 

   And I’ve seen more people be like ‘it’s not giving a good rep for the LGBT community because LaFou actually means the fool in French’ and you are CORRECT! But, I think they made it to where LaFou is the fool for defending Gaston! For being on his side when you can see that LaFou is always questioning if what Gaston is doing is right, but he STILL quietens down and stays on Gaston’s side. He is a fool. But not a stupid fool. He is a fool who is letting his feelings for a terrible man get in the way. 

    I hate that nobody had even seen the movie and they were quick to judge a really good gay character just because of how the old LaFou is. It is a remake. And they changed a lot and they were all great changes! So please, please, PLEASE, stop screaming at Disney for finally including a canonlly gay character (and he is very obviously gay there is not a damn denial) that they actually did really good on writing and Josh Gad did wonderful in portraying. Watch the movie and find out for yourself. But I want to see more positive remarks on this, so HOPEFULLY, Disney will see the good praise and include more. I WANT MORE BLATANT LGBTQ+ CHARACTERS IN DISNEY. But I doubt they will if backlash happens before a movie is even seen. 

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16 boyf riends

(Boyf Riends 16) “I found you–in the bathroom at a formal event, crying in the bathroom over how you saw yourself as ugly” (I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE ANON, I SEE IT AND I THINK ITS GREAT)

“You know…” Jeremy smiled as he fixed his tuxedo tie. “I never thought we’d make it here…” His eyes in awe as he took in the chandeliers and grand, gold and champagne paisley wall decals, this was easily the nicest place either boy had been.  “Prom.”

They made it to their senior prom, of course not without some flaw. Jeremy had missed his chance to ask Christine, who was already going with a group of girls as they either had passed up too many invitations or just got none. Michael, too, missed his chance in asking anyone out. So as per usual, the friends were together again. “This is going to be nuts…” Michael muttered to himself, and then nodded. He pinched both sides of his bowtie and ran a hand through his hair. “Let’s make this the best night two bros can have!” They were dateless, sure, but they survived to see their senior prom.

Jeremy watched Michael bolt through the crowd of fancily dressed teenage students and smiled. His best friend cleaned up pretty nice in a red suede suit and bowtie. It wasn’t until he lost Michael on his sprint towards the pier side ballroom that Jeremy felt a sweat start up. “MICHAEL! WA-WAIT!” He gulped narrowing tripping over some girl’s excessively long gown. “S-sorry” He gulped, holding up his hands defensively as her date gave Heere a look that made him want to disappear. Squip-less Jeremy was working on the little dexterity he was known for. He followed the herd to the ballroom, ooh’ing and awe’ing at the dome shaped room, wall to ceiling windows giving them a perfect view of the riverside pier.

It wasn’t long before this elegant ballroom turned into a massive, grinding house party. There was something visually jarring watching formally dressed teens turn into gyrating, jittering juveniles who were most likely looking to get a little something-something at the end of the night. Jeremy felt himself nervously swaying side to side, off beat, as he tried to locate safety.

His body was a small boat lost in a sea of yachts. He was barely keeping himself up as beautiful, massive ships swayed and moved along the endless ocean of a dance floor. “Jeremy!” Called a beautiful red buoy in a bowtie coming to his way, he drew a small breath of relief. He stopped swaying by the time Michael reunited with him. “They have milkshake SHOTS” Michael beamed chugging a small glass of pure dairy goodness down. “The music is kinda lame, what the top fuckboy hits of 2017?”

“H-Heh yeah…” Jeremy rubbed his arm a bit; usually he felt a little more ease being around Michael. Something about the atmosphere was off putting. Maybe it was something about the music? Or the fact they were two dateless guys. Or perhaps how good Michael looked in his suit, clean cut, bright smile, and the red was the same shade of Jeremy’s favorite drink.

“You ok? You look…” Michael looked Jeremy up and down, enjoying how nice he looked in a plain black suit with a red tie. Shame his look didn’t match the expression he wore; his delicate, wispy brown brows furrowed forming a small ‘v’ wrinkle between them. Michael wanted to iron out the worried line with his thumb…but … “You look constipated” Jeremy internally flinched. Was it that obvious he was uncomfortable? “We can bounce you know, prom isn’t that great, the food looks meh at best. We can –“

“No, no!” Jeremy didn’t drag Michael out to prom just to bail. He wanted to be here. He really did, there was just something bothering him. It had been since they purchased the tickets and the suits together. “Actually, I think you might be on to something.” He chuckled, looking for a good out, thankfully even when Michael didn’t mean to he managed to give Jeremy an escape route from this boss battle. “I’m going to hit the bathroom.”

“O-Ok Jeremy…” Michael watched as his small, lanky friend spun on his heel and zipped through the dancing crowds. He weaseled his way through densely packed bodies. He left a train of ‘sorrys’ and ‘excuse mes’ as he bumped and weaved to the opposite end of the dance floor. He kept his eyes on the floor worried his big feet would catch something, a dress or someone’s heels, and send him careening to the floor. The last thing he needed was to fall flat on his face.

