this = perfection

Gerard Pique did not travel back with the team to Barcelona. He stayed in Madrid from where he will fly to the United States. Specifically to Harvard where he is going to attend a master course in ‘Business, Media, Sports and Entertainment' as he told the press in his pre-CDR final press conference. [MD]
Temporary Blindness

It saddens me to have to be the one to tell you, but despite your vain protestations to the contrary, this day is sheer unadulterated perfection.  In this very moment is eternity found.  Everything, I repeat, everything, is exactly as and where it should be.  Please don’t waste another precious second blaming the universe, circumstance, others, or even yourself simply because you cannot yet comprehend this truth. Relax my friend, yours is but a case of temporary blindness.  Please be gentle with yourself.  When time and conditions are favorable, your heart will be opened and your eyes will see.   

Why worry about anything that is only temporary, and everything here is temporary.
- Buddha