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// first dinner with bangtan gang *you’re still awkward around them though*

T: Jagi, eat your food and don’t mind the guys *continues eating*

H: (Y/N) loosen up! why you look so nervous…it’s just us *does weird actions*

JK: Noona, how did you meet Tae hyung? 

N: oh yes (Y/N) tell us more. We have lots to tell you about Tae


Holy angels, in Heaven blessed, 
My spirit longs with thee to rest. 

After James Potter realizes he likes you, it includes:

- him being shocked at first

- trying to keep all to himself but there is too much confusion in his head since all he has known about himself is that he likes lily

- finally giving in to the thought, he confides to Sirius. 

  • - “Are you sick or something, Prongs?”Sirius said as he laughs
  • - “No. This is serious, Padfoot!” James said

  • - “No. I am Sirius!” Siruis said. James just leaves after that.

- him having no clue on how to approach you since you are Lily’s friend

- him second guessing himself because he doesn’t know how you would react

- him retreating and hiding his feelings. Stops being weird around Lily especially

- Lily notices his change of actions

  • - “Weird.” Lily said. Y/n looked at her and  shrugged.

- him becoming awkward around you especially whenever you two are paired by Slughorn.

Ran a practice combat session in my campaign tonight...

Just to get their feet wet and to get them used to attacking and how combat is handled (as well as thinking creatively)

First match was three players (Half-Orc Monk, Elven Druid and Dragonborn Bard) against one blink dog and then against a CR1 Gelatinous cube.

Highlights include:

  • No one being able to identify what the blink dog was, mistaking it for a weird-looking normal dog
  • The druid using her action to cast “speak with animals” to try and communicate with it, only to find out it’s NOT a normal dog
  • The dog teleporting, confirming that fact.
  • The monk furiously trying to chase the dog that hasn’t done ANY damage so far but not being able to get within range.
  • The bard spraying acid on the dog, melting half of its face, and then running his sword through the ruined eye to kill it
  • The bard trying to skin the dog and only salvaging hankerchief-sized pieces from it
  • The druid identifying the dog as a blink dog, finding out it was a fey creature and usually good-aligned.
  • The bard asking the druid to use mend on the pieces and the druid being upset because they basically wailed on a scared dog
  • The bard nat 20′d a perception check to see a strange shimmer in the air while the other two failed the roll
  • The party desperately trying to figure out if the strange, transparent jelly cube is a threat or not as it inches closer.
  • Me making jelly noises over skype at the players
  • The bard throwing the carcass of the blink dog at the cube, which began to absorb the remains and dissolve it.  The druid is offended again.
  • The monk making the cube jiggle furiously when punched, and making the assumption that punches do nothing, which made the party think that
  • I roll high on my attack roll and nearly melt the monk.
  • The druid throwing a dagger at the cube, only to have it get lodged in there halfway and get REALLY CLEAN over the course of the battle.
  • The druid’s player being concerned that I keep describing the dagger’s status each round
  • The druid making the assumption that the cube can’t absorb inorganic material (it affects everything but metals).
  • The druid tying a silk rope to the monk in anticipation of him being sucked in and basically saying “rip, buddy” 
  • The druid failing a throw of the rope to the bard, resulting in her hands being loosely bound and the rope at her feet
  • The monk setting the cube ON FIRE with a torch, thanks to the idea from the druid
  • The now flaming cube is attacking the party oh god oh god it’s on fire and it’s acid
  • The bard mocking the cube so hard that the cube loses its self esteem and what happiness it held (I rolled a 1 to save)
  • The druid trying (again) to throw the rope, the bard failing his throw to catch it and it just hits him and lands at his feet.  It’s stil tied to the monk.
  • the druid, being a drinker, taking a long gulp from her wineskin and chucking it at the cube, setting it more on fire as the acid and fire burn through the skin
  • The bard viciously mocks the cube again.  The cube is even more sad.
  • Nobody doing anything with the 50ft of rope on the monk, it’s just there.  Tied to him. 
  • The bard throws another dagger at it.  The dagger is now alongside the SUPER CLEAN dagger.
  • The monk dealing the killing blow by hitting it with another lit torch and then roasting marshmallows over the slowly disintegrating, flaming ooze.
  • The druid’s dagger is SPARKLING, but free of leather/cloth.  The bard’s dagger is kinda clean.  The wineskin is gone, rip.

I understand manga readers are angry at bones for all these plot holes but like…you should chill a bit bc you can’t expect every detail of a story to fit into 13 episodes.

Take into consideration money, time and effort that they had to think about for every episode. It’s why some episodes look very cheap compared to others because they’re putting the most time into the action packed, more powerful scenes. (I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that with other animes where the less action moments look weird). They’re probably trying to make it a more powerful ending so we can get a third season bc it’s probably likely many haven’t read the manga so they’re hoping to make the anime watchers be excited and hopeful for a third season.

Yes I understand there are studios who have done crap with animes trying to do their own thing but bones has done pretty good this season you have to admit compared to the original ending of season one.

Just calm down and be happy there is a second season yea?

I think part of the reason modern comics just aren’t as engaging as older comics is there’s this new pressure for characters to be ‘cool’ and 'edgy’ but mostly to be cool. All their poses are model worthy, all their actions are fabulous and they never look weird. What happened to comics where Tim talks to cats? Or Nightwing is making really bad jokes that even he’s grimacing and apologizing for. I like it when my heroes have their cool hero moments but I really like it when they feel genuine and nerdy and not quite so perfect unlike the modern equivalent of ideal archetypes who can come across as very unrealistic and one dimensional.