Without taking his eyes off the floor he hurried into the bathroom and sighed. Why was this not as great as he thought? What was throwing him off? “Come on…prom…this is fun” He glared at his reflection in the mirror, his blue eyes focusing everything in him to bring a pleasant feeling…that was until the door opened. He jumped at the sight of Christine waddling in her red dress. “C-C-Chri-nn?!” Jeremy’s voice cracked so bad the rest of her name got lost somewhere between his throat and his lips.

“Jeremy what are you doing hanging out in the girls’ bathroom? At a formal event?” She blinked a few times, “doesn’t matter do you have a pin or something—of course you don’t who would. UGH” She rubbed her face and groaned.

“W-What’s wrong?”

Christine turned fully and exposed her ripped lacing ribbon to her corset top. “I have no idea how I managed to rip the STRING to the corset…I’ve been asking around for pins or anything to keep my top from falling off…” Her voice sounded so defeated and low, it was unlike her. “So much for prom huh…”

Jeremy bit the inside of his cheek, he mulled over solutions for a second before glancing down at his thin, neck tie. “Hey…” He slowly undid his tie and folded it in half length wise. “You think this might work?”

Willing to try Jeremy positioned himself by the sinks while Christine stood in front of him with her back to him. He started threading the tie like a new string, lacing her back up with care.

“I saw Michael out there, he looks really neat. He was taking to Rich.” She giggled, “did you come here with Michael ?”

“Yup, just bros flying solo.” Jeremy muttered, he was more than aware how nice Michael cleaned up for prom. “I’m surprised he’s having so much fun…” Prom was more Jeremy’s idea, Michael agreed because they were both dateless…and Jeremy was in need of some moral support tonight.

“Oh…really? I thought…” She paused but didn’t let the thought die, much to Jeremy’s dismay. “I thought you guys came together, you know…but it makes sense. Why not, you two are just friends right? Must be nice to just hang with your friends.” Christine chimed her voice back to its chipper tone.  Once Jeremy was done she spun around and paused. “You should probably get out of the girl’s bathroom…and join us, maybe you can squeeze a little boogey-oogy- woogy time. I might ask Michael to dance since we’re going twinsies on the red.”

“Y-Yea sure.” He watched Christine, in her newly laced dress exit. She looked equally as amazing in red. Jeremy could picture Christine and Michael dancing together. A perfect red pair of bubbling smiles and giggles…he felt envy build up inside him the longer he thought about how much fun Michael was having. How well he was blending in. The last party Jeremy was at, Michael had stowed away and wasn’t anywhere to be seen for the longest time.

Jeremy looked over his shoulder and felt heat build around his face. His eyes started to water when a very old and familiar thought crossed his mind. “You look like shit.” He whispered to himself. Just as he sniffled back the heated tears the door swung open.

“Jeremy! There you are” Michael laughed, “dude why are you in the girl’s bathroom, by yourself? At…prom?” Michael’s smile was forced, one look and he felt an old memory surface. Being alone in the bathroom with a sorry face? Michael knew that feeling a little too well. “You ok? You look…well did you at least use the bathroom?” He thumbed to one of the stalls. “Or are you planning on using the little boy’s room?”

“I’m…” Jeremy sighed, “I’m not fine.” He admitted softly. “…this sucks.”

“This was your idea, its prom, we have no dates of course it sucks.” Michael chuckled, “but hey we’re …in it together, right?”

“Oh yeah, that makes me feel better” Jeremy groaned, “Going to Prom with my bro who looks ten times better than me.” Who gave Michael the right to look nice? And why was he saying “my bro” like it was a bad thing. Why…did prom feel so strange all of the sudden. He felt a hand touch his shoulder and slowly he brought his eyes up to Michael’s.

“Don’t tell me you’re crying in the bathroom because you see yourself as ugly?” He spoke softly, “Jeremy you look great, any girl out there would be stoked to dance with you. Like man, you’re like …suaver than 007 in Goldeneye cover! You’re like…” He started to babble and ramble, Jeremy felt his cheeks flush a bit.

“I don’t want to dance with anybody out there…” He kept his eyes on the tiled ground. “…I don’t know I just do think its … we’re here together so are we really ‘dateless’?”

“ I guess…I mean…” Michael’s babbling was now cut short. The silence hung heavy; there was a strange understanding happening. Michael started to realize what about prom wasn’t jiving well with Jeremy. Neither knew how to say it, how to cross that line of verbalizing that feeling. Suddenly the blasting bass sounds died into a slow, ancient ballad. “Heh Whitney…”

“Bet everyone on the dance floor is screaming the lyrics out..” Jeremy added, it was a slow dance song. He looked back at Michael after staring off towards the door and noticed there was a clammy, shaky hand outstretched towards him. Michael didn’t say a word, nor did Jeremy. He kept staring at the hand as the song ticked by. Slowly Jeremy placed his hand in Michael’s, after waiting so long he flinched before grasping his hand.

Michael wasn’t sure how to hold Jeremy…his heart made it hard to keep beat with the song. They settled on awkwardly holding each other’s waist and swaying back and forth.

