this 4th pic is so adorable

Hello there! This is Martie, and welcome to my studyblr.

Who am I?

  • I’m a awkward sixteen years old girl from a little town in Argentina.
  • Orthography, space, science and tea enthusiast.
  • I’m in my 4th (out of six) year at an Electric-Mechanical oriented high school.
  • I speak Spanish (my mother language) and English. Hopefully, I’ll start studying Italian soon.
  • My favourite subjects at school are maths and physics!
  • I’m an Aquarius, Ravenclaw and INTJ-T.
  • This year I’m part of my school’s Convivence Counsel and the school’s magazine commission
  • I also adore photography (so maybe expect some of the pics I take here)
  • I love reading and need to drown myself in a fantasy world once in a while to keep me sane.

Why did I start a studyblr?

I’ve been following the studyblr community for a few months now and it inspired me to be more enthusiastic in the classes I have. I couldn’t wait anymore to form part of it, and decided to create and account for myself, hoping to find more inspiration and (maybe) to inspire others. Also, learn to deal with procrastination (lmao).

Who inspired me?

@emmastudies, @rhubarbstudies​, @einstetic, @equaticns, @estudier, @jiyeonstudies, @astrostudy, @academla, @ravnclaw, @julstudies, @studyign, @studyquill, @lycheestudy​, @focusign​ and @apricot-studies​ are some of the people I always go to for inspiration.

Social media

For now, you can also find me on my personal blog, my fandom blog, goodreads or snapchat (as mmartxina).

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!!


My wonderful friend Sara @mysteryalaska was enjoying a beautiful, sunny day this 4th of July and took the opportunity to take some adorable pics of her custom Rey doll! I got to repaint this doll for her and style the hair. Sara used the costume off of the Disney Store elite Rey action figure for her clothes and accessories. Thank you so much, Sara for letting me share your beautiful photos. 💜💜💜


Things people aren’t talking about (or maybe it’s just me)

1. The TS in the beginning (pic 1), it is made out of lights.
Remind you of anything?
“ ‘Cause now my name is up in lights” - The Lucky one

2. The jersey with blind for love written at the bottom. (and it looks great)

3. (Pic 3) How cute the cats are. Something so adorable can lead something so vicious. Looks can be deceiving. Be careful who you trust. And sometime you are just a victim of your circumstances.

4. HOW EPIC THE 4TH PICTURE LOOKS. SHE LOOKS SO BAD ASS. WALKS AWAY WITH OUT A SCRATCH. And watched the (I’m assuming) old Taylor shop burn

wonderbias  asked:

Hey, I was wondering what happens when mars in scorpio is in opposition with a saturn in aries? I think I have a very weird chart (aquarius sun, gemini moon, leo ascendant) and Im wondering in what aspects of my life this saturn thing is affecting me. I absolutly adore your blog, and the way you answer to every ask is so sweet. I hope you do well in these hard times 😙

Heey love your profile pic. lmao Well it depends, I’m taking that Mars is in the 4th while Saturn is in you 9th? By Whole Signs? If that’s the case than it’s talking about your home, connections with other cultures… Maybe some parts of your family are from other countries? Or too demanding when it comes to knowledge (because the 9th is also about higher studies)? Not sure tbh. Your dad is too demanding? I’d say something about your family is bringing trouble or responsibilites to your 9th, as to how that’s going I’d have to see the whole chart. And Saturn is also influencing your 6th and 7th… So if you have any kind of worry, if you get easily estressed than it’ll show on your body, can get you sick and I’d say you’re prone to having headaches. This is as far as I can go though, hope this helped! And thank you loads for saying that, you’re the one that is sweet. <3 Thank you and I hope you’re doing great too!

vateacancameos  asked:

It seems incredibly selfish to talk about myself, but if that's what makes you happy, I will do as requested. ;) My Doctor Who list: 1) Fave ep: Blink; 2) Fave season: 4th; 3) Fave companion: Donna (and Rory, TBH); 4) Fave doctor: Ten; 5) Fave xmas ep: A Christmas Carol; 6) Fave villain: weeping angels and Missy; 7) Least fave companion: Clara; 8) Something about me and DW: I knitted a TARDIS cowl and adore it. I hope this brought you a moment of :D.

Omg can you post a pic of what you knitted? I’d love to see it!!!

Ahhhh the weeping Angels, I really love them as a villain, pity they’re in so few episodes. They should have way less cybermen or zygons and more weeping Angels


here are some of the photos i took of cosplays over the weekend at gold coast supanova. the peacock and eliza from skullgirls at the top are me cool bros keeny and narnia. they actually entered the saturday cosplay competition together as a pair and won “best cosplay” in the standard division so that was super great. also the lucina and severa are my cool pals and fellow tumblr users elkbert and mariirin, and that VERY adorable trucy cosplay in the 4th pic is my sister laroone

there were a lot of other nice cosplays i didnt personally get pics of. i saw a rose quartz but she looked like she was in a big hurry to get somewhere so i didnt wanna bother her. my friends have a few other pics of other cosplays we saw, these are just the ones i took myself on my phone. i might try and get the pics to post on here some time!!

