this actually fits my headcanon though

Can I just say, we need more body headcanons in the Matsu fandom. It’s actually kinda inspirational if you think about it:

Osomatsu with the extra chub makes me feel comfortable about my stomach, a little extra fat never hurt anyone.

Karamatsu with the thicc thighs makes me feel okay with my thighs, bigger thighs are just as beautiful as normal thighs. ( There is another headcanon where Kara supposedly has a more muscular figure but I just really like this one more ^^)

Choromatsu’s lanky body makes me realise how everyone has different types of body types and we should respect them for who they are and what they are. 

Ichimatsu’s solidly built body makes me feel that it’s okay to have ‘pudge’. It’s actually quite adorable more than anything ~

Jyushimatsu’s fit body makes me feel that you should be happy with your body, and keeping fit is a great thing (Even though I honestly don’t even try lmao)

Todomatsu’s feminine body makes me feel that it’s ok to have a bit more of a curve, curvy and beautiful too ~

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so, wait , if you think galra are furry space lizards, are you posting they are some sort of space equivalent of the platypus or monotremes in general? being a sort of in between? Do you think Galra lay eggs?

> No to the first because monotremes are mammals, just egg-laying mammals. I feel like just like pangolins are weird mammals that have figured out how to scale, galra are like. weird reptiles that have found out how to fur. Though on specimens like Zarkon or first episode captain I imagine it’s short and more velvet-textured than say, Sendak’s. (so just consider the idea that by my headcanon, Zarkon is actually super soft. To touch, I mean. Personality-wise he’s still a huge jerk.)

Fur may have been a development on their planet to improve heat retention because the galra planet as Shiro sees it seems very dark- if not a lot of sunlight gets to it, fitting the perpetually twilit “Planet Doom” we see in DotU/GoLion and Force, it’d make sense local life would probably do what it could to make the most of staying warm.

> Yes I think galra come from eggs. It’s kind of an irrelevant headcanon because I’m pretty sure for obvious reasons we’re not exactly going to see The Miracle Of Life happening onscreen. I mean, if they did really want to show us a particular character’s birth, showing someone hatching out of an egg is a lot more likely for a Y7/PG show than live birth. At this point I’m not sure what, narratively, they would gain, but.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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B; 16; Nasya?

What Harry Potter house is he/she in?

So, I didn’t actually know for sure, but I had a hunch…and then I decided to take a quiz for Nasya to see and she got…

Hufflepuff! I think it fits her pretty well, and now I kind of want to figure out some of my other characters, though I already have some headcanons/thoughts for what her fam might be…? xD

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I'm amazed that my Deneuve design actually resembles a real person, even more so that they're in the fandom. I'm sorry if that weirded you out, and that's so strange for me too! I've never seen what you look like either! She was created with the idea that L would see her as beautiful, so I hope that serves as a compliment you lucky ducky ;) Thanks for not minding me unknowingly borrowing your face though!

Awwwwww thank you, Senti! Thanks for drawing me (and prettying things up a bit). I don’t fit any of your Deneuve headcanons though, sadly. 

Adventures in obsessive nitpicking

In classic Pixar fashion, MU is loaded with tons of little details.  Sometimes I go through the movie just to see what I didn’t pick up on the last time I watched, and no matter how many times I do it, there always seems to be something I missed.  One of the many things I thought was interesting was how they handled the clothing for monsters with more unusual bodies, such as the four-armed ones.  I noticed that Javier and the Perry boys have sweaters with four arms, but Randy has a two-armed sweater.

Was there any significance behind this?  Was it only for animation purposes?  Maybe it was just an oversight?  I have absolutely no clue.  But that’s not going to stop me from adopting a new headcanon!  (continued)

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For the ship thing...KORRASAMI <333


Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

who’s the cuddler: Korra is most certainly the cuddler. She loves to stay burrowed under the bed and as Asami’s little spoon until Asami complains that she is sweaty.

who makes the bed: Asami will because Korra usually always apologizes about being difficult in the morning with a cooked breakfast for the two of them. Asami has gained a taste for Southern Water Tribe breakfast food after spending so much time down there with their family so she lets Korra cook and usually makes the bed while she does. Plus, letting Korra get coffee in her is always a good idea.

who wakes up first: Asami always wakes up first to get to work where as she has to literally drag Korra out of bed and into the shower. Asami is pretty sure this is giving her training for if they ever decide to have children because Korra can be so damn difficult in the mornings.

who has the weird taste in music: Korra most certainly does. Whether she is working out or helping Tenzin train the air benders she loves to play weird underground Republic City music that Tenzin hates.

who is more protective: It really is a complete tie on this one. But when they are older and have children, Asami always worries a lot more. Korra thinks letting the kids ride wild polar bear dogs in the south or eat spirit vines is totally okay, but Asami is so not okay with that. Soooo not okay.

who sings in the shower: Korra does but it is really terrible and loud. Asami only ever sings firebender songs quietly when Korra or one of the kids are sick, and it’s actually really sweet sounding.

who cries during movies: Neither of them do and usually just roll their eyes at the sappy endings because all the movers basically star Bolin and neither of them can take him seriously.