“I’m glad.” Jeremy spoke up, “I’m glad I’m here with my favorite person…” He kept his head down, his face redder than Michael’s suit.

Jeremy might have said this before but it sounded so much more…than before. No this was different this was…Instead of saying the millions of things he could have said Michael opened his mouth and started to sing, off key, “…I don’t have to look, very much further. I don’t wanna have to go where you don’t followwww

“Oh jeez, Michael, I’m trying to say like…” This was what he was missing, the worries slid away from him. A truly genuine smile formed on Jeremy’s nervous and slightly sweaty face. He didn’t want to be dateless at prom, he didn’t want to be here with his bro…He wanted to be here with Michael. Jeremy couldn’t get another word past Michael who was belting every note as if to drown out the giddiness. “God, Michael…” Jeremy cautiously leaned into Michael’s chest and resorted to hugging him as they swayed to the Whitney Houston song in the middle of the girl’s bathroom.

Slowly, Michael’s arms wrapped around Jeremy’s small frame and locked him into a tight hug.

Tonight, Michael wasn’t alone in the bathroom.

Lurk Much?

Hey guys this is my 1st imagine on tumblr. The reader is a batfam sis and dating Jason. Y/N is your name. 

It was about 10 at the manor and things were going pretty slow. You felt like being a hermit and had spent the last few hours holed up in your room and catching up on Archer while eating a variety of diabetes inducing junk food. You were stroking your food baby with one hand while the other reached out to grab the last Milano cookie. Fuck. The bag’s empty. “UUGGGHHHHH”, you groaned over-exaggerating the situation. Whining, you got up from your bed and trekked to the kitchen to grab more food necessities. After stuffing your face with the last slice of Alfred’s quiche you grabbed a new bag of milanos and started walking back to your room. That is, until you saw your boyfriend Jason in the hallway- looking through a slightly opened door with an amused look on his face. You rolled your eyes and called out to him as you walked towards him,       “Lurk much, Todd?”. Jason’s head snapped up to meet your face and he proceeded to immediately shush you “SHHHH!” You rolled your eyes again- “Ok Stalker McStalker what’s so interesting?” “SHHHH!!” he glared at you and wrapped his hand around your mouth while bringing you to face the crack in the door. “Ok dear god Jason I’ll be quiet” you whispered “what is i-” You said as you peered inside the room “Holy Shizzz!!” you excitedly whispered screamed as you saw what was happening. On the far side of the room was Bruce talking to, well flirting, with a woman, while pouring them both drinks. “Oh my god! I didn’t even know she was over! I haven’t seen Bruce do something about his love life in so long! The closest thing I’ve seen to him being on a date was when he awkwardly invited Selina to brunch after she nearly killed him, and that was five months ago!!” you gushed. Jason’s snickered at your immature excitedness and went back to watching the history that was being made in the room. You strained to hear what they were saying. “So Mr. Wayn-” “Oh just Bruce, please” “Mhmm Bruce, such a lovely name. Although not as lovely as the time i’m spending with you”. You and Jason were both losing it at this point. “OMG this is gooold, we need to be filming this” you told Jason. “Babe yess” Jason responded “fuck i don’t have my phone- UUGHHH where’s Tim when you need him. I bet he has a freaking professional camera set and everything.” “What do I have?” Tim asked as he walked up to the two of you. “AAHH” you and Jason gasped and turned around. “Well speak of the nerdy devil” Jason retorted. “Hey!” Tim cried. “SHHHHHH!!!!!” you scolded them. “What’s going on?” Tim asked “What are you guys looking at?”. You and Jason both looked at each and  nodded before grabbing Tim’s arms and pulling him close to you. “Tim if you look, you’ll never be able to go back.” you said dramatically. Jason leaned in really close and whispered in a super serious tone “All of thou’s innocence shall crumble and thou shall become a MAN.” “ok guys what hell, your actually creeping me out here- Tim said. “Look.” you exclaimed and shoved Tim’s face through the door crack. “O my god.” Tim deadpanned. “I know right?!!” you giggled. Jason wrapped his arm around Tim’s shoulder “ See little bro? You should take some notes here and maybe you can actually talk to a girl for more than 2 minutes without fainting in the future”. “Hey!” “Yeah Jason that’s not nice, he talked to Steph for a good FIVE minutes before collapsing.” “In my defense I was severely dehydrated” Tim added. “Ok everyone shut up and watch” you scolded. You could see Bruce and his mystery date standing up near the fireplace and things were getting pretty heavy. “So Bruce what shall we do now?” “Well we could-  You could see Bruce responding and trying to look all manly and seductive while reaching his arm back to rest on the table, but.. he missed. His hand missed the table by an inch and he slipped. It was too much and you lost it. You shrieked “OH MAN HAHAHA”. You quickly realized what you had done but it was too late. Bruce’s head snapped up and his gaze met yours and the rest of his spying children. ‘shit!” Jason groaned. “oh my god” you fumbled “guys we gotta run” You screamed “RUN!!” The three of you took off and fucking sprinted