Olicity Travels 2016 Project

Last year, we have #OlicityTravels, showcasing fan-created postcards from Oliver and Felicity to their friends and family as they traveled the world during hiatus.

This year, we’re bringing #OlicityTravels back… but with a FUN(ko) twist.  That’s right!  Oliver and Felicity are having a whole new set of adventures in Funko Pop form. 

NOTE: Funko Pop has several Oliver/Arrow Funko Pop versions and, of course, a Felicity Smoak one, so be sure to check them all out.  That means you can tote mini Olicity around with you and come up with all sorts of fun, creative, and even humorous adventures for our adorable pint-sized duo.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be jetting off to Bali or going somewhere exotic and exciting for this project.  Going out for dinner?  Grabbing a picinic in the park?  Watching fireworks on the 4th of July?  Maybe your taking the kids to the zoo… or the pool…. maybe you’re just enjoying some ice cream on a hot day.  Whatever it is, add Oliver and Felicity and snap a pic to share.

Don’t have an Oliver or Felicity Funko Pop? Not a problem! Lots of retailers have them, a lot of them online, so getting your hands on them should be no problem.  Check online retailers like these on this list or call your local comic book stores to see if they have them in stock.

What Do I Have To Do?

Project Start/End Dates: July 1, 2016 - July 31, 2016

1. Get your hands on your Oliver & Felicity Funko Pops before July 1st.

2. Take your mini Oliver & Felicity with you when you’re out and about
.  You never know when inspiration will strike and you can grab a fun picture. They’re small, lighty, and easy to carry around, so this should be easy.  Be creative!  Have fun with this.  There’s no “right” or “wrong” here.  Just love, laughs, and fun.

3. Share your #OlicityTravels picture – one picture per day – from July 1 - July 31st on all your social media (including Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc) using the hashtags: #OlicityTravels #Olicity

5. Tag the Network, Show, Show Runners, and actors on each picture, each day.  These include: Warner Bros TV, DC Comics, Funko, CW Network, Arrow, Marc Guggenheim, Wendy Mericle, the Arrow Writers, Greg Berlanti, Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards.  Many of them have accounts on several different social media platforms, so be sure to tag/include as many of them as possible on each post.

Need some inspiration?  Check out the awesome, fun, and quirky Olicity Travels Twitter account (who totally beat me to the punch on this!) and see their fun use of Olicity Funkos.

I was tagged by justlookatthehearteyes 84 years ago to post my 10 favorite photos of Louis.  I hope you know that this was literally the hardest things I’ve ever been tasked with.  I cheated.  I picked 2 gifs and 11 photos and I considered it a victory to be honest.  I would have liked to post 1000.

Okay-let’s do this:  The first gif~Happy!Louis is everything to me.  This is one of my fav gifs of him ever.  Happy, giggling, beautiful.  It’s perfection. The 2nd gif~ okay he is so HOT.  I can’t.  This is one of the hottest gifs I’ve ever seen in my life.  The first 2 pics~ His “I will fuck you up” stare actually fucks me up. (I bet I’m not the only one…Harry must die on a daily basis). The third~ is an edit and is SO beautiful.  Soft fringe.  That long piece of hair.  Eyelashes.  Tanktop.  UGHHH(I’m so sorry but these were all saved in a folder on my laptop so I don’t know who’s this is…please message me if you’d like me to add credit~I would be happy to). The 4th~ sliding down the hill laughing and smiling like a child~ I adore him.  That is all. 5th~ I died.  6th~ I cried.  Rainbow apple shirt~ never forget. The 7th~ self explanatory~ if you have eyes.  Just beautiful.  8th~Sassy Louis.  I love it. The 9th~ Well, I’ve posted this photo no less than 10 times so I figured I might as well post it again:))  10th~ JFC HIS EYES. FACE. HAIR. EVERYTHING.  11th~Honestly I have no words.  He literally got the dagger and this photo is stunning.  He is too beautiful for words.

Okay so somehow while I was making this post, I managed to delete my fav Louis photos folder from my laptop (cries for a million years).  So I tag literally anyone who sees this and wants to do it.  Please tag me because I truly want to see all the beautiful Louis pics!!!!  And apparently I have to build up my folder again:(

Enjoy the pretty!!!!


1st pic: my stickers finally came in! Thank you so much pointlessdonothing, cyrilliart, and he-got-the-dagger-tho for doing such great work! (:
2nd pic: nadia’s ‘B for Bananas’ sticker on the inside empty corner of my laptop
3rd pic: rusty’s, nadia’s, and pygmy’s stickers joining my other 3 i had! (HRC, sense8, and hp)
4th pic: pygmy’s hedgies sticker on my sketch book! (: (i have yet to find a worthy enough place for their ADORABLE hl sticker)