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Every time i see that new art where Victor has his hat backwards with his fringe out the front I think of CF Victor???? Then my mind swaps out that plaid jacket for frat gear lol I thought u should know love your fics <3

Let’s see what it would look like if we swapped those plaid jackets (original image here) with Psi Omega Iota (from centripetal force) letter jackets….

The Last Dance | Ch. 5 | JK

Genre: Angst | Fluff

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary: Dance has always been your passion and when the chance to actually work at an entertainment company came around, you didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. And so you became one of Bighit’s new choreographer/dancer. It didn’t take long for you to get to know the members of BTS and get close to the dance line. But one day you realized that what you felt for one of them was much more than what you thought and a lot stronger…but it was already too late. What you thought would always be there started fading…

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Word count: 7,110

A/N:  This is it…the last chapter. T^T Hope you liked the story. Thank you for your support! ❤ It means a lot to me! ❤ It is so strange when a story reaches its end. I feel somehow empty (and I might have teared up a bit), knowing that now it is complete, but happy that I made it this far. I would be so happy to read your thoughts about this chapter. It is a really long one. ^^ Thank you, again for everything! I love you all! ❤  *hugs* *bows* *exits the stage*

One by one tears fell in silence as you tried your best to hide them from the taxi driver, not wanting to answer to the questions that would usually follow. How were you even supposed to answer them? ‘Yes, I am crying because I just told the boy that used to have a crush on me but I rejected and who is now in a relationship with another girl that I loved him and I couldn’t even stay to hear his reply because my chest was already tightening and I was this close to crying and embarrassing myself in front of him. How pleased would he be to hear my story.’  You thought. You almost laughed at how stupid the whole situation was. But as crazy as it sounded, it was real. Buildings, people and trees were passing before your eyes with great speed but your mind was traveling even faster back in time, to a summer night a year ago. You remembered the shivers that went down your spine as Jungkook told you how he felt. His expression just a few moments ago was probably the same as yours back then. Surprise, confusion, disbelief and a bit of joy, all perfectly fused together.

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I’m So Sorry (Stiles Stilinski)

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i know its late where you are rn, but if you have anytime soon, could you maybe write an imagine where the reader is attacked and stiles thinks she is dead/almost dead and its just really angsty and cute &amp; fluffy?xx love your stuff btw!

Imagine: You wanted to help fight the Berserkers and get hurt

Word Count: 720

Trigger warnings: Violence, Sadness, Mention of blood

Hope you enjoy! (Sorry if it’s a bit different than what you want I had a hard time trying to figure out how to write this one!)

You just wanted to help. Even though you didn’t have any cool powers, you thought maybe a baseball bat would help. Thanks to Stiles, you had gotten a hold of one. They told you to stay back and wait. They didn’t want you to go in and fight the Berserkers. But, you really wanted too. So, about 10 minutes after everyone went inside the building, you followed. You heard fighting from the left side so you started to walk that way. But you also heard a strange noise behind you. You almost felt as if someone was following you. It was a cold and creepy feeling so you hurried your pace up a bit. You were almost to the room when something grabbed you from behind. You gasped and tried to scream but they placed their hand over your mouth. You only made eye contact with one person before the door got push back - Stiles Stilinski.

Stiles has been one of your best friends since kindergarten. You two were always in the same classes throughout elementary, middle, and high school. You guys were like the troublemakers or your grade. Although sometimes you would stop him from doing something stupid, you guys still played pranks on people and such. It was the best. As you were being carried away to who knows where, you started to think that you wouldn’t be able to make any more memories with him. Or anything of the others. You never got to tell Stiles how you felt about him. You’ve had a crush on him since 6th grade. You started to get butterflies around him, and sometimes you would even forget how to talk.

“hhmmmmhhHHMMM” You tried to scream through the guys hand. He threw you onto the ground. You hit so hard that you got the breath knocked out of you. You turned around and realized it was a Berserker.

‘Shit. I dropped the bat down the hall’  You thought to yourself. The Berserker came closer towards you and tried to kick it. This obviously made him mad and he kicked you in the gut. You gasped for air and groaned. You started to cough up blood. He kicked you again. You thought he broke a rib this time. You couldn’t breath this time. He kicked you one final time before walking away. Your eyesight became blurry around the edges and you were fading in and out. You saw someone run towards you and faintly heard them say your name.

“(y/n), (y/n), It’s me Stiles. Please stay with me.” Stiles said

“This is all my fault, I knew I shouldn’t have let you come with us. I’m so Sorry (y/n).” He said through tears. You look up and see him crying.

“Stiles” you manage to choke out.

“It’s okay.” You say and try to smile.

“(y/n) I love you. I love you so much. Every since 4th grade when you dumped that kid Michael because he pushed you off the monkey bars. As soon as you pushed he off too, I knew that I liked you. And it has only grown stronger. I love you so freaking much.” He said and leaned down to give you a kiss on the forehead.

“Stiles…. I love you….-” You saw blackness.

“(y/n)? (Y/N)! Scott we need to go to the hospital now!”

You woke up in a very white place. You saw that the whole pack was around the room in various places. Scott was sleeping in a chair, Malia was sleeping in a corner, Kira on a couch sleeping alongside Lydia, Liam was sprawled out on the floor like a starfish. And Stiles was sitting right next to the bed you were on - holding your hand - and still awake.

“Stiles, am I still alive?” You ask he looks at you and breaks out in a grin.

“Yes you are. Don’t ever scare me like that again.” He said and hugged you.

“I’ll try not to. Should we wake up the rest of the pack?” You ask. He shakes his head no.

“Let’s let it just be us for a while okay?” He says and sits next to you on the bed. You nodded. As you both sit there and cuddle you say

“I love you too.”

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Besides the Alola pokemon that have came up what would you wish for a Pokemon to be made. (What pokemon would you wish that was coming to be made?) And by the way looking at your blog makes me smile everyday, thank you.*smiles brightly*

Hey, thank you! I’m really happy that you enjoy my blog so much - that just made my day!

And hmm, so you mean what kind of Pokemon would I like to see that hasn’t been made yet? I haven’t thought much about what kind of new type combinations I’d like to see, but I’d definitely want a hummingbird Pokemon, and I think Alola would be a great place to have one. I think there should be a dolphin Pokemon (and if the rumors are true, we’re getting one!), a killer whale/whale shark/narwhal Pokemon, a peacock, a dragon/poison komoto dragon… and actually more reptiles in general because I’m a big lizard/snake person. And I’ve wanted an arctic fox (because apparently I thought we needed even more fox Pokemon), but I guess Alolan Vulpix counts for that one, now?

In general I’ve been really happy with the Gen 7 Pokemon that have been released so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other Pokemon there are!