as fast as you could. You could feel the energy coursing through you as you madly giggled and ran. As y’all were running you rambled“Oh my god guys maybe he didn’t see exactly who it was like i don’t know hah guys i can’t i just can’t oh mY GOD FUCKING RUN! RUN!!” “Y/n”! Jason yelled at you through heavy pants “If Bruce couldn’t tell who it was he knows now because of yoUR SCREAMING!” “OH SHIT THAT’S RIGHT” you cried out. Still running, you continued “IM SORRY GUYS I JUST HAVE SO MUCH ADRENALINE RIGHT NOW LIKE I HAVEN’T FELT THIS ALIVE SINCE I ACCIDENTALLY DRANK TIM’S 5 HOUR ENERGY ESPRESSO SMOOTHIE!! AND I- that was the last thing you unintelligibly yelled, as you tripped and face planted on the floor. Jason and Tim hadn’t even noticed you fell behind until you cried out in your best old english accent “ My good lord help me! I have fallen!” Jason whipped his head back dramatically and ran towards you” My good lady, fear not! I am here to rescue thou!” He grabbed you bridal style and continued “Where to, fair maiden?” You put on a serious look “Hhmm, OOH I KNOW, TO THE KITCHEN GOOD SIR. WE MUST GATHER PROVISIONS TO LAST US A FORTNIGHT IF WE MUST HAVE TO HIDE FROM THE FEARSOME BAT.” By now you and Jason had caught up to the still running Tim and you yelled as you passed him “FAIR KNIGHT, WE MUST AWAY TO THE KITCHEN” Tim just followed y’all while muttering under his breath “these people have problems”. When you got there, the three of you grabbed all the food you could then barricaded yourselves in to the game room. “Ok” you said “We’ve locked the door so Bruce shouldn’t be able to get in even if he finds us”. “And I’ve found The Seed of Chucky” Jason said while holding up a dvd case “or well at least one of the Chucky movies. Dear lord knows which one it is. At this point they’ve made so many- like for fucks sake guys one sequel’s enough. “ OK Spielberg we get it. You hate sequels. Now shush and play the movie” you commanded. So there you guys were an hour later. Tim had turned off all the lights and you all had preceded to built a pillow fort that you were now snuggling in . All three of you were in a sugar coma induced state and were staring wide-eyed at the movie. “Bitch don’t go in” you told the person in the movie as they walked towards a door. The music was getting super suspenseful and you, Jason, and Tim were clinging on to each other not taking your eyes off from the screen. “she gonna die she’s gonna die” Tim whispered meekly” The door was slowly being opened. The music was intense. Jason was clinging so tightly to your arm you thought it was gonna fall off. You could hear your heartbeat. The door creaked open. “Oh hey guys there you are!” “AAAAAAAHHHHHHH” you, Jason, and Tim screamed all at once. It. was. Dick. “ Sorry I scared you guys” Dick apologized. “ For the love of god man you gave me a heart attack” Jason glared at him “Also how the hell did you get in? I thought we locked the door?” “Well yeah that one but there’s another door right here” Dick said pointing behind him.  “Oh my god were fucking idiots” you said staring at the door. “So anyway guys, Bruce is looking for you. I’m not sure why.” “ Nope. Nopeity Nope Noooope” you said. “Guys seriously I’m sure whatever is going on he won’t be that mad” Dick remarked. “ HEY BRUCE THEYRE IN HE- Jason quickly spoke in a spookily calm tone “Grayson if you tell him were here , I swear on my already dead soul I will tell everyone about the bikini incident.” Dick’s eyes just went really wide and he gasped “You wouldn’t dare” “try me.” Jason retorted as he kept his glare focused on Dick. Dick just stared at him back for a second before slowly walking out the door and closing it behind him. “Oh yeah Bruce they’re not in there” you could here Dick say in the hallway ten seconds later and then the footsteps retreated and all three of you let out a collective sigh of relief. Sleep took over you pretty soon and you all fell asleep cradled in each others arms. Of course you didn’t escape the day of judgment, as early the next morning you eventually had to see Bruce and he gave you a long talk about spying on other people and that privacy is to be respected. The entire time Tim was just blushing like crazy and staring at his feet while you were focusing in on a very interesting spot on the wall. Jason of course was unfazed, and only opened his mouth to ask Bruce if he “got laid”. 

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how the paladins flirt with their s/o??

It’s mod Enki! Sorry for the wait on the asks! Everyone is busy with things so we haven’t had time to get on! ; n ;


Shiro: Awful at flirting. He’s completely oblivious like a nerd so his s/o would have to do most of the flirting. When he actually tries to flirt he ends up just stuttering or making a complete fool of himself. He’s awful at coming up with things to talk about. He’ll just talk about their clothes or some random topic that comes to mind. He messes with his hands a lot. Either that or he cant stop rubbing the back of his neck or running his hand through his hair. He’s prone to a lot of grooming himself while flirting for some reason. He will also slowly get closer to them as he talks and accidentally gets his s/o flustered when he’s right up on them. He’s surprisingly passionate about plants?? It’s his way of flirting when he tries to get his s/o some sort of space plant from one of the planets they visit. 