who spends the most while out shopping: Asami gets way too excited whenever there are new inventions or tech that they could buy and loves to buy it to take it apart and learn the designs. Korra tends to overbuy groceries though like she is about to hibernate for winter… but then actually eats the insane amount of food.

who kisses more roughly: When they first started kissing they both kissed pretty roughly and then broke out into a fit of giggles when they realized they both did that because Mako did it and were used to trying to keep up. The next time they kiss though it’s pretty sweet… and then pretty hot. In general though Korra kisses more roughly because she loves to get her fingers into Asami’s hair.

who is more dominate: It is literally my headcanon that Asami is a total god damn femme and top. Like Korra is all beefy and could bench press Asami a thousand times over, but seriously when it comes to sex Asami just flips her over like she isn’t the damn avatar and gets down to business between her legs. 


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so listening to pillowtalk and hearing fucking and fighting on made me think like wait do zayn and liam even argue? like they do make a lot of intense eyefucking though

I definitely think they fight. It’s been my headcanon for awhile. I’ve blogged about it before: X  X

Zayn recently elaborated on the lyrics and it’s totally wild how much it fits fandom headcanons.

“The actual intent of the song is even though you have great times in a relationship, you have really bad times as well but that’s what makes it worthwhile because you learn things and you go through experiences that bring you closer together. That’s the actual intent of the song. Obviously you have sex and sometimes you fight during the relationship, so I did mention that in the song but yeah, it’s not solely about sex.”

Zayn Malik, Z100 Morning Show w/ Elvis Duran

Even with the limited information we’re privy to, we’ve seen evidence of the struggle: Lovelorn tweets, Vegas 2012, the Zerrie engagement (sad Liam and Zayn trying to placate him–what a strain that must have been), etc. But still, they’re in it to win it. They “figured it out”. There’s such a strong commitment between them. Wouldn’t it have been great if they could’ve been open about their relationship? It’s so much healthier than any of the fauxmances that have been shoved down the fandom’s throat.  

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Sirius Black

whompiingwillow requested sirius as well so here you go (this is going to be long because sirius is everything)

  • where do i even begin
  • sirius was the favorite in the household up until his sorting. he was one of those talented kids who was good at whatever he did. he excelled in music, quidditch, chess, languages, anything. he was also a kid who did what he was told. beneath the obedience, however, he always wanted to break away from all of it. he liked getting his robes muddy after quidditch and liked running around. he didn’t really like the way his mother stuffed house elf heads but because he grew up in that environment, it stuck
  • he said slurs a lot throughout his first few years at hogwarts. james told sirius they couldn’t be friends if that continued, and sirius figured a friend was worth more than a few “bad words.” at first, he legitimately didn’t understand why it offended people. when peter and remus also voiced their opinions, sirius did his best to stop
  • one of my personal headcanons is that sirius had bipolar disorder. i think it would be extremely fitting for him to have had rapid cycling and part of his recklessness was due to periods of mania. since wizards didn’t use muggle medication, there was no way for him to get help or to a diagnosis/prognosis. both peter and remus were helpful, though. peter recommended one summer they go see someone in london. because sirius was stubborn, it took him awhile to actually open up, but it did have some effect. being around the potters gave sirius a more stable environment, and being able to talk to them kept him clean
  • sirius was very good at quidditch and flying, but he didn’t want to compete against regulus. he would usually leisurely fly with james and sometimes have matches with a few people, but he refused to go to tryouts, even when james pleaded
  • sirius was ace/aro. he was convinced something was wrong with him and he’d try to ask the other marauders what he thought. the most uplifting thing was when peter told him if he didn’t need anyone besides the marauders, then that was okay, because that was more than most people got
  • he liked the stars and going up to the astonomy tower. peter would usually accompany him and they would talk to sit in silence. they came from torn apart homes, and they understood each other. sirius liked hearing about muggle things, and since peter had trouble sleeping, it was easy for them to chat
  • sirius was the first one to pull james aside and tell him that he needed to deflate his head. he knew james listened to him, and he wanted to see james happy
  • sirius became friends with lily evans during their third year. lily had complained about petunia during class, sirius overheard, and decided to bring it up. one night in the common room after sirius snuck back from the kitchens, he asked lily if things were going well. she was surprised, because they never really talked, but she answered. a few hours later, they were sitting by the dying fire, exchanging stories and playing chess. they didn’t hang around much, but they knew they could tell one another things that bothered them
  • when james’s parents died, sirius transformed to his animagus and sat beside him, letting james stare into the distance
  • he loved harry more than anything in the world. he’d turn into his animagus and let harry pull at his fur, and he liked lying beside him
  • in azkaban, sirius used all those ten years with the marauders, and the year with harry, and it was enough to keep him happy. his rage towards peter was enough for motivation. although he hadn’t been good to remus during the last few years, he wished he could at least keep him company. he didn’t escape sooner because he needed a plan, and he needed a reason to think he deserved to leave
  • he was twenty one when he was imprisoned, he didn’t know how to grow. he was barely an adult and had not context to age with.
  • during his last few years, he seemed to know he wasn’t going to last long. he had lost everything from his family to his friends. even though he had harry he was never truly happy, because this was james’s kid. he would spend every day knowing it was james who should’ve been alive. by the time he died, sirius knew he had really died long before

This is an appreciation post for BOTH women who played Clarice Starling. Even though I do agree that Jodie Foster is #1, I also believe that Julianne Moore did a lovely job and that actually, personally for me, she fits my headcanon of book Clarice in Hannibal.