Lance: He can be super good flirting when’s he’s not really thinking about it. But anything past a one liner towards his s/o and he’s actually kinda bad at flirting. He’ll get a little flustered and really excited if his s/o actually starts to flirt back or shows a lot of interest in him. He subconsciously chews on his lips a lot when he tries to flirt and tries to make himself look bigger by stretching a lot. Also tries to flex or something to that caliber. Although his s/o might be put off at first by him constantly trying to show off and talk about himself. It might take him a while to realize he needs to talk about his s/o too when he flirts. He tries to specially flirt with his s/o by trying to pamper them and showing his cosmetic knowledge. 

Keith: Worse than Shiro at flirting. He has no idea what to talk about and ends up only talking about things like sparring, fighting, and probably survival stuff. His special flirting is also those things unsurprisingly enough. He’s surprisingly good at bouncing off of what his s/o is talking about though so at least he’s good at listening. Tilts his a lot when he’s trying to thinking of what to say or when he’s trying to make sense of what his s/o is saying. When he flirts he tries to compliment his s/o more than usual but can’t seem to get his compliments to sound… normal. He might say things like: “You don’t smell bad” or “You have good muscles.” It’s charming to his s/o but can be a little weird at first. He’ll get flustered if his s/o compliment him back.

Hunk: Surprisingly good at flirting when he gets the hang of it mostly because he’s very genuine with his flirting. His special way of flirting is with cooking obviously but he’s good with regular flirting too. He’s a crazy good listener so he’s good at appealing to his s/o feelings and emotions. While they flirt he usually finds the end of his shirt or something to mess with since he’s always a bit nervous. He can flirt with them for a while because honestly he gets kind of lost when he’s flirting with them?? It goes back and forth for hours sometimes that the others have to tell them to get a room. When he realizes how long they’ve been talking for he gets embarrassed and apologizes to his s/o for flirting with them. He’s such a good and wholesome child. 

Pidge: What is flirting??? Honestly she doesn’t know how to flirt and refuses to. Although it’s pretty easy for her s/o to accidentally get her to flirt. They’ll be having a great conversation where she’s giggling and genuinely having a good time when she’ll stop and be like, “Are we flirting right now??” CAN’T believe herself. Blushes around 5000 shades of red and runs off. She’s like super fussy around her s/o. She will occasionally flirt with her s/o by letting them see her new gadgets before anyone else. She also with be more fussy with how they’re feeling and their general well being. If they say they’re feeling bad she’ll bug them until they can feel better. 


As many familes requested… just joking; here’s the masterlist anyways. The new and updated one haha.

DRABLES [100 ways to say i love you | -]


their ex get hurt and he texted her asking her if she was ok (he’s still in luv with her)

+ yunhyeong and chanwoo pranking their girlfriends

they’re jealous because you hangout with boys with ‘’unsuitable’’ clothes

when you’re alone and having a bad fever at home while they’re still at overseas [part one | part two]

+ Junhwe and Bobby’s girlfriends are embarrassed to ask them to cuddle her

+ when they are stressed [part one | part two | part three]

+ their girlfriend was busy and they thought tlshe was ignoring them [part one | part two | part three]

+ when you want them to buy pads for you [part one | part two]

+ when they’re missing their girlfriends but they’re too shy to ask them for cuddles or say that they miss them [part one | part two]

+ when they’re way in tour and their girlfriend is mad because they didn’t answer the texts for a week [part one | part two]

+ when they want their girlfriend to call them oppa but she refuses [part one | part two]

+ chanwoo’s girlfriend passed away and he’s depressed about it

+ when their girlfriends fangirl over MOBB [part one | part two]

+ when they’re missing their girlfriend a lot and want them to come over but they’re too shy to ask [part one | part two]

+ hanbin, donghyuk and jiwon’s texts when their girlfriend is being followed while walking towards their dorm

+ when the girl they like has kids from a previous relationship and decided to tell them [part one | part two]

+ when their girlfriends find out they’re having their kids so they distance themselves because they’re afraid of ruining the boys’ lives [one | two | three]

+ when they’re on tour and their wife tells them she’s pregnant [one | two]

+ when they’re cheering their girlfriend for their exams

+ the guys teasing you for liking junhwe

+ when their child got sick in the middle of the night and they weren’t home but their wife rushes to the hospital and tries to reach them while their child is on the surgery room [one | two | three]

+ being jealous about how close their girlfriends are with infinite [one | two]

+ they find out their girlfriend has a blog where she writes fanfics about the members of ikon and they tease her about it [one | two]

+ when their girlfriends accidentally call them oppa and she’s older than them

+ when their girlfriends ask them why they choose them [one | two | three]

+ when their girlfriends are scared of a thunderstorm and ask them to come over

+ when the members ruin Junhwe’s surprise; he’s trying to learn how to cook

+ when they’re being cheesy because it’s their first year together with their girlfriend [one | two]

+their girlfriends break up with them via text

+ they cheer on their girlfriend for her exams

+ when their girlfriends are starving themselves because they’re worried about their bodie

+ when they’re jealous / slightly mad because their girlfriend asked for other member’s help instead of theirs because she didn’t want to disturb him

+ when they’re going in a trip and their girlfriend asked to bring their friends along but they refuse because they want to be with their girlfriends alone

+ when jinhwan and junhwe’s girlfriends run a junhwan blog and they find out about it

+ their girlfriends break up with them when they’re just joking

+ when they tease their girlfriends because they called them a cute nickname

+ when they discuss the possibility of marriage with their girlfriend

+ when they bring up the thought of having kids, in the future

+ they’re texting their girlfriend a day before getting married

+ when their girlfriend wants to break up but they don’t want her to leave because they love them still

+ when they ask their girlfriends their opinions on what to do while recording a MV

+ when they’re quoting their songs and their girlfriend gets scared [one | two]

+ when they realize their girlfriend is jealous of an iconic because she keeps on buying stuff for her bias [one | two]

+ when Junhwe and donghyuk try to convince the same girl that they’re better than one another so she’d choose them

+ when they are planning on proposing to their girlfriend and ruin the surprise

+ their girlfriend is mad because they have been ignoring her for the past week and saw him hanging out with a girl

+ they’re on tour and worried about their pregnant wife

+ when they pretend to be other members but their girlfriends know it all along

+ drunk Jiwon and hanbin

+ junhwe and bobby being jealous over a guy flirting with his girlfriend on an award show when they’re not sitting together

+ their girlfriends are drunk



+ their girlfriend’s obsession with shoes

+ after a huge fight

+ girlfriend getting tatoos

+ you trying to kiss them but they tease you for being short.

+ they caught you checking them out

+ you not answering your phone through the entire day

+ you moaning their full name while sleeping

finding out some people have actually confessed to you but you never told them considering both of you are together and you didn’t see the importance of telling them

+ sitting in their lap in the car

+ finding a selca of you and his mom in his phone (you took it secretly)

+ their girlfriends walk in front of the members in a bra and underwear

they’re interested in you but they got cockblocked by their friends

when their mother walks in and he’s making out with his girlfriend

+  when you’re having an artist’s block

to the zombie apocalypse

when someone is threatening their gf and she didn’t tell them but ask another member for help

+ when the members tell him that his girlfriend went shopping with his mother (he was planning to take her out)

when their girlfriend wears another member shirt

where ikon watching u smoke for the first time but they know u smoke and they are all your best friends (gif reaction)

when all member clingy with you bc because you never sees them for 2 months

+ when his girlfriend make a song for them to her group comeback (the song is telling her miss them)

+ when ikon found cigarette pack in your bag (gif reaction)

+ to you crying (you don’t cry because you usually get made fun of for it. So you just don’t cry)

+ when you lie down on them after an exhausting day and you just say “Pillow’s too far so you’ll do.”

+ finding out you have a tongue piercing

+ when they hear your song ( HYOLYN X JOOYOUNG – ERASE ) after you have a big fight and you never contact them for 2 weeks.

you slapping their ass and then run away

+ to their crush being hit on by a group member that they’re collabing with

+ they found out u are suffering from anorexia (gif reaction)

+ to you coming so late and not answering their calls and you tell them that you were with your guy friend but nothing happened

+ they found out that you were feeling down after going on a date because you realise someone judged both of you because of the height difference

+ you moaning during a kiss

+ when they scare you and you let out a really high pitched yelp/sound of surprise

+ you are good at basketball and keep intercepting and manage to get the ball

+ when you haven’t been so confident on yourself or you’ve been too hard on yourself lately

+ their young child (4-5 years old) crying and asking them not to leave/ if they still loves mommy because they saw them arguing with you (their wife) just minutes before

+ to you coming home really tired and you almost fall asleep in their arms when they hug you

+ when you are so ragged and fought with your classmate infront of them

+ to you surprising them on their birthday while they are on tour

+ when you sprain your ankle during training but you don’t want to rest

+ their girlfriends fangirling over the male lead on a kdrama

+ when you have period stains on your uniform skirt and you don’t know

+ to their girlfriend going on a camping trip with her close friends but most of them are guys

+ to their crush looks really really young but is actually a 90liner

+ waking up to your face

+ when their girlfriend is spending time with them ( just hanging out )but suddenly their close friend calls ( whose a boy), and she picks up

+ when they talked about something they liked and she surprisingly get it for them. She gets a good pay and have okay with money, but they don’t know that

+ to their s/o calling them drunk in the evening/night or texting them

+ their s/o have a panic/ anxiety attack, but she keeps her distance to them, because it is really bad, like going on for a week or two. They suddenly finds out

+ their s/o showing up at the place, a really drunk mess, like friends lost at the party, she can’t walk and missed him

+ their s/o telling them about her past or like most of her life, as has been abused/ bullied by her family and that is why she left the her country (she is a foreign), to find her self and do what she wants to do

+ to their s/o don’t do skinship a lot, but one day she is a lot closer to them and gives them back hugs and kinda always have a hand on him

+ when their s/o being good a lyrics and writing. She doesn’t work with it but is good with words or getting something, you know, get it right. Like she ask the right questions to it and so on. Like it helps them a lot.