I know people who don’t like her portrayal of the character give the reason that she seems withdrawn and cold (in Krendler’s words, a bitch) but that’s kinda how Clarice is in the novel at this time. She’s not naive and seemingly innocent anymore. She’s been dragged along in her career at the FBI towards a slow death, and she’s no longer awed and entranced by her ‘dream job’ anymore. She’s also had to put up more walls than ever in order to put up with Paul Krendler’s daily abuse of trying to beat her into submission of what he believes is a woman’s role in that field of work, to get her fired, or to get her to quit. All because of his jealously that she caught Buffalo Bill before he had the chance and because she didn’t sleep with him.

So yea….I adore both!

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You know, that's a really interesting take on how the elf denominations would look. I can kind of see it, to be honest. Definitely a creative departure from the Willowy White person look most elves get thrust on them.

Thank you! Yeah, I’ve really liked the idea of East Asian Sindar for a while, and when I was working on the Racism in Middle Earth series I decided to make up my mind about the Noldor (at least for my own headcanon), and settled on Middle Eastern. The Vanyar have always been white to me (I probably just can’t get past the blonde hair, lol.)

These last couple fancast posts were actually great for me, because even though I have this generally diverse picture in my head, when asked to fancast a single character my gut reaction is still to pick a white actor (I think because habit and the movies have trained me to believe that white is default for Middle Earth), and that’s been irritating me, so it was really nice to finally get some proper fancasting done that fit with my overall elvish headcanon.

Anyway, if nothing else it’s nice to get some non-white options out there, right?

Yeah, to be honest I haven’t come up with a fix for that… the closest I’ve come to is the idea that each separate “group” of elves that awoke were of a different ethnicity, but since some groups were larger than others, they became the “average” look for that tribe? I’m still working on it, lol.

YES SHE WOULD!!!! Junketsu Ryuko is how Ryuko would have been if she had grown up with Ragyo! I have SO many headcanons about this! And I believe that she would have even surpassed Ragyo in evilness!

There is a LOT I would have wanted to see with her but in the end, I’m very satisfied with how the show handled her story arc, because any more would have dragged the story line too much. As much as I love Junketsu Ryuko, just that one episode was fine for me. (I mean I personally wouldn’t mind a whole series about Junketsu Ryuko but it wouldn’t have fitted into the KlK narrative.)

I gotta admit though that I’m not a fan of the “good”/”evil” roles idea, not because I think it’s bad, but rather that it’s not KlK’s topic. It would have seemed out of place. Ryuko loses her way easily, but she also has enough strength to find her way back quickly, so one episode of Junketsu Ryuko was ideal, neither too long nor too short. 

That actually wasn’t my headcanon, it was the idea of an anon that I’ve sketched because I liked it^^; 

I haven’t thought about doing any more of that since then. I have done two comics with alternate Junketsu Ryuko endings already, and drawing that was really difficult for me. I will definitely draw more Junketsu Ryuko, but I’m afraid not in story/comic form. 

I’m very sorry, while this is an interesting idea, I just really don’t see this happening. What I liked very much about Ragyo was that she chose her ending for herself, and any other option would have been ooc. Same with Nui.

How do you think this would play out? I’m seriously interested in how other people would think about this matter, since I have absolutely NO idea^^;

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Headcannon that Annabeth calls Percy "babe" when their in bed, while Percy calls her "your highness" or "love" (and sometimes Annababe just to piss her off) idk I just think as they get older the nicknames "seaweed brain" and "wise girl" might not work well in intimate situations if you get my drift lol. Thx

I have a headcanon that Percy calls Annabeth “angel fish” and I definitely think “love” is a go to for him. He only actually calls her wisegirl like twice in the series I think so for sure not something he ever really uses. I really love the idea of Annabeth calling him “babe” though I’m not sure it really fits her as a character. She would just call him Seaweed Brain or by his name, I think.

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I gotta know, were Dipper's buttwings a deliberate design choice? Or did people just keep drawing them lower and lower til it became a thing?

Mod Z here, creator of the AU and Dipper’s designs!

They were a deliberate design choice on my part. Though they are on the lower back, despite their cute little pet name. I felt that just giving him full-blown bat-like wings from his back was far too cliche. You see those everywhere on demon characters, and I didn’t feel those would have quite fit Dipper’s more refined style.

The wings were, at first, more of a decoration attached to his overcoat. I personally liked how the placement accented his waist! But soon the headcanons sort of took over and they became actual physical wings. He doesn’t really fly with them, but he can move them about, make them grow or shrink… and sometimes, they can react subconsciously much like a dog with a wagging tail. They’ve been known to make teeny flapping movements when he’s happy or excited, or fan out when angry or threatened.