+ when they fell asleep or relaxing and their s/o strokes their hair, like “petting them”

+ to their s/o being really good at giving massage

+ to their s/o dancing/ fooling around in her apartment, wearing pajamas

+ finding out their girlfriend’s or crushes birthday is one day apart from theirs and she wants to spend it with them

+ to hanbin and his girlfriend, laying in bed, just waking up and she puts Jin Jin Jara

+ to their S/o being really good at dance, like she really know how to move, it is a bit more wild, not the cute-ish style

+ when you guys fight and they say something really hurtful, and you just break down crying

+ their girlfriend being called beautiful on a variety show by another idol or actors ( male ), and she smiled and thanks them

+ their girlfriend playing with their hair at random times

+ to their girlfriend sitting in their lap and wiggling around until she gets comfortable

+ to their s/o getting more affectionate like more shinship, showing more love toward them

+ to their s/o that do not like kids, feeling uncomfortable around them. Being a babysitter to her neighbors 2 kids, the age 3 and 7. They like her a lot and she is apparently quite good with them, even when she doesn’t like kids

+ crush on their best friend

+ have a s/o and he brings her to the dorm, often, they hang out an stuff

+their girlfriends dancing in pajama to rock songs

+when they forget their wallet and their girlfriend has to pay for the date

their girlfriend losing a loved one

+ their girlfriends dancing perfectly to other male groups songs



ikon as…

+ cats

+ bodyguards

+ donghyuk

+ boyfriends

+ teachers

+ readers


how would iKON…

+ hug you

hold your hand

performed in stage after a huge fight with their girlfriend in the backstage that may lead to break up

+ kiss you for the first time

hug you to sleep

kiss you

+ be on an amusement park


most to least

+ to like someone with the short curly wavy hairstyle

who’d date a short but strong girl

to date an English fan

+ to date a 99liner

+ to date a nerd but algo lazy girl

+ to date a foreigner like U.S. or Europe


take a look at the previous masterlist if you’d likec

“Murderer, Martyr, Monarch, Mad”


If anybody needs something good to read, go check out Heartless by Marissa Meyer because DAMN THAT WAS SUCH A GOOD BOOK

“Odd Jobs”

“I still can’t believe you worked in a host club.”

Mila was stretched out on the bleachers, peeling her shirt away from her sweat-soaked back. She snatched a bottle of water from between Yurio’s feet.

“It’s so weird to imagine… No offense! I just mean, I don’t think I’d have the energy for that on top of training. And school, too!”

Yuuri shifted shyly in his seat.

“It was pretty tiring.”

Yurio rolled his eyes.

“What’s so hard about batting your lashes at a bunch of rich, old losers?” he muttered, taking an aggressive bite out of a cucumber. “I could do that in my sleep.”

Mila gave the top of his head a hard shove.

“You’re not even old enough to get into one of those clubs, so shut your mouth.”

“Yuuri worked really hard every night when we lived together in Detroit,” Phichit said from his spot on the floor, where he was focused on relacing his skates for the third time. “He always came home at like four in the morning, exhausted. And drunk. And sometimes in a dress.”

“Phichit…” Yuuri complained.

“I don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about,” Mila assured him. “Besides, you looked really good in those pictures.”

“It’s true,” Georgi chimed in. “If you were a woman, I’d fall for you.”

“Whatever, I still think it’s weird,” Yurio grunted.

Mila shoved him again.

“Actually,” Yuuri thought aloud, “Working as a host probably isn’t the strangest sounding job I’ve had.”

“Oh? Do tell~” Georgi prodded.

“Well… Let’s see… I worked as an oshiya for a while, back in Japan.”

“O-shi-ya…?” Mila repeated, scrunching her eyebrows up.

“It’s someone who helps as many people as possible onto the trains. During rush hour, if a car was over-crowded, I would push the people in so that the doors could close,” Yuuri explained.

“What, like actually just shove them onto the trains?” Yurio asked with a dry laugh.

Yuuri nodded.

“I want that job,” Yurio stated.

“It was more common when I was younger, and in places like Hasetsu there wasn’t really a need for that. When I was living at home I did a lot of odd jobs on top of helping with the hot springs- whatever was available. I worked as a worm picker for a while.”

Georgi’s face washed with horror.


“Yeah. I would dig around in the dirt and collect the fattest worms for fisherman to use as bait,” Yuuri said.

Georgi wriggled away down the bench as if Yuuri was dangling a worm in front of him right then.

“You touched them?” he gasped. “With your hands?”

“Yeah,” Yuuri said. “I dunno, I think they’re kind of cute. Sometimes I would name them to help pass the time. I’m pretty sure I named a few ‘Victor.’” He muffled a laugh.

“What are you saying about me, Yuuri, my dear?” Victor cooed as he skated gracefully by them.

“He used to name worms after you,” Mila called back loudly, grinning.

“What?” Victor almost lost his footing. He stumbled over to the boards and draped himself over top. “Yuuri, is it true?”

“With that bald forehead, I can see the resemblance,” Yurio teased smugly.

Victor looked to his fiancé with wide eyes.

“It’s only because I idolized you so much,” Yuuri promised. “I reserved your name for the juiciest, pinkest of worms.”

Victor flushed with pride.


He half-leapt over the side of the rink to squeeze Yuuri in a big hug.

“These idiots…” Yurio grumbled.

“So what other kinds of jobs did you have?” Mila asked, eager for an excuse to extend her break.

“Umm- haha,” Yuuri struggled to think clearly as Victor nuzzled against him persistently. “I was a professional sleeper for a while, before my parents found out about it and made me quit.”

“Professional sleeper?” Mila let out a satisfied sigh. “Sounds like my kind of job!”

“Wait.” Phichit jabbed Yuuri in the leg. “You never told me about that!”

“What does a professional sleeper do?” Georgi asked, hesitantly relaxing his tensed shoulders.

“I, um, would get paid to sleep next to customers. There wasn’t an expectation for anything sexual, which was nice, but sometimes customers would pay extra for a special request, like if they wanted to rest their head on my lap. That kind of thing.” Yuuri glanced over at Victor. “Did I ever tell you about this?”

Victor shook his head, listening intently.

“Oh. Well, it wasn’t anything too exciting. It did pay well, though. I would basically just lay there in my pajamas next to different strangers all day long. I could never fall asleep, though. I had to fake it.”

“That sounds nice,” Georgi mused. “I wouldn’t mind going to a place like that.”

Mila restrained herself from commenting.

“Yuuri, you’re leaving out the best one!” Phichit scolded.

“Oh, what’s that?” Victor asked. “How come there’s still so much I don’t know about you?”

Because,” Yuuri said, glaring pointedly at Phichit, “We don’t talk about that one.”

“We don’t have to talk about it; I still have the evidence.”

Phichit pulled out his phone.

Yuuri lunged for it but realized it was too late when he heard everyone’s phones buzz at once.

“…Yuuri,” Victor calmly held up his phone to reveal a picture of Yuuri in the nude, covered in paintbrush swipes, holding a live carp over his head with both hands, being chased across a golf course by a large swan. “What exactly am I looking at?”

Yurio started laughing so hard he was crying. He fell backwards off of the bench.

“…Oww…. Fuck,” he gasped, still laughing.

Yuuri was uncomfortable with how closely Mila and Georgi were scrutinizing the picture.

“That was right before it bit him in the ass,” Phichit added. “You should have seen him run.”

“One day I’m going to get you back,” Yuuri told Phichit. “You know that, right?”

Phichit winked.

“Whatever you say.”

“Hmm. Yuuri, maybe we should bring a swan to morning practice so that you’ll put more effort into your warm-ups,” Victor taunted.

“That’s not funny,” Yuuri pouted. “Remember, I have your keys in my- Hey, don’t save that!”

“What?” Victor said innocently, adding the image to his camera roll. “It’s a good picture of your-”

“OOKAY, time to get back to the ice!”

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first kiss hcs for bakugou? :^D

You got it anon ;^)

First kiss with Bakugou:

  • It’s pretty obvious how this is gonna go. Bakubutt is a rough person and rough lover. It’s very rare for him to show a soft side and especially when he’s too embarrassed and prideful to show that kind of thing to anyone. This is includes his s/o in this stage. They pretty much get the roughest kiss ever and even though it’s rough, the kiss is pretty good. It’s hard to miss the amount of sheer force and passion he’s trying to convey through his kiss and it doesn’t go unappreciated. 
  • Goes for the rough grab of his s/o’s chin right away in order to bring their face right where he wants it to be. His grip doesn’t lessen unfortunately and he won’t stand for much protest from his s/o. If they do protest out of shock he’ll break suddenly and yell at them: “Just let me fucking kiss you damn it!” ….And then immediately go back to mashing his lips on his s/o’s. Probably accidentally bites his s/o’s lip or something of that caliber. Please get this boy to calm down.

  • His kisses are rough but good and his s/o can tell just by the fact that he’s kissing them and actually showing affection that he really does like them. After the first initial one his s/o might want to show him how to kiss a little… softer lmao. After he breaks and looks at his s/o he’ll wait for a response expectantly. That’s when his s/o kisses him this time and get to show their own way to kiss. He gets the jist of what they’re trying to do and tones it down just a bit. Later down the road when he’s used to kissing he’ll mix it up and go between rough and soft to get a rise out of his s/o.

  • Kissing is public with him is one way to make him a little embarrassed and mad if he’s not expecting it. He likes to go for shoulder kisses if he’s gonna do anything subtle in public, but sometimes he’ll skip the subtly and straight up kiss his s/o right on the lips just because he can. If his s/o pesters him in front of the others for a kiss he’ll give them a soft short one and avoid looking at anyone who notices. If someone says something about it he’s very quick to defend his PDA with his s/o and tell them to fuck off.